Burton Bradstock through the Camera's Eye over 150 years

Road sign Old painting of Syme's cottage

A collection of over 250 historic photographs of the village and associated documents.

All the enclosed documents and pictures were collected over six years by Chris Wilkinson who lives at the White House on the village green. We are grateful for his significant contribution to the historical content of this web site. Chris has made every effort to obtain permission from copyright holders to put the pictures in this exhibition. However in some cases the original pictures have not been located and we would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has them.

Most material is shown in the streets where they belong. The remainder can be seen in one of the 'General' headings.

List of Contents:

General Information
A collection of maps, historical data, press items, photographs and
examples of the 'Darset Lingo'
General Views of the Village Distant views of the village over the years
General Photographs Varied photo's covering a range of miscellaneous topics
Village Green
Donkey Lane
High Street
Greenwich Corner
Church Street Includes separate sections on the Church and the Rectory, plus the School
Five Elms
Grove Road
Mill Street
Darby Lane
Cliff Road
Hive Beach
Cogden Farm
West Bay
Note: Dating of the photographs is (where given), in most cases, approximate. If you can give dates for the pictures, spot any inaccuracies or can advise names of people in the pictures, or add any other information, we would like to hear from you.

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