Five Elms


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The small green opposite Girt House had two names - the 'Clump' or 'Five Elms', long since victims of Dutch Elm Disease. They can be seen on the right. Girt House is flanked here by 3 cottages. 'The Clump' or 'Five Elms'
This coloured shot shows the 'streetscape' clearly in 1920. T View C. 1920
The lady on the right ran a small store in the end cottage. She, like all the other people, has been carefully posed for an interesting photograph in C. 1915 C. 1915
This shot, soon after a fire in 1927, shows what a hazard fire was to the average cottager with his open hearth, sparks and thatch. The fire engine took at least an hour to arrive. Cottage after fire in 1927
This view of the 'Clump' and Middle Street has changed little, except for the position of the cottage front door, and the form of transport. The single tree is now represented by a Field Maple. Only one tree now
The 'Clump' - See the lady braiding in the doorway. Lady braiding in doorway
The wall on Middle Street was clearly not high enough for Admiral Ingram! The raised position is still in place. See also the steam engine chimney on the skyline next to the church tower. Steam engine chimney on skyline
This footpath no longer exists across the 'Clump' Footpath is no longer there
The intrusion of modern technology! C. 1930 Intrusion of technology  C. 1930
Girt House' C. 1935
Girt House C. 1935
'The Clump' or Five Elms as you might see it today
Five Elms as you might see it today

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