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The north end of Shadrach was masked by Shadrach Farm,
which we see on the left, with a scattering of children
(including a little waif at the cottage door!) C. 1900
Shadrach Farm
These cottages face Shadrach Farm. The 'Clump' of elms is
very obvious here. C. 1913. Lily Mitchell with Fred Elton and
Archie Mitchell aged eight.
Cottages facing Shadrach Farm
A local family with baby, being taken for a walk in the
(coach-built) perambulator by proud 'mum'.
The line of North Hill provides a backcloth. C. 1900
Shadrach C. 1900
A brief pause from the work of the day. C. 1910 Resting C.1910
Front gates and doors firmly shut as Mr Best's
cattle pass by on their way to the milking parlour.
Gates shut while cows pass!
Villagers working in Shadrach Villagers working in Shadrach
This gathering outside Shadrach House appears to be of
considerable significance, warranting the raising of the Union Jack,
a horse & carriage with several in fancy dress, men in top hats and
another in a cape at the door.
Gathering outside Shadrach House - celebration?
The Frank Bishop Riding School with Mary Tucker and
Brinda Cairn C. 1935. Unfortunately, Frank Bishop
died in a tractor accident in the mid '30's
Frank Bishop Riding School C. 1935
A pretty cottage Pretty cottage
An early view up Shadrach
An early view
An early view of Shadrach
Another old view
View up Shadrach from the 'Clump' View from 'The Clump'
Time off - Bill Patrick and Polly, providing transport to
Bridport for the weekly shop. C. 1925
Bill Patrick & Polly going shopping  C. 1925
Shadrach as you might see it today As you may see it today

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