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Fete at Burton Bradstock, July 23rd. 1912. "Baby Show"
Baby show at fete   July 23rd 1912
The 'Canaries' football team - 1910/1911
Canaries football team  1910-1911
The 'Canaries' football team 1929/30
Canaries football team 1929/1930
Staple in the diet and the finances of the ordinary villager was fish. Most people got involved and had a boat. Here a fish girl sells plaice.
Fish wife selling plaice
This Armada wine jug is held at the Dorchester Museum Armada wine jug
Mrs Guyatt braiding at the door Mrs Guyatt braiding at the door
An aproned fisherman deals with the day's catch. Aproned old fisherman
Jack Way - one time Corporal in 4th Dragoon Guards in WWI - a local character lived like a 'Hilly Billy' in Shipton but was a regular to the Dove with his bike Jack Way - a local character
Maypole dancers
Dancing round the Maypole

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