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St Mary's Schoolchildren in class C. 1933/34? School children C. 1933/34?
St. Mary's School 1933/34? Rows from front, left to right: Bob Hawkins, Kathy Hutchins, - Lily Brine, Frank Collins, Freda White, Dorothy Jones - Gerald Hitt, Tom Bullock, Mary Legg (Ward), Betty Mullins - Mr. Howarth (Headmaster), Alan Read, Rene Coombes, ? Peach Headmaster & children C 1933/34?
St. Mary's School including Miss Rodford, V Churchill, J & A Collins, B Hawkins, D Bullock, D Brine, V Bennett, Edward Sturt, B Cheney, G Cheney, G Hawkins Another picture of school children
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