Church Street

Church Street is divided into three sections which include the pictures below, plus:
Church and Rectory


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Rookery and Clapper Bridge C. 1870 Rookery & Clapper Bridge C. 1870
Taken in the 1870's - the photo looks across Richard Roberts' 'Leat', with its CLAPPER BRIDGE towards the Rookery (left), Magnolia Farm cottages which were burnt down in 1902 from a spark from the factory chimney, and a mysterious building in Rookery Mead, which may be a barn or summerhouse (centre distance). 1870's picture of Rookery & Clapper Bridge
Looking towards the Rookery C. 1905 Towards Rookery C. 1905
This view from Clapper Bridge to the Rectory remains almost unchanged today. C. 1917 Rookery Cottage was then two cottages and is believed to have been a sweet shop in the late 1800's. View towards rectory C. 1917
C. 1919 Children outside school, maybe at 8:50 a.m. Mrs Brine
stands at left with baby Archie and Florence Mitchell, later Partridge.
Outside school C. 1919
Floral fete in village 1920 Floral fete in 1920
Church Street was often the site of revelry,
here in 1920 celbrating a floral fete
Floral parade in 1920
Further celebrations, probably Queen Victoria's Jubilee -
see the central wreath with 'VR'.
Queen Victoria's Jubilee
Lifeboat Day - is this a British Legion celebration with the army?
C. 1910 - 1920?
Lifeboat Day
C. 1930 Looking up Rookery Lane
Rookery Lane C. 1930
C. 1925 Rose and Killick Cottages, the Magnolias,
Rookery Cottage and what is left of Magnolia Farm buildings.
Rose Cottage C. 1925
Clapper Bridge
Clapper Bridge
Rookery Lane C. 1937
Rookery Lane C. 1937
Rose Cottage
Rose Cottage
Rose Cottage Rose Cottage
Rose Cottage, Church Street Rose Cottage
Rookery Lane Rookery Lane
Rookery Lane Rookery Lane
A pretty corner Rose Cottage
Rookery Cottage, now buttressed against collapse, is a Dorset 'Long-house' from maybe 16th century and is one of Burton's oldest dwellings. Rookery Cottage
Rose Cottage C. 1956 Rose Cottage C. 1956
Rose Cottage with the front wall removed, note the single story slate roof extension, which is now a two story thatched extension. C. 1960 Rose Cottage C. 1960
Manor Cottage - could be Mr Howarth? Manor Cottage
Rose Cottage as you might see it today Rose Cottage today
Timber Bridge as you might see it today - the old timber bridge was replaced years ago, but the name has stuck. Timber Bridge today
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