Village Green


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Map showing village green
An early (1910) view of Parish Pump looking towards Beulah Cottage with the earliest dated house in the village, White House, to the right. Note the oil lamp! 1910 view of green
The tree, now resplendent with a memorial seat, commemorating the accession of Edward VII in 1902 Edward VII seat in 1902
Cow pats on a muddy Middle Street C. 1915 Middle Street c. 1915
Celebration day for boys and girls. C. 1920 Celebration day c. 1920
Silver Jubilee in 1935 outside Beulah Cottage. Mr and Mrs Aves and daughter with Mrs Cheney from Red House. Silver Jubilee 1935
Early view of village green with oil lamp Oil lamp in early view
Sycamore tree ringed by the Queen Victoria Jubilee seat. Queen Victotia Jubilee seat
Village Green Village Green
Parish Pump Parish Pump
Parish Pump, Burton Bradstock
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Parish Pump, Burton Bradstock
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Parish Pump
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Parish Pump on the Green
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White House C. 1958
The White House
The Green, Burton Bradstock {short description of image}
The "Occupation" - Under the tree on the green at Burton Bradstock, village children show off a machine gun belt they picked up on the beach. Examining are US soldiers John L. Lawson of Port Jervis, New York, Robert S. Hastings of Azusa, California, and Corporal Ronald Henry of Holland, Pennsylvania. Photograph: Imperial War Museum {Imperial War Museum Picture}
White House as you might see it today plus its history

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White House today
Village Green as you might see it today Village Green today
Another view of the Village Green today Village Green today
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