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Before Cheney's garage was built, a large barn known as the
Cow Barker (Barton) occupied this quarry site
at the foot of Cliff Road (the Cutting) on the left . C. 1906
Before Cheney's garage was built
Cow Barker' roof seen clearly on the right. 'Cow Barker'
Traction engine at work in the meadow providing
power for timber cutting. Pre - World War II.
Traction engine in field
Greenwich Corner, 1940 C. 1940
Cheney's Garage on Greenwich Corner Cheney's Garage
Greenwich Corner Old view of Greenwich Corner
Greenwich Corner 1932 Greenwich Corner C. 1932
C. 1935 Close up of two stages in transport development:-
a) the old smithy, actively in farriery, repairing farm carts and machinery.
b) the garage servicing and fuelling the transport equipment
which ultimately replaced the horse and cart.
The old smithy is now derelict and in need of major repair.
Busy view C. 1935
View from field above Cheney's Garage towards North Hill
View towards North Hill
Showing further growth in garage facilities,
and those of the playing field.
Corner and playing field
Greenwich Corner
The Corner
Shows the bridge to Greenwich Cottage over the small stream
which drains part of the meadow, and
continues under the main road (note the arch)
to supply water to the old smithy.
Water supply to Smithy
'Stop me and buy one'. Ice cream man on bike
The 'old' and the new intermingle. Cattle moving back to
pasture up Cliff Road - US Army jeep at garage
US Troops mix with cows
Three modern (C. 1970) photo's of an ancient problem in
Burton Bradstock, which reached the upper cills of
Greenich Cottage in 1886 - the great flood. Many defences
now protect the village from such problems - we hope!
Flooding 1970's
Flood picture 2 Flooding 1970's
Flood picture 3 Flooding 1970's
The Anchor Band - Mid-1920's The Anchor Band
Garage as you might see it today Garage as it is today
View over Greenwich Corner as you might see it today Greenwich corner as it is today
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