West Bay


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This 1907 view of the now filled-in basin, must be regarded as the
key to the world-wide success of Richard Roberts' flax trade.
In the absence of a port/harbour at the mouth of the River Bride,
he used West Bay. Horse drawn carts served the sailing ships.
1907 view of harbour
A view from the East Cliff (C. 1900) of a special day -
the tents indicate a fete of some kind. The extent of the
old harbour is clearly evident from this point.
View from East Cliff C. 1900
C. 1920 Harbour, West Bay.
Harbour C. 1920
Pier Terrace and a small restaurant.
The Terrace is made up of apartments.
Pier Terrace and a small restaurant
Despite 'water, water everywhere', West Bay had its
share of destructive disasters by fire. 19th Feb 1929
Fire damage 19 February, 1929
West Bay Harbour entrance. Gravel extraction from this beach continued right up to the 1980's. Machines can be seen at work in the left foreground. West Bay harbour entrance
The old and new at the harbour mouth. C. 1936 Ships in harbour mouth C. 1936

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