Burton Bradstock Parish Plan (Archive)


Burton Bradstock Parish Plan - This is a pdf document- sometimes easier to right click and "save as"

Adopted by the Parish Council - October 4th 2006
Darren Batten has been appointed Parish Plan Champion
The Parish Council will undertake an annual review of progress

A key issue is on Television & Radio - see DORBAG for progress on these issues

What is the Parish Plan?

Our aim is to involve the whole community in developing a shared vision for our parish, and recording this as our Parish Plan which will serve to guide and influence future decision making

What will the Parish Plan do?

How will the Parish Plan be created?

Click here for the Draft Parish Plan April 2006 & Consultation Process

Summary of Open Day held on 12th November, 2005

Update Oct 2005 - Activities and Opportunities

Update Aug 2005 - Prosperity Issues

Update Aug 2005 - Access Issues

Update 5 May 2005

Summary of Open Day held on 29th January, 2005

Next Steps

Questionnaire - preliminary results

The first steps