Burton Bradstock Parish Plan

Spring update


The Parish Plan Steering Group is continuing to work through the issues raised at the Parish meeting and through the questionnaire survey. Meetings are being arranged with a wide range of outside agencies to explore options for action and connect with funding opportunities.


The Group is aiming to run a second open public meeting in October (date to be confirmed). At this meeting practical options will be presented that address the key issues raised during the Parish Plan consultation. From this meeting we will be able to draft a Parish Plan and share it widely both inside and outside the village.


So far the Steering Group has looked at:

Environment and Coast issues (Richard Overend 897350)

Community health and well being (Elise Ripley 898010)

Transport (The Group will be developing the ideas discussed at the Parish AGM)


Further sessions organised for the summer and autumn include:

Activities & opportunities for the community (Darren Batten 897944)

Local Prosperity (Karen Venn 897094)

Accessibility (Dave Dixon 898620)

Community safety (Celia Cummings 898196)

Housing (tbc)

Dates for these sessions will be published in BVN when available


We will be using the Village website to keep people informed with reports of meetings (with hard copies available in the library). If you would like to attend any of the issues meeting or want to talk to the Steering Group about any of the issues please contact the appropriate person.


Dave Dixon


5 May 2005