Village Plan - Activities & Opportunities


The initial Village meeting showed 'TV & Radio reception/coverage' to be the second most important topic in the top 10 concerns of the villagers.


TV & Radio reception


These issues are currently being surveyed and dealt with by WEDBAG  (West Dorset Broadcasting Action Group).


The ultimate aims of WEDBAG is to secure an acceptable coverage for digital TV and Radio for all West Dorset homes at an affordable price.  They also want to ensure that local news programming is established for all to see and listen to.  Although WEDBAG is acting for a wider area, Burton Bradstock is as important to them as every area of West Dorset. 


The village plan should include a statement supporting WEDBAG and that Burton Bradstock residents should be able to receive the same level of TV and Radio coverage as other areas of the country.


Recreation & Sporting Facilities


Leisure facilities, including improvised theatre, after school clubs, Artsreach, and an improved play area, all featured as topics the villagers of Burton Bradstock desired.  The majority of requests in this area were concerned with providing for the younger members of our community.


The Parish Council are currently looking at redeveloping the children's play area and it was felt that the commitment to this facility should be include in the village plan.


Improved sporting facilities, such as a full sized football pitch for use by the Burton Bradstock Canaries and the village school were thought to be desirable.  Provision for an all weather Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) to be used by the school and members of the village for activities such as Tennis, Basketball, Netball etc would be a valuable asset.


The acquisition of land and funding for these projects should be investigated and a feasibility study into the actual practicality and reality of gaining such resources be carried out.


Specific needs of what Sport and Recreation facilities young people really want should be researched, through consultation with the village School Council Representatives.


Funding sources such as Sport England, Dorset Community Action Play Strategy, Big Lottery Fund, New Build Policy R1 sources, The Football Foundation, and any other grants etc should be investigated.




Community Facilities


The Village Hall is a valuable asset for many groups.  Support and utilisation of the hall should be continued.  It was discussed that a village hall located adjacent to sporting facilities would be beneficial.  The current hall is not in the best state of repair, and the village plan should indicate a desire to consider the location of any replacement hall carefully.  A multi purpose hall should be considered.  Groups currently dependent on the village hall include the Bride Valley Scouts and the Parents & Toddlers Group that do not have their own premises.


The village Library and Reading Room are village assets and the village plan should include proposals that they continue to be utilised to there maximum in order that they be maintained.


Cllr. Darren Batten