Burton Bradstock Parish Plan Questionnaire

Preliminary Results

The Future of Burton Bradstock


Many thanks to all of those who participated in the parish plan consultation and open day, and for the many welcome comments supporting the activities and involvement. The open day event on Saturday 29th January was well attended with over 200 visitors who examined facts about the village, both past and present, and participated in discussions with representatives from agencies and organisations that were on hand to inform our planning process.

The preliminary findings from the questionnaire have been produced and responses have been grouped into subject areas. The top 10 are listed below. It must be noted that the subject areas have simply been counted at this stage and the results do not separate negative or positive comments. (At the last meeting, it was agreed to regroup the inputs into slightly modified headings and these will be published when the work is complete - see Next Steps.)

Top 10 subject areas:

Traffic calming 46
TV & radio reception/coverage 31
Parking 30
Buses 28
Affordable housing 26
Parking 24
Waste & litter 23
Young people's activities 22
Dog fouling 21
Conservation/keep village as it is 20
Prescriptions 20

An abundance of ideas and visions for our village's ideal future emanated from the '3 wishes' section of the questionnaire and the Parish Plan Steering Group is looking at further consultation and the way forward. We have a number of people who have expressed interest in becoming more involved in the planning process, however, we will always welcome more, so if you have any particular expertise or areas of interest, please contact Elise Ripley on 897010. Detailed information containing all responses is also available in Burton Bradstock library.

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