Summary of all people's comments/suggestions grouped by headings:

(Includes questionnaire responses, 3 wishes, sticky notes etc.)

Not to be overlooked by a new housing development which will reduce the value of our property
Fewer empty or rarely used second homes
No more executive housing developments - houses should be for families & affordable
A capped limit on 2nd home owners
A substantial decrease in the amount of holiday accommodation and a corresponding increase in full time occupation
Permanent occupation of properties and not so many holiday homes
Ideally a percentage restriction on number of second/holiday homes to maintain and enhance our living village for the benefit of residents and to meet the need for tourism etc
Limitations imposed on the purchase of holiday homes
It should remain a village
No more holiday homes
Affordable housing for young people
Affordable housing for locals - no more executive developments
More affordable housing & rent
2nd homes which are not rented out on a long lease should pay treble the community charge
No new house building apart from affordable and/or rented accommodation for local people
I would like to see some "holiday lets" resold for residential occupation. A small percentage would help
A decrease in the number of holiday cottages
Reduction in number of holiday cottages & abolition of reduced Council Tax
Stop mobile homes & caravan increase
A self contained complex for elderly residents
Reduction in the number of holiday homes. How about a local tax on them?
Pressure on Magna Housing to tidy up South Annings & surrounds
No major new housing developments
More affordable homes
More housing for the young particularly those born in the village e.g. starter homes with some selling on restrictions
2nd home owners who leave houses empty most of the year are an obscenity in the West Country and have forced prices up almost to London levels
No addition to the number of holiday cottages & second homes
An increase in we-build homes for first-time buyers
Reduction in number of holiday/2nd homes resulting in people living here permanently
A local parish tax on second homes and holiday lets. Owners of these take all and it's about time they put something back into the village
Restriction on sale of houses bought for holiday letting solely & keep and active & genuine occupied village
No more building of "one off" large properties such as Bridle Way House which are completely out of keeping with the surroundings
Full council tax should be paid by all second home owners
More affordable housing for families
Please don't turn Burton Bradstock into a suburb of Bridport
A continued close watch on building in the village
Housing - compulsory purchase order on land around old Flax Mill by River Bride. This is a Brown field site and should be used for affordable housing
No more 2nd homes
Restrict 2nd homes & thereby encourage a true village environment

We once had a weekly doctor's surgery in the village. It was well used. Any chance?

Reduction of speed limit through village and enforcement
20 mph speed limit through village to make road safer for pedestrians & children with CCTV on main road from Barr Lane. If not then a pavement
The speed of traffic entering the village from Abbotsbury to be considerably reduced by starting the 20 or 30 sign the eastern side of Beach Road, bearing in mind the traffic encounters the first footpath for 5 miles
Traffic calming as used most successfully on Beach Road coupled with flashing speed signs
20mph speed limit through village to Beach Rd
A lifeguard or lifeguards permanently manning the beach during the summer
Parking facilities in appropriate locations. Children from Barrowfield are endangered by having to pass a car where Charles Road joins High Street as they are forced into the road where oncoming traffic travels far too fast for prevailing conditions
Traffic calming at both ends of village on coastal road
A speed hump or camera
Traffic calming. A 20mph speed limit throughout the village. Speed bumps before the Anchor and before the village store. A mirror opposite Pound House so vehicles exiting Shipton Lane can see vehicles approaching from the left. This is a blind exit at the moment onto a major road
Traffic control
Street lights in all the village to make it safe to walk when it's dark. Cars can see you better & you can see where you are walking. Also so that Home Watch can see what's going on
Traffic calming
Visible police presence
A project to calm the traffic on - even better a by-pass around the village
Speed restrictions
Removal of car parking on Charles Road to allow clear access off main road
Traffic calming
a 20mph speed limit throughout the village
Some street lighting here & there
Traffic calming measures are needed for resident & visitors' safety
Traffic calming sleeping policemen
Strict speed control throughout the village e.g. 20mph to be reinforced by speed cameras
Traffic speed reduced through village. Adequate parking facilities
Community policeman on hand
20mph speed limit throughout village
A no parking sign should be erected on the grass island at the junction of Cliff Road and High St (opposite Cheney's Garage)
Visible policing

Any review of lease of Hive Beach café & parking must continue to financially benefit the village
Renewal of agreement with National Trust regarding Hive Beach facilities due to expire in 2009
Prospering village business - Post Office, shop, pubs, garage
The beauty of the area preserved and not marred by industrial or waste transfer systems
A new revenue earner for the Parish Council in the event of the National Trust not renewing the lease on Hive Beach

A local person employed on a part-time basis to keep the village tidy, pull up weeds, trim where necessary and generally look around & take a pride in our village. This is done in France, why not here?
A strict adherence to property development within designated conservation areas and a complete stoppage to further development of caravan/camping sites
It may take 50/500 years, but some guidance from the spirit of the place and its people; too much self-conscious design may only produce a "model" village which is the externalising of our inner concepts. These are usually the result of our fears and dreams, and may miss the reality of this moment's unique vibrancy, no matter what its form.
Recycling collections. Some people have difficulty transporting rubbish to centres & others have trouble in lifting it up to containers
Well screened/invisible caravan sites on Heritage Coast
More action on fly posting in any form. At best it looks untidy. A member fo the parish council could monitor this
The drains in Shadrack & elsewhere in the village to be cleared of stone from the flood that brought them out of Gage Lane
Stop householders feeding seagulls
Cleaner beach, no dog mess
No BT mast
No more further holiday development at Freshwater and the proposed development at Norburton Hall
Consult the heart as much, if not more, than the head, and increasing let the village spirit lead = ALL'S WELL!
No dogs allowed on beach at any time
Council members to look around & try to keep it as was a few years ago
Mobile homes at Freshwater & Cogden to be painted green to blend in to countryside
Stop mutilating the vegetation along the riverbank through the summer when the wildlife of the river is needing food & nesting materials. Stop strimming!
no further encroachment of caravans or similar holiday facilities (i.e. lodges) on existing sites (Larkfield)
Street lighting of a suitably antique design
Keep the village as it is - beautiful & unspoilt
The appointment of 1 or 2 people whose job it is to keep the village tidy and litter-free. (A paid job).
To preserve the traditions, character & beauty of Burton Bradstock
Do not allow up-lighting i.e. all lights to point down - allows good view of sky at night. Get garage to stop their night illuminations suitable for Blackpool
Like village to stay as is
Could the rivers, via mill wheels? give us some of our electricity?
Parish Council to be ever alert in order to stop extra noise or air pollution from adversely affecting any villagers
Cabling put underground
To attend to the old farriers cottage -either save or remove! And also the concrete monstrosity over the garage!!!
For the main road to become a 'green road' where pedestrians and drivers co-exist with mutual respect and consideration. No speed bumps, ugly street furniture or flashing lights

Road widening in lanes
Footpath from North Hill Close to Shadrack to avoid walking on main road
Not to grow any bigger
Safe walkway from Bridport
Frequent & reliable buses
Public car park on edge of village
Car parking facilities
Special parking on outskirts of village for children coming by car to school. To include villagers also who drive to school
Off road parking encouraged - especially Annings Lane and Barr Lane by using front gardens
A by-pass from Freshwater Caravan Park to Cogden via the northern route
Build a pavement to narrow the road therefore reducing traffic speed and making the road through the village safe for pedestrians especially those with push chairs
Safer crossing at Cliff corner
A one-way system for Mill Lane
Frequent & reliable buses
Disabled parking spaces at the Hive Beach
Car park needed
A safe road crossing near playing fields
The downsizing of the Rectory and the conversion of its oversized garden to provide a community car park
Pavements in High Street?
No mass parking near school. Could not an arrangement be made with the Three Horseshoes for parents to park in their car-park say from 3pm whilst parents and children walk the short distance from school?
Double yellow lines down Southover
A car park
Maintenance of footpaths & stiles & pedestrian pavements on main road through village centre
More place for parking
Improve public transport
Safe pedestrian access through the village and down to the beach
A parking area to keep Mill St free of cars
Adequate parking
Cycle path to Bridport
Controlled parking
A footpath continuing from bus shelter to other side of river
A Burton Bradstock by-pass for through traffic and a 20mph speed limit through village
Better footpath connections to beach & playground
To walk safely along High Street & to cross the road safely. Hatched area outside Bridge Store to have pedestrian marking to stop cars blocking walkway
A pedestrian crossing by the bus stop?
A crossing opposite the garage from the playing field, giving safety to people going to the beach or Southover
Improved road surfaces - too uneven at present, too many puddles
As few cars as possible parked on the B3157 or any road, unless absolutely necessary. Provision for a local parking area?

2 shops to remain as they are
An environment where families of the locally born can live in harmony with the 'incomers'
The village hall to be prosperous
A local heritage centre using some of the website information & displaying local artefacts - also something for visitors to see
Use of churchyard for fetes etc
Free beach parking for Burton Bradstock residents throughout the year. (Now!)
The attachment of the primary school to the Church to enable multiple usage
Tennis court/all weather surface provided for community & school with easier access for children to get there
Social events in Village Hall that target areas in turn e.g. social evening for Shipton Lane & Annings Lane to Beech Road/Hive/Southover …to try to encourage those who wish to take 1st step to becoming part of the village
Ensure village retains Post Office & village store within community
Viable futures for school Church, library, village hall
To stay as a village with a good friendly community
Improved grocery shopping perhaps in conjunction with an organisation like Spar
To maintain its present character
A multi-functional club with facilities for youth club, tennis club & other social/sporting activities
Garage not to grow
More activities/facilities for young people or transport to similar in Bridport/surrounding area
Sports facilities - as many as possible
More facilities for the teenagers
TV transmission ariel at Eype to transmit digital signal
For Burton to retain its close knit village community atmosphere
Water to be supplied to the allotments in order that much greater yield of fruit/vegs especially with current hot summers and so that older people who cannot get down to river could still get water
Continuation of all present facilities & services
New play equipment in park, maybe picnic tables as well
Village amenities - Post Office and library retained
A more attractive & comfortable village hall
A web based bulletin board showing when parents drive children into Bridport - to allow lift sharing to occur
Encourage more young people & families to live & spend time in the village
A youth club
Reduce the number of problem households
Current facilities, character & charm to remain (pubs, Post Office, shop, school, library etc) New Hall/parking
Leisure facilities available & affordable for all & especially young people
Community tennis court & open air swimming pool in Burton Bradstock
Nominal charge at beach car park for residents (cheap season ticket)
Provision of toilet facilities for performers backstage at the village hall
Keeping Post Office & village shop
Free parking for all village residents at Hive Beach

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