Next Steps - What happens next?

This project is likely to take about 12 months to complete, if it is to be done properly.

The Steering Group, in its last meeting, has decided to re-arrange the initial analysis into 8 slightly modified core strategy issues (broad topics emanating from the themes derived from West Dorset's Mori Poll):

The Steering Group will next meet on 24th March to discuss the first topic - Our Environmen. There will then be 7 further meetings to discuss each item in turn in some detail, led by a member of the Steering Group. External experts/people with an input will be invited to the appropriate session so that all aspects of that topic are considered. This will result in a better understanding of the issues and will help to decide what the next action might be. For example, it may be that a follow-up questionnaire is needed to better qualify and understand some of the issues etc. If they are absolutely clear, then a draft strategy will be created. Either way, the plan is to prepare a presentation ready for the parish in a September Open Meeting which will give everyone a further opportunity to comment.

There is a lot of work to be done and the Steering Group would welcome some more help - anyone wishing to contribute in any way should contact:

Richard Overend on Tel: 897 350 or David Dixon on Tel: 898 620
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