2009 Digital Photo Competition

We are launching a new competition for 2009 based on the active participation & very positive support & feedback we received for the last three competitions.

PRIZES:   £265 to be won!!   Three prizes in each category:

This should encourage creativity and, we hope, will be lots of fun.
 N.B. Although photos must be taken in Burton Bradstock, the competition is open to anyone, wherever they live!  So residents, relatives, visitors, holiday makers, tourists etc. can all apply!

QUALITY & ORIGINALITY will score highest points!!

Please note: While we very much hope that people have fun taking photos for the competition, the judges are sure that applicants will want to try and submit really good photos.    To help you, the judges have said they will be looking for, (besides the immediate “WOW” factor of a photo), the following desirable attributes in any entry to the competition

Note: Of course, digital cameras these days automate much of the technical aspects leaving the photographer to concentrate on the actual picture, the content etc. as above, but please ensure your camera is set to take high resolution pictures.   
So your photos will be judged on these criteria –
we wish you good luck and much fun.


Full Competition rules can be found here

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