1970's Photos supplied by Emma Burt

Aspects of village life in the 1970s - any help filling some of the missing names would be welcome.

Tree Planting 1970

Tree planting on the green near Shadrach in 1970.

  From left to right as heads appear:
Jan Barnes, Alison Aylott (holding tree), Brown Owl (Miss Gale), ?, Emma Burt, Sarah Hyde (peeking between heads), Karen Thorner (in cardi), Sally Bishop, Helen Knell, Caroline Oakford, Bronwen Etherington (holding pennant), unknown Brownie leader at back, Linda Knell, Susan Oakford.  I'm not sure who was filling in the hole.



Panto - Cinderella 1971

Cinderella - Burton Panto 1971

Buttons (unknown)
Girls sweeping from the front: Karen Thorner, Denise Bryant, Caroline Oakford
Cinderella scrubbing - Mary Bailey
Girls scrubbing from the front - Caroline Bryant, Emma Burt, Maria ?


Panto - Red Riding Hood 1972

Red Riding Hood - Burton Panto 1972

Back Row: ?, ?, ?, Mrs Aylott (4th), Wyn (pos?), Valerie or Sylvia? Gale? (fairy - 11th), Mary Bailey (12th), Mrs Stevens?, Ann Bryant (woodcutter?)
Middle row (children): Colin Young, Christopher Bryant, Mark Aylott, Denise Bryant, Marie Collins, Susan Oakford, Caroline Oakford, Lawrence Brown, Clive Thorner
Front row (children): Beverley Crabb, Sarah Hyde, Emma Burt, Karen Thorner, Jane Edwards, Caroline Bryant, Tessa Brown, Maria ?


Confirmation 1975

Confirmation photo from about 1975/6:

Back row: Rodney Eveleigh?, ?, Peter Guest, ?, James Salisbury, Jens Burnett, ?, ? Laver?
Third row: ?, ?, ?, Mark Aylott, ?, David Hyde, Rev Salisbury
Second row: ?, Susan Oakford, Alison Aylott, Helen Knell, Emma Burt, Sally Bishop, Diane Bailey, ?, ?, Caroline Oakford, Liz Provis
Front row: ?, ? Laver?, Julia James, Bishop of Salisbury, ?, ?