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Prevent Crime

How to deal with unsolicited callers


••If someone calls at your door and offers to do repairs to your home or asks to come in so they can show you the products they are selling:••



Cyber crime - Sadly a sign of the times are very plausible phone callers offering ‘quick fix’ solutions for our computers. They obtain bank details by deceit hacking into your computer – or worse still with your consent, after which you realise you have been defrauded and can do nothing about getting your money back as you have given out your details willingly.
Don’t get caught out
Action Fraud is an advice service or to report any scams or suspicious activity –
In the event of an unsolicited telephone call –
Never give any bank details or any personal details over the phone
If you are suspicious, you can sign off by suggesting to the caller to put the information in writing and then hang up.
Report it
Dial 0300 12302040 or Dorset Police on the non emergency number 101


Co-ordinator: Paul and Kaz Broad 01308 897709