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Other Information

Our 'Police Community Safety Officer' is based at Beaminster Police station and is called Paul Miners. The PCSO’s are part of the police, and salaried, but do not have powers of arrest-other than citizen's arrest. Their job is to be seen and known in the neighbourhood and being a friendly presence, helping to resolve local difficulties and with the ability to call in the police where needed. The Home-watch Coordinators liaise with the PCSO and rely on feedback from the village on any items of concern regarding crime in our area. We can act as intermediaries for those concerned about ‘getting involved’, even if you feel it is a minor issue, it is important to report any criminal activity as this represents a possible increase in crime in our area.

Cold Calling
If a cold caller calls and you are concerned there is immediate risk to persons or property or you feel threatened - dial 999.
If you are aware of Cold Callers but don’t feel threatened then dial 101

If you wish to report a company cold calling in Burton Bradstock telephone Dorset County Council Trading Standards Service on 01305 224702. Or contact Burton Bradstock’s Home Watch Coordinators on 01308 897709

If you wish to report or seek advice about any other consumer issues, telephone Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08454 040506.

 Remember the scheme is not aimed at charity collectors or people delivering catalogues for later collection.

Companies that ignore the cold calling control zone will in the first instance be advised of the existence of the zone and advised not to call there again. More formal action will be considered should they continue to ignore the zone. If you home clearly displays a notice stating ‘No Cold Callers’ it is illegal for them to do so.


Co-ordinator: Paul and Kaz Broad 01308 897709