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Home Security

It makes the job of a Home Watch much easier if individual residents take steps to make their own homes and property as secure as possible.

It is important to make sure that your home has security locks, for these will deter the opportunist thief.

Ground floor and those upper windows easily accessible at the back are favourite points of entry for the burglar. Window locks can make it extremely difficult for the thief to break in without making a lot of attention drawing noise. Good quality security locks on external doors can stop a criminal from easily getting in and from making an easy escape. If he breaks into a home that has these he will have to climb out through a window. This obviously slows him up and increases the chances of him being seen by a neighbour or passer by.

Intruder Alarms
Dorset police maintain a list of “recognised” intruder alarm installers who have shown that they are capable of fitting an intruder alarm system to the necessary British standards.

Property Coding.

Valuable property, especially televisions, videos, stereos, cameras, computers, etc., often the burglar's favourite target-should be marked with your post code followed by house number or the first two letters of the house name. Property can be marked by etching, dye stamping, engraving, identification paint or by a security marking pen which uses invisible ink that can only be read under an ultra-violet lamp.
Also list your property, including serial numbers, in a safe place.


Photographs, preferably in colour should be taken of all valuable possessions such as antiques, paintings and jewellery. Such photographs together with a full detailed description of the item should be kept in a secure place.

Garages and Sheds.

These should always be kept locked so that the thief can not use your tools and ladders to help him break into property. Lock up your ladders if you keep them outside. 

Co-ordinator: Paul and Kaz Broad 01308 897709