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Bride Valley News July 2006

Diary of events for all Parishes July 2006

Church Services July 2006


             FROM THE CLERGY              



The "White Elephant" stall at the Fête was groaning with goods for sale to help raise a decent sum of money for the support of the Church.  Amongst the items were quite a few from my father's flat.  I can remember one of them from my earliest days: a beautiful cut-glass bowl, which my parents had received as a wedding present (during the war).  It used to sit on the sideboard in our dining room and "greasy little fingers" were allowed nowhere near it.  Occasionally "clean" fruit would be placed in it, but never a dessert.  Regularly, however, it was lovingly dusted by my mother, but I don't think it was ever cleaned - far too risky to put it through the vagaries of the manual washing and drying process.  It survived all the family's moves, and in his last years my father used it as a receptacle for anything small but important, which was of no immediate relevance (spare keys for example).

Anna and I had no use for it, as we have our own supply of similar bowls, but we knew that my father would be very happy in the knowledge that its sale would help the local community.  It didn't sell, even at a knocked-down knockdown price along with many other similar pieces, all presumably with their own special history.  I haven't dared ask what happens to unsold items on these occasions, and as the cleaning-up after the Fête was proceeding, kept well away from this particular stall.  For some time a few of us stood by a large pile of unsold assorted and hardly-used soft toys and cuddly teddy bears.  We speculated on their future, and how they could be so loved by children, say in many parts of Africa, who have absolutely nothing.


There are so many ethical issues involved in this story of just one glass bowl:


·        Somebody was employed to make it, and paid to do so.  Tens of thousands are involved in manufacturing similar things today.  Could they find work of a more philanthropic nature?  If people didn't buy beautiful bowls and the like, would they have work at all?

·        Somebody else paid in 1940 a lot of money to buy the bowl.  It was a lovely and treasured present, but of no lasting value.  Is there any moral pressure, say, to buy presents, which go beyond the whims of fashion, to benefit future generations?  Or is that all too boring?

·        What about buying expensive ephemeral presents today?  How can people spend thousands even millions on jewellery, or works of art, or evening gowns, when even to give to charity just 10% of the money spent would bring enormous benefits?

These are just a few of the issues, and you undoubtedly will be able to add to these.  But how do we address them?  St. Paul wrote to Timothy, "We brought nothing into the world, and we take nothing out."  Perhaps we concentrate just too much on the material, but Jesus called his followers to consider all the more the spiritual treasures of Heaven.     

Anthony Ashwell







Valley Notes


From the Registers

From the Registers includes this month a record of those who were confirmed in St Martin's, Shipton Gorge on Sunday, the 4th of June; the feast of Pentecost. Bishop Tim conducted a Communion service which was memorable for a lively sermon, including many and various attempts to tease the candidates into embarrassment, and the laying on of hands itself - a solemn and very dignified part of the celebration. We all sang, and having worked up a thirst, refreshed it with an excellent party in the Village Hall afterwards. Many thanks to Jean Thorn and Ryder Rogers who prepared the candidates, to all those who helped in their own special way on the evening and to everyone who turned out to support. Congratulations to the candidates themselves:

Jake Dove, Charlie Wheeler, Andrew Moore, Charlie Rowen,

James Rowen, Natalie Sorrel, Gemma Arnold-Baker


Holy Baptism:

4th June at St Peter's Church, Long Bredy

Edward James Maltby - A little brother for William to boss.

28th June at St Martin's Church, Shipton Gorge

Harley Robert Brook   and     Jake Samuel Brook


Thanksgiving Service: (Funeral)

Kenneth Edward George Cook (Ken) who died on 27th May 2006, was remembered with joy at a special Service in St. Mary's Church, Puncknowle on 12th June 2006.  His Cremated Remains were buried in the Churchyard and we send our deepest sympathy to Ken's family.


Funeral: On Wednesday, 14th June at Weymouth crematorium the funeral took place of Greta Barlow, of Burton Bradstock. She was of a great age, and yet her death was a sudden shock and a great sorrow to all who knew and loved her. The service, as was her expressed wish before her death, was a private one.


Weddings: Saturday 27th May: Peter Northover and Shirley Payne were married in St Mary's Church in Oxford. Peter, who is a Church member at Swyre, is on the P.C.C. and whose family, he tells me, has lived in the village for 13 generations celebrated his marriage all over again with a service of blessing at Holy Trinity Church on Sunday, 11th of June.


Saturday, 3rd of June: Paul Brunt and Anna Fry were married in Chilcombe Church on one of the first bright and warm days of the year. The Church was full of flowers and packed with people. The couple were evidently as blissfully happy as the scene was lovely.



Tiny Tots / Pram Service The next Service will be held at 11.00am on Friday, 14th July 2006.


Mothers' Union

The Bride Valley Mother's Union meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 2.30pm.

For further details and venue please contact any of the following:

Yvette Smith  01308 898219

Ann Read    01308 897445

Elizabeth Slater 01308 897751


The Bride Valley Team - Wednesday Housegroup


12th July 7.30pm

30 Norburton  Burton Bradstock


Meetings take a break for the holiday season and will

start again in the autumn.


Bride Valley Fledglings Playgroup  

First our Sponsored Trike Ride was rained off in May - then our visit to Modbury Farm, but as the weather in June improved so much, we were able to re-schedule these events - children rode trikes and some scooters around large cones in the playground for 15 minutes, so now the Sponsorship money is coming in. Our visit to Modbury will have taken place - yes really this time, and we will have enjoyed seeing everything there is to see on the farm.  Our summer outing will be to the Sealife Centre in Weymouth again on 11th July, as it was so popular last year. To round off the term and year we hope to have a Bouncy Castle and Picnic in Puncknowle Playing Field, as we have for some years, on Friday 21st July in the morning.

We did receive our Ofsted Report in April - it said we had lots of strengths and were satisfactory in all areas of Early Learning.  Where there is room for improvement - and there always is! -  we will take steps to do so. Real blue tit fledglings have hatched into the nest, which we have been keeping an eye on.

Our pre-schoolers starting at Thorner's will be visiting school on two occasions before the end of term, and we will be having Robyn Wakeley - a Colfox student - to join us for work experience during the last 2 weeks of term.

Recent visitors have included Coastguard Rob and his DVD & kit plus puppet MAX - all a very big hit with the children including Reception class, and this week our local Health Visitor, Terri, who was also popular with playgroup children and very interesting. This term our theme is "People Who Help Us" - and there are more to come.  More to report next time - also on our Photo/Coffee Morning. Nestlings sessions will continue until 14th July which will be the last one this term, as Friday 21st will be "Picnic in the Park" in the morning - all regulars welcome.

For information about the Playgroup or Nestlings Sessions,

please call: 

Carol Bennett(Playleader) 897771/ 482410 or Joy Laver(Chair) on 897055


First Steps Toddler Group 

We meet every Wednesday morning (10.00 till 12.00) at Long Bredy Village Hall.  There are toys and larger play equipment for all pre-school children.  The sessions also give parents and carers the opportunity to meet and chat (we have dads and child minders so don't be shy!).  A healthy snack for the children and welcome hot drink for the adults is provided.  Further details from Sam (482315) or Debbie (898506). 

The Health Visitor joins us on the first Wednesday of each month

(5th July)  to weigh babies or give advice. 

The last meeting this term is 19th July.  We are planning an outing that day to the Little Bredy Lake, as in previous years.  Hope for good weather and bring a picnic!

We will break over the school summer holidays and meetings commence again on 6th September. Hope to see you there!


Thorner's CE VA Primary School

The last month of the school year is just about to start, I am writing this at the beginning of June with the brilliant sunshine, so we are hoping that the fantastic weather continues while we enjoy all the class outings and sporting events planned.  Though not too hot please!

During June we watched our family of birds develop and change dramatically from the newly hatched, bare skin and bone 'things' to the beautifully coloured fledglings. (I cannot give the full name of these blue birds because interestingly enough our filtering systems on the computers and internet will not allow the full name to be sent so I leave it to your imagination. We had many e-mails not sent or returned because of the inappropriate word being in the text!)  It was interesting to hear the changes in their calls, just like a baby, from the monotonous chirp to the insistent demanding call.  Seeing how the birds stood on each other and pushed aside weaker siblings to obtain food was fascinating. Many of us felt sorry for the parents who were constantly feeding the demands of their young . does this remind you of yourselves? Maybe these parents have the right idea, look after them for a month and then encourage them to leave the nest and fend for themselves; there is a lesson for us all here, I am sure. A huge thank you goes to the 100 Club for the purchase of the bird box. Last year it yielded nothing and I thought what a waste of time and effort, what a mistake, but this year it has proved its worth and next year we look forward to bigger and better things. So watch this space!

It is also the time when we send Year 6 pupils, with our best wishes, to the next stage of their education and lives.  During their time here at Thorner's we have provided the opportunity for them to understand the basics of reading, writing and mathematics and given them an introduction to the wider academic fields of our world, what makes it unique, why it is as it is, how we can care for it. More importantly than all these we hope we have helped them to become good citizens, well mannered and caring, with a confidence in themselves to go out and experience new things with a positive attitude, attempt the impossible if they so wish, hoping that they will achieve all they expect of themselves in the future.  Well done to all of you and good luck from all of us here at Thorner's.

June 100 Club Winners:  

£15 - Jane Oakford (Grandparent of Jack)


£10 - Sheila Barnes






The 100 Club has been thrilled to see the nesting box (which we purchased) in good use.  What a great investment and good money well spent for the children's education.  Many thanks to all members - it would not be there without you.   

Alison Johnstone

Burton Bradstock CE VC School

Last month I promised news of our Dartmoor trip so here it is in brief.  Our first call was the National Marine Aquarium at Plymouth, which we visited en route.  We all very much enjoyed the impressive 'tanks' and the opportunity to see an amazing variety of marine creatures at close quarters.  We eventually arrived at Bellever Youth Hostel in time for tea and for the usual settling in and 'house rules'.  We usually have a late activity on the first night with the general idea of tiring everyone out in order to maximise the possibility of getting to sleep promptly.  That was the theory.  In practice, after our 'night walk' the children seemed to have been energised so took quite a while to settle.  For the rest of our stay, despite 'iffy' weather we still managed to complete the majority of activities we'd planned.  This included a visit by a falconer with a selection of his birds of prey and his loveable and obedient dog, Boris.  We were all fascinated by the demonstration and rather amusing antics of Merlin, one of the owls.  Contrary to the general perception, owls are not at all wise.  Other activities we completed were a 'treasure' hunt, pond dipping, river studies, outdoor and indoor art and a longer guided circular walk during which we learnt a lot about Dartmoor itself.  Children worked in groups to provide an evening of entertainment.  The winning item was a wonderful song composed by Daisy, Jasmine, Lauren and Rachael.  The lyrics were all about the trip and caused much amusement.. 'Garry (the manager) is alright, but his dorm inspections are really tight!'  .and so on.  At least I slept well that night in the knowledge that my slippers were deemed 'cool'.  My thanks go not only to Garry the manager of Bellever Youth Hostel and his staff, but of course also to Mrs Rattenbury, Mrs Barrett for their invaluable experience and also to Miss Barnes.  Without them the trip would not have been possible.


As for this month, Year 2 have their residential visit to Hooke Court, the P.T.A. are having a fashion show (ladies only - Friday 7th- information available from school), the pyramid music concert, Sports Day and the Leavers' Service when we once more reflect upon where another year has gone.  I am very grateful to the hard work the P.T.A. put in throughout the year, no more so than the BBQ on the beach on our last day of term.  It is always a very special way to end our academic year.

Mark Stratta

May 100 Club Winners:  

£20 -  C. Marley


£10 - P.R. Crabb       


 £5 - H. Ball



Artsreach Summer Workshops for Children

Our area of the Bride Valley is fortunate to have secured two events during the summer holidays. It is anticipated that the workshops will be in great demand so please phone early for places. Don't forget to bring pack lunches and any children under the age of five years must be accompanied by a parent or carer. The dates are as follows.

Tuesday 15th August: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with Clair Camble-Hutchins; 10.00am - 2.30pm at Martinstown Village Hall.

This event is for children aged 4-9 years and tickets cost £10.00.

A timeless classic and a treat for all the family, just brimming with heart warming tunes! This great musical event requires no previous dance experience and the show at the end of the day - to which parents are invited - will be truly uplifting, although please note we have no car flying through the air as such!

Tuesday 22nd August: African Journey with Noah Messomo;

10.30am - 3.30pm at Martinstown Village Hall.

This event is for children aged six years and upwards and tickets cost £12.00. Come and play real African drums (provided) on this African Journey with music and stories. Master musician Noah Messomo from Cameroon will use live music, dance and story telling to give you an experience of real life in Africa. Sing African songs and play roles in African stories. Have you ever seen a mvet, a balafon or a thumb piano? Here is your chance to discover them, don't miss it!


For bookings and information please contact Joanna Shackelton 01308 482645



Colfox Piano Recital

Madalina Rusu from Constanta, Romania, will give a Piano Recital in the Sir John Colfox School hall on Friday 11th August at 7.30pm.  Tickets £10 at the door.  Her programme will include works by Brahms, Beethoven and Liszt.  Maddy continues her studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, and this will be your only opportunity to hear her play this year!

Bride Valley Gardening Club

The plants produced by our members at the Plant Sale in May were of such good quality that it was a pity that we had so few visitors to pick over what was such a good choice. Hopefully we can attract more people next year. In the meantime we have our Mini Show coming up on Saturday 8th July and we expect to have some wonderful things exhibited. Don't forget that all visitors have a chance to vote for the best exhibits in their opinion and that all votes count. The results are announced at the end of the show and the prizes awarded.

The outing to the Garden House at Buckland Monachorum was a huge
success and Alison Davidson is to be congratulated on running an
excellent trip. The group was taken round by a very interesting and
expert guide. Of special interest were the wonderful views including one
down an avenue of acers, the topiary of hedges and the colour schemes in
the planting, the different wild flower areas and possibly one of the
best features - a beautiful canopy of wisteria in bloom. Everyone looks
forward to next year's outing now.

Jobs, which need doing now: Summer prune all relevant plants and remove fading flower heads. This can extend the flowering season. Don't forget to water all hanging baskets and containers regularly, particularly in this hot weather. Go to the trouble of digging out perennial weeds, this
will minimise work in later years if these can be eliminated now.

Valerie Cameron, Club Secretary, e-mail:



gardens open

for charity

Tuesdays in July

The Scented Garden, Littlebredy

(2.30-8.00 pm)


Western Area Transport Action Group

Would you like to get to Dorchester Market?

Door to Dorset Service 73a offers a service on a vehicle that can carry wheelchairs. It runs on Wednesdays and normally to Bridport. From

17th June and during the summer period the bus will run on the first Wednesday in each month to Dorchester. The bus will leave the Bridport area about 9.30am running up the Bride Valley and getting into Dorchester about 10.45am. It will return from Dorchester around 1pm.

This is a bookable service, which is aimed at those in the Bride Valley and adjacent areas who do not have direct access to or cannot use public transport either because of mobility problems or an absence of service.

If you would like to register for this new service simply ring 0845 6024547 between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Saturdays. You will need to ring at the latest the Monday before (e.g. for the 5th July service you must ring by Monday 3rd July).

Fares will be between £1.50 and £2 depending where you join the service and concessions will be recognised.

For further information please contact the booking line (option 2) or Anna Lovell, The Reading Room, Swyre, Bridport DT2 9DN (01308 897322) or

Dorset County Council Passenger Transport (01305 224518).






From the Editors: Thanks to all contributors for submitting    their copy on time. One lesson we have learned from our first Edition is that we need to ask you to submit all documents (including display notices) in Word format. Many thanks.

Your BVN Team







Village Correspondent:

(Vacant at time of going to press)



Mr Basil Dent has resigned as Village Correspondent and the Editors would like to wish him well and thank him for all his help in the past.


Mid Week Worship -

Holy Communion          Wednesdays at 10.00 am


Bell Ringing Practices Thursdays at 7.00 pm


There will be no Service of Prayer for Healing at St Mary's in July.


Easter Family Evensong

Many thanks to all who took part in any way in the Easter Family Evensong on Low Sunday - April 23rd.

The cast of fifty-one, those who assisted, and those who supported the event by coming, all helped to make it a very special occasion. If anyone would be like to be involved in any future drama of this kind please contact Jake Dove or Heather Rogers.

Although Easter has long gone we are still a people of resurrection. As Luke & Theo said: 'It's too good NOT to be true.'

Heather Rogers

Burton Bradstock Parish Plan

Last Call - Last Call!
Responses to the consultation draft of the Burton Bradstock Parish Plan need to be received this month. Please return completed response forms to the Post Office or Fel Moore in the Reading Room.
The response form and the consultation draft of the Parish Plan can be downloaded from the Village website with hard copies available from the Post Office or Library.
If you want to discuss any aspect of the Plan contact Dave Dixon 898620.
The revised Final version of the Plan will be produced in the autumn.


Burton Bradstock Post Office

After nearly three years running the Post Office Pat and Peter Dutton and their loyal watch dog Jamie are retiring in early July.

They came to the village in 2004 having been successful publicans in a busy Somerset pub to spend their retirement by the sea. However, the challenge of running a village Post Office was too much to resist. Pat and Peter quickly built up and nurtured a much needed communications hub for the village offering postal services, prescription collection, box office sales and a range of other essential services. Peter has also put considerable effort and time into servicing the village society committee and raising awareness of these activities as publicity officer with additional help from Pat.

They will be much missed for the dedicated contribution they have made in village and Bride Valley life over the last few years. We wish them every happiness in their retirement.

The Post Office will continue the range of services when the newly appointed sub postmaster and his wife and Margaret Bowan take over.


Burton Bradstock Village Society

Our Annual General Meeting was held on 12th May and was very well attended by many members. Our President, Nancy Bushell welcomed everyone to the meeting, followed by our Chairman, Peter Colbert, who reminded us what a successful year it has been for the society with so many interesting talks culminating in our flourishing Flower and Produce show.

We then heard from our Hon. Secretary, Carol Lumley and our Hon. Treasurer, Valerie McRobert who both confirmed that our society was in good social and financial state. Our raffle secretary, Betty Drewery was presented with a gift on the occasion of her retirement from the society.


So the whole committee was re-elected en masse with the election of Peter Broomhead which means that it now comprises:

Peter Colbert, Chairman

Graham Rees, Vice Chairman

Valerie McRobert, Hon. Treasurer

John Grantham, Programme Secretary

Sandy Adderley, Flower Show

Carol Lumley, Hon Sec.

Margaret Holmes, Catering.

Peter Dutton, Press & Publicity

Chris Clarke, Raffle

Peter Broomhead.

Following the business part of the evening, we were entertained by

Mr. Colin Giles of the Dorset Federation of Horticultural Societies, who talked about the preparation and presentation of exhibits for the flower show after which we all became extremely worried. A delicious buffet supper was followed by our Chairman, Peter Colbert reminding us what

Peter Dutton

a successful year it had been.


News from Tanzania

Our Mission Partners, Andy and Susie Hart, have told us that the rains have been incredibly slow in coming, and what should have been the wet season has been frighteningly dry. When the rains eventually came it was, sadly, for many people too late, especially for the poorest of the poor. The seeds they planted when the rains were due died, and they were unable to buy more when the rains arrived.  As the drought has been so bad, food has doubled in price.

We are asked to pray for the hungry at this time and over the next few months. Ninety percent of the population rely on agriculture for all, if not a significant portion, of their income and food security each year.  The rivers going into the main hydro-electric dams are barely flowing, or have dried up, with the consequence that people are now on about two hours electricity a day, in the evening.

Andy, together with the village elders, helped the Church in one area to start a community Tourism Programme to welcome visitors and tourists who wanted to see what rural Tanzania was really like and to climb the mountain over the village. All funds from this are used for development projects in the village.

Witch doctors have started to tell people that there is no rain because there are too many 'white people' coming to the village and the mountain. They still hold a very strong spiritual hold on many people  - even among church-going Christians. This has called for a re-assessment of how to proceed with work in the village, and to seek to address some of the spiritual issues, which have come to the surface. It shows how development work, relationships with local people, and spiritual teaching, must all go hand in hand.

Susie's work with young deaf and physically disabled people prospers as they produce various items under the name Neema Crafts.  The current building is not large enough to accommodate the number of those who wish to work in this way. There is a long waiting list - and for outworkers too.  Wonderfully a local hotel owner has offered a big building plot in Iringa town to construct a new purpose-built workshop. Susie asks prayers as they design, and hopefully soon, start to build the new centre.

Last, but by no means least, we have excellent news that our Mission Partners (accompanied we hope by their two little girls) will visit us when they are on home leave next year.

Hilary Mousley


Sales in Aid of Charities

St Mary's is embarking on fundraising through sales of homemade products, etc, to help those less fortunate than ourselves - namely, by supporting the work of the Pilsdon Community, offering a refuge to people in crisis (Reg.d Charity 261139), the Leprosy Mission, working to stamp out this disease (Reg.d Charity 1050327), the Salisbury/Sudan Link, alleviating suffering through Medical Link.

On Thursday 27th July and August 10th, 17th, and 21st, 10.00am - 12.00 noon, there will be home-baked products, preserves, and garden produce (fruit, vegetables, and plants) on sale in the Reading Room at Burton Bradstock. So here is an opportunity to buy some wholesome products for good causes!

Contributions for sale will be warmly welcomed. Anyone wishing to provide home-baked products for one or more of these Thursdays please contact Heather Rogers (897780), preferably as early as possible. Any other products will be gratefully received as soon as possible after 9.30am at the Reading Room on the day of the sale.

If there are any queries please contact Hilary Mousley, or any other members of the Mission Sub-Committee.

Hilary Mousley




Burton Bradstock Home Watch

Ensuring your safety . We are well into the season of 'Jobbing Callers' - people who ring at the doorbell and offer to cut a tree, do some gardening, building or repair work. You are advised NEVER to agree to this on the spot. You would do much better to decide what you need doing, and to get 3 quotes in from different reputable organisations who are already known to you or your neighbours/friends. From time to time in West Dorset - and it has happened in Burton Bradstock -  high-pressure sellers of these services turn up on the doorstep and in no time the owner is having a high sum of money demanded from them. Let's stay on our guard in Burton and make sure 'Jobbing Callers' know that this is not an area that says 'yes' to unexpected callers in this way.

John Grantham


Burton Bradstock W.I.

Thirty-seven members attended the Burton Bradstock WI June meeting held as usual in the WI-Hall.  The President Heather Seedon had to announce the sad news that Greta Barlow a long-term member who had been so involved in the village had sadly died 2 weeks ago; she was aged 90.  A minute' s silence was held in respect of Greta. 

Mrs J. Gillespie gave a spellbinding talk, with slides  "A Walk through the National Gallery".

She told us that the UK had been the last of the European countries to have a National Gallery, but in l824 at l00 Pall Mall ours opened with l38 paintings. Fourteen years later the National Gallery opened and in l991 the Sainsbury wing was added on a former bombsite, giving us the gallery we now know it.

Mrs. Gillespie showed us slides of paintings over a 600 year period of many regal subjects such as Richard II in l337, Leonardo de Vinci, who was the first to experiment with oils, Stubbs who became famous for his anatomical paintings, through to J.M.W. Turner with the superb painting of The Temeraire, at the Battle of Trafalgar.   We were helped to understand the details that we may have otherwise missed.

Next meeting will be on the 11th July with Mr. R Sharp speaking on "The History of Crime Fiction".


St Mary's Church Fête

The annual Church Fête will take place on Thursday 3rd August 2006, the proceeds of which are to be given towards the annual running costs and upkeep in the life and work of St Mary's Church in Burton Bradstock. 

Help with the site setting-up at 6.30pm on the evening of Wednesday 2nd August and the clearing away following the end of the fête on Thursday 3rd would be much appreciated.  Thank you. 

Donations for the various stalls would be very welcome; please contact those listed below for details of delivery before the 3rd, alternatively items can be dropped off on the morning of the fête from 10.30am onwards.

For the Auction, and/or the Grand Draw, good quality unused gifts or similar items will be most welcome.  The first prize in the Grand Draw will be a large hamper of groceries.  In order to do this we are hoping that supporters of the fête will be willing to donate some items of food.  Could those of you kind enough to do this please pass them on to Pauline Woodford or Joyce Tilman (897040)

For 'Water into Wine' we need lots of bottles of wine please - not water!!


Auction Gifts - Susan Moores 897673

Baby Goods -  Margaret Ackland 897872

Books - Tony Combe 898138

Bottle Tombola - Kate & Bernard Chennels 897066

Cakes & Preserves - Betty Champkins 897419

Cards & Crafts - Jane Stubbs 898002

Fancy Goods - Joan Gillett 897656 Plants - Jill Spinney 897835

Garden Produce - Ken & Sheila Pett 897550

Filled Jars (value 50p, wrapped sweets only, please)

Margaret Oldridge 897383

Grand Draw prizes -

Pauline Woodford 898327

Lucky Dip - Thelma Skues 898032 (small items - pencil sharpeners, felt pens etc.)

Water-into-Wine - Peter Broomhead 897408

White Elephant /Bric a Brac -

Pat Broomhead 897408

(items can be collected if desired)


A few more volunteers to help with side shows are still needed.  Please let me know if you are available for the afternoon.  It is great fun.

Thank you for all the offers of help which are much appreciated; without them the fête cannot be a success.

Peter Broomhead - Fête Co-ordinator


will take place around the Church

and in the Rectory Garden, Burton Bradstock


Thursday 3rd August 2006


Gates open: 2pm until 5pm

Watch the skills of local craftsmen at work

















Burton Bradstock Playground


Grand Opening of Burton Bradstock's Refurbished Playground

Friday 14th July at 4:00 pm.


All Villagers are invited to join us for the opening event. The celebration will include a Hog Roast provided free to all ticket holders. Tickets available from the Post Office and Bridge Cottage Stores.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Playground Committee



Village Correspondent: Mrs Barbara Chambers

Stonacre, Shipton Gorge - Tel: 01308 897482



Confirmation Service in St. Martin's Church 4th June

This was a marvellous occasion and a memorable day for the seven candidates who were confirmed in their faith by the Bishop of Sherborne, the Right Reverend Tim Thornton. We congratulate them all, particularly the four young people from our village, and we offer them our continuing support and prayers as they go forward in their spiritual lives.

Shipton Gorge Village Society

On behalf of the Society and residents of Shipton Gorge may we say a big thank you to Joy White for collecting all the village notes to go into the Bride Valley News each month.  She has done this work for at least 12 years, and if you were late with your notes Joy could always be relied on to 'phone and remind us.


Sally Parker


As you can see from above I have taken over from Joy as

Shipton Gorge Village Correspondent. 

I know that some people thought items should be e-mailed directly to the editors after reading the article in the June issue, but they (the Eds) have assured me that a Village Correspondent is still needed so that everything is laid out in an orderly fashion and reaches them in one hit.

Please make sure that everything to go into the BVN reaches me by the 11th of every month so that I can meet the deadline of the 12th of the month.  The editors cannot guarantee to include anything sent to them after that date.

Barbara Chambers 

Parish Council Matters

At its meeting on 10th May the Parish Council co-opted Denise Marriott and Amy Steele to act as Parish Councillors.  Details of the full membership of the Council and positions of responsibility are as follows:

Cllr Richard Hewlett - Chairman of the Parish Council, Chairman of Playing Field Committee.

Cllr Mary Boughton - Vice-chairman of the Parish Council, member of Planning Committee, member of Playing Field Committee.

Cllr Robert Cornish - Chairman of Planning Committee.

Cllr John Epplestone - Member of Planning Committee, Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils Area Committee representative.

Cllr Charles Errington - Member of Planning Committee.

Cllr Robert Langran - Member of Planning Committee, responsibility for Highways and Rights of Way.

Cllr Denise Marriott - Member of Planning Committee, Village Hall representative.

Cllr David Smith - Member of Planning Committee, member of Playing Field Committee, Bridport Local Area Partnership representative.

Cllr Amy Steele - Member of Planning Committee, Deputy Chairman of Playing Field Committee.

Lay members of the Planning Committee: Pam Graham and Geoff Shepherd.  Lay member of the Playing Field Committee: Grayham Rosamond.

Ernie Thomas has web site responsibility (tel:01308 898648, e-mail:

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held at the Village Hall on Wednesday, 12th July commencing at 7.30pm. 

Ernie Thomas - Parish Clerk

Church Floodlighting

Once again we would like to floodlight the Church during the winter months.  The cost is £5 minimum, per week.  To book your week(s) please contact Christine Cornish on 01308 897833 as soon as possible to ensure you reserve that special date.  Thank you in advance for continuing to support this fund raising scheme.


Shipton Gorge Village Society:  SUMMER SHOW - 22nd JULY

Calling all amateur artists, chefs (of both sexes), flower arrangers, gardeners, photographers and poets: this is YOUR opportunity to take part in the 2006 VILLAGE SHOW.

1.    Bring your exhibits to the Village Hall (see separate schedule) between 8.45 and 11am.

2.    Return to judge the best between 11.30am and 1.30pm!  All in the Bride Valley are welcome to come and judge the best too.

3.    Prizes and a cup of tea at approx. 3.30pm.

Open to all ages of residents (present/past*) of Shipton Gorge.

Entry fee @ 20p            *Previous address and date required.

Please make every effort both to enter and to join in the voting.

Sue Brown,  Organiser


Casterbridge Male Voice Choir will be coming to St Martin's Church on Wednesday 9th August at 7.30pm to give a concert to help raise funds for the opening of the Village Pub.

Tickets are £5 each (contact Sally on 897168).  Everyone welcome.


New Inn Support Group - Update July 2006

The Viennese evening was a sell-out with a profit of £606.  Janet Lane, her choir and ensemble were a huge success and the beautiful summer's evening added to our enjoyment.  The Support Group would like to thank all those who provided items for the buffet; the food was superb.


Tickets for the Mid-Summer's Ball are all now sold, and we are anticipating another successful evening with Hector's Box.


By the time the Bride Valley News is circulated we hope to be in possession of the keys to the New Inn and we shall, of course, let you all know how works are progressing.


The judging of the hanging baskets is to take place on Saturday 8th July.  Gary and Sandra have agreed to be judges.  If you can arrange to leave your basket at the New Inn before noon, with a tag attached bearing your name, we shall let you know the result.

Thank you all for being so patient!

New Inn Support Ltd

Tower News

There will be ringing on Saturday 8th July from 3pm until 4.15pm prior to the Guild meeting in Burton Bradstock, and on Friday 28th July a team of visiting bell ringers will be at St Martin's.

Christine Green

Shipton Gorge Village Hall 100 Club

June Draw


No 90  

Anne Jones


No 66  

John Bredemear


No 10  

Dick & Barbara West


No 96  

Mary George


No 72  

Robert & Lyn Pettit


St Martin's Church Summer Fete - Saturday, 15th July 2 - 4pm

We are looking forward to our annual fundraising event, which takes place in and around the Village Hall, and many thanks to the Jones and Sorrel families for again allowing us to use their land. Last year's event raised over £1000 for the church - can we do better this year? There is something for everyone - all our favourite stalls and games, some new children's games and events, delicious cream teas and ice cream. Don't forget to visit the church tower which is open all afternoon - after all, the bird's eye view of our village and surrounding countryside is the best in the valley!

All contributions to the fete will be very gratefully received - we particularly need lots of bric-a-brac, home produce and preserves, and as many cakes as you can bake!

Stalls and contact numbers are listed below:


Produce and Preserves

Gillian - 897346


Doreen - 897821  Bettie - 897490


Linda - 898278


Gerald - 897562 - Ambrose - 897446  Vicky - 898648

Cakes and Sweets

The Symes Family - 897570

Bottle Tombola

Gary and Jo - 897948

*Please bring bottles to Gary and Jo by Friday, 14th July, for labelling.

See you all on the day!



























Shipton Gorge Ramblers - 'Shades Day' Special, Friday 21st July

This month we meet by the telephone kiosk in Brook Street at the earlier time of 10.15am, to drive to the Cogden Beach car park (shared transport) where we start our walk. Our footpath passes through a nature reserve, before descending seawards towards West Bexington, and we return to the car park, using this lower path. This beautiful coastal walk has everything - superb sea views, wonderful local flora and fauna, and no hills.

We will hopefully be walking on a bright, sunny morning, so bring your shades with you and help support the 'Shades Day' fundraising campaign being run by the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. Their aim is to raise awareness about eye health issues, and to get the message across that the sun's rays can damage vision as well as skin. We can raise money by making a minimum donation of £1 when we wear our shades for a day - or just on our walk, and the money will be sent to Guide Dogs, telling them about our morning event.

We look forward to seeing you all on the 21st - don't forget the earlier start; bring your friends and a picnic.




Village Correspondent: Sid Marshall

3 Green Barton, Swyre Tel: 897318


Holy Trinity Church

A very successful Flower Festival was held on the beautifully sunny weekend of our Patronal Festival.

We were particularly delighted to have the first stage of alterations to the bell tower completed with kitchen units in place. Our thanks go to Colin Purchase for acting so quickly at short notice; it made a great difference to the teas helpers on the Saturday.

The Church was beautifully decorated also ready for the marriage blessing of Shirley and Peter Northover on Sunday morning. We wish them many years of happiness together. We also thank those willing helpers with gifts of flowers, cakes and produce and the decorating beforehand.

The Churchwardens

The Griffith Family of Swyre

We are all relieved to know that Ben is progressing so well and send him our continued affectionate support. Many congratulations to Steve who with the rest of his team came second in the Popular Vote for his garden at the Chelsea Flower Show, and for winning a Silver Medal from the Judges.  Keep going Sarah, you are winning!


Margaret May

We are pleased to have you home, Margaret, and are glad to know you are recovering well.


Uganda 2006

Two years ago many readers of the BVN were amazingly helpful to me in their support for my trip to Uganda and so I thought it would be only right to let you know that I'm going back!!  Plans are underway for a group of people from my church in Winchester, where I am just about to finish my degree, to undertake a trip to Uganda this July.   We will fly out on Wednesday July 5th and whilst we are at Kisiizi we will be working with local Ugandan churches.  The team are hoping to visit all 17 parish churches over the first weekend.  In 2004 we managed to reach 10 churches and so 17 will be quite a challenge.  Whilst geographically they are not too far from the hospital the roads in places range from tricky to impassable but we will certainly do our best to get there. 

Aside from visiting churches we will also be working in and around Kisiizi Hospital, where we are staying, undertaking various practical tasks. We shall also be visiting local primary and secondary schools building on links established in 2004 and undertaking some teaching.  The Archdeacon is planning conferences for the Youth Leaders, Lay Preachers and Mothers Union members, all of which we will be participating in. Over the middle weekend, Kisiizi hospital will host an Archdeaconry wide Children's Mission. The team will include Ugandans, hopefully in a 2 Ugandans: 1 UK team member ratio.   This mission will involve a range of activities including main rallies, age group teaching, drama, music, sport, craft and eating (each child attending the mission will be given a hot meal as part of the day's programme).  Having catered for approximately 5000 two years ago, with numbers set to rise again, this does present all kinds of logistical issues! After the mission ends we will re-visit the schools to provide resources and follow-up. From there we will spend 48 hours on Bushara Island Bush Camp before flying home on Thursday 20th July.

Once again it is a huge undertaking but it's also an exciting privilege.  There is much to be done in the next few weeks but hopefully by the time this is distributed I will be almost ready. I really would appreciate your prayers as I prepare and raise funds and whilst the team are away. I look forward to discussing the trip with you more if you are interested.

Many thanks for your support.

Avril Yeates






Puncknowle and Swyre Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting will be held in Puncknowle and Swyre Village Hall on the 4th July 2006 at 7.30pm.

Puncknowle Allotments

The allotment committee have decided to start a waiting list for allotments in Puncknowle. If you would like to go on this list please telephone Debbie on 898506.

Peter Postance


Puncknowle  Festival  Weekend 

28th - 30th July 2006


Householders in Puncknowle are reminded that Church Street, between the two Manor Gate entrances, will be closed to traffic on the day of the Fete between 2 pm and 5 pm.


Proceeds from the Fete go to support the village churches, the village hall, and the charitable works of the

Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers.





FRIDAY 28th - from 7.30pm

'Talk and Walk' on bats - Dave Bird (starting at Village Hall)

Outdoor barbeque and live band

'Two's Company' at The Crown Inn

SATURDAY 29th - 2.15pm

Village band assembles

2.30pm - 5pm

F E T E 

Guided tours of St Mary's Church,

Long-alley skittles competition,

Jester,   Evening stalls

8 pm onwards

Blues Band

SUNDAY 30th - from 10.30 am

Brunch and Bucks Fizz, stalls,

Andy Dickens Band,

finals of long-alley skittles


The following stalls and attractions are all planned for our Fete:





David Buckland  (898492) - Malcolm Bush  (897959) -

Christine Gregory (898596)  - John Holker (898261) -

Mick Lawless (897711) - Barry & Val Pye (897426) -

Ann Roberts (897716) - Elizabeth Slater (897751)

Ann Roberts and Chris Gregory would particularly like to hear from you

if you can help on the day



Stallholders who would like to hear from you


Nick and Debbie 898506   


Please ring 897716 or 898596

White Elephant 

Mr Jarvis 897280      


Sue Collier  897044


Lois Edwards  898132      


Ken Martin  897622


Liz Slater   987751  

Teas - Madeline Marshall would like to hear from anyone who can help on the stall or would bake some cakes on 897318







Village Correspondent:  Elizabeth Slater

1, Lytton Close, Puncknowle, Dorchester DT2 9BH

Telephone: ( 01308 ) 897751


Puncknowle Art Group

We have had a busy month beginning with a talk from Judith Pearce who was kind enough to give us an insight into running a gallery. Our exhibition began with a talk about Julia's House; the Dorset based charity for children with severe health problems. This is the charity that we have chosen to support this summer. Both Jennifer and Sallie have taken part in this year's Dorset Art Week. We held a 'working' lunch at Sallie's to look at her studio and her lovely garden.

Dates for July:

Friday, 14th - Painting with Maureen at Slape Manor 10.30 am

Christine Molony

Wednesday 26th - A Talk by Peter Lightfoot on drawing and composition at The Crown 10.30 am



Village Correspondent: Josie Belasco

11 Manor Farm Close, Litton Cheney











Parish Clerk

Karenlee Knott has sadly indicated she will be unable to continue as our Clerk after this summer and the Parish Council is therefore on the lookout for a new Clerk.  If you are interested in doing this very part time job, for which payment is available if required, and wish to become involved in local affairs then the Council would love to hear from you.  Please contact Karenlee (482175) or any Parish Councillor for further details.

The Church Fete

After days of rain we were blessed with fine weather and lots of generous people who gave up their time to make the fete a happy and successful occasion. The £3000 raised will be of huge assistance in the task of maintaining the Church, Hall and Yard.  Very many thanks to all who helped on the stalls or made the whole thing tick by their attendance.

Rubbish Collection

Complaints have been received by the Parish Council concerning the inevitable mess caused when householders put out rubbish for collection early in non-animal proof containers.  If you must put your rubbish out early please ensure you use a proper dustbin or other suitable container (or better still make arrangements so that the village does not have to suffer unsightly bins or bags for longer than is strictly necessary).

Litton Cheney Social Committee

Thank you to everyone who supported us at the Annual Meeting in May. Our thanks also go to Malcolm Bonham from Palmers Wine Store, who gave a very interesting and amusing talk on his career as a wine taster.

He provided us with some samples in order that we could all have a go, under his guidance.

Oh wow! was the opinion of one of the 25 who joined us for the walk to the Chapel in the woods. The bluebells were at their best and there were many orchids.

Our next walk is on Saturday 8th July; meet at the Bus Shelter at 10.00am.

Congratulations to the Manor Farm team who reached the semi final at the Skittles Evening only to be beaten by the White Horse team. Paul's traditional Dorset way of throwing caused great entertainment to all. Thanks to Cassie for the wonderful buffet.

Kathy Kourik Secretary LCSC 482552









Litton and Thorner's Community Hall - LATCH

After an explosion of ideas expressed at the open meeting in May we are now busily formulating a programme of fundraising events that will take us well into 2007.

Our inaugural event is the Jazz at The Cottage Evening on Friday 7 July, and by the time you read this, the evening will be upon us. Tickets are £10 if purchased in advance or £12.50 on the night. Jazz will be provided by the Sunset Café Stompers, a marquee will be in residence and you are encouraged to bring your own picnic and chair. A bar selling wine, beer and soft drinks will also be available. Come one, come all and let's get the fund raising for the community hall off to a cracking start!

Tickets are available from Ron Davidson, David Taylor, Freddie Spicer, John Firrell, Alison Johnstone, Paul Kingston and Eddy Fry.

Watch this space for further news of an Open Garden Evening at Tithe Barn House on Friday 8 September. Entrance £5 including a glass of wine. Also in September we have plans for a Boot Fair on the same day as  the September Producers Market  - Saturday 16 September. More news later.   Want to know more about LATCH? Call John Firrell on 482313.


LATCH Fundraising - Recipe Book

Do you have a favourite recipe or two that you would like to see in print? As part of the fundraising effort we are producing a recipe book that will be sold as far and wide as possible to raise money. In order to do this we need recipes and will give an acknowledgement to all contributors in the book.

A panel will judge which ones will be included. We hope to have contributions from some very famous celebrities. We can only accept entries that are not under copyright.

If you have any recipes you would like to submit please send them to or

For further details please phone Lesley Salvetti 482170 or Kathy Kourik 482552.  


LATCH Fundraising - Photograph Competition

As part of the fundraising effort it is planned to hold a photograph competition open to all. There will be three age groups: five to 11 years, 12 to 16 years and adult (17 + years). There will be prizes for each age group and selected photographs will be used for other fundraising initiatives such as the production of calendars, post cards, T-shirts tablemats and mugs.

The subject matter of the photographs must have a connection with Litton Cheney or Thorner's School.

 For further information about the competition please contact Steve Kourik, 8 Baglake, Litton Cheney, DT2 9DP. Tel: 482552 or e-mail:

Visit the website for the latest news.

The group meets at The White Horse

At 8.30pm on the first Monday of each month.

All Welcome





SATURDAY 15TH JULY   9.30 - 12.30






Producers' Market Saturday 15th July 2006

Hopefully Saturday 15 July will dawn bright and clear as we approach our fourth market of the year.

A lot of effort is put into making the market welcoming, attractive and most of all productive. Those of us who are involved for the most part enjoy what we do but all of this would be for nothing if you, the people of the Bride Valley, did not turn up. Fortunately you do and in great numbers. It has fast become a regular monthly meeting place for many local residents and with John and Cassie at The White Horse flexing their hospitality muscles, there are few better places to be on the third Saturday of the month.

So, keep on coming and we will keep on producing.  Thank you.

If you wish to know more about the markets either as a producer or visitor please call Wendy Taylor on 482532 or John Firrell on 482313.




Village Correspondent: Mrs. Elinor Frost

Bridelands, Long Bredy  ( 482269 )












St. Mary's Church, Litton Cheney

Friday 4th August

Reception at The Old Rectory from 6.45 p.m.

Concert  in Church at 7.30 p.m.

Tickets in advance £7.50 to include refreshments.

or £5 on the door for concert only

Tel: 01308 482532














Village Fete Sunday 16th July 2:30 - 4:30pm

In the grounds of Kingston Russell House with the kind permission of

Mr & Mrs Carter.

We are having a display of Historical Dancing (set in Jane Austen's time) to entertain us.  The children of Thorner's School will be Maypole Dancing, plus a clown, bouncy castle, games and competitions.

Please start looking for or work making items for the following stalls:

Bric-a-Brac                  Alan Kinghorn and Rick Cook

Bottle Tombola             John and Claire Cook (Jackie Skipwith will start collection)

Books, Tapes, CDs      Hugo and Juliet Busby (collection point - Juniper's garage)

Cakes                          June Clewlow

Plants                           Rosemarie and Albert Pitcher

Craft, Jewellery            Margaret Elliott

Teas                             Jackie Cain, Sara Winter and team

Draw                            Elinor Frost and Ruth Cullingworth

The draw books will be around well before the fete.  Please try to sell as many as possible.

Jackie and June will need lots of cakes, biscuits, scones etc. for the teas and cake stall. Please fill the tables with goodies.


The Church and churchyard was at its beautiful best for the Christening of Edward Maltby.  A joyful, sunny occasion.

Dick and Margaret Elliott's daughter, Lisa was married to Mark Sims at Athelhampton House on May 20th.  Congratulations and best wishes to them.

Albert Pitcher is 65 this month: Happy Birthday and congratulations.




In the grounds of

Kingston Russell House

By kind permission of  Mr & Mrs Harold  Carter

On Sunday 16th July

2.30 p.m.

GRAND DRAW    1st PRIZE £100

















Just a reminder that, after a very good start to their Open Days, Chris and Judy will be welcoming more visitors to the Scented Garden every Tuesday afternoon in July, namely the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th of the month.  Apologies in advance for any inconvenience the congestion causes to their neighbours.

We welcome newcomers all the way from Kingston Russell to Winterbourne Lodge, and we hope that Jonathan Schofield and Amy White will be very happy there.

The Social Club's next event, on Friday 7th July, is a Car Treasure Hunt, in which teams follow a set route round the roads and answer questions on local landmarks.  Entry is £2.00 per car, and participants will be set off at intervals from the Village Hall starting at about 7.00 p.m.  The route takes about 45 minutes to cover, and there will be supper (a barbecue, weather permitting) at the Hall once cars return.  The committee hopes for a good turnout, as ever.

There are two forthcoming Church events to publicise.  July has five Sundays, and on the fifth the parishes of the valley combine for a United Service.  On Sunday 30th July, St Michael & All Angels here hosts the United Service at 11.00 a.m., which is followed by a picnic beside the lake for anyone in the congregation who brings one and wants to stay.  This is usually a well-attended summer event, and we hope that will be the case again.


Further ahead, a date for your diaries:  Paul Cheater has kindly offered to give an Organ Recital on the recently restored Church Organ, as a contribution to the fund which paid for the renovation. That will be on Friday 25th August, at 7.30 p.m., preceded by a reception for the audience at Bridehead.  Further details will follow, but anyone wanting to be kept in the picture as plans take shape should please ring the Williamses on 01308 482232.



Editors: When space allows, we shall be including a new section of events outside the Bride Valley




Beyond the Valley



Bridport Art Society Annual Art Exhibition 19th - 29th  July 2006

Open Daily (Except 23rd - 24th)10am - 4pm (3pm on last day)

Allsop Gallery, Art Centre, South Street, Bridport  - Admission Free

Exhibits including craftwork for sale  Contact Anne Parker 01305 871116



New Forest & Hampshire County Dogshow 25th - 27th July 2006

New Park Brockenhurst -





Bride Valley News Team

Bob and Anne White

01308-898204 -





Poets' (and those who think they are) Corner

A Spring Morning










 Cat catching bird by

Pablo Picasso)


Six o'clock in the morning

The sky a clear pale blue

The bee already searching

Amidst the morning dew


The mother thrush is nervous

She raises her alarm

Is it the cat or magpie?

Who will do her babies harm


The daisies are still sleeping

The sun creeps over their beds

Soon they will be waking

And raise their pretty heads


The snail has left his trail again

Across the window pain

He's painted quite a picture

To be washed off in the rain


By the time that you read this

Summer will be here

Evenings spent with a glass of wine

Or even a pint of beer


Yes, the rain will come again

We know it cannot last

Let's enjoy it while we can

For the seasons change so fast




I am hoping that my little ditties will inspire any real poets, or those, like me, who think they are, to send us their compositions. If we have space we shall print one each month.