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Bride Valley News May 2005

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Church Services May 2005

             FROM THE CLERGY            

In an article in 'The Independent' at the beginning of March, the journalist Michael McCartney once again warned about global warming.  The problem is that we've been hearing such warnings for a long time now and because firstly scientists are not all in agreement with the prediction, and secondly the huge steps which need to be taken to combat this warming will so radically affect us, we now ignore these prophecies of doom. 

McCartney's warning was stronger than most.  He identified the changes in weather patterns that global warming is already presenting and extrapolated these changes to see how they would affect our children and grandchildren.  He looked at the pathetic efforts being made by governments to reduce CO2 emissions especially, and concluded that global warming is not a threat the world will master.  The gap between the problem and the human response to it is simply too big.  Severe international action needs to be taken now with no exceptions being made.  'Let's face it' McCartney wrote, 'it is not going to happen'. 

Towards the end of March a group of 65 distinguished scientists publicised their report which effectively totally supported what McCartney and hundreds of writers before him have been saying.  When today's schoolchildren reach retirement age our world will have changed enormously for the worse.  Sea levels will rise, weather patterns will become much more extreme, air quality will drop, availability of fresh water will reduce, the poorer nations will collapse completely, the richer ones will have to share their resources more, and so the world will become a dangerous place.  Life expectancy will be less, this running contrary to those long life predictions which pretty effectively block out the gathering gloom. 

It's not too late to do something.  Acorns of local action can be planted here and there, and they can become glorious oak trees spreading over complete communities, districts, countries and continents.  Is all this a vacuous vicar's vision?  It doesn't have to be. 

Are we prepared to turn our heating thermostat down by 5 degrees, and to wear warmer clothes inside?  Are we ready to halve our car use, and reduce if not cut out completely those (foreign) weekend breaks?  Can we grow more of our food, learn how to compost, and turn our backs on over-packaged supermarket goods?  Could we use much less water, especially for clothes and personal washing?  What about higher taxes and much less choice; lower employment and falling house-prices?  You see, just about anything which combats global warming will reduce our standards of living.  Can we even consider it therefore?  Michael McCartney made his answer to this last question very plain. 

As a Christian what I find sad about this whole situation is that it has been brought about by both a lack of understanding and a lack of consideration.  The latter is particularly regrettable.  I believe that the earth and all that is in it is God's gift in trust to us - who are we to destroy what is so very good?  I also believe that this lack of consideration for creation includes other people.  Our selfish joys today will become the sorrows of tomorrow. 

Has it been worth writing this, or am I just another noisy gong or clanging cymbal?  I'd love to hear from you. 

Anthony Ashwell

"Fifth Sunday"

We have another fifth Sunday in the month coming up in May, when all the Bride Valley Churches join together in one of our Churches for our Sunday worship. This, by the nature of the way months work, happens 4 times a year. Only, all the Churches do not quite stop all their services for the day. On the last few occasions there has been an 8.00 am service of Holy Communion at Litton Cheney and at Burton Bradstock for those who wish to make their Communion on a Sunday.

In May we are doing things differently again, and it is all the fault of St Aldhelm. He is one of the few Celtic Saints of this part of the world who is remembered, and he has a big remembrance this year. The Diocese is organising a pilgrimage, and has encouraged people to do their own thing locally.

What we have devised on the 29th May is that we should not have the two 8.00 am services of Holy Communion, but rather that we should have a special Communion service in thanksgiving for the life and witness of St Aldhelm at Chilcombe Church at 9.00 am.

Those of a strolling and/or striding disposition are then invited to follow the footpath which leads from Chilcombe Church to Litton Cheney, there to join in the united service, starting at 11.00 am. Those for whom the journey is a little awkward are invited to make their way round by car. After the service we will all be gathering for lunch in the Church hall, or since it is going to be a lovely day, having a picnic in the Churchyard and round about.    

Afterwards we anticipate a begging of lifts back to the cars parked at Chilcombe from those who for reasons of time, or in consideration of the full enjoyment of their luncheon, do not see fit to return on foot. Incidentally, should you be parking at Chilcombe, please use the top entrance, leaving your car in the field above the Church, and not in the yard at the bottom of the track - thank you.                                      Bob.


Ascension Day this year falls on Thursday, the 5th May. When the Clergy all met together to wonder what to do on the festival, we came to the conclusion that it would be a jolly idea to have a joint celebration of Holy Communion at St Mary's, Burton Bradstock. This will be a Family Communion sort of service.

After the service, those wishing to are welcome to come back to the Rectory for a bit of a Bar-be-que in the garden, on the understanding that if it rains we can all cram into the house, and that will be fun in its own special way. The food will be provided, as will be a begging bowl to cover the costs. Please bring your own things to drink, although I am sure the Rectory can run to coffee and tea.

We will look forward to seeing you, but a little RSVP to the Rectory will make sure that we have enough of an idea of numbers to make sure that there are enough bangers to go round. Thanks.                           Bob 


In a couple of years time, with much waving of tear-stained hankies, the Revd Anthony Ashwell will begin his very well deserved retirement, and we will be having to say fond farewells to him and to Anna. This very personal good-bye has a practical side to it as far as the Bride Valley is concerned in that the Clergy team will be one fewer when it comes to the taking of services.

In times gone by when this has happened, and it has been going on for fifty years or more throughout the valley, the upshot was quite simply that fewer services were conducted in the valley. This has gone on until we have three Churches with two services a month, and one with one service a month in the summer.

I am very reluctant to make plans for there being still fewer services in the valley, when I believe that there should be more of them and of a greater variety. The alternative is that we should invite the people of our congregations to consider whether they are called to conduct worship in our Churches, and how they might wish to respond to that calling. The time to make the call is now, while we still have time to plan and prepare. 

A vocation is of God, but He has the strangest ways of making His voice heard. Many have grown up with the expectation that He will appear in a dream, or is some sort of mystical vision, and that is a rare and remarkable gift to be given. Equally strange to us, in its way, is to hear the voice of our calling from friends and fellow Christians. We tend to think of somebody's encouragement as being no more than a human opinion, and not the voice of God speaking through them. Still less, I imagine, will people expect to hear a message for their personal life and ministry in words that the Rector writes in the B.V.N. But God is not proud. He will use any and every means to speak.

In the coming weeks, between Easter and Pentecost, the Churches of the Valley are being asked, in prayer and discernment, to be the calling voice of God, and to pray that their voice will be heard by those who need to hear it.

Following Pentecost we will be looking to start people off in the way of forming the voice of God with them into service for our congregations. For some people this will be a short session in the mechanics of taking regular services. For others it will be an exploration of what the possibilities are for their ministry in leading all different kinds of worship.  For others again this may be the introduction that leads them on to consider being a Reader, or Priest.

Having said which, I hope it is plain that we are not simply asking for people to fill in gaps that will otherwise appear in the service plan. A ministry is a proper thing of itself; a vocation is of God, and should not be treated lightly. Over time we will be looking for quite a considerable change in the way the Churches of the valley live and pray. This is the calling.                                                                                        Bob Thorn

      Valley Notes     

From the Registers


A thanksgiving service for 50 years of marriage was celebrated by Cyril and Doreen Townsend on 2nd April at St Martin's, Shipton Gorge


Tuesday 1st March 2005 at Litton Cheney: the funeral of Neil Sutton Jeffrey.  Much has already been written about Neil, and we send our deepest condolences to Valerie and her daughters. 

Monday, 21st March at St Martin's, Shipton Gorge: the interment of the ashes of Elizabeth Margaret Delian Turner.

Thursday, 7th April at St Mary's, Burton Bradstock: the funeral of Wendy Hazel Green

Saturday, 9th April at St Mary's, Burton Bradstock: the interment of the ashes of Joan Elizabeth Knight

Monday, 18th April at St Mary's, Burton Bradstock: the funeral of Maurice Ackland

Ascension Day

There will be a Eucharist for all the valley Churches to celebrate Ascension.  This will be at 7.30pm at St Mary's Church, Burton Bradstock.   

Tiny Tots/Pram Service

The next service will be in St. Mary's Burton Bradstock at 11.00am on Friday 13th May. You are all welcome; we would love to see you.

Family Service at St Mary's, Burton Bradstock

Fridays after school  (3.30pm) during term time.

Stop Press, Stop Press!

Looking for something to do this summer?  How about joining us at holiday club?  It will run from Monday 25th July to Wednesday 27th July inclusive. All 5-11 year olds in the Bride Valley are invited. You'll hear the good news about Jesus as well as enjoying craft and games sessions, and it's all free - it won't cost you a penny!! Look out for more details in the June and July issues of the Bride Valley News.                                                                  Holiday Club Team and Bride Valley Churches

Mothers' Union

Thursday 26th May 2.30pm

7, Norburton, Burton Bradstock

Speaker: Mrs. Hilary Morley

"Parkinson's Disease & Dr. James Parkinson"

The Bride Valley Team - "Wednesday" Housegroups

4th May at Fir Tree Cottage, Shipton Gorge

11th May at The Old Rectory, Litton Cheney

Subject: "The fire next time" - 2 Peter Chapter 3

18th May at 7 Norburton, Burton Bradstock

Subject to be arranged

25th May at Hillside, West Bexington

Subject: "The Twisted Fate of Twisted Faith"- Jude

Please note that all meetings begin at 7.30pm, finishing at 9.15pm

The Bride Valley (Thursday) Fellowship Group

The group meets on Thursday evenings.  Arriving from 7.30pm we begin at 8.00pm aiming to finish by about 9.30pm.  Our studies leading up to the celebration of Pentecost will be on the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.  For further details contact Paul

May 5              12 Napier Close, Puncknowle                                     

May 12            Springfield, Puncknowle

May 19            6 Baglake, Litton Cheney                      

May 26            West Lodge, Littlebredy

Burton Bradstock CE VC School

Just before we broke up for Easter the football team completed an amazing season by winning both the West Dorset 6-a-side tournament and the Kenway Cup within three days.  On the Saturday the six-a-side competition consisting of 20 teams from 16 schools culminated with our 3-0 victory over Salway Ash.  This was despite a nail-biting quarter final against St.Catherine's.  1-1 at full time, we finally won through 4-3 on penalties.  On the following Monday we defeated St.Michael's, Lyme Regis by three goals to nil.  Congratulations to all concerned and a big thank you to the travelling supporters.  Thanks again to Chris Wilkinson for all his hard work, including the amazing publicity posters.  Not sure about the pink though?!?

Overall, as I ponder this month's BVN entry, I have had an enjoyable Easter break and I've had a chance to reflect upon the last term and think about the next and beyond.  However, the last few days have been somewhat 'surreal'.  Last Thursday I went ten-pin bowling with my 17 year old son and three of his friends.  None of them had less than size 10 feet but I very much enjoyed their zany company and they seemed to tolerate my presence.  Maybe as chauffeur and wallet bearer I received concessionary treatment.  I'd like to think not but nevertheless I couldn't help but be reminded of Mark Twain's famous observation that, 'When I was a boy of fourteen my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have him around.  But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished how much he had learned in seven years.'  It is strange how perceptions change. 

The following day I found myself sitting next to a nun wearing fish net stockings.  My daughter's request for her birthday treat was to take part in a 'Sound of Music' sing-along evening.  I found myself cheering, hissing, waving edelweiss in the air and making dog noises amongst a host of other activities designed to encourage 'audience participation'.  I had plenty of those "If they could see me now!" moments.  Actually it was great fun and on the journey home memories of the occasion were happily re-enacted.  It struck me again how, as learners, we remember so much more if an activity is fun and interactive.  The slogan for Nike footwear is, 'Just do it!'  We learn to talk by talking, we learn to walk by walking, we learn to type by typing.  Quite simply, we learn best by 'doing'. 

By now we are well-used to being a political football with moving goalposts so, whatever the outcome of the 5th May elections, we shall continue to focus on our own school priorities.

Mark Stratta.

100 Club

March Winners:  £20 -   E.M. Stroud   £10 -   M. Burwood

                            £5   -   J. Lamble

Litton Cheney Youth Club

The Youth Club is open to everyone between the ages of 8 and 17 years who live in the Bride Valley.  For further details please look in the Litton Notes

First Steps Parent and Toddler Group:  This informal group is open to anyone in the Bride Valley and we meet at Long Bredy Village Hall every Wednesday during the school term. Each session starts at 10:00 and finishes at 12:00. We have toys and activities for all pre-school children (0-4years). For parents and carers we offer coffee and friendly chat and the chance to meet others. May is a 'usual' month for us, with the Health Visitor coming on Wednesday 4th May to weigh babies and give advice. For further details, please contact:  Julie 897178 or Rachel 482246

Bride Valley Fledglings News

Summer term is here and our Pre-School hour has started for four children who stay on for extra activities and lunch on Tuesdays. Our new Theme is "Famous Bears" - can you think of any? EG Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, Rupert, Sooty - they will be playing a part in our activities up to half term as well as some others.

Our "Where in the World" quiz winner was Mrs. Cooper from Dorchester.  Our Sponsored Trike Ride should have taken place,  weather permitting, by the time you read this - round the Crown car park. The children bring their own trikes to ride (and helmets!) and pedal for 15 minutes - then we go back to the Hall for the Playgroup session.

More about our planned visits out and about and visitors to Playgroup next time.

Date for your Diary :   Saturday 25th June at 10.00am  for your visit to our  Coffee Morning  and  Photographer. Bring the family - all invited.

                                                                       Carol Bennett (Playleader) 01308 897771

                                                                                   Playgroup Mobile : 07967 400385


Thorner's CE VA Primary School

We are well into the term now and with the good weather we have the opportunity to extend our learning into our local environment.  Some of the classes will be making an in depth study of the different habits within our Conservation area, including a survey of the newly established pond.  Other pupils will be exploring the area around school and discovering facts about the village, visiting new places.  All of us will be watching and learning about the environment as well as how to care for ourselves.  Later in the term we will be having our annual visit from the Dorset 'Life Van' where a mobile classroom is brought on site for a number of days and a specialist teacher explores appropriate life skill issues with individual classes. The children enjoy their sessions with 'Harold'.  Parents are also given a slot when they can drop in to discover what goes on and many of them do.  We hope that pupils carry these vital skills through into later life as they form a good base.

A group of pupils have proved that yet again we have some talented sportsmen by winning a place in the South West Small Schools Swimming Gala, for many years now we have been successfully represented and hope that this continues in the future. Many of our ex-pupils are doing extremely well on the sports field as well as the academic, proving that we are educating the whole child.

Alison Johnstone



The May Miscellany

Come and enjoy an evening of musical fun

to include a Buffet Supper

on Friday 20th May

at the Village Hall Burton Bradstock - 7.00 for 7.30pm.

Tickets £7.00 available from 1st - 9th May from the Burton Post Office, or after the 9th from Susan Paul (Old Walls, Mill St., Burton Bradstock) or David & Pauline Woodford (898327).

During the evening there will be performances using local talent, a musical quiz, an auction and craft stall. This will be an enjoyable evening not to be missed.

Items for the craft stall (i.e. home-made or home-grown produce, hand-crafted items such as greetings cards, artwork -anything you have made yourself) and those to be auctioned will be gratefully received by Pauline & David Woodford (898327).

All proceeds will go to St.Mary's Burton Bradstock Sudan Medical Link Project 2005.

 Madalina Rusu Recital - 8.00pm Thursday May 19th

Madalina will play Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy and Rachmaninov in the Roman-mosaic-floored Victorian Hall at the Dorset County Museum in Dorchester at 8.00pm, on Thursday May 19th. At the age of 8, before she could afford a piano, Madalina learned to play through "playing" on keys drawn out on a long sheet of paper, "imagining" the music in her head!

Now a scholar at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, we hope Madalina will play to a full house in the county that sent her a Yamaha piano as a present and in so doing opened up many opportunities for her.  Mike and Anne Read have always given particularly strong support to Madalina along with others in the area.  Tickets are still available at £10 and £12.50 and can be obtained by phoning John Grantham on 07990 583167.  Price of ticket includes an interval glass of champagne and special coach or car-sharing arrangements will be made from Burton Bradstock.

John Grantham


Music Festival will be held this year on 18th, 19th and 20th August, fund raising concert in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Friday l0th June. See page 19 for further details                                                                                               

10th Anniversary of Beaminster Arts Festival

When a small group of business people gathered over 10 years ago to discuss whether they could put on a few arts activities in Beaminster over a weekend they never dreamed that 10 years later they would have an internationally renowned Festival extravaganza over a 17 day/evening period.  The Festival runs from 24 June to 3 July 2005 and a free Festival catalogue is available now from John Grantham on 01308-897935.

John Grantham

The Bridport Choral Society

proudly presents

Music for a Maytime Evening

United Church  Bridport

Saturday 7th May at 7.30pm


Royal British Legion

This month's social evening will be held at the Three Horseshoes Burton Bradstock on Monday 16th May.                      J.Reeves (Hon.Sec.)

Bride Valley Gardening Club

We have not had the AGM at the time of closure of entries for The Bride Valley News (10th April) so I cannot make comment on new post holders. Dianne ffoulkes has volunteered to take over as Chair from Dorothy Randell and has been acting as Vice Chair this year. This leaves a vacancy for the Vice Chair- also we have vacancies for the Outings Secretary and for  Fertiliser Order Administrator, both of these posts have been operated by Pam and Brian for 11 years! It is time to give them a break - so if no one comes forward at the AGM please get in touch with one of the Committee and offer your services. Ann (Programme Secretary) and Norma (Club Secretary) would welcome someone to take over next year - so please think about it. Last year we had James Davy and Phyl Hyde join the Committee and we welcomed this very much.  The first date in our Gardening Year will be the Plant Sale on Saturday 14th May. Please bring your plants/seedlings etc. to Thorner's School Hall from 9.00am - the sale will be from 10.00am to 12 noon. Again if you can help with this please just turn up and offer on the day.

Norma Millard   Club Secretary


gardens open

for charity


The Old  Rectory  Litton Cheney

Sunday 1st May   & Tuesday 14th June 2 - 6.00pm   £3.00 (chd free)

The Scented Garden

Tuesdays in June & July 2.30pm - 8.00pm   £2.00 (chd 50p)

Langebride House Long Bredy

Thursday 26th May 2.00 - 5.00pm   £3.00

Innsacre  Shipton Gorge

Wednesdays 1st & 8th  June  2.00 - 6.00pm   £2.00 (chd 50p)

Plant Stall,Cream Teas & Cakes in aid of St. Martin's Church on 1st June & Elizabeth Finn Trust (formerly Distressed Gentlefolks Association) on the 8th June.

Plants! Plants! Plants!

A Plant Sale (perennial & bedding plants -some quite unusual) will be held at The Red House, Middle Street, Burton Bradstock on Friday 13th May 10.00am till 1.00pm in aid of the Church Mission Society. Please exhaust the stock!

BURTON BRADSTOCK                                    

Village Correspondent  Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125


Mid Week Worship -                                                                    

Holy Communion          Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m.

Family Service              Fridays after school  (3.30pm) during term time.


Bell Ringing Practices Thursdays at 7.00pm

Gift Sunday                   22nd May       C.M.S.

For the work of  Steve & Cathy Burgess

The next Service of Prayer for Healing at St Mary's will be held on Monday 16th May  at 7.00pm.

Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held at 11.00am on Friday 13th May at St. Mary's Church, Burton Bradstock.

Salisbury - Sudan Medical Link Project up-date.

We have recently received further details of the new clinic within the Kozi Archdeaconry of the Maridi Diocese for which we at St.Mary's are raising funds. Bishop Justin of the Maridi diocese has written the following to Mike Maclachlan of the Medical Link team. " Regarding the candidate for medical training, we have chosen Mr.Tito Taban Mattatia. I took him to the training centre in Maridi and we were told that there will be another interview in August. If he passes the interview I will let you know. We hope all will go well for the construction of a Health Centre in Kozi. Thank you for all your struggles. Hope to hear from you and may God bless you".

Our fund raising for the new clinic continues this month with the May Miscellany and we hope to have further information available then. The total raised so far this year is £595

Burton Bradstock - Meeting of Coordinators

On Tuesday 17th May at 7.30 p.m. at 16 Hive Close, there will be a meeting of all coordinators at which Sgt Colin Mathias, P.C Nat Cameron's replacement and Mr. Malcolm Davenport the new Ringmaster Manager will be present.                      Freddy Tame. Tel 897957

Madalina Rusu Concert   Dorchester    Thursday May 19th 8.00pm.   See Page 11 for details

The May Miscellany

Come and enjoy an evening of musical fun

to include a Buffet Supper

on Friday 20th May

at the Village Hall Burton Bradstock - 7.00 for 7.30pm.

Tickets £7.00 available from 1st - 9th May from the Burton Post Office, or after the 9th from Susan Paul (Old Walls, Mill St., Burton Bradstock) or David & Pauline Woodford (898327). See page 10 for further details

Burton Bradstock Village Hall 200 Club

Exactly 100 tickets were entered for the March and April draws and the winners were:

March:             No. 76 -           Shelagh Morgan  £20

No. 2   -           Bernard Chennells  £10

No. 44 -           Chris Clarke £5

April:                No. 84 -           Marj Banks £20

No. 71 -           Mrs B. Nield £10

No. 83 -           Pete Toms £5

Our Treasurer (Bernard Chennells) was actually out abroad when he won a prize, so has a strong alibi! And when Marj Banks entered the Post Office and was asked if she would be a witness to the April draw she was astonished to see our postmaster draw out No. 84 - her number!  We have changed the name of the Club from 100 to "200 Club" and, in future, draws will take place on 6th of each month to enable the results to be printed in the BVN at the month-end. Please note that every individual over 16 can have up to two £1 tickets. If you are not a member or would like to buy a 2nd ticket you can contact me between 7.30am and 10.30pm Mon to Sun on 01308-897935 for an application form. Just get £8 to me by 5th May and it ensures you a £1 ticket in the eight draws between May and December 2005 and remember you are helping the Village by taking part.

John Grantham - Organiser - 200 Club, Burton Bradstock Village Hall Committee

Tea Dance - Sunday 8 May 2005 - 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm

At the time of going to press we still await final confirmation of the granting of the Occasional Licence for the Tea Dance; however the Village Hall Committee is going ahead with the plans for the event to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of VE Day.  This will take place in the Village Hall where there will be dancing to "Two's Company" playing and singing the music of the 1940's and a tea will be served featuring the foods which you might have had in 1945.  It is hoped that people from all generations in the village will attend to make this event go with a swing and commemorate a very significant day in Britain's history.  With the help of the Royal British Legion we have identified those villagers who served in the forces during WW2, and they along with their spouses will be receiving complimentary tickets.  By the time you read this you will have seen the posters around the Village giving more details about the event.  If you haven't already got your tickets get them now, they are on sale at the Post Office. 

Susan Moores - Secretary, Burton Bradstock Village Hall Committee.

Village Fayre - Monday 30 May 2005 - 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

The first Burton Bradstock Village Fayre organised by the Village Hall Committee will take place in the Rectory Gardens on Bank Holiday Monday 30 May 2005.  There will be many stalls and games with a General Raffle and Whisky Raffle.  There will be plenty for children to do; they can enter for races and take part in a Fancy Dress Competition, the theme of which will be "The 1940's".  In order to make this event a success we need volunteers to help with the stalls and games and we need donations for the stalls, the General Raffle and Bottle Tombola.   If you can help in any way the people to contact are:

Fancy Goods - Joan Gillett - Tel: 897656                   

Joan would be grateful for any pieces of material, soaps, small pieces of china, costume jewellery etc.

Books - Mike Southgate - Tel: 897487

Mike will be collecting books, CDs, DVDs and Videos.  There will also be a box in the Library in the week before the Fayre where you may leave any of the above items.

Bottle Tombola - Rosemary Daniels - Tel: 898049

Rosemary would like donations of any bottles or cans of alcoholic or soft drinks.  She is willing to collect.

White Elephant - Pauline Woodford - Tel: 898327 or Sue Howse - Tel: 898337

People willing to offer any items for the White Elephant Stall should contact Pauline or Sue who will let them know time and place for delivery.

Plants and Produce - Tony Coombe

Tony will be pleased to receive any plants or produce at the Rectory Gardens on the morning of the Fayre between 10.00am and midday.

Man in the Kitchen - John Grantham - Tel: 897935

John is coordinating this "Fun" stall and gentlemen are invited to donate, having used their own culinary expertise, bread, cakes, fruit pies, preserves, chutneys, pickled onions etc; but please NO savoury items.  Further details can be obtained from John but all goods should be delivered to the Rectory Gardens on the morning of the Fayre between 10.00am and midday.

General Raffle - Susan Moores - Tel: 897673

Susan is organising the General Raffle and, along with needing stand alone items, it is hoped to put together hampers of food and fruit so even tins of food, packets of tea, coffee etc; will be much appreciated. 

A lot of help will be needed on the day and if you wish to volunteer please contact Susan Moores - Tel: 897673.

Susan Moores - Secretary, Burton Bradstock Village Hall Committee.

Burton Bradstock Playgroup

Burton Bradstock Playgroup is putting on a Barn Dance in the Village Hall on Saturday 14th May at 7.30pm in aid of Playgroup funds with David Powell calling.  Please support this guaranteed fun evening.

Bridget Pearse


Coconut Shy

Beat the Buzzer

Cream Teas

Bottle Tombola


Penalty Shoot-Out

Pig Racing

White Elephant


30th MAY 2005

Opening 2.00pm

Stalls, Games,

Children's Races & Fancy Dress Competition

Plants & Producece

Cakes and Preserves

" Man in the Kitchen"


Burton Bradstock Annual Parish Meeting

The A.P.M. will be held on Wednesday 4th May at 7.45pm in the Village Hall. The keynote speaker will be Tim Westwood, Transportation Manager for Dorset County Council. Amongst his responsibilities are traffic management and safety along the Jurassic coast. He will be talking as to how this will impact on Burton Bradstock and the planning and timing of introducing traffic calming into the village. The meeting will also review other village activities and present opportunity for discussion of the accounts.               Mike Southgate: Chairman Parish Council

The Parish Council is looking for part-time assistants to run the Hive Beach from now until September. If you are interested in this part-time paid position please contact Fel Moore on 01308 459001 for further details.                                                                       Fel Moore: Parish Clerk


Please note in your diaries that the Music Festival will be held this year on 18th, 19th and 20th August with the London Festival Players, under David Juritz, performing in St Mary's Church.

Prior to the festival, there will be a fund raising concert in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Friday l0th June. David Juritz, Mary Ryan, Hubert Dawkes and John Surry will entertain us with a varied programme of music and narrations.

Details of the programmes for both events and ticket sales will be published in later issues of the BVN and by poster.

                                                                                               Mike Southgate

British Heart Foundation

A date for your diary - once again we will be having a garden party in support of this very good cause and so hope the sun will be shining on Sunday, 19th June 2005. Details to follow so watch this space!

John and Veda Bull  Linden Cottage  Burton Bradstock.

Treacle mine.

Not too much to report on the treacle mine discovered recently in the Rectory garden. There is a big clearing out operation under way, and consultations are being made about the best way in which the product can be processed. Some of these considerations are practical in terms of space, and the environment, and others are economic. Plans, projections, profitability. It is more than enough to take the fun out of the project.

It appears that there may be a sticking point, if you will excuse the terrible pun, over planning permission. I have had letters from a Mr A. Resident and a Mrs A. Householder, stating their intention to complain should any official permission be sought to establish a treacle mine. For my part I appreciate their concerns, which I share - after all, we are talking about the Rectory in which I live. I would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss the matter with them should they wish to drop the cloak of anonymity and do me the honour and courtesy of using their real names.                                                                                 Bob Thorn

Burton Bradstock WI

To start our Annual General Meeting, Chris Clarke asked for a minute's silence to remember Wendy Green, a former member and past President, who had contributed so much to our branch and who had recently died. New committee members were then proposed and seconded and Heather Seadon was voted in as the new President.

Forthcoming events that were announced included a Safari Supper, Barbecue and various outings. The retiring Joint-Presidents and the Treasurer received a vote of thanks and gifts for all their hard work and enthusiasm. November sees the 90th Anniversary of the founding of the W.I. and celebrations will be discussed. The evening was rounded off with cheese and wine amidst convivial company.                                                                                                                  Felicity Tattersall-Craft

Burton Bradstock Allotment Society has been formed. Everyone with an allotment at Southover is welcome to join for an annual fee of 50p. Please contact David or Margaret 898025

Wendy Green

The family of Wendy is deeply grateful to the villagers for their wonderful support during Wendy's recent illness and her subsequent death.

So many people were so kind and generous but we must reserve special thanks to a small number who did so much for us.

The funeral service was uplifting and well arranged by the Rector Bob Thorn, also Basil Dent did so much in the planning with the undertakers and subsequent events. The muffled bells for Wendy were something I know she loved and the slow walk following the hearse through the village to the cemetery was beautiful and sincere. Bob Thorn was a dignified leader of the procession and his committal prayers seemed that much finer in the wind swirling around his cassock; it was something we shall always remember.

The W.I. members under the guidance of Chris Clarke and Gill Redford produced a magnificent array of home-made refreshments; it was a supreme achievement and was very much appreciated by villagers and visitors alike. Jean Leach and her flower Ladies brightened the proceedings with some wonderful floral tributes in the Church and the Hall; The Church Organist, Tony Williams, brought a quickening of the spirit at the start of the service with his full-bodied rendition of "The Easter Hymn" by Mascagni followed by the hymns and the exit music of "the New World Symphony".

 Despite our sadness it was a day filled with hope and love and for this we thank you all.                                                                         Len Green

Burton Bradstock Village Website Address

Loads of information on the village including maps, videos, current events, useful contacts and history.

And, did you know that the Bride Valley News is published on this web site every month?

It  includes every back issue of the magazine, as far back as January 2000.

 All this, and it's in colour too!

SHIPTON GORGE                                                         

Village Correspondent: Mrs. Joy White

Eastcote  3 Gullivers Orchard  Shipton Gorge

Tel: ( 01308 )897974


St. Martin's Church Fete

This is the main fundraising event for our church, and will take place on Saturday, 16th July, in and around the Village Hall. Details of all the stalls and exciting new attractions will appear in next month's B.V.N.                                                The Churchwardens

United Family Service

There will be no Family Service in St. Martin's this month, but everyone is invited to St. Mary's Litton Cheney for this united service which begins at 11.00am followed by a picnic lunch in the village hall.

Update on Hats for Uganda

Our first consignment of around 1500 hats has now begun its journey - thanks to the great help we have received from Mr. Al Palmer and the Rotarians. A halt is called at the end of April after Jean's Knitting Bee at the Rectory. All hats received from that date are due to be included with hers as she has a connection with Uganda.

Again my grateful thanks go to all of you who have sent hats to me by various means - and to Basil Dent for collecting in Burton for me.  We hope the Bring & Buy on the 18th will have brought in many funds to help the passage of as many hats as can be made.

Sincere thanks to you all.                                                              Ivy Platt

Tsunami Coffee Morning - 24th February

Very many thanks to all who helped. The amount raised was £146,so thank you all for your generosity.                                  Rosemary Earnshaw

Shipton Gorge Village Society - Dates To Remember

Please keep these dates free!

7th May Plant Swap & Coffee Morning/Plant Sale

Bring any well-rooted plant to the Village Hall on Saturday, 7th May at 10.30 am, stay for a chat, refreshments and raffle. At the end of the Swap, you'll have a different plant, or even the same one! If you don't want to swap, come along for coffee and biscuits anyway. There'll also be plants on sale. When you're potting on, splitting clumps etc, please put some plants aside for the Plant Sale. Thank you. Donations of plants & raffle prizes may be brought on 7th May.

17th May Coach Trip To Barrington Court: a delightful National Trust property. Departure from the New Inn Car Park at 10.30am. More details from Sally:897168

11th June  Village Walk   All ages welcome    Leader: Bob Simpson

Explore the country-side around Shipton Gorge with other villagers. We'll set off at 10.30am from the New Inn, where food will be available after the walk. Stout walking footwear and bottled water is advisable. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Dogs on leads.

2nd July        Treasure Hunt & Barbecue

This is a light-hearted quiz featuring house names and roadside. However, if walking is not easy for you, have a go from home: it may be surprising what you remember.

Summer Show - This year's show will be on Saturday, 23 July.

A new class will feature Dahlias and the Photography subject will be "An Old Dorset Door".

Our male chefs need to perfect their Cheese Scones, this year!

13th August   Village Fair, in and around the Village Hall, at 2.00 pm Contact: Sally, 897168

Garden Competition   Entry £1

This  will be judged in June/July prior to the Summer Show, when the Simon Hardy Trophy will be awarded to the judge's favourite!

All gardens in Shipton Gorge eligible.

Please phone Sally (897168) or Ed ( 898278) to enter.         Sue Brown

Shipton Gorge Village Hall Trust

The Annual General Meeting will be held in the hall on Tuesday l0th May 2005 at 7.30pm. All residents are invited to attend.

Tower News

On Tuesday 10th May the bells will be rung from 9.45am for half an hour by a team of visiting ringers from the Watford area.

Shipton Gorge Village Hall 100 Club

April Draw Winners


No. 20

David & Yvette Smith


No. 53

Gerald Benselin

Shipton Gorge Village Website


Village Correspondent: Sid Marshall

3 Green Barton, Swyre Tel: 897318


Holy Trinity Churchyard Working Parties.

Grateful thanks are due to all those who have helped at the two sessions so far this year. With your help we have made good progress in clearing graves and hedges and general maintenance. We do hope you have enjoyed helping to care for your churchyard, and will come again to help when you can. Newcomers are also welcome as there is still plenty to be done.

The next date will be Saturday 7th May, 10am - 12noon.

Coffee Morning with cake, produce and plant stalls and raffle.

Saturday 28th May from 10.30 am., at Holy Trinity Church, Swyre, in order to raise money towards the continuing repairs necessary to the Church building. Contributions towards the stalls as always will be much appreciated, as will be your support on the day.

I'm the Other Poet


A rash of poems emanating from Swyre,

As to the contents, to some it's dire.

But to others it's caused some mirth,

To me the other poet I must unearth.

It is somebody who has time to think,

So I'm looking for clues to see a link.

Steve the tree climber's wife Sarah,

Has been Mike's factotum and carer.

If the first was not written by our mayor,

Someone else did it for him who has a care.

This mystery person has humour and wit,

To solve this conundrum may take a bit.

Maybe it's Barry the sticker up,

He's often with Mike having a sup.

Or even Marion who delivers the paper,

It's well within her to carry out this caper.

Names of villagers are liberally stated,

When they read about themselves, they'll be elated.

I will also use occupations or a name,

To find the perpetrator of this game.

Val Pye with her culinary expertise,

Could transgress with literal ease.

It may also be a person already stated,

I'll search on till my curiosity is sated.



Temporary address:-


Puncknowle and Swyre Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting and Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council and the May monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd May in the Puncknowle Church Hall at 7.30pm.

  Puncknowle and Swyre Summer Fete

                         30th July 2005

We are still keen to hear from anyone who would         like to help with stalls on the day. Please contact a Puncknowle & Swyre   fete working party member who will be pleased to   Summer Fete   hear from you. It is still not too late to join the village band to play before and during the fete. Peter Thorpe or fete organisers would like to hear from any of you who would like to join. Raffle tickets are now on sale. Several of the stalls need donations so this is an advance warning to get making, collecting or growing. I am sure the stallholders who have kindly offered their services would be pleased to know that you will be able to support their efforts.


Bottles for bottle stall                     

Bric-a-Brac and White Elephant

Cakes for cake stall

Cakes for the teas and Coffees


Fancy Goods


Produce - Jams, marmalade, pickles etc


Please let a member of the working party or myself know what you can donate or promise. Collecting of goods can be arranged.

David Buckland  898492

Anthony Edwards  897435

Steve & Rebecca Crabtree 898457

Mervyn West 897920

Andy & Sandy Marshall  897732

Chris Gregory  898596

John Holker  898261

Beryl Truscott  897058


PUNCKNOWLE & WEST BEXINGTON                           

Village Correspondent:  Elizabeth Slater

1, Lytton Close, Puncknowle, Dorchester DT2 9BH

Telephone: ( 01308 ) 897751


The Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers

Following another successful year we can report that our total donations to date have reached £36,540.39.  A big thank you to all of our supporters.

In the last year we have been able to donate £2692.98 to Portesham surgery for specialist equipment - ask Dr Baird!  £500 to Puncknowle Village Hall, £100 to Long Bredy Village Hall, £500 to the Bride Valley Fledglings, £200 to Litton Cheney Youth Club and we have funded a new goal post on Puncknowle Playing Field.

As well as these donations we have been able to help some local students, the Bridport Lions, the Cats Protection League, the British Heart Foundation, Dorset Cancer Care and the Dorset Air Ambulance.

We have the Wessex Military Band visiting the Crown on Sundays May 1, June 26, July 17, August 14 and September 4 from noon with our charity brunches from 10.30 am.  More fund raising dates will be announced soon.

Thank you again for your continued support.           Emma Foster, Treasurer

Please note we are selling local walk books written by Robin Pither for £2.00 each and Greeting Cards showing the Crown and some 'old drinking buddies' for £1.50 each with all profits going to the fundraisers - come in and have a look!

Puncknowle Fete

As usual I will be running a stall for hand-made items eg knitting, sewing, cards etc.  (There is always a demand for knitted baby/toddler clothes.)  I would be very grateful for any donated goods.  Please contact Ruth Brierley - 898283 - for collection or deliver to Dairy House, Puncknowle.  Many thanks.                                                    Ruth Brierley

Bride Valley Fledglings Playgroup

See Page 9 (Valley Notes Section ) for report. 

Puncknowle Art Group

We are most grateful to Brian Cocks for welcoming us to his studio, showing us his stunning seascapes and talking in detail about the light on the south coast. For our following meeting, members did well to cope with drawing Igor Stravinsky (courtesy of Picasso) upside down. It promoted good use of drawing skills.

Dates for May: - 13th Guest Speaker Annabel Wilson to be held at Alison's in Litton Cheney

27th Exhibition at The Crown. The speaker will be from our charity for this year, Multiple Sclerosis and will be opening the exhibition at 11.15 am. Members of the public will be welcome.

                                                                                         Christine Molony

Don't forget to check the village website

to keep in touch with village events and find useful information

LITTON CHENEY                                                      

Village Correspondent:

Elizabeth Kingston  5 Manor Farm Close, Litton Cheney


Church Fete - Monday 30th May

Please help us make this a specially good event by donating goods for the following stalls:-

Books - Ron and Alison Davidson (482661).  Please deliver in advance to Kingsgate, or leave in Church Porch.

White Elephant - Jennie Prentice (482247) No electrical items, please.

Cakes - Madeleine Izzard (482247) Please bring on the day.

Plants - Pauline Jones (482588) Please label.  Bring on the day, or collection can be arranged.

Produce and Provisions - Diana Spicer (482617) - Any homemade goodies welcome.

Handicrafts, unwanted presents and goods - Claire Gross (482748)

DIY - Frank Whillock (482457)

Bottle Tombola - Wendy and David Taylor (482532) - Collection around the village 23-27 May.

Raffle Prizes - Kathy Kourik (482552)

On the day we shall also need lots of cakes for teas - tray bakes would be particularly welcome.  And it's not too late to offer your help with games and other activities - please call Freddie Spicer (482617).

From the Parish Council:

Portesham Surgery - Prescription Collection

A scheme is now operating to enable repeat prescriptions to be collected from The White Horse Inn.  Orders phoned to the Surgery on or before Monday will be collected late on Wednesday afternoon and delivered to the pub.  Items can be collected from The White Horse during their usual opening hours (12 noon - 2.00 pm and from 7.00 pm).  Our thanks go to Tony and Sue at The White Horse for agreeing to help and to Frank Whillock and the Car Scheme drivers for collecting the prescriptions.

Litton Archaeology Group

Last month the group visited some of the Medieval Sites of the village and were planning a trial excavation for 30th April.  For further information about this informal group please contact Paul Kingston 482384.

Mobile Library - change of time.  The library van continues to visit fortnightly on a Thursday afternoon stopping by the Bus Shelter in the centre of the village.  The time is slightly later from 3.20 pm - 4.15 pm.  The dates for May are Thursday 5th May and Thursday 19th May.

Litton Cheney Youth Club

Tuesday 10th May - Mountain Boarding

Friday 20th May - Archery and Volleyball at Litton Cheney Playing Field 7 - 9 pm.

The Youth Club is open to all those between 8 and 17 years who live in Litton Cheney and the surrounding area.  For further details contact Paul Kingston 482384

Litton Cheney Playing Field Association

The Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday 12th May at 8.00 pm in the Church Hall.  Everyone welcome.

Litton Cheney Social Committee

Lots of people have told us how much they enjoyed the Memories and Reflections Exhibition.  About 80 people viewed the exhibits in the afternoon and 70 attended the evening event.  Special thanks must go to David who conducted a very entertaining and amusing tour of the village with Eddy, who told us about Litton past and present and also to Simon who supplied the technical knowledge and equipment which greatly added to the occasion.  Thank you to everyone who lent the extremely interesting exhibits and to those of you who helped to make it such an enjoyable day.

The Duck Race was well attended by villagers and holidaymakers; the prizes went to two Litton families and two visitors.  The children enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt.

Tuesday 17th May - Annual Meeting, 7.30 pm Thorner's School

Come and join us for a glass of wine and nibbles, listen to a talk by the Rights of Way Officer, see how we spent the money we have raised in the last year and let us know of any events you would like us to arrange.  We look forward to seeing you.

Advance notice -Saturday 18th June - Walk around the Village Treasure Hunt, 7.00 pm at the Bus Shelter.          Kathy Kourik Secretary LCSC 482552

Producers' Market - Saturday 18th June, 9.00 am to 1.00 pm - The White Horse Inn, Litton Cheney

A Producer's Market has been organised for Saturday 18th June at The White Horse.  Local producers/artisans have been invited to display their wares which will include fresh meats, dairy produce, bakery items, fresh fruit and vegetables and much, much more.  Timing will be from 9.00am to 1.00 pm, and the pub will be open to serve beverages, bacon rolls and snacks and to generally join in the sense of occasion.  There will also be a special stall for village residents to display produce for sale, and transport will be provided for those with mobility problems (See June's BVN for more details).

This market will be the first in a series of three, the others happening on Saturday 17th July and Saturday 20th August, and if they prove a success more will be arranged in the future.  We hope you will support this new venture, which is part of our Vital Villages initiative, and we hope will indicate continued support for our ultimate aim, that of providing a village shop for the community.  If you would like more details or further information please call John Firrell 482313.

My daughters, Tracy and Ali, and I would like to thank everyone in Litton Cheney for their love and support at the sudden passing of my husband Neil who collapsed whilst on the Village Walk on February 19th

Do you read the Litton Notes each month?  After 5 years of being the correspondent for the village I am hoping that someone would like to take over.  You only need to have a couple of hours each month (around 10th - 12th most months) in which to compile the Litton Notes from information received from members of the community.  Ideally you will have email to forward the Notes to the Editor.  If you would like further information or wish to volunteer for this rewarding role - you know some of the news before others in the village - please contact me Elizabeth Kingston 482384 news4litton@bridevalley

May I add my thanks to Elizabeth for her faithful help each month for the past five years? I am most grateful to her for her reliability, efficiency and expertise on the computer. Ed.

Visit the web site for the latest news.

The group meets at The White Horse Inn

at 8 o'clock on the first Monday of each month.

All welcome.

LONG BREDY                                                          

Village Correspondent:

Mrs. Elinor Frost, Bridelands  ( 482269 )


The sun shone for Easter and the lane to the church was a carpet of primroses.  The church was beautifully decorated.  Thank you to all who helped with flowers, mowing and strimming.

The Fete planning has started: 16th July is the day.  The next fete meeting will be on 6th June.  A new stall this year will be Gifts and Crafts.  Full details next month.

The Village Hall bookings and key contact, will in future be Valerie Shepherd at Knowle View on 482250. Our gratitude goes to Rosemary who did this duty for so many years.

Coffee Morning in Aid of The Victoria Hospital, St Lucia.  7th May 10:30am - 12:30pm at Manor Farm House, Long Bredy, 50p coffee and cake - Bring and Buy Sale and Raffle.

My name is Elizabeth Cain; I am currently in my 4th year at Bristol Medical School.  As part of my training I am expected to work in a hospital of my choice for two months.  My chosen destination is The Victoria Hospital on the Caribbean Island of St Lucia.  Although St Lucia is a luxury holiday destination, this is not the case for the local people.  The main sources of income include banana exportation and tourism; but these are not always stable especially as the island is prone to hurricanes.

Situated in Castries, the capital city in the northern part of the island, The Victoria is an essential health care institution, it has a bed capacity of 220 and the population of St Lucia is roughly 164,000.

There are only two public hospitals in St Lucia; as you can imagine, there is great demand for the services offered by The Victoria.  However, it is hugely under resourced.  It relies heavily on help from volunteer health care professionals and also from donations to enable it to purchase even the most basic of medical equipment that it lacks, for example bandages and sphygmometers.

If you are able to come and make a small contribution to this cause I would be very grateful, as will the people of St Lucia.

Long Bredy & Litton Cheney WI

The WI AGM was held at Bridelands.  Jackie Baker is continuing as President and Margaret May as Secretary.  We were entertained with a hilarious talk by Kate Greenaway (Enjoy Being a Woman).  The next meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd May at the Old Rectory, Litton Cheney.  Mrs Ann Gray will present a musical evening: Dancing and Dalliance!

Rachel Dewhurst is home and out of plaster; she is having intensive physio and now hydrotherapy, (much more fun) and hopes to start at school part time in the next few weeks. 

Albert has been out on his crutches and it is good to see him progressing after his knee op.


Despite February's cold spell, and the misgivings of a few faint hearts, there were enough primroses to decorate the Church in the traditional way for Easter, and, as ever, full of Easter floral decorations, it looked simply lovely.  Thanks and congratulations as always to Judy Yates and her team of flower arrangers, whose efforts were noted by many appreciative comments in the Church Visitors' Book.

The Church hosted another memorable occasion the following weekend, when John and Penny Laurence, whose home is in Bridport but who are very much part of our church community, celebrated their Ruby (40th) Wedding Anniversary with a service here, followed by tea in the Hall, for about 50 of their friends and relations.

The next exceptional event will be the wedding here on the 21st May of our neighbours Nina Sykes and Joel Chinn from Bellamont House.  We trust they will find Littlebredy an excellent venue for their special day, and we send them every best wish for their married life together.

This is written shortly before the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, but by the time these notes appear, it is certain that a project to dismantle and store the organ, whilst the decaying floor underneath it is renewed and strengthened, will be high on the new P.C.C.'s agenda.  The Salisbury Diocesan Organ Consultant who visited recently was bowled over by its quality, so it will certainly be reinstated in due course, after cleaning and maintenance.  All the same, the words "organ fund" may be audible in the neighbourhood before too long.

On the secular front, the A.G.M. of the Social Club on the 1st April produced no surprises, with the entire committee re-elected, with thanks from all those present for the thriving state of the Club and Village Hall at present.  There is no particular theme to the next Social Evening in the Hall, which will be held from about 7.30 onwards on Friday 6th May.  However, that happens to be the Chairman's birthday, and he has disclosed that every Club member's first drink will be on him.  Thank you in advance for a noble gesture, Glenn!  There are one or two other village birthdays at about the same time, so if his good example is followed by those concerned, it could be an economic evening for most of those who come.

Plant,  Garden & Craft Fair    Kingston Maurward House

Sunday 8th May 2005   10.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m.

Adults £2.00, Seniors £1.50 Children under 12 free