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Bride Valley News - December 2004

Diary of events for all Parishes December 2004

Church Services December 2004



             FROM THE CLERGY            


"We don't do much for Christmas now that the children are grown up."


And "Christmas; its all about the children, really, isn't it?"


It is when I hear these things said that I struggle to hold onto the idea of peace and goodwill. Of course, being the Rector I am supposed to smile (a wise and kindly, benevolent sort of a smile) and say "Ah yes, the children, bless them."


If, in the coming month, you notice me doing this under the provocation

noted above you may be sure that I am seething under my cassock.


What I am hearing, and what is burning my ears, is that people at Christmas imagine themselves to be, as it were, in the audience for Peter Pan; being asked to clap if they believe in fairies. Being grown-ups, we know, has disqualified us from believing in anything (after all, Wendy cannot fly any more) But the children will save Tinkerbell. They will believe for us. All that remains for the unbelieving adults to do is to go gooey when the little loves put their tiny pudgy paddles together and applaud. And it is all so very sweet - and of course it is.


But Christmas, is about the prisoners going free, about eyesight for the blind and the lame walking. It is for the lost, the last and the least, as someone quotable once said. And it is about the hope of life beyond the grave by the mercy of God in the blood of Christ. These are grown-up stories; of faint cries for justice heard through the noise of battle, shouted defiantly from broken buildings, of wonders whispered into the ears of the dying; all the more mysterious when we are asked to celebrate them.


It is absolutely not fair, and I hope you will agree, that all us brave and strong grown-ups should shove off the doing of Christmas joy onto little children. They will do the work for us, of course they will, because they are so generous and trusting, but to my mind it smacks of child labour.


So this year I encourage you to take the weight of Christmas cheer off the shoulders of the children and carry it for yourself. Lift up some Merry, shoulder some Happy. Who knows, if you pretend to like it enough, if you really begin to live yourself into the part, you may find the Christ child alive in you.                                                   

Bob Thorn

Anthony and Anna Ashwell wish all who are in the Bride Valley at this time, whether resident or visitors, the most happy Christmas and peaceful New Year. 

Anthony Ashwell




Valley Notes



From the Registers



23rd October   John Cullingford / Ruth Pitcher  Long Bredy



13th October    Jack Bailey                                           Long Bredy

14th October    Albert Edward (Bertie) Watson            Burton Bradstock

28th October    Bertha Lilian Eva (Lyn) LingleyBurton Bradstock


Burial of Ashes

On 30th October 2004 in Litton Cheney Churchyard

Dick and Anne Roper who lived in Long Bredy for many years and worshipped at Litton Cheney Church.                                                 A.A.


United Bride Valley Family Service

Please note in your diary that the next United Bride Valley Family Service will take place on 30th January 2005 (a 5th Sunday) at 11.00am in St Mary's Church, Puncknowle.  The Service will be followed by a 'Bring and Share' lunch in Puncknowle Hall.  More details in the January BVN. 


Tiny Tots/Pram Service

The next service will be in St. Mary's Burton Bradstock at 11.00am on Friday 10th December. All welcome.


                                 Mothers' Union

                                                   Thursday 16th December*

St. Catherine's Cross, Shipton Lane, Shipton Gorge at 2.30pm

Thoughts & Reflections of Christmas

*Please note this is the 3rd Thursday of the month  & not  the 4th


Travelling Crib

By now the Crib will be on its journey through the Valley visiting many homes. It needs only a small place, a windowsill, coffee table or, if you wish, a special corner or niche; all would be fine. The journey started at St. Mary's Burton Bradstock on Advent Sunday and will return to St.Mary's on Christmas Eve for the Crib Service at 5.00 pm


Posada (A Spanish Word Meaning "Inn") The idea of Posada originates in Mexico where people dress up as Mary and Joseph, going from house to house telling people about Jesus and asking for a room. As part of our Advent preparation we are inviting all households in our congregations to make room for the figures of Mary and Joseph from our Christmas Crib. Each of us will make room for them for one night or more and then take them on to another home, so that by Christmas Eve Mary and Joseph will have travelled around the valley eventually being brought back by the final hosts to Burton Bradstock for the Crib Service in church. Each household needs to prepare a place for the figures; a small night light or candle could be lit. A few short prayers, which will be provided, can be said. Simple refreshments could be offered (squash, coffee, biscuits, mince pies).


On Advent Sunday, at the Family Service, Mary and Joseph were presented to the first family for their journey around the valley.


In this way we prepare ourselves to make room for our Lord in our hearts and homes this Christmas, not just as individuals and families but together as a Christian community.

Bride Valley (Wednesday) Bible Study Group

Meetings begin at 7.30pm with coffee and biscuits and finish by about 9.15pm

Session 7

1 Peter 5


Dec 1

The Old Rectory, Litton Cheney


Dec 8

7 Norburton, Burton Bradstock




The Bride Valley (Thursday) Fellowship Group

The group meets on Thursday evenings and alternates between Prayer and Bible Study.  Arriving from 7.30pm, we begin at 8.00pm aiming to finish by about 9.30pm.  For the coming two months we will be doing a series of studies based on the book "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren.  It will be of help to have read the passage to be discussed, but not essential.  Please don't let that deter you from coming and joining in.  All are most welcome. For further details contact Paul


Dec 2               Study   "The Purpose Driven Life"         12 Napier Close,                                                                                        Puncknowle

Dec 9               Prayer              7 Norburton, Burton Bradstock

Dec 18             No meeting

Dec 25             No meeting


Thorner's CE VA Primary School

Well Christmas is almost here, at last you may say.  It arrived so early in the shops that many children are beginning to wonder if it is ever going to arrive.  We have had our November Fayre; thank you to everyone who helped or came.  Without your support we could not hold such events.


December is traditionally a busy month with our Christmas Concert on Tuesday 14th December at 6.30pm, music composed and played by Mr. Jevons.  With numbers in school being slightly smaller than in previous years it gives each pupil an opportunity to take part, some obviously enjoy being in the limelight while others enjoy the behind the scenes role.  One of the benefits of being in a small school is that we can offer all pupils the chance to take a speaking part, whatever their age, giving them confidence and an experience that is not always available to those in larger schools.  It is interesting to watch that development and see how that can have an impact on both academic and social life within the school; to see the pupils become one and to give of their best for the pleasure of friends and parents.  So why not come along and watch; I am sure you will enjoy it.

Alison Johnstone



Thorner's School 100 Club winners: 

October:          £15      Gill Kerslake                £10      Alison Ward

November:     £15      Sue Talbot                    £10      Maia Whaley


Burton Bradstock CE VC School

Starting work again after a break can often be difficult.  This past half term holiday was the first for many years when I didn't have the spectre of some kind of studying overshadowing me, so needless to say, I enjoyed it in a fresh way that also gave me more time with my family.  It was, I am ashamed to admit, with a degree of reluctance that I dragged myself to work for the staff training day on the Monday morning.  However, it wasn't too long before the motivation came back and even then not through anything I did particularly, but more to do with meeting colleagues and getting on with the job.  One of our plans this academic year is to revitalise our library so whilst we set to work organising resources and sparking ideas we were an encouragement to each other.  By the end of the morning there was a real 'buzz' about what we could achieve and how this can help the children.  It struck me then that just as it only takes a small spark or flame to spread into a large fire, so too a small idea can lead to big outcomes.  We've lots to look forward to and as always the challenge is with prioritising and holding on to what is important.  


As I write we have just won our group in the Cluster Football Tournaments playing against Thorner's and St. Catherine's.  The 'A' Team drew 3-3 with St. Catherine's in a thriller that saw us come from behind twice.  A 4-1 win over Thorner's was enough for us to squeak through on the total number of goals scored.  The 'B' team won both their matches and also qualify for a final against the winner of the other group.  As we go to press our opponents are not yet known - it could be Loders, Powerstock or Symondsbury.  The only thing we can guarantee is that our children can't wait. 


This year our Christmas Fair takes place on the evening of Friday 3rd December from 6.30 until 9.00.  Please feel very welcome to join us.  On behalf of the children, staff, governors and parents of the school, I wish you a very happy Christmas.

Mark Stratta.


100 Club

October Winners:

            £20      - A. Smith

            £10      - C&P Parsons

              £5      - B. Neale




Burton Bradstock School PTA


A Christmas Fair Evening

Friday 3rd December 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm


The popular Burton Bradstock School Christmas Fair is moving to a new evening slot on Friday 3rd December.  A chance to pick up some early Christmas presents from the ever popular CD and Craft Stalls or to get an early taste for outdoor lights, Christmas music and that traditional Christmas fayre. Come along, the fun starts at 6.30 pm.


Contact: Burton Bradstock School 01308 897369



Litton Cheney Youth Club meets on Tuesday evenings, for those between 8 and 17 years in Litton Cheney and the surrounding villages.  For information contact Paul Kingston 482384.


Bride Valley Fledglings Playgroup

First, a big thank you to whoever left us a basket of toys under the "Garden" during half term break. The children liked them all and have been playing with them.  Playgroup has also been given a LEGO/DUPLO table and chairs via Callum's grandparents at Frost's, Bridport - so thank you to them too.


When you read this, we will have had our Sponsored Sing and our BINGO NIGHT fund raiser - more about these next time - next year!  This week we have made a big Bonfire collage picture and some individual firework pictures,  as well as cups of tea for "Polly put the Kettle on".  Next week it is "Oranges and Lemons" - squeezing oranges to make orange juice.


Our end of term Christmas Party will be on Thursday 16th December when a Special Visitor will be arriving with gifts, and we will be inviting Toddlers to come along and join in the fun.  HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone!!


Carol Bennett (Playleader) 01308 897771

Playgroup Mobile Phone  : 07967 400385

P.S.  Have you seen our new advert ?????



First Steps Parent and Toddler Group 

On the 1st December, a representative from the Dorset Childrens Information Service will be visiting to distribute information packs. The Health Visitor will also be popping in for baby-weighing, advice etc.  Helen Timms will be coming to Long Bredy Village Hall on the 8th December to sell her greetings cards (for every possible occasion and Christmas cards too). They are of excellent quality and much cheaper than in the shops. 10% of her takings go to the group. Our final session of the term will be the children's party on 15th. Joy is bringing some biscuit dough and the children will be cutting shapes before cooking and then eating the fruits of their labours! Each session will start at 10:00 and finish at 12:00.


As you can see from above, all the sessions will now be taking place at Long Bredy Village Hall. We are no longer meeting at Littlebredy, although we hope to visit again in the summer when the weather is good. Our grateful thanks go to both Sir Philip Williams and Littlebredy Social Club for allowing us to use the hall over the recent months. 


We are open to anyone who lives in the Bride Valley. We have toys and activities for all pre-school age children (0-4years). For parents and carers we offer coffee and friendly chat and the chance to meet other parents/carers in the area. Parents with new babies are especially welcome. For further details, please contact:  Jo 482346, or Julie 897178, or Rachel 482246.


Dorset County Council is looking for volunteers to help provide vital transport for residents in isolated rural areas. Known collectively as "Dorset Country Cars", each scheme is run locally by a volunteer organiser and a team of drivers using their own cars, subsidised by the county council.


Essential trips are provided for the elderly, infirm or those who are unable to use public transport, with passengers paying a contribution towards the drivers' costs and the balance being met by Dorset County Council. Trips are never more than 50 miles for a return journey, and drivers can choose to drive as little or as much as they wish. All volunteers are paid expenses to cover petrol and running costs, and have the satisfaction of taking part in rewarding and useful work.


The County Council is now seeking to increase awareness of the Country Car network and is keen to recruit extra drivers for the Bride Valley scheme.


If you have a little time to spare and feel you would like to help as a driver or feel that you would benefit from this service as a passenger, please contact Amanda Evans, Community Transport Co-ordinator at Dorset County Council for further information. She can be contacted on (01305) 224518 Mondays and Tuesdays and (07715) 002670 Wednesdays and Thursdays.




Madalina Rusu will give a Piano Recital in the WI Hall, Burton Bradstock on Friday 17th December at 7.30pm. Tickets £6 at the door. Maddy has not played in the village since summer 2003, and this will be your only chance to hear her in 2004! Take an evening off from your Christmas preparations and relax to the music of Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt and Debussy.


The Bridport Choral Society will be giving their Christmas Concert on Saturday 11th December  at 7.30pm at the United Church, East Street, Bridport. Tickets (£5) are available from Irene Smith, any member of the choir or at the door.

Irene Smith





Burton Bradstock Post Office

You may or may not be aware that the Post Office has introduced some new products as well as a range of financial services. These include:

            1. Personal Loans. Interest starts at just 6.4% and a telephone call is all it takes to secure an offer on the same day; you could get a cheque within 24 hours.

2. Home Insurance. You could save on average 40% on your house and contents cover; once again one phone call does it all. There is also a chance to win a £250,000 home of your choice.

3. Car Insurance. I saved £100 on my car insurance and a phone call will give you instant cover with no complicated forms to fill in.

4. Post Office Christmas Gift Catalogue with some mouth watering selections.

5. Littlewoods Home Shopping. Send for your catalogue through the Post Office- you can even pay the Littlewoods bills here too.

6. A new Post Office Flowers Service enabling you to send an improved range of bouquets and plants to friends and relatives.

7. Gift Postal Orders and Argos Gift Vouchers as a secure way of sending gift tokens to friends and relatives.

8. A Growth Bond for six or twelve months and the Post Office's own Guaranteed Equity Bond for three or five years with up to 110% of any FTSE 100 rise and none of the drop!


I have in stock leaflets on any of the above products so come down to your local Post Office and pick some up.

Peter Dutton





Refuse and Recycling Collection Arrangements

Christmas and New Year 2004/2005


Normal Day


Re-arranged Day



27 December


29 December


28 December


30 December*


29 December


31 December


30 December


4 January


31 December


5 January


3 January


6 January


4 January


7 January


5 January


8 January


6 January


10 January


7 January


11 January


10 January


12 January


11 January


13 January*


12 January


14 January


13 January


15 January


14 January


17 January


17 January


18 January


18 January


19 January


19 January


20 January


20 January


21 January


21 January


22 January


* (+ Recycling)

Normal collections will resume on Monday 24 January 2005.


The Royal British Legion

This month's Social will be the Poppy Appeal Evening at The Three Horseshoes, Burton Bradstock on Monday 6th December - 7.00 for 7.30pm


Christmas Coffee Morning

Burton Bradstock Library will be offering seasonal refreshments on Tuesday 21st December between 10.30am and mid-day. We shall be delighted to welcome customers old and new. For more details please contact Heather Thomson, Assistant in Charge 01308 897381.


Bride Valley Gardening Club

We have enjoyed 2 excellent Speakers this new session with a good turn out from old members and many new ones joining us, taking advantage of our amazingly low membership fee of  £3. On December l3th at  7.30p.m. at the usual venue, we are having  our Christmas Party with a difference this year - no Speaker, but an identification quiz, testing knowledge of anything with a botanical  theme  and  identifying  more  obscure  plants. This will be followed by food and wine, so we ask that members bring along a plate of food, the Club will supply the wines. Please note this is open to members only. We will also be running a bumper raffle, the only way we can keep the costs down, so a gift for this would be helpful!


A reminder that we are still seeking an Outings Secretary to replace Pam- the post is to arrange just one outing a year - please come forward, Pam will offer support!

                              Norma Millard  (Secretary.  West Bexington  [ 01308] 897774)




January 2005 BVN

Please note that in order to ensure the magazine is at the printers before their Christmas deadline all advertisements for the above issue should have reached David Smith by the end of November & all copy from correspondents must be in the hands of the Editor by Saturday 4th December at the latest, otherwise inclusion cannot be guaranteed.


Please note the Editor's change of address:-

Old Walls   Mill Street   Burton Bradstock   DT6 4QZ




BURTON BRADSTOCK                                    


Village Correspondent  Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125



Mid Week Worship -                                                                    

Holy Communion               Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m.


Choir Practices                    Fridays at 6.00 p.m.


Bell Ringing Practices        Thursdays at 7.00pm


Gift Sunday                         19th December    Hope Africa


The next Service of Prayer for Healing at St Mary's will be held on Monday 13th December  at 7.00pm.


Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held at 11.00am on Friday 10th December at St. Mary's Church, Burton Bradstock.


Christmas Eve at Burton Bradstock

"Dressed as a Shepherd" 5.00 pm Crib Service.

This  year  we  will  be  getting  dressed;  all of  us. This  is most important. We will be telling the story of the birth of Jesus, and when I say we, I mean us. Us'll be coming to the service dressed up as anyone of the people that have a part; shepherds, kings, innkeepers Josephs, Marys, angels, babies, donkeys, lambs and stars. The whole lot, and the more the merrier. Bunny rabbits are welcome. It has even been known for Spiderman to put in an appearance at these tellings. A special note    ( ref. the Rector's letter ) this is not just a children's dressing up, this is everyone, though grown-ups dressed as super-heroes might wish in the days that follow that they had thought a little less imaginatively. Please do come along to join the celebration, to sing songs, to wish us all a Merry Christmas, and to give thanks to God.


                          An Invitation

   to all the Young Families of Burton Bradstock


         St. Mary's Church is holding a Family Party

     on Saturday 8th January from 4.00pm to 6.00pm

                            in the W.I. Hall


A warm invitation is extended to all children under 12 who live in Burton to come along with their parents and join in the fun.


A Party Tea will be provided and for this purpose we would appreciate an indication of numbers attending.


R.S.V.P. (by Monday 20th December) and any queries to Barbara Ivall (897470)   13 Grove Orchard.


We much look forward to seeing you all there.


Remembering Lynn Lingley & Sylvia Knightsmith

Lynn and Sylvia both died in November. They were remarkable women who gave so much to our community.


Lynn died aged 102 and had lived for many years here in Burton Bradstock. Her interests were many; amongst them the R.B.L. and the Berdoe Trust which she founded in order to bring deprived children for a holiday by the sea. She had a deep faith and was a committed member of St.Mary's Church. The carpet in the Chancel was her inspiration and, with others, was worked by her.


Sylvia, with her sister Felicity, gave so much of her time and energy to this village. Sylvia was involved with the Scout Movement and for several years was a loyal member of the R.B.L., carrying the Standard at many events. She involved herself in charity work by raising money by her hard work. She died peacefully at her home in Dorchester.


Lynn and Sylvia will be remembered by all who knew them.          N.M.B.


Burton Bradstock WI

At their November meeting members were amused by a very funny talk, entitled "Enjoy being a Woman". Gales of laughter accompanied Mrs Kate Greenaway as she showed us how to model long gloves and stoles etc., and delighted us with tales of being a traffic warden - one of her many jobs.


After refreshments members heard a report of the Autumn Council meeting, held at Weymouth on October 20th, given by Sheila Spencer-Smith, who described the programme of events and the witty and amusing speech given by Gyles Brandreth. Many members must have wished that they had also gone.


December dates to remember are the walking group rambling around Bradpole on the 7th, Christmas lunch at Highland's End on the 8th, and a Carol Service at Sherborne Abbey on the 15th. Looking forward to 2005, the first event will be the New Year Party held on January 22nd.


The newly formed writing group continues to flourish under the auspices of Sheila Spencer-Smith and meets on the first Wednesday of the month and the reading group is wallowing in nostalgia with "Children's Hour" by Marcia Willetts.


The December meeting will be held on Tuesday December 14th at 2.15 and members will hear Mr. M Read talking about Romania. New members and visitors are most welcome.


The Bridge Club continues to meet on Tuesday afternoons at 2.00pm (excluding Dec 14th.) New members welcome, some experience necessary. Ring Chris Clarke, tel:898117 for more details.

Merry Christmas to all!                                                      Heather Seadon



Spice of Life

Thank you for supporting the show which raised a total of £403 for The Children's Society. We presented the cheque to The Children's Society Area Office in Weymouth on 4th  November 2004.

            Elaine Colbert

Burton Bradstock Village Society

On a horrible windy and wet night on 22nd October we were given a fascinating illustrated talk about The National Parks of Great Britain by Peter Slimon.


Peter, an ex police officer, is a member of the Council for the Protection of National Parks, which is a charity.


We were shown a wonderful selection of slides of some of the Parks up and down the country including Dartmoor and Exmoor. However, too many of the Parks are suffering damage often because of their huge success. These threats include wear and tear from hoards of people and traffic jams, too many fast boats and water skiers, bikers both motor and pedal, the military, off road vehicles, and intrusive development, the list goes on.


So although our National Parks are there to be enjoyed by all when we visit we can all do our bit by making sure we respect the natural environment and infrastructure therein.

Peter Dutton


Lavender Trust Cancer Care

A big thank-you to all those who gave support to the Coffee Morning on 9th October; we were able to send the Trust £394.50. Our thanks also go Mr. Hall of The Burton Cliff Hotel for allowing us to use the hotel for the event.                                                                                         Mary Rawles







Geoff & Sandy Adderley

Dennis & Carol Lumley


Mary Bailey

Georgie Northover


Howard & Linda Bongers

Margaret Oldridge


John & Pat Bowden

John & Deryn Pakenham-Walsh


Kate & Bernard Chennells

Derek & Val Parsons


Tony & Anne Combe

Susan Paul


Tim & Liz Comley

Sheila & Ken Pett


Celia Cummins

Mike & Ann Read


The Dove family

Graham & Anne Rees


Betty Drewery

Terry Rendell


Daphne & Trevor Ekins

Gill & Charles Robertson


Rob & June Fox

Mike & Anne Southgate


Jim & Margaret Harding

Jill & Derek Spinney


John & Barbara Ivall

Betty Starkey


Barbara M James

Peggy & Norman Thompson


Gillian & Chris Knight

Karen, David, Paul & Rebecca Venn


Patricia Lepine

Clare Viney


Tim, Sue, David & Hannah Linford

Andrea & Chris Wilkinson

In support of St. Mary's Church, Burton Bradstock & the Bride Valley News


Children's Society

Please come and join us Carol Singing around the village starting outside The Rectory at 6.30pm on Wednesday 15th December. There are refreshments at The Rectory afterwards. Collections will be for the Society.


On behalf of the Society I would like to thank Pound House Productions (Elaine Colbert and all her players). It was a marvellous evening and raised the wonderful sum of £403 for our local branch at Weymouth (Wave) where it was greatly appreciated.

                                                                                                                                 Greta Heal


A Message from John Copp

I would like to thank, through The Bride Valley News, everyone who attended the funeral service for my late mother, Nancy. It was a comfort to see there so many old friends who came to say their good-byes.




Burton Bradstock Village

Web Site Address

Did you know that the Bride Valley News

is published on this web site every month?

In addition, did you know that old copies of the magazine

can also be viewed on the web site?

And, it is in colour too!



SHIPTON GORGE                                                            


Village Correspondent: Mrs. Joy White

Eastcote  3 Gullivers Orchard  Shipton Gorge

Tel: ( 01308 )897974


Christmas Services at St. Martins

Carol Service Sunday 19th December at 4.00p.m.

Please note the date and time of this service, which will include some of our favourite carols and readings. There will be mince pies and punch afterwards in the Village Hall.


Christmas Day

There will be a service of Holy Communion with carols at 9.30a.m.


*Sunday 26th December - no service. ( Please note there is a Service of Holy Communion at Burton Bradstock at 11.00am )


Tower News - Unfinished Business.

 There will be a second attempt, by a visiting team, to ring a pre-Christmas peal on Thursday, December 16th, starting at 9.30 a.m. and lasting for about three hours. The attempt by the same team last year had to be abandoned when the tenor bell rope broke - we hope all will go well this year.


On Saturday, January 8th, the West Dorset Branch of the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers will be holding its monthly practice night at St. Martin's between 7.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m.


Shipton Gorge Parish Council

The Parish Clerk holds a copy of the "Conclusive Map of Registered Common Land & Open Country" for the parish of Shipton Gorge. Any parishioner wishing to view the map, please contact the clerk. (Jeff Fisher 08707 583272) For those with access to the internet, the map can also be viewed at

Jeff Fisher


Shipton Gorge Village Society

We are having a Christmas Shopping Coach Trip to Cribbs Causeway on Wednesday 8th December, leaving the New Inn at 9-30am then leaving Cribbs Causeway at 4-00pm. Tickets £ 10.00


If you would like to go please contact Sally Parker 897168 or Ed Buck 898278.


Christmas Bingo

Eyes down at the Village Hall, 7.30 pm on Wed. 8th December.

Prizes:- Turkeys, joints of meat, bottles and much more: all welcome.


Pre-Christmas Get Together

Sunday 5th December in the Village Hall from 12 noon onwards.


Shipton Gorge Village Hall 100 Club

Winners for the November Draw



No. 16

Eddy Buck


No. 10

Pauline Osmond



Shipton Gorge Village Website




Village Correspondent: Sid Marshall

3 Green Barton, Swyre Tel: 897318


 Christmas Services

As has become our custom recently, we will be joining Puncknowle on 19th December at 6.00pm for a United Carol Service at their church.  This will be by Candlelight, and we will as usual be assembling the Christmas Crib with help from children. 


Our main Christmas Service will be the 'Early Midnight Mass' a 9.30pm Christmas Communion Service at the beginning of Christmas night ( i.e. late on Christmas Eve). 


Boxing Day this year falls on a Sunday and there will be a said 9.30am Holy Communion for the Feast of St Stephen (26th December). 


Finally on Sunday 2nd January 2005 we'll be having a 'Carols of Praise' at 3.30pm followed by tea and cake. 

Anthony Ashwell

Vera Howard

Remember Vera Howard? Her book of children's stories and poems is now in print and can be found in Bridport Book Shop, at Ottakers in Dorchester, and through the internet at A good stocking filler for five, six and seven year olds.




Temporary address:-





Correspondents: Elizabeth Slater & Sid Marshall



Puncknowle, Swyre and West Bexington Harvest Lunch

Just a word to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the Harvest Lunch in October.  The food provided was superb and very generous.  The willing help given by many was much appreciated.  Whatever your contribution to the event which includes all who came and added to the lovely cheerful and chatty atmosphere, "Thank You".  We hope you enjoyed the occasion, met and talked to people you don't usually see, and felt it was an appropriate way to celebrate the Harvest.

We look forward to more social events for the people of the "Three Villages" - Puncknowle, Swyre and West Bexington - so watch this space!


Quiz Evening

Our thanks to Andrew and Sandy for leading our Quiz Evening on 29 October.  A large crowd gathered in teams of four to pit their wits against each other, and amidst considerable good natured banter, "The Wet Ones" were victorious.  Their success was no doubt due to the advantage a fifth member of their team gave!  Congratulations Walter and the rest of your team!!

Watch out for more fun evenings in the New Year.

Yvonne and David


Village Pre Christmas Social

For all the people of Puncknowle, Swyre and West Bexington

Friday 3rd December 7.30 - 10.00pm in the Hall

Swap the pre Christmas blues and concerns for a friendly social evening in the Hall with friends and neighbours.  Newcomers especially welcome - come and make new friends.

Bring your own drinks and nibbles.  Donations towards cost appreciated.

Contact Nos. 898492/897751


Puncknowle and Swyre Parish Council

 The next scheduled meeting of Puncknowle and Swyre Parish Council will be held in the Puncknowle Church Hall, at 7.30pm on the 7th December 2004.


As is customary there will not be Parish Council Meeting in January 2005. Should there be urgent matters requiring discussion, the Parish Council will be called. Notices will be posted on the village notice boards should this be necessary.



Puncknowle, Swyre and West Bexington Homewatch

Happy Christmas and New Year from your Homewatch Coordinators. Christmas is a time of giving but please don't give to thieves. Always make sure presents are out of view whether under the tree or in the car.  Now the dark evenings are with us make sure your properties are well secured. When a stranger visits, use you door chain if you have one or make sure you identify the person before you allow them in. Remember you do not have to buy anything from doorstep salesmen.


Unsolicited Incoming Calls - If you receive an unsolicited telephone call, and the caller suggests that you press a number on your keypad, under no circumstance should you do so. It will almost certainly be a hoax call and you may be tricked into allowing a bogus caller access to your telephone line. If you receive a call like this you should promptly hang up and report the matter to British Telecom on no. 150. The most recent fraudulent caller claims to be from BT checking telephone lines. Unsuspecting people have been receiving telephone accounts of over £200.00.


Community Vehicle - Will be visiting Puncknowle Bottom on Tuesday 14th December between 2.00pm and 3.00pm


Pilot Scheme - Traffic Light Warning System - Following on from our successful Homewatch meeting in September we will be piloting a new warning system in the New Year. The idea is to place small notice boards in prominent positions around the parish. Each sign will have a coloured information sheet within it. Green - standing for all is well. Amber - to advise of Homewatch news which should be noted and Red  - indicating that there has been a burglary in the area or other urgent information that the public should be aware of. These signs are not meant to be alarmist but will provide you with updated information when we get it. For the pilot scheme the area of Looke Lane and Springfield will be used. I will inform you in due course of the exact date that the pilot scheme starts.

Andy Marshall - 897732


For refuse collections for Christmas and the New Year 2004/2005 please see page 10

PUNCKNOWLE & WEST BEXINGTON                           


Village Correspondent:  Elizabeth Slater

1, Lytton Close, Puncknowle, Dorchester DT2 9BH

Telephone: ( 01308 ) 897751


Christmas Services

Our Candlelight Carol Service, united with Swyre, will be at 6.00pm on 19th December.  This has always been a most popular Service at which we hear again the Christmas Story, assemble the Crib, and sing traditional Carols.  Afterwards there will be punch and pies.  Do come along. 


On Christmas Day our Service will be at 9.30am and a Christmas Communion.  Perhaps the Vicar shouldn't be saying this, but it will of necessity be quite short as he has to be in Symondsbury in good time for their 11o'clock Service.                                                      Anthony Ashwell


Carol Singing Round the Village - Tuesday 21 December

Meet in the Church Hall at 6.00pm with a torch and to have a glass of mulled wine to cheer us on our way.


Social Evening - 7.30pm Thursday 20 January 2005

Richard Surry will be talking and showing slides of Madagascar.


Thank you from Betty and Ray Lee

Betty and Ray Lee wish to thank all their Swyre Road neighbours and friends for their kindness and help during Ray's period of hospitalisation and convalescence.


Bride Valley Fledglings Playgroup

See Page 6 (Valley Notes Section ) for report. 


Puncknowle Art Group

We spent an interesting morning looking at members' work in progress. Everyone helped with useful comments and observations and offered much encouragement. Our thanks go to Doreen Print who welcomed us to her conservatory for a talk by Ken Waterfield. This was a real treat for us. Ken brought pictures that he had kept over the years and talked us through them. We can only admire his energy and unique talent.

Date for December - 10           Christmas Party.            Christine Molony


Don't forget to check the village website

to keep in touch with village events and find useful information



LITTON CHENEY                                                       

Village Correspondent:

Elizabeth Kingston  5 Manor Farm Close, Litton Cheney


Christmas Services

Our Carol Service will be at 6.00pm on Tuesday 21st December, and will be followed by mince pies and mulled wine.  All are most welcome to make the pilgrimage up the hill, to sing joyfully in response to the Christmas message, and warmly to return home down the hill. 

Do come also to our Midnight Christmas Service (11.30pm Communion on Christmas Eve).  We time this Service so that as Christmas Day begins at midnight and the clock strikes, so we are passing Christmas peace and joy with each other. 


There will be a New Year's Eve 'Watchnight Service' beginning at 11.15pm.  After this the Old Year will be rung out, and 2005 rung in. 

Anthony Ashwell


Church Cleaning

Friday 3rd December from 9.30 am.  Please do come and help us get the Church looking its best ready for Christmas.  Cleaning materials and refreshments provided!  Even if you can only manage half an hour, remember many hands make light work!


Litton Cheney Parish Council Meeting - held on 12th October 2004

Planning Matters.  The planning application for the Travellers' Site near Hardy's Monument has been submitted to DCC.  The Public Enquiry into objections to the West Dorset District Local Plan is scheduled for February - July 05.  The planning application by Ourganics has been approved.  8 Coombes Close - the PC had no objections, but was aware of neighbours concerns re. loss of light and privacy.  West Rudge - (LCPC was consulted as a neighbouring parish) the PC commented that they were opposed to the creation of a permanent dwelling anywhere in the Bride Valley outside the defined development boundary.  The PC is considering how to make planning applications more available to village residents before comments are made; either by listing on the village notice boards where plans can be viewed or having a public planning meeting each month.  A decision will be made at the next PC meeting.

Playing Field.  Dorset Engineering Consultancy will undertake the annual inspection at a cost of £60.  The PC agreed to apply for a grant to fence the play area.

Footpaths.  The landowner has given permission for the Kissing Gate by the stream between Court Close and School Lane; it will be provided and maintained by DCC.  The outgoing licensees of The White Horse Inn have been thanked for their contribution to the village.

Vital Villages.  Each household will receive a summary; the full results will be presented at Thorner's School on Saturday 13th November at 11.00 am and Wednesday 17th November at 7.30 pm.  The Parish Plan will then be developed and Action Groups formed to pursue various areas.  An application for the second half of the grant to cover costs has been submitted.

The draft budget, accounts and expenditure for 2005/6 were considered.  The precept for 2005/6 was set at £3,600.  This allowed for a Clerk's salary after the present Clerk's resignation (effective from May 2005.)

Donations.  Each year requests for donations from charities that benefit LC residents are considered.  They will now be considered once a year - normally in September.  A total of £200 will be allocated for this purpose.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 14th December at 7.30 pm in the Church Hall.


Parish Clerk

The Parish Council will again be looking for a new Clerk to start in May next year.  Such is the volume and complexity of the "bumf" descending mostly from the District and County Councils that the Parish Council anticipate it may be necessary to employ a professional clerk who will probably not live in the village.  To this end the Council has felt it prudent to budget for such an eventuality and at the October Parish Council meeting it was therefore reluctantly decided to increase the precept for next year to allow for a clerk's salary.


However, if there is anyone out there who feels sufficiently motivated and would like to volunteer on the previous basis of an expenses only appointment please contact Wendy Taylor or any member of the Parish Council as soon as possible.  In any event the Parish Council would far prefer to appoint a village resident or at least someone having a connection with the village; this could of course be on a paid basis and training is available from the Dorset Association of Town and Parish Councils; the commitment would be in the order of 10 hours per month.  For more information please contact as above.



The Mobile Library will visit Litton Cheney on Thursday 2nd, 16th and 30th of December.  The library van stops by the bus shelter between 3.10pm and 4 o'clock.  If you did not already know you are able to buy stamps from the librarian - perhaps useful for all those Christmas cards.



Litton Cheney Youth Club will meet on Tuesday 7th December.  The junior session for those aged 8 - 12 is from 6.30 - 8 pm.  The senior session for those 13 - 17 years is from 8.00 - 9.30 pm.  For further details contact Paul Kingston 482384



Litton Cheney Social Committee

Thursday 16th December 6.00pm meet at the bus shelter for Carol Singing around the village and also on Friday 17th December at 7.00pm.  Carol sheets and collection tins provided and hopefully some music to keep us all in time.  We will finish at the White Horse on Friday where we hope to see lots of you who will give generously towards our collection for the Naomi House Children's Hospice.


Saturday 1st January 10.00am - meet at the bus shelter for a local walk of about 5 miles, bring some light refreshment.  (There is no walk in December)


Some of you have asked what happens to the small profits we make at our Social events.  In the last few weeks we have made a donation to Thorner's School and towards the Bride Valley Children's Christmas Party. We have held an event where all of the proceeds have gone to Children in Need and we will again be sending a donation to Naomi House this Christmas.  If you would like to know more we would be delighted to see you at our AGM in May.  Any request for funds for a local village project would be considered at our Committee meetings so please contact us.  The success of our events means we have more in the kitty, therefore a big thank you to everyone who attends and makes these donations possible and hopefully you have an enjoyable time catching up with friends old and new.


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you in 2005.               Kathy Kourik Secretary LCSC 482552




Refuse and Recycling Collection Arrangements

Christmas and New Year 2004/5

See Valley Notes page10


Advance notice

Litton Cheney Vital Villages Steering Group will hold a meeting on Wednesday 12th January at 7.30 pm in The Church Hall to explore ideas about a Community/Village Shop.

Visit the web site for the latest news.

The group meets at The White Horse Inn

at 8.30pm on the first Monday of each month.

All welcome



LONG BREDY                                                         

Village Correspondent:

Mrs. Elinor Frost, Bridelands  ( 482269 )


Christmas Services

It's our turn to host the United Carol Service with Littlebredy and this will be on Monday 20th December at 6.30pm followed of course by 'seasonal refreshments'. 


Our Christmas Day Service will be at 11.00am and will be a special Family Communion Service which our 'new' Rector has used successfully in his previous Bristol parish. 

Anthony Ashwell


A merry Christmas to all our readers.    Do come and join us for the Carol Service, a lovely gathering to set off the Christmas spirit. The church will be decorated and the service will include music, carols and readings followed by mulled wine and mince pies.


Text Box: £2724This is the fantastic amount that the people of Long Bredy and surrounding areas raised at the Promises Auction held on 16th October at the White Horse Litton Cheney; the evening was a great success in every way. Thank you to everyone concerned for their wonderful generosity and hard work.  As a result the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and the village hall will benefit equally.


Long Bredy & Litton Cheney WI

The table top sale at Litton was very successful.  A lovely friendly morning and £160 was raised.  Thank you to all our helpers.  The meeting on 7th December at Long Bredy Village Hall will be a craft evening.


For Refuse and Recycling collection arrangements for Christmas and New Year 2004/2005 see page 10


Welcome to Jason and Rebecca Hambleton who have come to live at The Old Surgery, not forgetting their dog, Jingle, too.

. and farewell to Parky and Joanne who have moved to Bere Regis.  We wish them all much happiness in their new homes.


"Jack" (Cecil John) Bailey, FSA

Readers will be interested to read Jack Bailey's obituary, written by Andrew Bailey, that appears on the Burton Bradstock (December BVN) website :-




Christmas Services

Only one this year, as it's Long Bredy's turn to host the United Carol Service (Monday 20th December at 6.30pm).  All are most welcome then to come to our Christmas Day Holy Communion with Carols at 11o'clock. 


There will also be a said Service of Holy Communion on Boxing Day at 11o'clock to celebrate the Feast of St Stephen (26th December). 

Anthony Ashwell  




With November 5th falling on a Friday, we were able to celebrate bonfire night on the correct day with a splendid fire on the village green, and masses of very spectacular fireworks, kindly provided by the large number of spectators who came, most of whom later enjoyed the hospitality of the Village Hall bar and John March's barbecue.  Thanks and congratulations to all concerned - especially those who put in the work on the night, and ensured the safety as well as enjoyment of everyone there.


This month's Social Club event again falls on the first Friday of the month, the 3rd December, when there will be a pre-Christmas Party for all ages, beginning at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall.  Visitors should notice one or two differences about the Hall by then, thanks to the hard work of Brian Barrett and others in the meanwhile.


A notable occasion falling in December is the 70th anniversary of Canon Cosmo Pouncey's ordination as a Deacon (in Southwark Cathedral on the 23rd December 1934).  It's hoped that some of his family and a few close friends may encourage him to celebrate his long ministry with a Communion Service on the actual anniversary.  Tewkesbury Abbey is marking his ministry there (1963 - 1981) by restoring two of the Abbey's side-chapels in commemoration.


No details of carol singing, etc., in the village are available as yet, but will be circulated nearer the time.  Our service in St. Michael & All Angels on Christmas Day will be a Holy Communion at 11.00 a.m., to which everybody of all ages is cordially invited.  Christmas Day is a Saturday this year, so there will be no service here on the following Sunday, Boxing Day.


A very happy Christmas season to everyone in, around, or with past or present connections with, Littlebredy.






We are pleased to publish the following Christmas poems.


Christmas in the Bride Valley



At the end of the year

A variety of days

Advance through the Valley of Bride.

Mists, wind, rain and sunny haze

Keep villagers cosy inside



Our postmen nearer Christmas

Arrive in Santa hats

With ever bulging postbags

To cover front door mats.



Protective hills surround us

A little quieter now

Though sometimes disappearing

With trees of misty bough.



Decorative Christmas garlands

Are hung with brightest ribbon

And twinkle lights on bushes strewn;

A festive look is given.



Red and orange berries

Are sprinkled far and wide

To feed the valley's wildlife

Ensuring they survive.



Lanterns light the darkness

At every cottage door

To safely welcome callers

When evening comes once more.



The snowy foam of breaking waves

Lash the nearby beach

And scarved and hooded walkers

With dogs stay out of reach.



The air is filled with song

When carollers appear

With music sung in centuries past

For charities held dear.



A new alarm clock greets us

With gentle start to morning;

The sweet song of the robin

Another day is dawning.



The village inns are brimming

Where hospitality prevails,

With people making merry

On food and wine and ales.



Post boxes so traditional

On walls of evergreen

Waiting for our Christmas cards

With many a winter's scene.



When Christmas finally arrives

With Church bells joyfully ringing

Inside are trees and candles

And congregations singing.

Valerie Jeffery




A Royal Exchange


Pavements of gold for a mud-caked floor

The space of eternity for the confines of time

Rivers of crystal for a walk in dust

A chorus of angels for tinkling cattle bells

Heaven's bright joy for a tear stained world

A sovereign's throne for a carpenter's bench

A Father's love for rejection by men

Heaven for Calvary


His life for mine!   

                                                                    Hazel Barclay



The Editor would like to wish all readers, contributors, correspondents, distributors,

proof readers, advertisers, Creeds and

all those who help in the production of the B.V N.

a very Happy Christmas

& thank them all for their help during2004