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Bride Valley News July 2004

Diary of events for all Parishes July 2004

Church Services July 2004



           FROM THE CLERGY           

From the Vicar:-

We are now well and truly into the Annual Fête season.  Litton Cheney Church and Burton Bradstock W.I. both had theirs on May Bank Holiday (what a shame they always clash like this), Shipton Gorge Church and Long Bredy Church both go on 10th July (again an unfortunate clash), with the Puncknowle and Swyre combined Fête on 31st July.  This leaves Burton Bradstock Fête for 5th August. 


Fêtes are very much part of West Dorset village life, indeed they are part of village life throughout the country.  Such a glib statement, however, masks the enormous amount of hard work which goes into them, the wonderful generosity of those who come to them, and the thinking, even politics, behind the whole idea of a fête. 


Just a few thoughts then on and around the subject of Church Fêtes.  First, concerning those who 'do' them.  It's not only churchgoers who contribute but people from across the whole community.  Many do not like the concept of organised religion and formal Church Services but are prepared to support what the Church stands for: the proclamation and living-out of the Gospel, and the call to love God and our neighbours.  This last is especially important today where community life is under threat.  Our profound thanks then to all of you who make fetes happen, whether as long-term organiser or on-the-day gopher, and whether or not you are churchgoers. 


Second, concerning those who come to them.  I think that most will be aware that the 'doers' are generally great spenders too and so a double vote of thanks to them.  Most however are people, visitors, who enjoy fêtes in their totality : the setting, the people, the atmosphere, the stalls, the teas, the entertainment, the possibility of a bargain or raffle win, and so on.  They are not too fussed about what their money goes to, trusting that it will be properly used.  Our profound thanks also to all who support our fêtes. 


Finally, concerning the takings.  In very round figures, and given decent weather, the Bride Valley Church Fêtes this year should raise between them about £15,000.  That's a lot of money.  How each Church uses its own fête takings is down to that Church's Parochial Church Council, some of which have a policy maybe to give an agreed proportion of the takings to a local cause: the village hall, the church building, the school, are examples.  Generally, however, it's a matter of trust.  All of us have to trust that P.C.C.s will be wise and responsible in the way they use their money, whatever its source, remembering that they cannot please all the people all the time.  They are to be good stewards of the Church's resources, in the same way that each of us is called to be a good steward of our own gifts and talents. 

Anthony Ashwell

From the Rector:-

Daily Prayers.

From the beginning of July Bob and Jean will hope to get out and around the Parishes of the Bride Valley to say their Morning Prayers.


At the moment, having just started, we trot across the road every morning to say prayers in Burton Bradstock Church, and this is all very lovely. But we are very conscious that we ought to be taking the time to say our prayers all over. And so we have come up with a plan of sorts.


On Mondays we hope to be alternately at Long Bredy and Little Bredy at 9.00 am. On Wednesdays we will pretty much always be at Burton Bradstock at about 9.30 am because there is a service of Holy Communion following at 10.00am. Thursdays we thought we would be alternately at Swyre and Puncknowle at 9.00 am. and then on Fridays at either Litton Cheney or Shipton Gorge, again at 9.00 am. We say a Book of Common Prayer service, and I hope it goes without saying that anyone who wishes would be most welcome to join us.


It is only an idea of a plan, and if there are reasons why it is not possible to follow it, please let one of us know (898799). If there are reasons why one day would be better than another for this place or that, again, do please get in touch. It is only the outline of a notion, especially as on some mornings we are not going to be able to manage from time to time; emergencies having a tendency, as they do, to emerge.


Kicking off in July, as is the intention, we would be at Puncknowle on the 1st, Litton Cheney on the 2nd, Little Bredy on the 5th, Burton Bradstock on the 7th, Swyre on the 8th, Shipton Gorge on the 9th, Long Bredy on the 12th, and so on and round. If this seems to be all right with people during July, on a fairly ad hoc basis, I will try to make up a plan to be put in the Churches to start in September.

Bob Thorn     


Valley Notes


From the Registers

Holy Baptism

On Sunday 16th May 2004 at St Peter's Church, Long Bredy.

William John Maltby, another beautiful baby boy for the family. 


On Sunday 30th May 2004 at St Mary's Church, Litton Cheney

Zoe Annabelle Mills, a (first) grand-daughter for Brian and Jennie Prentice. 

Holy Matrimony

On Saturday 5th June 2004 at St Mary's Church, Burton Bradstock.

Thomas Douie and Antonia Harris, grand-daughter of Justin and Juliana Mallinson, the Diamond couple. 


May's United Services

The Rector's Institution on the evening of 7th May led by the Bishop of Salisbury seemed to me (as the person who organised it) a wonderful occasion.  The church was full, the people were most encouraging, and Bob and his family not so much 'warmly' but 'hotly' welcomed to the valley and its churches.  Afterwards there were 'refreshments' in the W.I. Hall, and what a feast.  Thank you, everybody, who contributed in any way to the evening. 


On Pentecost (Whitsunday) we had a United Valley Service with Holy Communion, but with an Order of Service intended for all ages.  This continued the 5th Sunday arrangement (now ratified by the Team Council) of having one main united Service in the valley.  Afterwards some of us picnicked happily in the Rectory garden, the weather held, and the Rector beamed contentedly. 


The next United Service will be on Sunday 29th August, again a Bank Holiday weekend, more details in August's BVN. 

Anthony Ashwell

Bride Valley Team Council

This is meeting at 7.30pm on Friday 16th July in Burton Bradstock Rectory.  The only agenda item will concern what alterations (if any) to our monthly Sunday Pattern of Worship should be made, to accommodate the Team Vicar (in his capacity as Rural Dean) being unavailable to lead mid-morning Services on two Sundays per month, as from October 2004. 


Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held at 11.00am on Friday 2nd July at St. Mary's Church, Burton Bradstock.                                                                                                                                  Yvette Smith ( 898219 )



September 18th/19th

Family Fun Weekend

to celebrate "The Year of the Family"

Watch out for further details!



Mothers' Union      

Please note change of time and subject of  July meeting - Thursday 22nd July - 1.45pm St. Mary's Burton Bradstock Enrolment Service for new members and afterwards at St. Catherine's Cross.



The group meets on Thursday evenings and alternates between Prayer and Bible Study.  Arriving from 7.30pm we begin at 8.00pm aiming to finish by about 9.30pm.  All are most welcome. For further details contact Paul.


July 1      Bible Study   Matthew 7.1-6          6 Baglake, Litton Cheney

July 8      Prayer           The Threshing Barn,  Higher Kingston Russell

July 15   Bible Study   Matthew 7.7-12   12 Napier Close, Puncknowle


No meetings until 9th September 2004


Bride Valley (Wednesday) Bible Study Group

This month we continue studying a selection of Psalms. As usual we will be meeting at 7.30pm on alternate Wednesdays and repeating the study at each end of the Valley.

Session 5         Psalms of complaint to God but which lead on to praise 22,51,60,90    

July 7               Pitcombe, Little Bredy

July 147 Norburton, Burton Bradstock

Session 6          Psalms reflecting the faithfulness and providence of God 33,103,117,139        

July 21              The Rectory, Litton Cheney

July 28              Fir Tree Cottage Shipton Gorge

Hugh Lindsay 482383



Quiet Day organised by the Bible Reading Fellowship     

Canon David Winter conducts a Quiet Day on the theme of "Hope in the Wilderness" on Thursday, 15th July (9.45 am - 4.00pm) near Taunton.

Hilary Mousley, B.R.F. Group Secretary for the Bride Valley


Guild of Health Quiet Day at Othona on May 27th 
About 75 people from Dorset and Devon, and even London and Salisbury came to share the Day with Brother Philip SSF from Hilfield Friary.  He led us with quiet humour, deep wisdom and infectious enthusiasm.  He taught us the infinite value of silence - of meditation and the prayer of quiet. What I shall always remember are the words he told us that St Francis often used for his meditations: "Who are you, God? and what am I?" Try it.                                                     
Josephine Pearse


One World Worship at Othona

"Celebrate with us the Wonders of Creation, the Common Ground of Humanity, the Wisdom of Many Spiritual Traditions, and the Longing for Peace."

The Othona Community now offers an open service of One World Worship on the first Sunday of every month at 8.30p.m. (7.00p.m. from October onwards). All are welcome to join us in chapel and stay to chat afterwards. These are informal gatherings which everybody can join in.

Historically so much of religious life has tended to emphasise traditions that divide humanity. In these times together we celebrate what we have in common. And those of us who are Christians can do so for positive reasons - Jesus' teaching that worship is not about the right place or the right ritual but about spirit and truth. We see One World Worship in 2004 echoing what led to Othona's foundation in 1946 - the longing to reconcile former enemies and break down religious barriers.

Othona is on the Coast Road, half way between Burton Bradstock and Swyre.   For more details ring 897130.

Tony Jacques -  Warden,  The Othona Community



B.V.N.   A Message from Bob Thorn

This is a thank you. Thank you, all those organisations in the Bride Valley which last year supported the work of the Bride Valley News.


There is a mutual back scratching exercise in the running of the B.V.N. The editor is always delighted to receive articles and information about the life of the valley. It all helps to make the B.V.N. the full and comprehensive community magazine, distributed free to every household in the valley, which so many enjoy and have come to rely upon for keeping in touch.


At the same time, the more that goes into the B.V.N. the more pages have to be printed, and the more costly it is to produce. At the moment it is heartening to be able to report that, with its loyal advertisers, and the generous support of organisations in the valley, it is just about breaking even. This is as it should be. The B.V.N. is not in business to make wadges of money, but nor should it be a drain upon those who back it. So, good news.


Back scratching works both ways. Those who report on the work of their particular group, or announce what they are going to be doing in the weeks ahead, have in the B.V.N. an invaluable means of telling everybody what they are up to. Each and every organisation which writes in the B.V.N. benefits enormously by doing so. More good news.


So in order to scratch the back of our friends, in that inaccessible place just under the shoul­der blade which can't quite be reached but feels so good to be itched, we are pleased to publish our thanks to:


The Burton Bradstock Women's Institute

The Burton Bradstock Village Society

Bride Valley Gardening Club

Bride Valley Scout Group

Litton Cheney Parish Council

The Portesham Surgery; Drs. Pouncey, Baird & Fowler

Puncknowle Art Group

Puncknowle and Swyre Parish Council

The Royal British Legion Women's Section

Shipton Gorge Parish Council

Shipton Gorge Village Society

And many private individuals, who by definition, have their privacy secured.


There is an extra thank you to those who helped this year with donations towards the edi­tor's new computer:

Burton Bradstock Parish Council

Burton Bradstock Web Committee


Mmm, that feels better. Oooh! just right.

Bob Thorn (Rector & Chairman Bride Valley Team Council)


Wednesday 7th July - Bridport's Market Day

Buy garden produce, home-made cakes, preserves etc., from the stall which will be run by the Bridport & District Bible Society Action Group on the forecourt of the United Church, East Street, Bridport from 9.00am onwards. Also refresh yourself with coffee in the Church Hall between 10.00am and 12 noon at the Coffee Morning hosted by the United Church. All proceeds will go to the Bible Society (reg. charity 232759). We look forward to seeing you.

H.Mousley-,(Acting Secretary Bridport & District Bible Society Action Group,

The Red House, Burton Bradstock, Bridport, DT6 4QR)



Flower Festival

'For all the Saints'

St Michael & All Angels, Askerswell

3rd & 4th July 2004

Morning Coffees & Afternoon Teas

10.00am - 5.00pm each day



Burton Bradstock CE VC School

First of all, please accept our apologies that our contribution to June's BVN somehow got lost in cyberspace.  It was sent but never received, rather like those letters that occasionally disappear in school bags.  So, I'll endeavour to update you as best I can.


June always tends to be a 'fun' month for a variety of reasons.  This one was no exception being as action packed as ever.  The first week back after half term saw a visit by some Icelandic teachers.  They were looking into ways in which small rural Dorset schools work together within the supportive 'cluster' network and the Bridport Cluster was chosen as an effective example.  One of the teachers was particularly interested in a jam jar standing on the side in the foyer.  The conversation went something like this:

"What is that?"

"Those are some newts that a villager has just brought in for children to see."

"Newts? Newts? Ah, I learned that word in my English book yesterday.  Now I see real ones!"  Unfortunately there was no time to pursue the conversation further.  I would have liked to have enquired about Icelandic pond life, but was satisfied that we had at least helped to enrich the knowledge and understanding of one of our overseas colleagues.  I know that they really appreciated all the schools they visited.


The Cluster Swimming Gala took place the following day and this proved to be a repeat of last year.  Therefore congratulations to Thorners who were the winners and also to the children who represented us so well by finishing as runners-up.  All in all the Bride Valley did really well! 


The P.T.A. have been very pro-active in recent weeks and months and on Saturday 19th June the big event of the year was the Summer Fayre.  Many thanks to all those who supported us in any way and particularly to the Rector who kindly agreed to allowing us to expand into the Rectory garden.  Incidentally, we have all enjoyed getting to know 'Reverend Bob' and are most grateful for his assemblies and involvement with the school.


On 21st June children in Class 4 took part in a production of 'Don Giovanni' at St. Mary's School Bridport.  This event was organised by 'Abbotsbury Music' and in the build up to the concert the children both enjoyed and learnt a huge amount from the preparatory workshops held in school.  These included storytelling, singing, composing and mask making.


At the time of writing, the following events have yet to happen but at least it gives you a flavour! Towards the end of June, Year 6 children going to Colfox in September have their induction day and also a 'French Focus' day.  The final fling is on the 30th when the Cluster Schools meet together for sports day at Symondsbury.


That then is last month in a nutshell.  There continues to be never a dull moment, and July is the same with our Music Concert and Sports Day to look forward to.  In addition to this Year 2 children are keenly anticipating their residential trip to Hooke Court and similarly Class 4's four days on Dartmoor during the penultimate week of term.  For the moment we'll take one day at a time and do our best to ensure nothing gets lost on the way.

 Mark Stratta.

100 Club

April Winners were:                                        May Winners were:

            £20      Mrs Parsons                             £20      Mrs Banks

            £10      Mrs K. Varndell                       £10      Mr & Mrs West

              £5      Mr Harrington                            £5      Mrs Percy


Thorner's CE VA Primary School

We have done it again!  Yes, on Wednesday we won the Cluster Swimming Gala, that is the fifth year in a row. almost embarrassing.  Obviously there must be something about the valley that encourages our children to swim fast, anyone know the secret?  It does come down to the parents who regularly take their children for swimming lessons from an early age, encouraging them to do their best, as well as the sessions we have for all pupils this half-term in our pool and years 5 and 6 last term at Bridport Leisure Centre.  We are pleased that all but a few of our pupils can swim the 25 metres required by the government before they leave us, many do so much earlier.  I wonder how many of our ex-pupils still regularly swim and take part in sports activities?  I keep looking for names and pictures in the Bridport news, you may have gone but you are not forgotten.


Also on Wednesday a group of pupils from Eggardon, representing the people of the future, were invited to take part in the launch of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty event at Abbotsbury. ( I hate to admit that I have never visited the gardens there, but having had a glimpse I shall definitely visit soon).  A group of artists had worked with the class prior to the half-term, discussing and creating an image of what they saw as our valley, what makes it so beautiful etc;  this was on display with some of their quotes of ideas for the future.  I was disappointed to learn that many of the class want to be either professional football players or fashion models!  Well I don't suppose I can blame them, at least they might be able to afford a house in the valley then.  The morning of the launch was one of those sea mist days and so there we were on top of the ridge looking into .. mist, all trying to visualise what was out there.  Each of the children spoke about the part they played in creating the image, which should appear in school at some point so everyone can share it. 

Alison Johnstone



Bride Valley Fledglings Playgroup

At last in May, we received the Ofsted written report, in which we did well and received a 2 - 4 years inspection result. Some new resources for the children have been purchased such as new toy farm buildings, a Leap Pad, water toys, whiteboards for drawing on, and a new painting easel is on it's way. We have had our first visitor in the shape of PC Dave Bird - and his police car - who talked to the children about road safety and car seat belts - some told him all about it!  The older ones in particular really enjoyed having him in Playgroup. We have welcomed a new little girl into the group - Tuscany Hansford and she has settled in really well.


By the time you read this, our next visitor will have entertained us - Firefighter Charlie Pack - and we will have visited Littlebredy Hall, walked to the lake and fed the ducks, and also visited Modbury Farm.  We also had a visit from our previous playleader Jan Cogan, who by now has moved to Spain - with all her family including grandchildren. I was very sad to say "Au Revoir" as I owe a lot to her for all her help and training when I was a complete novice. 


Our sponsored Trike Ride will have happened  plus more visitors - but let's not forget our end of term Outing coming up, and our last day in the playing field with a Bouncy Castle and picnic. Finally - our big Summer Fundraiser - FLEDGLINGS FUN NIGHT at the CROWN in Puncknowle on SATURDAY   evening 24th JULY.  Raffle tickets will soon be on sale in the pub and elsewhere. Put it in your diary now - star attraction is the bluesy band all the way from London known as "The Vintage" ( my son Simon is in it!) - they have volunteered their services for the night.


So be there or be square on SATURDAY 24TH JULY and have a really good time!!

Carol Bennett (Playleader)   01308 897771


First Step Parent and Toddler Group meets on Wednesdays between 10.00am and 12 noon.  We have toys and activities for all pre-school children, coffee and chat for parents and carers.  The group has new resources and toys.  We meet at Long Bredy Village Hall on the first, third and fifth Wednesdays of the month.  On the second Wednesday we meet in Little Bredy Hall and on the fourth Wednesday we meet in either Little Bredy or Puncknowle.  For further details contact:  Bridget (Burton Bradstock) 898600 or Jo (Litton Cheney) 482346 or Julie (Puncknowle) 897178 or Rachel (Kingston Russell and Long Bredy) 482246


Litton Cheney Youth Club meets on Tuesday evenings, during term time, for those between 8 and 17 years in Litton Cheney and the surrounding villages.  For further details of the sessions read the Litton notes or contact Paul Kingston 482384.


Litton Cheney Social Committee's monthly walk usually takes place on the 3rd Saturday of each month (weather permitting).  For further details please read the Litton notes.  Everyone very welcome.



The National Gardens Scheme - Gardens Open in The Bride Valley


This month -


Tuesdays during July The Scented Garden, Little Bredy 2.30 - 8.00 pm


Langebride House, Long Bredy also opens for The National Gardens Scheme but for private visits by appointment.


Bride Valley Gardening Club

What a wonderful display of flowers and shrubs we are seeing at the moment - it seems only a few weeks ago we were thinking summer would never arrive! With summer comes the Club's Mini Show -this year to be held on Sunday July 11th at Thorners School, Litton Cheney as usual.


At the deadline for going to press for The BVN (June 11th) I do not have a Schedule to hand but members will have received their Newsletter with this on it. Also there will be a copy displayed at the Post Office Burton Bradstock for others who may be interested. Please bring your entry to the School between 10 and l2 on the day - judging as usual by popular vote with results announced at 4.00 p.m. The Show opens at 2.00pm.


Any queries re the Show please ring James on 897741         or Dorothy on 482524 or any Committee member.


A reminder that Pam will be organising another outing for September to Stanbridge Water Mill near Wimborne - again you will have seen this on your newsletter - queries to Pam on 897267.


Do hope we see members and anyone who wants to come at the Show - its usually a very enjoyable day! !

Norma Millard Secretary 897774.



Madalina Rusu from Constanta, Romania, will give a Piano Recital in St. Mary's Church, Beaminster on Saturday 31st July at 7.30pm. She will be playing works by Chopin, Schubert, Liszt and Rachmaninov. Tickets are £8 obtainable from the Ronald Emett Gallery, The Square, Beaminster, by telephoning Ann or Mike Read on 897445, or at the church door before the performance.


Chideock Aid for Romania

Ann and Mike Read invite you to a Coffee Morning in the W.I Hall, Burton Bradstock from 10.30am on Thursday 22nd July. There will be a talk about Romania and the work of the Charity, with an opportunity to ask questions. All are welcome.


  Concert at St. Mary's Litton Cheney


In aid of the Church


Friday 6thAugust at 7.00pm




Paul Cheater (Organ)

Stephen Cutting (Trumpet)

Tom Cheater (Recorder)




Baroque to Contemporary music


followed by

3 course Supper with wine at The Old Rectory


The Old Rectory garden will be open before the Concert



        Concert & Supper          £15 (limited to 40)

        Concert only                              £5


For tickets apply to:

Carol Lindsay (482383) or Antony Longland (482219)


Cheques payable to St Mary's Litton Cheney


Tickets for Concert only will also be available at the Church door

on the day at £6








The 24th Burton Bradstock Festival will be

held this year on Friday 20th & Saturday 21st August

The Fund raising Concert is at 7.30pm on Saturday 10th July in the W.I. Hall

See page 19 for further details of all the concerts.



 Ring and Ride Bus

Our new service of a Wednesday bus to Bridport, for those having difficulty accessing public transport, is up and running.


Wheelchair friendly buses will circulate through the valley, and in the villages north of the A35, and will be flexible enough to accommodate various stops within the Bridport area, shopping, medical visits, people watching at West Bay, going to the hairdressers, its up to you. It allows two hours or more in Bridport.


The fare will be £1.50 return and there is an initial, once off, fee of 50p.

If you have any questions ring .. 897322 Anna Lovell.


To book a seat you need to ring the driver on 897684.


We will also be running other trips perhaps further afield or just to enjoy the countryside. We look forward to having you on board.


Let us know if you have any suggestions.


The service is operated by Travelcare (UK) Ltd. of Weymouth in a contract with Bridport Town Council, with initial funding through WDDC.


The Children's Society

A belated but none-the-less sincere thank you to all Children's Society box holders in the East end of the Valley for continuing to fill their boxes year after year. The grand total for the year was £123.74. Your caring shows in your giving.                                                                                                                                                    Pam Coventry

BURTON BRADSTOCK                                    


Village Correspondent  Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125



Mid Week Worship -                                                                    

Holy Communion                  Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m.



Choir Practices                       Fridays at 6.00 p.m.


Bell Ringing Practices           Thursdays at 7.00pm


Gift Sunday                            11th July  Pilsdon Community



The next Service of Prayer for Healing at St Mary's  will be held on Monday  5th July at 7.00pm.



Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held at 11.00am on Friday 2nd July at St. Mary's Church, Burton Bradstock.           

                                                                         Yvette Smith ( 898219 )



Light on Church Tower Clock

After far too long a period of being out of action, the light which illuminates the church tower clock is now fully operational and has resumed its role as an asset to the village. It is very gratifying to have this light working again as it was originally given to St. Mary's by Mrs. Nancy Bushell in memory of her late husband, Colonel Peter Bushell.

Basil Dent - Churchwarden


Church Fete

Items for the Fete can be delivered to the Rectory garage on the following dates and times:-

Wednesday 28th July from 4.30pm - 7.00pm


Saturday 31st July from 10.00am - 12 noon


But specific items for the following stalls may be left with the following persons:-

Filled Jars (value 50p) - contact Joyce Tillman - 897040

Baby Goods - contact Margaret Ackland - 897872

Bottle Tombola - contact Kate & Bernard Chennels - 897066

Fancy Goods - contact Joan Gillet - 897656

Cards & Crafts - contact Jane Stubbs - 898002

Plants - contact Wynne Hughes

Garden Produce - contact Tom Holmes - 897046

Cakes & Preserves - contact Shirley Gilbert - 897385


Thelma Skues has plenty of gifts for the children's Lucky Dip BUT does require brightly coloured wrapping paper in which to wrap the gifts.  This can be new or used (if in good condition) please contact Thelma on 898032.


Donations for the Hamper in the Grand Draw

The first prize in the Grand Draw at the Church Fete has traditionally been a Food & Drink Hamper.  We have made up some good ones in recent years.  Once again I would like to request donations for this year's Hamper - tins, jars, bottles, packets of something special or just that little bit different from usual.  Please drop your donation to 7 Norburton or give me a call on 897695 and I shall gladly collect.  Many thanks.                                                                                         Lesley Dove


Alzheimers Society - Bridport Branch

The Bridport Branch of the Alzheimers Society will be holding their annual Garden Party in the Rectory Garden, Burton Bradstock on Thursday 15th July 2.30pm. - 4.30pm. Teas will be available in the W.I. Hall and there will be bric-a-brac, plant, book and cake stalls. Items for any of these stalls will be gratefully accepted and can be collected by 'phoning 897125.                                                                                       Basil Dent





                     24th BURTON BRADSTOCK FESTIVAL

                        FUND RAISING CONCERT


7-30 p.m.    Saturday  10th July     W.I. Hall


David Juritz, Hubert Dawkes, Mary Ryan and John Surry will perform a programme including works by Beethoven, Schubert and Kreisler.  ( See posters for full programme.)


A glass of wine and light refreshments will be provided after the concert.


TICKETS:  £8-00  (unnumbered) - available from Burton Bradstock Post Office and at the door.



7-30 p.m.    Friday 20th and Saturday 21st August

St Mary's Church,  Burton Bradstock.


London Festival Players

( Leader David Juritz )  and  Hilary Kenway ( soprano)


Programmes will include:-

Concerto for two violins                              Bach

String Quartet (The  Dissonance)                Mozart

Adagio and Rondo                                     Mozart

Concerto for two oboes                              Vivaldi

Rondo for cello and piano               Dvorak

Romance for violin and ensemble    Dvorak       

Full programme later.


TICKETS:  £9-00 and £6-00 for each concert -  Season Ticket £16-00

On sale:

At the Fund Raising concert

By post from Mike Southgate (01308 897487) from Monday 12th July.

Burton Bradstock Post Office from Monday 26th July.

                                                At the door.


Dorset Police Community Support Unit

The next visit of the above unit will be on Friday 2nd July from 10.00am to 12 noon.  The subsequent dates will be on Fridays 6th August and 3rd September.  The vehicle will be located near the gates of the Rectory Garden or if unable to park there, it will be in the bus lay-by opposite The Three Horseshoes car park.                                                                                                                                                              Freddy Tame


Talking Heads

Burton Bradstock Players pulled it off again in their ambitious production of three of Alan Bennet's monologues brilliantly directed by Daphne Ekins and produced by Gillian Knight.


In the first, A Lady of Letters, Andrea Wilkinson, embittered spinster Irene Ruddock to the life, grumbles about a recent lack-lustre crematorium service where some young fellows were seen smoking in the precincts of the chapel of rest. This inspires one of her letters of complaint, followed by others increasingly vitriolic. Irene's paranoiac imagination finally lands her in prison where, befriending all, she feels needed at last. Andrea's wonderful northern accent didn't falter during the forty minutes she was confiding in the audience, and such was her power of persuasion that we routed for Irene to the end.


In A Cream Cracker under the Settee we were transported to Doris' living room, not quite as clean after the ministrations of her home help as Doris would like. Joan Armstrong as Doris wrung our hearts with her determination to prove she could cope on her own. After a fall we felt both her physical and mental pain as she waits for help, reminiscing about her early married life and her lost baby. Her final decision not to accept help was understandable but heart-breaking.


Soldiering On, a tale of quiet courage, was beautifully portrayed by Liz Slater. Newly-widowed Muriel is forced to come to terms with the financial knavery of her adored son, Giles, and the mental harming of daughter Margaret by her late husband. Muriel's bravery in the breaking up of her home and her move to an off-season holiday flatlet was hard to bear. Finally the audience shared in Muriel's joy at Margaret's recovery. 


Many touches of humour in the three monologues lightened the emotional depth inspired by the sensitive acting. We marvelled at the ability to remember all those words. An impressive number of people helped make Burton Bradstock Players production of Talking Heads memorable and enjoyable for all. Marvellous!

 Sheila Spencer-Smith

Burton Bradstock Women's Institute

First of all a big thank you to everyone who helped make the W.I. Spring Fair such a success despite the awful weather on May 31st. Thanks to the members, friends and husbands and villagers who helped raise £ 1600. A special thanks to those ladies, gentlemen and children who manned stalls outside in the rain.

We would also like to thank the Reverend Jean Thorn for kindly opening the fair for us.

Pat Raven and Chris Clarke.

Shame about the rain... however onward.....

At the June meeting Mr D. Hawkes gave a very interesting talk on early 20th century Bedouin jewellery and Palestinian costume. Mr Hawkes showed some beautiful silver bracelets, necklaces and earrings set with amber, turquoise and other semi precious stones and some exquisitely embroidered dresses.


Later in the meeting Mary Bailey announced that all ladies who helped knit blankets for the Red Cross are to receive certificates on June 17th, 3.30pm, in the W.I. hall. Well done the knitters!


This month the reading group are "dipping" into Iris Murdoch's "The Sea, The Sea".


Flower of the month was a very unusual mauve and white peony, won by Mary Burke.


And finally thanks to the organisers of the D-Day remembrance on June 5th. Villagers and visitors enjoyed a comprehensive exhibition in the Reading Room during the day and a commemorative musical programme on Hive Beach in the evening. A splendid £1350 was raised for the British Legion and Dorset Air Ambulance.


The next meeting is on July 13th when members will hear Mrs. P. Grier speaking on "Stress Relief Through Exercise".

Heather Seadon



D-Day Commemorative Weekend 5th/6th June, 2004

I would like to thank all the contributors who helped to make our

D-Day Commemorative Weekend a success:-


to our sponsors - Burton Bradstock Parish Council, for both their moral and financial support, Burton Bradstock Cars, Bridget's Market, The Anchor and Three Horseshoes pubs (and their strong men!), C.G. Fry & Son, Palmer's Brewery and Steve Attrill and his staff who kept everyone well 'fed & watered' throughout the evening at the Hive


to the team who organised a very interesting & professional exhibition of memorabilia in the Reading room; to all the contributors who loaned the exhibits and also to the people who manned the stands


to the entertainers who provided such a wonderful, nostalgic evening for well over 1,000 people at the beach


to my committee team who all worked hard to ensure the whole event ran smoothly.


And a big thank you to our Rector who conducted a special Service of Remembrance for over 100 people at the Church on Sunday 6th June.


The event raised £1,365 which has been donated equally between the Royal British Legion and the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance Trust.

Sheila Pett



. and our thanks to you, Sheila, for having the idea and working so hard to give us all such a memorable week-end; as Laurence Binyon  so movingly urged us to do in his poem, we were grateful  for the opportunity " to remember them at the going-down of the sun (on the beach) and in the morning (in church)."    S.P.


Burton Bradstock Parish Council

Listed below are the current Parish Councillors, with their duties and street/road responsibilities. If you have any concerns about pot-holes, poor signage or blocked drains then please contact them.


In addition they are your first point of call if you are not able to contact the Parish Clerk on any issue. 










Post Office


Broadmayne Charity









Tree Warden, P.Office, Hive Beach


Parish Plan
















Village Hall


Parish Plan

























Footpaths, Allotments


Hive Beach, Planning







Hive Beach


Parish Plan











Post Office


Parish Plan



Fel Moore: Clerk to the Parish Council



Arthur Ankrett passed away peacefully in Dorchester Hospital on May 15th 2004. His funeral Service, taken by The Rev'd Bob Thorn A.K.C., was on Monday 24th at Weymouth Crematorium.







Burton Bradstock Village

Web Site Address

Did you know that the Bride Valley News

is published on this web site every month?

In addition, did you know that old copies of the magazine

can also be viewed on the web site?

And, it is in colour too!






SHIPTON GORGE                                                             


Village Correspondent: Mrs. Joy White

Eastcote  3 Gullivers Orchard  Shipton Gorge

Tel: ( 01308 )897974


St. Martin's Family Service     Sunday July 25th   3.00p.m.

All are welcome to our special midsummer service of praise and thanksgiving. As usual, our younger family members will be making a special contribution to the worship.

Tea and treats will be available afterwards in the Village Hall.


Village Plant Sale

The annual village plant sale raised £340-31 divided equally between the local branch of the Alzheimer's Society and St. Martin's Church.

Many thanks to everyone who donated plants, and especially our kind friends who ran the stalls so efficiently. It was a most enjoyable morning.                                                         Jennifer Webb and Janet Lane.


St. Martin's Summer Fair  Saturday  July 10th  2.00p.m. - 4.00p.m.

Please check the June edition of the B.V.N. for details of events, attractions old and new, stalls, games etc.,

*An important reminder- please bring your contributions for the Bottle Bola to Jo and Gary Warren (897 948) by Friday, 9th. July, for labelling.

Any queries to me: Janet Lane (897 241). See you all on the day!

Janet Lane.


Shipton Gorge Village Society

Treasure Hunt: Saturday 3rd July   *  N.B. CHANGE OF DATE*

Relax in the evening with this light-hearted quiz featuring house ­names and roadside!


Bring £1 for your clues to the New Inn Car Park after 6 pm. It will be followed by a BARBECUE in the car park. All in the Bride Valley are welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult.



Summer Show: Saturday 31st July.

Bring your entries to the hall between 8.30 and 11.00 am. See separate schedule for SG residents.


Come and judge the best between 11.30 am and 1.30 pm! All visitors welcome. Please make every effort both to enter as many classes as possible and to join in the voting.


Results will be announced at approx. 3.30 pm with a cup of tea. Prize money and trophies will be presented for each class.



Tower News A Quarter Peal will be rung at St. Martin's on Thursday, July 29th starting at 9.30am.



Shipton Gorge Village Hall 100 Club

Winners for the June Draw



No. 46

Mrs. Graham



Bob White


No. 22

Jo Boughton



Eddy Buck



Elizabeth Wilson





Shipton Gorge Village Website



Village Correspondent: Sid Marshall

3 Green Barton, Swyre Tel: 897318



Avril's visit to Kisiizi, Uganda

Hey everyone!  As you read this edition of the BVN I should either be about to leave, or on my way to, Kisiizi in Uganda.  I am part of a team of 30 people from Christ Church Winchester (my Church when I'm at university) on a work-party/ mission trip to this area.  The purpose of our trip (leaving 2nd July) is to organise and staff a huge outreach mission for children in this area of South-West Uganda over the middle weekend of our three week trip.  We will also be completing practical tasks around Kisiizi Hospital Compound and supporting and interceding in a bigger Ugandan led adult mission just before we return home.  The reason I'm writing is to thank all people, back at home, who have supported me so fully in this venture.  I have been bowled over by the prayerful and financial support that people have offered.  I ask that, as you feel able, you continue to please pray until our return on the 20th July as I believe this really is the key to a safe and successful mission trip.  I look forward to seeing you all soon and being able to tell you all about it. Many Thanks once again.                                                        

Avril  Yeates



Best Kept Village Competition 2004

In view of the success in being "Highly Commended" at our first attempt last year it has been decided to enter the competition again this year. The Judges will be inspecting the interior of the Church and the churchyard to see if they are weed and litter free. The telephone Kiosk to see if it is clean, functional and litter free. They will be looking at the Notice boards to see if they are up to date. The approaches to farms, pubs etc. to see if they are tidy and litter free. They will be assessing the maintenance of the public seats, ditches, streams and the War Memorial. They will be looking at the roads and hedgerows to see if they are litter free.


Please keep your part of the village as tidy as possible.




Temporary address:-





Correspondents: Elizabeth Slater & Sid Marshall


Puncknowle and Swyre Parish Council 6th July 2004

The Parish Council will meet on 6th July in Puncknowle Church Hall to hold the usual Parish Council Meeting.


Puncknowle Swyre and West Bexington Homewatch

Community Vehicle -The community vehicle will be visiting Puncknowle Bottom on Wednesday 28th July between 18.30 and 20.00.


There will be a meeting at Puncknowle Village Hall on Thursday 9th September for all Homewatch representatives, although residents in the Parish are more than welcome to come. There will be representatives from the Police who will be giving talks and advice on Crime Prevention.


We have been informed about a postcard scam. Residents receive a Post Card stating that there is an International Parcel waiting for them and asked to ring a Premium Rate number costing £1.50. Please take care if you receive a Post Card marked "Parcel Plus" if you are in any doubt contact Royal Mail.                                                   Andy Marshall - 897732

The Dorset County Car Scheme, Bride Valley Area.

The voluntary Dorset Car Scheme operates in the Bride Valley Area. It is designed to help those people in rural areas who are not fit enough to use public transport and who have no other means of transport, to enable them to make essential trips.


The organisers are seeking volunteer drivers to help with this much needed service. In the Parishes of Puncknowle, Swyre and West Bexington, we have only one driver, who regularly takes part in the scheme. Could you spare a few hours per week, to assist with this very well worthwhile project?


If you would like to help, would like to find out more, or wish to use the service, please contact:-

Mr Whillock on 01308 482457 or Mrs Turner on 01308 482537.


 The Parish Playing Field

The Parish Council would like to thank the original committee, responsible for the setting up of the Playing Field, for their recent donation of funds to help with the legal expenses incurred in the purchase of the Field, and to help with the provision of items of equipment. It is much appreciated.


PUNCKNOWLE & WEST BEXINGTON                          


Village Correspondent:  Elizabeth Slater

1, Lytton Close, Puncknowle, Dorchester DT2 9BH

Telephone: ( 01308 ) 897751


Puncknowle and Swyre Fete July 31st 2.30pm

An APPEAL TO EVERYONE to support the stalls listed below.  Your help is vital for a successful fete.


*Books                                  Mike and Barbara Brennan897753

*Bottle tombola                    Charles and Cindy Gray

 Bric-a-Brac                                           Chris Gregory                                       898596

                                                                Joyce Bailey                                          897730

 Cakes                                                    Sue Collier                                             897044

 Cakes for teas                                      Vera Hurst                                             897335

*Clothing new to you                         Michelle Morgan                                

 also children's clothes                      

 Fancy Goods                                       Ruth Brierley                                         898283

 Filled Jars about 50p                           Debbie Hansford                                  898506

 Lucky Dip                                             Alan and Robin Fry                             897731

 Plants                                                    Ken Martin                                            897622

 Produce                                                   Elizabeth Slater                                     897751

*Scarves, Ties, Jewellery                    Sarah Inskip         

*Sweets                                                 Betty Merchant

 Toys                                                      Joan Worley                                         898545

 White elephants                                  Steve Jarvis                                           897280


Where stalls are marked * please leave contributions with Ann Roberts.  A central collecting point.  Telephone 897716


More help is still needed, it is never too late to offer to do something.

Ann Roberts 897716    David Jenkins 897225    Jim Bailey 897730


Bride Valley Fledglings Playgroup - ( See page 11 of Valley Notes for this month's report )


Puncknowle Art Group

The summer exhibition is underway and this year we are supporting The Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers. We had an unusual and amusing morning on May 28th painting still life with a maximum of fifty brushstrokes allowed. Thank you to Doreen Newton for all the organising entailed. Dates for July are:-

 9th  - painting with Maureen at Slape

23rd - painting at The Crown. There are no meetings in August.

Christine Molony



Don't forget to check the village website

to keep in touch with village events and find useful information


LITTON CHENEY                                                          

Village Correspondent:

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close


The Church Fete

A very big thank you to everyone who helped to make the Fete such a success.  In spite of the wet afternoon lots of people came to watch the Thorners Maypole dancers, support all the well-stocked stalls and be entertained by Hattie and Mr Custard.  Only the trampoline was a victim of the rain - it being too dangerous to use in the wet conditions.  Altogether a very happy and successful afternoon.


The Church Hall

The 'Artist in Residence', Paul Adams, has spent many hours during Dorset Art Weeks painting the Church Hall - literally.  He has done a wonderful job decorating the Hall both inside and out and what a difference it makes!  Everything is now clean and bright again and we can't wait to see the finished work of art.  Very many thanks to Paul for undertaking the job during his exhibition.


CONCERT  6th August  See page 14 for details


Litton Cheney Social Committee

Thank you to everyone who attended the Annual Meeting.  We were delighted to have the support of so many of you.  Freddie and Dorothy have stepped down from the Committee and we have 3 new members, Tim Brown, Rachel Gershfield and a welcome back to Mary Anderson.  Eddy has been replaced as Chairman by Ron Davidson.  Our thanks also to Colin Varndell who gave a very interesting talk.


Summer BBQ Saturday 3rd July at the Cottage 6.30 pm for 7.00.  We will be calling on you with tickets, which are £5.00 for adults and £2.00 for 6-16 year olds.  There will be music, plenty to eat and due to popular demand fireworks (at 10.00 pm).

Village Walk Saturday 24th July - meet at the bus shelter 10.00 am (phone a week before for details of destination if required).


Antiques Evening Friday August 13th - At the Church, more details in next month's BVN.  We look forward to seeing you at these events.

                              Kathy Kourik 482552 Secretary Litton Cheney Social Committee


Litton Cheney Parish Council Meetings

Very few members of the public are usually able to attend these meetings, so the council has decided to put a brief summary in the Bride Valley News.  All council members telephone numbers are on the village notice boards.

Meeting held on 11 May 2004.  Officers were elected:- Chairman: Cllr. Spicer, Vice-Chairman:  Cllr. Jones, Responsible Finance Officer:  Cllr. Prentice,  Internal Auditor:  N. Gardener.  Planning Sub Committee:  Cllr. Spicer (Chairman), Cllrs. Bayer, Dyke and Prentice.  Any significant planning applications would be referred to the whole council.  The Clerk (Mrs.Taylor) has the documents re. the Right to Roam appeal at Stancombe Farm.  The chairman is continuing to raise issues relating to problems arising from minor amendments to planning applications, with West Dorset planning dept.

Accounts and Statement of Assurance approved.  Payment of DAPTC and Cornhill insurance premiums were approved.

The Surgery at Portesham had responded to concerns about the closure of the Long Bredy Surgery, but unfortunately it was unavoidable; it is likely that there will be a prescriptions collection point in the village.

The playing field had been cut; checks to be made that herbicide pitch marking had been done.  Road repairs carried out on Whiteway.  The Rocks footpath still continually wet in spite of repairs;  WDDC rep. to visit to decide on further action.

The Footpaths Officer is Mr. S. Kourik; please email ( or telephone him (482552) to report any footpath problems in the village.

Village Hall.  Further efforts are to be made to resolve the problems of access and use by the school of any new Hall; this will determine whether the project has a future on this site or not before funding opportunities lapse.  A meeting is being organised with key members of the DCC, the Diocese and other interested parties, which will clarify whether a larger hall that the school can use or a small village hall on another site will fulfil the future needs of the village most appropriately.

Vital Villages.  A successful grant application has resulted in up to £2745 (75%of any expenditure) being made available.  Questionnaires will be circulated by the end of May.  Cllr. Smith had been on a tour of affordable housing in North Dorset.  He was favourably impressed but noted that the process took a long time.

Web Site.  Full parish council (after approval) will soon be accessible on the website.  A Broadband questionnaire has been circulated; Wessex Broadband can be extended to give faster and cheaper access in the village.  A lady in San Diego made contact having found details of her ancestors on the website.

The next Parish Council meeting will take place at 7.30 pm in The Church Hall on Tuesday 13th July.


The Police Community Support Vehicle will stop at the Bus Shelter on Wednesday 14th July between 2.00 - 3.30pm.


Litton Cheney Vital Villages

The Steering Group have been overwhelmed by the response to the questionnaires, it would appear that the majority of households have taken part.  We will be contacting everyone who completed the volunteer form.  The questionnaire was distributed to everyone in the Parish by volunteers.  Everyone in the parish was invited to be involved in the process, either volunteering for the Steering Group or attending the two Open Meetings to which every household should have received an invitation.  The questionnaire drawn up by the Steering Group reflects the concerns expressed by those in the parish who attended the meetings in February.   A summary of the findings of the questionnaires will be distributed to every household and the full analysis including comments will be made available.   This process will take some time because of the tremendous response.  The analysis is being undertaken by an outside organisation with no connection with the village.


Anyone interested in the "Adopt a footpath" scheme will be warmly welcomed to a meeting at The White Horse on Wednesday 7th July at 8.00 pm.  If you are unable to attend this meeting but would like further details please contact Steve Kourik 482552.


The Mobile Library will visit on Thursday 1st, 15th and 29th July and will be at the Bus Shelter between 3.10 and 4.00 pm.  All young readers and children interested in books are invited to join a Dorset library and enjoy a Reading Rollercoaster from July 5th - September 4th.


Litton Cheney Youth Club

In July there will be a variety of activities including archery, canoeing, mountain boarding and trampolining sessions.  For further details contact Paul Kingston 482384


The Village Lunch will take place on Thursday 29th July at The White Horse Inn.


Congratulations to David Mclaren on his cricketing success with the under 11's.


A belated welcome to Lolly Watt who has come to live with her daughter and family in Coombes Close.  We hope all the new residents in Litton Cheney are made to feel welcome and enjoy village life.

Visit the web site for the latest news.

The group meets at The White Horse Inn

at 8.30pm  on the first Monday of each month.

All welcome.



LONG BREDY                                                         

Village Correspondent:

Mrs. Elinor Frost, Bridelands  ( 482269 )


Village Fete 10th July 2:30pm    Kingston Russell House

 Please start stocking up for the stalls.  June and Gwen need lots of cakes and scones for the teas and more volunteers to help serve the teas: can you spare an hour or two?


Eggs, jams, chutneys and vegetables will be needed to stock the produce stall that is alongside the plants, and run by Valerie, Brian and Ann.


Don't forget the collection point for the books, tapes and CDs is Juniper's garage; any enquiries go to Jane Dowling.


Anything in the children's line goes to Harriet Sykes.


We have excellent local musicians to entertain us, and the children from Thorner's School to dance.  So, let's hope the sunshine continues. 9:30am is when we start the setting up.  Many hands make light work if the men and boys (girls too) come to the hall and help with loading and setting up, and packing away at the end of the day.

Long Bredy & Litton Cheney W.I.

W.I. members recently enjoyed an afternoon at Mapperton Gardens.  The July meeting on the 6th at 7:30pm at Litton Church Hall will hear Mrs M. Emery talk about William Morris (Not just a roll of wallpaper).  Visitors are most welcome.


Holly Scott raised £50 for Save the Children by walking fifteen miles from Shaftsbury to Salisbury.  Organised by Wessex Walks this event was a big success.  Thank you to all who sponsored her.



In the beautiful grounds of



Kingston Russell House

By kind permission of  Mr & Mrs Howard Carter


On Saturday 10th July  2.30 p.m.

















Two arrivals and three departures to record this month:-


Firstly, we welcome two new families to the village.  Ashley and Oenone (pronounced Nonie) Dale arrive at The Old Parsonage with four children under 9: Joshua, Romilly, Rafferty and Zachary.  They already have strong Dorset connections, and we wish them all happiness and fulfilment here.


The same goes for John and Sarah Reynolds, who move to Orchard Cottage with Georgia (7) and Jack (4), thus reducing the average age of the inhabitants of Littlebredy yet further.  They too arrive with our greetings and all best wishes for their time among us.


Both human departures come from the Bate family.  Rory, now promoted corporal in the R.E.M.E. (congratulations to him) leaves these shores for a tour of duty in Iraq, and all our thoughts and prayers are with him and the family as he discovers "active service" at a new intensity.  His younger brother Rohan is also embarking on a service career, but in his case in the Royal Navy, and he has just started his training at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.  Our very best wishes go with him too.


The other departure is an arboreal one.  Of all the exotic trees in the Bridehead grounds, the tallest and most spectacular over the years has been the noble Wellingtonia beside the lake.  Last summer it was visibly wilting, and this spring it became clear that it had died - of unknown causes.  Now, the recent collapse of its neighbouring horse chestnut, leaving a crater full of water, leads to a suspicion that a leak from the lake may have drowned the roots of both.  Within a month or two both will be felled and cleared away, leaving a sad - but one hopes temporary - gap in the vicinity.  "Sic transit gloria mundi."


The Social Club's July event is a Car Treasure Hunt, to be held on Friday 17th July.  Participants should meet on the Village Green at 7.00 p.m.  There will be a small entry fee at the beginning, and prizes at the end, when the barbecue will be alight and the bar will be open.  No doubt the committee won't miss their opportunity for another raffle too!  As many as possible are urged to join in.  Have the Litton Cheney Outsiders ever learned to drive and read a map as well, among all their other talents?  We shall see...


Finally, a reminder that the Scented Garden is open (and cream teas available in the Village Hall at appropriate times) this month from 2.30 - 8.00 p.m. every Tuesday afternoon, namely the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th July.



The Rector's book is now available

Last year the Rev'd Bob Thorn was granted a sabbatical by the Diocese of Bristol. The proper name for a sabbatical is "extended study leave," so as to make it sound learned and serious Bob's idea of a sabbatical was to make a pilgrimage from Bristol to Lindisfarne, up near the borders of Scotland. The journey includ­ed a vow of, saving emergencies, not using any mechanical transport - in other words they walked. Bob's long-suffering wife, the Rev'd Jean Thorn, took to the road with him, as did the dogs, Jobiska and Kirby. The pilgrimage took something over two months.


The plan on the way was to turn up unannounced at Vicarages and Rectories, or knock on the door of churchwardens, or other good Christian folk, asking for a patch of garden upon which to put up a tent for the night. How this question was answered, and others concerning the tradition of Celtic pilgrimage, were to be the subject of a report submitted to the Rev'd Canon Douglas Holt, who was the person responsible for overseeing Bob's "Extended study leave."

Douglas knows Bob only too well. He asked for just a few lines on how the pilgrimage went. He continued by specifying that "5 pages max. would be fine." When the report, written last summer, piled up over 150 pages and was heading for 200, a book was born. This has now been published, and is available either from Bob or Jean, or by post from the publishers. The book, "My dear Douglas," costs £10.99 with an additional £1.00 p&p if ordered by mail.


This is very inexpensive for a book. The price is possible only by not selling it through bookshops, and so not having to pay their mark-up. If you would like to get hold of a copy, please come and ask at Burton Bradstock Rectory.

Alternatively it can be bought:-

By mail from:

La'Mont Publications  5 Packsaddle Way  Frome  BA11 2JU

Or by phone on 01373452718

Or by E-mail on

ISBN number 0-954-5992-3-3