Bride Valley News - September 2003

Diary of events for all Parishes September 2003
Church Services September 2003

            FROM THE CLERGY           

Many of our readers will be expecting me to begin this letter with John and Pam Atkinson whose time amongst us formally ends on 30th September.  Because I have already mentioned them, in a way I am beginning with them, but for a few moments I want to lay them aside, and think instead of St. Peter. 

The Rev'd Canon John & Pam Atkinson at Wells CathedralSimon with Andrew his brother were the first disciples to be called by Jesus Christ to follow him, and Simon went on to become the charismatic but sometimes fallible leading disciple.  At the end of his ministry on earth, Jesus appointed Simon to be the person who would be responsible for making the first Church, and leading it forward in mission.  Simon was to be the Rock, and Jesus gave him the name Petros (the Greek word for rock) which we translate as Peter.  On this foundation the Church has spread all over the world, for Peter by his teaching and example encouraged the first believers to stand firm.



 The Rev'd Canon John & Pam Atkinson at Wells Cathedral 

In many ways our Rector John has been a 'petrine-like' rock amongst us, himself supported by a similar rock in Pam.  I know my experiences of John echo those of many who live at the west end of the valley especially.  John is solid, dependable, organised, hard (working), supportive, tough, yet at the same time, and this is where the metaphor falls, gentle, soft, easy-going, always prepared to give time and wisdom to those who seek him.  Pam supports John's ministry wonderfully, but is very much her own person too, as the Mothers' Union and Tiny Tots Group particularly know.  How fortunate we have been with Pam and John.   

Now we are to say our goodbyes, and the best occasions on which to do this are after the following Services, which John will be leading:

September 21st              5.00pm          Harvest Thanksgiving and Supper

                                                            at Littlebredy.

September 28th              9.30am           United Parish Communion

                                                            at Puncknowle.

11.00am           United Parish Communion and Reception

                                                            at Burton Bradstock.

(Reception to be booked in advance - see B.B. section)

  4.00pm          Family Harvest Service and Tea with treats

                                                            at Shipton Gorge. 

Elsewhere can be found the arrangements for collecting for their leaving presents, and these we look forward to presenting after these special Services. 


It has been a great privilege for me to work with and for John, and to get to know his glorious Pam, and it will be a great sadness for us when they move on to the next stage of their life together.  But, be assured, Pam and John, there are those who think a Bride Valley trip to Ledbury should be arranged, when you have had time to settle in.  It's not over yet......

Anthony Ashwell


Valley Notes


Canon Jeffrey John

If anybody is interested I have some study notes entitled 'Homosexuality and the Bishop of Reading' put together by the Rev'd Tim Woods, Director for the Board of Church and Society in the Diocese of Salisbury. 

OLM Exploration Day

Again, if anybody is interested, I have details of this day on 20th September at Salisbury.  Perhaps, in the first place, I should explain that OLM stands for Ordained Local Ministry, and the Church of England is encouraging Churches everywhere to look for people amongst themselves whom they see as being potentially suitable to be 'vicars' in their own situation. 

 People with Dementia

If anybody would like to attend a one-day conference on 'Spirituality and People with Dementia' in Dorchester on 9th October, further details can be obtained from me. 

Anthony Ashwell


Tiny Tots / Pram Service.  The next service will be on Friday 12th September at 11.00 am at St.Mary's, Burton Bradstock.


Bride Valley ( Wednesday ) Bible Study Group

We start up again this month and will be following a course of studies on Philippians; these studies will take us up to beginning of the Lent Course.  All sessions begin at 7.30pm and last up to two hours. We meet fortnightly and each session is repeated at the other end of the valley.


Session I         Partners Together                  Phil. Ch.1  vv. 1- 11

Sept 10            5, Green Barton, Swyre

Sept 17            St. Catherine's Cross, Shipton La., Shipton Gorge


Session II       How to live & how to die       Phil. Ch.1  vv. 12- 26

Sept 24            Hillside, West Bexington

Oct 1               Westfield, Shipton La., Burton Bradstock




The group meets on Thursday evenings and alternates between Prayer and Bible Study.  Arriving from 7.30p.m. we begin at 7.45p.m. aiming to finish by about 9.15p.m.  All are most welcome. For further details contact Paul ..., Tel ...


September   4   No meeting                  

September 11   PRAYER                     12 Napier Close, Puncknowle 

September 18   BIBLE STUDY            6 Baglake, Litton Cheney         

September 25   PRAYER                     2 Myrtle Close, Puncknowle



Mothers' Union  

Thursday 25th September 2.30pm, "Listening" with Mrs. Brenda Birt at Hazelbrow, Shipton Lane, Burton Bradstock. 


Burton Bradstock School

As I write this month's contribution to the BVN the heat casts my mind back to that experienced by Class 4 in London at the end of last term. Nevertheless, despite the soaring temperatures, we had a great time savouring the atmosphere of the capital.  We began with a flying visit to the Science museum en route where we were treated to a highly entertaining and informative presentation on 'forces' and rocket development.  In addition to seeing the main 'sights' (Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, etc) we also included an inspirational visit to the National Gallery.  Our guide made the works of art come alive and the measure of success lay in the fact that we all came away wishing we could have stayed longer.  I should also point out that the guide was impressed by the children's knowledge of Greek mythology - it was certainly very impressive!  Another highlight for me was when we dressed up smartly for our theatre trip to see 'The Lion King'.  My thanks go to Mrs Barrett, Mrs Rattenbury, Mrs Venn and Mr Haley for their expertise and assistance on the trip. 

Needless to say it was a highly memorable and valuable experience for us all - not just because of what we saw and did but also for the personal and social gains that are so important but not measured.  ( I am trying to resist any references to SATs! )  However, most rewarding of all were the positive comments from 'outsiders' about the children's behaviour and enthusiasm.  So, thank you parents for your role and support over the years and by allowing us to take your children away!     

Year 2 children also enjoyed a successful visit to Hooke Court making the most of a wide range of fun activities.  This trip marks the first opportunity for a school residential experience and as such it forms a platform for visits in subsequent years.  Particular thanks go to Miss Sanderson and Mrs Procter for providing such a positive and happy time for the children. 

I cannot let this month pass without a personal note of thanks to Father John who has supported the school so well during his ministry in Burton Bradstock.  Although I have only known him for a short time it has been a pleasure to get to know him.  We have all benefited from his wisdom, humour and openness - he never shirks difficult questions!  He has taken many assemblies over the years and has also contributed to work within the Religious Education syllabus. This has been very much appreciated.  We wish John and his family much happiness and fulfilment in retirement. 

Mark Stratta


Thorner's CE VA Primary School

Once again we are looking forward to the beginning of a new year, new pupils and new staff.  Monday 8th is the start of our term when we traditionally welcome pupils into school to commence their formal education.  The reception pupils have already made a number of visits meeting Mrs Hooper, discovering what the classroom looks like, discovering the joys of the playground and meeting new children.  To each and everyone of them, we hope that they enjoy their time here at Thorner's and make the most of all the opportunities whether this is in the classroom or in clubs as they progress through the school.  It is not unusual for a child to join us part way through their education as is the case this year and we hope that in true Thorner's fashion he is made welcome and given the chance to make friends.  It is unusual to welcome 2 members of teaching staff, Mrs Matthews and Miss Dewey who are joining us, bringing new ideas and enthusiasm to Thorner's, we are all looking forward to this time of change and are confident that they too will be made welcome by the community.  To all new members of the community we wish you a happy and profitable time here at Thorner's. 

I wonder if there is anyone out there who has an interest, time and knowledge who can share this with us.  We have a rather large conservation area but little time to manage it!  This is a disappointment to us as Mrs Barry has put a lot of effort into the setting up and creating a useful resource for our pupils to use as part of the curriculum.  What I am looking for is a local person, possibly retired or semi-retired who enjoys the countryside and can advise, direct others and further develop the resource, not only for our use but for a wider community, possibly local schools, to visit.  We are lucky in that we do have a large area set aside for the conservation area, many schools, some not far from us, do not have a reasonable size playground let alone a conservation area.  If you want to offer your services or even come in and talk to me to find out more, or visit the site please do get in touch .. the sooner the better as the autumn season is approaching.

Alison Johnstone


First Steps Parent and Toddler Group

First Steps Parent and Toddler Group recommences meeting in September on Wednesday 3rd September between 10.00am and 12 noon in Long Bredy Village Hall.  Your first session is free and we offer toys and activities for all pre-school children, coffee and chat for parents and carers.  The group meets at Long Bredy Village Hall on the first, third and fifth Wednesdays of the month.  On the second Wednesday we meet in Little Bredy Hall and on the fourth Wednesday we meet in either Little Bredy or Puncknowle.  For further details contact:  Jo (Litton Cheney) ... or Julie (Puncknowle) 897178 or Rachel (Kingston Russell and Long Bredy) 482246


Litton Cheney Youth Club

Litton Cheney Youth Club sessions will recommence in September.  In the Giant Sunflower Competition some entries are close to last year's winning height of 2.93m  so keep watering and contact Paul Kingston 482384 if you need your sunflower measured. 



Jane Ferentzi-Sheppard of the West Dorset Group of  the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society will talk in the home of Margaret Milree on Wednesday 10th September at 8 pm.    


Burton Bradstock Players


Our next Pantomime production will be "Snow White" and will take place from Monday 9th February - Saturday 14th February 2004 inclusive, with a Saturday matinee, at the W.I. Hall, Burton Bradstock.

The Box Office will open on Tuesday, 6th January 2004 at Burton Bradstock Post Office.

Everyone is welcome at the reading that will take place at 7.30 pm on Thursday 18th September at the W.I. Hall. Auditions will take place on the following Thursday, 25th September, in the W.I. Hall at 7.30 pm. 


The Players will hold a series of play-readings in the Reading Room, Burton Bradstock, at 7.30 pm, starting on Tuesday 2nd September for approximately 6 weeks. These readings are very informal and a lot of fun, so do please come along if you enjoy sitting and reading a play. No experience required!

The Players are looking for someone interested in directing plays. If you think you can help, please get in touch.

For further information of any of these items, please contact Daphne Ekins, tel: 01308 897415 or e-mail:



As we mentioned last month our Mini Gardening Show will take place on September 14th at Thorner's School. Litton Cheney from 2.00pm.   The Schedule is as below - do please feel free to come along and join the Club if you are not already a member.  For further information regarding the Show, please ring our Chairwoman Dorothy Randell or Penny Pither 897724.




  1. A Rose - a single stem of any variety - vases provided

  2. Flowering Annuals - 3 stems - all of one variety or mixed  -  vases provided

  3. Flowering Perennials 3 stems - all of one variety or mixed - vases provided

  4. Flowering Shrub - a single stem ( not a rose ) - vases provided

  5. Pot Plant - pot not to exceed 8 inches in diameter

  6. 3 Named Herbs - vases provided

  7. Fruit - 5 of same variety on white cardboard plate provided

  8. Vegetable - 3 of any one variety on white cardboard plate provided

  9. Vegetable Display - 3 of each of 3 varieties on tray maximum 18 inches by          18 inches

10. Floral Arrangement - maximum size 12 inches by 12 inches

11. A Piece of Handcraft made in last year - maximum table space 18 inches by 18 inches

12. Children's Class - Thorner's School Competition - Under 8 years

12. Children's Class - Thorner's School Competition - Over 8 years


Show Rules

1.      An entry fee of 10p per exhibit will be charged ( over 5 entries no extra charge )

2.      NO more than one entry in each class per exhibitor

3.      Entries to be staged on the day between 9.30 and 12 noon (no entry form required)

4.      Judging will be by popular vote of all Bride Valley residents who care to come along to the school between 2.00 and 3.15pm

5.      The results will be announced at 4.00pm

6.      Club Trophies will be awarded on this occasion. The winner will receive £5 and runner-up £2. This will be divided in case of ties

Norma Millard ( Club Secretary ) West Bexington 897774



Have you noticed that you need the TV up a bit louder, feel left out in conversations? Then why not come and join one of the lip-reading classes? These will help you to cope in difficult situations, learn about environmental aids, meet others in a similar boat to yourself AND, more importantly, to have FUN - Tutor Mags Chue


Classes are held at Bridport Adult Education Centre, St. Andrews Road on Tuesday afternoons between 2.00 - 4.00pm, starting on 9th September 2003


For more information on enrolling please telephone 01308 425185 Or speak to Mags Chue on 01308 897543



Women's Health Road Show.

Calling all women over 40 plus - wise up on your well-being!

Portesham Community Centre

on Thursday 18th Sept.6.30 - 10.00 p.m.

Bridport Town Hall on Thursday 25th Sept.6.30 - l0.00 p.m

Book now by phone 01308 426800  

Mon.-Thurs between 11.00am - 1.00 p.m.

Ask for Veronica stating your name and choice of venue.

SEE August BVN ( Page 8 ) for further details

Terry Harrison, Health Visitor: Portesham Surgery.



10.00 am - 6.00 pm

Saturday 13th September, 2003



Organisers  ( from whom Sponsorship forms may be obtained ) are as follows:-  Burton Bradstock    Howard Bongers 898029

Littlebredy   Sir Philip Williams 482232

Litton Cheney         Freddie Spicer  482617

Long Bredy   Elinor Frost 482269

Shipton Gorge         Janet Lane  897241





 Our Sponsored Trike Ride raised the grand sum of £244.50 - so many, many thanks to all family and friends who sponsored the children, and to parents on the day.


The weather was superb for our outing to Monkey World and for our last day of term Picnic and Bouncy Castle in Puncknowle Playing Field but NOT so for the Fledglings BBQ and Fun Night at the Crown Inn, Puncknowle which was rained off for the first time in many years!  The raffle was drawn in the pub on the night of 28th July and prizes distributed to lucky winners - again thank you to all who bought tickets to support the Playgroup. It is much appreciated - and Mick gave us a new date of 9th August for the Fun Night. Thanks Mick!    The Summer Quiz is still on sale at the usual places including Bridport and Dorchester TIC's.


Future dates for your diary : Playgroup AGM on Wednesday 10th September

In Puncknowle Hall            : Christmas Bingo on Friday 21st November


There are now places available at Playgroup in September for children from 2yrs 9mths to 5 yrs - term starts on Monday 8th September in Puncknowle Church Hall - you are welcome to call in on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday mornings during play sessions or ring our mobile phone on 07967 400385.

Or call me for details on 01308 897771 - also on village website

 Carol Bennett  (Playleader)


Parish Clerk Needed

Puncknowle and Swyre Parish Council is actively seeking a successor to its present clerk.

It envisages a commitment of 300 hours per year to include attendance at Parish Council meetings; maintenance of correspondence, records and accounts; liaising with Parish Councillors and Local Authority Officers; attendance at some external meetings may be required. This is a salaried post and we invite interested persons to apply in the first instance for copies of the job description and contract and /or additional information to the Parish Clerk on 897322 or the Parish Chairman on 897318.  


BURTON BRADSTOCK                                          

Village Correspondent  Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125



Mid Week Worship -                                                                     Holy Communion                       Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by                                                             coffee in the Rectory                                                                  

Choir Practices                       Fridays at 6.00 p.m.


Bell Ringing Practices           Thursdays at 7.00pm


Gift Sunday    21st September             Residential and    Nursing    Homes for Retired Clergy.


The next Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held on Friday 12th September at 11.00 am.


The next Healing Service at St Mary's will be held on Monday 8th September at 7.00 pm.


Holy Baptism             10th August                   Emma A. Rosati


Funerals                      18th July                       Fred Murrell

                                    21st July                        F. Maud Mitchell

                                    24th July                       Valerie D. J. Wood

                                    15th August                   Peter D. Cracroft


Burial of Ashes          23rd July                       Dorothy Hardman

                                    14th August                   Fred Murrell


The Parochial Church Council next meets on Monday 15th September at 7.00 pm.


We look forward to welcoming members of the choir of Holy Trinity, Bothenhampton to Evensong at 6.30 pm on Sunday 14th September.




I offer a very personal "Thank you" to everyone who put so much effort into the preparation of our annual Church Fête and to everyone who gave unstintingly on the day, whether in running a sideshow or stall, or helping in any other way. Thank you also for all the various items and financial help given before the day, and to members of our Fête Committee who worked over many months to ensure the success of the day. The final figure raised was £4,481.00, a vital contribution to your parish church's finances for the year. 

I am particularly pleased that the weather was so good, enabling many people, locals and visitors, to have such an enjoyable afternoon in The Rectory garden. It was my tenth St. Mary's Fête (Pam and I came incognito in 1994), but my last before I retire. We shall remember well these annual fêtes as times when so many village people made their contributions of time, effort and money, and we were hosts to lots of visitors - and there was much fun, too. 

Thank you again everyone for making the day such a success. 

The Fête cannot function without a Committee and new members are essential. If you can help please contact Peter Colbert, Chairman, 897922 or Margaret Holmes, Secretary, 897046. Please make a note in your diary for next year's Fête - Thursday, 5th August, 2004.

John Atkinson.

 I would like to endorse what John has said and to express my appreciation to my Fête Committee for their hard work in organising their various responsibilities. A very successful Fête.

Peter Colbert, Chairman.

 Thank you to everyone who contributed goods for the Food Hamper and gifts for the Grand Draw at last month's Church Fête, it was very much appreciated. 

The following prizes were unclaimed:-              

Radio - White 287

Glass bowl - Yellow 156

Oil of Primrose Gift Set - Pink 167

Small Table Lamp - Pink - 473

Cuddly Monkey - Yellow 197

If you have any of the above tickets please contact me on 897695. Thank you.

Lesley Dove

 Our Rector's Retirement

There are now only 3 weeks remaining before the final date - September 21st - to hand in your name if you intend to come to the lunch in the W.I. Hall at which a presentation will be made to our Rector to mark his nine years of ministry and witness amongst us. This event will be held immediately after the 11.00 am service on September 28th the Rector's final service here. Donations towards the presentation are invited, and whilst neither a donation nor attendance at the service is a condition of attending the presentation we must stress that everyone wishing to join this very special occasion must give their names in order to facilitate the catering. Names and donations (cheques payable to St. Mary's P.C.C.) to either Basil Dent (897125) or Howard Bongers ( 898029 ).

The Churchwardens


St Mary's Harvest Supper

This year, St Mary's Harvest Supper will take place on Saturday 4th October in the W.I. Hall. The format will be the same as last year - a 'shared meal' followed by a barn dance. You are asked to bring a plate of food to be put on the central table for everyone to share - different coloured tickets will indicate whether you should bring a sweet or a savoury dish. Tickets costing £2.50 each ( to cover the cost of hiring the hall, drinks, and other 'incidentals', any surplus going to charity ) will be on sale from the beginning of September at the Post Office.

Although this event is organised by the church, it is a community event, and everyone, especially families will be welcome. Entry will be by ticket only, and since numbers will have to be limited, don't forget to put the date in your diary and get down to the Post Office to buy your tickets!



In July, members enjoyed a barbeque, assorted salads and delicious sweets at the home of Joan and Ian Allan. Thanks to all who contributed in any way and also to Joan and Ian for their hospitality.


There will be an outing to Southampton for shopping/''Miss Saigon"- matinee performance; there are a few seats left on the coach. Contact;- Audrey Hayward Tel. 898528.


Bridge Classes start again on Thurs. Sept. 18th at 9.30am.

Autumn Council Meeting at Weymouth 29th Oct. - speaker Hugh Fearnley ­Whittingstall, names and £5.50 at September meeting.


Change of speaker at September meeting - will now be Mr Ian Brooke whose subject is photography - date 9th September at 7.l5pm.




Tickets £2.50 to include light refreshments from Joan Allan, Heather Thomson or any committee member. Come and join us and have some fun.

Christine Clarke



Royal National Lifeboat Institute

At the recent house-to-house collection in Burton Bradstock in July £403.32 was raised for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. Well done, Burton Bradstock! Our thanks to all those who contributed, and to those who gave of their time and energy to collect for this altruistic cause.

Thelma M. Skues


Would you like to include your Christmas Greetings

in the BVN to help St. Mary's Church Funds? 



ou may remember we pioneered a Christmas Greetings page in the December issue of the Bride Valley News last year.   This was well supported and raised sizable funds for the church.   Although Christmas is still some way away (and you may still be sweltering in our hot summer, & thinking there's loads of time left as you read this), but those who wish to participate have only just over two months to submit their names & contributions.     

As a reminder of the process, the scheme is intended either to complement or to offer an alternative to buying, writing out and posting (or delivering) Christmas cards to all your local friends and neighbours.   It could save you quite a bit of time and money.    All we ask is you make a donation towards St. Mary's Church Funds, in return for which we will include your name(s) in a list of all contributors on a dedicated page in the BVN, below a collective Christmas greeting message to friends and neighbours (sadly, we are not able to include individual messages).   

If you would like to participate, please give Ken Pett your name(s) [as you would like them listed on the greetings page] and your donation (we suggest as a guideline, this could be the equivalent of what you might have spent buying & posting your local cards).  Cheques should be made payable to St. Mary's P.C.C.

Ken needs this information, plus the donation, as soon as possible and

no later than 5th November, in order to catch the deadline for the December issue.

Ken Pett, Mill Gate House, Annings Lane, Burton Bradstock, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 4QN.

Tel: 01308 897 550


Parish Council

The following representatives of the local community started their four year term of office, as the Parish Council in May 2003 after being returned unopposed and in some cases co-opted:- 

M E Southgate (Chairman)
Grove Road
Burton Bradstock DT6 4QT

Tel 897487

Planning Committee
Post Office Committee

E Ripley (Vice Chairman)
88 High Street
Burton Bradstock DT6 4RA

Tel 897010

Hive Beach Cafe & Car Park committee

D Batten
37 Barrowfield Close
Burton Bradstock DT6 4RN

Planning Committee

B Tebbs
2 Furzey Corner
Shipton Lane
Burton Bradstock DT6 4NQ

Tel 898025

Tree Warden
Hive Beach Cafe & Car Park Committee
Post Office Committee
T Smith
15 Northover Close
Burton Bradstock DT6 4RX
Hive Beach Cafe & Car Park Committee

J Harding
3 Roberts Close
Burton Bradstock DT6 4ST

Tel 898333

Planning Committee

Celia Cummins
Grove House
Grove Road
Burton Bradstock DT6 4QU

Tel 898196

L Sea
!7 Lower Townsend
Burton Bradstock

A Mackie
23 North Hill Close
Burton Bradstock DT6 4RY

Tel 898668

F Moore (Clerk)
261 St Andrews Road
Bridport DT6 3DU

Tel 459001

M Fearon (Hive Beach Car Park Manager & Handyman)

The Council normally meets on the first Wednesday of the month, there is no meeting in August. Occasionally the date has to be changed but due notice is given. In April we hold an Annual ParishMeeting where we present our Annual Accounts and reports on major activities during the year.

The general public is most welcome and encouraged to be present at these meetings. Whilst they are not allowed to participate during the formal part of the meeting, their views and comments on issues during the meeting and any other topics are most welcome during the open forum at the end of the meeting

The District and County Councillors endeavour to attend all our Parish Council meetings and generally provide valuable input on matters raised at those levels, of interest or pertinent to the Parish.

The Parish Council discusses a wide range of issues from major items of capital expenditure, planning, emergencies, to the more mundane, such as grass cutting, dog fouling etc. (You may not be aware that last year the Parish Council had a turnover of £70,000) All these matters are relevant to the quality of life in the village and we welcome your interest and input into them

If you have an issue which requires attention in the normal course please contact the Parish Clerk in his office in the Reading Room on a Tuesday morning between 8.30am - 11.00am. Otherwise leave a note in the post box near the Reading Room door. Of course any member of the Council is ready to be approached at any time on matters of immediate concern.

We look forward to seeing you en masse and overwhelming the Reading Room space at our next meeting on Wednesday 3rd September 2003 at 7.30pm.

Fel Moore Clerk

Mike Southgate Chairman.


The Great Cycle Ride

 Keen cyclists are invited to take part in this annual event Details and sponsorship forms are available from Howard Bongers - 898029  ( See page 9  for further details )



On Friday 18th July, we had a foretaste of the forthcoming festival in August. We were treated to an outstanding concert in the W.I.Hall; given by David Juritz, violin, Mary Ryan, flute, and Hubert Dawkes, piano, with John Surry as the narrator. 

The programme included delightful performances of a Mozart violin and piano sonata and for flute and piano, a sonata by C.P.E.Bach and a charming ballade by Reinecke. Quite different, being both amusing and absorbing, were the two pieces written around narrated stories; Le Histoire de Babar, le petit éléphant , by Poulenc and Ferdinand, the Bull, by Alan Rideout.

Hubert Dawkes played the piano part in Babar brilliantly and John Surry's narration in French and with appropriate props was most entertaining. For those of us whose French is a little rusty, there was a handy translation in the programme. The story of the young elephant who ventures into the wide world but eventually comes back to be king of the elephants is so well illustrated by the music, which brings out all the pathos and excitement as the tale goes along. 

John Surry once more told the story for us, in Ferdinand, the Bull, and David Juritz played the violin. With English text this time, they both had us all laughing and enthralled as the music and words gave us such a graphic picture of the bull who did not want to fight but much preferred sitting amongst the flowers. The rendering of the Ferdinand theme on the violin painted such a lovely picture of the animal's mood.  

David Juritz gave a virtuoso performance of "Gypsy Airs" by Sarasate, which left us all breathless, and the concert finished with a rousing performance of "La Tarantelle Frétillante" by Coleridge-Taylor. 

We await the festival with great pleasure.

Anne and Mike Southgate


Piano Recitals

Ann and Mike Read wish to thank all those who supported the piano recitals given by Madalina Rusu and Ionut Ulita from Romania. The sums of £350 and £248 respectively were raised to assist them with their studies, for which they are very grateful. 

A C.D. is available of Madalina's recital at £5.50 - Tel. 897445 if you would like one.


For Burton Bradstock Players News see page 7.


Four Golden Couples

Our congratulations to Janet & Geoffrey Guppy, Anne & Graham Rees, Daphne & Vincent Hewlett, Margaret & Jim Harding, all of whom celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversaries recently.


A big thank you to a11 my friends who have welcomed me in to "Campions" with cards, flowers and many kind messages. I know I shall be very happy here amongst you all.    Do please come and visit me!

Mary Bailey

 Fred Murrell - died 10th July 2003

A message from Edna Murrell
Sincere and heartfelt thanks for all the letters and cards of sympathy we received at this sad time. Please accept this as our personal thank you.

Edna, Clive, Christine and Hilary.



Burton Bradstock Village

Web Site Address

Did you know that the Bride Valley News

is published on this web site every month?

In addition, did you know that old copies of the magazine

can also be viewed on the web site?




SHIPTON GORGE                                                            


Village Correspondent: Mrs. Joy White

Eastcote  3 Gullivers Orchard  Shipton Gorge

Tel: ( 01308 )897974




Funeral                       30th July                       Daisy S. Brasier


The Parochial Church Council next meets on Wednesday 10th September at Burgay House.


MARY SKINNER 1911-2003

We are very sad to report the recent death of Mary Skinner who, from 1972 - 1992, was a resident of Shipton Gorge. She was a keen flower arranger and a regular contributor to the village fairs with her range of excellent jams, cakes and vegetables. She was also for several years the President of Shipton's Women's Institute. She chose to leave the village in 1992 to enable her to be nearer her son and daughter in London but she remained in close contact with all her many friends in Dorset.

She suffered bravely throughout her life with badly ulcerated legs, never complaining and remaining jolly even in 1998 when she had to have her left leg amputated.

She was an exceptionally special lady, a wonderful friend and a lovely Mum. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her.



This year we were again blessed with "fair" weather for our annual fundraising event, which raised £1,033 84p, including donations for the Church Tower Winter Lighting Scheme, run by Christine Cornish. So congratulations and heartfelt thanks to a11 who helped to make the day such a success, those who ran stalls and sideshows and served cream teas, the church tower stewards, and all our visitors who bought and gave so generously.

We also thank Mr. and Mrs. Jones and the Sorrel family for their kind permission to use their land. The tractor rides are a must for next year!

                                                                        The Church Wardens


Saturday, 13th. September, l0am to 6pm.

'This year, Bob White, my sister Penny and I will be visiting all the Bride Valley churches with a group of young people from our village, finishing at the beautiful church of St. Michael & All Angels, Little Bredy in time for a picnic lunch. This is a delightful cycle route- not too strenuous! If anyone would like to join us, please contact me for more details and sponsor forms on: 897241. I can promise a lovely morning out, and a chance to raise money for the Trust, half of which will benefit St. Martin's church.                                                             

        Janet Lane


THE HARVEST SUPPER Wednesday, 24th September, 7.30pm.

Please note the early date for this year's event. Our Rector will be joining us for the last time before he and Pam retire, so book your place now to avoid disappointment. Tickets are available now from the church wardens, Jo Warren, and Doris Benselin.

As usual we would much appreciate offers of food, and general help with preparation, serving, and washing up afterwards!

The Church Wardens

WORLD'S BIGGEST COFFEE MORNING IN AID OF MACMILLAN CANCER RELIEF Thursday, 25th. September, l0.00a.m. to 11.30a.m.

This is to be held in the Village Hall, and will include a Bring and Buy, Cake and Plant stalls, and a raffle. Offers of raffle prizes will be very welcome. Please come along and support this event, and enjoy homemade biscuits with your coffee.

Janet Lane



Sunday, 28th September, at 4.00p.m.

Everyone is invited to this special service of thanksgiving and praise at St. Martin's church. Our Rector will officiate at this, his last service in the Bride Valley, and the younger members of our church family will present a celebration of the harvest season.

"There will be a special party in the Village Hall after the service, when we bid farewell to John and Pam as they start their retirement.

The Churchwardens


Shipton Gorge Village Society

The new date ( weather permitting! ) for the Walkabout Treasure Hunt is Saturday, 6th September. Come along to the New Inn Car Park after 6.00pm and bring £1.00 for your clues. All children must be accompanied. Treasure awarded to the highest score.

All in the Bride Valley are invited to this light-hearted village event. Afterwards, there will be a barbecue in the car park.

If the weather is very wet, the same time & place on Sunday.

Sue Brown


Shipton Gorge Village Hall 100 Club

Winners for the August Draw


No. 52




Joyce Rosamund

No. 13


Edward Burt



Village Correspondent: Sid Marshall

3 Green Barton, Swyre Tel: 897318



September 7th - Evening Prayer

This will be shared with Chilcombe, and will be at their very ancient church at 6.30pm (as usual). 


September 21st - Harvest Thanksgiving

Our Harvest Service will be at 11.00am on this day, and we look forward to a well-supported Service in our Parish of farms and gardens, coastline and woods.  We will be joined by the Puncknowle congregation who are not having a Service in their church this day. 


September 28th - United Service at Puncknowle

See Puncknowle notes for this important occasion. 

The Annual Fete at Puncknowle Manor

Again see Puncknowle notes for news and views on this amazing day. 

Anthony Ashwell

 Puncknowle and Swyre Parish Council 2nd September 2003

The Parish Council will meet on Tuesday 2nd September in Puncknowle Church Hall, at 7.30pm.


Would you like a shopping trip to Poole without having to drive?

See details under Puncknowle and West Bexington. ( Page 28)



 This year's three excavations had varied results but most of our objectives were reached. Digging was inevitably slowed down because of the extreme heat of the first few days and thanks are due to all the volunteers for coping with it.  At Swyre Gregory Miller's Tenement was definitely located although only the very bottom of the foundations remain. Progress here was also interrupted by the need to remove the contents of the Victorian/Edwardian rubbish-dump that replaced the house. When all the finds from this are washed and sorted they will give us a good idea of Swyre in the nineteenth century. Among the foundations of the house were finds dating to around 1700, including half a very fine imported German stoneware tankard.


The digs at Chilcombe can be summarised as "finds and no structures" on the village site in the field, and "structures and no finds" on the manor-house site. Despite all structural remains having been removed by ploughing and stone clearance the trenches and test pits on the village site produced a rich haul of medieval pottery running from the 12th century until the mid-14th century, when the population that survived the worsening climate and the Black Death were probably moving down the hill to settle in Swyre. The test pit on the site of the demolished manor house showed that the survival of architectural remains was much greater than expected. The location was chosen on the basis of parch marks in the grass, the parching being the result of turf sitting directly on a very solid wall. The nicely plastered inner surface of the wall was followed downwards for nearly 70cm and there was clearly a good way to go beyond that. The trench will help pinpoint the manor house on the map and contribute to reconstructing its original appearance and layout.


Thank you to the Yeates family, Mr and Mrs Fry of Chilcombe Farm, and Mr and Mrs Hubbard of Chilcombe House for permission to dig and access to the sites; to  Mr and Mrs Garry of Modbury Farm for hosting the finds centre for National Archaeology Days and Mr and Mrs S, Ward for machining off the undergrowth at the Swyre site; to Alison Johnstone and Years 5 and 6 of Thorner's School for their interest and assistance with pot washing; to Ciorstaidh Hayward-Trevarthen and Lorraine Mepham for expert help at the finds centre; to Kathy Verkooijen for the painting reconstructing old Swyre; to Bridport Museum and Bridport Tourist Information Office for help with displays and publicity.  Finally a thank you goes to all our helpers and volunteers who contributed to making our weekend very successful.


Over the weekend we had some 450 visitors and £90 was collected at the digs and finds centre which was distributed between Chilcombe and Swyre churches and Thorner's School.  Swyre church also received £60 from the raffle of a book autographed by "Time Team" which was kindly donated by their Community Fund.



Many thanks to Tim and Julie for enabling us to raise £160 from cream tea sales for Holy Trinity Church in Swyre.  Hope you all enjoyed them!



Just a reminder that the Community Vehicle will be at Puncknowle Bottom on Thursday 25th September between 5.30pm and 6.30pm.


Please be on the look out for any suspicious vehicles in the locality, the Police have warned us that there are known burglars operating in the area. If you see anything unusual either call Bridport police or ring 999.

Andrew Marshall 897732





Temporary address:-





Village Correspondent:  Elizabeth Slater

1, Lytton Close, Puncknowle, Dorchester DT2 9BH

Telephone: ( 01308 ) 897751


The Annual Fete

The date for this year's Puncknowle and Swyre Fete (with 20% of the proceeds going towards the maintenance of Puncknowle Hall) fell on 26th July.  The rain fell too .......!  But it wasn't a disaster, and despite the attendance being well down, some stalls cancelled or very restricted, and many bedraggled-looking folk, about £3800 was raised.  This is an amazing result and testimony to all the hardwork over many months and on the day, put in by the organisers and stallholders, and to the generosity of all who supported on the afternoon.  Our profoundest thanks to all, and to Jim and Sarah Wild who allowed us again the use of their glorious gardens (and one or two outbuildings). 


September 21st 11.00am Sunday Service

There will be no Puncknowle Service this day.  We are however all warmly invited to Swyre's Harvest Thanksgiving (with Holy Communion) at 11.00am.  Our congregation with Swyre's will make it a really celebratory occasion. 


September 28th United Service

On this Sunday our Service time will be 9.30am (not 11.00am) and will be a special Communion Service for all the Churches at the east end of the valley, after which we will say our goodbyes to John and Pam Atkinson and make our presentations. 

Anthony Ashwell


The Puncknowle and Swyre Church Fête

The Puncknowle and Swyre Church Fête Committee would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who helped make our 2003 fête a success in such adverse weather conditions. We felt we had to continue despite the weather and were pleased to see so many people enjoying their tea and the Punch and Judy in the church. We made £3800 on the day and have so far raised over £4000 as we continue to try and sell donated goods left over from the day. The amount raised vindicates our determination to carry on despite the rain and we were both amazed and pleased how many people helped and attended the fête in such appalling conditions. Our aim continues to be to preserve a traditional fête and provide a fun day whilst making money for the church hall and both churches;  your support in this is greatly appreciated.


Don't forget we always need help; if you would like to run a stall or help, please let us know. We're already thinking about next year! The date for 2004 has been set as July 31st so put it in your diary and let us know what you would like to run.



Fun for Puncknowle, Swyre and West Bexington People.

Friday 26 September, 7.30 - 10.00pm at Puncknowle Hall.  Nibbles  provided, bring your own tipple.  Everyone welcome. Come and go as you please.  Donations towards cost of hall/evening would be appreciated.                                                  

Contact Nos. 898492/897751


The Great Cycle Ride

The Dorset Historic Churches Cycle Ride will take place this year on Saturday 13 September.  It is a great day out for young and old alike so please support your local church. Sponsor forms may be obtained from Ann Roberts of Burwell Cottage, Puncknowle - phone 897716.



See Page 10 for report


Puncknowle and Swyre Parish Council

The Parish Council will meet on Tuesday 2nd September in Puncknowle Church Hall, at 7.30pm. This month's Parish Council meeting will be considering the future use of the Parish Field. We would urge anyone interested in using the field or who have opinions as to how it should be used to attend. We are seeking to establish what is known of the history of the field.


Arthur and Josephine Pearse are celebrating their Golden Wedding with an Open At-home in their front garden

on Saturday, September 6th from 3.15pm -5.00pm.
Entirely informal cream tea!

Just the time for a chat to friends and neighbours.
Positively no presents or flowers, but a collection for charity



 Would you like a shopping trip to Poole without having to drive?

You can on TUESDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 2003


Pick up at Puncknowle Village Hall at 9.30am

Pick up at Swyre Bull Inn at 9.45 am

Pick up at West Bexington, The Manor Hotel at 10am


Cost is £5 per person for journey there and back -payable when getting on the bus.


Pick up for return journey 2.00 pm at same point as drop off (Dolphin Centre)

(if you miss return pick up, you will have to make your own arrangements to get home)


Please phone 897743 and leave your name and number of seats required.

If this proves popular this could become a regular monthly outing.


If it doesn't get used it won't happen again!




 Just a reminder that the Community Vehicle will be at Puncknowle Bottom on Thursday 25th September between 5.30pm and 6.30pm.


Puncknowle Art Group

Thank you, Maureen, for a wonderful day of painting on July 11th and for coffee and lunch. Slape Manor gardens looked a picture. We must thank Sallie for a very creative morning with mosaic card on the 25th and with no meetings in August there should be plenty of our own work to look at on Sept. 5th on the subject of 'home' . On Sept 19th we will be painting together.                                                 Christine Molony

Please be on the look out for any suspicious vehicles in the locality, the Police have warned us that there are known burglars operating in the area. If you see anything unusual either call Bridport police or ring 999.

Andrew Marshall 897732


Don't forget to check the village website

to keep in touch with village events and find useful information


LITTON CHENEY                                                          

Village Correspondent:

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close




Sunday Service - September 28th

We will not be having a Church Service on this day.  Instead we are all invited to a special 9.30am United Communion Service in Puncknowle after which we will be saying our goodbyes to John and Pam Atkinson and making our presentations. 

Anthony Ashwell



The Great Cycle Ride

Calling all cyclists - visit as many (or as few) churches as you wish on Saturday 13th September between 10.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. - half the money you raise through sponsorship will go to the Dorset Historic Churches Trust (which provides financial support to churches in need in the county) and the other half will benefit your own nominated church.  There is an existing record for the most number of churches visited by a Litton rider - 38 - can you beat this?  Details of participating churches and sponsorship forms are available from Freddie Spicer 482617.



Litton Cheney Social Committee

Please join us for a circular walk on Saturday 13th September.  Meet at the bus shelter at 10 am and walk to Eggardon Hill stopping for lunch at the Spyway Inn.  Then home via Chilcombe.  Under 16s to be accompanied by an adult.  Please wear suitable boots and carry water/raincoat.  Please ring me on the day if the weather does not look promising.                                                                      Kathy Kourik 482552 Secretary

Next event - The Harvest Supper on 11th October - details next month.



Litton Cheney Playing Field Association

The Annual Family Fun Day will be taking place on Sunday 21st September starting at 10.30 am.  This year we will be having a volleyball competition as well as the football tournament.  There should be something from everyone, badge making, bouncy castle, barbeque, bar, coffee, cakes, tea, duck races, raffle and the lucky programme is for a Paul Adams original painting.  A Silent Auction will take place and the items include a cutlery set, exercise equipment, rocking chair, toys and more.  The money raised at this year's Fun Day will be to improve the playing field by fencing the children's play area.  If  you are able to help in any way or want to take part in the 6 a side football tournament or the volleyball competition please contact Paul or Elizabeth Kingston 482384 or Katharine Jones 482589.  See you at the playing field on Sunday 21st September for the Fun!




Litton Cheney Youth Club

Youth Club sessions recommence in September.  The junior session for those 8-12 years is from 6.30pm to 8.00pm and for those 13-17 years is from 8.00pm to 9.30pm.

Further details:  Paul Kingston 482384



Congratulations to Caroline Smart on a First Class BSc(Hons) in Maths and Statistics from Portsmouth University.


We wish Julia Bechervaise continued success who having acquired 4 grade A 'A' levels last year and after a year's hard work as a care worker starts to study Medicine at Cambridge next month.  Both Thorner's and Colfox school successes.


We hope all those who have had their 'A' level and GCSE results this year have achieved success.


We hope Philippa, Macauley, Megan, Madeline, Theodore and Keiran have a happy start to their school life at Thorner's.

Visit the web site for the latest news.

The group meets at The White Horse Inn

at 8 o'clock on the first Monday of each month.

All welcome.



LONG BREDY                                                         

Village Correspondent:

Mrs. Elinor Frost, Bridelands ( 482269 )


From the Registers

Holy Matrimony  2nd August 2003     Jessica Mentern to Rory McQuaid


It was a great privilege for me formally to marry this lovely couple and to share some of the Service with a Roman Catholic priest, Canon Walsh from Weymouth. 


Harvest Thanksgiving

Our Family Service on 21st September at 9.30am will be our Harvest Service, and is being put together by a farmer's wife!  Do please do your best to get to this important event in the church, farming and village year. 


September 28th - United Service at Puncknowle

See Puncknowle notes for this important occasion. 

Anthony Ashwell


As many of you know, Steve, Helen, Rachel and Rebecca Fox are leaving the village.  The whole family have played a large part in the life of our community for many years, mowing the churchyard, the fete, flowers, coffees and readings at the church.  Always ready to help in any way with village life.  We shall miss them all very much and wish them happiness in their new home in Bridport.



Three of our young people move on from Thorners to Sir John Colfox School in Bridport: Emma Batchelor, Lucy Cuff and Abigail Leatherby.  Best wishes to them on the next step of their education.



It is not too late to join in the Great Cycle Ride (walking or riding).  Ring me ( Elinor Frost ) for forms on 482269.




May I emphasise the Church Service arrangements on 21st and 28th September. 

21st September - 5.00pm - Harvest Thanksgiving and Tea. 

28th September - No Service. 

On this day we are encouraged to go to the United Service at Puncknowle after which we will make our presentations to John and Pam Atkinson. 

Anthony Ashwell




Thank you and congratulations to George Bowditch and Louise Kirby, who chose St. Michael & All Angels for their joint adult baptisms during August's Family Service.  This qualifies them for our Church Electoral Roll, which in turn enables them to marry here, and this is planned for September 2004.  The Baptism was a lovely occasion, and best wishes for the future to them both.


With the rest of the Team Ministry, we say farewell to our Rector, John Atkinson and his wife Pam at the end of September.  Although most of his ministry has been at the other end of the valley (missionary work in the wild west...?), it has always been a pleasure to see him here, and we wish them well in their retirement in Ledbury, Herefordshire.  John and the P.C.C. have agreed to alter the service pattern for September so that he will be able to lead our Harvest Festival Service, which will be at 5.00 p.m. on Sunday 21st September.  Judy Yates will be glad of volunteers and help to decorate the Church appropriately the day before, and it is hoped that children will bring small quantities of produce for symbolic presentation at the altar during the service.  This will be followed by a Harvest Supper in the Village Hall, which will have been organized in the meanwhile.  It is hoped that as many households as possible will come to Church and/or the harvest Supper that evening - all are very welcome.


Last month's magazine should have reminded people about the annual Historic Churches Trust sponsored cycle (or horseback) ride.  The idea is to visit as many local churches as possible - otherwise than by car! - on the 2nd Saturday in September (September 13th this year), with half of all sponsorship money being retained by the rider's nominated Church (the rest goes to the Trust).  We have benefited by these means in several recent years, and if anyone wants to contribute in this way in 2003, despite the short notice (and presumably the ride doesn't have to be on the specific day anyway), please let Sir Philip or Jim Armstrong know.


John & Pam 

Warmest good wishes for a very happy retirement

from all readers and all those who are involved in the production and distribution of the B.V.N. to


John  & Pam


We thank them for all they have done for The Valley over the past nine years - not least 108 contributions to the magazine without one mistake! We will miss them.

Lucky Ledbury!


            THE CHURCH

            OF ENGLAND




Interim report and results to May 2003 of the Financial Awareness Campaign

Of the 175 parishes to reply having completed a programme, 162 gave quantifiable results, which can be summarised as follows:

. Planned giving totals £3,128,175 - an increase of £785,993 with 1,576 additional planned givers.

. Weekly planned giving rises from an average of £6.22 to £6.82 - an increase of 9.6%. However, this is not all new giving as some of it will represent a change from unplanned to planned giving.

.           At the end of April, £2,429,250 of Share has been paid, which is just over 30% of the total for the year - 25% up on the same period last year. In addition, 9 parishes have recently carried out planned stewardship programmes and 19 replied to say 'Not yet'. There have been 43 replies from parishes that did not include full information or declined to carry out a programme, as they considered it either unnecessary or unsuitable for their circumstances. Of the remaining 217 parishes, 44 have made no contact before or after the FAC process.

Responding to the results, Canon Jeremy Oakes, Chairman of the Board of Finance, said, "We have still some way to go, but this is an encouraging achievement, and a fitting recognition of all the hard work carried out in many parishes across the Diocese."




  Cruelty to children must stop.  FULL STOP.


Local friendly group seeks new members

We are looking for new members to join our friendly group. We get together regularly to have coffee and a chat, whilst organising activities to raise money to make a real difference to the people our charity helps. 

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children's (NSPCC's) aim is to end cruelty to children. Thanks to continued support from you, the NSPCC is able to provide a range of services and education programmes. 

If you would like to join us or find out more, please contact Eleanor Pack, Local NSPCC Co-ordinator on 01823 346346 or e-mail: 

For more information about the NSPCC visit our website: