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St Mary's Burton Bradstock FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Litton Cheney


A few minutes to read this article and the rest of the Bride Valley News on another day of another week, in the month of May and getting on for half way through another year.  And where is this reading being done: in bed at the end of a busy day; over breakfast to the accompaniment of radio or television; whilst waiting for the potatoes to boil; during a mid-morning gardening break?  If you are like me, there is simply too much going on to be able to sit down at leisure with diary in hand, read the news fully and note down the significant events.  Time, we have been told, is money, and so every moment of every day should not be wasted.  We are to use our waking lives earning, saving or spending ideally, but certainly not busily. 

But is there really too much going on for us to find time to 'do nothing' (a contradiction in terms)?  Will our lives really be depleted if we are not filling every day with activity and entertainment?  Or are our lives being depleted because we fill every moment with activity and entertainment?  I rather suspect the last, and certainly the Christian is called to follow the example of Jesus, and take time out, to refresh the spirit, to be in touch with God. 

This May I'm going to make a real effort to remember individually each day, not because of a meeting or event I attend, but because of something I feel or encounter which makes me aware that I am a human being brought into existence by a loving God, rather than a reference on a credit card. 

If it's warm I'll have my breakfast porridge outside, and sit for a while listening to the music of the countryside.  I'll hear a buzzard mewing, a gull calling from the church tower, a wren announcing its presence in the hedge.  I'll smell new-mown grass later on in the day, and be aware of gardens full of beauty and fragrance.  I'll observe the trees greening up and the freshness of the new leaves.  I'll exult in the long warm evenings and the sun bedding down for the night.  I'll sit in a crowded place and pleasure in people walking by, all so individual, and all my brothers and sisters in creation.  Yes, something along these lines I will try and do everyday, so that when it is time to go to bed, I can thank God on my knees, especially for that little sight or incident which I had time to experience and which made the day unique.  I'll thank God too that I was able to have the freedom to take time-out, and pray for those for whom life means captivity for whatever reason. 

Anthony Ashwell


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Valley Notes

The Bride Valley Team Council holds its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 15th May at 7.30 pm at Puncknowle Church Hall.

Noyes Fludde (Benjamin Britten)

Salisbury Cathedral will be the setting for two spectacular performances of Noyes Fludde, presented by 300 children from nine schools in the Salisbury diocese, on 9th and 10th July at 7 pm.  Tickets (£5; £2 aged 16 and under), all unreserved, are available from Salisbury Playhouse (01722 320222).

Southern Cathedrals Festival - Salisbury 2003

This is to be held at the Cathedral from Wednesday 16th July until Sunday 20th July.  Posters are to come, but booking brochures are available from the Cathedral, tourist information centre, or by e-mailing, or sending an S.A.E. to 21 Harnwood Road, Salisbury, SP2 8DD


The group meets on Thursday evenings and alternates between Prayer and Bible Study.  Arriving from 7.30p.m. we begin at 7.45p.m. aiming to finish by about 9.15p.m.  All are most welcome.  For further details contact Paul ..., Tel ...

MAY 1    COLOSSIANS 2. 11-12    6 Baglake, Litton Cheney

MAY 8  PRAYER  West Lodge, Littlebredy

MAY 15    COLOSSIANS 2.13-15         12 Napier Close, Puncknowle

MAY 22  PRAYER      7 Norburton, Burton Bradstock



For the summer we shall be splitting into two, with the west end following the east end's Lent course on the Passion according to St. Mark, and the east end looking at the west end's 'Seven Deadly Sins', which the latter also examined in Lent.  All the sessions begin on Wednesdays at 7.30pm with refreshments and can last for up to two hours or so.  Please do come along if you can, you will be most welcome. 

East End

14th May               5 Green Barton, Swyre         'Two Deadly Sins'

28th May               The Old Rectory, Litton C.'Two more Deadly Sins'

11th June               The Rectory, Litton C.         St Mark, Chapter 16

25th June               Hillside, W.Bexington         'Yet two more Deadly Sins'

9th July  Pitcombe, Littlebredy                          ''The last Deadly Sin'

West End

7th May7 Norburton, B.Bradstock   St Mark, Chapter 11

21st May               Fir Tree Cottage, Shipton G.               St Mark, Chapter 12

4th JuneSt Catherine's Cross, S. G.  St Mark, Chapter 13

18th June               Windy Gap, Shipton Lane  St Mark, Chapter 14

2nd July 7 Norburton, B.Bradstock   St Mark, Chapter 15

16th July                Westfield, Shipton Lane     St Mark, Chapter 16

Anthony Ashwell


Pattern for lifelong learning.

"A voyage of discovery!"

This basic theological course for lay people, which was revised in 1999, will start again in September 2003. 

For the 300 or so students who have completed this revised course, it has proved to be a challenging and stimulating one.  Many have gained confidence in their studies and to question - for the course widens their experience of worship and gives people an opportunity to look at the Bible in a historical context as well as with the "eye of faith". 

The Bishop's Certificate is open to anyone who simply wants to explore the meaning and experience of the Christian faith and be clear about their commitment to it.  The course takes two years and is tutor-based.  The subjects explored are split into modules under the following themes: Why Worship?, Why study the Old Testament?, Why study the New Testament?, What has Doctrine and Church History to say to us?, Why worry?  What is right of a Christian?  The course ends with an open module for personal study. 

If this interests you, contact the Board of Parish Development by e-mail: or by calling 01722 411955 and asking for a brochure which will give you full details of what is involved.  You could also speak to me, as I have for the last year been a tutor on this fascinating course. 

Anthony Ashwell

Vicar's News

( i ) Anthony is now on line, but as he is rather wary of viral problems, please phone him for his e-mail address.

( ii ) From the beginning of May, Anthony takes over from the Rector as Rural Dean of Lyme Bay. He is pleased for the Bride Valley who therefore retain their "influence" in the Deanery and extremely relieved that his is a temporary appointment, maybe for less than twelve months.

QUIET DAY (June 5th) and RETREAT (June 3rd - 6th) at OTHONA

Our local Guild of Health Meditation Prayer group, as you know from our Diary of Events, meets regularly every first and third Thursday of the month right through the year at Othona. To celebrate annually we have a special Quiet Day. It is indeed a special day of worship and renewal, dedication and fellowship - open of course to everyone.

This year it is a bit different. We have Mother Ann Verena of CJGS, Kidlington (an Anglican community), leading us - not only for the Quiet Day itself, but for an extended Retreat. Othona offers this residentially for £80 (apply to the Warden, Tony Jaques tel:01308 897130), but any local person can ask to be a part of it just going for the days (three lunches for £12). Mother Ann Verena is much sought after to lead retreats, so we are very privileged to have her here with us. But the Quiet Day alone is a wonderful experience. Please bring your own sandwiches, and Othona gives us coffee, soup and tea (£4)!

Josephine Pearse (tel:01308 897784)

Mothers' Union    -  Thursday 22nd May at 2.00pm

Sue Brown will speak to us on her "Work with the Holy Fools." We will meet at "Hunter's Moon," Swyre Road, Puncknowle.

Yvette Smith ( 898219 )

Bridport and District Bible Society - Sponsored Walk

This year our Action Group is aiming to raise funds for various projects recommended by the Palestinian Bible Society and the Bible Society in Israel. About 1.2 million Arabs live in Israel of whom approximately 140,000 are Christians. It would be easy to succumb to despair when for years there has been mistrust and hostility between the ethnic communities. We continue to praise the Lord for those Christian leaders whose faithful teaching and courageous example bring glimmers of hope in that war-torn area of the Middle East.

The Palestinian Bible Society has appealed for our support for particular projects - namely, the distribution of scripture portions "God is our Shelter" to 10,000 families, with an accompanying song cassette celebrating the Easter Story in addition to funding colouring books and videos for children. A series of one day programmes planned for Palestinian children in refugee camps and beleaguered villages will show that God's love is stronger than all the hate which they have so sadly experienced around them.

The Bible Society in Israel stresses the need for Bibles among the Muslim population. The Society wants to develop its work among young people, Focusing on themes of Christian love and forgiveness, it is envisaged to establish a Christian youth centre, staffed by a part-time worker. There is a great need for Christian books, cassettes and videos.

May I encourage you to pray and support this work. One way of helping is actively to take part in our Sponsored Walk on Saturday, 10th May (10 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.) following designated footpaths around the beautiful Parish of Symondsbury. For sponsor forms, route maps and more information please contact..-

                Canon John  McDougal      01297-489408

or            Miss Hilary Mousley                          01308-897849

or            Mrs. Jan  Williams                               01297-560790


By your participation you will be throwing a lifeline to those whose mental scars can only be healed by God.

John McDougal ( Chairman:  Bridport & District Bible Society)

Thank you

Many thanks to our supporters of our Card Sale last month.  With donations (including one generous one from an unknown gentleman who called in - thank you so very much) and profits from sales, we have been able to send another £60 to the Bridport Social & Education Centre, a day centre for adults with learning disabilities which our daughter attends.  The Easter Egg was won by a lady who lives in Donkey Lane. 

Lesley Dove & Family

Bride Valley Scout Group

Thank you to everyone who attended the Coffee Morning at Puncknowle Church Hall on Saturday 22nd March.  We raised £275 towards our new building.  Thanks especially to Ruth Brierley for organising the event and to all who helped, donated items, and bought them too. 

A HUGE thank you to the Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers who used the occasion of the Coffee Morning to present the Bride Valley Scout Group with the magnificent sum of £1400!!  This was the profit from one of their popular race nights held last year in Portesham.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated. 

The Scout Group would also like to thank Celia Cummins of Burton Bradstock, for holding a Lent Lunch in her home last month in support of our new building.  The sum of £86 was given to the Group.  Thank you Celia, her helpers and those who supported the lunch. 

Steve Dove BVSG Chairman

Children's Society

Thanks to the marvellous efforts of all box holders throughout the year £99.88 was raised in the East End of the Valley. Your loyal commitment is greatly appreciated and will enable the work  of The Society to continue.

Thorner's CE VA Primary School

Earlier today I felt very proud to be associated with Thorner's as our Handball team won the Cluster Tournament.  Two teams from five of the small cluster schools met for their, now annual, competition.  This is the third year it has taken place and the standard of play has certainly increased, with more of the children and adults getting interested.  A number of the schools run after school clubs or have sessions at Bridport Leisure Centre with Tim Rowbotham, an ex-England coach who moved to the area and started by offering his services to promote handball.  Many of us had heard of the game but never contemplated playing it, or even teaching it to the children.  Tim introduced the rules; I remember him turning up with a bootful of equipment, cones, nets (similar in size to five-a-side goals) and special orange/pink hand size balls.  The pupils picked up the rules quickly, found it to be a fast and furious game where everyone scores goals and enthusiasm soon built.  This last term our year 5 and 6 pupils have been attending the Leisure Centre for thirty minutes swimming and 30 minutes handball with Tim.  One of our Teaching Assistants, Jo Moore started a club after school, all of which has enabled the children to practice their techniques, strategies and skills.  It all culminated with this afternoon's tournament where each school provided an A and a B team, played each of the other teams in one of two groups for four and half minutes. What an age it seems when sitting on the sideline!  The first two teams in each group went through to the semi-final. At this point we had to play Symondsbury, both teams being both nervous and excited at the same time, taking time to settle down and finding it difficult to find the goal, many shots going over the top.  One goal made all the difference and we were through. The second semi-final was Loders versus Powerstock, the reigning champions, all of us seemed to be shouting encouragement for Loders, who eventually won.  This meant we had to play Loders. There was a short time out to allow Loders a chance to recover after the semi-final.  The teams lined up, shook hands and wished each other all the best and then the whistle; the serious game was underway, players attacking and then retreating to defend as the opposition won possession.  First one way and then the other, attacking and then the next minute defending. You certainly had to have your wits about you, working as a team, encouraging on the pitch and on the sidelines.  It was very close and after full time it was 1-1 so they had to play extra time, the first to score would win. How that tension grew... you could see the determination of all the children not to let one another down.  Thorner's were awarded a penalty but were penalised when the player took steps after the line!!!!!!! So we were back to status quo, again up and down. Thorner's awarded an indirect free pass but yet again they could not take the lead.  On and on it went, up and down the pitch and eventually HURRAH we scored and the roof at Sir John Colfox Sports Hall nearly moved!  But why was I so proud?  Both teams supported each other, all players supported each other in the team, they cheered and clapped, appreciating the skill of the other teams taking part.  For those of us on the sideline, it was exciting and exhausting.  Do visit our website to see some of the pictures and look out for more reports when we take part in the Weymouth Beach event and the National Championships later in the term.

Alison Johnstone




There is a lot of support with people doing all sorts of different things to help the school prosper.


                  6 May    PTA meeting -  7.00-9.00pm kept to time

                26 May    Caribbean village and school fete

                14 June    Rounders fun evening

                23 July     Years 4/5 End of term party

100 CLUB

Lucky winners :- Coo Jones and Jo Lee

New members always welcome


The Sponsored Swim went very well, raising lots of money to get the pool back in use; a changing shed and heating are on the agenda for the Summer Term. Let's hope for lots of sun now.


Mrs Johnston's pupils and helpers put on a very good performance on the 8th April  providing for all tastes in  entertainment. Some members were brave enough to stand for the first time or alone. The butterflies were certainly fluttering for me and I was only watching. Even children who were off sick came in to support their fellow members. It struck me how supportive the children were even if the odd note or two went amiss. How lucky we are to have free democracy and freedom to express ourselves.

I was not brave enough to stand up and thank the cast but I sincerely did enjoy seeing new pupils and past members progressing with their individual talents. Thank you and well done.


Please keep the vouchers coming into school. They are very much appreciated.

First Steps Parent and Toddler Group meets on Wednesdays from 10.00am till 12 noon during term time. We offer toys and activities for all preschool children, coffee and chat for parents and carers. The group meets at Long Bredy Village Hall on the first, third and fifth Wednesdays of the month. On the second Wednesday we meet in Little Bredy Hall and on the fourth Wednesday we meet in either Little Bredy or Puncknowle. For further details contact: Jo (Litton Cheney) ... or Julie (Puncknowle) 897178 or Rachel (Kingston Russell and Long Bredy) 482246

Burton Bradstock School

For many schools in recent years the 'Merry month of May' has lost some of its gloss though not its significance.  May is the month of SATs.  As I ponder the changes to the tests for this year and wonder how our children will respond, I cannot help but reflect on those skills, abilities and experiences that cannot be measured.  Here are just a few examples.

Class 3 children recently took part in a residential visit to Leeson House, near Swanage.  This involved a range of outdoor environmental activities which, as well as being educationally extremely valuable, happened to be fun too.  The children had a great time and so did the staff though perhaps in a different kind of way!

The end of the spring term signalled a flurry of sporting events.  These began with the Cluster Schools Netball Tournament which the team won for the second year running.  We congratulate the team and also Mrs Jenny Gape our hard working trainer and manager.  The next day we were one of twenty teams contesting the 6 a side football tournament at St. Mary's Bridport.  After a disappointing start when we lost to St. Michael's, Lyme Regis ( who went on to win the trophy ) I was very pleased with the way in which we rallied, re-organised and remained unbeaten for the last three games.  Friendly matches followed against Symondsbury with both the netball and football teams winning.  I would like to thank Chris Wilkinson, Tim Robottom and David Gape for their continuing support of our sporting activities. The Cluster Handball Tournament at Colfox School was another enjoyable occasion and congratulations to Thorners who won this year's tournament.

Whilst the 'Statutory Assessment Tests' do indeed loom large for schools at this time of year, it is nevertheless important for us to remember that they are but a snapshot of a child's attainment.  We shall continue to endeavour to provide opportunities for those unquantifiable activities which undoubtedly contribute to children's wider development.  Whether or not the P.T.A. fundraising 70s Disco for parents and villagers fell into this category last term I'm not sure, but thanks go to everyone who enabled and participated in such an enjoyable escape into yesteryear.

Mark Stratta

March 100 Club Winners:

                £20 - Mr Harrington

                £10 - Mr Cole

                  £5 - Mr Maude

Bride Valley Giant Sunflower Competition

Potted sunflowers are available from Paul Kingston (482384), the cost being £1 per plant with all proceeds going to Litton Cheney Youth Club.  A trophy will be awarded to the growers of the tallest sunflower (to be measured in September) and an additional trophy awarded if the competition record of 2.93 metres is beaten.  Monthly updates will report on the progress of the competition.

Litton Cheney Youth Club is open to all young people between the ages of 8 and 17 years from Litton Cheney and the surrounding area.  For details of their meetings in May please contact Paul Kingston 482384.


The next meeting will be on Wednesday 14th May when we meet at the North Wing 1 entrance of Dorset County Hospital at 7 pm for a tour of the Art by Alex Coulter

Dorset Public Libraries promote the BBC Big Read

Dorset libraries are supporting the BBC in its search to find the nation's favourite novel. Readers can pick up a voting card from their library and display their choice on the Books Bulletin Board. Readers can also use the People's Network computers to share their choice by writing a brief review on the Open Books website                                                                                                    

The Top 100 books will be announced later in the month and over spring and summer readers are encouraged to read and talk about their favourites. Later in the year the top 10 will be released and voting for the number one will take place in the autumn.

Dorset County Council's Libraries and Arts Service supports reading choices and reading groups through their Open Books Reading Group Service. Information Packs are available through the libraries or by calling 01305 224656

Book Launch Party

Nigel Capon has written a book called "Emerging" which is being published. It is being launched at a big party at Pilsdon Community on Saturday 17th May at 4.00pm. The book is in the form of a diary which he kept whilst living there; it gives some insight into community life and what it is like to suffer from a form of mental illness. It is the first book of its type to come on to the market. Anyone who wishes to have a copy and cannot make it to the party can reserve a copy by ringing Nigel Capon on 01308 867001.                                                                                              N.C.


Our Chairperson, Dorothy, invites you to come along to our Plant Mini Sale to be held on Saturday May 10th from 2.00pm in the School, Litton Cheney. Anyone who can offer plants, seedlings, bulbs etc. please bring them to the School during the morning of that day.

Dorothy says "that now, hopefully, the winter has passed  it is good to see the plants and bulbs re emerging in the garden, do beware though - we have the blackthorn winter when young shoots and buds could be damaged, so be wary of planting out too soon".

Tle evening meetings do not take place now until the new season starts in October.

Norma Millard  Secretary  897774

Plant Sale

Perennials and bedding plants ( a number of unusual ones ) will be on sale at The Red House, Middle Street, Burton Bradstock on Friday 16th May 10.00am  - 12.30pm.;  proceeds  in  aid of  the Church  Mission  Society (Registered Charity 220297). Everyone welcome to clear the stock!


Last year was a bumper year for the NGS in Dorset as an astonishing £70,000 was raised, which was £20,000 more than in 2001. Nationally, £2.2 m was raised.

Garden Open in May

Sunday May 18th     2.00pm - 6.00pm     The Old Rectory  Litton Cheney


The Sea Cadet Corps is a voluntary youth organisation for boys and girls between the ages of ten and eighteen years. The aims are to develop in them the qualities of self-discipline, leadership and, most important, service to the community.

Obviously the Corps will attract those boys and girls who have an interest in the sea and whose instincts, subconscious perhaps, have that deep in-bred inheritance of a maritime nation. The Corps provides the support, training and enthusiasm they need to stimulate the importance of the sea and its use to this great island of ours.

The Corps, in order to achieve these aims, bases its efforts on the high standards of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines.

The Sea Cadet Corps have afforded the registration as a Charityunder the Charities Act 1960 and are also recognised by the Government Ministries dealing with education and training.

So, we have a voluntary organisation, dedicated to training young men and women in the traditions of the Royal Navy and under the official control of the Commander-in-Chief of Home Command.

The Corps itself is run by volunteer uniformed officers and staff with corresponding naval rank, but the overall responsibility for proper management of the units rests in a Chairman and Committee made up of local citizens; they are required to provide the unit with its headquarters and to heat, light and maintain it. They also provide means of transport in the form of a mini-bus and  boats and canoes for waterborne activities.

The Bridport unit of Sea Cadet Corps is well established having been formed in June 1967 and been active ever since.

Today, with all the distractions and the materialistic outlook prevalent in adult society it is essential for the future of the nation that our young people are given every chance of partaking in what, perhaps, is the greatest comradeship of all, the service unit. The chance to work with others, to study, train and play with their fellows of similar age is every youngster's right. Through the unit they are also encouraged to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award System. Here in the Sea Cadet Corps we have the opportunity to help them. Let us take positive steps to see that our own Sea Cadet Corps is in a position to offer our youngsters the training for life that they have a right to have. The unit meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7-9.15pm at their HQ in Pottingham Playing fields. Further information can be obtained from the Commanding Officer Lt Andy Gordon on 07774-633419 or the Administration Officer Mr John Bosher, on 01308-423541 or the Treasurer Mr Cliff Casstles, MBE on 01308-425881.

South West Coast Path - Silver Jubilee

This year marks the Silver Jubilee of this footpath which passes through the confines of Burton Bradstock.

To celebrate, the Parish Council have organised a walk on 10th May commencing from the West Bay Car Park (SY 464903 ) under the cliffs near the West Bay Hotel, stopping for coffee at the Hive Cafe and on to Cogden Beach ( SY 502881 ). Any queries please contact the organiser:-

The Footpath Officer  Dr. Tony Smith    01308 897020.


Anniversary Events for May

Sat   3rd -   RAFA Coffee Morning   United Church

Mon 5th -   Friends of the Millennium Green,   Maypole Dancing

                 -   Royal British Legion Sponsored Walk

Sat l0th  -  Choral Society

Wed 28th -Bridport Heritage Forum talk Town Hall


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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125


Mid Week Worship

 Holy Communion   Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory                                                                       

Choir Practices                   Fridays at 6.00 p.m.

Bell Ringing Practices      Thursdays at 7.00pm

Gift Sunday                        18th May      The Salisbury / Sudan Link

The next Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held on Friday 2nd  May at 11.00 am.

 The next Healing Services at St Mary's will be held on Mondays 12th May and 16th June, each at 7.00 pm.


Baptism                   6th April                              Emily S. Herbert

Funerals                                17th March                            G. May Bechervaise

                                                19th March                            R. Anne Pankhurst

                                                27th March                            Nancy C. Hawksford

                                                  9th April                              Trudy F. Hodgson

Burial of Ashes   27th March                            Nancy C. Hawsford

                                                  4th April                              John C. Shenton

                                                10th April                              Dorothy E. Austin

                                                10th April                              Lilian E. Read

LENT LUNCHES  The amounts raised were as follows:-


March   7th Trade Craft     Porthkerry, Shadrack  182

         14th Alzheimer's Society                The Rectory  240

                21st Children's Society  9 Barr Lane  186

         28th        The Scout Hut Appeal        Grove House, Grove Road                    86

April             4th        Chideock Aid for RomaniaThe Rectory                          186

                   11th        St Mary's Church                The Old Butchers, Grove Rd.  180

Thank you very much indeed to those who hosted the lunches and to those who made the super soups which were provided, to all the helpers, and to everyone who came along and gave their donations.

Pam Atkinson

Thank you very much to everyone who helped to decorate the church with flowers for Easter, and to Ann Read for the Easter Garden. Donations for the Easter flowers were made in memory of family and friends.

Pam Atkinson

For all St Mary's Church Flower Ladies  We are having a get-together, so please do try and come to coffee at the Rectory on Thursday 8th May at 10.30 am.                 

Pam Atkinson

The Annual Meeting chose Mr Howard Bongers and Mr. Basil Dent as Churchwardens; elected to the Parochial Church Council Mr Maurice Ackland, Mrs Lesley Dove, Miss Hilary Mousley, Captain Peter Oldridge, Mr Michael Read, Mr Graham Rees and Dr Tony Smith.                                                              

Elected to represent us on the Bride Valley Team Council were Mr Dent, Captain Oldridge and Mr Rees.

Mr Bongers was subsequently re-appointed by the Parochial Church Council as its Honorary Secretary, and Mr Rees re-appointed Honorary Treasurer. Mr Ackland was re-appointed Electoral Roll Officer and Wing Commander Tame Gift Aid Secretary.

Do pray from time to time for your church officers and P.C.C. members.

The Parochial Church Council next meets on Monday 19th May at 7.00 pm.

The Salisbury Branch of The Prayer Book Society visits Burton Bradstock on Saturday 10th May.  We shall welcome its members, and their speaker Mr Clifford Longley, to the village, and to St Mary's for Evensong at 4.45 pm.


Burton Bradstock Web Site Committee

You are invited

to an


 at Burton Bradstock School

Commencing 7:30 p.m - 9:30 p.m. (approx. finish)

on Wednesday 14th May - with Wine & Nibbles.

You will have the opportunity to:

·  See the school and hear about the latest facilities
·  Hear about the latest web site developments & see for yourself some of the new material (help will be on hand).
·  Discuss your Adult Computer Training needs.
·  Discuss your requirements and identify missing topics on our web site or in our related activities.
·  Hear about some of the exciting village research activities - you could be involved if you'd like.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Please come along if you can - we would welcome your feedback to ensure that the web site & the training courses meet your needs.   If you have completed the questionnaire in the May BVN, please bring it with you.

Ken Pett (897 550) - Secretary BB Web Site Committee

Burton Bradstock Village Society

Does anyone know the origin of "Hallo, Sailor"?  Captain Bob Thornton of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service playfully suggested it was the rallying call to drunken French matelots in reply to Nelson's "England Expects" command.  For those who are puzzled, imagine you are the British Admiral and raise a telescope to one eye, visualise the words "A l'eau - C'est l'heure!  (To the water - it's time!) and say them out loud phonetically.  On this note of nautical nonsense, Captain Thornton then went on to describe the role of this very essential service.   

Eighteen months ago, with foresight bordering on the uncanny, our Programme Secretary had booked Captain Thornton to speak at the March 2003 meeting of the Burton Bradstock Village Society.  With projected slides he informed us that the RFA has a civilian-manned flotilla of 22 ships owned by the Ministry of Defence.  20 of them are currently operational and 16 are out in the Gulf, supplying our forces with food, fuel, ammunition and spares.  As I write, the Sir Galahad has been busy delivering humanitarian aid to Southern Iraq.  The RFA provides the Royal Navy with sea-borne aviation training facilities, as well as secure logistical support and amphibious operations capability for the Royal Marines and the British Army.  Pride of the fleet is RFA Argus, equipped with a hospital complex including 2 operating theatres, a CAT scanner and beds for 100 casualties.  3 new supply ships are currently under construction, 1 of which is to be named "Lyme Bay".

Captain Thornton, MNI, RFA, is currently studying for Master of Defence Administration at the Royal Military College of Science at Shrivenham.  His previous appointment was to RFA headquarters in Portsmouth Naval Base, where he was responsible for manpower and training for the service.  His last seagoing appointment was the command of RFA Argus.

The grand finale to our Society's year is approaching.  Please come along to the AGM at 7.30 pm on Friday, 16th May in the W.I. Hall, followed by buffet and wine.  Then there is our Coffee Morning on Thursday, 12th June and, perhaps the highlight of the year, the Flower and Produce Show on Saturday, 12th July.  Exhibits are invited from anyone living in the Parish of Burton Bradstock, so please help to make it another bumper Show! 

Carol Lumley, 897365


Chris Clarke chaired our April meeting and welcomed guest W.I. Adviser Wendy Chalu. I spent the first part of our meeting with my eyes closed, having my face cleansed and pampered and was expertly made up with Clarins of Paris quality products by Beautician Linda Brailford of Goulds Dorchester. Mary Bailey thanked her for the many useful tips and the invitation to call in at the Beauty Salon at the shop.

The new W.I Year starts in April now, so we had a brief Annual meeting with summary of the last five months- Diana Edwards, retiring Hall Bookings Officer, was thanked and presented with a gift. Carol Lumley gave an explicit account of the Spring Council meeting in Weymouth in her unique humorous style and Wendy Green, just returned from a holiday in New Zealand, gave her account of a meeting with our Link Group over there when she was overwhelmed with their enthusiastic hospitality. Our new Water Colour Challenge Trophy, given by Joan Dady, was presented by Wendy Chalu to Jill Spinney whose painting received the most votes. Chris Clarke thanked everyone who supported the Easter Coffee morning when £152.00 was raised for the Hall Repairs. We have spare seats for an outing to Knighthayes Court near Tiverton on 25th June. If you would like to join us ring Virginia Harvell on 897022. The cost is £7.50 for the coach fare  and an additional £5.00 for NON N.T. Members.

Jill Spinney.



 2.00pm - 4.00pm



Bottle Tombola~Garden Plants~Children's Toys~Bric-a-Brac & More

Face Painting and Games




N.B. Church Street will close on Monday 26th May 2003, between 12.30 and 5.30 pm

Val & Derek Parsons wish to thank those who kindly supported their Frugal Lunch either in person or by sending a donation. The sum raised was in excess of £180 and will be cedited to the Fabric fund of St.Mary's Church.

For information and news check out more of the Burton Bradstock website

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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White

Eastcote, 3 Gullivers Orchard, Shipton Gorge




Baptism                                 23rd March                            Ethan J. Townsend

                                                                30th March                            Benjamin S. Hardie

The Annual Meeting chose General Sir Geoffrey Howlett and Mrs Janet Lane as Churchwardens; elected to the Parochial Church Council Mrs Bee Epplestone, Mr Colin Green, Mrs Elizabeth Langran, Mrs Molly Roast, Mrs Jo Warren and Mr Bob White.

Elected to represent us on the Bride Valley Team Council were General Sir Geoffrey Howlett, Mrs Jo Warren and Mr Bob White.

Mrs Warren was subsequently re-appointed by the Parochial Church Council as its Honorary Secretary, and Mrs Langran re-appointed Honorary Treasurer. Mrs Pam Bates was re-appointed Electoral Roll Officer.

Do pray from time to time for your church officers and P.C.C. members.


This joyful service took place on a lovely warm afternoon, and a full Church took part in the baptism of Benjamin Simon Hardie.

Children sang a song and read a poem to give thanks for their mothers, and presented them with posies after special prayers led by Laura Brown, After the service, Simnel cake was distributed among the congregation.



Everyone is invited to our next informal Service for families at St Martin's Church on Sunday 25th May at 3. 00 pm. Do come and join us, and afterwards for tea and treats in the Village Hall.



We are pleased to welcome four young ringers, who joined the tower in March and are being taught with the help of experienced ringers from Maiden Newton and Walditch. Initially the clappers were tied to silencethe bells, but once the basic handling had been mastered, the bells were allowed to ring normally.

On the 7th January a Quarter Peel of Bob Doubles was rung by a 'senior citizens' team.

On the 14th March a Quarter Peel of Single Oxford Minor was rung by a team from the Wyke Regis area.

On the 10thMay the tower will be open from 10.00 to 11.00am for ringing by members of the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Bell Ringers (SDGBR) as part of the Guild Festival. On the evening of the 17th May there will be a practice of the West Dorset Branch of the SDGBR.

ColinGreen -  Tower Correspondent 01308 898334



This event will be held in the Village Hall on Saturday 14th June 10.30 to 12.00; please come along with a Rooted Potted Plant, enter it in the draw, enjoy a coffee and a chat, then draw the number of the plant you will be taking home. Coffee/Tea and Biscuits - 30p. There will also be a Raffle


We are arranging a Coach Trip to Exbury Gardens on Tuesday 27th May leaving the New Inn at 10.00 and leaving the Gardens at 4.00. Entrance to the Gardens will be £4.50 ( O.A.P ) & Adults £5.00. If you are interested in going could you please ring Sally Parker on 897168. The cost of the coach will be arranged later.




Open Days:

Tuesdays 3rd  & 10 th June

 2.00 pm  - 7.00 pm.

Adults £ 2.00   Children 50p

Varied Hillside Garden - Formal Rose Garden

Cream Teas & Plant Stall.

Tuesday 3 rd June .... Proceeds to Shipton Gorge Church

Tuesday 10 th June .... Proceeds to Elizabeth Finn Trust.       ( Support & Care for Professional People)


Not suitable for wheelchairs


Datalink is a simple but effective way of making health information available to the emergency services in the event of illness or accident in the home. The scheme is aimed at vulnerable people living alone whose age, medical or physical condition increases their risk of being debilitated alone in the home.

A 'Datalink' kit contains a form, which holds information about a person's medical condition, prescribed medication, allergies, next of kin and doctor's details. This information is placed in a recycled filmcontainer and stored in the fridge.

Special stickers, known to the emergency services, are placed on the container, theoutside of the fridge and on the inside of the front door to alert those present. Datalink saves valuable time in reaching next of kin, and could save lives by giving paramedics immediate information about health conditions or allergies.

If you are not aware of this scheme and are interested, please refer to your local Homewatch contact ( names on Village Hall notice board ) or call me on 897821                                                         Frank Rogers Co-ordinator

Shipton Gorge Village Hall Trust

The Annual General Meeting of the Shipton Gorge Village Hall Trust will be held in the hall on Tuesday 13th May 2003, commencing at 7.30pm.

Please attend and thereby support the continuation of this vital village amenity.                                                                 Richard Hewlett Secretary

The Frugal Lenten Lunch -About 20 people enjoyed the choice of 4 home made soups followed by rolls and cheese. Many thanks to all who helped and made soups. The Pilsdon Community benefited by a cheque for £95.

Shipton Hall 100 Club

Winners for the April  Draw:-

                £20          No.  95    Chris Morgan                      

                £10          No.  71    Table Tennis Club



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Chilcombe Church




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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Sid Marshall

3 Green Barton, Swyre



From the Registers

Burial of Ashes

Rosemary Warren on 14th April 2003. 

Rosemary died very suddenly and peacefully at her house at Poundbury.  After her funeral in Dorchester her cremated remains were laid to rest with those of her husband Joe.                                       Anthony Ashwell

Swyre Village

You will have noticed how smart the village is looking, with the wonderful display of daffodils, and the work done to clear the wall. The seat usually sited near the phone box, has not been stolen, it is being renovated, and is in various pieces throughout the village. "Nora's seat," to be found in Back Lane, has been painted and looks like new.

For the first time the village has entered the "Best kept Village Competition." The Competition encourages tidy and litter free villages, attention is paid to an obvious pride in appearance and the upkeep of all public areas and buildings, including church yards, telephone kiosks, notice boards, seats, approaches to farmyards and public houses, planted areas, verges, hedgerows and streets. Thanks to the villagers, who have been doing the clean up operation, Julie Lewis, Alison Ward, Peter May, Gordon Gleave, David Ford, and Peter Yeates, and to Graham Purchase for grass cutting. We can all do our bit to keep the village tidy, and looking attractive, let's go for it. There are other projects in the pipeline and if you would like to help, speak to Julie or Peter M.


Puncknowle and Swyre Parish Council 6th May 2003

The Parish Council will meet on the 6th May in Puncknowle Church Hall, followed by the AGM of the Parish Council. There will be no poll for the seats on the Parish Council for Swyre. There were only two nominations for the two council seats, and therefore the nominees, Ken Martin and Madeline Marshall, are returned unopposed to serve on the new Council from 1st May 2003.


Puncknowle and Swyre Parish Meeting 20th May 2003

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held in Puncknowle Church Hall, on the 20th May, this meeting is serviced by the Parish Council, but is an opportunity for everyone to participate. Speakers will report on various aspects of Village life, and anyone wishing to be included on the Agenda should contact the Parish Clerk, Anna Lovell, on 897322


Archaeology Weekend 19/20 July 2003

A reminder that anyone who wishes to take part in the dig this year please contact Julie Lewis Tel 897003.



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 Village Correspondent: Elizabeth Slater

1, Lytton Close, Puncknowle, Dorchester  DT2 9BH

Telephone: (01308) 897751



Puncknowle Art Group

On March 7th we had a very lively talk by Jane Burden on Kandinsky. Jane brought a number of thought-provoking pictures and there was much discussion on the subject. We had a drawing session on March 21st.

Dates for May are: -

2nd  - A look at members' work on a given topic

30th - Painting at Rosie's, Litton Cheney.

May 16th  Our 17th ANNUAL ART EXHIBITION at The Crown. This year we are supporting Guide Dogs For The Blind. A host of new pictures will be on display from 11.30am onwards.

Christine Molony

Bride Valley Fledglings

Thanks, again, go to everyone who turned up at our Coffee Morning/Photo Session; on the day we raised around £130.00 and over £90.00 in commission.

Our T.V. Trivia Quiz seemed to have gone very well; there were seven entries with a top score of 50. Alison Ward, the Treasurer at Fledglings, had the honour of making the draw. The Winner was a Miss Charles of Dorchester who won the £20.00 prize and the other six people who scored 50 received a Gel writing pen. Thank you all for supporting us in selling and buying of the Quiz Sheet. Our next Quiz will be out at the end of July.

Our Open Morning for future parents and children will be on the 15th May at the play-group, between 10.00 and 11.30 am. This is a good chance for new mums to bring along their children for a short time, have a chat and mingle with the other children. Funding is now available for the term after the child is three, and everyone is entitled to five sessions per week. At present we have children who will be attending both Burton and Thorner's Schools, so if you have any spare sessions to fill up in September, please feel free to come along and talk to us. We are open Mon, Tues and Thurs, 9.15-11.45 am at the Church Hall, Puncknowle.

I would like to say thank-you to Pam and Sally's dad for coming in to read to the children and to Charlie Pack [the Fireman] for coming into play-group and talking to the children.

And, finally, welcome to Francesca Dewburst who has just started with us.

Dates for the Diary:-

                Open Morning 15th May, 10.00 - 11.30am

                Fun Night and Bar-b-que    Sat July 26th at 7.00pm at  The Crown, Puncknowle

Summer Quiz is on sale from the end of July

Sue Talbot Administrator 01308 482204


Our next get-together will be on Friday 30 May 7.30 - 10pm in the Puncknowle Hall. A light-hearted INTERNATIONAL evening to meet, to enjoy yourself and suggest ideas for further fun evenings. It is suggested you bring something interesting and simple in the food and/or drink line (eg Bombay Mix, Frankfurters) towards an international supper. Everyone is welcome - young and old. Come and go as you please.

David, Liz and Yvonne: Contact Nos. 898492/897751

Scouting Thanks

Very many thanks to everybody who donated goods and supported the Coffee Morning for the Bride Valley Scout Group. This raised £275 for our 'New Hut Appeal'. Thank you.                                       Ruth Brierley, Dairy House.

Puncknowle and Swyre Church Fete Saturday July 26

People are already working to make this a wonderful event. Please turn out any unwanted gifts, books, toys, bric-a-brac and 'white elephants' you may have for the various stalls. New ideas, too, are always welcome. Also if you can help in any way with any of the stalls, sewing or knitting and selling draw tickets please let us know as soon as possible. Please contact David Jenkins 897225, Ann Roberts 897716 or Jan Dixon 897301. Many thanks.

Puncknowle and Swyre Parish Council

This month's Parish Council Meeting on the 6th May will be also the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.

There are to be no elections for our Parish Council on May 1st due to there being too few nominations and in consequence we will be seeking to co-opt 3 members. Should anyone wish to be considered they will need to contact the clerk on Tel 897322 as soon as possible

In the name of democracy, I remind you all to vote for the District Elections, polling day being the 1st May 2003.

20th May   We will hold the Annual Parish Meeting which is an opportunity for everyone to participate, it is serviced by the Parish Council, but otherwise is a free-for-all session. We hope to have speakers to report on the different aspects of village life, and anyone wishing to be included in the Agenda should contact the clerk 897322                                                                                                                                                               

                                                                                             Anna Lovell

The Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers

Congratulations on raising the magnificent total of over £3,635 last year! Further details of this and a diary of this year's events at The Crown is to be found below.  Meanwhile, don't forget a BBQ with "All Shook Up" at 7.30pm on Saturday 24th followed by Sunday Brunch there on the 25th May from 10.30am in aid of the fund. 

The Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers

Following this year's A.G.M. we are pleased to say we have had another very successful year.

These  donations have been made over the past 12 months:-

Bride Valley Fledglings                               £500.00

Bride Valley Scouts                                 £1400.00          

Bridport Lions                                            £170.00

British Lung Foundation                              £100.00

Cancer Research UK                                £277.00

Childrens' Christmas Party                           £30.00

Dorset Air Ambulance                               £201.71

Litton CheneyPlaying Field                         £100.00

Long Bredy Village Hall                             £100.00

Mc Millan Cancer Relief                              £70.00

Puncknowle Jubilee party                           £637.24

Rainbow Trust                                             £50.00

This Year's Total                                  £3635.95        

This brings our total donated over the past seven years to £29,122.14. A big thank-you to all who have helped along the way.

If you know of an organisation,charity or individual who may benefit from a donation please write, for consideration,  to:-


Emma Foster c/o The Crown Inn  Punknowle

As ever the organisation for this year's fundraising is underway;  here are some dates for your diary:-

Sunday Brunch -10.30am:-                      

               25th May                                                                                  29th June

               20th July  with The Wessex Military Band at 12  noon

               17th August

24th May  7.30pm    All Shook Up & BBQ

26th July                                                   Bride Valley Fledglings Fun Night

  9th August             7.30pm    Music ( to be arranged ) & BBQ

23rd August             7.30pm    Music ( to be arranged ) & BBQ

  7th September                           Military Band Night & BBQ

Dont forget to check the village website to keep in touch with village events and useful information

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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents:

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close


From the Registers


John Daubeney of Fourmeads Farm, who died on 14th March, and for whom a 'standing-room-only' Church gave thanks to God on 21st March.  At the Service almost £800 was given to Cancer Relief in memory of John.  He will be profoundly missed, above all by Jacqui, Ralph and Edward to whom we send our deepest sympathy. 

Altar Kneeler Dedication

I was privileged to lead a lovely Service on the evening of Mothering Sunday when we dedicated the most beautiful kneelers and superbly refurbished sanctuary seat.  Kneelers, seat and worshippers too were gently sprinkled with spring water to symbolise the dew of God's Blessing.  Afterwards refreshments were served at the back of the church and the party just went on and on! 

Huge thanks to everyone involved.  

Anthony Ashwell


2.00 p.m. MONDAY 26TH MAY


Come and enjoy a fun packed afternoon in Caribbean style (opening by Hattie the Clown) with Steel Band, Maypole Dancing, Punch & Judy (positively Mr Magor's last appearance before he retires), Bouncy Castle, Tug of War (this will be the first year for the new annual trophies to be presented to the winners of Litton and Puncknowle Gents' and Ladies' teams) and many more of your favourite stalls and games.

New this year - Quad Bikes (for 6 to 14 year olds), try your skill on a Wobbly Bike and have a laugh and win a prize in the Decorated Knee/s Competition (any style, any age group cradle to nineties - judging at 2.30 p.m.).

If you have not already done so please start attic/garage clearing, baking, making, digging, saving, casting off, passing on and sorting out at least something for each of the following stalls - organisers and contact numbers if needed, otherwise deliver early on the day please:-

           Books                     -              Alison Davidson 482661 or Sue Collis 482540

           CakesBetty            -              Champkins 482421

           Handicraft             -              School 482410

           New to You           -              Sheila Barnes 482534

           Provisions             -              Diana Spicer 482617

           Toys                       -              Anne Brewster 482593

           White Elephant    -               Jennie Prentice 482535

           Bottle Tombola     -               Wendy and David Taylor 482532

           Plants                     -               Patricia and Malcolm Munro 482618

           Veg & Produce     -               Isabella Underhill 482411

           Fill-a-Jar -               School 482410

           Teas                       -               Peggy Cuzens 482355

It is not too late if you are without a job for the day or can lend a hand to help in any way beforehand - please do contact Freddie Spicer 482617 or Thorner's.

Have you bought (or sold!) your Grand Draw tickets yet?  Please will all sellers hand in their counterfoils and cash by Friday 16th May to Freddie Spicer at 1 Litton Hill or Alison Davidson at Kingsgate, Chalk Pit Lane or to the office at Thorner's during school hours.

Do come along, bring your friends, and have a great afternoon out and help to make this a bumper fund raising event for Thorner's and St Mary's.

Litton Cheney Playing Field Association

Invite you to an official opening

of the hardstanding area at the playing field

on Sunday 4th May at 3 pm

See everyone there!


Litton Cheney Social Committee

Reminder - Bank Holiday Walk Monday 5th May 10.00am weather permitting - meet at the bus shelter and join a circular walk to Littlebredy - bring you own lunch to enjoy at the lake.  Children under 14 to be accompanied by an adult.  (See April BVN for full details) For confirmation if the weather looks unpredictable ring 482617

Thursday 22nd May 7.30 pm at Thorner's School - Annual get-together.  You are invited to join the Committee for cheese and wine, listen to a speaker, reflect on what we've done over the past year and to share your ideas for events and outings that you would be keen for us to arrange for the coming year.  We look forward to seeing you all.                                                                                                                                                                                            Kathy Kourik LCSC Secretary

The Dorset Police Community Support Unit will be in Litton Cheney by the Bus Shelter on Thursday 8th May between 7.00 - 8.00 pm.

Garden Opening

The Old Rectory will be open on Sunday 18th May from 2.00-6.00 pm.

Litton Cheney Youth Club for details of their May sessions please contact Paul Kingston 482384 and read the Valley Notes about their fundraising Sunflower Competition.


As mentioned by Peter Northover in last month's BVN (Swyre notes) The Time Team "Big Dig" will be taking place over the weekend of June 28th/29th.  I am planning to dig some test pits (1 metre square excavation trenches no more than 60cm deep) and have a few potentially promising sites in mind.  However, if anyone would be interested in having a test pit dug on their property then please let me know.

The Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society have asked if I could lead a walk around some of the ancient sites of Litton Cheney.  I am hoping to organise this in the near future and further details will follow.                                                                          Paul Kingston 482384

Frugal Lunch (Old Rectory 10th April)

Approximately £164 was raised for  Save the Children Fund - specifically for the children of Iraq.  We are very grateful to everyone who supported the event.

Well done to the volunteers (over 20) who gave the village a Spring Clean on the Rubbish Ramble on April 12th and a reminder to all dog owners to please go out with your dogs and clean up after them.

Welcome to George and Judith to their new home in The Paddocks and a belated welcome to Heather and Bill who live at Whitecross. - Visit the web site for the latest news. The group meets at The White Horse Inn at 8 o'clock on the first monday of each month - All welcome.

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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondents: Mrs Elinor Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269



Wanted - a volunteer to be the Clerk for Long Bredy and Kingston Russell Parish Council.  Anyone interested should contact Jackie Cain 01308 482379.

Congratulations:  to Janet and Gerald Cuff on their Golden Wedding; also to Joan Sheldrick on her recent 80th birthday, and to Helen Horsley for a special birthday.

Robin and Penny Pitcher have a son, Charlie John, named after great grandfather, Charlie Pitcher who was so well known in this village.  Charlie is the first grandchild of Rosemarie and Albert.

Fete 12th July  The arrangements are well underway.  The next meeting will be on Monday 12th May at Mike and Valerie Shepherd's home.  The village fete is for all the village, so come along and join in and help to make it as successful as last year.

Long Bredy & Litton Cheney W.I.

Our April meeting began with Mrs. Janet Gosbee being presented with a birthday posy.

It will be our 80th birthday in October and plans on how to celebrate this were discussed.

The AGM followed with some changes in officers. Mrs.Elinor Frost and Mrs. Betty Champkins have replaced Mrs. Valerie Shepherd as Secretary.

Mrs. Kay Clarke gave us a very interesting talk on "Life in Northern Ireland" where she spent ten years with her husband and children.

The next meeting is on 6th May at Litton Cheney when there will be a talk by Mr. Arthur Pearse on the History of Tamarisk Farm.

Ruth Pitcher

Recipe for Apple Loaf

Apologies for not contacting individually all those who requested this, but below is the recipe for the apple loaf as demonstrated during the Family Service on March 16th.

The recipe is 'dairy free' - but they are lovely sliced and spread with butter! The loaves freeze well.

Ingredients:          2 eggs, 4 tbspns oil, 6 oz sugar (half caster and half light brown is good), 6 oz plain flour, ¼ tspn bicarbonate of soda, ½ tspn baking powder, ½ tspn salt, 1 tspn powdered cinnamon, 1 oz chopped nuts (optional), 2 oz sultanas (more if you omit the nuts), 2 dessert apples peeled, cored and grated. Can add a little mixed spice for a spicier taste.

Method:Preheat oven to Gas 4, 350F, 180C. Grease two 1 lb loaf tins and line with greaseproof.  Whisk oil and eggs together till foamy, then whisk in sugar.

Fold in sieved flour, bicarb, baking powder, salt, cinnamon and mixed spice if used. Stir in nuts if used, sultanas and apples, mix well but fold, not beat.

Divide mixture between the two tins and cook in centre of oven for 45 mins approx. Cover with foil if top begins to brown too much. When a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean, they are done.

Rachel Maltby




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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy



Family Services

The church was almost full for our Mothering Sunday Service and our ladies went home clutching posies of spring flowers beautifully assembled.  The Service was led by the Long Bredy Family Service Committee, but on the 29th June we plan to have a Family Service for the whole of the Bride Valley, and this will be the only mid-morning Service that day.                                                                             Anthony Ashwell


The shared Mothering Sunday service with the Longbredy congregation and visiting mothers and youngsters from elsewhere in the valley was a marvellous occasion - the fullest the Church has been for quite a while.  Thanks and congratulations to all those who drummed up support, made posies as gifts for the Mums, and provided the refreshments afterwards, or contributed in any other way.

It was good to have the Village Hall back in action for a Social Evening at the beginning of April.  The newly re-licenced bar did a roaring trade.  It is planned to make this a regular occasion on the first Friday of each month, so the next one will be on Friday 2nd May, from 7.00 p.m. onwards, and it deserves wide support within the Village.  The catch is that some Club subscriptions are still due, and may be collected on demand from the unwary as they slake their thirst...!

Some old friends are due to return to the village at the beginning of May.  Campers from St. John's College, Southsea, were regular visitors to the cricket ground until a few years ago, and they will be returning for the may Bank Holiday weekend.  It would be good if this re-establishes a link on an annual basis again.

Just as we "go to press", news arrives of the death of Mary Coombes, of West Hill Farm.  Although a resident (and Church stalwart) of Winterbourne Abbas, Mary and her family retained fond links with Littlebredy, and she will by now have returned here, to be buried beside her late husband, Bernard, on Maundy Thursday afternoon.  Our deepest sympathies go to her family.  May she rest in peace.


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Thought for the Month



To make it possible for everyone to attend church next week we're planning to have:-

Beds, for those who say Sunday is their only day for sleeping-in.

Eye-drops, for those whose eyes are tired from watching too much TV the night before.

Steel helmets, for those who say the roof will fall in if they go to church.

Blankets, for those who say the building is too cold and fans for those who say it's too hot.

Hearing aids, for those who say the pastor isn't loud enough and ear plugs for those who say he shouts too much.

Score cards, for those who like to count all the hypocrites.

Relatives, for those who say Sunday is their only day to be with the family.

Lunch, for those who say they can't attend church and make dinner too.

Trees and grass, for those who say they "see God in nature" - especially golf courses!

Christmas poinsettias and Easter lilies, for those who wouldn't recognise the church without them.

David said about going to church:

"I love the house where you live, O Lord, the place where your glory dwells" Psalm 26:8

"I rejoiced with those who said to me, 'Let us go to the house of the Lord"' Psalm 122:1

Do you feel that way too? If so - see you next Sunday!

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Editor: Susan Paul Windy Gap Shipton Lane Burton Bradstock DT6 4NQ