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St Mary's Burton Bradstock FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Litton Cheney


It's Tuesday 9th April today and I am writing this letter as usual "just in time", a phrase much used apparently in manufacturing industry. Some months it is possible to be earlier than "just in time", but when it isn't, I tend to write about something at the forefront of my mind, and a topic which I hope will also resonate with our readers.

The last 24 hours have seen two contrasting events, one local and one national, which have a fascinating parallel. At last the repairs on Litton Cheney Church have been completed, we have less porous walls, a renovated rain-disposal system and various other improvements, and yesterday afternoon the scaffolding was taken down, having disfigured the building pretty well all winter. At least the scaffolding and boards were of a neutral colour, which is more than can be said of the suppliers' large trade sign. The first thing one noticed about the building was not so much the scaffolding but who supplied it (which reminds me of certain articles of clothing nowadays).

But now all these distractions are gone, the Church is resplendent with painted gutters, improved leading, re-faced stonework here and there, and repaired window tracery. Just a few days after Easter, the building in a way has been restored to new life, and will continue to stand as a powerful symbol of God's presence with his people, and as a reminder of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. From a pole on top of the tower, the flag flies at half-mast.

Today is the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and most of us will be remembering her as a symbol of 'Britishness' in the 20th century, of all that it means to be a person of great service, of dignity, of solidarity with her people, of devotion, of fun, of Christian faith. Others of course will have summed up the Queen Mother much more eloquently than I could ever manage. I suspect we will all have been distressed by her physical decline over the last few years, particularly when we look back to those times in the last war when she was so very supportive of her King and country, and to more recent public occasions which were so clearly enjoyed both by her and the people. Her death has been a massive shock, but not a surprise, for we could all see that she was failing, indeed fading away.

It is 11.15am now and the Funeral Service is just about to begin. There will be glorious recital, inspiring liturgy, awe-inspiring grandeur, profound worship and deep thanksgiving for this person of the people. She will be laid to rest and we will be reminded again that in her Resurrection life, her old body will become "like unto (Jesus Christ's) glorious body". Out of the fragmenting old has come the united new, and we should be raising our flags on our Church towers with joy to full-mast, if we are really Easter people.

Anthony Ashwell


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Valley Notes


The Bride Valley Team Council holds its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 16th May at 7.30 pm at Puncknowle Church Hall.

Another priest! We look forward to welcoming this month The Reverend Clive Thomas, who is Assistant Curate in the Bridport Team. As part of his continuing training, Clive is to spend time in the Bride Valley Team from 12th to 31st May. He hopes to share in many services and events during that time, to meet lots of Bride Valley folk and to learn more about rural living and ministry.

Bride Valley Scout Group

Many thanks to all those people who gave contributions and/or attended our coffee morning in Puncknowle last month. £265 was raised to add to our 'New Hut' funds. Our 'Grand Raffle' tickets are now on sale, available from The Crown in Puncknowle, Jayne's Hairdressers in Burton Bradstock or from Pat Tucker, Steve Dove and Ruth Brierley. First prize is a Luxury Hamper, other prizes include 'days out' and a meal for two. The Draw will take place at the end of June. All profits from ticket sales will go into our 'New Hut' funds. Thank you for your support.

Ruth Brierley

Secretary BVSG

Burton Bradstock School

The start of next month sees us celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee. I swear I remember sitting with my mum and watching the Coronation on our tiny black and white Bakelite T.V., but as I celebrate my 50th birthday in December (no gifts please, just cards of sympathy) I must have been using other senses to pick up the great event at the time.

We will use the opportunity at school to allow children to look at all of the developments, both positive and negative that have taken place over the past 50 years and to explore how the Queen's role and influence has changed over the years.

Everybody has a view on the relevance of the Monarchy today. The job of a good teacher is to present children with unbiased and factual information as extremists at both ends of the Royal spectrum take the opportunity to puff their chests out and have their say.

Whatever peoples' views are, the fact is that we are a monarchy and our Queen's 50th Jubilee presents a great opportunity for a bun-fight! All Burton Bradstock School children along with any other village children up to 11 years old are invited to a tea party and games on the afternoon of Monday 3rd June. There will also be a 'Royal' fancy dress parade; a Punch and Judy show and the children will go home clutching Jubilee mugs.

I shall also be having one of my occasional barn dances on the same evening in the W.I. Hall. You are all welcome to come and listen to a great band and dance the evening away.

More details of events will be published shortly.

As I have been writing this article it has jogged memories of my very early school days. I present now for you a list, a roll call of items that are now lost to our great education system. Do add to it at your leisure -

Inkwells, raffia, medicine balls, banda copiers, banda spirit, greaseproof toilet paper with printed instructions on each sheet to 'use both sides' - O.K. so I'm exaggerating, outdoor toilets, nit nurse, sago, the slipper! Keith Joseph - .

Best wishes

David Powell

Lucky 100 Club Winners for February

£40 Veda Bull

£20 Chris Wilkinson

£10 Sarah Harper

£5 V & D Hewlett


First Steps Parent and Toddler Group meet on Wednesdays from 10 o'clock to 12 o'clock and is based at Long Bredy Village Hall. All pre-school children and their parents/carers are welcome to join us for activities, toys, coffee and chat. For further details contact: Jo (Litton Cheney) ... or Julie (Puncknowle) 897178 or Lavinia (Long Bredy) 482397


Litton Cheney Youth Club commenced meeting in April and for further details of their activities please read the Litton Cheney notes.


Thorner's School, Litton Cheney

Congratulations! Last term we held a competition to design the Jubilee Logo; the winners were Rory Smith, Patrick Moore and Lloyd Wakely. Thank you to everyone (or should I say to the few) who entered. Look out for the overall winning design on all our publicity leaflets. Most importantly do try and come along to the Jubilee Fete on Monday 3rd June at Thorner's School starting at 2.00pm. If you can offer help or want to make a donation of items towards the fete, please get in touch with the school; it is not too late. This is one of our main fund-raising events of the year. We do depend on these funds to help us acquire some of the 'extras' needed in school which allow a greater range of resources. Please come and maybe meet some old friends and catch up on what is going on in the village.

On Friday 31st May school will be marking and celebrating the Queen's Jubilee by planting a tree; each of our pupils will be receiving their jubilee coins and there will be refreshments available. You are welcome to come and join us; telephone school for full details. What a year this is for the Queen. Like many people throughout the country, and the world, we stopped work on Tuesday 9th April so that all the school community could watch the funeral of the Queen Mother. It was incredible to watch and feel part of History being made. Our thoughts were with the whole family who have lost one of their members. We were able to celebrate her life by a display. Class 4 researched some of the events which had happened during her lifetime. The children were amazed when they realised that she travelled by horse and carriage regularly and did not play computer games as a child. It brought back many memories for those of us a little older, and created many discussions about when things had happened or what we were doing when JF Kennedy was shot or Elvis Presley died, just as we will remember Holy Saturday when the death of Elizabeth the Queen Mother was announced. I expect that the coming anniversary of the Coronation will again bring back memories (for those who were there, anyway!). If you would like to share some of these memories with us, please do get in touch as I would like to try and bring it alive for the pupils and the personal experiences are always the best.

Alison Johnstone Headteacher.


THE BRIDPORT CHORAL SOCIETY will give a Spring Concert (proceeds to Chideock Aid for Romania) in St. Mary's Church, Burton Bradstock, on Monday 13th May 2002, at 7.30pm. Tickets £3.50 (£4 at the door) are available from Burton Bradstock Post Office, Ann & Mike Read (01308 897445) or Irene & Tony Smith (01308 897020).

Bridport and District

Bible Society Action Group invite YOU to join them on their

Sponsored Walk

Our local Bridport and District Action Group are 'Walking for the Word' to raise funds towards the provision of paper for bible production in China. This event will take place on Saturday 25th May (10.00am - 1.00pm). The sponsored walkers leave Symondsbury Parish Church for either one or two circular routes, rnostly along designated footpaths, in beautiful countryside with views towards the coast and inland.

Even though 25 million Bibles have been printed in China, recent reports stress the scarcity of scriptures in the more remote poorer provinces. There are now 70 distribution centres, but with such great distances between these centres, it sometimes takes days to reach a centre. In several meeting places for Christian worship there is only one Bible for each congregation. In order to obtain a bible, someone has to sell a hen or some eggs. Somewhat reminiscent of Mary Jones experience when she walked to Bala for her Bible 200 years ago!

For Registration & Sponsorship forms, route maps etc. please contact:

John McDougal (Tel: 01297 489408).

or 01297 560790 or 01308 897349


Bible Society, Stonehill Green Westlea Swindon SN5 7DG

T. 01793 418100 F. 01793 418118

Charity Registration No 232759





'The popular publication 'Gardens of England and Wales Open for Charity' (affectionately known as 'The Yellow Book) is now for sale in bookshops and other outlets throughout the country.

Sunday 19th May Down End House and The Old Rectory, Litton Cheney 2-7pm

Tuesdays in June, July and on 6 August

The Scented Garden, Little Bredy


Tuesday 11th June The Old Rectory, Steddings and

Tithe Barn, Litton Cheney 2-7pm

Sunday 14th July Steddings and Tithe Barn, Litton Cheney 2-7 pm




By the time this monthly entry goes to press we will have had the Annual General Meeting and will have a new Chairman, President and hopefully some Vice Chairs - maybe the Wine and Cheese will have encouraged people to offer for the vacant posts - but possibly not and it will be a case of badgering folks again.

What a superb spell of weather we have had over the past two weeks - hopefully those with clay soils will find them warming and drying and ready for planting. Our gardening tips this month are from Gerald Benselin of Shipton Gorge - a long-time member of our club and winner of cups for his blooms growing in the area:-

Lawns will need regular mowing from now on; and do also apply sulphate of ammonia to control moss after all the wet weather we have had.

Roses: now is the time to spray regularly against greenfly and other pests.

You can now plant out your garden flowering chrysanthemums and young dahlias when the danger of frosts is past. Sweet peas will also need hoeing up and tying up the cords as they grow.

Plant out your annual carnations and stake pinks as needed.

Make sowings of hardy and half hardy annuals, plant out the latter when the danger of frosts has passed.

In the kitchen garden sow runner beans in the second half of the month, and be ready to cover potatoes when a frost is forecast. You can sow maincrop if not already done. With summer not far away, make sure that garden furniture is ready to be sat upon!

A reminder that the Plant Sale is on 19th May, at 2.00pm in Thorner's School. Please bring any spare plants, seeds, flowers, bulbs etc to the school in the morning. We will be very pleased to accept donations for sale.

Norma Milard. Club Secretary 897774

Jubilee Greetings.

West Dorset District Council are preparing books, of Greetings to mark the Queen's Jubilee, which will be assembled after individual pages have been sent to Parish Councils for individuals to inscribe. Without central venues to make these available to the public it is envisaged that they will be available at Parish Council meetings. If you are particularly keen to be included in this exercise we suggest you keep a watch on the Parish Notice boards for details of availability.

Transport Survey

The Market Town Initiative are co-ordinating a local survey of Transport, and how the Parishes are served. The area covered includes the Bride Valley. If you have suggestions or observations to make please contact your Parish Clerks, or Village Transport Liason Officer. The object is to provide a transport service or systems that serve the real needs of the community, and for that there is a need to gather information.

Older Persons Survey

There is a survey in circulation, under the auspices of the Market Town Initiative, to ascertain the needs of Older People in the area. This is for everyone over 55. Do please take the time to complete it so as to more closely reflect the views of the wider population.



CancerCare Dorset is looking for a few extra drivers and/or helpers to lend a hand at their Thursday Social Group: this meets at Bridport Community Hospital and cancer patients are invited to have a day out with friends, share lunch together and often enjoy an activity, or speaker. As the group is so popular we need one or two extra drivers to transport our patients, we could also use a little more help during the day to look after people. No nursing experience is needed but a sense of humour is vital! Full training is given before becoming a volunteer; the next course is to take place in Dorchester on three consecutive Thursdays in August. A mileage rate is paid to drivers.

Interested? Ring Carole McCandlish on 01305 269898 for more information and to help make a difference to someone's life.




The meeting will be held at St. Catherine's Cross, Shipton Lane, Shipton Gorge, on Thursday 23rd May, at 2.30pm. The Rev'd. Cannon Nerissa Jones will talk to us about her work and life.


Once again the Children's Society box holders in the Eastern part of the Bride Valley handed in their boxes for the annual count. Thanks to their generosity, £109.95 will be used to help children in need. Thank you all for your loyal support.

A PLANT SALE (bedding and perennial plants, some quite unusual) will be held at The Red House, Middle Street, Burton Bradstock, on Friday 17th May, 10.00am - 12.30pm in aid of the Church Mission Society. All welcome - please come and clear my stock!

Hilary Mousley


The police are offering to mark mobile phones with owner's post code, free of charge, in an effort to curtail the very high rate of theft. This will be endorsed at the Community Mobile Police Vehicle by the officer in charge, during the monthly visit to the Bride Valley villages.

Freddy Tame Tel: 897957


Bridport Choral Society presents "On a Spring Note" A concert of popular music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Rutter, Haydn and others. Saturday 11th May 2002, Bridport United Church at 7.30 pm. Admission by programme from members or at the door - £4


The next Ladybirds meeting will take place on Wednesday 8th May when a visit to Clipper Teas at Beaminster will take place.


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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125

Mid Week Worship - Holy Communion Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory

Choir Practices Fridays at 6.00 p.m.

Gift Sunday 19th May Church Mission Society

The next Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held on Friday 3rd May at 11.00 am.

The next Healing Services at St Mary's will be held on Mondays 27th May and 24th June, each at 7.00 pm.

Guest Speaker At the Parish Communion on Sunday 12th May at 11.00am we shall welcome Mr Geoff Gardner, who is to speak about the history of The Gideons and their ministry today.


Funeral 20th March V. L. Frances Laurence

Memorial Services 20th March F. Norman Foster

23rd March Elizabeth M. Young

LENT LUNCHES The amounts raised were as follows:-

February 15th Pituitary Foundation (PIT PAT) £100

22nd Cancer Research £95

March 1st The Children's Society £115

8th Somerset & Dorset Air Ambulance £124

15th Save the Children £84

22nd Restricted Growth Association (RGA) £177

Thank you very much indeed to those who hosted the lunches and to those who made the super soups which were provided, and to everyone who came along and gave their donations.

Pam Atkinson

THANK YOU very much to everyone who helped to decorate the church with flowers for Easter, and to Ann Read for the Easter Garden. Donations for the Easter flowers were made in memory of family and friends.

Pam Atkinson

FOR ALL ST MARY'S CHURCH FLOWER LADIES We are having a get-together, so please do try and come to coffee at the Rectory on Thursday 2nd May at 10.30 am.

Pam Atkinson

A date for your diary: THURSDAY 20th JUNE 10.00 am-12 noon at The Rectory. A Coffee Morning in aid of Church funds. Cake Stall, Raffle and Bring and Buy.

Pam Atkinson

THE ANNUAL MEETING chose Mr. Howard Bongers and Mr Basil Dent as Churchwardens; elected to the Lyme Bay Deanery Synod Mr Dent and Mrs Linford (one vacancy); elected to the Parochial Church Council Mr Ackland, Mrs Dove, Miss Mousley, Captain Oldridge, Mr Read, Mr Rees and Dr Smith (two vacancies); and elected to represent us on the Bride Valley Team Council Mr Dent, Captain Oldridge and Mr Rees.

Mr. Bongers was subsequently re-appointed by the Parochial Church Council as its Honorary Secretary, and Mr Rees re-appointed Honorary Treasurer.

Do pray from time to time for your church officers and P.C.C. members.

A reminder for your diaries


THURSDAY lst AUGUST at 2.00pm.

BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION Once again we will be having a HEARTY PARTY in our garden at Linden Cottage on Sunday, 23rd June 2002 so watch this space ( and put it on your calendar!)!

John and Veda Bull

Burton Bradstock Village Society

The March meeting of the society was treated to a sometimes creepy and gruesome account of the coming and goings of ghosts in the Tower of London.

In their talk entitled ' Ghosts of The Tower of London', Col. & Mrs John Wynn related some hair raising tales of Phantoms wandering with heads tucked under arms, ladies clad in white gowns, hovering over graves, and apparitions in the Bloody Tower.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it was certainly a thought provoking evening and it would seem that no one was very keen to walk home alone!

Peter Dutton

Older People's Survey

There is still time to take part in this event. Forms are available in the Post Office, Library and St. Mary's Church.


A Date for Diaries

Thursday July 11th There will be a Garden Party in The Rectory Garden, Burton Bradstock, with various stalls and Cream Teas in the W.I. Hall.



See Valley Notes Section ( page 5) for details.


Burton Bradstock Players

The Players are pleased to announce a new venture! For the first time they are to produce a play - "Relative Values" by Noel Coward. The performances will be at 7.30 pm. on Thursday 30th, Friday 31st May and Saturday 1st June at the W.I. Hall, Burton Bradstock. The play, directed by Daphne Ekins, is a light comedy with wonderfully witty dialogue. The cast includes many well-known local faces, and a few new ones. So - what better way to start the Jubilee weekend than to come out for a good evening's entertainment!

Box Office opens on Tuesday 30th April at Burton Bradstock Post Office. Tel: 897243 (office hours only). Tickets to be picked up within 24 hours and non-returnable.

Mary Bailey


W.I Spring Fair

This year the fair has moved to Tuesday 4th June at 2.00pm. As in previous years all the profits from the fair go towards maintaining our W.I. Hall. You may not be aware that the hall costs a considerable sum each year to run and maintain. We raise about two-thirds of this by renting out the hall, but without this major fund-raising event rents would obviously have to rise very considerably.

Please support us on June 4th and help to maintain the hall for everyone in Burton Bradstock.

Thank-you Joan Dady (President).


30th, 31st May W.I. Hall Burton Bradstock Players' Production

and lst June. 'Relative Values' by Noel Coward

Sunday 2nd June. Parish Church of St Mary's - Service.

Monday 3rd June.

3.30 - 4.30pm Rectory Garden ( or W. I. Hall if wet )

Tea Party for any child from Burton Bradstock School or Village child up to the age of 11. Children of Playgroup age may be accompanied by one adult. To be preceded by Fancy Dress Parade, on a Royal theme, with prizes

4.30pm. Punch and Judy and other entertainment and games

5.30pm. Presentation of Memorial Mugs - Free to all children attending Parish School and all residents in the village under 17 years of age.

7.30 - 10.30pm Family Barn Dance in W.I Hall. Adults £2.00, Children £1.00. Bring your own food and drink. Tickets to be on sale in the school, Post Office and Village shop prior to dance. Total number of tickets maximum 100.

10.45pm Beacon to be lit on Village green, plus special rocket

Tuesday 4th June W. I. Spring Fair in the Village

Wednesday 5th June To be arranged.

Thursday 6th June. W.I. Fashion Show and Supper.

Friday 7th June. To be arranged.

Long term. Plinth to be installed by bus shelter. Planting of trees or hedge.

Note:- Memorial Mugs will be on sale subsequently in the Post Office.


Burton Bradstock W.l.

Mrs Joan Dady, President, welcomed 45 members and one guest to the April meeting when Sir Philip Williams gave an informative talk on 'Who are the Local Magistrates and what do they do'. He was warmly thanked by Mrs Jean Leach. The monthly walk, planned for 16th April by Mrs Margaret Holmes, is three and a quarter miles around Portesham and Hardy's Monument taking in the lovely views, with lunch afterwards at the Kings Arms. Tickets for the Fashion Show on June 6th were now available and also Raffle tickets 2002 for the National Federation. Mrs Ron Young was congratulated on gaining third prize at the Whist County Final in Dorchester. Next meeting is Tuesday 14th May at 7.15pm, subject 'Resolutions'.

Jill Spinney


WANTED - Singers, dancers, and actors

for Elaine's ( Pound House Productions )

Golden Jubilee Show

31st October - 2nd November W.I. Hall.

Interested? Then please call Elaine on 897922.



The police are offering to mark mobile phones with owner's post code, free of charge, in an effort to curtail the very high rate of theft. This will be endorsed at the Community Mobile Police Vehicle by the officer in charge, during the monthly visit to the Bride Valley villages.

N.B. The Burton Bradstock visit on the last Wednesday of each month will now take place between 9.30 and 11.30 a.m. The vehicle will be located opposite the entrance to the W.I. Hall.

Freddy Tame Tel: 897957


Last call for those who would like Personal Computing coaching, help or assistance

As many of you know, we had some 90 plus replies from villagers and locals who completed our questionnaires last November, indicating a need for some form of training on PC's. The response was amazing! We have already run one basic skills course with more planned soon - (see below).

However, there is one other resource in the village, which could be of some help to those who want coaching, but it is presently not being used. This is the PC in the Reading Room. Originally, we promoted it as an 'Internet Ready' PC for those who wanted to 'surf the net' or send e-mails. And, for a while it was used by a number of people. A committee member is always on hand to open up the Reading Room, set up the PC and provide assistance or advice as required during the booked session.

However, as usage has dropped to almost nothing, the committee feels that this service should be withdrawn as it appears that this resource is no longer wanted. But, bearing in mind the obvious need expressed by locals to get training/help/coaching on using a PC e.g. Word Processing, Spread Sheets, Graphics, photos, e-mailing or using the Internet etc., we would like to remind anyone interested that they can make a booking for anything from half an hour to two hours with personal help from a committee member on the PC in the Reading Room - it is bookable on most Wednesday afternoons and Thursday evenings throughout the year. Bookings must still be made at the Post Office. So, as the old adage goes - "if you don't use it, you'll lose it!"

If demand remains at its present low level, we regret we will be obliged to discontinue the Reading room PC service. Ken Pett - 897550

Secretary to the Web Site Committee

More Computer Courses

Due to the high demand for the beginners' computer courses, two more courses have been arranged to start on Thursday 13th June in the Reading Room. The course programmes will consist of 4 sessions running on 13th and 27th June and the 4th and 11th July and the times are either 1.00 - 2.30pm or 3.00 - 4.30pm.

The course will cover an introduction to word processing and desktop publishing to enable you to produce effective invitations, posters and cards etc. Following the success of the first course, trainers from Weymouth College have been invited back to repeat the programme. Places will be operated on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost of the course will be £10 for the 4-session programme. You can request a place by e-mailing Karen Venn on or by telephoning 897094 on Mondays between 5.30 and 6.30pm or Wednesdays between 3.30 and 4.30pm.

There are also free computer taster sessions available from LymeNet that can be held in your home if you can form a group of 4 people. They may also be held in other locations such as the Reading Room. If you are interested in a taster session, please contact LymeNet on 01297 444570 or e-mail

Free use of computers

The computer in the Reading Room continues to be available on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday evenings and can be booked for hourly sessions via the Post Office. This computer has a wide range of software to enable you to produce items such as posters, cards and invitations as well as being connected to the Internet, for those who wish to 'surf the net' with the additional benefit of being available free of charge.

If you book an hour's session in the Reading Room, you will be supported by someone from the web site committee so there will always be experienced help at hand.   As many of you have asked for help in various aspects of using a computer, whether it be for letters, reports, word processing, photographic work, spreadsheets or whatever, why not book an hour at the Reading Room for a personal tuition session? It's all completely free.

Burton Bradstock Village

Web Site Address


Did you know that the Bride Valley News

is published on this web site every month?

In addition, did you know that old copies of the magazine

can also be viewed on the web site?

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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White


3 Gullivers Orchard Shipton Gorge





Shipton Gorge Village Hall Trust is holding another of its popular Jumble Sales on Saturday 18th May at 2.00 pm. If anyone has any goods for this sale please contact a Hall committee member.

Shipton Gorge Village Society Advance Notices

Village Show This year's show will be on Saturday, 31st August. 2002 is the 50th year of the Show and gardeners may like to remember this in their entries.

Garden Competition Anyone who would like their whole garden judged in August please contact either Sally 897168 or Pete 897364. As 2002 is the 50th year of the Show gardeners may like to remember this with a special feature in their garden. This year the focus is on kindness to wildlife.

Organiser: Sue Brown, 5 Gullivers Orchard.

Shipton Gorge Plant Swap/Coffee Morning

The Village Society are staging the plant/coffee event on the 15th June in the Village Hall at 10.30am. All in the Bride Valley are invited to come along with a potted plant to swap and enjoy a coffee, tea or soft drink with "bickies" (30p ).

The plants, which must be rooted, will be numbered and put in a draw; you may get a better plant or then again you may go home with your own entry. If you do not wish to enter the draw just come along for a drink and a chat.

Geoff Shepherd ( 897490 )




A Village Golden Jubilee Party in and around the hall will be held on Monday 3rd June starting at 2.00pm. Children 16 and under will be given a Jubilee Mug. A fancy dress competition for children and adults, music and donations of food has been suggested. If you have any further ideas of what we can do to make it an enjoyable afternoon for everyone please contact Pete 897364, Sally 897168, Jill 897324 or any committee member; your help will be most welcome. Sally Parker is taking orders from anyone in the village who would like to buy a Jubilee Mug; they are £4 each. Last date for orders will be Monday 13th May.

THE COACH TRIP to Bicton Gardens on Thursday 25th July leaves The New Inn at 10.30am and the gardens around 4.00pm. Coach fare and entry to the gardens is £7.00. If you would like to book a seat for this trip please contact Sally Parker 897168 as soon as possible. Cream teas, at the cost of £2.75 per person, are also available and have to be booked in advance. The gardens are wheel chair friendly.

Shipton Gorge 100 Club

Winners for the April Draw: £20 No. 54 Mary Lister

£10 No. 8 Clarrie Day


Proceeds from the lunch on March 6th, amounting to £95, has been sent to the Pilsdon Community, for which they were most grateful. Many thanks to all who came, and all who helped. A good time was had by all!

Phyllis Penney

Sincere thanks and appreciation to all those kind friends and neighbours who sent cards, letters and other messages to me during my recent spell in hospital. They truly were a great comfort to me.

Ira Ward



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Chilcombe Church




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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Julie Lewis

4 Green Barton, Swyre



There have been some instances of theft from vehicles in surrounding villages, please make sure that valuables are not left in view.

May I remind everyone that when answering the door to someone you don't know; it is advisable to take the precaution of using your door chain, or opening an upstairs window to talk to them.

Julie Lewis


The Bull Inn would like to thank their regular customers for helping raise £1,200 for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. This fantastic sum was raised from a sponsored pub games evening, the sale of donated books and prize raffles.

Our thanks go to everyone who donated prizes and books, bought raffle tickets and sponsored the games participants. A special thanks goes to Peter May for his unstinting help.

The next event will be a:-

Coffee Morning at the Bull Inn

Saturday 4th May at 10.00 a.m.

Our "May Day Raffle" will be drawn at this event

Future events are planned and we hope that you will all support us in raising money for this worthy cause. Carol - Bull Inn


For the first time - correct me if I am wrong - we will be having a Dorset Art Week's venue in Swyre. I am opening my house for a 2-week exhibition of pictures and sculptural pieces with my brother Patrick, a photographer, and Barbara Mackay from Bothenhampton, also a painter.

Dorset Art Week is an exciting and, this year, enormously widespread event with loads of venues all over Dorset. There are 7 venues in the Bride Valley News area:

Abbotsbury Paul Adams Litton Cheney Mary Court

Chilcombe Peter Southall Swyre Cece Mills

Little Bredy Jasper Shackleton West Bexington Brian Cocks

Long Bredy Tim Sage and Askerswell Art Group

We hope all residents of the Bride Valley will support these and other venues. Dates are 25th May to 9th June and most venues are open all day. If you are interested in having a copy of the DAW guide, please ring Cece on 897073 or call in at number 12.

For anyone in Swyre worried about the extra traffic from visitors and/or parking problems, rest assured, we expect a steady trickle of people, not a gush!

All are welcome!

Cece Mills




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Village Correspondent: Mrs Dorothy Barlow

Collingbourne, Hoopers Lane, Puncknowle

Telephone: (01308) 897761

Rogation Sunday

This falls on 5th May this year and will be the theme of our 9.30am Family Service. Traditionally the Vicar would 'beat the bounds' on this day, symbolically we will try to do this at our special Service.

Ascension Day

On this day (9th May) there will be a Service of Holy Communion at 10.00am.

From the Registers

Holy Baptism 1st April 2002 Clara Lily Jevons

Burial of Ashes 18th March 2002 Betty Mary Crouch

of West Hay, Swyre Road, who died on 7th March 2002 aged 85 years.

Anthony Ashwell

Parish Council.

The May Parish Council Meeting will be preceded by the Annual Parish Council Meeting, the occasion when the Chairman reports on the events of the year, and new officers are appointed. You will all know the increase in Parish work that there has been, if only from the increase in paper that has come through your letterboxes. We will be calling for new blood to join our ranks, in service to the community.

Please do approach us if you wish to know more about what is involved.

Puncknowle & Swyre Church Fete

This will be held on Saturday 27th July. A number of people are already working to make this a wonderful event. New ideas are always welcome. If you can help in any way with the usual stalls, sewing, knitting or selling draw tickets, please contact:

Ann Roberts 897 716

David Jenkins 897 225

Welcome to Geoff and Lyn Hopkins and Lilani who have come to live in Hazel Lane Farmhouse. We wish them happiness in the life of the community

Puncknowle Art Group

Our plans to look at colour mixing and the use of colour in painting were brought forward. This should be useful in the coming season. We are most grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Comely for bringing a selection of wonderful photographs to show us. They were very impressive.

Dates for May are:-

3rd A look at our favourite pictures

17th Exhibition.



Congratulations go to Mrs Stopforth [ total 49 out of 50 ] who wins the £20.00 prize, because we had so many returns, we have given a runner's up prize of £5.00 to Mrs Symms [total 48.5 out of 50 ]. At this point I would also like to thank all of those who have helped us in selling the quiz sheet. Thank You.

Last month I said we were expecting our first National Standards Inspection. This was to take place in February or March and after waiting on, 'tender hooks' for two months, Ofsted informed us on the last day of term, that it would now be in April. So, hopefully, by the time you read this we will have received this inspection.

We are still deciding where our end of year outing will be, as last year we seemed to pick the worst day of the year to go to The Sea Life Centre. Our Pre-school sessions have started on Tuesdays, this will run alongside the playgroup session and the 'Pre-schooler's will be staying on for lunch on those days. We welcome Jack Cox to the Playgroup.

OPEN MORNING 14th May 2002 10.00 - 11.30am.

[for those approaching playgroup age]

FUN NIGHT AND BAR-B-QUE EVENING 27th July 2002 7.00 pm at The Crown, Puncknowle.

Final Note Can all parents wishing to send their children to playgroup from September 2002, please contact the playgroup, either Sue on 482204 or Carole on 897771. At present we already have 14 children on the register for the beginning of September. Thanks.

Sue Talbot [chairperson]



There have been some instances of theft from vehicles in surrounding villages, please make sure that valuables are not left in view.

May I remind everyone that when answering the door to someone you don't know; it is advisable to take the precaution of using your door chain, or opening an upstairs window to talk to them.

Andy Marshall


Don't forget to check the village website

to keep in touch with village events and find useful information


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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents:

Mrs. Gaynor Jones, 10 Manor Farm Close Tel.482517

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close Tel.482384


From the Registers

Funeral (Weymouth Crematorium)

Edith Violet Spittles who died on 7th March 2002 aged 77 years.

Edith moved with her husband Dennis and her daughter Kathy's family to 8 Baglake during last winter, and we extend to Dennis and his family our deepest sympathy.

Ascension Day

On this day (9th May) there will be a Service of Holy Communion at 8.00am.

Anthony Ashwell


Litton Cheney Social Committee

A good turn out of Owners and their Ducks on Easter Sunday morning for the Annual Duck Race resulted in fine swimming by the ducks and a tight result! The duck coming in first belonged to R. Randall who wins the first prize of £20. The second duck home belonged to M. Slark winning a prize of £10 for the owner. Third duck home brought £5 winnings for his owner R. Quinton and there was a prize for the last duck home of £5 - the owner for best reasons known to his trainer - wishes to remain anonymous. Apparently the duck in question was having an off-day! Good fun too for the children searching for Easter Eggs in the White Horse Garden concluded another successful event of the Village year, adding £232 to our Social Committee funds. Many thanks to all for helping to make this another good social get-together.

AGM - Final Reminder

For our very social annual general meeting on Friday 10th May. Meet at Thorner's School at 7.00 pm for a short business meeting, followed by Wine and Cheese as social refreshment, and Entertainment from Colin Varndell and his award winning nature photographs.

For all Litton Cheney residents a 'flyer' inside this issue of BVN invites and tells you all about the evening's programme.

As this is the first AGM since the group was initially formed two and a half years ago new members of the committee are eagerly sought. Contact Eddy Fry 482260 if you would like to know more and/or become involved in any way in the Litton Cheney Social Committee.

Do come along on May 10th - all ages welcome - there's a fruit juice instead of wine for refreshment if you prefer!

Mary Anderson Secretary LCSC

Litton Cheney Playing Field Association

We are very pleased to acknowledge two generous donations to the playing field. Our fund-raising continues with a Karaoke and Skittles Evening in the Skittle Alley at The White Horse Inn on Saturday 11th May starting at 6.00 pm.

Our Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 15th May at 7.30 pm in the Church Hall. All are very welcome to attend.


Litton Cheney Village Society

After a very successful March meeting with a travelogue by Paul Kingston (and his luge), we complete the society's year with our AGM on Tuesday 14th May, at Thorners School, at 8 pm. Paul Adams will be giving a short talk about his work as an artist in this area, followed by cheese and wine to round off the evening. New members are always welcome.


Jubilee Fete

Only four weeks to go - if you have not already done so please put aside NOW something for the main stalls. A bottle or two for the Tombola (don't worry about delivering - you will be called upon), something interesting for the White Elephant (Jennie Prentice 482535 would love to hear from you), some books (please deliver to Sue Collis 10 Paddocks 482540), anything handy/home made for the Handicraft stall (contact Mary Slark 482280), jams/biscuits/sweets etc for the Provisions stall (to Diana Spicer please 1 Litton Hill 482617), pot up plant up dig up something for the Plant stall and Veg and Produce stall (deliver on the day), bag up take down make good something for the DIY stall (contact Ian Colbrook 3 Litton Hill 482621), give a new life to that old toy (Anne Brewster's Toy Stall - ring her on 482593 or deliver on the day), go through the wardrobe for all those nice things you can no longer fit into for the New to You stall (contact Sheila Barnes 482534), cakes cakes and more cakes please for both the Teas and the Cake stall - please deliver on the day - there will be a competition for the best MAN MADE CAKE accompanied by a certificate by the maker's spouse that it's all his own work!

But most of all don't forget to bring yourself and your family and friends and join in all the fun and games and see the Maypole dancing and Tug- of-War. There will be plenty for children including Punch and Judy, Bouncy Castle and Pony Rides.

Make sure you buy your Raffle tickets (first prize Gents Falcon Stealth 18 speed Mountain Bike - courtesy of Just Bikes, Dorchester).

See you there - Jubilee Day Monday 3rd June at Thorner's at 2.00 pm

Litton Cheney Youth Club

The third session of the Youth Club is planned for Tuesday 14th May at the Church Hall in Litton Cheney. The club caters for young people aged between 8 and 17 years from Litton Cheney and nearby villages. The club offers activities such as table tennis, snooker, pool, board games, arts and crafts, and a sociable meeting place. It is hoped to offer a varied programme of activities planned with the youth club members.for example archery, canoeing, trampolining, outdoor pursuits and other recreational activities. If you are interested, please contact Paul Kingston for further details 01308 482384

Gardens Open for Charity

The Old Rectory and Down End House are open on Sunday 19th May from 2.00-7.00 pm with Teas in the Church Hall.

Litton Cheney Bells

I would like to thank everyone for their support at the Coffee Morning on March 16th. It raised £210. Sheila Fry

A Big Thank You!

I was very touched by the lovely response to the news of my recent stay in hospital. We are sure that the good wishes and positive support of villagers, together with offers of help, have assisted my speedy recovery. Tired but not out. Frank Whillock

Farewell and Thank you

As I prepare to leave Litton Cheney and the Bride Valley during April, after almost 7 years' residence, I would like to send greetings to the many friends I have made in the village and the valley, and to thank you for all the friendship and support. The area will always retain a special place in my affections. When Brian and I retired here in June 1995 we did not foresee that, within a few months he would have a recurrence of cancer, and know he had not long to live. In the event he enjoyed 2 ½ very happy years here, revelling in village life and the beauty of the surrounding countryside and coastal scenery, and surrounded by so much love and encouragement.

In the last 4 years I have continued to receive so much here, especially in the House Group, but I knew the time would come when it would be right to move nearer my two sons in the Midlands. So with many regrets, but the anticipation of new challenges and opportunities, I am moving to Bishop's Cleeve, just north of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, where I hope to share in the life of a much larger village, which is also designated as an Ecumenical Parish.

Thank you to you all, with my best wishes, Susan Nuttall

We trust that Sally and Ralph Daubney have had a successful move from Barges Close to Coombes Close. Kay, Stefan and Annabel have moved from Garden Close to Manor Farm Close we hope they all enjoy their new homes and continue to enjoy village life.

We are sorry to hear that Mrs Edie Spittles sadly passed away recently.

A date for your diary

Tuesday June 11th Coffee Morning with Raffle and Stalls at Glebe End, Litton Cheney from 10.30 am. All proceeds to The Joseph Weld Hospice.

Nancy Vicars and Rachel Gershfield

Please note that the Litton Cheney Web Group's meetings, due to the bank holiday at the beginning of May and June, will take place on the second Monday of the month.

Visit the web site for the latest news.

The group meets at The White Horse Inn

at 8 o'clock on the first Monday of each month.

All welcome.

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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondents: Mrs Elinor Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269

Easter Day Service

With a beautifully decorated church and a churchyard well trimmed, St. Peter's was a fitting venue for our Easter morning services. Despite clocks moving forward and a return to the drizzle, a good congregation gathered to celebrate the joy of Christ's rising from the dead.

The congregation first reflected on the passing of the Queen Mother before sharing in a set Family Service of hymns, anthems by the Village Singers, prayers and readings to acknowledge and celebrate the Church's major festival of Easter. This was followed by a shortened service of Holy Communion. Grateful thanks to all who helped to make this a memorable day and we look forward to welcoming you at St. Peter's for our Sunday services in the future.

Elinor Frost and Frank Skipwith - Churchwardens

Golden Jubilee Celebrations

A congratulatory book is being compiled for H.M. The Queen by the West Dorset Council and any residents wishing to sign it may do so ( by 8th May ) in St. Peter's Church porch; a box file will contain the sheets to sign. Jackie Cain ( Parish Clerk )

Preparations are in full swing for a Party to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. At 3.30pm on Tuesday 4th June in the Playing Field at The Rookery, there will be fun and games for all, including a bouncy castle, picnic and barbeque. Soft drinks are available but do bring your own alcoholic beverages.

Jubilee Flower Festival June 1st - 4th at St Peter's Church. Arrangements are underway for flowers and music from 2:00 - 6:00pm in aid of the Church and Joseph Weld Hospice. There will be Teas, a Raffle and Bring and Buy stall each day except Tuesday 4th when it's party time elsewhere! Vespers with the Village Singers will be on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd at 5:30pm.

This weekend coincides with the Dorset Art Week's exhibition at Langebride House by Askerswell Art Group, so we hope to attract plenty of visitors. Enquiries to Juniper Greener 482257

The fundraising Bingo Night made a profit of £139.50 but we still need to raise more funds to have a successful party so we have organised a Bring and Buy Coffee Evening on Wednesday 8th May from 7.00pm onwards. Please do come and support this fund-raising event. All proceeds will go towards the Golden Jubilee Party for the parishes of Long Bredy, Higher Kingston Russell and Ashley Chase. For more details, please ring Rosemarie Pitcher on 482486.

Long Bredy Village Fete

The Fete will be held on Saturday 13th July in the gardens of Kingston Russell House so book that date in your diaries now! Preparations are under way and a Fete Meeting will be held on Thursday 2nd May, 7.30pm at Little Newbold (the Skipwith's). Please come and support us.

A message from Rene Hussey

Thank you very much for all the good wishes I received on the occasion of my big birthday. I had a very happy time celebrating and I am so grateful to everyone who helped and made it such a good time.


A welcome return to Rick Cook who has come to live at 1 Parks Farm Cottages, Ashley Chase.



Service Times

Just to emphasise what Sir Philip has written: both the routine Sunday Services will now begin at 11.00am and remain at this time until further notice. Anthony Ashwell





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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy



In the same spirit that has motivated improvements in the Church recently, there is also progress on the refurbishment of the Village Hall. A small team has been meeting to prepare specifications for renovating the kitchen and providing new flooring and a new bar for the Hall itself. This will be ongoing for a short time, then it is hoped the Hall can be back in use later this summer.

Similarly, the Parish Meeting (which is the equivalent of a Parish Council for villages with a very small population) is due for a new lease of life. At present, Anne Bate is its Chairman and Clerk, and she receives certain paperwork from the District Council and other bodies on the Meeting's behalf - copies of planning applications are the main example, and she posts these for information outside the Hall. It is proposed to hold the "Annual" meeting, to receive reports and suchlike, in the middle of May, but Anne will not know her shift pattern at work till nearer the time. Every household will be given as much notice as possible of the selected date, and it is open to all to attend. The usual duration is about 20 minutes...

Various matters were discussed and decided at the recent Annual Parochial Church Meeting, among them the adoption of the new Church Electoral Roll, which was mentioned in the last edition. The other main point to note is that our service times in Church will alter with effect from May's services until further notice, with both the All-Age Worship on the second Sunday of the month, and the Holy Communion on the fourth, moving from 9.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

The Church decorations looked absolutely lovely over Easter, as always, and we are lucky to have such a gifted and dedicated floral team. Thanks and congratulations to them all.



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Editor: Susan Paul Windy Gap Shipton Lane Burton Bradstock DT6 4NQ