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St Mary's Burton Bradstock FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Litton Cheney

The following Pastoral letter from the Bishop was read in all churches on Sunday 3rd February and is also printed in Sarum Link. Copies may be obtained from The Rector or The Vicar.


Bishop of Salisbury

The Right Reverend David Stancliffe

South Canonry 71 The Close Salisbury SPI 2ER
Telephone: (01722) 334031 Facsimile: (01722) 413112.



Guided by the Spirit, Simeon came into the temple; and when the parents brought in the child Jesus, to do for him what was customary under the law, Simeon took him in his arms and praised God saying, 'Master, now you are dismissing your servant in peace, according to your word; for my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel.' Luke 2. 27- 32

As we come to the end of Christmastide we hear old Simeon's cry 'My eyes have seen your salvation - a light of revelation for the Gentiles, and glory for your people Israel'. Like Simeon, we praise God for his gift to us, the gift of himself. It's this gift that gives light and hope in our dark world, and we want to share it.

At the heart of our life as Christians is the praise of God as a gracious giver. This is why we are trying to put into practice in our lives a gospel of giving, not getting - something that's vitally important in a world where so many people are into just the opposite: getting, not giving.

How important is this message to you? To what extent do you see yourself as a successor to Simeon, praising God for his gifts and glad of the chance to hand on what you have received?

At the beginning of this New Year I am inviting each of you to consider how important God is to you, and to reflect - together as well as individually - exactly what the Church, your Church, means to you. Do we want the Church to be there for us; to share in its life and to he supported in our journey of faith? Do we want the Church to challenge us to put our faith into action? Do we want the Church to nurture the gift of faith in our children, and help them to live the gospel of generous giving? Do we want the Church to be there for future generations?

And I'm asking you all to do this because over the next months we are preparing to invite everyone from Caine to Poole, from Lyme Regis to Marlborough to join us in reviewing the extent to which we support the work of the Church. This means all that we give, but specifically our regular, planned, weekly giving, which is what provides the resources to sustain the life of the parish, and in particular your clergy.

I say this now, because if we are to continue with our current number of clergy, then our giving needs to increase substantially.

This year we are putting into place a programme to raise awareness of what it costs to support the active local ministry of the Church of England. In the past we have been fortunate in having inherited money to fall back on, but we now need to pay our way. I recognise that many already give sacrificially, but there is a real need for an increase in the level of regular weekly giving by all of us as a sign of our commitment to the Church and the Gospel.

It's the Gospel that comes first, so I'm inviting you to begin by reflecting on just what it is about the Gospel, the Church and the life of faith that is vital to you, and to write and tell me what you think. Let's first be clear about what's really important to us; because where our heart is, there will our treasure be also.

I know that you will only raise the level of your giving if you are committed to the Gospel, and convinced that the Church is doing Christ's work. Only Simeon's vision of Christ as the light of the world will do. Do we share that vision of our common life and ministry?

Your fellow servant in Christ,

with Peter and Tim, your bishops.



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Valley Notes

John Paul

Excerpts from the address given by the Team Rector at the funeral service for John held at St Mary's, Burton Bradstock, on 25th January 2002:-

John was born in Bournemouth, and moved to Sussex at outbreak of war. On leaving Sherborne School he did his National Service with The Devonshire Regiment (now The Devon & Dorsets). Then, he took up his place at Magdalene College, Cambridge, where he gained a Classics Degree.

While at Cambridge, John was introduced to a personal faith in Jesus Christ, a faith which underlay his life and made him what he was. He was influenced by fellow undergraduates who belonged to the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union, and of which he became a member. He started voluntary work with children during his vacations, both with The Scripture Union, and in the East End of London with David Shepherd at The Mayflower Family Centre.

This influenced his choice of career, and he accepted his first teaching post at Walhampton School at the edge of the New Forest. After two years there, he went on to St.Ronan's in Kent. In the mid sixties John was appointed Assistant Headmaster of Papplewick School in Ascot, and 13 years later, a year after he married Susan, he took over the Headship of Maidwell Hall, where he remained until his retirement at Christmas 1994, and coming to live in Burton Bradstock.

John took up any new interest with huge enthusiasm and never let an opportunity slip. This enthusiasm, and the gift he had for passing it on to others, made him the ideal schoolmaster for small boys. Skiing started when he had time to spare in the Army in Germany. It developed into a love of mountains and hill- and fell-walking.

John pursued many interests with passion - bird watching, golf, music and sailing. His love of gardening started at Maidwell, which in its heyday had been a well known arboretum and garden. He started by learning the Latin names of all the trees and shrubs, which led to his wanting to look after them.

In the last few months, when he was unable to enjoy his active interests, he took up water-colour painting, and with his customary enthusiasm would sit at a painting for hours at a time until he was satisfied with it. John loved all sport, especially rugby and cricket, both of which he coached to a high degree of success. In the last few months he was delighted to have the opportunity of taking up one-armed snooker, with the three other Johns.

In Burton Bradstock, John took a good part in the village's life. I first met him in the Rectory garden at a Summer Fête, where he was in charge of the Frog Game. He trod the boards of the W.I. Hall, taking the parts of Phineas Fogg in 'Around the World in 80 Minutes' (1995), Daddy Bear in 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' (1996), and various sketches at Church Harvest Suppers.

John would modestly deny his major contribution to the life of the church. But it was major! His wisdom was greatly valued on the Church Council, and in study groups, but it was his presence at services and events which so warmed the hearts of those around him. John served the Church as a Lay Reader, a ministry he was able to continue in the Bride Valley to within only a few weeks of his death. The way he faced his increasing disability was an inspiration. Rooted and grounded in faith, right to the very end of his life, John had something to give to benefit others. He was a greatly loved and valued member of our small Team of priests and Readers here. He had all the attributes of a good preacher - a deep love of the Lord and of Holy Scripture, a sharp mind, a warm understanding of people and their needs, sincerity and humour, and a great gift of expressing eternal truths in good English, beautifully spoken - with arresting turns of phrase. Another notable facet of John was his unfailing courtesy and concern for others, a quality not reserved only for those he knew or liked. I and my colleagues will miss enormously John's place in our ministerial team, and so will the members of our Bride Valley churches.

We are deeply thankful for the privilege of having been able to share John's life in one way or another. There is so much to be thankful for. We give thanks to God, and rejoice in the love and goodness of God, as John did. And we pray - Rest eternal grant unto him, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him.

A Service of Thanksgiving for John's life is to be held at Sherborne Abbey on Saturday 16th March at 12 noon. John and Susan's friends in the Bride Valley are most welcome to attend.

Lent Course : East End

We completed the first 2 sessions of 'Called to be Saints' on February 20th and 27th, and the remaining sessions are as follows:-

Session 3 'At the right time'

March 6th Church Hall, Puncknowle

Session 4 'The hidden revealed'

March 13th The Old Rectory, Litton Cheney

Session 5 'Equipped for tomorrow'

March 20th The Rectory, Litton Cheney

All are most welcome to join this course and are encouraged to bring their Bibles along with them.

For further details, see the church notice boards.

Anthony Ashwell



Does Paul present to us the true Gospel of God through Jesus Christ, or has he invented his own? Martin Luther wrote, "In the scholastics I lost Christ, but found him again in Paul." But C.J. Jung said, 'It's frankly disappointing to see how Paul hardly ever allows the real Jesus of Nazareth to get a word in." What do you think?

During LENT we are holding five sessions around St. Paul's letter to the Christian Church in Rome, when we are looking at the message and considering its relevance in the 21st century. The three remaining sessions are being held in St. Mary's Church, Burton Bradstock, from 7.30pm to 9.15pm on Wednesdays 6th, 13th and 20th March. All are most welcome to attend.

Mike Read

Bride Valley Team Mnistry

Mothers' Union

We shall welcome two new members to our branch at an Admission Service to be held at St. Mary's Church Puncknowle on Thursday 21st March at 2.30pm. This will be followed by a tea party at The Scrubbings, Hoopers Lane.

Burton Bradstock School

Much of the curriculum at our school is taught in 'topics'. Each term a class will have a theme based on a curriculum area, such as 'Victorians', 'Greeks', 'People Who Help Us' etc. and the Geography, History, Science and to a certain extent Literacy and Numeracy work, is hung over this theme. This makes the work more interesting, relevant and purposeful.

One such topic in the Autumn Term 2001 for the oldest class was 'Flight'. Children enthusiastically devised and conducted experiments to discover the secrets of flight. Hypotheses were formed and tested and conclusions drawn, but one experiment had to be postponed due to inclement weather conditions.

The children had constructed a giant 2 metre (6 feet in old money!) tall, yellow and black hot air balloon out of tissue paper and artstraws and were desperately keen to see if it would fly, but lift-off had to be delayed until 2002.

Picture the scene then, dear reader. The air is still; the sky is a washed out winter blue, flecked with benign high level cloud. The launch pad (front playground) is filled with excited scientists checking telemetry, (I don't know what it means, but it sounds right) meteorological reports, and downwind trajectory and anxiously gazing at the yellow and black sphere slowly filling with hot air - provided by school secretary Jean Bowles' electric foot warmer.

Flight controller Powell (for it was me) orders the countdown and the ground crew chant it down, 3-2-1- LIFT OFF!

At this point, I need to let you know that I have never yet persuaded one of these balloons to overcome the embrace of gravity, so the words of comfort to dejected young scientists were already forming on my lips when, to everyone's surprise and delight, the balloon tugged impatiently away from me and soared majestically to the end of its tether. Arrogantly the balloon snapped it and proceeded to clear Ian's house opposite the school, by 10 metres before landing, exhausted, in a garden.

Classroom Assistant Maggie Barrett, who had overseen the balloon's construction, triumphantly retrieved it. Excitedly the class called everyone out of the school and we re-launched the balloon, more securely tethered this time. Sadly this flight ended ignominiously when the balloon was wafted into a tree, where it stubbornly stayed put until destroyed by weekend gales and rain. Full details of this flight and photos are available for you on Class 4's pages of our school website at

It is occasions like this that live for a very long time in children's memories.

This term's topic in Class 4 is on The Victorians. At the end of term we shall be holding a Victorian Day, during which villagers dressed accordingly will visit the school in various roles. John and Susan Paul kindly volunteered to be fearsome Victorian school Inspectors a few years ago on one of these days. Try as he may, John's gentle, kind nature constantly peeped through the austere, strict role he was playing. No surprise this, for a wonderful person who had spent much of his life caring for, supporting and educating children. We will all miss John.

Best wishes

David Powell

Lucky 100 Club winners

£20 Mrs S. Loftus

£10 P.D.Butcher

£5 P. Blackmore

Our 100 Club is due for renewal. If you wish to join our very successful 100 Club, pop into the school office clutching a £10 note and we will provide you with your ticket. Far better odds than the Lottery!!

Thorner's School, Litton Cheney

At half-term we said a very fond farewell to Becky Hubbard; this time we made sure she got her tulips and pots for the garden (when she got married last summer, she was given a garden voucher but on viewing the plants available came out with a rabbit!). I hope that she is even now sitting in her garden and enjoying some free time away from all the planning and paperwork. In her place, Daphne Hawkins is now taking class 1 until July, we then hope to appoint a new teacher to join our team for September, so watch this space. Knowing Daphne Hawkins so well, has made the change so simple for the pupils and the school.

A number of the pupils are working hard at the present time, preparing for the Easter concert, which gives them the opportunity to perform in front of an audience, without being told what to do! Most concerts, which are staged, are organised by the staff and pupils are given specific roles. This is an occasion when each pupil is given a free choice .. well within limits anyway, and for many it is the first time they have performed on their own. Even now, as you read this, I am unsure of the variety of performances that will be on offer. I am hoping that those pupils who are learning musical instruments, either in school or out of school, will have the confidence to provide an item for the evening. So if you would like to come along and be part of our audience, it will be in the School Hall on Wednesday 13th March starting at 7.30pm. See you there. In addition to this there is a Bridport Music Concert in the United Reformed Church, Bridport on Wednesday 20th March at 7.00pm where some of our children will be part of the groups.

You all have until the 20th March to enter the Litton Jubilee Fete logo competition, which reminds me - have you put the fete date in your diary? Monday 3rd June 2.00pm in the school grounds. This year we are going to try and make it special. We took the theme of the Jubilee as our inspiration so do come along and tell us if we have succeeded; further details of all the attractions are included elsewhere in this magazine. As to the competition, entries will be judged in 3 categories, under 8's, over 11's, and those in between. There will be a winner in each section and the overall winner will see their logo outline used as part of our publicity. Full details and rules available from school. All entries need to be in the school office by 9.00am on Wednesday 20th March.

Alison Johnstone Headteacher.



The Great Wall of China is one of the true wonders of the ancient world. At the end of March I will set out on a ten day trip to China trekking through gorges, across mountains and along stretches of the Great Wall rarely visited by westerners. As those who know me will realise, walking has never been my strong point but I have worked hard to become fit enough for this challenge. I have even bumped into some of you on the West Dorset cliffs while training! The reason I am taking part in this exciting trek is to raise money for British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF). I am a trustee of BAAF and have been associated with this Charity for many years. BAAF believes that every child has the right to grow up in a loving, family environment. If you share this belief I would welcome your sponsorship. The money raised by the trip will be used by BAAF to help children who can no longer live with their birth families. All the money you give will go towards helping these children as I am paying my own expenses. For more information, or to sponsor me, please phone 01202 870717 any evening.

Jennifer Jenkins

Editor's footnote:

As many of you will remember Jennifer used to be the advertising manager for the Bride Valley News before her move to Ferndown.

Bride Valley Scout Group Coffee Morning - 16th March

See Puncknowle & West Bexington section for details


B.V.Y.F.C. Whist Drives

Friday March 15th

Friday April 19th

Friday May 17th

All at Thorner's School, Litton Cheney, at 7.30pm


First Steps Parent and Toddler Group meets every Wednesday during term time, the last session before Easter is Wednesday 20th March recommencing on Wednesday 10th April, at Long Bredy Village Hall from 10.00 o'clock to 12 o'clock. All pre-school children and their parents/carers are welcome to join us for activities, toys, coffee and chat. For further details contact:

Jo (Litton Cheney) ... or Julie (Puncknowle) 897178 or Lavinia (Long Bredy) 482397

Joseph Weld Hospice Dinner

A most successful dinner to mark the 8th anniversary of the opening of the Hospice was held at the Manor Hotel, West Bexington on 21st January 2002. Prior to the meal, the hotel proprietors Jayne and Richard Childs, handed over a cheque for £646, as a donation to the Hospice. This was made up of half the cost of the dinner, which was attended by 68 diners, mostly from the Bride Valley. This sum together with the proceeds from the excellent raffle organised by Kate Wilkinson and Virginia McShane and a number of cash donations, meant that the total money raised for the evening amounted to a magnificent £875.

The organisers would like to thank Jayne and Richard Childs and their staff for all the arrangements made and for this generous gift to the Hospice Trust. Our grateful thanks also go to all those who contributed and supported the event and making it such an enjoyable and rewarding evening.

Lavinia Barbour and Reggie Edwards

A Coffee Morning will be held at Litton Cheney Church Hall on the 9th March 2002 at 10.30 am for the Rainbow Trust and the Clare Lemmon Fund (Children's Cancer Charities). If you have any items or wish to donate a raffle prize then contact or take them to:

Sheila Barnes, Laurel Cottage, Litton Cheney Tel. 482534 or

Mandy Wakely, 1 River View, Littlebredy Tel 482272.

Please come and join us for a coffee and show your support for these very worthwhile charities.


The next Ladybirds meeting is on Wednesday 13th March at 8.00 pm in the home of Margaret Milree, Swyre when K Clark will speak about life in Northern Ireland.

Gardens open under the National Gardens Scheme in the Bride Valley 2002

This year the National Gardens Scheme celebrate their 75th anniversary. The proceeds from the gardens opening go to charity including Macmillian Cancer Relief, Marie Curie and the National Trust's bursaries for gardeners.

Sunday 17 March Langebride House, Long Bredy 2-5 pm

Easter Sunday 31 March Langebride House, Long Bredy 2-5 pm

The Old Rectory, Litton Cheney 2-6 pm

Easter Monday 1st April Langebride House, Long Bredy 2-5 pm

Sunday 19th May Down End House and The Old Rectory, Litton Cheney 2-7pm

Tuesdays in June, July and on 6 August

The Scented Garden, Little Bredy


Tuesday 11th June The Old Rectory, Steddings and

Tithe Barn, Litton Cheney 2-7pm

Sunday 14th July Steddings and Tithe Barn, Litton Cheney 2-7 pm

Litton Cheney Jubilee Fete - 3rd June

St Mary's Church and Thorner's School are joining forces again this year for their Fete and as our usual date coincides with the Jubilee it has to be a bumper Jubilee Fete! Make this your main Jubilee attraction; enjoy the

Maypole dancing by Thorner's children and cheer on your favourite Tug of War team. There will be lots of child friendly stalls and games as well as a bouncy castle, pony rides and Punch and Judy. Book the date now in your diary - Jubilee Day Monday 3rd June at Thorner's School at 2.00 pm F. Spicer 482617


I think I spoke too soon when I wrote our entry for last month's magazine, saying that the winter was almost past and that the weather had been so good to us - since then we have had the continuous rain and gales, and for many of us the power failures. Even so, it has been warm and the gardens are showing much Spring activity with camellias in bud and many bulbs growing almost daily - an encouraging sight for us all.

For our January meeting we had Mr.David Hitchcock from Three Shires Nursery talking on winning 10 Gold Medals at Chelsea. Several club members have commented to me on this very amusing talk. It was almost a pantomime act at times with all the props Mr. Hitcheock brought along to demonstrate the thought and marketing techniques display his flowers - his working with Dartington Glass, the Stoke Potteries of Wedgewood and Doulton etc. and the Bridport Ropemakers etc. - look out for the medal winners at Chelsea this year - again he and his wife are entering - it could he an 11th win!

Brian Prentice,one of the long term members of the Club and an excellent gardener, (as those of you who have visited his gardens at Stebbings, Litton Cheney on " Garden Open" days will know ) offers this gardening advice for this month:-

"Now is the time to plan and prepare our Kitchen Garden sowings. Seeds to sow this month include carrots, leeks, onions and parsnips. Sow these in a well prepared seed bed that has, ideally, been kept warm for a few weeks with the covering of a thick black polythene sheet.

Potatoes are easy to grow. To get the heaviest crops make sure they are well chitted. Rub off the weaker shoots leaving about four good sprouts about a half to three quarters of an inch long at planting time. It is always nice to have a few pickings of first earlies before enjoying the main crop later in the year.

Our efforts in the next month or two will he rewarded. Freshly picked home- grown vegetables are far superior in flavour to those bought from the supermarket or greengrocer, and they can also look attractive in an area of the garden."

The Speaker for our March Meeting will be Mrs. P. Haskall on Dorset Gardens - Large & Small as usual in Thorners School, Litton Cheney and will be on March l1th at 7.30.p.m. Nancy Vicars, our Chairwoman and the Committee extend a warm welcome to members old and new.

Norma Millard -Club Secretary - (West Bexington 897774)

John Paul

Thank you all so much for your loving concern and support, both during John's illness and following his death. A full church at his funeral, with all his Valley friends, meant more than I can say. I know he would want me to say how much he valued his ministry from the pulpit since we came to live here and he was so grateful to John, Anthony and Mike Read for the support they gave him, particularly during these last few months; this enabled him to carry on preaching as long as possible. The time he spent in preparing his sermons and that spent in prayer made him all the more ready to meet his Lord when the time came. Thank you, too, for all your cards and letters, which made me realise, as if I did not know, what a very special man my husband of 25 years was; and thank you for the donations you gave in his memory to St.Mary's and Joseph Weld Hospice. We are holding a Thanksgiving Service for his life at Sherborne Abbey on Saturday 16th March at 12 noon and we hope very much that many of you will be able to join us on that occasion.




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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125

Mid Week Worship - Holy Communion Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory

Choir Practices Fridays at 6.00 p.m.

Gift Sunday 31st March Rectory Internal Redecoration Fund.

The next Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held on Friday 1st March at 11.00 am.

The next Healing Services at St Mary's will be held on Monday 4th March and Wednesday 17th April, each at 7.00 pm.


Holy Baptism 13th January Benjamin A. Crawley-Boevey

13th January Luke M. Crawley-Boevey

Funeral 25th January John H. Paul

Thanksgiving Service for the life of R. Frank Bailey 18th January

Burial of Ashes 13th February W. Joyce Inwood

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting takes place on Monday 18th March at 7.30 pm in church, for the election of Churchwardens and Parochial Church Councillors for the coming year, and to receive various annual reports. Every member on the Church Electoral Roll may attend and vote. I would like to see there as many as can possibly attend. We shall need nominations for two Churchwardens (which must now be received in writing by the Rector before the commencement of the meeting - ask him for a form); and three representatives on the Lyme Bay Deanery Synod, in addition to nine representatives to serve on the Parochial Church Council. Nominations for Synod and PCC may be made either on the appropriate form available in church, or verbally at the meeting.

John Atkinson


In 2002, as in every sixth year, a completely new Electoral Roll has to be prepared in time for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. All church members on the existing roll, as well as new applicants for enrolment, must complete an application for enrolment form in order to be included on the new Roll. A supply of application forms is by the church door. Do please take one and return to our Electoral Roll Officer, Mr Maurice Ackland, one of the Churchwardens or post through the Rectory door. The closing date for the receipt of applications is 4th March.

Lent Lunches are again being provided on the following Fridays from 12 noon to 2 pm:-

Address Charity

Mar 1st 9 Barr Lane The (C of E) Children's Society

8th 12 Howarth Close Somerset & Dorset Air Ambulance

15th 2 Roberts Close Save the Children

22nd The Rectory RGA - Restricted Growth Association

Do please support these lunches if you can. Soup, rolls etc. and coffee will be on the menu. As well as being able to give a donation to the charities, it is a social occasion where we can meet together over lunch. Everyone is most welcome, not just church members, so do ask a friend to come along too.

Pam Atkinson

Church Flowers for Easter. If you wish to give a donation for Easter lilies in memory of family or friends, please put your donation in the envelope provided, which you will find on the table in the south aisle of the church, and give to Pam Atkinson or deliver to the Rectory. Please do not leave money/envelopes in the basket. Thank you.

Decorating the Church for Easter. We shall be decorating the church with flowers on Saturday 30th March from 10 am. Everyone is most welcome to decorate the church for the festival, so do come along, and if possible bring a little greenery. Thank you.

Pam Atkinson

Holy Week and Easter at St Mary's

Mon 25th March} The Reading of the Passion at 7.30 pm over

Tue 26th March} the three evenings, followed each evening

Wed 27th March} by Compline.



EASTER EVE 7.30 pm THE EASTER LITURGY, including the Blessing of the Paschal Candle

EASTER DAY 8.00 am Holy Communion

11.00 am Family Communion

6.30 pm Festal Evensong



Following the successful "Taster" Course, a further 3 week course has been arranged.

Dates: Thursdays March 7th, 14th and 21st. - all at 10.00 am.

Classes will take place in the W.I. Hall and will finish at 11.30 am.

Cost: W.I members £7.50 for 3 sessions

Non-WI members £9 for 3 sessions

For further information or to book a place please ring Chris Clarke on 898117 or Joan Dady - 898084

Royal British Legion Women's Section

On Easter Monday (1st April) the Women's Section of the RBL will hold an EASTER SALE in the W.I. HALL, Burton Bradstock from 2.00pm - 4.00pm. Stalls, Cakes, Raffle, and Refreshments. Admission free. Items for sale gratefully received.

This month's RBL Social Evening will be held at the New Inn, Shipton Gorge on Monday 25th March at 7.30pm.

Burton Bradstock Village Society

A wonderful atmospheric presentation of slides accompanied by music was given to the society on Friday 18th February by Mr & Mrs G Comely, to illustrate the life and times of William Barnes, Dorset's own poet. Apart from composing the famous poem, "Linden Lea", he became an accomplished local historian, scientist, teacher, artist and was greatly influenced by the beautiful Dorset countryside. He remained Rector of the parish of Came for 24 years until he died in 1886.

At the end of the meeting, the Village Society President, Nancy Bushell gave a moving tribute to past committee members recently deceased; past Honorary Secretary Ben Dean and Publicity Officer Ro Higgs, with a reading of one of Ro's poems.

A fitting end to a remarkable evening.

Peter Dutton 898374

Burton Bradstock Home Watch

One of our local policemen recently said to me "If you can walk our road and identify which houses are unoccupied, then so can a burglar". So leave a light on after dark, if you are out for the evening or arrange for security lights to come on if you are away for any period. With the watchfulness of our co-ordinators and residents, we continue to keep our homes safe. Thieves are however, targeting garages, sheds and cars. The following advice is from our local Crime Prevention Officer:-

Useful tips when shopping with your car:

1. Try to pick a car park that is overlooked.

2. Avoid multi-storey car parks unless they have good surveillance equipment.

3. Park with your boot facing out, as this makes it more difficult for a thief to work unseen.

4. Place items in the boot out of sight and always bear in mind that a thief may be watching.

5. Make your most expensive purchase your last so as not to leave it unattended.

When you need work in or around your property, always consult locally known representatives and guard against unscrupulous tradesmen.

Finally there has been a change of co-ordinator for North Hill Close. Mrs Kate Taylor left the village and is replaced by Mrs Paula Todd of 9 North Hill Close, Tel: 897991.

Freddy Tame

Burton Bradstock W.I

Members were enthralled by Shirley Critchley when she related with slides the highs and lows of a Scientific Exploration Expedition. Shirley was with a team led by Col. Blashford-Snell on a journey from the Andes to Amazon. They began on the shores of Lake Titicaca, travelling via Reed Boats progressing on in lorries on perilous roads and then mules and packhorses through dense terrain. Ants, poisonous snakes, bees, bugs, hornets and mosquitoes were plentiful. A doctor, dentist and archaeological experts were part of the team, which lasted 3 months. The doctor and dentist giving their services free to a tribe of cannibals needing teeth extractions en-route. Wendy Green gave the vote of thanks with enthusiasm, but has not signed up for the next expedition in September! Yet!!

100 Club In March we renew our membership - this is in aid of W.I. HALL FUNDS - it is £10. The draw is monthly (excluding August) and there are 4 prizes - £15, £10 and two £5. There is a Double Draw in December with a top prize of £20. We need new members; please will husbands and village friends who would like to help ring Mary Burr on 897450 for a ticket. Thank you for your support.

Jill Spinney

Burton Bradstock Library

We are very fortunate to have our own library, which is contingent upon its being fully used. During the current period of the year, it ought to be used more often, but the number of books being taken out has fallen. Do try to use the facility more - why not take out that extra book?

Freddy Tame

Burton Bradstock Library

March marks the thirtieth anniversary of the opening of Burton Bradstock Library and to mark the occasion several events have been planned.

BUMPER SECONDHAND BOOKSALE will take place throughout the month at the branch.

A CHILDRENS ART COMPETITION will be held in collaboration with the local primary school, with a selection on display at a CELEBRATION COFFEE MORNING on Tuesday March 12th 10.30 - 12 noon, when customers old and new are invited to admire the artwork, take refreshment and listen to a recital of 'Easter Sonnets and Other Poems' by our resident bard John Surry.

For further information please contact:

Heather Thomson, Burton Bradstock Library, The Old Wesleyan Chapel, Burton Bradstock, Bridport. Tel: 01308 897563

Marjorie Jarman - would like to say thank you to everyone who sent cards, flowers and messages during her stay in hospital; and a special thank you Rita, Ray and my friends Sheila, Greta and Joyce for their care before going into hospital and since I came home. God Bless you all and a happy New Year.

Thank you

Betty, Vanessa and Jeremy would like to express their appreciation and thanks to Reverend John Atkinson for his assistance and kindness to them on Leo's untimely death; and also to thank everyone in the village for their kind thoughts and condolences.

Betty Clynes

Thank you

I would like to thank all the people who sent cards, messages and good wishes during my recent unexpected stay in hospital. So many that it is impossible to thank each personally, though I would like to mention the signed card from the Burton Players - how great that I'm still remembered!

Since being home, neighbours and friends have provided meals, brought flowers, fruit, etc., done shopping, and one neighbour even gave me a quick much needed 'hair do' the day after I came home looking like one of the witches from Macbeth!

I'm hopefully progressing slowly, not quite "bouncing back" yet, but I'll be with you all soon.

Yet another example of the wonderful village we live in.

God bless you all. Elsie Hunt

Burton Bradstock Village

Web Site Address


Did you know that the Bride Valley News

is published on this web site every month?

In addition, did you know that old copies of the magazine

can also be viewed on the web site?

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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White


3 Gullivers Orchard Shipton Gorge




Funeral 4th February Susan G. Trotman

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting takes place on Wednesday 20th March at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall, for the election of Churchwardens, Deanery Synod representatives and Parochial Church Councillors, and to receive various annual reports. Every member on the Church Electoral Roll may attend and vote. I would like to see there as many as can possibly attend.

We shall need nominations for two Churchwardens (which must now be received in writing by the Rector before the commencement of the meeting - ask him for a form). Molly Roast and Colin Green for personal reasons do not wish to stand again for election as Churchwardens, so do consider offering yourself as a candidate or encouraging/asking other people to do so; we must have Churchwardens! We shall also need nominations for two representatives on the Lyme Bay Deanery Synod, in addition to six representatives to serve on the Parochial Church Council. Nominations for Synod and PCC may be made verbally at the meeting.

John Atkinson

Holy Week and Easter at St Martin's

PALM SUNDAY At 9.30 am Parish Communion ( Modern order, modern language), with hymns and the distribution of Palm Crosses.

GOOD FRIDAY At 9.30 am The Litany

EASTER DAY At 9.30 am Holy Communion (Traditional order,

traditional language), with hymns.



A FRUGAL LENTEN LUNCH will be held at 15 Rockway, Shipton Gorge, on Wednesday 6th March, from 12.00-2.00pm in aid of the Pilsdon Community. Do come and meet your friends.

Two complaints to your Parish Council:

( i ) Dangerous Parking - Peas Hill

Firstly with regard to the dangerous practice of parking vehicles on the road at Peas Hill. This is a blind bend and a head on collision here was recently only narrowly avoided. It is an offence to park dangerously and in the event of an accident the owner of an offending parked vehicle could be liable.

( ii ) Dog Walkers

Secondly with regard to some walkers allowing their dogs to foul the highway. It is particularly disgusting when it is in front of your house or close by the telephone box. Please have consideration for others and CLEAN UP after your pet if you are in the village.


SATURDAY 27TH APRIL - 1 0. 00 am - 12. 00 noon

Elizabeth & Robert Langran have kindly offered to organise the annual plant sale and coffee morning at the Village Hall on April 27th, to benefit St.Martin's Church and the Joseph Weld Hospice.

Your surplus plants - perennials, herbs, seedlings, slightly winter- weary houseplants, small gardening implements, gardening magazines and books etc., will be very acceptable nearer the time, also, of course, help with the stalls and refreshments.

For further information, please ring 897207.

Change of Plan - Jubilee Teas - 2nd June cancelled.

As this event may have conflicted with the Village Society Jubilee events over the Bank Holidays, Anne & Bob White now plan to have Teas at "Cairnhill" on THURSDAY, 5TH SEPTEMBER, weather permitting.

Please make a note of this revised date

Yoga for Everyone

Starting 9th April

Tuesday Evenings 8.00 - 9.30pm

Shipton Gorge Village Hall

Hatha Yoga Classes taught by Lesley Wilson ( British Wheel of Yoga )

Come along and try. Tel: 01308 898116 for details

Shipton Gorge Hall 100 Club

Winners for February

£20 No. 11 Sue Davidson

£10 No. 1 Elizabeth Wilson

Correction to January Draw: £10 No. Mr. Lane should be Mrs.Love


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Chilcombe Church




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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Julie Lewis

4 Green Barton, Swyre

From the Registers

Funeral and Burial 15th January 2002 Dora Irene Yeates aged 83

A full church remembered with thanksgiving a life of gentleness and service to family, community and church. "Well done, thou good and faithful servant".

Good Friday : 29th March

We will be having a one-hour Devotional Service in the church beginning at 12 noon. This Service will be repeated in Litton Cheney at 2.00pm.

Easter Day : 31st March

Our Easter Communion Service will be at 11 o'clock.

Church Annual Meeting

Advance notice: this will be on Sunday April 7th after 6.30pm Evening Prayer. Please, new members of the Electoral Roll, do come along.

Anthony Ashwell



National Archaeology weekend 21/22 July, and Dr Peter Northover is hoping to organise 3 small dig sites within the valley. It is the intention to have a visitor's centre where 'finds' can be brought and displays viewed. More information will be available nearer the time.

The following is an extract from a letter from W.Adam to the Duke of Bedford dated 8 September 1806 reporting on the state of repair of the Parish Church, which I thought might be interesting.

"Mr Hunter, the Clergyman of the adjacent Parish of Burton and who does Curate's duty at Swyre desired to accompany me to Swyre that he might point out the state of the church and steeple, which is indeed very bad.

This was accompanied with a request that as it was the ancient possession of the family & that many of the name had been interred there - and that the assessment by a church rate would bear very heavily on the tenantry where Your Grace is sole proprietor that you should do it. The tower is insufficient, in the roof the timbers decayed and the bells unhung - the walls of it and of the Church are in want of pointing. The pulpit is disgracefully bade and the floor and the seats require some repair.

I thought it was right to have an estimate to include in it the plaistering the ceiling of the Church which at present not only admits light and wet but lets the birds in whose music sometimes disturbs the congregation.

The whole can be done for £84.1.8d and it is for Your Grace to consider whether that sum might not be very properly applied to this repair."

Julie Lewis


We have at last had approval for the erection of our new Home Watch signs. They will be placed on the village name signs on the coast road and on Swyre Road.

Julie Lewis



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Village Correspondent: Mrs Dorothy Barlow

Collingbourne, Hoopers Lane, Puncknowle

Telephone: (01308) 897761

Mothering Sunday : 10th March

On a second Sunday of the month we would normally have a Parish Communion Service, but on this Mothering Sunday we will instead be having a shortened Family Service at which we will give out posies, and this will be followed by a shortened Holy Communion.

Easter Day : 31st March

Easter Day Communion will be at 9.30am, but this will feel like 8.30am because the clocks will have just gone forward. Don't get caught out!

"Alive - Let's Jive!"

An Easter workshop for all school-age children on Saturday 23rd March in Puncknowle Church Hall from 2.00pm - 4.00pm. Parents, please join us for refreshments and entertainment at 4.00pm for half an hour.

Registration forms available through Thorner's School or via Sally (897068), who can also give further information if required.

This event is being organised by the same people who organised "The Oasis Café" and "The Welly-Boot Nativity".

Anthony Ashwell


This will be held on Friday 8th March in the Church Hall. Come along and enjoy home-made soup, home-made bread and good company. Donations will be given to the Christian Blind Mission.

Puncknowle Art Group

At the AGM we looked back over a very enjoyable year with many interesting speakers and activities. The new programme for this year was then discussed. We are always happy to welcome new members. We are very grateful to Anne Southgate, our first speaker of the year, for a wonderful demonstration on sugar craft.

March dates - 8th Oil painting talk by Jennifer.

22nd Photographs, a talk by Mr. & Mrs. Comley.

Parish Council.

There was a large turnout for our February meeting to discuss with Council officials the problems that we have with traffic. Many of those present were against the idea of a speed limit within Puncknowle.This leaves the parish council not knowing how representative that view is. It seems that there are those who believe that we have a speed limit of 30 mph at present, whereas the position is that there is no restriction so one is not offending if you drive through the village at 60 mph.

We will need to carry out a referendum which I do urge you to complete.

Alex Welch Seat

10 minutes walk to the west of West Bexington car park, we have installed 3/4 of a ton of oak, quarter cut, to serve as a seat, facing inland over the winter mere. The tree trunk is rough hewn and sturdy, and unsophisticated so as not to impinge on the natural environment, and as an acknowledgement of the man, his principles and the work he so unstintingly carried out in maintaining the beach.

Beach clean Date for your diary. April 14th 2002.


Bride Valley Scout Group - Coffee Morning

There will be a Sale of Cakes, Books, Plants and Children's Toys on Saturday 16th March at the Church Hall, Puncknowle, starting at 11.00 am. Please come along and support the 'New Hut Appeal'.

If you are able to donate cakes, produce, plants or goods to sell please bring them along on the day, or if you would like them collected contact Ruth Brierley (Puncknowle - 898283), Marion Foot (Swyre - 897165) or Katherine Jones (Litton Cheney - 482589). Donations of raffle prizes would also be appreciated. Many thanks. Ruth Brierley


First of all, our quiz sheets are still on sale until the end of the month, the closing day being the 31st March. The amount raised will hopefully go towards paying the rent increase.

As many of you know most playgroups of our size run under budget and any fundraising is usually swallowed up in the running of the playgroup. Each day we need around eleven children to break even and without a dedicated committee each year, the playgroup will fold. Most of our children eventually go on to Thorner's School and we are a vital link for the school and the eastern end of the Valley. There is a need for a longer session and perhaps another day, but with the complications of employing more staff, we feel we would not have enough children on any day. This year we have only five children who will be going to Thorner's, the twins having moved on to Burton Playgroup. We feel that an extra session for the pre-schoolers would be too expensive to provide, but instead extra parents will be required to help out during a session per week to give special individual attention to them.

As previously mentioned last month, our Open Morning will take place on a Tuesday rather a Saturday morning; this has been arranged for the l4th May 2002. Anyone who has a toddler who will be coming up to the age of 2 yrs 9months in the next school year, are most welcome to join us between 10.00 -11.30am. It would be nice to know how many will be attending, so please feel free to ring Carol on 01308 897 771 to confirm.

Our Tricycle Ride will hopefully take place on Thursday 20th June.


We have, at last, had approval for the erection of our new Home Watch signs. They will be placed on the village name signs in Puncknowle. In West Bexington there will be one at the entrance from the beach into the village on the "Please drive carefully sign" and the existing faded sign on Swyre Road will be replaced.

Andy Marshall

Don't forget to check the village website

to keep in touch with village events and find useful information


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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents:

Mrs. Gaynor Jones, 10 Manor Farm Close Tel.482517

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close Tel.482384


Mothering Sunday : 10th March Our normal Matins Service will be replaced by a Special Service for this lovely family day. We will of course be distributing posies, and the Service is at 11.00am, which gives everybody plenty of time to get ready. Do come along.

Palm Sunday : 24th March

At our Family Service on this important Sunday which marks the beginning of Holy Week, we will be giving out Palm Crosses to remind everybody that although Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem with joy, very quickly this joy turned into the agony of The Cross.

Good Friday : 29th March

As we ask every year, can we fully appreciate Easter Resurrection without first fully remembering Good Friday death? Our Service of Devotion begins at 2.00pm.

Easter Day : 31st March

Our jubilant Easter morning Parish Communion will be at 9.30am, the day the clocks go forward (be warned!).

The Annual Church Parochial Meeting

This will take place in the Church Hall on Thursday 14th March at 7.30pm. This year the new 'Churchwarden Regulations' come into force, and nomination for these 2 vital positions in our church, must be in writing, with signatures of the proposer, seconder and nominee. Forms are available from me, and when completed, should be returned to me at least 2 days before the meeting. Those nominated must fulfil certain conditions, similar to the requirements for Church Electoral Roll members but with the important extra need for them to be regular communicants. However, their proposers and seconders do not need to be on the Church Electoral itself.

St Mary's Church members, this is your Church, come along to the meeting and play your part!

Easter Evensong - 6.30pm When possible, we have an Evensong Service on a fifth Sunday of the month. This will be our first light evening of the year (the clocks will have gone forward) and it will still be Easter Day.

Anthony Ashwell

A Coffee Morning and Bring and Buy Sale will be held in aid of The Church Bell Restoration Fund at The Cottage, Litton Cheney on Saturday 16th March from 10 o'clock until 12 noon. Sheila Fry 482260

The Jubilee Fete - 3rd June

See the entry about the Fete in this issue under Valley Notes. If you have not already done so put the date and time in your diaries now - Monday 3rd June at Thorner's at 2 pm. Planning is well advanced but if you are not already committed to a stall or game, and would like to participate, the Committee would love to hear from you - its not too late for any new bright ideas and offers of help to "put up and take down" etc will be especially welcome - contact Alison Johnstone (School) or Freddie Spicer (482617).

Calling all children and budding artists of any age - have a go and enter our "Design a Jubilee Crown" competition - entries (Two dimensional drawing) to the School before 21st March, the winning drawing will be used for publicity purposes for the Fete.

Litton Cheney Social Committee

Christmas Carol Singing on 19th December raised £239 and the Seasonal Music and Readings evening on 22nd December added to this, resulting in the sum of £261.78 being sent to the Naomi House Hospice for children. Many thanks to all who gave to the collections and/or helped with these events. Thanks also to Debbie and John at The White Horse for hosting the Music Event and for the delicious mince pies.

This month:

Easter Sunday: 31st March - Duck Race and Easter Egg Hunt, Starts at 12 noon.

(Don't forget to select your duck number when a committee member calls.)

The Duck race starts opposite Fry's yard and finishes at The White Horse Inn where the Easter Egg Hunt will take place in the garden at approx. 1 o'clock.

Dates for your diary:

Friday 10th May - The first Annual General Meeting of LCSC at Thorner's School 7pm. This will take the form of a short business meeting followed by Colin Varndell showing his nationally acclaimed nature photographs.

Queen's Jubilee Celebrations

Saturday 20th July, starting at 6.30 pm. Lamb Roast, BBQ, etc etc etc

Live Music - good company - not to be missed!

Tickets £3 under school age children free.

Watch out for more details nearer the date.

Last orders:

For anyone wishing to purchase a Litton Cheney Millennium Mug - there are still a few available, from either The White Horse or Eddy Fry (482260)

Mary Anderson LCSC Secretary

A Coffee Morning will be held at Litton Cheney Church Hall on the 9th March 2002 at 10.30 am for the Rainbow Trust and the Clare Lemmon Fund (Children's Cancer Charities). If you have any items or wish to donate a raffle prize then contact or take them to: Sheila Barnes, Laurel Cottage, Litton Cheney Tel 482534 or

Mandy Wakely, 1 River View, Little Bredy Tel 482272.

Please come and join us for a coffee and show your support for these very worthwhile charities.

Annual Parish Assembly

This will take place at Thorner's School on Tuesday 12th March commencing at 7.30pm. Please make a note in your diary. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting. Ian Slark Chairman, Parish Council

Litton Cheney Village Society

The next meeting of the Society will be on March 19th, when Paul Kingston will give a talk "Around the world in 80 slides", recalling many years of travel, sport and adventure around the world. The meeting starts at 8 pm at Thorners School. All are very welcome to attend.

Garden Open for Charity, The Old Rectory, Litton Cheney on Easter Sunday 2-6 pm

A Youth Club in Litton Cheney? We hope that by the time you are reading this a youth club has been established in Litton Cheney. A general public meeting was planned for 21st February to adopt a constitution and form a committee. It will be based at the Youth Hostel and cater for ages 8 - 17 years. For further information or if you would be able to help in any way please contact Paul Kingston 482384.

Advance Notice

An outdoor showing of historic films about Dorset life from 1905 onwards, will be presented by Trilith (the rural media charity) at the White Horse on Thursday, 11 April 2002. Hot drinks, food and mulled wine available.

More details later in April BVN and on Gil Smith 482509

The Eastern End Bride Valley Christmas Party organisers wish to thank the following:

Litton Cheney Social Committee, Bridport Lions, Gordon Anderson, Litton Cheney Bell Ringers, Hall and Woodhouse Brewery, Paul Kingston, Alison Johnstone and Thorners School, Carol Randall and all who were involved.

Well done to Hestor Underhill aged 7 and her friends Zoe Roberts also aged 7 and 8 year old Paige Wakely who raised about £40 at their Bring and Buy Sale for Blue Peter. Blue Peter are helping Help the Aged to provide transport for the elderly.

We hope that both Karin and Georgina Adams continue to make good progress after their recent illnesses. We wish Mrs Bethal a good recovery after her recent fall and that Mrs Edie Spittles makes good progress in Bridport Hospital so she can come back to her new home.

We welcome Valerie and Neil Jeffery to 4 Baglake, Kathy and Steve Kourik and Kathy's parents Edie and Dennis Spittles to 8 Baglake.

After the winter you may wish to become involved in some of the activities which take place in the village:

Bellringing takes place on Monday evenings, 7.30 - 8.30 pm winter time, 8.00 - 9.00 pm summer time either visit the bell tower or contact Eddy Fry 482260 for further information. New ringers are always very welcome.

The church needs opening and closing each day, the clock needs winding and the churchyard needs mowing if you would be able to help with any of these tasks please contact Freddie Spicer 482617.

If you would enjoy arranging flowers in the church Sheila Fry 482260 would like to hear from you.

The Needlepoint Kneelers Group are working to replace the tapestry kneelers in the church, they usually meet on the first Monday of the month. If you are interested in helping with this project please contact Mary Slark 482280.

Ladybirds sometimes have meetings in Litton Cheney usually on the second Wednesday of the month. (Details in the Valley Notes)

At The White Horse: The Web Group meet on the first Monday at 8 pm

The Bride Valley Short Mat Bowls Club meet on Thursdays at 8 pm.

At Thorners School: The Bride Valley Gardening Club meet on the second Monday of the month. (Details in the Valley Notes)

Litton Cheney Village Society meets on the third Tuesday of the month. (Details above)

The Bride Valley Young Farmers Club meet on Wednesdays.

Visit the web site for the latest news.

The group meets at The White Horse Inn

at 8 o'clock on the first Monday of each month.

All welcome.


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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondents: Mrs Elinor Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269

Easter Day : March 31st

Our Easter day Family Service with shortened Holy Communion will be at 11.00am. People of all ages, are most welcome on this, the most important day of the Church's year.

Annual Church Meeting

This will take place on Tuesday 19th March at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. Please, new Church Electoral Roll members do come along for this important event in the life of your local Church.

Anthony Ashwell

St Peter's Church

Over the course of many years, St. Peter's Church, Long Bredy has relied on planned giving and collections to provide its financial needs. More recently, a generous legacy has helped us to complete some very necessary restoration work but this money has now been spent.

As a result, the church accounts show that a shortfall in annual income is likely to lead to an uncertain future for our parish church. We urgently need a way to ensure that our beautiful church can be kept in good repair and therefore avoiding the very real possibility of it having to close.

God creates and inspires us all in many ways and gives our lives meaning and hope. We have inherited our 14th century church from some thirty generations that have gone before. Such an example of love and stewardship leaves us a responsibility and a duty to see that their efforts are not lost to future generations. To support our church today is to help guarantee its survival into the future, so that it can continue its place in caring for, and meeting the needs of all parishioners, young and old alike, and to offer a sanctuary for their spiritual or personal needs.

The Parochial Church Council is planning a Stewardship programme in the very near future, which will include a visit to every home in the parish. During the visit there will be an explanation of what is needed and how you can help.

It should also be remembered that along with the village hall, the church is the only other community facility where people can meet together. Most parishioners would not wish to see the doors of the church close but the fact remains that if we do not respond positively, closure becomes a real risk.

More information about the programme will appear in next month's Bride Valley News. Anthony Ashwell

Golden Jubilee Party

Plans are being made for a Golden Jubilee Party for the Parish of Long Bredy, Kingston Russell and Ashley Chase.

The party will take place on Tuesday 4th June (more details later)

We will be having fund raising events, starting with:

Bingo on Friday April 5th at 7.30 pm in the Long Bredy Village Hall.

If you have any unwanted Christmas gifts or would like to donate a prize for the bingo, please phone Rosemary Pitcher on 482486

LONG BREDY AND LITTON CHENEY WOMEN'S INSTITUTE The February meeting opened with a greeting from President Elinor Frost and presentation of a birthday posy to Peggy Cuzzens.

Four members wished to attend the Spring Council Meeting in April and the next Group Meeting and June outing were discussed.

"Good Diet" was the subject of Speaker Fiona Gibson, a Dietician working from Dorset County Hospital. Members were given charts showing groups of foods and advice on a sensible and healthy diet. Surprisingly to some, they were told that frozen or packaged foods can contain as many nutrients as fresh. Altogether, a healthier and more energetic Institute should emerge from a very interesting and informative evening.

The next meeting will be on 5th March at Litton Cheney. B.Champkins


From the Registers (of Sherborne Abbey)

Confirmation 9th February 2002 Clare Williams

Annual Church Meeting

New Electoral Roll members are exhorted to attend this vital meeting on Monday 18th March at 7.30pm in West Lodge (the Armstrong's house).

Anthony Ashwell





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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy


This month's notes concern themselves entirely with the Church. The Psalmist speaks of "destruction ... wrought upon the earth", and could have been forecasting the immense amount of scrub clearance and coppice felling, plus the demolition of the flimsy mower shed, carried out in the north section of the churchyard by an intrepid working party recently. The area looks much better for their efforts, for which many thanks. But the work is not yet finished, and volunteers for a further day's work with strimmers, scythes and chainsaws may shortly be sought. You have been warned...!

Inside the Church, the formal Faculty for repairing the north aisle floor, which has consisted of a "temporary" covering of plywood for over a year, is at last agreed with the Diocese and has been submitted for final approval, so it is now hoped for some action within the next month or two.

As for services, Mothering Sunday falls on the 10th March, which is the day of our regular All-Age Worship, or Family Service at 9.30 a.m. This is an excellent opportunity for the youngsters to gather in Church in an expression of gratitude to their mothers, bringing perhaps a posy or some other appropriate gift to present to them during the service. We hope for a good congregation on that day, for a service which is neither too long nor too daunting, with coffee, soft drinks and biscuits available in church afterwards.

The Easter Festival also falls in March. There will be the customary short but moving service of Litany at 10.00 in the morning of Good Friday (29th March), but decoration of the Church for Easter will not start till 3.00 in the afternoon of Good Friday this year. As usual, contributions towards the 300 or so bunches of primroses (about 20 heads per bunch) which go to make up the writing of the Easter message on the window sills will be greatly appreciated from as many volunteer pickers as possible, please. Judy Yates will be grateful for her usual excellent team, plus any new volunteers who make themselves known to her in advance, for the more formal floral decorations that afternoon, to reach the beautiful high standard which all who visit the Church over Easter and afterwards admire so much.

On Easter Sunday itself, the 31st March, Canon Pouncey will lead the Holy Communion Service at 11.00 a.m. He reminds us that to attend Communion on Easter Day is one of the fundamental Christian commitments of all who have ever been confirmed, and it is hoped that many will respond to the call and swell the congregation on that day.


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