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St Mary's Burton Bradstock FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Litton Cheney

When I was living in Crediton 22 years ago and working as an industrial chemist in the cough sweet business, I managed to get through the BBC Songs of Praise selection process to find myself, first being seen about my work and being interviewed, and then being filmed in the Church congregation singing my chosen hymn - All things bright and beautiful (to the quicker tune).

The theme of the testimony I gave then, and one in which I continue to rejoice, concerned the enormous and wonderful variety of creation, a variety given by God, with our consciousness of the sensing of this variety also given by God. Take a summer in the Bride Valley (not much of a summer at the time of writing) and contrast it with a winter. Dew on a warm early bright morning - frost on a cold late one : peas and beans on vegetable plots - parsnips grown and broccoli surviving: meadowsweet, vetch and even orchid on the road side - a dandelion the only brightness on a dull day: green fields of waving corn - brown seas of mud: visitors in shorts and t-shirts - locals in grey raincoats: gardens awash with glorious flowers - asleep apart from the first snowdrops: evenings outside in the beer garden - days in front of the fire. The list goes on and on, indeed each one of us could produce our very own, dependant on what we particularly notice or encounter because each one of us is so different.

What I particularly appreciate now, as a resident of a 'civilised' country in the 21st century, is the way we are being given ever greater variety, from roses in our gardens to vegetables in our shops, from hobbies to pursue to menus to salivate over.

To experience this is simply a great privilege, it is perhaps the greatest privilege of the way we live today, but it is also one that challenges us to all the more consider those for whom life appears no such privilege. People for whom everyday is the same, ground down by pain or fighting for scraps from the rich man's table. Variety, too, challenges us to open our senses and minds to the wonder of creation, to turn our backs occasionally on routine and suspicion of the unknown, and to sing instead "ALL things bright and beautiful, wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them ALL".

Anthony Ashwell

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Valley Notes


The Team Vicar

That 60th Birthday helicopter ride was postponed (fog) for 3 weeks, and now has been postponed (fog) again, this time for 2 weeks. With luck, in time for the next Bride Valley News, it may have happened.

Bridport & District Bible Society Action Group

A group of sponsored walkers completed a five mile circular walk starting and finishing at Symondsbury Church. Our aim to raise £360 to purchase one roll of special paper to print 531 Bibles for China was very nearly achieved. Thanks to the combined efforts of organisers, participants and generous sponsors £350 was finally raised. All who walked the route enjoyed the breath-taking views of the coast and hinterland.

Once again Roger & Jan Williams are very kindly hosting a Cream Tea Afternoon in their lovely garden with views adjacent to Charmouth beach. This very traditional English occasion will be held:-

on Wednesday 14th August from 3.00pm - 5.00pm

at Bethany 7, Hammonds Mead Lower Sea Lane Charmouth

( Last turn off Lower Sea Lane )

£2.50 per person

All in aid of Bible Society Funds ( registered charity 232759 )

We hope to attract many on holiday in the area. Mr. David Irish ( the South West Bible Society Staff Co-ordinator ) hopes to be present.

Recently our Group donated eight copies of "The Miracle Maker" video to local primary schools as a Christian resource for children.

John McDougall

What exactly is the Othona Community?

A modest signboard and a big house set back from the Coast Road between Burton and Swyre. Is that all you know of Othona? Let me give you a tiny portrait of a fellowship which attracts people from across the UK and beyond - some who've come regularly for more than 30 years! Othona began in Essex in 1946. Our founders sought a way to meet regularly, promote reconciliation between peoples, and deepen a Christian understanding of community glimpsed in wartime. They offered an equal welcome, rare in those days, to people of all churches and none. By 1965 our campsite in Essex was oversubscribed. And we were given this disused community establishment in Dorset.

Over the years we've developed this second centre as a place where all sorts of people come and stay - for retreats, workshops on subjects from woodcarving to understanding personality types, family holidays - all experienced in community. We're a not-for-profit charity. The atmosphere is a bit like an extended family, with the resident 'core community' (seven of us at present) and all the visitors sharing the basic chores of everyday life. We have some regular local helpers too.

For many people Othona offers a supportive place to deepen for themselves a spirituality that is not bound by dogma. Some of us are actively involved in churches; some cling on by our fingernails or have joined what somebody called "the great church of the unchurched". We describe Othona as "rooted in the Christian heritage, but open to the wider future" You'd find both the roots and the openness reflected in our informal and creative approach to daily worship.

So here's a community which looks to how Christianity (like other world faiths) needs to evolve in the new millennium. Since September 11th the question of how religions can be part of the solution, not just part of the problem, seems sharper than ever. One of our recent speakers was the American bishop whose best known book is "Why Christianity must change or die". Such issues are serious, but Othona's greatest strength may be its refusal to take itself too seriously. Come and see us: you'll find we're home to some vigorous debate, and a few tears, but also a great deal of laughter. (Open Afternoon: 17th August)

Tony Jaques (warden)


Othona Community Open Afternoon

Visit Othona, on the coast road half way between Burton Bradstock and Swyre, between 2.30 and 6.00 on Saturday 17th August. You'll find games, homemade refreshments, craft demonstrations, circle dancing, music in chapel, bric-a-brac stall etc. Plus a chance to see around and find out something about Othona. Admission and parking free.


Men's Breakfast

Every third Saturday of each month, the Bride Valley Churches are holding a men's breakfast at Puncknowle Village Hall from 8.00 am to10.00 am. There'll be a cooked breakfast, of course and a chance to chat. For more information phone Paul ... on ... or Jonathan Jevons on 897068

Bride Valley Scout Group

The recent Grand Raffle raised nearly £300 towards our 'New Hut Appeal'- many thanks to everyone who donated prizes and bought or sold tickets. Would anyone be prepared to help at Scout meetings from September? There is a small but enthusiastic group of Scouts aged 10 years plus. It doesn't matter if you can't help at every meeting - any assistance would be very much appreciated. Please phone Pat Tucker (897197) for more information, or if you have any fund-raising ideas.

Ruth Brierley Secretary

Burton Bradstock School

An applicant for the Headship was shown round the school recently by two of the older children. It is important that the children play roles in the process of appointing my successor. They have for example, contributed to the applicants' information pack by contributing their thoughts in words and pictures on the qualities they would like to see their new Headteacher display. I have to say that I was slightly bemused by one drawing that appeared to show a bearded person in a skirt. I concluded that either the child concerned had very progressive views about their future leader or they wished to increase the ratio of Scotspersons in the staffroom!

However.I digress. The aforementioned applicant asked the children to describe what the teachers did if someone was naughty. The children explained that if someone was being silly or not working well in class they'd have to miss a playtime to catch up on work missed. "!" she said. " I mean really naughty, you know, fighting or swearing at teachers."

The children looked at her as if she had been speaking in Swahili and explained that they didn't know what she meant. As she related this to me it made me reflect on the different circumstances that teachers and schools find themselves in regarding issues of behaviour. This is currently high on the national agenda as schools struggle to contain children who appear to be running out of control, unable to be handled by parents in a country where family structures and values are apparently being eroded.

A major role in school is to create and sustain an ethos, underpinned by Christian values that provides a framework within which all involved in school life understand their rights and responsibilities. We have achieved this at our school through the way we conduct ourselves as adults in front of the children and by providing all children with a voice to contribute to shaping our school society, as well as the strong links we have with our church and wider village community. Children need to see good manners and politeness modelled for them by adults and rewarded when exhibited by peers.

The school should be a model for wider society. The modern world allows children huge choice in what they see and do particularly with the communications explosion. Much of this is poor quality and morally offensive. It would be wrong to return to the days where children's choice was restricted, effectively censored by adults. This will not put this particular Pandora back in her box. Instead we have to guide and inform the future generations so that they are able to make informed choices about themselves and the society they will be shaping and inhabiting. They will come to recognise the interdependence of all that are stakeholders in that society and the need for rules of behaviour to control it.

Anyway.enough of this tub thumping. I'm off at the end of the month for my family hols. I hope the sun shines on you all this August.

Pip, pip.

David Powell

Thorner's School Litton Cheney

August has arrived, we are on holiday having said farewell to 21 pupils at the end of Year 6. All are off to The Sir John Colfox in September, there they will meet new challenges, new friends and we hope make the most of each and every opportunity that is made available. We wish them all the best for the future in whatever they choose to do. Once again we have to say a big thank you to Mrs Daphne Hawkins who came out of retirement to see class 1 through to the end of the year. She made the changes go so smoothly, there was no hiccup in pupils work or behaviour. So thank you Daphne and we hope this time that you can enjoy the walks with your dogs, and travelling with your husband.

As to those pupils who will be returning in September we would say enjoy the summer break and come back ready to share those adventures experienced during the break.

Alison Johnstone Headteacher.


There was a lot of business to discuss at the last meeting, which was well attended. An "Endeavour Cup" has been purchased and Mrs Johnstone will present the award half-termly to children who show effort in a particular area, e.g. handwriting or consideration of others. It was agreed to purchase lots of playground equipment to help keep playtimes fun. An outside drinking fountain is on order. On the outdoor theme the children are in need of some sort of summer sun shelter, (for when the sun does shine!) perhaps a wooden sun gazebo, has anyone any inspiration?

Future events include the Parents Disco on Friday 11th October and a Cheese and Wine evening planned for 7th February 2003.

Lucky 100 winners for July were

£15 Gill Kerslake

£10 Hillary Larcombe

As another busy school year comes to an end the TSA would like to thank Liza Adams-Smith for her in-put and dedication during her time as chairperson and are sorry she has decided to stand down in September.

The TSA very much look forward to welcoming the new Class teacher Mr O'Farrell and having him on-board. We would also welcome any other parents who feel they would like to know about, first hand, events and ideas being discussed. Just to remind you that we do need a social secretary, so if you would like to get involved, please come along to the next meeting on Tuesday 24th September at 7:30pm. Feel free to contact Liza Adams-Smith 01308 482440 or Mandy Wakely on 01308 482272. I hope everyone has a really good summer break and see you all in September!

Helen Timms (Secretary)

First Steps Parent and Toddler Group meet on Wednesdays from 10.00am till 12 noon in Long Bredy Village Hall. We will meet on the first Wednesday in August (7th August) and resume meeting weekly on 4th September. We offer toys and activities for all pre-school children, coffee and chat for parents and carers. For further details contact: Jo (Litton Cheney) ... or Julie (Puncknowle) 897178 or Lavinia (Long Bredy) 482397

Litton Cheney Youth Club will not be meeting during August, the sessions will resume again in September.

This is your final reminder! - Do come to our Exhibition (of work for the Altar Kneelers and the refurbishment of an Altar Chair) to be held in St Mary's Church, Litton Cheney on Friday and Saturday, 2nd and 3rd August 10.00 am to 4.00pm. See you there! Mary Slark

Joseph Weld Coffee Morning held at Glebe End on June 11th.

Despite threatening clouds we were lucky in being able to enjoy fine weather for this very successful coffee morning. A total of £515 was raised and our thanks go to all those who contributed in any way, and especially to our helpers on the gate, raffle, stalls and making the coffee. Nancy Vicars and Rachel Gershfield

Bride Valley Theatre Club

We hope to start up again in September and all members will be receiving details in the post. Prospective new members please ring Rachel or Nancy on 482404 for further information.

Please and Thank You

Scarves & Cassette Tapes A big THANK- YOU for beautiful plain scarves and a wonderful variety of cassette tapes. They will all be used and enjoyed.

Special hats Do you have any hats, fancy or plain, that you have no more use for? If so can you ring Anna Ashwell ( 01308 482302 ), as they are needed for fun Alzheimer activities.

Old Birthday /Christmas Cards These would also be hugely welcome.

Thank you very much. Anna Ashwell




Sponsored Cycle Ride - Saturday 14th September 2002

Saturday 14th September will see hundreds of cyclists visiting hundreds of churches in Dorset. They will be raising money for the The Dorset Historic Churches Trust and their own parish churches in the annual Sponsored Cycle Ride.

Now in its twelfth year, the Cycle Ride has raised nearly £300,000 for the Trust. Last year's total was £30,434 half of which was returned to nominated churches and chapels. The Trust, which offers financial help for the repair and refurbishment of churches, approved grants to the sum of over £66,000 to fifteen churches and paid out over £41,000 to eight churches who found themselves in need.

The great thing about the Dorset Historic Churches Cycle Ride is that you can do as much (or as little) as you wish. Even if you don't have a bike, you can still man the church or sponsor someone who is participating. Or you could walk around some churches - all the main towns have at least three churches open (Dorchester has five).

Contact your local Parish Organiser ( whose name can be found under your Parish Section of this issue of the B.V.N.) for more details or to offer your help.

Cycle Ride Administrator:

Mrs Anna Butler 3 Talbothays Cottages West Stafford Dorchester DT2 8AL

Tel: 01305 260004

Registered Charity No. 282790


Bags From Bags!

BRIDPORT BAGLADIES are a group formed mainly from members of Bridport United Church at present, but we want to expand. We crochet bags and other items from used plastic bags, and thereby help in caring for the environment. We are selling the bags, and every penny will go to charity. The bags are attractive, adaptable, very strong and each one is unique. An amazing way of recycling all those supermarket bags!

Can you crochet, or would be willing to learn? The bags are selling so well that we urgently need more people (and men are not barred!) to make items - either on your own at home or you could start your own local group. We will happily come and demonstrate the technique! Please contact me on 0l308 897415. Daphne Ekins

The following article was submitted for inclusion in last month's edition of the B.V.N. but it missed the "deadline;" it appears now in a shortened form.


It seems that lots from the valley went to Chelsea Show again this year as I did - but my goodness was it crowded. Although an R.H.S. member, I went on Thursday, one of the non-member days. If anyone out there thinks this is a "posh" event - think again! One had to bustle to even get a glimpse of the gardens this year - after queuing for 1 hour for the main gardens we gave up. To see the plant stands was also a nightmare - people stood 6 or 7 deep - and of course whenever there was a shower - and there were plenty that week - more flocked into the Marquees. It really was like going to a party where too many had been invited. I have been for several years but this year was the worst! As usual crowds sat on their plastic bags on the grass (under umbrellas) to eat their lunch - there are not enough seats and as you may imagine the queue for the Ladies was 30 deep! Did we enjoy it - will we go again - no doubt we will - despite the crush!! There is still something inspiring - Chelsea is Chelsea!!!

Our new Chairperson is now Dorothy Randell of Litton on 482524 - so any queries about the Club she will be pleased to answer.

Norma Millard Secretary 897774.


During the last week of April and the first two weeks of May, you might have wondered at the spectacle of stars tracing a line across the sky from the setting Sun. This was a rare and beautiful sight, especially if you looked early enough to see them on a background of turquoise sky stretching from the Sun's fading glow.

Every planet which revolves around the Sun from Mercury to Saturn could be seen with the naked eye. Mercury is very close to the Sun and was on this side for once, but can only be seen as a pinprick of light in comparison to the other stars when the Sun sets and allows it to shine for a while, before it too, sets. Then we have Venus in her role as the Evening Star, in all her brilliance. Next, and easily identifiable because of the reddish tinge is Mars. Then after Planet Earth, but continuing the starry line-up came Saturn, followed by Jupiter hanging in the sky like a lantern.

Jupiter is actually next in orbit after Mars, but is a faster moving planet than Saturn, and whilst Saturn was still in the constellation of Taurus (astronomically speaking), Jupiter had moved on to Gemini. Astrologically, they were in the signs of Gemini and Cancer respectively.

On the 10th May, the planets Mars and Venus appeared to pass so close to one another that, to the naked eye, they became one. If you saw this beautiful conjunction early enough just as the Sun was settling below the horizon you could discern that one half was tinged with blue (Venus) and the other half tinged with the red of Mars.

If, after seeing the line-up of stars at this point in time, you had access to a large-size amateur telescope at 4.00 a.m. you could also have seen the rest of the solar system in the form of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Valerie Jeffery DMS Astrol



Tel: 01305 269512 Fax: 01305 261633


Artsreach's latest offering is "Changing Views," an ambitious and unusual visual art project bringing art and farming together.

The controversies surrounding current farming practices: the distance food travels to our plates, the price farmers receive for their produce, government subsidies and the general lack of knowledge of the food chain, are issues that need to be addressed. "Changing Views" aims to encourage debate about these issues and to demonstrate how art can be of relevance to the farming community.

Following an excellent response from farmers to the project, Portesham Farm, Portesham (a mixed farm of beef, sheep and some arable), Downhouse Farm, Higher Eype (a mixed organic farm) and Rawston Farm, Tarrant Rawston (a mixed farm of dairy, arable and beef) will work closely with selected artists, Cat Sivertsen, Joe Rush and Annalisa Renee to develop a dialogue exploring some of the controversies surrounding the farming crisis and food production.

Using materials, tools, machinery or crops from the immediate environment, the artists will create work on the three selected farms, which will be on view to the general public in September.

Throughout the autumn the artists will also provide an opportunity for farmers and the local farming community to express, in a creative way, some of their concerns with agriculture today.

The project will be documented on a "Changing Views" website by digital artists Catherine Batten and Jonty Spiller, who will be working with rural schools throughout West and North Dorset, exploring local food issues.

Throughout the day of September 14th the artists will be working together, under the artistic direction of Norman Saunders-White at Tamarisk Organic Farm, West Bexington, to create an installation. Members of both the public and the farming community will be invited to attend a celebratory evening to launch the project and address some of the current farming issues.

The project is supported by a Regional Arts Lottery Programme Award from South West Arts and with further support from Dorset County Council, West and North Dorset District Councils.

Further information: Yvonne Gailimore or Rachel Hargreaves Tel: Artsreach 01305 269512

Registered Charity No. 1058198

Supported by :-

South West Arts - Dorset County - West Dorset District - North Dorset District - East Dorset and Purbeck District Councils

Artsreach is registered in England and Wales as a Company Limited by Guarantee No 3247940


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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125

Mid Week Worship - Holy Communion Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory

Choir Practices Fridays at 6.00 p.m.


Bell Ringing Practices Thursdays at 7.00pm

Gift Sunday 18th August Education under the Trees

There will be no Tiny Tots / Pram Service in August. The next service will be on Friday 13th September at 11.00 am.

The next Healing Services at St Mary's will be held on Mondays 26th August and 30th September, each at 7.00 pm.

The Parochial Church Council next meets on Monday 16th September at 7.00 pm.


Wedding 29th June Gavin H. Turner

and Katharine J. Hume Smith

Funerals 24th June William (Bill) P. Glover

4th July Herbert (Bert) Sale

St Mary's Church Fete A warm welcome awaits our readers and holidaymakers at The Rectory garden on Thursday 1st August at 2.00 pm. There will be a variety of stalls and sideshows, and much more - plenty to amuse and enjoy.

Patronal Festival On Sunday 18th August we celebrate the Feast Day of our patron saint Mary the Virgin with Holy Communion at 8.00am; Matins at 11.00am, followed by drinks in The Rectory garden; and Evensong at 6.30 pm. Do come and join in the day at St Mary's.

Coffee Morning at The Rectory What a splendid Church family! Thank you to everyone who came to the Coffee Morning on Thursday, 20th June, and thank you for your generous donations. A grand total of £615 was raised for Church funds. Many thanks also to all our helpers. Thank you all very much indeed.

John and Pam Atkinson


Sponsored Cycle Ride - Saturday 14th September 2002

Howard Bongers is the Burton Bradstock Parish Organiser.

See Valley Notes ( page 8) for further information.

FOR YOUR DIARIES Madalina-Alexandra Rusu from Constanta, Romania, will be visiting us again this year, and will give a PIANO RECITAL in the W. I. Hall, Burton Bradstock, at 7.30pm on Thursday 8th August. Tickets at the door.

Would you like to help?

The Burton Bradstock Village Web Site Committee is shortly losing one of its members and needs a volunteer to join our merry band to fill the gap. Ideally, we would like to have someone who can use a PC - you don't need to be an expert - just passably familiar with a PC and Windows. The committee meets fairly infrequently, but does also provide cover for the Reading Room PC; on average, it means each of us is required for up to 2 hours max., once per month (excluding August). If you would like to join,or would be interested in finding out more, please call one of the two names given below.

If you are willing to help on an ad hoc basis, but do not want to join the committee itself, we would still very much like to hear from you. Apart from the Reading Room PC cover, we also need help in our village historical research activities etc.. So there's lots of fun to be had one way or another! Why not give us a call?

For more information, please call either Ken Pett on 897 550 or Tim Linford on 897 363.

Ken Pett - Secretary


Would residents living in Darby Lane, Church, Chapel and Middle Streets, please note that their Home Watch Co- ordinator is now:-

Mr John Grantham, of September Cottage, Middle Street

Telephone number 897935

An up-to-date list of co-ordinators is displayed on notice boards outside the Library, Reading Room, in the Post Office and Bridge Stores.

Freddy Tame


In March residents were reminded that our library should be used to a greater extent, otherwise we could lose the facility. The number of books being loaned has continued to drop. It is essential that we reverse this situation.

Freddy Tame


At the July meeting Joan Dady welcomed speaker Jenny Curnow who teaches 'The Alexander Technique' at the Middlemarch Clinic in Dorchester. It is never too late to learn as her oldest client was 102. The aim is to retrain the brain to improve your sensory awareness of how you are using your muscles - generally relaxation. Sheila Pett gave the vote of thanks.

There are places on the coach for a half day outing to Sidmouth on September 12th £5.50 if anyone would like to join us do ring Pat Raven on 897605.

Non members are welcome to join Yoga classes continuing in September - ring June Fox 897919. A 10 week course, Bridge for Beginners, starts on the 12th September 9.30-11.30am; if you are interested please ring Chris Clarke 898117 - everyone is welcome to join this class.

Our next meeting is September 10th. Joan Dady wished members good holidays during the August break. Jill Spinney.


We would like to thank everyone who attended our "Hearty Party" on Sunday, 23rd June. To all our helpers who always so willingly give of their time, to everyone who gave gifts or donations, and to David Powell and the Ceilidh band, who entertained us so happily all afternoon. It gives us great pleasure to confirm that we were able to send £787.80 to B.H.F. Many thanks to you all. John and Veda Bull

Burton Bradstock Players

Following the recent success of the play "Relative Values," the Director, Daphne Ekins, will begin a series of play readings on every Tuesday from 10th September to 8th October inclusive, in the Reading Room, Burton Bradstock at 7.30pm. Come and join us, even if you only enjoy reading plays and don't wish to perform on stage.

Further details from Daphne Ekins 897415. Mary Bailey

Royal British Legion Women's Section

Summer Fair

on Thursday 15th August at W.I.Hall Burton Bradstock

2.00pm - 4.00pm

Cakes ~ "All sorts" ~ Books ~ Jars ~ New to You ~ White Elephant Raffle ~ Tombola ~ Refreshments

Admission Free

Watercolour Painting

Are you interested in joining a small group of beginners in the village for watercolour painting under tuition, starting evenings in October?

Phone Bob Dubrey on 897403.



The festival this year will be a series of three concerts in St Mary's church on 15th , 16th and 17th August, all commencing at 7-30 pm.

Performing as soloists with the LONDON FESTIVAL PLAYERS will be:-

David Juritz (violin),Neil Black (oboe), Janice Knight (oboe), David Mason (trumpet), Stephen Cutting (trumpet), Mary Ryan (flute) and Hilary Kenway (soprano).

The programmes will include:-

Bach 4th Brandenburg Concerto

Vivaldi Concerto for oboe and violin

Molter Concerto for two trumpets

Albinoni Concerto for two oboes

Schubert Rondo for violin

De Falla Suite Populaire

Haydn Quartet - "The Lark"

The details of the programmes for each concert will be available at the beginning of August and tickets will be on sale from The Post Office, Burton Bradstock; The Book Shop, South Street, Bridport and Mary Ryan at the Rookery, Burton Bradstock.

Alzheimers Society - Bridport Branch

Grateful thanks to all those who helped at the Garden Party on 12th July; to those who helped prepare and clear away afterwards, to the stall holders and especially to those who supported the event and enabled the magnificent sum of £866 to be raised. After expenses, a net figure of £825 was left for the branch. Particular thanks go to our Rector and Pam for allowing the use of their garden.


Burton Bradstock Village

Web Site Address


Did you know that the Bride Valley News

is published on this web site every month?

In addition, did you know that old copies of the magazine

can also be viewed on the web site?

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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White


3 Gullivers Orchard Shipton Gorge



Burial of Ashes 12th July Reginald Turner

Transport Needs for Shipton Gorge

A comprehensive study and survey has been carried out by Bridport Town Council into the transport requirements of surrounding parishes. So as to contribute fully to this survey all interested parishioners are invited to a meeting at The Village Hall on Wednesday 7th August at 7.30 p.m. to submit any ideas and suggestions which they may have with regard to the transport requirements of Shipton Gorge.

John Bredemear - Parish Clerk

Tea Party

Thursday 5th September

A tea party will be held in the garden of Cairnhill at 3.00pm on Thursday 5th September. All are welcome. Free entrance, but donations to be put towards the cost of repairing the steps in the tower of St. Martins Church would be appreciated.

Bob and Anne White.



We are having a Street Fair on Saturday 24th August 2002 at the New Inn starting at 2.00pm. There will be Cakes, Bric-a-Brac, Tombola, Whisky Draw, Bar-b-Que, Teas, Ice Cream, Raffle and Games. Please contact Sally Parker 897168, Jill 897324 or any committee member if you would like to donate anything. All items for these stalls will be most welcome. All proceeds will go to the Society Funds to help with other village activities which are being planned for the next year.

John Follett and Co will be playing 60s and Rock-n-Roll Music in the evening starting at 8.00pm


Don't forget Saturday, 31st Augustst

Schedules were delivered with BVN in July and an extra schedule is on the noticeboard.


This year, the focus is on kindness to wildlife, e.g. compost heaps, food plants for butterflies, log piles, nectar sources, shelter for birds and water for bathing, drinking, etc AND there's still time to enter:

just ring either Sally 897168 or Pete 897364.

Entry fee: £1.00 Sue Brown

Shipton Hall 100 Club

Winners for the July Draw;-

£20 No.3 Pam Bates

£10 No.8 Clarrie Day


The village welcomes Terry & Anne Hunt who are now living with us full time at Little Court, we hope they will be very happy in Shipton Gorge.



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Chilcombe Church



Despite rather gloomy weather, there was a good turnout for the Summer Picnic by the lake at Rudge Farm on 22 June. It was not warm enough for swimming, but the children enjoyed rowing around the lake and playing football while the rest of us were catching up on news - a pleasant change from the usual quick wave between passing cars! Nearly £150 was raised on the evening for Chilcombe Church, through the raffle and from generous donations.

Sue Diment

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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Julie Lewis

4 Green Barton, Swyre

Songs of Praise

On each August evening at 7.30pm we shall be holding our 35 minutes or so Songs of Praise. Eight well-known hymns, a poem, a reading and a prayer, a lovely way to end the weekend and to begin the week - do come along. Anthony Ashwell



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Village Correspondent: Mrs Dorothy Barlow

Collingbourne, Hoopers Lane, Puncknowle

Telephone: (01308) 897761


August's Family Service

At this Service at 9.30am on 4th August, we shall be thinking of 'Special People'. Why not bring along something that reminds you of somebody who has been or is being 'special' for you.

Anthony Ashwell




The Summer Holidays are here already. We went to the Sea-life Centre again this year for our end of term outing on the 16th July; this fitted in nicely with our theme at play- group for the last half term, that of 'The Sea'. Our sponsored Trike Ride took place on the 20th June, and at the last count over £130.00 was raised for some much needed resources for the playgroup.Thank you to the Crown for allowing us again to use the car park. Our end of term party took place in the play-park, with a picnic and bouncy castle. [More about our events next month]

Our New Quiz [A Little Bit of Dorset] is on Sale at various places as from the end of July, the closing date is the 30th September, so there is plenty of time to complete it; the cost is just one pound.

I would like to thank all the parents who have helped and supported the play-group through-out the year, especially my officers Dianne and Robin, also Carol and Georgy who have given so much input and preparation into the running of the sessions.

Finally I would like to say 'Good Bye' to all the children and parents who will be leaving this year. William Bowen-Ashwin [Maria], Lucie Fry [Robin], Jessica Goodall [Sarah], Dionne Sinclair [Dianne], Rachel Talbot [Sue], George Timms [Helen], Lillani Hopkins [Lynne] and the twins Tess and Eden Taylor [Jane].

Dates for your diary BINGO EVENING 23rd NOVEMBER


Sponsored Cycle Ride

Saturday 14th September

Details & sponsorship forms from

Ann Roberts Burwell Cottage

Tel. 897716

See Valley Notes ( page 8 ) for further information



Don't forget to check the village website

to keep in touch with village events and find useful information


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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents:

Mrs. Gaynor Jones, 10 Manor Farm Close Tel.482517

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close Tel.482384


From the Registers

Holy Baptisms 23rd June 2002 Benedict Hugh Jones

The 8th grandchild ( I think ) of Hugh and Carol Lindsay.

Deborah Wordsworth and Betty Bethall

At the tender age of 90, Deb has sailed through a hip replacement. Betty in the meantime has reached 95. Congratulations and love to both.

Anthony Ashwell


Vice-President Jackie Baker opened the meeting on a very wet evening in July at an unexpected change of venue.

She reported on a very enjoyable outing to Stapehill Manor in June and gave members sample packs of Yorkshire Tea provided by the Company.

Speaker Sarah Meggs of the Trading Standards Service gave a very informative talk on the work of her department. It deals with an enormous variety of matters including consumer protection, misleading prices, consumer credit, counterfeit goods and even underage drinking and animal welfare. She pointed out that goods must be fit for their purpose, of satisfactory quality, free from defects, safe and durable. An advisor is always available to help and, in fact, over 8,000 calls are received each year.

The next meeting will be after the summer break on September 3rd at Long Bredy when June Clewlow will give a cookery demonstration.

Betty Champkins

The Litton Cheney Relief In Need Trust

Funds are available for a grant to students about to commence higher education or employment. Applications are invited and should be sent to Mr. B. Prentice, Steddings, Chalkpit Lane, Litton Cheney, Dorchester, DT 2 9AN by 30th September 2002.

Betty Champkins

This is your final reminder! - Do come to our Exhibition to be held in St Mary's Church on Friday and Saturday, 2nd and 3rd August 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. See you there! Mary Slark

The Dorset Police Community Support Unit will be in Litton Cheney on Thursday 15th August from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm.

A date for your diary! Sunday 15th September the Family Fun Day will again be taking place to raise funds for the basketball area at the playing field. The football tournament will again be taking place for junior teams and family and fun teams. For further details contact Paul Kingston 482384. The winner of the tallest sunflower competition will be announced at the Fun Day, anyone needing their sunflower measured contact Paul who will visit with a tape measure and step ladder. Thank you to everyone who supported the Karaoke and Skittle Evening when about £100 was raised.

Joseph Weld Coffee Morning held at Glebe End on June 11th.

Despite threatening clouds we were lucky in being able to enjoy fine weather for this very successful coffee morning. A total of £515 was raised and our thanks go to all those who contributed in any way, and especially to our helpers on the gate, raffle, stalls and making the coffee. Nancy Vicars and Rachel Gershfield

On Sunday 23rd June Mariesha James and her mum Tessa took part in the Tesco Race for Life. The run was between Bournemouth and Boscombe Piers and was a total distance of 5 km (3.1 miles for the unconverted). They raised over £200 in sponsorship for Cancer Research and they would like to thank everyone who sponsored them. Tessa Mulhall

Congratulations to James Prentice on obtaining his BSc (Hons) degree in Software Engineering Management at Bournemouth University.

Gaynor and Bob Jones will be leaving Litton having lived in the village for 12 years. Gaynor for 9 years has coordinated the distribution and in the old days the collation of the BVN as well as being the correspondent for a number of years. Bob has been a bellringer and parish councillor and we wish them well in their new home.

Visit the web site for the latest news.

The group meets at The White Horse Inn

at 8 o'clock on the first Monday of each month.

All welcome.


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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondents: Mrs Elinor Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269

Parish of Long Bredy with Kingston Russell

Stewardship Programme

The Stewardship programme which has been running since April is now almost at a close.

Our team of visitors has visited every household in the parish - which was a major task - and each one of them was encouraged by the way they were so warmly welcomed. Useful and interesting discussions have taken place and these, together with many offers to help the church in one way and another, clearly indicate that the programme has been a success.

A few responses are still outstanding and we hope that these will soon be completed and returned. If you have not yet completed your response form, please could you do it now. (Please contact your visitor should you require replacement forms!)

The church now has a much clearer picture of its budget and how to plan for the challenge of the future. Through the medium of the Bride Valley News, the PCC and the team of visitors would like to extend their most grateful thanks to all of you that have contributed so generously, both financially and practically.

All offers of help will be carefully collated and if you have volunteered to help in some way, you will be contacted in due course and hopefully you will allow your offer to be taken up.

Above all, this programme has clearly raised awareness of our local parish church and we hope that this will kindle a greater spirit of togetherness in our own community and more widely in the work of the Team Ministry in the Bride Valley.

There is now the real hope for the future that the door of the church will continue to remain open to everyone.

Anthony Ashwell and the Long Bredy P.C.C.

Golden Wedding Anniversary - June and Roy Clewlow

16th August 2002

There is an old wives' tale that says a bride and groom should not see each other on the morning of their wedding as it can bring bad luck.

Well, fifty years ago a young couple spent their wedding morning together making sandwiches for their wedding party that afternoon. They were married in Leicester amongst a small gathering of family and friends having just one photograph taken as a memento. A honeymoon in Edinburgh followed, forming the basis for a strong, fruitful and very happy partnership.

June and Roy remained in Leicester until 1960 when they moved to Dorset with their son Ian, whose sisters and brother, Tracey, James and Tessa soon made the family complete. As children we enjoyed a very happy childhood filled with love and stability that has matured into our adult life, this has been willingly shared with our partners Jean, Jamal, Helen and John.

June and Roy's love for each other has grown strong over these 50 years and is still clearly evident today, and they are a true success to marriage proving that with Love, Trust and Understanding (and a little patience) anything is possible.

For nearly the last twenty years they have lived here in Long Bredy, eventually retiring, and have enjoyed their gardening, their many holidays and their six grandchildren who give them so much pleasure. As a Nanny and Pops they again have given so much fun and love and of course have been able to "play trains".

Celebrating a Golden Wedding is quite an achievement and to you, Mum and Dad, June and Roy, Nanny and Pops, we wish you many, many congratulations and send you this heartfelt message with all our love and kisses, and thanks for being so wonderful.

A marriage from a frugal beginning has truly blossomed and long may it continue.

Ian, Tracey, James, Tessa, Jean, Jamal, Helen, John, Roya, Mariesha, Zahra,Rosie, Charlie and Kieran


Wedding Bells

Congratulations to Martin and Stephanie Waters on their marriage at Bothenhampton Church. Stephanie is the daughter of Trevor and Elizabeth Toogood.


The church at Bradpole was the happy scene for the marriage of Giles and Maria Maltby. Many congratulations to them.


Welcome to a new arrival at 2 Rookery: Phoebe May Moon, daughter of Julie and Jamie and sister for Scarlet and Rose.


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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy



Nickie Armstrong would like to thank and congratulate everyone who contributed to her house-to-house collection for Christian Aid in June. £327.61 was raised in the village - a very good average per household - towards the Bridport & District's total of nearly £5,000, before Gift Aid adds its refund of tax. However, the main thanks and congratulations are due to Nick herself for the efforts she put in.

At the Parish Meeting on the 25th June, Anne Bate reported a very quiet year in her capacity as Chairman and Clerk. She offered to stay on for one more year, while a replacement is found.

The pace of change is accelerating in the Church. The north aisle floor is a crater at the time of writing, and thanks are due to the local Freemasons who are carrying out the repair works at no expense to the P.C.C. Funds for the Bells Appeal have been swollen by the recent Bridehead tennis tournament and by Chris & Judy's generosity in arranging an extra Open Day in the gardens. Together, these events raised over £1,200 for the bells.

On the practical side, the new or repaired bells are being got ready for re-hanging near the beginning of September. Phil and Annette Hallett were able to represent the village at the Whitechapel Foundry, London, to watch the casting of the completely new bell at the end of June. They say it was a wonderful experience, and they have some splendid photographs to prove it.

Plans are now taking shape for a major, multi-faceted celebration in Church on Sunday 29th September. As that will be Michaelmas Day, the P.C.C was already intending a special Evensong to combine our Patronal Festival (the Church is dedicated to St. Michael & All Angels) with a Harvest Thanksgiving. Now it will include the re-dedication of the bells and the restoration of the floor as well. The service will be at 5.00 p.m., and will be followed by a Harvest Supper, details of which will be circulated later. Everyone in the village is welcome to the Service, the Supper, or both. Please make an early note of the date in diaries now.

Even before that, there will be a chance to support Church funds by taking part in the Sponsored Cycle Ride (or walk, or horse ride), which the Dorset Historic Churches Trust organises annually. It involves visiting as many local churches as possible on Saturday 14th September. Please contact our village representative, Jim Armstrong, on 482452, for further details, if you would like to take part. See also Valley Notes Page 8 for further information.



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