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St Mary's Burton Bradstock FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Litton Cheney



I was Vicar of Markyate, Hertfordshire. While at the triennial clergy conference, my bishop put a hand on my shoulder and said, "John, I'd like you to have a look at Baldock; but if you decide you'd like to go there, I'm sorry I shan't be able to 'put you in'". Thus Robert Runcie. The previous day the announcement of his appointment to Canterbury had been made. He chose me for Baldock, others chose him for Canterbury. I was pleased, for him and for myself, but he was very reluctant to be translated to Canterbury. So was Michael Ramsey, and probably George Carey, too.

To be Archbishop of Canterbury is to have an impossible job. In these days one man cannot adequately fulfil all the demands made upon the Archbishop, even with the assistance of his staff. Now Archbishop Carey has announced his retirement there must be many bishops sweating in their dioceses. Nice to be asked for the top job, but it's a recipe for sleepless nights. Or do some relish the idea? Yes, according to some commentators in 'quality' newspapers.

So who will it be - Rochester, London, Wales, St Albans, or someone from overseas? Those responsible for choosing two names to put before the Prime Minister have an unenviable task. They will be receiving plenty of advice, no doubt!

While some are looking for a bishop from the Catholic wing of the Church to succeed to the office, others seek one from the Evangelical wing, yet others a Liberal, or someone with ecumenical experience, or an extensive knowledge of the Anglican Communion. Above all else, I should like to see at Canterbury a man (it has to be a man, for the Church of England has no women bishops) with outstanding personal qualities. People grow into jobs if they have the right qualities to start with. I wouldn't want to see an Archbishop of Canterbury appointed on the grounds of his churchmanship or knowledge of a particular aspect of his future work.

The Anglican Church needs at its head a man of humility, humour and compassion, with a deep love of God and people, one whom it is easy to trust, whose learning and experience of life are worn lightly, yet with no fear of speaking and living the truth.

Well, we shall see! Whoever it is will be welcomed and will grow into the job. Best those with the responsibility for his choosing have our prayers.

John Atkinson


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Valley Notes


The Bride Valley Team Council holds its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 16th May at 7.30 pm at Puncknowle Church Hall.

Bible Study is one of the basic ways by which people can build their Christian faith, and some find it useful to come along to our Wednesday evening sessions when ideas can be exchanged within the understanding that God speaks his truth in the Scriptures. The Bride Valley Bible Study (Wednesday) Groups to which all are welcome will meet as detailed below to agree a summer course beginning in early May:

West-end 17th April 7.30pm Windy Gap, Shipton Lane, B.B.

East-end 24th April 7.30pm The Rectory, Litton Cheney

Please bring a Bible and ideas with you.

Anthony Ashwell

Mothers' Union

The meeting will be held at Hazel Brow, Shipton Lane, Burton Bradstock on Thursday 25th April at 2.30pm. The Rev'd Derek Heaven, who was Chaplain to 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, 1980 - 1986, will give an illustrated talk on his recollections of the Falkland Islands campaign, in this the 20th Anniversary year.

Burton Bradstock School

I was in the school hall early one morning preparing for an Assembly. I chose a recording made in the hall in 1996 of our children singing 'The Vale of the Bride' and listened to it as I moved around the hall. The song set an immediate mood, an atmosphere in the hall. I always find that the quality of recordings is at its best when played back in the room they were made in. It is as if the walls absorbed the original spirit of the song and give some of it back, rejoicing in a friend returned. Such was the power of the moment that I found myself glancing over my shoulder on more than one occasion, convinced that I was not alone.

I experienced a similar feeling at our village panto this year. The brave decision not to run one last year paid off and allowed the pantomime to be reborn without being too closely judged against its predecessors. The result was a youthful, fresh production enjoyed immensely by cast and audience alike.

On the final evening performance I found myself sitting on the floor at the front of the hall looking after my school children who had finished on stage at the interval. Nestled up against me was 7 year old Bryony, tired but eyes still sparkling from her contribution to the panto. She was giggling with pure joy at my eldest daughter, Elisabeth (Wishy-Washy) helping Len Green (Dame) complete the football pools.don't ask, you'd know if you were there! Behind me were villagers of all ages clapping and cheering as the scene unfolded. The walls of the hall resonated with the spirit of the occasion and, just for a moment I felt a door to the village past open around me. The pantomime was the instrument, the hall provided the sounding board and I was powerfully reminded of the importance of continuity in forging community spirit, the young learning from the more experienced (he said choosing his words carefully) and all ages gaining from working together.

So, I would like to express an enormous debt of gratitude to all involved in the show, but particularly Mike Read and his family. Mike's commitment ensured that we didn't lose this most precious of village activities. It was particularly encouraging to see new village faces involved this year. We all need to ensure that the baton, now taken up again, is not dropped for the sake of all that we value in our village community.

Very best wishes

David Powell

LUCKY '100 CLUB' WINNERS for February 2002

£40 - V. Bull

£20 - C. Wilkinson

£10 - S. Harper

£5 - V. & D. Hewlett

If you haven't got your new ticket yet it's not too late. Call into the school office clutching your £10 and a fortune awaits you.maybe!



Many thanks to The Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers and everyone who supported the 'Race Night' held in February, which raised over £1,400 towards our 'New Hut Appeal'. We are very grateful for all the hard work which went into organising such a successful evening.

We now have some vacancies in the Beaver Section - for boys aged 6 to 8 years. If you would like your child to join Beavers, or go on the waiting list, please ring Denise Hunt (458007) to fmd out more details. For information about joining Cubs (boys aged 8 to 10 years) and Scouts (boys & girls 10 years plus) please contact Pat Tucker (897197).

If anyone is able to help by taking on the role of Treasurer please let Pat Tucker or Steve Dove know (897695).

First Steps Parent and Toddler Group meet every Wednesday during term time, recommencing after Easter on Wednesday 10th April, at Long Bredy Village Hall from 10.00 o'clock to 12 o'clock. All pre-school children and their parents/carers are welcome to join us for activities, toys, coffee and chat. For further details contact:

Jo (Litton Cheney) ... or Julie (Puncknowle) 897178 or Lavinia (Long Bredy) 482397

Thorner's School, Litton Cheney

We are looking forward to next term, and what a long term it is going to be! There will be numerous trips by all classes to visit different places to enhance the curriculum. These take time and energy to organise so that all pupils benefit from the experience, whether it is a 3 day stay away from home or an afternoon excursion to Dorchester Museum. All the hard work is worthwhile when you see the pupils coming home exhausted, but full of information that they have gathered over the day. Learning is fun when you are able to provide these extras; they bring a subject like History alive and will remain with that child for some years to come. I wonder how many of you can remember a school trip, thinking of the impact it had on you! Our eldest pupils are off to Leeson House, not far away, but rich in so many areas of the curriculum. They will be using newly acquired skills in orienteering by walking along the local coastal paths and many footpaths across some of the most beautiful countryside in the country. Do we really appreciate it? We all live here, possibly taking it for granted; some pupils have little idea of what it is like to live in busy, built up areas where there is little space to play or breathe, where a 7 mile journey can take 30 minutes or longer in the rush hour ... what is a rush hour, some of you ask? Most days, as I am travelling or walking, I think how lucky I am to live in such surroundings and hope that in years to come it remains the same.

Alison Johnstone Headteacher.


Views from Older People

A Better Bridport - "Roping everyone together"

Bridport Older People's Survey

Contacts: Mrs Wendy Hilton & Mr Vincent Haslam, Tel: 01305 269444

Are you over 55 and live in the postal code areas of DT6, DT7 & DT8. The Older People's Steering Group in Bridport have just launched a survey, so everyone over 55 can have their say in influencing the range of local services and activities for older people. Surveys can be collected from the Bridport Health Centre, Age Concern Bridport at Chancery House or ring Age Concern Dorchester 01305 269444. If you enjoy computers why not complete the survey on our website. Large print copies will be available, as well as volunteers who can help if needed. We hope everyone who is eligible will complete a survey, which must be returned by Monday 6th May.

As part of this initiative, an Information Fair is being held on Wednesday 24th April, in the WI Hall, Bridport, between 10am and 12noon, where you can find out about useful gadgets for the home, advice on benefits, learning opportunities, social activities, health information and lots, lots more. Admission free.

Bridport Older Peoples Survey Produced and compiled by Vincent Haslam of Age Concern Dorchester, 4 Prince of Wales Road,

Dorchester, Dorset. DT 1 1 PW Tel. 01 305 269 444

Gardens open under the National Gardens Scheme in the Bride Valley 2002

This year the National Gardens Scheme celebrate their 75th anniversary. The proceeds from the gardens opening go to charity including Macmillian Cancer Relief, Marie Curie and the National Trust's bursaries for gardeners.

Easter Sunday 31 March Langebride House, Long Bredy 2-5 pm

The Old Rectory, Litton Cheney 2-6 pm

Easter Monday 1st April Langebride House, Long Bredy 2-5 pm

Sunday 19th May Down End House and The Old Rectory, Litton Cheney 2-7pm

Tuesdays in June, July and on 6 August

The Scented Garden, Little Bredy


Tuesday 11th June The Old Rectory, Steddings and

Tithe Barn, Litton Cheney 2-7pm

Sunday 14th July Steddings and Tithe Barn, Litton Cheney 2-7 pm


We enjoyed an amusing and highly interesting "tour" of Europe, and stately homes here, in the slides of the gardening quiz last month with Mr. Alan Eason - despite the extremely wet and windy evening it was!

This month our current Chairman Nancy Vicars offers these tips:-

"By now you will have started gardening in earnest. However if, like me, you didn't get your sweet peas and broad beans planted early, it is not too late. There are so many jobs to do at the moment you just have to decide on priorities; for example, I must cut back my hydrangeas to the nice green buds hiding under last year's flowers and twigs, and the penstemons right down to the new shoots at the base; plant my radishes, peas, lettuces etc; not forgetting to feed the shrubs and roses with a high potash fertiliser to encourage the flowers. I know so many of you are expert gardeners, I don't hesitate to ask you to save some of your spare seedlings and cuttings to bring in for the Club Plant Sale on May l9th. Finally the Committee and I look forward to your support at the A.G.M. on April 22nd. Come and make your views known and enjoy the social side of gardening too."

Pam Jukes, the Outings Secretary, has organised this year's outing to Barford Park near Bridgewater, and then to Rampisham Manor Gardens on the 13th June so do please make a note in your diary of this and use the booking form on this Quarter's newsletter to ensure your seat. You will get fuller details of this trip on the newsletter - do contact Pam if you have any queries.

Norma Millard -Club Secretary ( 01308 897774)


The next Ladybirds meeting will take place on Wednesday 10th April at 8 pm in the gorgeous kitchen of Mrs Diana Ffoulkes at Higher Kingston Russell. A cookery demonstration to provide a starter, main course and dessert will take place, with tasters afterwards! All welcome.

The New Elizabethan Singers

On April 27th the New Elizabethan Singers will celebrate the Queen's Jubilee with a performance of Elgar's 'Spirit of England' together with Poulenc's 'Gloria'. They will be joined in St Mary's Bridport, for this evening by a full professional orchestra and by soprano soloist, Helen Rowe, from Glyndebourne.

Helen will perform the soprano solos in both 'The Spirit of England' and Poulenc's 'Gloria'. She will also sing some of the 'Songs of the Auvergne' by Canteloupe.

Another notable feature of this New Elizabethan Singers concert on April 27th will be a special performance, conducted by Bruce Critchinson, the founder and recent musical director of the New Elizabethans, of 'Eclogue', a composition by Finzi for piano soloist and strings.

To complete the programme, the orchestra will perform music from Bizet's 'Carmen' and the choir will sing Faure's 'Cantique de Jean Racine'.

Tickets for this concert which takes place on Saturday 27th April at 7.30 pm at St Mary's Church in Bridport will be available from Goadsby and Harding (01308 455455) from mid March or from Choir members.

Paul Skelton Publicity Officer



Have you heard of me?

Have you heard of a Post-16 transport to learning co-ordinator'? Probably not! And now that you have heard the name, are you any the wiser as to what I do for a living? Probably not!

Basically my job is to make it easier for people to study by finding transport solutions for them. I mainly deal with people in the 16 - 19 year age group (what some of us older people probably still think of as "sixth-formers") but other people older than this can still come to me for help.

So how can I help? I work on two fronts. In the first place I help with individuals. If you ring me I can give you advice about college buses, funding and grants. For example, if you live somewhere inaccessible by public transport, you want to go on a training scheme and you are under 25, you can apply for a grant from the DART small transport projects fund. Such grants can cover 75% of the costs, up to a maximum of £200, towards such things as the purchase of a scooter, driving lessons, car insurance or whatever else you may decide will solve your transport problem. Sometimes, although there is no public transport, there may be a taxi taking a disabled student to college from the same parish and I can arrange for you to travel in this at minimal cost.

Secondly I work to encourage parishes, colleges, other learning providers, bus companies, local authorities and so on, to remember the problems of would-be learners when making plans and taking decisions. Is your parish looking at ideas for applying for Parish Transport Grants? Have you consulted the young people in your village and found out how they would get to college if they needed to go there? Which college or colleges do the learners in your parish go to? How do they get there? There may be other people who need to get to work at the same time - have you thought about the possibility of a taxi -link from your parish to the main bus corridor for these people? Or of a minibus picking up round several small parishes to a focal point? Or have you got a good idea of your own?

If you would like to discuss any of these ideas with me, if you have a problem you think I could help with, or if you have any ideas or suggestions please get in touch! My phone number is 01305 265068, my email address is you can write to me Rachelle Smith, c/o Dorset Community Action, The Barracks, Bridport Rd., Dorchester, DT1 lYG.



Driver required for private car for occasional local trips. Payment by arrangement. Telephone: 01308 482203


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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125

Mid Week Worship - Holy Communion Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory

Choir Practices Fridays at 6.00 p.m.

Gift Sunday 21st April Chideock Aid for Romania.

The next Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held on Friday 12th April at 11.00 am.

The next Healing Services at St Mary's will be held on Wednesday 17th April and Monday 27th May, each at 7.00 pm.


Holy Baptism 10th March Joshua M. Walker

Funerals 1st March V. J. (Jack) Brindle

4th March Kathleen R. Cammell




Please note the date in your diary

THURSDAY lst AUGUST at 2.00pm.

We have already commenced planning our annual Church Fete and much help is needed not only on the day but help with planning the event. If you could spare time and would like to be involved in helping on a stall contact Anne Rees 897248 or with a side show Game contact Tony Smith 897020 or available to help set up the fete contact Tom Holmes 897046. Miscellaneous goods for the various stalls are much needed. So as you start Spring Cleaning keep to one side useful items but please no rubbish and no electrical goods.

Do you have computer skills? We are urgently in need of a person to be responsible for:-

a) the administration of preparing letters to companies requesting sponsorship of prizes for the Grand Draw & Auction - for collating responses and

b) for two other persons to help deliver letters and follow up the requests to companies within the local area during late May and June. The system is already very well organised and on disc and Ken Pett is willing to undertake a very comprehensive hand-over with a new administrator. He has been responsible for this task for a number of years and is resigning this year. Can you help? Come and join a lively committee. Please contact Ken Pett 897550. Thank you on behalf of the committee.

Barbara Ivall ( Chairman )


Thank you

Many thanks to those people who came along and supported my Lent Lunch last month, and also to those who could not make it but gave a donation. A total of £75 was given to the Cancer Research charity.

Lesley Dove


Royal British Legion Women's Section

On Easter Monday (1st April) the Women's Section of the RBL will hold an EASTER SALE in the W.I. HALL, Burton Bradstock from 2.00pm - 4.00pm. Stalls, Cakes, Raffle, and Refreshments. Admission free. Items for sale gratefully received.



Once again we will be having a HEARTY PARTY in our garden at Linden Cottage on Sunday, 23rd June 2002 so watch this space ( and put it on your calendar!)!

John and Veda Bull


It is twelve years since the Burton Bradstock Home Watch scheme was inaugurated and it continues to be effective in deterring crime in the village. This has only been achieved by the assistance of residents, work by co-ordinators and the local police. Unfortunately, criminals are always watching for an opportunity to steal, cheat, or short-change members of the public, so we must not relax our vigilance.

On Tuesday 9th April at 7.30p.m. there will be a meeting of all co-ordinators at which Sgt Colin Mathias and other police officers will be present. As in the past, we shall be brought up to date with crime in the area and action to combat it. Anyone in the village who would like to assist our Home Watch is most welcome to attend by first phoning me.

Would co-ordinators unable to attend this important meeting kindly advise me.

Freddy Tame 897957


There is still a vacancy for one more Parish Councilor. Full details may be obtained from the Parish Clerk, Fel Moore ( 01308 459001 ).


The 2002 Great Dorset Beach Clean will take place between 10.00am & 12.00 noon on Sunday, 14th April at Hive Beach, Burton Bradstock.

As usual, plastic collecting bags will be provided by the Dorset Coast Forum and the Dorset Countryside Service who will co-ordinate arrangements. First Aid will be provided.

The operation acts as a springboard for the Tourist Season. Your help is invaluable so please make a note of the date in your diary.

Lavender Trust Cancer Care

A coffee morning with sales tables and raffle will take place

in the W.I. Hall, Burton Bradstock

on Saturday 20th April from 10.00 am - 12.30 pm.


Burton Bradstock W.I.

The President welcomed members and visitors to the March meeting when Mr R. Taylor entertained listeners with an account of his life in the London Symphony Orchestra. His first professional engagement was aged 14 years playing a recorder at Pinewood Studios. He then demonstrated the tone of 4 recorders ranging from the descant to the tenor. As a member of the Recorder Consort he recorded music for films then progressed to playing the flute and eventually spent 27 years with the LSO and visited as many countries. He concluded his talk with anecdotes about various conductors and played on his flute the haunting theme from "The Deerhunter".

The W.I. Spring Fair will be on Tuesday 4th June instead of the usual Bank Holiday Monday as we kept the Hall free for Jubilee Celebrations. A Fashion Show & Supper has been arranged for Thursday 6th June at 7.00pm. It is hoped to run Bridge Classes in the Hall for 10 weeks commencing in September.

100 Club - Mary Burr reported a surplus of £400 for the year just ended which is for Hall maintenance and thanked all who had joined again.

Next Meeting - April 9th Speaker: Sir Phillip Williams, subject "Who are local Magistrates"

Christine Clarke

Nancy Bushell would like to thank all her friends for their kindness and good wishes on the occasion of her eightieth birthday.

Burton Bradstock Players

Congratulations to all who were concerned in their latest production "Aladdin": to Mike Read for having the foresight to go ahead without his nucleus of "old faithfuls" and moulding together a fresh new team of youngsters: to those youngsters for taking on hitherto unknown responsibilities and fulfilling their tasks admirably, both in the major parts and in the chorus: to the "more mature" players whose experience and expertise complemented so well the younger members: to the well known and well loved teams both behind the scenes and in the front of house: to those responsible for making such a visual impact with make-up, lighting, scenery, choreography and costumes: to the musicians, for their "big bangs", their accompaniment to the ( at times improptu and necessarily prolonged ! ) sing-alongs and their hours of rehearsal time. We thank you all for giving us such an enjoyable evening...and we were home by 10 o'clock, too!

We look forward to The Players' production of "Relative Values" next month and to the 2003 pantomime. S.P.


Burton Bradstock Village

Web Site Address


Did you know that the Bride Valley News

is published on this web site every month?

In addition, did you know that old copies of the magazine

can also be viewed on the web site?

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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White


3 Gullivers Orchard Shipton Gorge



Funeral 25th February Reginald Turner

Annual Parish Meeting

Shipton Gorge Annual Parish Meeting will take place in the Village Hall on Wednesday 17th April starting at 7.30 p.m. The hall will be open at 7.00 p.m. and a glass of wine will be available before the meeting.

Following the agenda and committee reports Dr. David Evans, Director of Planning for West Dorset District Council, has kindly offered to address the meeting. He will discuss planning strategies for West Dorset and in particular the future way in which villages may develop in this area.

Questions may be asked of your councillors or of Dr. Evans and we are hoping for a good attendance of parishioners.

John Bredemear - Parish Clerk



Following the outstanding success of showing "Chocolat", and in February "Enigma", we will be showing a modern, up to date film at Shipton Gorge Village Hall on 24th April 2002 at 7.30 pm. The price will be £3.50 as for previous film evenings.

At the time of writing the film to be shown is subject to confirmation, every attempt is made to obtain the most recent release films and we are awaiting confirmation of our particular choices. For full information and/or to early book please phone 01308 897547, contact committee members or the New Inn, Shipton Gorge. Tickets have sold out quickly for previous shows so "early" is likely to be important.


A note for your diary ~ Shipton Gorge Village Hall Trust is holding another of its popular Jumble Sales on Saturday 18th May at 2.00 pm. If anyone has any goods for this sale please contact a Hall committee member.

LYME NET ~ Community Learning Centre

Lyme Net provides up to date ICT training for the local community. They are currently arranging free IT Training taster sessions in halls around the area and would like to know if there would be any interest in Shipton Gorge. The only criteria is that there should be a minimum of 4 people with similar needs at each session. The sessions will last about two and a half hours, probably on a Monday or Wednesday. If you are interested please contact Jo Warren (897948).

Yoga for Everyone

Starting 9th April

Tuesday Evenings 8.00 - 9.30pm

Shipton Gorge Village Hall

Hatha Yoga Classes taught by Lesley Wilson ( British Wheel of Yoga )

Come along and try. Tel: 01308 898116 for details




Once again spring is here and gardeners are getting busy, so mowers and other machinery are in great demand. Please ensure all these tools are locked away securely, as there is a good market for stolen items.

There are quite a few new residents in the village, who may not be aware of our Homewatch system. If you have any new neighbours, please put them in the picture and let me know. I can then give them any information about local security and contact numbers.

Our local policeman P.C.Niel Cameron will be attending our Annual Parish Meeting on the 17th April 2002. Please come along if you have any questions regarding crime in the area.

Frank Rogers ( Telephone 897821 )


Shipton Gorge Village Society Advance Notices

Village Show This year's show will be on Saturday, 31st August. As 2002 is the 50th year of the Show, gardeners may like to remember this in their entries.

Garden Competition Anyone who would like their whole garden judged in August please contact either Sally 897168 or Pete 897364. As 2002 is the 50th year of the Show gardeners may like to remember this with a special feature in their garden. This year the focus is on kindness to wildlife.

Organiser: Sue Brown, 5 Gullivers Orchard.

Shipton Gorge Plant Swap/Coffee Morning

The Village Society are staging the plant/coffee event on the 15th June in the Village Hall at 10.30am. All in the Bride Valley are invited to come along with a potted plant to swap and enjoy a coffee, tea or soft drink with "bickies" (30p ).

The plants, which must be rooted, will be numbered and put in a draw; you may get a better plant or then again you may go home with your own entry. If you do not wish to enter the draw just come along for a drink and a chat.

Geoff Shepherd ( 897490 )

Shipton Gorge Trumpeter

Ross Brown, currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music, is directing and playing in a concert at St. Mary's Church, Bridport on Friday 12th April at 7.30. All are welcome.

As a result of the Whist Drive and Social Evening on Friday 8th February a cheque for £95 has been sent to CancerCare Dorset. Very many thanks to all who came and had a very enjoyable evening. Many thanks, too, for a number of donations, generous gifts for prizes and raffles; the cakes were also much appreciated.

Phyllis Penney, Rockway ( 01308 897572 )


A warm welcome goes to Derry Thompson, Cuckoo Lane, Shipton Gorge.


Shipton Gorge 100 Club

Winners for the March Draw: £20 No. 83 Doreen Rogers

£10 No. 7 Tony Boughton


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Chilcombe Church


Evensong on Sunday 7th April 6.30 pm, and each 1st Sunday of the month through the summer.


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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Julie Lewis

4 Green Barton, Swyre



The Annual Parochial Church Meeting follows Evening Prayer (shortened) at 6.30pm on Sunday 7th April. (New) Church Electoral Roll Members: do please come along to this most important meeting, if at all possible.

Anthony Ashwell


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Village Correspondent: Mrs Dorothy Barlow

Collingbourne, Hoopers Lane, Puncknowle

Telephone: (01308) 897761

Kneeler Dedication

Our glorious new altar rail kneelers made so beautifully in memory of Dick Kenton will be dedicated at our 11.00am Holy Communion Service on 28th April.

Anthony Ashwell




This was held on March 8th in the Church Hall and was a happy occasion. Many thanks to all our helpers and all who came and supported. £107.00 was raised in donations and will be sent to the Christian Blind Mission.

Puncknowle Art Group

Thanks to Sallie who gave us an unusual drawing session which was great fun and we must thank Hazel Telfer for her talk on parchment craft. She brought some of her lovely work to show us and even let us have a go ourselves.

April dates: - 5th, a talk by Jennifer

19th Allana on watercolour



First of all, I would like to say thank you to all of you who supported the playgroup with the purchase of a Quiz Sheet. Final details next month.

OPEN MORNING 14th May 2002 10.00 - 11.30am.

[ For those approaching playschool age ]

FUN NIGHT AND BAR-B-QUE EVENING 27th July 2002, 7.00 pm, at The Crown, Puncknowle.

Has anyone got an old carpet at least 12ft x 12ft? We need one for our Fun Night to put under the bouncy castle [or anything else suitable]. We also need to borrow, in the summer, an electric sprayer so we can re-seal our shed.

Good News - Dorset County Council has now given us funding for children for two whole terms before they are four, which not only helps the parents, but the playgroup as well.

We are expecting our first National Standards inspection over the next month, so we are busy getting together all the new information that they need. This inspection not only covers the educational side of the playgroup but also the business side as well [including Health and Safety and playgroup facilities].

Thank you to all those who made it to our Photo Session. Next year we have booked a Saturday, so children at mainstream school can be included as well.

Finally I would like to welcome Macauley Parrott, who joined us in February, and Milly Jobson who joined us in March.

Sue Talbot ( Chairperson )

Congratulations to 9 year old Laura Bowen-Ashwin for outstanding results when she competed in the first major swimming gala of the year.

The gala, held at Millfield School, was attended by 1700 competitors from the South West, Wales and the Midlands.

Laura, who trains 3 - 4 nights a week with the West Dorset Warriors in Dorchester, won a Silver medal for the 50m Breaststroke, came 5th in the 50m Backstroke and 6th in the 50m Freestyle.

Well done, Laura, all your hard work and determination has paid off.

Maria Bowen-Austin

Parish Council.

We are always looking for potential new Councillors and we need to be thinking about a replacement for the Clerk.. If anyone is interested to learn what is involved in serving your community in this way please contact 897322 or 897707

Beach Clean. We would ask that there be a good turnout to help at West Bexington on Sunday April 14th and assist with the annual Beach Clean. This is an exercise that has been overseen in previous years by Alex Welch, and it is only fitting that we honour his memory by continuing the tradition. I would remind you that you do do not need, on this occasion, to pay parking fees while you are helping. Come with gloves, goodwill, and enthusiasm.


Don't forget to check the village website

to keep in touch with village events and find useful information


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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents:

Mrs. Gaynor Jones, 10 Manor Farm Close Tel.482517

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close Tel.482384


Litton Jubilee Fete

There is a little under two months to go before the Fete - Jubilee Day Monday 3rd June at Thorner's at 2.00pm. Spring cleaning may be the order of the day just now, what better time to put aside some choice items for the White Elephant stall, dig out all those unwanted screws and bits and pieces and bag them up for the DIY stall, don't discard that much loved but redundant toy - keep it for the Toy stall. Please start saving a bottle or two for the Tombola, a jar or two for the Provisions stall and some good Books. Calling all gardeners - now is the time to plan what you can offer the Plant stall; cooks - start planning your home made cakes with which to delight the Cake and Teas stalls. Needleworkers, carpenters etc it's not too late to make something for the Handicraft stall. Stallholders please note there will be a competition this year for the best turned out stall - start planning now how you can give your stall a good Jubilee flavour. There is still room for volunteers to help on both stalls and games - please contact Mary Slark (482280) or Lisa Adams-Smith (482440) respectively. Help is also needed for putting up and taking down, both on the day and before - offers of help please to Freddie Spicer (482617)

A Golden Jubilee Celebration for the children of Litton Cheney?

We appreciate that many people are involved with the Fete, including the children but we feel that some celebration of the Golden Jubilee for the children should take place sometime over the Jubilee weekend. We are considering organising an event, if you are interested and enthusiastic and could help in any way. Please contact Katharine Jones 482589 or Elizabeth Kingston 482384.


Litton Cheney Social Committee

Please make a note of the date - 10th May 2002, 7.00 pm at Thorner's School Litton Cheney. This is the date for our First Annual General Meeting. It will take the form of a short business meeting - there will be a written report about the LCSC for all attending - and a committee will be elected for the year.

We will soon move onto a good evening of entertainment. Cheese and Wine (at £1 per adult and Fruit juice and Cheese 'free' for those under-age) And . . . . . . Superb slides and commentary given by Colin Varndell showing his nationally acclaimed nature photographs. This is an AGM - not to be missed!

New members of the committee are needed. Please contact Eddy Fry 482260 if you would like to know a little more about what is involved. See posters about this nearer the date.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing lots of residents for a really sociable AGM on May 10th.

Mary Anderson Secretary LCSC


Dorset life on Film

An open air showing of historic films about Dorset life from 1905 onwards will take place at The White Horse Inn on Thursday 11 April from 8:30 pm. The films will be presented by Trilith (the rural media charity), who have films ranging from the very first Pageant in Sherborne in 1905 to Cider making (and drinking) at Shaves Cross 40 years ago.It will likely be chilly, so wrap up well and partake of Hot Drinks, Mulled Wine, and Food from the bar (and bring your own Thermos as well if you wish). If the weather is unsuitable, the showing will take place in the Church - (you can still get your drinks at the White Horse afterwards!). Look at the Website, or phone The White Horse (482539) for last minute information on the venue if necessary.

There will be a collection in aid of Trilith to cover their expenses. Gil Smith

Litton Cheney Playing Field Association

We hoped to have good news now after making five applications for funding. We have been successful with an application to the Community Projects Fund and will receive £800. We are considering the future of the project, to install a hard standing area with a basketball goal and markings for short tennis, as we have a shortfall of about £2000. If the project is to go ahead this year we need to have raised the money by June. We are making further applications for funding and our fund raising continues with a Coffee Morning on Saturday 13th April at 10.30 am in the Church Hall. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions to help raise money for the playing field please contact Katharine Jones 482589 or Elizabeth Kingston 482384.

For details of The New Elizabethan Singers performance on April 27th to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee see The Valley Notes ( p.7 ).

The Alan Rogers Historic Road Rally 2002 takes place on Sunday 7th April. About 50 cars registered before 1975 are expected to take part following a 140 mile route through the Dorset countryside. The cars are expected to pass through Litton by the triangle between 4.35 pm and 5.35 pm as they travel between Bridport and Puncknowle.

Litton Frugal Lunch

Many thanks to all who contributed to the Frugal Lunch in February. Donations totalled £145.25 which sum has been sent to Hope and Homes for Children who give hope to children who have nowhere to live due to war or disaster by providing them with loving family homes. Diana Spicer

The Coffee Morning for the Rainbow Trust and the Clare Lemmon Fund (Children's Cancer Charities) on the 9th March raised a fantastic £228.20. Which means £114.10 for both charities. A very big thank you to everyone who donated a raffle prize, cake, or goods and to everyone who attended and gave their support. Thank you also to the church for their kind donation of the hall for the morning.

Sheila Barnes and Mandy Wakely

Driver required for private car for occasional local trips. Payment by arrangement. Telephone 01308 482203

Please can we remind contributors that your correspondents would like to receive items for inclusion by the 10th of the month. Thank you.

Visit the web site for the latest news.

The group meets at The White Horse Inn

at 8 o'clock on the first Monday of each month.

All welcome.


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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondents: Mrs Elinor Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269


St Peter's Church

You will already be aware from my article in last month's edition of the Bride Valley News that the Parochial Church Council was in the process of planning a Stewardship programme for the parish of Long Bredy with Kingston Russell. This is now in the advanced planning stage and this article is to tell you about it.

For hundreds of years St Peter's Church has served the parishes of Long Bredy and Kingston Russell. Throughout time local people have come to this building in times of great joy or of deep sadness or just to worship regularly in remembrance of God's goodness to us.

Sadly all of this can no longer be taken for granted. Our church needs the active support of local people if it is not to suffer the fate of many small village churches, ultimately to face redundancy and closure.

So it is, that in April, members of St Peter's Church will be visiting every household within the two parishes with a leaflet, explaining the needs of the Church, and encouraging them to give both financial and practical support. Response forms will be left at each house showing how support can be given. These will be collected by arrangement and, if necessary, any questions answered.

We hope and pray that our visitors will be welcomed in every home and that their message will be received with understanding.

To all, we extend our Easter greetings; and our gratitude for reading this important article.

Anthony Ashwell

Happy Birthday

Congratulations and best wishes to Rene Hussey on her recent 80th birthday. Rene has lived in Long Bredy all her life and we wish her well.


DON'T FORGET Long Bredy Bingo on Friday April 5th. Eyes down 7:30 in the Village Hall, raffle and bingo prizes still needed. All proceeds are for the Golden Jubilee Party on Tuesday 4th June.

Weather permitting, the Golden Jubilee Party will take place on the Playing Fields. We are hoping to have a BBQ with fun and games and a bouncy castle has already been booked for the children. If you would like more details please phone Rosemarie Pitcher 482486.

Jubilee Flower Festival

June 1st - 4th at St Peter's Church. Arrangements are underway for flowers and music from 2:00 - 6:00pm in aid of the Church and Joseph Weld Hospice. There will be Teas, a Raffle and Bring and Buy stall each day except Tuesday 4th when it's party time elsewhere! Vespers with the Village Singers will be on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd at 5:30pm.

This weekend coincides with the Dorset Art Week's exhibition at Langebride House by Askerswell Art Group, so we hope to attract plenty of visitors. Enquiries to Juniper Greener 482257.


Frugal Lunch

Many thanks to everyone who supported this cheerful occasion. £140 was raised to help restoration work on the Church organ.


Long Bredy & Litton Cheney W.I.

A large gathering of members and one visitor met in March to learn about the Alexander Technique which was discovered by an Australian actor in 1865.

Birthday posies were presented to Jackie Baker, Phyllis Collyer, Chris Smith and President Elinor Frost.

An outing to Stapehill Abbey has been arranged for June with a picnic lunch and tea.

Speaker Jenny Curnow teaches the Alexander Technique all over Dorset and described how the efficient use of muscles can improve posture and help with many conditions including injuries and back problems, sometimes caused by tension. She was warmly thanked by Dorothy Randall for a very enlightening and interesting talk.

The April meeting ( on the 11th ) will take place at Groves Nursery in Bridport with a hanging basket demonstration

B. Champkins




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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy



A warm welcome to Andrew and Cheryl McPherson, who, with Amy (5) and Fraser (2) have moved south from Bury in Lancashire to Littlebride. We hope their time among us will be happy and fulfilling for them all.

Murmurs about the means of celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee in the village are beginning to circulate, and one suggestion is a lakeside picnic, with children's sports, etc., during the Bank Holiday Weekend at the beginning of June. Austin Slade is developing the idea, and will hope to flesh it out and provide further information in due course. If anyone has additional ideas, please suggest them to him at 1, Longlands Farm Cottage (01305 889661).

Further to last month's "all-Church" edition, much is still happening there. The Electoral Roll has recently been updated, and everyone who is, or intends to be, a local church worshipper or supporter (regular or occasional) should have received and completed an application form. If anyone who has not had one would like one, please let Sir Philip know (482232).

Visitors to the Church this month will notice a splendid new carpet in the sanctuary, and a lovely golden curtain (replacing a somewhat garish and aged turquoise one) hanging on the east wall behind the altar and also forming an altar "frontal". These were "unveiled" at the Easter Day Communion, and immeasurably improve the look of the east end. They are the gift of a generous parishioner, to whom many, many thanks.

Everybody in the village will also be aware of the latest thrust in the fund-raising campaign to restore the bells. The plan is to save the three oldest and largest of the old ones, melt the other three down and cast one new one from the metal, and bring the chime back to six by adding two second-hand bells which have become available from Cornwall. It is hoped that an active and generous response to the local appeal, when added to funds being sought from elsewhere, will bring the target figure much nearer. There is no going back, as an intrepid local team joined forces with the contractor to lower the old bells from the tower for storage at the end of February. Thanks especially to Jim Armstrong, Phil Hallett and Chris Yates for their hard and expert work with block and tackle, pallet trolley, and all the other paraphernalia involved, and also to John Barker and Stuart Horsley, whose use of the Matbro for ten minutes to lift the laden pallets into Nicholson Engineering's van probably saved two or three hours of very hard manual labour for the rest of the team!


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