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FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Burton Bradstock St Mary's Litton Cheney

Most village weddings were once simple, though nonetheless important, affairs. The couple came to a church decorated with flowers from hedgerow and garden. They made their vows and received God's blessing for their future together. Off they went to a simple meal at the home of the bride, family and friends cramming into a tiny cottage. A little music from fiddle and accordion; dancing on the lino if space allowed. Then the couple went to their new home a few doors away from parents and grandparents. Later, as the candle was snuffed, boisterous villagers shouted and threw gravel at the bedroom window. All very simple; important and great fun.

Parents who have been allowed a hand in a daughter's (or son's) wedding arrangements recently will know it is far from a simple procedure today. Daughters know what they want, and are often prepared to pay for at least some of it.

Sometimes couples welcome the priest's or organist's advice about hymns. Sometimes they don't, and are surprised that 'Jerusalem' may be thought unsuitable for a wedding! Some would judge it unsuitable on any occasion, but opinions vary!

One of the more delicate tasks of a parish priest is to guide couples through the legal preliminaries. There is the Marriage Act of 1949, the Pastoral Measure of 1983, the Ecclesiastical Licences Measure of 1533, the Places of Worship Registration Act of 1855, the Marriage (Prohibited Degrees of Relationship) Act of 1986 and the Ecclesiastical Fees Measure of 1986 - all to keep an eye on. Banns must be read in the right place at the right time. A Common, or Archbishop's Special, Licence may be needed, and there's a procedure!

Some aspects of all this may be about to change, particularly with regard to where one may marry and the need for banns. Fewer marriages take place in churches these days. Couples may now marry not only in Register Offices, but in a variety of secular premises licensed for the purpose. Some, of course, escape England's rules altogether and marry on beaches in the West Indies, down mines and up in hot-air balloons.

I regret that, because I love English church weddings! Anything which simplifies the legal procedures will be welcomed by me, unless it means that 'pretty' churches will be overwhelmed with wedding requests by non-resident couples with whom the priest has only fleeting pastoral contact.

Ask me about 'Jerusalem' sometime!

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Valley Notes


The Bride Valley Team Council next meets on Thursday 8th November 2001 at 7.30 pm in Puncknowle Church Hall.


The Bride Valley (Wednesday) Bible Study Group

This Autumn Term we will be looking at the book of Job. One or two of us are very enthusiastic about this exciting book (yes, exciting), and we look forward very much to the privilege of being able to lead the sessions. The precise venues are not finalised yet, but here is what we have so far.

JOB : Old Testament - New Theology

Session 1 Introduction and Job's first test (Chapter 1)

26th September at Westfield, Shipton Lane, Burton Bradstock

3rd October at The Rectory, Litton Cheney

Session 2 Job's second test and his reaction (Chapters 2 & 3)

10th October Valley west-end

17th October Valley east-end

Session 3 Job's "Comforters" (Chapters 4 to 31)

24th October Valley west-end

31st October Valley east-end

Session 4 The wisdom of youth? Elihu (Chapters 32 to 37)

7th November Valley west-end

14th November Valley east-end

Session 5 Revelation, Repentance and Restoration (Ch: 38 to 42)

21st November Valley west-end

28th November Valley east-end

As usual we meet on Wednesdays at 7.30pm; the sessions are informal and can last up to 2 hours by the time we have "coffeed", chatted, discussed and prayed. It is helpful both to bring along a Bible and to have read the relevant chapters for discussion first.

Please do consider coming along, all are most welcome. To learn more about our faith is surely a good thing!

The Bride Valley (Thursday) Bible Study Group

This new group is meeting every Thursday at 7.30pm during school term-time, and is particularly suitable for younger parents (and the young-at-heart!). In September the group will continue its study of The Revelation to John.

For further information and details of venues, please telephone either Paul ... (...) or Jonathon Jevons (897068). Anybody of course is really welcome, and do bring along a Bible.

Anthony Ashwell

The Dorset Historic

Churches Trust

Annual Sponsored

Cycle Ride

Saturday 8th September 2001

Once again the Dorset Historic Churches Trust is holding its annual Cycle Ride. Last year's total raised was over £31,000 - half of which is returned immediately to local churches nominated by participants. The ride can be as long or as short as you wish - it is very much an individual choice. However, many people ride as groups and make an event of the day planning exactly which churches to visit and where to stop for lunch! Help is also needed to staff your church during the day and of course we all need sponsors to sponsor the riders. Do contact your Parish Organiser as soon as possible. If in doubt, please contact Mrs Anna Butler the Cycle Ride Administrator on 01305 260004.

Good Luck and thank you for your support. A.B.


Bride Valley Organisers:-

Burton Bradstock and Chilcombe: Mr. Howard Bongers 01308 898029

Little Bredy: Sir Philip Williams 01308 482232

Puncknowle: Miss A Roberts 01308 897716

Swyre & Long Bredy: The Rev'd A Ashwell 01308 482302

Litton Cheney: Mr F Spicer 01308 482617

Shipton Gorge: Mr A Smith



Mothers' Union

Our meeting will be held on Thursday 27th September at The Rectory, Burton Bradstock. The Rev'd John Atkinson will speak to us on "The Deliverance Ministry." Pam Coventry

Harbour House

Harbour House was the vision of Eileen Morland, a well known local Quaker. In 1964 she formed the West Bay Housing Society to provide elderly people with accommodation and care in a friendly environment.

Recently a new venture has been launched called Friends of Harbour House, the aim of which is to provide people who are interested in the wellbeing of Harbour House with the opportunity to be involved in its social and fund raising events.

Friends are needed to provide residents with, among other things, one-to-one visiting (letter writing, reading etc.), escorts, and to give lifts to local shops etc.

Anyone interested in joining should contact:-

Judy Eaves c/o Harbour House George Street West Bay Bridport DT6 4EY


Burton Bradstock School

Our leavers' service took place at St Mary's church on the last day of term. Each leaver is asked to reflect on their time at our school and to choose something special to have handed back to them as part of the service. This year's choices were as diverse as ever and included a girl who was presented with a football kit and talked about how she had developed her football skills, a boy who asked for his voice back because of his involvement in our school choir and a girl who asked for a photograph of herself and classmates in London during a school trip.

Many children asked for significant pieces of work to be handed back, mathematics books, project folders and science topics. One boy requested that John Surry handed him back a Dickens novel, as he had been inspired to read classic novels at a school club that John ran. The Surry family featured again when another boy asked Marion to hand his workbook back to him containing stories that Marion had supported him in writing.

Each of our leavers are precious and wonderful young people and we send them on with a confidence that they are well equipped to take full advantage of their future schooling and life, but schooling is not a one way process. The school gives to, and receives from, everyone engaged with it and it would be wrong of me to let our leavers go without acknowledging some of their contributions to the school and to me.

So thank you all for the friendship and care that you have shown to the younger members of the school. Thank you for leading our assemblies and providing music for them. Thank you for the efforts that you put into all team sports, proudly representing your school to the best of your ability. Thank you for showing me how to find my way around a mobile phone! (Don't raise your eyebrows, dear reader - there may be a 'Road to Damascus' situation developing between me and mobiles.)

Thank you for your behaviour and attitude to work in what turned out to be a very crowded classroom. Thank you for the support you have shown for the school at our Christmas and summer fairs, at our services in church and at events around Burton Bradstock and Bridport. Thank you for sharing your jokes with me.

"What do you call a monkey that swallows a grenade??? a BA.BOOM!!!"

Thank you for a thousand and one other things, leave us with warm memories, and don't forget, 'unless you are a seeker, you'll never be a finder.'

I'd also briefly like to mention the leavers from our friends at Thorners School. Barbara and I know all the children that now move on to secondary school and our love and best wishes go out to you all. A particular mention to young Joseph and his family as he starts life at a new school. This family have provided all that know them with riches beyond mention and I look forward to meeting with Joseph regularly as Burton is closely linked to his new school.

Well, I know you are reading this in September, but writing this article is my last duty before I head off for my Summer hols, so.pip,pip and on with the suncream and cozzie.

Au revoir

David Powell



Lucky 100 Club winners

July August

£20 L Wilson £20 M Barrett

£10 A Maude £10 E Stroud

£5 R Sorrell £5 J Newbery

Thorner's School, Litton Cheney

At the start of this new year I would like to welcome our new secretary and all those children who are beginning or continuing their education here at Thorner's. This September sees a large proportion of new parents coming in, so to you all we hope that you enjoy a long and fulfilling time with us. We hope that all the community has enjoyed the summer; what glorious weather we have had (though saying this I expect it will change now), and are now ready to come back into the classroom for a fantastic year. The staff are already planning activities and events for the coming academic year.

There have been changes going on in school during the holidays; anyone who has been up and around will have seen lots of coming and going. At long, long, last the pupil toilets have been ripped out .. there were even reports of cheers as it was happening ... even as I write new interiors are progressing. The governors had assured me that before I arrived the toilets would be 'seen to.' I lived in hope but nothing materialised and it has taken two years of hard work, nagging and telephoning to get us to this stage. But at least they cannot go back now. The builder is there, the cubicle doors are ordered and the new 'units' are lined up in the hall. So I do apologise to all those children who have had to put up with those awful toilets and now will not get the benefit of these new ones. You will have to come in and visit sometime just to see what you are missing!

On reflection it seems a long time for the whole process of refurbishing those toilets. Visitors could see (if not smell), at a glance that they were in desperate need of updating, but the amount of paperwork involved is enormous, with the added time allowances in between and then trying to find a convenient holiday in which to undertake the work. All that is now past and we will be rejoicing in the opening of the new toilets in September before the children come back to school, if the work goes as planned. A big thank you to past and present governors and everyone who helped to get everything as far as we have got today.

Alison Johnstone Headteacher.

Ladybirds will meet at 8.00pm on Wednesday 12th September at the home of Diana Spicer, Litton Cheney, when her husband will give a talk on the Citizens' Advice Bureau.


Bride Valley Scout Group New Hut Appeal Quiz

Mrs. Ruth Brierly has compiled another of her very popular quiz sheets in aid of the Bride Valley Scout Group Hut Appeal. These are available from the Post Office in Burton Bradstock, or by contacting any of the following:-

Pat Tucker 897197

Ruth Brierly 898283

Steve Dove 897695

PSA Prostate Cancer Support Association

Dorset Group

"The Prostate Cancer Support Association provides help, support, and information for men who have or have had prostate cancer, together with their families and carers. Regular meetings will be starting in Dorchester, and the first two will be on Wed. October 17th and Wed. December 11th at 7.30 p.m in the Colliton Club. For more information, please contact the Revd. Dick Douglas on 01305 852574."


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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125

Mid Week Worship - Holy Communion Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory

Choir Practices Fridays at 6.00 p.m.

Gift Sunday 16th September Scripture Union

The next Tiny Tots / Pram Services will be held on Fridays 21st September and 5th October at 11.00 am.

The next Healing Services at St Mary's will be held on Monday 3rd September and Monday 1st October at 7.00 pm.

The Parochial Church Council meets on Monday 17th September at 7.00 pm in church.


Wedding 21st July James M. St J. Steiner and Caroline A. Spinney

Funeral 16th July Jeremy Pritchard

RNLI house-to-house collection raised £314.25 in Burton Bradstock. Thank you very much indeed to Thelma & Chris Skues, Enid & William Mann and Pam Atkinson for walking many miles to raise this amount! And thank you to everyone who so generously contributed to the total raised.

St Mary's Harvest Festival Again, this year the Harvest Thanksgiving will take the form of an All-age Harvest Service (not a Holy Communion), on Sunday 7th October at 9.30 am. Adults, children, families, EVERYONE, will be welcome.

The Harvest Supper this year is planned for Saturday 6th October, 6.30 for 7.00 pm in the W. I. Hall. Details will be available nearer the time.

Harvest Festival - Church Decorating Everyone is most welcome to come along on Saturday 6th October from 10.00 am to help decorate the church for the festival. Gifts of flowers, fruit and vegetables will be very welcome.

Pam Atkinson.


St Mary's Church Fete Burton Bradstock

Thursday 2nd August

I would like to extend my personal thanks and sincere appreciation to the members of the Fete Committee who, during the past few months, have worked so hard to ensure a successful Church Fete on the 2nd August; to all the helpers who arrived to prepare the Rectory Garden, erect all the gear and who then stayed on after the Fete to dismantle and clear away all the debris ( always an arduous task ). A big "thank-you" to everybody who volunteered to run the stalls and side-shows and to the "Tea Team" who worked so very hard in the W.I. Hall. Well done everyone!

Despite inclement weather we had a "window" between the storms over the Rectory Garden for which we were so very grateful. Attendance figures were up and we raised a magnificent sum of of £4412.98. My final thanks and appreciation go to John and Pam Atkinson for all their valuable help and support on the day.

Thank you to all who contributed in one way or another to make it such a great day. Barbara Ivall Chairman, Fete Committee

Burton Bradstock W.1

Because of uncertain weather the Bar-B-Q planned for Hive Beach transferred to the home of Joan Allen. It was a resounding success and we thank Joan and her husband for their hospitality.

W.I. restarts on Sept. 11th at 7.15 p.m. Our speaker will be Mr.R.Taylor- "Reflections of my life in the London Symphony Orchestra". Other events planned for the Autumn include:- Badminton on Tues. mornings, a new Keep Fit class starting on Thurs. mornings, monthly walks on Tuesdays followed by a Pub.Lunch, Tapestry/Needlecraft commencing on Sept. 6th at 2.00 p.m., Aromatherapy course, Art, Whist, Computing and a Christmas Shopping trip to Southampton on Nov. 14th - there are still some seats left for this.

If you would like to find out more about us and make some new friends, please come along to our meeting on September 11th or ring 898084 for further information.

Joan Dady. President.

Advance Warning of an Open Evening at the School on Wednesday, 21st. November.

David Powell has advised that after the holidays, the school will have a total of 14 Personal Computers, all networked together and to the Internet. The school will also have a projector suitable for showing computer screen details on a large screen.

This means there will be excellent computer user training facilities there, and we are wondering if there is any interest in developing some form of Adult Education which could be carried out in the evening using a professional tutor? We could hopefully start something in the New Year.

More details of the meeting will be published nearer the time.

However if, in the meantime, you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact June Fox (897 919) who is gathering inputs in advance of the meeting.

Ken Pett

Change to the booking procedure of the computer in the Reading Room

More and more people have said that half an hour isn't enough time to achieve what they want to when using the Reading Room computer, so we have changed the booking scheme so you can now book for either a half hour, or a one hour session. Times and days stay the same - bookings must still be made at the Post Office.

We hope this flexibility will prove to be useful.

Incidentally, there is a Visitors' Book by the computer - it is there so we can get feedback from users as to their likes, dislikes and suggestions for improvement etc., so please do fill it in after your session. Or, of course, you can give your feedback direct to one of the committee.

Ken Pett





This year proved yet again to be a resounding success for Burton Bradstock Village Society's Annual Flower and Produce Show. 325 entries covered the various categories with such an overall high standard the judges had a difficult task. Judging completed, the Show re-opened at 2.15pm when exhibitors learnt whether their efforts had been good enough to win one of the coveted trophies.

The children had once again contributed with their colourful pictures with displays from four to eleven year olds. Thanks were given to all the children for their efforts.

The president, Mrs. Nancy Bushell, thanked everyone for all their hard work before proceeding to present the trophies to the following:-

Louis /May Brown Cup fruit & veg. Jill Wetherspoon

Bugler Cup roses Joyce Tillman

Cracroft Challenge Cup flowers (not roses) Shelagh Morgan

Gordon Knight Cup pot plants Patricia Dutton

Flower Arranger Trophy Margaret Harding

Cookery & Home Produce Trophy cookery Lilian Brown

Grove House Cup children's entries Class 3

Knightsmith Trophy preserves Joan Allan

Mallinson Cup handicrafts Rebecca Read

Photography Cup Norman Webber

Millennium Trophy 2000 art Allanna Tongue




This has been held for the past seven years in the W.I. Hall on Wednesdays 6pm - 8pm during autumn and winter. This is a friendly social evening of table tennis for children and adults. John Crawford, due to other commitments, is unable to continue to run the table tennis this autumn. IS THERE SOMEONE OUT THERE INTERESTED TO TAKE THIS ON. If you are please contact John Crawford Telephone 01308 898139. The first session will be Wednesday 2nd October.

Peter Colbert

Hall Questionnaire - Response

Thanks to all of you who filled in the Hall Questionnaire. 104 replies were received from the 485 households listed in the electoral register. This 21% return, whilst obviously from a minority, does provide a significant indication of village views on the facilities available in the W.I.Hall, and the Parish Council is pleased to have such a response.

The replies were mostly from the upper age groups, the retired members of the community, who probably have more time to make use of the W.I.Hall and attend the functions there.

The number of replies falling into each of the different categories, or levels of satisfaction given in the questionnaire, is as follows: -




These figures indicate that a large majority (85%) are more or less satisfied with the current arrangements and have no wish for major changes. (A few remarked how well they think the present hall fits in with the character of the village.)

There were many comments about all aspects of the hall, spread throughout the replies in each of the categories given above. By far the most numerous (28%) expressed concern over the lack of adequate parking near the hall and of arrangements within the hall. The size of the back-stage committee room came in for most adverse comment, in 15% of the responses. Apart from the few wanting a new hall and those wanting more room for indoor sports, the rest of the comments were generally of a minor nature, not seeking major changes.

From the analysis of the replies, the Consultative Working Group concludes that there is no pressure from within the village for action in the near future on a new hall project. However, bearing in mind that nothing lasts for ever, such requirements do need to be included in any longer term planning for the village.

Anybody wishing to learn more of the detail or discuss further the outcome of this study is welcome to contact me.

Mike Southgate, Chairman Consultative Working Group. 897487

On the evening of Monday 10th September a "Get-together" will be held in the W.I. Hall for the purpose of saying "Thank-you" and extending our best wishes for the future to Jonathan on his departure from the Post Office.

Would everyone hoping to attend please add his/her name to the list available in the Library by Friday 7th September, where, also up to this date, donations can still be accepted. B.B.P.C.

The Royal British Legion Bride Valley Branch

Barn Dance

Friday 28th September 7.00 -10.30pm

W.I.Hall Burton Bradstock

Featuring The Village Dance Band led by David Powell

Tickets ( to include Ploughman's Supper ) available from Jim Reeves 897091 Adults £4.00 Children under 12 £2.00

All profits to the British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Please bring your own drinks as there is no bar.

Everyone Welcome!

The Children's Society

Many thanks to all who came and supported our Sale on Saturday July 28th and also for donations of goods and money. I was able to send £300 for a very worthy cause. Greta Heal

A message from Val Tytler

Dear Friends, I would like to thank you all for the kind letters and cards you sent; they certainly helped me through a very sad time. My daughter lives just minutes away and my son was able to come home from America just before Rob died, so we were able to comfort each other. It has left a very big gap in my life, but with the help of family and friends, in time, I hope I shall be able to fill it a little. Thank you again. Val.

Burton Bradstock Church 100 Years Ago Part 2

(see B.V.N. Feb 2001 for Part 1)

At the end of Part One we left the church in a sorry state of damp and disrepair, and sorely in need of some remedial work. This was carried out in 1897 by the renowned architect Edward S. Prior, cousin to the Rector, Lethbridge Templer, and also a leading exponent of the Arts and Crafts Movement. His policy of restoration was responsible, retaining and repairing historic features wherever possible.

The final result of his work was to give us a fine church, and an important example of the Arts and Crafts period.

To free the building from damp, soil was dug away from the outside, wall plaster stripped, and the floor taken up.

All the galleries and box pews were removed, the best wood being reused to make the striking dado. It is an important survival, and fortunately in relatively good condition.

Any sound wall plaster was retained, including traces of a fresco, which until recent times were visible. It was also the intention to replaster the chancel, as unplastered stone walls are not in the Anglican tradition, but funds were insufficient.

When plaster from the barrel vault ceiling had to be removed to inspect the timbers, the medieval wall plates and roof bosses were preserved. The west door, too, needed to be renewed, but happily the old one could be cut down to replace the north door. It still has the date 1681 faintly visible on it.

Of course the major work was to modify the 1833 south aisle, extending it to enclose the base of the tower, and to give access to the south transept. The tower door was reconstructed on the east side and a new external south door inserted. A sloping roof replaced the pitched one, and new stone windows were put in.

All the existing window glass was replaced and much of the stonework repaired. In the chancel, where the windows in the north wall were unblocked, we have Prior's Early English Glass, a type of glass which Edward Prior had developed to emulate that of the middle ages. This glass is also used in the south aisle, but the other windows were glazed with crown glass, in the Arts and Crafts style.

New seating was provided by the Arts and Crafts style benches made by Mr Haywood of Burton, who also did the building work, and the iron work of the doors was forged by another local person, Mr. Kerley. A Gurney radiating stove provided the heating, and lighting was by oil lamps.

A final touch is the headstop to a nave window, depicting Edward Prior himself - ever watchful.

All this for £1,150. Jane Stubbs



ERRATUM The telephone number for Veda Bull published in last month's B.V.N. under the list of Parish Councillors should have read 897609. Our apologies to those concerned.

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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White


3 Gullivers Orchard Shipton Gorge



Thanksgiving Service for the life of Neil Giles-Townsend 10th August

The Parochial Church Council meets at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 12th September at Church View.

St Martin's Harvest Festival will again take the form of an All-Age Harvest Service (not a Holy Communion) on Sunday 7th October at 11 am. Adults, children, families, EVERYONE, will be welcome.

The Harvest Supper this year is planned for Wednesday 10th October at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall. Details will be available nearer the time


St.Martin's Summer Fair

The Fair held on 21st July (before the heatwave!) raised £955 for church funds. Thank you to everyone for making it such a successful afternoon - from the tent, gazebo and flag raisers, to all those who manned stalls, staffed the church and tower, provided teas and generally put in a lot of work before, during and after the event. We should not have such a splendid result if it were not for the villagers and visitors who gladly bought and gave generously.

We need only comment on how close we were to making it a 4- figure sum - but that remains to be achieved...... perhaps in Golden Jubilee year? M.R.

Jo and Gary Warren would like to thank all those who gave so generously and willingly to the Bottle Bola stall at St. Martin's Fete. Your generosity certainly made our job much easier, as over 100 bottles is quite a number to collect from within our small community.



Saturday, 27th April, 2002 has been chosen by the P.C.C. for the annual plant sale, the proceeds from which will be divided between the church and a local charity.

Offers to organise this popular event would be most welcome; please contact the Churchwardens or any PCC member. (For those with means of bringing on bedding plants, red, white and blue must be a selling point for Jubilee year!)


This will be on Sunday, October 7th at 11.00 a.m.


This will be held on Wednesday, 10th October at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall. Tickets for this popular social occasion at £3.50 each will be available from the Churchwardens, Mrs.Jo Warren and Mrs.Doris Benselin from mid-September. Of course numbers are limited so do apply early. Potato bakers, apple pie makers and general help to prepare, serve ( & wash up! ) would be much appreciated.

M.R & C.C.G, Churchwardens

Shipton Gorge Village Society Summer Show

From cut flowers and cakes to photographs and spaceships, 69 residents chose the best from a total of 132 entries. The Village Society wish to thank all the helpers, residents and the Garden Judge, Mike Bennett, who presented the awards, for their enthusiastic support.

Trophies were awarded to the winners of classes as follows:-

1) VASE OF ANNUALS - Kitty Laughton

2) VASE OF PERENNIALS - Gerald Benselin

3) VASE OF 6 SWEET PEAS- Gerald Benselin


5) A FLOWERING CACTUS- Elizabeth Shepherd

6) 3 POTATOES - Chris Hewlett

7) 4 TOMATOES - John Epplestone

8) ONIONS - Barbara West

9) 4 RUNNER BEANS - Betty Darby


11) HOME BAKING - Janet Lane

12) FRUIT FLAN - Geoff Shepherd

13) FLOWER ARRANGEMENT - in a saucer -Jo Warren

14) FLOWER ARRANGEMENT- CENTREPIECE for a dinner table - Jan Shaw



17)PHOTOGRAPHY - Linda Buck


18) SPACESHIP ( Under 11 ) - Sam Chant

19) CAR ( Over 11 ) - Natasha Chant

VICTOR LUDORUM CUP (Gardens ) - Anne Thompson

A Message from The S.G.V.S. - We would like to thank Sue Brown for organizing the Summer Show and all the many helpers who made the Show such a success. A job well done. We now look forward to the 2002 Show.

A Message from John and Rosemary Earnshaw ( Chapel Street ) who would like to offer their sincere and heartfelt thanks to all those who have shown them such kindness and given them so much help during their recent misfortunes.


This is just a reminder that the 100 Club tickets are due for renewal soon and that the collectors will be calling on you! The 100 Club provides a welcome source of income for the Village Hall and for only £10 a year your number is entered into a monthly draw which includes two bumper prize draws each year. This is an excellent way of supporting your Hall whilst having the excitement of the draw each month. For further details, or if you are not a member and would like to become one, please contact the Chairman of the Village Hall Trust, Alec Johnson on 897595 or the Secretary, Jo Warren on 897948. Thank you for your support.

Shipton Gorge 100 Club

£20 - No. 89 Steven Symes

£10 - No. 69 Colin Chambers



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Chilcombe Church


Harvest Thanksgiving Service will take place at 6.30 pm on Sunday 7th October. We shall be delighted to welcome anyone from the Valley and beyond who would like to join us for our celebration.

This will be the last service at Chilcombe before the Christmas Carol Service on Saturday 22nd December at 6.30 pm.

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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Julie Lewis

4 Green Barton, Swyre



Gilly Doar has now handed over to Julie Lewis as correspondent for Swyre; we thank the former for her hard work in the past and the latter for her willingness to take over this monthly task.

From the Registers

Holy Baptism 22nd July 2001 Phoebe Elizabeth Jocelyn Day

Beautiful Phoebe lives at Fernswell with her parents and two brothers. She has a good pair of lungs!

Pets Service

This year our annual Pets Blessing Service, in aid of the RSPCA is to be on Sunday 2nd September at 6.30pm in the evening. Please do bring your pets (ponies, ferrets, hounds, mice, whatever) and yourselves along for this short and delightfully informal occasion. Weather permitting it will be in the churchyard, but we may have to go into the church itself........

Songs of Praise

The Season has now ended, and our thanks are especially due to Paul Cheater, our brilliant organist, and to Becky Lewis who created and distributed some extra publicity.

Anthony Ashwell



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Village Correspondent: Mrs Dorothy Barlow

Collingbourne, Hoopers Lane, Puncknowle

Telephone: (01308) 897761

The Fete

It was far too hot on the day, and if people were going to come from the beach, they wouldn't have the energy to buy anything. Anyway it was not going to be a patch on the last Church Fete, when we had the Bishop's picture to raffle, and other one-offs which boosted the net takings to £4800 odd. And times move on, fetes are on the decline in the 21st Century, takings were bound to be down.

Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

July 28th was a record, net proceeds were £5200, to be split £1050 to the hall, £1100 to Swyre Church, and the balance to St Mary's Church. Brilliantly done everybody, and especially Ann Roberts. As long as there are no significant maintenance bills for the rest of this year, the Church might just break even.

Anthony Ashwell

A big thank you to all who helped to make our 2001 Fete a huge success. Whether you helped organise, served on a stall, donated produce to sell, washed up or just came along and spent your money. We raised over £5200 this year, which goes towards the necessary expenses for the churches and the hall for which we need nearly £7000 for repairs to the roof. Once again we thank you for your continued support and look forward to maintaining this event for the benefit of the villages of Puncknowle, Swyre and West Bexington. We especially thank those new, or not so new, arrivals who helped for the first time and look forward to new suggestions next year.

The Puncknowle and Swyre Church Fete Committee

The Berdoe Memorial Trust

The children and helpers from the Bromley-by-Bow Centre in the East End of London had a wonderful afternoon in Puncknowle. John Moore let them feed the sheep and later taught them how to cast a line, and to fillet mackerel, which they then cooked. They barbecued burgers, chicken, sausages and vegetable kebabs. Back at Freshwater that evening they were thrilled to catch 6 mackerel!

Ann Roberts


This will be held on Saturday September 8th. We will be visiting 3 churches again this year - with the children's sponsor forms from Ann Roberts, Burwell Cottage. Details on the Church notice board.

(See page 4 for further information)



Autumn Term starts on Thursday 6th September, for the Playgroup as well as for the School. With three of our mums, for the first time this year, having children at both. Hopefully we will be joined by three new children, Phillippa ..., Theo Jones and Josh Wilkinson, with a few more to follow in future months.

We are planning to hold a Lunch Club on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, following our regular sessions. The cost of this will be £2.00 per session and will run from 12.00 - 1.30. This year, instead of our inspection by the Social Services, Ofsted have taken over the role. After reading a book full of notes, it seems we need to follow even stricter rulings than before.

On 24th July we had our Presentation Day. This year we had a picnic in the Play Park, with a bouncy castle and face painting. The leavers were presented with wooden pencil boxes and the children each received a Leaver's Certificate. I hope everybody enjoyed themselves that day, having to make up for our rather wet day at the Sea Life Centre in July.

The Fun Night and Bar-b-Que at the Crown on the 28th went very well and there was lots of support from locals and visitors. I would like to say thank- you to all the parents who helped on the evening and especially to Dave Bird and Chris Talbot who, without help, managed to do all the cooking on the night. Also to Mick, Ann and Puncknowle Fund Raisers for helping us to raise much needed funds for the Playgroup.

Our AGM is at the Church Hall, Puncknowle, on the 13th September.

The Christmas Bingo is in November, date to follow.

Sue Talbot [ chair ] 01308 482 204

Puncknowle Art Group

Meetings resume this month at The Crown with a morning sketching inside or out. New members are always welcome.

Fridays 7th & 21st.

Christine Molony

Parish Council

The summer recess has seen much work in liaison with council officers who hope to improve road and drainage problems, as ever!!!!. We are at last promised improvements to the facilities at West Bexington beach, and there has been a summer audit of overstaying motor homes. We hope that the council will do more than just record those that abuse the facilities. Anna Lovell


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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents:

Mrs. Gaynor Jones, 10 Manor Farm Close Tel.482517

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close Tel.482384


Comings, goings and stayings

When Anna and I first moved to the village 4 years ago, a house-for-sale sign was a real rarity. Now things are very different, and it is difficult to keep track of movements. Here are a few, and please contribute more if you can.

Goodbye, Geoffrey and Rosemary Teychenne to Poundbury, and welcome Gareth, Pauline and Amelia Price in Paddocks.

Goodbye, Paul and Anne Barwick to Dorchester, and welcome Ian and Ruth Homer in Malters Cottages.

Goodbye soon, and subject to contracts, Reggie and Ann Edwards, and Mike and Sylvia Hewitt.

In all this there is one couple who really thought they were bound to move soon. They were wrong, and Litton Cheney keeps the Vicar and Anna for the forseeable future (which is 2 years!).

Anthony Ashwell


Litton Cheney Village Society has a series of four meetings planned for the coming season: October 16, November 20, February 19, and March 19. Subjects include Parliament (with Sir James Spicer), Consumer Affairs, Nature and the Countryside, and World Travel. Make a note for your diaries.

Litton Cheney Playing Field Association

The Skittle Sunday raised over £300 for the playing field Thank you to the White Horse Inn for their hospitality and the donations for the barbeque. 180 ducks floated down the river, the winning duck belonging to young new resident Louis Belasco, second duck was Marion Foot's from Swyre and the third duck was Gerry Collins from Long Bredy. Thank you to everyone for their help and support.

Barbeque and Fun Day

Following the success of last year's inaugural event to celebrate the completion of the football field, the Litton Cheney Playing Field Association invite you to the playing field from 10.00 am on Sunday 9th September. If you would like to take part in the fun six-a-side Football Tournament, please contact Paul Kingston 01308 482384 by Friday 7th September. Food, drink, duck races, fun, raffle, children's activities for all the family throughout the day.


Juliet Potter finished seventh in the European under-23 championships in Amsterdam.

We hope that Mr John Randall now makes good progress after his recent stay in hospital.

We hope that Coo and Ross Jones and family are now safely back at home after their recent fire. As the fire brigade were also called to Manor Farm Close it's perhaps a pertinent reminder to check smoke alarms, electrical and fire safety.

Welcome to Pauline, Gareth and one year old Amelia who have moved into Paddock House. Leanne Coggle has moved into White Cross Cottage. We wish them all happiness in their new homes.

The Litton Cheney Web Group meets at 8.00pm on the first Monday of each month at The White Horse. Villagers who have any interest in, or problems with, computers are invited to join this informal group: any ideas and suggestions are most welcome.


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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondent: Mrs Elinor Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269


The Village Fete

I'm sure I won't be the only person writing this month to thank everybody who supported the Fete in any way for their wonderful efforts and achievement. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful location at Kingston Russell House (our deepest gratitude to the Carter family), but where would we be without the people as well? Each of the local fetes has its particular "flavour", that of Long Bredy is soft, sweet, subtle, fragrant and long-lasting! Well done, everybody.

The Church Bells

As I write before the Wedding of the year, they are ringing again, and apparently very sweetly. We've had to spend quite a lot of money on them, but with regular maintenance and freedom from jackdaws, they should be good for a few years now.

Anthony Ashwell



A wonderful result for the Fête! It made the magnificent profit of £2,100.00, the best outcome ever. Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Carter for the use of Kingston Russell House, and all stallholders, entertainers, hauliers, sponsors, cooks, and everyone else who took part or who came. A great village effort.

Congratulations to Jerry and Karen of Long Bredy Farm on the birth of their daughter Blaize.

Welcome to Hugh and Mary Lantos, who have come to live at Lattice Cottage. We hope they will enjoy life in Longbredy.

The family of Barbara Wintle thanks everyone most sincerely for letters, cards and messages of condolence following her death on the 10th June. Barbara and Geoffrey lived at "The Old Garden" for fifteen very happy years from 1970. It is hoped to remember them both at the morning service at St. Peter's on Sunday 4th November, and afterwards to inter her ashes with his. They will rest in peace together again, in a place they both loved dearly.




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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy




The Festival of St Michael and All Angels, to whom our church is dedicated, is on 29th September, when of course the daisies are in full bloom. We are having a Festal Evensong to mark the only Evensong in the valley on that day.

It has been said that churchgoers like to try Services outside the valley on 5th Sundays, and this is one of the reasons why such Services can be feebly attended. Hmm. Why not on this occasion come to beautiful Littlebredy and make the Service truly united in praise and thanksgiving?

Anthony Ashwell



There are two families of newcomers to welcome to the village this month. First to arrive were David Beggs, with Sandie and young Peter, who are living at No. 1, Riverside Cottage. They have moved from near Wimborne Minster for David to become dairyman at Foxholes Farm, and we wish them well at work and play in Littlebredy.

Shortly afterwards, Chris and Anita Worsfold moved into Littlebride, from their previous home in Charmouth. They too have our best wishes for their time among us.

Chris and Judy Yates repeat their thanks to all for the tolerance and understanding shown when visitors' cars clogged up the village green on the Tuesdays in June and July when The Scented Garden was open to the public. Blessed with eight fine afternoons out of nine, there were record attendances this year, and our Church, their nominated charity, has accordingly benefited by a record amount. To Chris and Judy, for all their hard work, which was so richly justified by the appreciation of those who came to admire the results, and for their generosity to the Church, all thanks.

Also on the Charity front, it is hoped that next month's magazine will carry the results of Mike and Pat Cooper's garden party in aid of Cancercare Dorset, and of the Dorset Historic Churches Trust sponsored cycle ride.( See page 4 for further details of the cycle ride. )

Those who remember Lou and Peggy Sladen from their time at Stonehills Cottages will be sorry to hear that Peggy died in Dorchester at the end of June. Her ashes were scattered here, as were Lou's a few years ago, and a memorial tree will be planted by their family, to whom our sympathies are expressed. May she rest in peace.

Finally, this month contains five Sundays, the last of which is close to Michaelmas Day, which is our Church's Patronal Festival. St. Michael & All Angels will be hosting the combined valley service on Sunday 30th September, and this will take the form of a Festival Evensong at 6.30 p.m. All are especially welcome to come.


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Thought for the Month


Round the World on a Sofa

Roll up your flying carpet, turn off that box in the corner, sit comfortably on your sofa and meet the world.

Is this the latest virtual experience brought to us by Microsoft? No, this is real live person-to-person contact, good old-fashioned getting-to-know you, on a small but international scale.

Did you know that in universities and colleges across the UK there are many thousands of international students who would just love to meet some of the inhabitants of these islands and chat about the differences in our culture and lifestyles, as well as discover points of contact?

Rather than be tourists, they would prefer to see the country in the company of the people who live here. Rather than stay on campus, with colleagues who speak their own language, they would value the chance to spend a weekend practising English with the locals. Rather than spend Christmas alone in a deserted hall of residence, they would love to join in with the celebrations and find out what's going on.

Could you offer a weekend or Christmas invitation to your home, to one or two students, once or twice a year? You would be giving them an experience which would stand out in their memories of Britain, and which might change their perceptions of this country for ever. Your own life would be enriched by friendship with adults from all over the world, and you would be doing your bit for international relations, as well as responding to the call to be hospitable and to welcome strangers.

If your sofa is big enough for two (and you have a spare bed), you may like more information about volunteering under the HOST scheme. HOST is a well-established national charity, founded by the British Council and the Foreign Office.

Please call the HOST Regional Organiser Brian Sutherland on:-

01 297 553204 or email host

You can also visit HOST at


Have you seen this that has been doing the rounds of the local e-mails?

Eye halve a spelling chequer. It came with my pea sea.

It plainly marques four my revue miss steaks eye Cannes knot sea.

Aye strike a quay and type a word and weight for it to say

Weather eye am wrong oar write; it shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid, it nose bee fore two long

And eye can put the error rite. It's rare lea ever wrong.

Eye have run this threw it, I am shore yore pleased two no,

It's letter perfect awl the weigh, my chequer tolled me sew.

Thank you, Ken!

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Note from The Editor

Could I call upon contributors to the B.V.N. to submit all copy typed and unfolded ( this enables me to scan it without having to re-type). I am willing to type contributions with fewer than 50 words or so, but when confronted with pages of hand-written copy my one-fingered typing is not really up to it! Articles on disc ( Microsoft Works or Word, accompanied by a hard copy ) are even more welcome!

Next month ( i.e. for the October Edition ) I should be very grateful if any copy could be handed in as soon as it is ready and, if at all possible, before the usual deadline of the 12th. Anything received after that date may not be included till the following month.

Editors: John & Susan Paul Windy Gap Shipton Lane Burton Bradstock DT6 4NQ