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June 2001


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St Mary's Burton Bradstock FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Litton Cheney

Politics and religion don't mix, so people believe; certainly it is not the done thing to "bring up" either of them at a polite party, nor for that matter should one mention that 3-letter word ending in x. Oddly enough, some of the most fervent believers in the incompatibility of politics and religion are churchgoers who will be well aware of how Jesus Christ answered the loaded question on paying taxes. "Do your duty to both God and the state" was effectively his response, thus reminding us that the two exist side-by-side and we can't escape either! They co-exist, and rather than supporting them, Christians especially should work to integrate them: bringing God into politics, and yes, politics into religion. This last may sound controversial, but if people are to take their religion seriously, they will want everyone to know God's blessings, and this must best be achieved politically.

So we face local elections and (probably) a general election. How are we going to vote? - there's another loaded question, with an answer that most of us would regard as our business. Clergy are becoming freer to admit political sympathies, even to have political affiliations, but don't worry, I shall take my own advice, and keep my party politics to myself, for the time-being!

As it was with the Pharisees who tried to trap Jesus with their trick question, so it is with us: money and especially its loss to the taxman, comes very high in our priorities. Thus juicy financial incentives become the tools of the trade of the vote-seeking political parties. Like competing supermarket adverts, we can scour each manifesto to determine which tax offer most benefits us individually. At the same time we may understand that special offers can be paid for by increasing "efficiency", which normally amounts to decreasing public service, all of which is a wonderful excuse for us to carry out our favourite pastime: grumbling.

Jesus Christ taught his followers to love their neighbours as they love themselves, all as equal parts of God's creation. Even today in our mainly secular society, neighbourly support is something we are all encouraged to practise: "I may not go to church, Vicar, but I do love my neighbour".

Bearing this in mind, how might we vote?

Anthony Ashwell

Church Calender


June 2001

1 Justin, Martyr c.165. When finally ordered to sacrifice to the gods in Rome, Justin replied, "No right-minded man forsakes truth for falsehood." He was beheaded together with five other men and a woman.

3 Pentecost

Whit Sunday. Acts 2, v.1-21

4 Petroc. Abbot, 6thC. The large number of relevant ancient church dedications and place names in Devon & Cornwall, and traces in Wales, suggest that St. Petroc (Pedrog) was of outstanding importance among the British Celtic Saints.

5 Boniface of Crediton. Bishop & Martyr. 754 or 755.

6 Ina Kopuria, Founder of the Melanesian Brotherhood, 1958.

8 Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath & Wells, non-juror, hymn writer, 1711.

9 Columba, Abbot of Iona, Missionary, 597.

10 Trinity Sunday (Romans 8, v.12-17)

11 Barnabas the Apostle. Acts 11, v.19-30.

14 Day of Thanksgiving for the institution of Holy Communion (Corpus Christi). John 6, v.51-58. 15 Evelyn Underhill, Spiritual writer, 1941.

16 Richard of Chichester, Bishop.1253. Joseph Butler, Bishop of Durham, Philosopher, 1752.

17 First Sunday after Trinity.

18 Bernard Mizeki, Martyr.

19 Sundar Singh, Teacher, 1929.

22 Alban, First Martyr of Britain.c.250. 23 Ethelreda, Abbess of Ely, c.678.

24 Second Sunday after Trinity

Birth of John the Baptist. Luke 1, v.57-66, 80.

27 Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop & Teacher. 444.

28 Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, Teacher, c.200.

29 Peter & Paul, Apostles.

Acts 12, v.1-11; 2.Timothy 4, v.6-8, 17-18.

Rosemary Earnshaw



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Valley Notes


"Crumbs from a rich man's table?". The Vicar called in on a parishioner who was tidying out his loft prior to moving house. "There's a lot of junk here for the Church Fete" he said, "but I'll hold a garage sale with the better stuff, and the proceeds can go to..... (confidential)". The Vicar left with much on his mind, especially that old crumbs cannot easily be made into a fresh cake!

Anthony Ashwell

Open Day at Salisbury Cathedral Saturday 23rd June.

Explore behind the scenes and have a go at some of the jobs undertaken daily by staff and volunteers. Between 12.30 pm and 5.30 pm it will be 'open house' with lots of extra and unusual activities. You can visit the medieval Song Room and library, not normally open to the public, together with the roof spaces and tower. There will be plenty for students (young and old) as the Cathedral's Wren Hall educational team provide some real 'hands on' activities. Find out what it's really like to be a verger, stone mason, embroiderer, chorister etc - or even face the congregation with a sermon from the pulpit - as you try your hand at these jobs. During the afternoon there will be a barbecue and refreshment tent. The day ends with a lively service during which those who 'trained' with the choir that afternoon will be able to put their new found skills to the test.

John Atkinson

Mothers' Union

There will be an outing to Stapehill Abbey on Friday, 22nd June. Cars will leave Burton Bradstock and Puncknowle at 11.00am.


Spring Harvest 2002

Spring Harvest is a Christian gathering which is held at Butlins, Minehead each Easter holiday. The Butlins site is completely taken over by Christians of all denominations, and there is a programme of many different things to do for all ages. These include excellent seminars on various subjects such as marriage, life over 50, parenting (all age groups covered, including teenagers), singleness, single parenting, leadership, Bible studies - and many more! All of these are challenging and are designed to equip us for everyday life as Christians.

There are Rock bands, Folk bands, Theatre companies, Barn dances and many more fantastic entertainments to suit all tastes. In addition there are sports activities, a funfair, swimming pool, and excellent children & teenage groups with very gifted and enthusiastic leaders.

I am hoping to organise a group from the Bride Valley to go to Spring Harvest 2002. It is a great way to get to know other Christians in the area and it has something to offer for all ages and tastes. The dates I am hoping to book are 23 - 28 March 2002. If these dates are unavailable, the alternatives are 28 March - 2 April. Spring Harvest is so popular that it is booked to full capacity within a very short time of the booking lines being opened. It is therefore very important that I know numbers by Tuesday, 12th June at the latest.

If you would like to know more or would like to come along, please contact me on 01308 482501.

Helen Fox


Win a Holiday Abroad!

Fabulous prizes are on offer for the price of a raffle ticket, just 25p each or £1 per book of four tickets. First prize is a "One week holiday in the Spanish Mountains of Andalucia for four people". Second prize is "£250 towards a holiday of your choice". Raffle tickets are available from Burton Bradstock Post Office or from Lesley Dove at 7 Norburton, Burton Bradstock or from the West Dorset Mencap charity shop at 54 East Street, Bridport. Don't miss the chance to win a wonderful prize from the many on offer.

The draw takes place at the West Dorset Mencap Summer Fete to be held in Flood Lane, Bridport (next to Safeway) from 2pm on Sunday 24th June 2001. Please support our local charity that in turn supports all people with learning disabilities in our local area. Thank you.

Lesley Dove (Hon Secretary for West Dorset Mencap)

Help Required

On Sunday 24th June 2001 West Dorset Mencap will be holding their annual Summer Fete in the grounds of the Social and Education Centre, Flood Lane, Bridport (next to Safeway) from 2.00 pm. We urgently require some extra helping hands on the day. Could anyone spare a couple of hours to help with setting up, manning a stall or clearing up at the end? We would be most grateful. Please contact me on 01308 897695 if you would like to help in any way.

We are a local charity based at 54 East Street, Bridport where we have a successful charity shop, BITS, as well as our office and meeting room. Although affiliated to Royal Society Mencap in London, we raise and spend all of our funds locally, to support all people in our local area with a learning disability, their families and carers.

Lesley Dove

Hon Secretary West Dorset Mencap

Recital of Music - Advance Warning!

A return visit of the young Romanian pianist, Madalina Rusu, (here in 1999). Recital on 10th August in the W.I.Hall, Burton Bradstock at 7.30 p.m. More details later. Watch out for possible return of Ionut Ulita from last year - recital with a cellist in mid July - maybe!

Ann & Mike Read




If you enjoy the Burton Bradstock Music Festival, which this year will be held from August 9th - August 11th, do come along and support a fund raising concert on June 2nd at 7.30pm in the W.I Hall. It will be performed by David Juritz, Hubert Dawkes and Hilary Kenway. Tickets can be obtained from the Burton Bradstock Post Office or at the door on the night of the concert.


Bride Valley Scout Group

Following their recent meeting, the Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers presented a cheque to the Bride Valley Scout Group for £1,750. This follows a very successful "Race Night," held at Portesham Village Hall in aid of our "New Hut Appeal". On behalf of everyone in the Bride Valley Scout Group I would like to say a huge 'thank you' to the Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers for their support, and to everyone who attended on the night and had a great time!

Steve Dove BVSG Chairman

Tea in the Garden

Enjoy Tea in the garden of Burton Mill Cottage, at the end of Grove Road, Burton Bradstock (under cover if wet). This will be provided by the Bridport & District Bible Society Action Group on Saturday, 16th June, 3-5 p.m.

Admission: Adults £2.50, children 50p - in aid of the Bible Society.

Burton Bradstock School

Many thanks to those of you that sponsored Colin Haley on his London Marathon efforts. The school was overwhelmed with the support that you showed. The money raised is going to pay for a new computer server, an expensive box of tricks that basically provides as a central bank of computer programs that it dollops out to our classroom computers. This frees up the memory of these computers and the whole system becomes faster. The school is aiming to have 16 classroom based computers, so that all children have regular access to them, and this would simply not be possible without the server. So thanks, Colin, for all your efforts!

The school, along with all other Bridport schools is preparing for the return visit of the One World Band. The band is visiting each school for ½ a day for the first three days of the week beginning 4th June. The band will rehearse the songs that the schools have written, and they will be recorded and performed. The band is to visit our school on the afternoon of Wednesday 6th June and we will perform our songs to our parents, accompanied by the band at 2.30 that afternoon as part of our Good Work Assembly. Come and listen if you wish, but be warned - it'll be standing room only!

I have arranged for a special concert performance by the One World Band in the W.I. Hall on the evening of Wednesday 6th June, at which you are all welcomed. Tickets are on sale on the door on the night at £4 each, £3 for students under 16.

A choir made up of all local schools will then record all songs on the Thursday, and all songs will be performed at a special open-air concert on the Friday afternoon. Sadly, due to health and safety issues, this concert, at Bridport Leisure Centre, is only open to the schools; but I am considering a public concert in the autumn.

Billy Bragg has done a great job encouraging students from Colfox School to write songs, and they will be recorded and performed at a separate concert on the same evening with Billy and his band backing them. What a great experience for our children!

Our partner schools abroad are recording their songs, and these will be added to the CD that we create which will go on sale at Christmas, with all profits going to support education in our partner schools.

I'll give you an update on progress in July, but don't forget you can keep an eye on the project by clicking onto our website on:

Best Wishes

David Powell

100 Club Winners for April

£ 20 S. Sutton

£10 L. Pettit

£5 L. Wilson


Thorner's School, Litton Cheney

There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm being put into 'making music' with the World Music at Thorner's currently. You may wonder why? ...What relevance to our lives? ...At first it may appear to be just music but the initiative first thought up by David Powell, has grown with time. All of the children have had some experience of what music in other cultures means; listening to 'live' musicians, some are beginning to communicate, both electronic and 'normal' methods with pupils from schools in the different continents. One of the areas of learning for pupils and staff has been in the composing of songs. A variety of methods were used, taking well known tunes and rewriting words, as well as finding a rhythm to put with words. Each method has proved to be very effective, so much so that we, as a staff, opted out of choosing the two songs which are going forward to represent our school in the cluster ... the children voted for their favourite so they have real ownership of the items and we have been practising these songs along with all the other songs, it made light relief from the strict regime of taking SATS for the year 6 pupils. Now we are looking towards Friday, when we, along with all the other schools, will be performing together with the 'professional band' who originally came to each of the schools. This has been an enormous project for the schools but most of the ground work has been taken on by a few characters, mainly David, who has been our inspiration, taking us into areas which were unchartered. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of this project; both pupils and staff have increased their knowledge and broadened their experience. It has made me reflect on why I am here as a teacher. I would like to think that any experience the children in my care have, could lead to something more, and benefit others in their community ( however small or large ). Children do not have to restrict themselves to the lessons within the National Curriculum. There are some lessons which cannot be taught ... how to work together as a team, to give and take, to listen to others and take suggestions without putting themselves first all the time. All are valuable lessons for life and hopefully through the World Music project they will have experienced these first hand and will take it into their daily lives.

100 Club Winners

Mrs Underhill £15

Mrs Wakely £10

Alison Johnstone Headteacher.

Bring & Buy Sale

The 1st Bride Valley Brownies are holding a Bring & Buy Sale on Wednesday 4th July 6.30 p.m. - 8.00 p.m. at the Church Hall, Litton Cheney. The money raised will be donated to the charity "Hope HIV" which supports Aids Orphans in Africa. Please come along and support the girls in their fundraising effort. All donations towards the sale will be gratefully received. If you need anything collected, call 482501.



Dorset Branch

The National Society was formed in 1982 for the benefit of garden owners who want to keep alive the tradition of gardening in cottage style and to encourage an interest in old - fashioned flowers of merit. It has a world-wide membership of 7000.

The Dorset Group ( currently 80 members) is now 5 years old and will be celebrating by holding an OPEN DAY on SATURDAY JUNE 30th at WELCOME THATCH, WITCHAMPTON,(near Wimborne) from 12 - 5 p.m.

The Cottage Garden Society aims to be a friendly and informal Society, bringing together amateurs and experts who share an enthusiasm for this type of gardening. Members receive four excellent informative magazines

per year and free seed via a wonderful seed exchange. At a local level, there are two speaker meetings a year and garden visits.

The Open Day will give Dorset folk the chance to relax, and explore the gardens of Welcome Thatch (described by Gardening Which as 'a cottage garden for the 21stCentury'), and meet members of the local group. Admission will be only 50p(free to members)

Refreshments will be available, or visitors may like to bring a picnic.

Diana Guy 01258 840894

Dorset Group Organiser


The next meeting is a barbeque on June 13th at 7.30pm at the home of Mrs Jenny Prentice, Steddings, Chalk Pit Lane, Litton Cheney. New members are always welcome.


Abbotsbury Art Weeks & Music Festival

Offices: 9a (Music) or 16 (Arts) West Street, Abbotsbury DT3 4JT

26th May - 10th June


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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125

Mid Week Worship - Holy Communion Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory

Choir Practices Fridays at 6.00 p.m.


Gift Sunday 17th June The Berdoe Memorial Trust.

The next Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held on Friday 8th June at 11.00 am.

The next Healing Services at St Mary's will be held on Mondays 18th June and 16th July at 7 pm.

The Parochial Church Council meets on Monday 25th June at 7 pm in church.


Funeral 20th April E. Rose Adams

Thanksgiving 30th April for the life of Johannes M. G. D. van Slingelandt


Whit Sunday

The Holy Spirit is the very life of God, revealed in Jesus Christ, and newly regenerated in all believers. Before all else it is LIFE, which, if we possess it not, we are dead, even though we live! There will be a special Service for Pentecost on Sunday, 3rd June at 9. 30 a.m. Please come and celebrate this important festival.

Mike Read


Trudy Hodgson would like to thank all those kind friends who visited her during her recent stay in hospital. When 'unstable' is the doctor's word it is very reassuring to have a recognisable friendly face bending over one to smile and help collect scattered wits. Thank you also those who telephoned so that I could have a friendly chat to keep me in touch with events.

Parish Council

There will be a Parish Council Meeting in the Reading Room at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 6th June.

Burton Bradstock Gardens Open Day

On Sunday June 24th at least 8 village gardens will be open from 2-6 p.m. in aid of Dorset CancerCare and the British Heart Foundation. Admission - £2.50 adults, 50p children.

There will be parking, teas, plants and tickets at Manor Farm, plus music, courtesy of Burton Bradstock School - weather permitting. At 40 Grove Road there will be bric-a-brac and St. Mary's handbell ringers, and you will find more plants at Little Orchard. Offers of plants/garden paraphenalia for sale will be gratefully received.

Veda Bull & Heather Thomson

Village Computer Launch Evening

The Open Evening for villagers at the Committee/Reading Room on Wednesday, 9th. May, 2001 was well attended. About 60 people came to celebrate the launch of the new computer and many took the opportunity to try out 'surfing the net' and sampling the contents of the village web site. Norman Thompson, Chairman of the Parish Council, and Tim Linford, Chairman of the Village Web Site Committee, both said a few words to open formally the facility.

There were a few who had come some way especially for the event, including one gentleman who was an evacuee here in the war. He left the village some 40 years ago, but obviously likes to keep in touch! He also had some wonderful old photos that we hope to borrow for our 'book'.

The "Millennium Book" has recently been extended and the site is now a true multimedia facility with video and sound clips. The History Section, though we say it ourselves, is now pretty impressive as its contents now cover a wide range of subjects including Chris Wilkinson's collection of over 250 old photographs with related historical data. There are articles on shipwrecks off the coast and local floods, photos of the village football teams (The Canaries) over the years, history of the church, farming, rope & net making, fishing and an account of the Roberts' Trail. Georgie Northover's contribution includes a collection of old photographs, documents, and a copy of the full dictionary of the Old Burton Language created by Douglas Northover some years ago. We think the 'book' is becoming something really quite special.

And, would you believe, material is still coming in. While many photos and documents have been received from locals, others in distant places who have heard of the quest for further information on Burton's history, have also come up trumps (from as far away as Australia!).

The PC is now installed upstairs in the Reading Room and can be booked for half hour sessions on selected days by villagers, using the booking diary held at the Post Office - (see separate note). And don't forget, using the PC either stand alone or on the Internet is FREE! The only charge (10p per sheet) is for any printed pages you have - just to cover the cost.

Village web address:-

Ken Pett


Change to booking arrangements of village computer.

Due to an error on my part, the item in last month's BVN omitted the fact that bookings are NOT possible on the FIRST Wednesday or Thursday of the month. However, depending upon demand, we presently plan to be open for HALF HOUR sessions on the other Wednesday afternoons (2:30 to 4:30) and Thursday evenings (7:00 to 9:00) throughout the year.

The only other exclusion is the month of August when no sessions are planned.

In order for individuals to have the opportunity to have the PC to themselves, it is important to book a half hour slot for yourself in advance.

Booking is very simple, just go along to the Post Office and write your name in for one of the half hour slots on the above days/times in the diary held there for that purpose. A committee member will note who has booked in, and will open the Reading Room for you and also be there to help set up/use the computer. If you find you are unable to attend on the booked time/day, please do make sure the booking is removed from the diary in the Post Office so that others can make use of the facility.

Apart from wishing Jonathan and his son a speedy recovery, we would like to thank him both for the donation of the diary, and for allowing us to use the Post Office for the bookings.

Happy surfing!

Ken Pett


The President, Joan Dady, welcomed 40 members to the May meeting, which was our annual Resolutions. Two subjects were discussed: firstly a Schools Nursing Service, to be updated, with a nurse in attendance in each school, therefore being able to pin-point any problems that occur. The members voted for the Resolution. The second concerned Abuse of the Elderly in Nursing Homes. After much discussion it was decided that the expense would outweigh the cost. We also felt that it would be of no benefit, as no matter how much training there was, there would still be some abuse as the carers are put under so much stress. The members' decisions will he taken to the annual conference in Cardiff.

After the Coffee break the members enjoyed a Beetle Drive. In fact it was a very pleasant evening.

Flowers for the Table were arranged by Mary Bailey.

Flower of the month was won by Joan Allan with a beautiful White Clematis.

100 Club Winners 1st Jean Craddock 2nd Jeanne Hill

3rd Margaret Oldridge 4th Marg Banks

28th May Spring Bank Holiday Monday will be the day of our annual Fair which will be opened by our well known local resident, Billy Bragg.

Margaret Frost

Garden Party in the Rectory Garden

This will be on Thursday 5th July at 2.00 p.m. and all proceeds will go to the Bridport Branch of the Alzheimer's Disease Society. There will be various stalls, and cream teas in the W.I.Hall.

Lavender Trust Breast Cancer Care

I would like to say 'thank you' to all our friends who supported the Coffee Morning held on April 21st. We were able to send the Lavender Trust a cheque for £428.

Mary Rawle

Burton Bradstock Guided Walk

Elizabeth Gale will be taking a Guided Walk lasting approximately one and a half hours on Thursday June 21st. It will start at 2 pm at the Playing Fields, with emphasis on Village Industries (long gone) and the Properties. £2 per head, to include a light tea. All proceeds to go to the work of the Royal British Legion.

The Women's Section of the Bride Valley Branch of the Royal British Legion wish to thank residents and visitors for their support at the Easter Sale and for the contributions of items for sale. The event was very successful, raising £445.

Berdoe Memorial Trust

Coffee Morning - Thursday 21st June

10.30 a.m. - 12 noon

The Rectory, Burton Bradstock.

Bring & Buy - Cake Stall - Raffle.

For those of you new to the village this is our very own Registered Charity, formed in 1990 in memory of Joy and Bertie Berdoe and in recognition of their caring and spiritual work in the Bride Valley. The Trust provides much needed holidays at Freshwater Holiday Park for deprived children from our cities.

This year we are giving a week's holiday at the time of our Church Fete at the beginning of August to a group of children and their carers from the Bromley by Bow Centre in London's East End.

The Trust relies totally on your generosity; so do come along and enjoy a summer morning at the Rectory. You never know - if the weather's fine, we could be in the garden!

John Ivall, Secretary

London Marathon - Thank You

Thank you for all the support you gave me during my preparations for and the final running of the London Marathon. I completed the course in 3 hours 43 minutes and enjoyed all bar the last 2 miles of the 26 run! The response from everyone was excellent and the final total raised was £1463 which has now been presented to David Powell. Once again thank you all very much.

Colin Haley

Congratulations from us all, Colin, for a magnificent total and amazingly fast time.

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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White


3 Gullivers Orchard Shipton Gorge




Baptism 5th May Joby A. Symes

The Parochial Church Council meets on Wednesday 6th June at 7.30 pm at Bonscombe Farm.

St. Martin's Church

We had a Christening on May 5th. Joby Anthony Symes was baptised by the Rector, and Joby was extremely good throughout the half hour service.

Village Society

9th June Pot Plant Sale

4th August Flower & Veg. Show

18thAugust Street Fair


Shipton Gorge Village Society - Annual General Meeting

The AGM, held on 9th May, was well attended. At the meeting the Treasurer resigned for personal reasons. Therefore the Society now requires a Treasurer able to give a detailed account at the end of the year. For further details please contact the Chairman Peter Bowditch on 897364.


The Society is hoping to organise a Flower and Vegetable Show on the 4th August in the Village Hall and area surrounding. A co-ordinator to oversee this event is urgently needed, and also a team of four. Please help this popular event. Peter Bowditch ( 897364 )




St. Martin's Summer Fair

Saturday, 21st July at 2.00 p.m.

Please bear this date in mind. All the usual stalls - all goods for them and all offers of help would be much appreciated.

Please contact the Churchwardens, Molly Roast or Colin Green, or any member of the PCC.


Plant Swap Coffee Morning

Shipton Gorge Village Society invites you to take 'pot luck' at a coffee morning on Saturday, 9th June, 10.30 a.m. to 12 noon. Just bring along a well-rooted pot plant (indoor or outdoor) which will be numbered and entered in a draw around 11.30 a.m. Everyone will pick a number from the drum and become the new owner of the correspondingly numbered plant. Why not come along with a plant, enjoy a coffee and a chat and leave with a different plant? You could of course draw your own plant! Coffee and biscuits will be 20p.

Geoff Shepherd ( 01308 897490 )


Spring Plant Sale

A big 'thank you' to all who helped to make the Plant Sale such an enjoyable and successful event. We were very grateful to those who contributed such a variety of good quality plants, and everyone who helped in different ways on the day. We were fortunate in having a rare sunny morning, and it was good to see so many people there, especially from surrounding villages. A total of £400 was raised for the Bride Valley News.

Vic & Jean Canterbury




A huge thank-you from us, too... to the Canterburys for all their hard work in arranging the Sale and to all those who gave their support. We are so grateful to all those individuals and Valley societies who give financial support to the B.V.N., of which every page costs in the region of £15 to print.

J.H.P. & S.P.


Shipton Gorge Parish Council

Clerk to the Parish Council Required

The job consists of :- ( i ) attending and taking the minutes of six Parish meetings and the annual meeting

( ii ) dealing with the correspondence and accounts.

Remuneration not less than £450 per annum.

Use of wordprocessor /computer is essential.

This is an opportunity to become involved in your local community and is an interesting and rewarding post. If you are interested, or know of someone who might be, please contact:-

Robert Langran, Church View, Shipton Gorge, DT6 4NA Tel. 897207


Shipton Gorge Hall 100 Club

Winners for the May Draw:-

£20 No.35 Brian & Heather Puttock

£10 No.31 George Bradbury




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Chilcombe Church




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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Gilly Doar

Paddock Lodge Swyre



From the Registers

Joan Elisabeth Yeates died on Easter Eve aged 49, and was buried on 21st April in Holy Trinity churchyard. Well over 100 people came to Joan's Funeral (some had to stand outside) and in the address we heard much about her life of loving service to family, friends, community and school. We send our sincerest condolences to Peter, Martin, Nigel and Avril, and their wider family.

Anthony Ashwell


Residents of Swyre said their sad goodbye to Joan Yeates on 21st April. Joan would have been amazed to see the crowd of neighbours and friends who joined her family for the moving service.

To those of us privileged to know her, Joan was a quiet steady friend with a dry sense of humour. She was very brave throughout her illness and did not lose interest in life around her.

Avril's reading at the service moved many of us to tears.

Our thoughts and best wishes now go to Peter and his three children Martin, Nigel and Avril.

A Message from the Yeates

Peter, Martin, Nigel, Avril and all the family would like to take this opportunity to thank all the friends and neighbours who supported Joan during her illness. Thanks also to all who attended the service and for the many messages of sympathy that we have received.

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Village Correspondent: Mrs Dorothy Barlow

Collingbourne, Hoopers Lane, Puncknowle

Telephone: (01308) 897761



We welcome Andrew and Sandy Marshall who have come to live in Swyre Road, and Andrew and Jo Moore, Vicky and Clare who have come to Napier Close. It is good to have you with us

Puncknowle & Swyre Fete Saturday July 28th

Plans for the fete are progressing with the usual stalls. Please turn out any unwanted gifts, books,toys, bric-a-brac or white elephants.

A list of stall holders will be in the July B.V.N. Offers of help or new ideas welcome Please contact Ann Roberts, Tel. 897716.


Puncknowle Art Group

Dates for June are:-

Friday 8th Paper making at Sally's

Friday 22nd Possibly at The Crown

The Charity we have chosen to support this year, through our exhibition, is Dorset CancerCare.

Christine Molony

The Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers

A Big Thank-you to you all for a most successful start to 2001. In February we held a Race Night at Portesham Village Hall which raised £1750 for the Scout Hut Appeal, which takes our grand total of donations to over £21,000 (A list of all donations and beneficiaries can be found at the Crown).

We have already been organising some events for the coming summer. If you would like to help out at any of these occasions, we would love to hear from you, or maybe you have some fundraising ideas or a good cause that you feel we may be able to help, in any case just give me a call on 01308 897711.

Dates For Your Diary


Sunday 3rd Brunch from 10.30am (with a possible Treasure Hunt around Puncknowle depending on the Foot & Mouth situation). The Wessex military band from 1.00pm


Sunday 8th Brunch from 10.30am and The Wessex Military band from Noon

Saturday 28th Bride Valley Fledglings Fun Night & BBQ with Music from All Shook Up, from 7.30pm


Sunday 12th Brunch from 10.30am and The Wessex Military Band from Noon

Saturday 25th BBQ, Music (TBA) and Stalls from 7.30pm

Sunday 26th Brunch from 10.30am and Music (TBA) from Noon


8th - 16th Big Band Week

Many events taking place in Bridport, Portesham and Puncknowle over the week.

Watch this space for details as soon as we have them.

Please note only the events taking place at the Crown during this week will benefit the Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers.

All proceeds from these events go to local organisations & charities or national charities directly affecting local people. Thank you for your continued support.

Emma Foster (Treasurer)


Our Sponsored Trike Ride will be taking place on the 28th June at The Crown, Puncknowle. We now have a sign to put outside the church hall when the playgroup is running.

The new session started on the 2nd May, and I must agree that all the children really enjoyed themselves and seemed to cope very well with changing their clothes and with their lunch.

We have also had a couple of visits this month; one from the community dentist and one from Jason Larcombe's dad, who brought in some chicks and ducklings- thank you.

The Summer Quiz went on sale on the 21st May and you can get a copy from The Crown, Puncknowle, The White Horse, Litton Cheney, The Blue Anchor Cafe, West Bexington; I am trying to find some more places to sell them. This year the First Prize of £20.00 will be kindly donated by Harmony Music of Dorchester. Thank you.

Finally we all welcome Madeline Adams from Litton Cheney, who started with the playgroup this term.

Sue Talbot ( Chair )

Puncknowle Home Watch

After a prolonged crime-free period I regret to report that there have recently been two break-ins and burglaries, one of which was carried out in the daytime when the householders were out. This alerts us all to re-consider the security features on our own homes. Are they adequate to foil an attempt to break in? The police are always willing to call and give advice. Phone Beaminster Police Station: 01308-862222. In addition we can all help by keeping an eye open in our immediate locality, and if you see anything suspicious, phone the police and advise your local home watch representative.

On a personal note, after a spell of over six years I am retiring as the co-ordinator for home watch, with effect from 30 June 2001. We are therefore seeking a volunteer to fill this vacancy. When that good person comes forward I can register the change with the Police Home Watch Manager. Please contact me at the address/telephone number below. With thanks to you all, especially the home watch representatives, for your past co-operation.

Tony Adamson (co-ordinator)

7 Springfield




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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents:

Mrs. Gaynor Jones, 10 Manor Farm Close Tel.482517

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close Tel.482384



Volunteers to join the rota to unlock the Church and wind the clock. This is not a very onerous task involving not more than a couple of minutes or so each day around 9 a.m. for one week in five (less if there's a rush of volunteers!) There is a separate rota for locking the Church around sunset for volunteers who would rather take their exercise in the evening.

For people wanting some more serious exercise why not join the churchyard mowing rota. The task is easier this year as part of the yard is being left unmown.

Please contact Freddie Spicer on 482617 for any or all of these equal opportunity and health promoting jobs!

Litton Cheney Social Committee are pleased to say that the Easter Duck Race and Children's Easter Egg Hunt were very well supported. It was a fine day, the Ducks were launched and much fun was had by all. The first duck home belonged to Mr Moore, closely followed by Mr E Kingston's duck.

The Social Committee have contributed £773 to the purchase of 16 tables for the use of the village. A donation of £110 was made to the Bride Valley Scout Group for the provision of a new Scout hut recognising that several young people from Litton Cheney attend Scouts, Cubs or Beavers. The Social Committee is able to consider relevant requests for monies and any request should be made in writing to the Chairman.

Advance notice of events, for your diary:

A Wine Tasting on Friday 20th July at The Cottage, Litton Cheney

The Harvest Supper on Saturday 20th October

The Litton Cheney Website continues to develop and besides being able to view panoramic views from the triangle and within the church, features the following pages:

Children - for information about Thorners and their own chat page

Constitution -

Diary - a monthly calendar so you know what's happening in Litton Cheney

Directory - providing information on local services

Health - where the doctor is and how you can get there!


News - issues affecting the village, oil rigs, foot and mouth, church conversion Playing Field - what's happening!

Talk page - if you wish to have your say on issues you can post a message

Village Walk - - you can be guided around the sites of Litton Cheney without leaving the computer and it provides information about the village.

The Webgroup meet on the first Monday of every month at The White Horse.

Many of the pages are frequently updated and new pages are being planned. Organisations can forward dates for forthcoming events to



Caroline Smart had two fourth places in the British National Championships in Manchester. She has also recently won the Southern Counties 100m and 200m butterfly titles and will be attending a National Butterfly training camp in Manchester.

Jane and Juliet Potter helped their club to first place in the women's National 6-stage road relay.

We welcome the new residents to 8 Manor Farm Close, Paul, Karin, Georgina and Madeline.

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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondents: Mr & Mrs Patrick Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269


June 2nd is a very special day for Maurice and Evelyn Toogood, who celebrate their Golden Wedding. Our very best wishes and congratulations to you both.

It is very good to see Ted Jennings walking in the village again, and we hope his progress continues.

The Village Fete on the 14th July is well into the planning stage. Please start looking for toys, games, bottles, etc., for the stalls, and turn out the attics for the "almost antiques". Nearer the date, lots of scones, home made cakes, biscuits and produce for the teas, cake stall and produce stall will be needed - please volunteer to the appropriate organiser(s), who are:-

Bottle Tombola Peter Palm

Book Stall Juniper Greener

Almost Antiques Robert & Jill Maltby

Plants Harriet Sykes

Raffle Rosemary Pitcher & Margaret Elliott

Produce Helen Fox

Cakes Diane ffoulkes

Children's Stall David & Jane Peretz

Teas Janet Cuff

Any offers of further help will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Elinor Frost on 01308 482269.


The village Fete will be held on Saturday 14th July, in the gardens of Kingston Russell House. Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Carter for letting us use their lovely grounds again this year.




President Elinor Frost welcomed members and presented birthday posies to Jenny Cox, Jackie Cain and Rosemary Teychenne.

The Spring Group Meeting held at Long Bredy in April was reported a great success and a cheese and wine evening incorporating antiques valuations at Burton Bradstock in September was announced. The £5 ticket fee will go to charity.

There will be a County trip to the Globe Theatre for a performance of Macbeth on 20th June.

Four members attended the Spring Council Meeting at Weymouth and reported an enjoyable day which included talks on Portland Young Offenders Institution and Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.

The speaker was Professor Duncan Harris of Dorset Wildlife Trust which was formed in 1961 to conserve and protect Dorset wildlife. He showed stunning slides of wildflower meadows, landscapes, mammals, birds and butterflies. There were many instances of the valuable work of the Trust in keeping the countryside for the enjoyment of all.

The flower competition was won by Phyllis White.

The next meeting will be the outing on June 5th. B.Champkins


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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy

Baptism 6th May Lewis G. Wilkinson


Following up two brief items in recent magazines, both connected with Lent and Easter charities, it is good to report that the generosity of those who attended Tessa Jackson's Lent frugal lunch contributed £100 to International Research into Spinal Injuries, and that the Church collection on Easter Day was just over £120.00. Following our customary practice of trying to be a "giving church", this was as usual donated to charity - this time to the fund jointly organised by the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution and the National Agricultural Centre's "Addington" Charity, both working for relief of hardship in the farming industry at this devastating time for some.

As well as the usual services, May's church events encapsulated the beginning and the end of the Christian life. Sunday 6th May saw the Christening of Lewis Wilkinson, attended by a big congregation of relations, neighbours, friends and wellwishers. He was certainly given a warm welcome into the Christian family, and we wish him, his brother Joshua and their parents Glenn and Mandy well.

At the other end of the month, May 31st saw the burial here of the ashes of Susan Williams, in the grave of her late husband Mark. Mark was Farm Manager and Agent here in the 1940's and 1950's, whilst his father was an elderly man, and his tombstone rightly describes him as "a man much loved". After his death in 1969, by which time the family had moved to Frampton, Susan lived in Rodden then Portesham, where she died in the spring. Now she returns to be with Mark again in the village where their family mainly grew up, and sympathy and best wishes are extended to them all.

Although many current residents will have moved to the village since Elizabeth Lady Williams, Sir Philip's widowed mother, moved away in 1985, there will be some who remember her, and will join in wishing her a happy 80th birthday, which was celebrated with a party at Bridehead for some of her older friends at the end of April. Among the guests was Mr. Pat Sutcliffe, the Land Agent here for many years before his assistant Robin Barbour succeeded him, and the Sutcliffes sent their greetings to all who remember him from those days.

Finally, Chris Yates has asked for no publicity for his further triumphs (and the successful retention of his previous trophy) in the National Daffodil Competitions held recently in Birmingham, so this item confines itself to a reminder that The Scented Garden is open to the public (in aid of the National Gardens Scheme and Littlebredy Church funds) on Tuesdays this month, from 2.30 - 8.00 p.m., namely on the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th June.



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Thought for the Month



The Pilsdon Community near Bridport seeks to provide an environment where people can rebuild their lives after experiencing a crisis, whether sudden or progressive. The Community also welcomes people who wish to find a time to reflect on their lives before making a change in direction, or just want time out to live as part of a Community. It is not necessary to have a specific reason or illness to come to Pilsdon. There are at present 6 Community Members and their families, who take responsibility for running the Community. But everyone who stays at Pilsdon, long term guest, short term visitor, wayfarer, volunteer or community member participates fully in the life of the Community. Some may find the Christian foundation of the Community, with its regular daily worship, an assistance, though there is no religious condition for guests. People of all races, cultures and faiths are welcome.

The Pilsdon Community is preparing to open a new Community House in Dorchester. The house will accommodate up to 10 residents together with a resident warden. The house will serve as 'move-on' accommodation for people who have lived at the Pilsdon Community (or Hilfield Friary) and know what is involved in living in a Community. Everybody will contribute to the running of the house with domestic chores, cooking, gardening and the general upkeep of the house. The daily and weekly routine will enable the residents to eat regularly together and be mutually supportive. Everyone will be expected to respect the 'dry' character (no alcohol) of the house. Anyone who has visited Pilsdon will know that there is an extended family atmosphere about the place. It is intended that this should extend to the Dorchester house. Residents will continue to live in a community context, but will be able to seek work (paid and voluntary), training or education in the local area.

This important development for the Pilsdon Community has been made possible with financial support from West Dorset District Council and with the assistance of Bournemouth Churches Housing Association. The Trustees and Community Members of Pilsdon are very grateful to all those who have made this development possible.

The Pilsdon Community is a registered charity and relies on the support of its many neighbours and friends. Any offers of help in any shape or form, particularly with the new Dorchester House in mind, will be received gratefully by the Warden, The Revd. Peter Barnett, who writes:

"Many people today experience loneliness, isolation and exclusion from many aspects of life. This experience can happen at any point in our lives, very often through no fault of our own. The Pilsdon Community provides an alternative way of life that can bring self-worth, dignity and purpose to people's lives. The 'move-on' house in Dorchester will extend this provision and also enable people to have the benefits of Community Life and, at the same time, contribute to the wider community. We look forward to working with the people of Dorchester."

Further information from The Warden The Revd. Peter Barnett

Pilsdon Manor Pilsdon Bridport DT6 5NZ

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Editors: John & Susan Paul Windy Gap Shipton Lane Burton Bradstock DT6 4NQ