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St Mary's Burton Bradstock FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Litton Cheney

With the rest of the civilised world, we are horrified by September's terrorist attacks on key buildings in the United States, and now by what appears to be the deliberate spread of anthrax among human beings. People of the Bride Valley have responded in every way they know to show their stance with all those injured or bereaved.

As the search for culprits continues, we do well to pause, think and pray.

· think of Islam, the faith of the Muslim. It is one of the world's three great religions whose adherents believe in one God, the same God held holy by Christians and Jews. It believes in prophets sent by God to preach the oneness of God, ranking several of those prophets above others, among them revering especially Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ, as well as Mohammed.

· think of fundamentalism, that strict maintenance of traditional orthodox belief. There are fundamentalist Christians and Jews as well as Muslims. They see things in black and white and are unyielding in their views. Thank God the large majority of Christians, Jews and Muslims are not fundamentalist.

· think of some of the practices of Islam which Christians can admire - praying five times a day, fasting and almsgiving - even if Islam does hold that Christians are wrong to ascribe divinity to Jesus, and therefore equality with God.

· think of the plight of the ordinary Afghan citizen - ten years of Russian troops on their soil, drought and famine, the devastation of cities, towns, villages and countryside, and now more bombs. But for a simple accident of birth, that might be our homeland.

· think of the past record of Christianity - much good, but much pursuit of land and people, slavery and domination. The United States is the wealthiest nation on earth, the western world has had it so good for so long; has its Christianity had a genuine compassion for poorer nations - is this the reasoning behind devastating terrorist attack?

· think of Jesus' words from the Sermon on the Mount: 'Do not resist an evildoer'; 'Love your enemies'. How does President Bush on behalf of the people he serves, how do Christians, do that in evil circumstances of great extent and intensity? Or is it fundamentalist to think Jesus' words are still relevant in the 21st century?

· and pray, pray and pray again for the softening of the hearts of evildoers, and for the arrogant and careless, as well as for people of goodwill everywhere; that God's will may be done and people all over the world live in the peace, justice and joy of his kingdom of love.

John Atkinson.

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Valley Notes


The Bride Valley Team Council next meets on Thursday 8th November 2001 at 7.30 pm in Puncknowle Church Hall.

The Valley Remembrance Day Service, at which members of The Bride Valley Branch of The Royal British Legion will be present, takes place this year on Sunday 11th November at St Mary's Burton Bradstock at 10.45 am.


I would like to start these up after Christmas with a view to Confirmation sometime in the second half of 2002.

There are several ways in which Confirmation can be understood, but one is 'the confirmation for yourself of the vows made either by you or on your behalf by your parents and godparents at your Baptism'. Confirmation is not just a gateway to Holy Communion, it marks a fuller understanding of the Christian faith, and a greater involvement in the Church family.

If you do wish to know more about Christianity and wish to acknowledge your membership of the Church as a result of your Baptism, then Confirmation could be for you.

Names to me, please, and it would be lovely to have a mixed-age group. Ideally you should be at least 11, but adults of any age are particularly welcome.

Anthony Ashwell (482302)

The Bride Valley (Wednesday) Bible Study Group

Just a reminder of November's dates and venues:

Session 4 (Job) The wisdom of youth? Elihu (Chapters 32 to 37)

7th November 7 Norburton, Burton Bradstock

14th November The Old Rectory, Litton Cheney

Session 5 (Job) Revelation, Repentance and Restoration (Ch.38 to 42)

21st November 16 Hive Close, Burton Bradstock

28th November 11 Barges Close, Litton Cheney

Session begin at 7.30pm and lasts for about 2 hours.

Anthony Ashwell


The Bride Valley (Thursday) Bible Study Group

We meet every Thursday at 7.30pm during school term time for coffee, chat, Bible study and lively discussion! This term we continue with our study of The Revelation to John.

All are welcome to join us. For further information and details of venues, please telephone either Paul ... (...) or Sally Jevons (897068).


The Bible Society Annual Lectures

Professor Sir Ghillean Prance, F.R.S. ( former Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew and Scientific Director of the Eden Project ) has taken the title "Creation under Threat" for his lectures on Thursdays, lst, 8th and 15th November at 7.30 p.m., in the United Church, East Street, Bridport, jointly sponsored by the Bridport and District Bible Society Action Group and Bridport Churches Together.

All most welcome

Mothers' Union

This month's meeting will be held on Thursday 22nd November at St.Catherine's Cross, Shipton Gorge. Mrs.Sandy Marshall will speak to us on her work with the Restricted Growth Association.

The Bride Valley Team Council next meets on Thursday 8th November 2001 at 7.30 pm in Puncknowle Church Hall.

Christmas Coffee Morning with Entertainment

On Thursday 29th November 2001 between 10am and 12 noon in the W.I. Hall, Burton Bradstock, there will be a coffee morning, with all profits to West Dorset Mencap. The Mountjoy Handbell Ringers will entertain at 10.30am. Refreshments will be on sale. There will also be cakes, scones and biscuits to buy, as well as Christmas cards, bric-a-brac and a raffle. Free entry. All welcome. Please do come along to support our local charity. Lesley Dove (Secretary West Dorset Mencap)


The Bride Valley News is the best medium for me to say 'thank you and goodbye' to all my customers throughout the Bride Valley. I'm sorry for the delay in writing this, and apologise also for the consternation and inconvenience caused after the sale of Burton Post Office fell through at the end of September. As I write this, the Post Office will remain open until a new subpostmaster can take over.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Post Office throughout my 22 happy years there. I've appreciated especially the concern and sympathy shown by so many people over the last few difficult months. Thanks to Thelma and Liz for their years working with me behind the P.O. counter. And thanks to all who attended my farewell party, contributed to my marvellous leaving gifts and wished me well in my new job.

And from Liz Neal: Thank you for my lovely Cape Jasmine pot plant, your support, patience and kindness. Best wishes to you all.



Coffee Morning in the W.I. Hall from 10am to 12 noon. Cakes, Stalls, Raffle. ADMISSION 40p to include coffee/tea and biscuits.


CONCERT by St Swithun's Band at the W.I. Hall commencing at 7.30pm. Tickets £2.00 from committee members or at the door.

Members are grateful for the support they received at the Summer Fair and look forward to continued support at the above events, which are being held in aid of the POPPY APPEAL.

A performance of music by Bach, Taverner, Tippet and Faure ( The Requiem ) will be given by the New Elizabethan Singers in the United Church, Bridport on Saturday 24th November.


You are all invited to Burton Bradstock School

Christmas Fair

On Saturday 8th December at the school

2.00 - 4.00

Gifts, Games, Stalls Fun for all!


Burton Bradstock School

Bullying is a difficult issue to handle whenever and wherever it occurs. Every school in the country is required to have an anti-bullying policy designed to ensure that the problem is treated seriously and consistently.

There are two parties in an incident of bullying, the bully and the victim and both need to be handled positively and firmly, but in different ways. The aim is to strengthen the victim and in doing so disempower the bully. Mercifully in our school these incidents are few and far between but we are not complacent, always vigilant to ensure that no child has to suffer the misery of the bully.

I had a restless night and woke on the 12th September knowing that I had to lead my school in taking positive action against the outrages perpetrated against the United States of America the previous day. There were over a hundred and twenty children and staff who were trying to come to terms with the awful images they had seen again and again, and with a huge sense of insecurity of the world turned upside down.

I met with my staff in the early morning and we devised a strategy to allow children to talk about their fears, emotions and concerns. We also wanted to reassure them that they were safe, to allow them to take positive action of their own and to channel the initial sense of helplessness into something positive.

We held assemblies where we explained the background to the attacks and invited children to share their thoughts, emotions and fears. We asked for suggestions about what we could do to help the people of America and we all agreed to send cards and letters to the American Embassy in London. The children wrote to the country, as if to a friend who had suffered a violent attack. We told the people that they were in our thoughts and prayers and that we hoped they would get better soon.

The letters went off that afternoon. Two weeks later the Ambassador, William Farish, wrote to the children, telling them that theirs were the first messages received and that they had been read by hundreds of Americans, and by the 10,000 people who had looked through and contributed to the book of condolences. It was a small gesture but we felt it had been some comfort to them, and in a strange way to us.

Others will deal with the bullies that perpetrated this outrage but the actions of the ordinary people of our world have demonstrated the basic humanity of the majority. We are all the victims here and the action taken by Burton Bradstock children and millions of other people affected by the tragedy strengthens us all. The bully is disempowered!

Best Wishes

David Powell

Lucky 100 Club winners for September

£20 Mrs. M. Surry

£10 Mrs. M. Barratt

£ 5 Mrs. Thomas

Thorner's School, Litton Cheney

Sitting down to write this my mind is blank...maybe that is the reason for this being delivered late to the editor! Sorry. It is hard to think of different topics to reflect on, knowing that what is of interest to someone will be skipped by another person. How is one to please the audience? I am at present marvelling at the fact that some of you out there have been contributing items for a lot longer than me, and some of you are submitting more than one article per magazine ..oh, how do you do it? Answers to me quickly, before I fizzle, without a word.

I recognise that now I am in a position that I most probably put a number of the children in when asking them to write a 'story'. Some children find it very easy to get started and difficult to complete whereas others never know how to start. The main difference between class and being sat in the office, is that I do normally give some idea of subject to pupils as part of the task; nobody is giving me the inspiration to write on a particular topic.

In life we all have to find our own way be it in the slow or fast lane. I think years ago and I do mean years ago, it was every boy's dream to drive a train. Nowadays a number of children believe that they want to be the pop star or top football player. Whatever the dream is, there is always a lot of work involved to achieve the high standards needed. Not everyone can be number one pop star or captain England. Having opinions and ideas of your own helps, but implementing them needs courage and determination. It is no good trying to follow a friend in all they do, their dreams are not always the same as ours. I am not saying that we shouldn't have dreams, but we ought to follow our own, setting our own standards to aim high; and that starts as early as possible. If we do not have a dream, try not to eliminate the options but do the best we can in all we do until that wish comes through, be it tomorrow or next year. Some people seem to go through life without fulfilling a dream and I do feel sad that this is the case but wonder is it because they did not work hard enough to achieve it in the first place, or was it that they were too ambitious with very little skill. During a football session in school one day I noticed a young boy who has all the skill at a very early age, and I wonder if this will be followed through. I hope to still be here when it happens, but will he remember the visiting professional who gave the lesson?

Dates for your diary:

Saturday 17th Nov November Fair

Friday 30th Nov Quiz Night

Saturday 1st Dec East End Bride Valley Party

Mon & Tues 3rd & 4th Dec World Music Concert

Wed & Thur 12th & 13th Dec School Christmas Concert

Thursday 20th Dec Church Carol Service

Advance, advance notice Monday 3rd June 2002 Litton Jubilee Fair

Thank you to everyone who keeps up their membership of our hundred club, without you there would be fewer luxuries in school. I have been asked to remind everyone that the club exists, for £12.00 per year you are in with a chance of winning one of the monthly prizes. To all of you who are not members, just think about what you are missing out on! If you want to join, do please get in touch with the school office, for those of you who are lapsed or not fully paid up, can you do so soon?

100 club winners for October:

£15.00 Mr Chris Talbot (a new member!!!) £10.00 Jo Lee

lison Johnstone Headteacher.



A voluntary car scheme has been set up in your area. It is designed to help those in rural areas who are not fit enough to use public transport to make essential trips.

If you would like to find out more or wish to use this service, please give as much notice as possible and contact:

MR WHILLOCK (01308) 482457

MRS TURNER (01308) 482537


Eligibility to use this service

If you are not fit enough to use public transport or have no other means of transport you are eligible to use this service:

1) To visit your doctor, dentist, clinic, chiropodist.

2) To visit friends or relatives in hospital (Remember you need to use hospital car service for hospital appointments).

3) To collect prescriptions.

4) To connect with bus, coach or rail services.

5) For essential trips i.e. shopping by elderly and disabled people or those not fit enough to use public transport.


Due to honourable retirement, holidays etc., we need more drivers to maintain this valuable community service. Please ring Frank Whillock for more information. Thank you.



What a superb start to the Club's 2001/2002 year we had with our opening meeting and Michael Michaud of the Chilli Farm, West Bexington, who gave us a very entertaining and informative talk on Vegetable growing for the Bride Valley with Joy his wife illustrating this with her superb slides from her own professional library - never have we seen peppers and cauliflowers looking so beautiful. We learned we should be setting some seeds now and Michael suggested a module method so space could be saved. He also recommended we grow Mediterranean vegetables - the pepper, cucumbers and tomatoes here in the summer, and that we sow our carrots in October when we will be reaping them in the Spring. Jay and Michael advocate using poly tunnels - I think many members will have one on their Christmas list. Many thanks to them for such an excellent evening and for so generously donating the Speaker's fee and expenses to the Joseph Weld Hospice.

Our Speaker for the November meeting, the 12th November at 7.30, will he Mr Mark Ching on Dorset Weather - we all know this can he very extreme, particularly nearer the coast, but come along and learn more of the patterns and how they affect growing in this area.

Again we invite new members to come along to our meetings which are held in Thomer's School, Litton Cheney - there are reps. in each village but don't wait to be asked - just come along and introduce yourself. You will also be eligible for Seed and Fertiliser discounts and to a discount at one of the local Garden Centres. All this for £1 a year - our funds are raised through the Plant Sale and the monthly raffle.

Norma Millard - Club Secretary. (897774)


The next meeting is on Wednesday, 14th November when Sandy Marshall, the Association Manager of Restricted Growth, will speak about "Being Small in a Big Person's World". The talk starts at 8.00pm at the home of Susie Miles, 4 Garden Close, Litton Cheney. New members always welcome.


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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125

Mid Week Worship - Holy Communion Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory

Choir Practices Fridays at 6.00 p.m.

Gift Sunday 11th November The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

The next Tiny Tots / Pram Services will be held on Fridays 9th November and 7th December at 11 am.

The next Healing Services at St Mary's will be held on Mondays 12th November and 10th December at 7 pm.

The Parochial Church Council meets on Monday 19th November at 7.00 pm in church.

Organist/Choirmaster/mistress We still seek an organist for St Mary's on a 'permanent, full-time' basis. We have many people still on the lookout, but still no takers. If you know of someone we might approach, do please tell me. Meantime, our continued thanks to all the organists who continue so well to help us out temporarily.

John Atkinson.


Thanksgiving Service for Fifty

Years of Marriage 29th September John and Deryn Pakenham-Walsh

All Saints' Day Thursday 1st November 7.00 pm

Holy Communion (Order 1).

All Souls' Day Friday 2nd November 6.30 pm

Holy Communion (Order 2).

Christingle Service Sunday 25th November 5.30 pm

Advent Carol Service Sunday 2nd December 6.30 pm



This has been held for the past seven years in the W.I. Hall on Wednesdays 6pm - 8pm during autumn and winter. This is a friendly social evening of table tennis for children and adults. John Crawford, due to other commitments, is unable to continue to run the table tennis this autumn. IS THERE SOMEONE OUT THERE INTERESTED TO TAKE THIS ON. If you are please contact John Crawford Telephone 01308 898139 or Peter Colbert Tel. 897922

Peter Colbert


I would remind all residents of the need for special security in their homes now that winter and the long dark nights are with us. Our Home Watch scheme continues to be successful in deterring the potential thief. If you are out after dark, arrange for lights to come on at dusk by using an interrupter or delay switch, preferably in a room with curtains drawn. Our local Police are always happy to advise on home security and can be contacted direct on Bridport 422266 or Beaminster 862222.

It is again necessary to draw your attention to dishonest workmen. They deceive the more vulnerable in our society by extorting large sums of money as payment for minor or inferior work to roof repairs, tree/hedge cutting and drive repairs. All doorstep callers should be treated with caution. Use your door chain and ask for identification, leaving your door chain on while checking details with employer or Police. If work is required, householders are advised to obtain written quotations from reliable local tradesmen. Items should not be sold to visiting antiques or other dealers calling.

New residents may obtain Home Watch stickers from their local co-ordinator, whose name can be found in the Post Office, the Village Store or on the Parish Notice Board in the village. Stickers should be prominently displayed, clearly visible to anyone approaching the property.

Freddy Tame

Burton Bradstock Players are pleased to announce that their next pantomime "Aladdin" will take place from Monday Feb. 25th. to Saturday March 2nd., including Saturday matinee, at the W.I. Hall, Burton Bradstock. The Box Office opens on Tuesday Jan.15th. 2002 at the Burton Bradstock Post Office, Tel.897243. ( Office hours only.) Mary Bailey



On the 26th September we were hosts to over 80 members and guests of the Bride Valley Group. This very enjoyable Cheese and Wine Evening had an 'Antiques Roadshow Flavour' as our well known speaker, Paul Atterbury, talked about the Sunday Television Show with affection and gave us the benefit of his knowledge on the varied items brought along.

At our October meeting our speakers were Mr & Mrs Polley who are voluntary helpers at Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary - with slides and their vast information, we learnt about the tireless work of Dr Elisabeth Svendsen, who since 1969 has rescued over 8000 donkeys - now living on 11 farms. Eva Sewell gave the vote of thanks.

During the evening the Annual Craft Competition for the Dorothy Seward Cup took place, with some varied exhibits. A framed tapestry of pheasants was the winner, made by Barbara Pursey.

The Annual Meeting with Cream Tea is on 13th November in the afternoon at 2.15 pm. All members are welcome.

Jill Spinney (897835)

Final Reminder of an Open Meeting, with an emphasis on Adult Education, to be held at Burton Bradstock School

7:30 p.m - 9:00 p.m. (approx finish)

on Wednesday, 21st. November - with wine & nibbles.

You are invited to a meeting at the school to see the latest facilities, learn about the current position with the web site and discuss how we might set up adult training programmes for locals in the community.

You will have the opportunity to:

a) See the school and hear about available facilities in the village An update/demonstration of the school facilities and the potential as an adult training facility and the village PC facility in the Reading Room (currently bookable for half or 1 hour sessions on Wednesday afternoons 2-4pm and Thursday evenings 7-9pm - not first Wed/Thur of each month).

b) Hear about the web site developments Brief progress report on the web site.

c)View a presentation of training options - to get you thinking.

We believe we have a good chance of getting significant long term funding to help cover costs in adult educational courses we might run in the community!

d) Obtain hands on use of the computers Time will be allowed for you to view particular aspects of the web site, 'surf the net' (help will be on hand) and see a demonstration of free taster courses together with many of the tailored courses that could be offered. Now's your chance to find out more about e-mail and the Internet as well as the range of other options available.

e) Discuss your requirements Enjoy some wine & nibbles while we discuss your reaction to progress so far and your particular needs regarding adult training in the village. We could have beginners' computer user training, intermediate level, advanced or even specially tailored programmes for specific groups, depending upon your needs.

Please come along if you can - we need your feedback, particularly on any training needs you may have. If you are interested, but unable to make the date, please contact June Fox (897919), Karen Venn (897094) or Ken Pett (897550) to give your requirements/suggestions/criticisms etc. before the meeting. You may also complete the questionnaire enclosed in your BVN and return it via one of the collection boxes in the village or bring it to the Open Evening.

Karen Venn

To the children, and mums and dads of Burton Bradstock School, also members of our lovely old church a Great Big Thank you for the Harvest Festival gifts given to me. So nice to be remembered. Sincerely,

Arthur Ankerett

Very many thanks to the members of St Mary's Church for the Harvest Thanksgiving gifts and good wishes. I am grateful to the compilers of the Bride Valley News for the information concerning forthcoming events and the church services - grateful too, to the person who delivers it. So, many thanks.

Dorothy Wood

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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White


3 Gullivers Orchard Shipton Gorge


The Parochial Church Council next meets on Wednesday 21st November at 7.30 pm at Innsacre.


Funeral 11th October Sheila G. Flavell


Following the recent popular film night showing historic West Dorset life, we are pleased to be able to include film nights in our Artsreach menu. Artsreach has teamed up with Moviola to provide newly released films on a regular basis. With no local cinema we hope to fill the gaps from time to time. Moviola brings the latest equipment and has access to a wide library of films including the latest releases as well as many classics.

Our first film night is to be held at SHIPTON GORGE VILLAGE HALL on Wednesday 28th November at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £3.50 and are available from John Huxtable on 897547, from the New Inn and from Committee members.

For our film debut we will show CHOCOLAT which has entranced audiences everywhere. CHOCOLAT is the hit film of Joanne Harris's best selling novel about a small French town in the late 1950's whose rigid code of morality is upset by the arrival of a beautiful young woman (Juliette Binoche) who proceeds to open a chocolate shop in the middle of Lent!

The film is beautifully acted with a cast which includes the marvellous Dame Judy Dench and Alfred Molina as the repressed nobleman who rules his small town with a rod of iron. Directed by Swedish Lasse Holstrom, the script is by the book's author, ensuring a faithful adaptation.

This is quality film making at its best with locations varying between Beynac in France, Salisbury, Somerset and Wiltshire. This is an English film set in France and is very much a depiction of the English person's love affair with rural France, its wonderful landscape and buildings, and its marvellously idiosyncratic people.

It is a film of deep enjoyment, an evening of sheer pleasure not to be missed ....... but don't forget to bring some chocolate or else the tension will be unbearable!

Pre Christmas Get Together

It's nearing that time again!!! This year's get together will be held on Sunday the 25th November from 12 noon - 2.00 pm, in the Village Hall. All villagers are welcome. Please bring along a bottle and some eats to share. This is a good opportunity for newcomers to get to know others. We look forward to seeing you.

If you require any further information please phone Robert & Christine Cornish on 897833.


Welcome to Sue & John Porter who have come to live at 3, Rockway. We hope they will be very happy in Shipton Gorge.

Shipton Gorge Hall 100 Club

Winners for the October Draw

£20 No. 10 Dick & Barbara West

£10 No. 38 Janice Symes



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Chilcombe Church



Christmas Carol Service - Saturday 22nd December at 6.30 pm.

Our season of services finished with a rousing Harvest Festival in October when we welcomed visiting organist Richard Cooper from Bradpole. The next service will be the Christmas Carol Service on Saturday 22 December at 6.30pm.

I would like to thank Bobby Lee for playing her flute to accompany the singing at several of our services this year. Bobby and Simon will, sadly, soon be moving away from Chilcombe. Thank you also to Karen Richards for keeping the Church so clean throughout the year; to John and Caryl Hubbard for providing flowers from their garden to decorate the Church for each service; and to the Fry family for reading a lesson each month.

Sue Diment, Church Warden


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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Julie Lewis

4 Green Barton, Swyre


Holy Baptism

30th September 2001 Guy Owen Charles Brazier

Guy, like Phoebe baptised 2 months earlier, also had a good pair of lungs. Must be the Swyre air.


Unfortunately only a few came to this Service on the evening of 2nd September. Nevertheless some pets were blessed, and thanks given to God for them and their excellent behaviour (at least at the Service).

Anthony Ashwell

Comings and Goings!

For such a small village we seem to have had a lot of comings and goings this month, I hope the following is not too confusing and I would like to welcome all newcomers to our lovely village and hope they will all settle in happily.

We say goodbye to the Day family from 'Fernswell' who have temporarily relocated to Tobago and welcome to Erica and Jonlee Anderson and their children Bella, Rosie and Maximo.

We also welcome Simon, Alison, Ben and Oliver Ward at No 24 and Brian, Anne and James Camp to 'The Old School'. Sara Hill and her children have moved to Broadwindsor and The Jarvis family have relocated to No 22.


This month we will be re-launching the Homewatch in the village. We will now be incorporated into one watch with Puncknowle and will have myself as Head Co-ordinator and Andy Marshall of Puncknowle as Deputy.

Both villages are still divided into small areas with 'Contacts' for each area. In the next few weeks you will be receiving a Newsletter and a visit from your 'Contact'. If there are any problems in the mean time, please give Andy or myself a ring.

Julie Lewis 01308 897003 Andy Marshall 01308 897732

News for BVN

If anyone has any news/special celebration/anniversary they would like to share please let me know, your contributions are eagerly awaited!

Julie Lewis



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Village Correspondent: Mrs Dorothy Barlow

Collingbourne, Hoopers Lane, Puncknowle

Telephone: (01308) 897761


Almost 100 people, including loads of children, came to the liveliest of

Harvest Services on 7th October, were extremely generous with gifts to

the Pilsdon Community, and enjoyed a most beautifully decorated church. Afterwards there was a noisy and superbly arranged lunch in the hall.

A brilliant harvest day in Puncknowle, and thank you, all who helped in any way.

Anthony Ashwell


Parish Council

The November Meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday the 6th will consider the precept for the forthcoming year. This is your chance to listen to the discussions of how we propose spending your money. We would not normally meet in December, unless there is an urgent issue, which we do not anticipate, and due to the Bank Holiday we will hold our January meeting on the 8th, when we will have Mr. Boyt of West Dorset District Council to hear our views on West Bexington, the beach, Car Park and environs. He wishes to hear your views.



Playing Field - Grass Cutting Contract. The contract to cut the grass within the playing field at Puncknowle, is due for renewal in Spring 2002. Would everyone interested in considering undertaking this work please contact 897322 or 897726 before November 15th, 2001.

Anna Lovell



WELCOME to John and Chris Pacey and also to Derek and Sandra Heaver and Sandra's mother, Iris, who have come to the new houses in Clay Lane.




Well, half term is here already, and preparations are going well for our bingo evening and the children's party on the last day of term.

Due to complications our Lunch Club will not be taking place. As a group, we feel the arrangements needed for a Lunch Club are not suitable for us as a small playgroup at the present.

CHRISTMAS BINGO 23rd NOVEMBER eyes down 7:30 pm [Anyone wishing to donate prizes or any tinned foods etc, please contact me, or call in to the playgroup session. Thankyou.]

Sue Talbot [chair] 01308 482204






10 am until 12 noon

Puncknowle Art Group

Many thanks to Sallie for such a well prepared and instructive talk on abstraction. We are looking forward to the next session. Dates for November are:- 2nd - a trip to see an artist at Yetminster, 16th - a talk on picture framing, 30th - this may be a slide show at Patria.



This month we will be re-launching the Homewatch in the village. We will now be incorporated into one watch with Swyre and will have myself as Head Co-ordinator and Andy Marshall from Puncknowle as Deputy.

Both villages are still divided into small areas with 'Contacts' for each area. In the next few weeks you will be receiving a Newsletter and a visit from your 'Contact'. If there are any problems in the mean time, please give Andy or myself a ring.

Julie Lewis - Swyre 01308 897003

Andy Marshall - Puncknowle 01308 897732


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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents:

Mrs. Gaynor Jones, 10 Manor Farm Close Tel.482517

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close Tel.482384



It falls to Litton Cheney to host the first of the 3 Christingle Services at the east end of the valley this winter. Do please come to the Service on Sunday 25th November at 9.30am and support the work of the Children's Society.


Here are a few of the more recent.

Goodbye, John and Chris Pacey from Kusama, and welcome Ron and Alison Davidson.

Goodbye, Reggie and Ann Edwards from Malahide, and welcome David and Wendy Taylor.

Welcome to Georgie Hartigan who has purchased the Old Mill, and will be coming to live here when the improvements are completed.

Goodbye, Mike and Sylvia Hewitt, James and Claire from the Old Granary, and welcome Christopher and Irene Coville.

Anthony Ashwell


Jubilee Celebrations 2002

There will be a special Fete next year to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. St Mary's Church and Thorner's School are to join forces and produce Litton Jubilee Fete on Monday 3rd June commencing at 2.00pm at Thorner's. Planning is already under way by the Fete Committee comprising Alison Johnstone, Freddie Spicer, Mandy Wakely, Janet Punter, Liza Adams-Smith and Mary Slark. In addition to the usual stalls and games some new activities are planned but all suggestions and ideas will be welcomed by the Committee. Contact any of them with any proposals and please do not wait to be asked to run a stall or game of your choice - names and details to the Committee as soon as possible please. The proceeds from the Fete will be shared equally between St Mary's Church and Thorner's School.

Litton Cheney Village Society: Tuesday 20th November

Come and hear your former M.P., Sir James Spicer, talk about Parliament and his insider's experiences as a member of the House of Commons. The meeting will be at Thorner's School, starting at 8.00pm, and you will all be very welcome. (This is not going to be a party political broadcast!)

Litton Cheney Playing Field Association

The total raised after September's fun day was over £700. This money will go towards improving the playing field and in particular the project to provide an area of hard standing. The hard standing area will enable children and young people to use bikes, rollerblades, skateboards and tricycles off the road and will incorporate a basketball area, short tennis court and hop scotch markings. Thank you to everyone who supported this day and for the many generous donations. We will display posters to show how the fundraising is going.

The children's play area has recently been painted, but during this work it was found that the slide is in need of urgent repair or replacement and this is currently being investigated. We are holding a Coffee Morning on Saturday 24th November at 10.30am in the Church Hall and a fund raising walk is being organised for Sunday 2nd December. Children, young people and not so young are all very welcome. Further details from Anne Brewster 482593 or Michelle Williams 482779.

Thank you for everyone's generous contributions to the Oxfam collection in September this year. £136.01 was collected.

Brenda Smith

Found - a pair of dark glasses on a footpath close to Litton, and a Young Disciple cord jacket at the playing field. Contact 482384

Congratulations to Michael Cox and Tasha Roots on passing their driving test.


Litton Cheney Parish Council.

We have been advised that Whiteway Lane from the A35 to the Police Pylons will be closed for 'through' traffic from 12th November for 5 weeks while the road modifications required for the Oil Exploration are carried out. The alternative route will be via Kingston Russell Farm and the Roman Road.

Litton Cheney Parish Council - Village Hall Survey, September 2001

The results of the survey were announced at the Parish Council meeting held on 9th October. 280 survey forms were distributed. 38 replies in favour of a village hall were received, and so on this result it appears that Litton Cheney do not want an expensive village hall.

It is clear from comments made, both on the forms returned and verbally, that there is a desire to do something. We are grateful to everyone who took the time to comment. From the various discussions, the following "wish list" has evolved.

1. Investigate the possibility of a shop-cum-Post Office either at the Whitehorse or elsewhere in the village.

2. Investigate the provision of some form of shelter as a meeting place for young people on the playing field.

3. Investigate the re-vamping of the Church Hall with a view to it being leased to the village by the Parochial Church Council for use as a village hall.

4. Investigate the more effective use, and possible enhancing, of facilities already available to the village at Thorner's School

5. Investigate with the PCC the use by the community of the church building.

Six people have kindly said they would be willing to help take ideas forward. The Parish Council agreed that a sub-committee be formed for this purpose. The sub-committee will be asked to report to the Village Assembly due to be held in March 2002. It is our intention that at the March 2002 Village Assembly there will be sufficient information available which will enable Litton Cheney to decide on the next steps forward.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to write and/or say what they thought about the survey, and also to those who came to the meeting on 9th October and contributed to a very useful debate.

Ian L. Slark Chairman

Litton Cheney Relief in Need Trust

As in previous years the Trustees of this Charity invite applications from residents of' Litton Cheney who in the main have to rely on State Retirement Pensions or Benefits.

It is realised that such recipients may also be in receipt of additional income from other sources, which may obviate the necessity for them to seek a grant from this Charity. The Trustees hope residents in the latter category would feel they should not apply.

If you feel, however, that you do qualify or know of someone that could qualify please apply in confidence to Brian Prentice at 'Steddings', Chalk Pit Lane, or one of the other Trustees on or before 7th December 2001.

Those residents who at present benefit from a grant need not re-apply.

The Trust may also give grants to year-2001 school-leavers who intend to or have started full-time employment, or who have begun a higher education course. Please apply in writing, giving brief details of why the grant is needed, to Brian Prentice, as above.



By the time you read this we will have all enjoyed another successful Harvest Supper and Barn Dance on 20th October. Very many thanks to all villagers who donated and or helped to make this event go with a swing!

Many residents of Litton Cheney are new or, are wondering who, what, where the Social Committee came from. So here goes with a short resume!

Litton Cheney Social Committee is not a new group - there was one a few years ago but it died a death - that is until the Millennium hove into view.

A few residents felt that along with the end of year Bell Ringing and special Church Services there should be a summer village event. And the May Millennium Supper was held in Eddy's garden - delicious 2-Lamb BBQ prepared and spit roasted as only John Randall and his grandson Stephen can! Marquees, Fancy Dress, Bouncy Castle for the kids and a lovely supper with puddings to die for all added to the fun for about 180 residents. With good fund raising we were able to keep costs to a minimum, however there was a little cash surplus when all was reckoned up.

Feedback from residents was positive so the little committee kept going on an ad-hoc basis. Events included Barbara's popular Quizzes; Carol singing for Charity; Wine Tastings and supper in Steven's garden; a Palmer's Brewery visit; Village suppers at The White Horse and Harvest Suppers. Each time a small surplus of cash was recorded. Mind you there have been those who have given a donation of goods and/or services to help make events successful and the committee is most appreciative of their generosity.

Now it was time to become a more formal group. A constitution has put the Social Committee on a more business-like footing and a Committee was formed. Our AGM will be in May, and if you would like to become involved at any time, and/or have comments to make please contact any of the committee members at any time.

The Chairman is Eddy Fry, 482260; Treasurer Margaret Thomas 482542 Secretary Mary Anderson 482326; other committee members are Hugh Lindsay 482383; Sheila Barnes 482534. Gerald and Peggy Cuzens 482355. Freddy Spicer 482617. Dorothy Randall 482524; Frank Whillock 482457 and Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Close.

So, what did we do with that surplus cash? Here are some of the items:

* Provided new tables for Litton Church Hall (cost £800 - with part of the sum provided by obtaining grants from outside agencies). They are light and easy to use and available for hire at a small cost. Enquiries to Freddy Spicer.

* Provided £100 to Bride Valley Scout Group towards their fund raising for a new Scout Hut

* Provided about £150 over two years to Litton Cheney Playing Field Association for Trophies, prizes and hire of a portaloo for their successful Family Fun Day events

* Provided £100 to launch the Litton Cheney Web Site

* Provided £50 to the Eastern End Bride Valley towards costs for the children's Christmas Party.

That's £1200 to good local causes in less than l8 months. We do not aim to hold much money but if you think your organization/group has a need for some funding or specific one-off help, relevant requests will be considered. Write in first instance to Chairman, Eddy Fry. What is relevant? - Any request that would benefit the community and residents of Litton Cheney.



With the Christmas season approaching we have two events planned: Carol Singing on December 19th in aid of Naomi House and an evening of Readings and and Music around a cosy log fire at The White Horse on December 22nd. Of course we shall not be letting the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations go un-noticed in Litton Cheney - a Summer Street Fayre and Party is in early planning stages. So please do keep reading our reports, buy some tickets when a committee member calls. (It is one of our aims that every house in Litton is visited with an initial invitation to buy tickets. If we didn't catch you in - don't hesitate - you will be very welcome to events, call any of the committee or see the phone-in number on the event posters).

Now before the B.V. News Editor finally gets to work with his blue pencil - thanks for reading this, thanks for supporting village events and, I promise, the next report will be brief!

Mary Anderson. Secretary

Visit the web site for the latest news.

The group meets at The White Horse Inn

at 8 o'clock on the first Monday of each month.

All welcome.



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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondents: Mrs Elinor Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269



Subject to contract, Pam Coe has sold her lovely home where she, Harold, and their family spent so many happy holidays. Pam has given away many of the contents to local people or organisations, and the church thanks her for some generous contributions to next year's fete.

Anthony Ashwell




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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy



We enjoyed a lively Festival Evensong with congregation and singing boosted by Long Bredy's Village Singers, to whom many, many thanks.

The Vicar preached about his visit to Patmos, and organist Sandra was able to confirm that, because of her recent experiences of nearby Samos, the Vicar's geography was approximately correct.


Giles' Memorial Plaque is now in place - on the south wall of the church and near the font.

Anthony Ashwell



It is now half way through the autumn term in schools and colleges, and our best wishes to those starting in new establishments really can't be postponed for a third month running. So we hope that all the following are settling happily into their new "centres of excellence", and apologies in advance to anyone who is overlooked. A message to Bridehead will ensure a correction in the next edition.

The biggest adventure is for those starting school for the first time, and those are Annabel Armstrong and Honor Slade, who no doubt are making their presence felt at Thorner's School.

Tim Lunn, Robert Quincey and Oliver Tweed moved on from there in the summer, and we wish them well at Colfox School.

Rohan Bate, Sebastian Fry and Sarah Williams have moved on into further education, at Bath, Leicester and Newcastle Universities respectively. No doubt they are adapting to a new student lifestyle.

People may have noticed the absence of Phil Hallett from his usual tasks around the village for a week or two in early October, as a result of a back strain while carrying rolls of lead to help with the repair of the Church roof. At about the same time, Annette was in hospital for a few days, and we are glad that she is out again now. Best wishes to them both.

Another alteration in the Church is the recent installation of a Memorial Tablet to Judge Giles Best. There will be a service of dedication shortly, probably in November, but no date has been fixed by his relations at the time of going to press. It will be circulated to those likely to be interested in due course.



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Thought for the Month









6.30 pm. to 9.00 pm












Friday 16th November


United Reform Church


Cakes - Christmas Cards - Gifts - Bric-a-brac - Books

CD's - "New to You" - Toys



Application Forms available



The Parson Knows

Bishop Street Press: ISBN 0-9531802-1- 2: 258pp

This book is taken from the Parish Notes 1953-1968 by the Rev'd Oliver Willmott. It is the sequel to Yours Reverently, which covered the years 1948-1953. Oliver Willmott was for many years the vicar of Loders, Askerswell & Dottery.

This extract was written in November 1959

November the Fifth

Guy Fawkes Day was observed hereabouts with gusto. The children had bonfires on high points, at Boarsbarrow, Waddon and Shatcombe. At Askerswell House there was not only a bonfire, but a communal firework display, and the village children were outnumbered by adults. These were no ordinary adults either, but included admirals, captains, group-captains, colonels, knights, magistrates, a brace of divines, and the cream of the local aristocracy, who enjoyed themselves hugely, and were delighted with their hostess, Mrs. A....., for thinking up such an agreeable entertainment. The roving photographer of The Tatler does not know what he missed. By universal consent the best bonfire was at Shatcombe. It had been assembled by young Tommy D..., Brian H..., David G... and Co., with an industry which, if only it could be applied to lessons, would surely land them in the University. Ronald Tilley capped it with a few gallons of used motor oil, and the resulting blaze was colossal. Here again, it seems that the older people (and of these there are not a few in Uploders) enjoyed it most. Said 83-year-old Mrs. W....: 'When Ernest and I went to our beds that night, we didn't want the light on, t'were that bright. We opened our windows and let in the heat, and really, Mr. Willmott, t'were the first time our old bones have really bin warm this winter.' If the owners of Mrs. W....'s cottage should read this, and subse- quently detect a lot of blistered paint, they would, we trust, not lay it to the charge of the boys, but write it off as 'Act of God.'


Advance Notice for January 2002 BVN

In order to meet the Printer's Christmas deadline ALL copy for the January Edition needs to be in the hands of the Editors by Tuesday 4th December. Contributors are asked to get all copy to their village correspondents in good time. Thank you!

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