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St Mary's Burton Bradstock FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Litton Cheney


'A Time to Heal'

This is the title of the report, published last year, of the House of Bishops' working party on the healing ministry. It is the first comprehensive survey of the Church's healing ministry since 1958. It contains material on such complex issues as the relationship between this ministry and professional health care, and the deliverance ministry. There is also a set of guidelines for the conduct of the healing ministry in parishes, the first time such guidance has been produced.

In recent times there has been a tremendous surge of general interest in health and healing, to which not least the large number of medical programmes on television and regular articles in magazines bear witness. The Church's ministry of healing also has blossomed in recent years.

Jesus' birth was the prelude to thirty years of preparation for his brief three-year ministry of healing. The scale of that healing ministry was no less than the saving of humankind from all that destroys the health and happiness of human beings, and causes their estrangement from God.

A large proportion of the Gospels contains accounts of Jesus' compassion for the sick and troubled, and his healing of infirmity and disease. Here were signs that God's kingdom of love was at hand, but these signs, though important, were but part only of a ministry concerned entirely with the health, wholeness, joy and peace that human beings have when they are at one with God, themselves and other people.

It is this healing ministry of Jesus Christ that his Church continues today. As Jesus' ministry had many facets, so has the Church's ministry. In preaching and teaching, in worship, in the administration of the sacraments, by prayer and counselling, the Church seeks to help people to the wholeness (health, joy, fulfilment) only to be found in a life lived in the closest relationship with God.

At two of our Bride Valley churches specific healing services are held. On or around St Luke's Day St Mary Puncknowle holds its annual service, whilst St Mary Burton Bradstock holds a service each month. In both churches prayer is offered for those who are ill, in a way that allows a greater concentration than is possible in a normal Sunday service. For those who wish to receive it, the laying on of hands with prayer is available. This is part of our normal, regular ministry and is greatly valued by those who take advantage of it.

Come and see! It is in no way threatening. There are no strings attached. Come to receive the benefit of Christ's healing ministry, or if you wish us to pray publicly or privately for someone in need, simply tell one of the clergy.

If 'A Time to Heal' helps to encourage the Church's healing ministry and make known more widely its availability to everyone, then it will have achieved much.

John Atkinson.

Church Calender


1 David, Bishop of Menevia, Patron Saint of Wales c.601. 2 Chad, Bishop of Lichfield, Missionary, 672.

4 The First Sunday of Lent. Luke 4, v.1-13

7 Perpetua, Felicity and their Companions,

Martyrs at Carthage, 203.

8 Edward King, Bishop of Lincoln, 1910.

11 The Second Sunday of Lent.

17 Patrick, Bishop, Missionary, Patron of Ireland, 461.

18 The Third Sunday of Lent.

19 Joseph of Nazareth. Matthew 1, v.18-25.

20 Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne, Missionary, 687.

21 Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury,

Reformation Martyr, 1556.

24 Walter Hilton of Thurgarton, Mystic, 1396.

Oscar Romero, Bishop, Martyr, 1980.

25 The Fourth Sunday of Lent.

Mothering Sunday

26 The Annunciation of Our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Luke 1, v.26-38.

31 John Donne, Priest, Poet, 1631.

Rosemary Earnshaw


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Valley Notes


This Lent, we shall be following the same course at both ends of the valley, with the same dates and times.

The course is entitled "Doors of Hope", and over the 5 sessions we shall be concentrating on the Hope of the Church, rediscovering some of the basics of the Christian faith, and looking at aspects of believing, behaving and belonging. Emphasis will be put on the Cross and the Resurrection as the fundamental Christian truth.

The material has been put together by Stephen Cottrell of Springboard fame, and was first used in Yorkshire in 1997. Since then it has been widely acclaimed and comes with the Dioceses' recommendation.


Dates: Wednesdays 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th March, and 4th April.

Time: 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm.

Venue: Valley west-end : St Mary's Church, Burton Bradstock

Valley east-end : variable, see below.

(28th February - Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent)

7th March "Opening a door of hope" (east-end -The Rectory)

14th March "Believing" (east-end -11 Barges Close)

21st March "Behaving" (east-end - Hillside,West Bexington)

28th March "Belonging" (east-end - Old Rectory)

4th April "Sharing Christian hope" (east-end - 8 Coombes Close)

(11th April - Wednesday in Holy Week)

Please do make a commitment to come to this course. We believe it will be really worthwhile.


Paul Cheater, Hugh Lindsay and Ian Slark have been authorised by the Bishop of Sherborne as "occasional preachers" at Littlebredy, Long Bredy, Puncknowle and Swyre.

Anthony Ashwell





Friday 2nd March at 10.30a.m.

Unitarian Church East St. Bridport

Speaker: Mrs. Eleanor Dixon



The months of March and April spell annual parish meetings and elections to our Parochial Church Councils. For many, the meetings are a 'turn-off', and if we can find a good excuse we don't go; after all we might get given a job. Anyway, the same lot usually get elected, so why bother! If I am honest, I can put my hand up to at least part of this attitude at various times in the past. So, a fresh look seemed to be called for.

St. Paul, in his letter to Titus, throws out a challenge. Titus, you remember, was left by Paul in Crete to do some church planting, and he writes his epistle to support and encourage Titus in his work. He reminds him that Titus is 'to put in order what remains to be done, and to appoint leaders in every town.'

"OK, Titus, you've planted the churches, here's what you do about leaders. Don't worry about past experience, professional qualifications, business, financial, or secretarial expertise. People with these gifts are, of course, very important and not to be overlooked. But first look for these qualities. Oh, by the way, social standing is not really what we are looking for. Think character, not skill.

A good family man is what we are looking for, though 'singles' are not excluded. If that person is married his children should be believers and not given to wild and anti-social behaviour. After all if authority is not exercised in the home, it's not going to be exercised in the church! And do avoid those folk who are arrogant and quick tempered. We don't need leaders who will dominate the proceedings and insist on following their own personal agenda. nor those who constantly fly off the handle. It goes without saying that we don't want those who are violent, greedy or who spend all their time at the bar.

Seek out and encourage, Titus, those who are hospitable, lovers of goodness, prudent, upright, devout and self-controlled; none of us are angels of course, but you get the general idea. Oh, and inost important, we need leaders who are sound in Christian doctrine. Those who know their bibles and who can be trusted with the message that we have been given, and are willing to encourage and help others on their Christian journey. And, as best you can, make sure that they are pray-ers; we can't do without those! "

To those Christian brothers and sisters who have read these few words, please be reassured that I am not pointing a finger at PCC's in general, nor those who currently serve on them. But I hope that you will read for yourself what St. Paul has to say, and then seek out those whom you feel should allow themselves to be nominated for leadership. It may be that person is you.

Oh, and don't forget you are coming to the ACPM this year - see you there!

Mike Read

Keswick in Devon

The Rev'd Dr. Derek Stringer will be leading studies in Colossians ( practical truths leading to authentic and fulfilling Christian living ) during the evening sessions and looking at four of the Minor Prophets ( how matching God's wisdom can transform our lives for the better ) in the mornings. This is Derek Stringer's thirty-third year of ministry and his tenth as Senior Pastor of Elmwood Church in Manchester. His Church releases him for part of each month into a wider ministry, which is broad and varied. Recently this has taken him to Sweden (twice), Serbia, South Africa, Namibia, Austria and the USA.



Burton Bradstock School 100 Club

Many thanks to all villagers who have supported the school through the purchase of a 100 Club ticket. Last year the money raised bought musical instruments, books for our library, extra Maths and Literacy resources and a new computer for the school. If you have not received a request for renewal or if you wish to purchase a ticket for the first time, please call in to the school office and see Jean. Tickets cost £10 each with Monthly payouts of £20, £10, and £5.


Burton Bradstock School

In the bottom draw of a filing cabinet at the back of the cramped office that my secretary and I share are a series of documents and books that shed light on the history of our wonderful village. They are unique. They do not exist anywhere else in the village or the wider world and anyone interested in our village should have the right to read them and wonder at the information they contain.

They are the school log books, going back to 1871 and school admission records from the same period that show not just the names and addresses of the children that attended the school, but their fathers' professions. There are other fabulous historical records at the school including the First World War Honours Board commemorating those villagers who lost their lives and Louisa Legg's unbroken attendance medals, all seven of them awarded from 1907 to 1914. I pledge to you all that by Christmas 2001 many samples of my school's historical records will be available on our village web-site for you all to look at. I realise that many of you don't have regular access to the site, but the web committee is aiming to provide public access points as soon as possible.

Following recent publicity, more and more villagers are coming forward with records and mementoes that they hold, that have been kept lovingly and carefully and occasionally shown to curious friends and relatives. These people are driven by the same motivation as me, a desire to throw open the doors to our rich historical heritage so that a wider audience can discover and learn from what has gone on before.

This information is currently being collated by your village web committee, whose members represent most village organisations and all ages, with the youngest member at 16 and the oldest at 82 demonstrating that age does not have to close your mind!

What has been so encouraging about the development of our village web-site is that almost all village organisations, and more and more villagers have been prepared to keep their minds open to something new. Ken Pett and Tim Linford have rightly described it as a book of the village. That is all it is, purely and simply a book, but with sounds, pictures and eventually, moving images. It is a book about the village, created and owned by the village. Few villages in England have taken this step, most preferring to hand over the development of their site to commercial companies.

I've used this quote before in the B.V.N. and I have no hesitation in repeating it here.

'At times of change, learners inherit the Earth while the Learned are beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.' It is a privilege to live amongst people who acknowledge that they are still learners, and to share that learning with them.

Very best wishes

David Powell

Lucky 100 Club winners for January

£20 Mr Varndell

£10 Mr & Mrs Herbert

£5 Mr Surry


Thorner's School, Litton Cheney

At the time of writing we are two thirds of the way through an Ofsted inspection and surviving! Having survived an inspection at a previous school (only just), I wondered what the experience would be like here, a different school and a different position -- the person ultimately responsible for managing the school! The appearance of that brown envelope must be the dread of all teachers but especially Headteachers who have to shoulder most of the preparation. Can you imagine how I felt when, between Church Christmas service and Christmas lunch of Fish and Chips I opened my brown envelope. My head was racing and I did some daft things, like getting dates muddled, and forgetting to thank all the visitors for coming and all the hard work they do in school throughout the year but to top it all, I could not think how to start grace! What people thought of me that day I do not know. Please forgive me and now I would like to make amends by saying Thank You to everyone who has helped at Thorner's and I hope you enjoyed your lunch that day.

Having opened the envelope I was now in a dilemma, do I tell the staff or not? Do I spoil their Christmas or not? How do I tell them? Eventually I made the decision not to tell the staff until they had enjoyed their holidays, at least that way I would get refreshed staff and we could all work together and not in isolation, so it was early in January that I informed people and since that time they have been marvellous. The time has flown. Some things were completed, others we are still working towards, but during the whole process the children were our main concern. Classrooms functioned normally and it is only this current week which has disrupted the pupils. Our pupils are used to having visitors in the room, ones that help and guide them, are eager to talk to children as well as listen, so they were not too pleased when someone floated into the room and sat in the corner scribbling away. Believe it or not, some even started to exhibit uncharacteristic behaviour to try and gain attention!

Well, only time will tell as to what comes out in the final report, published on the internet for the whole world to see by Easter. But as I step back and ask myself what it shows, I see it as merely a snap shot, three days to gather information about the vast range of activities which are going on in school throughout the year, plus a file of facts and data. How can anyone come in and get the true idea and picture of what is happening in school in such a short space of time? Which parts of the report will the press pick up on? Will future parents be influenced by the report? By the time you read this you may well have some idea how it went-I certainly will! Look at my face and try and guess what the outcome was!

To move on to more important matters, just recently we have been playing netball and football against others in the cluster. The netball team were very disappointed when they lost to Symondsbury, but having played well as a team, they lifted their spirits, put their hearts into it, and came out tops at Powerstock. What elation there was that night and the following day. They are now ready for the next game, so look out Burton Bradstock! The football took place at last, having been postponed from last October due to bad weather and then a flooded pitch! Two teams played for a place in the final of the Cluster championship, a year 6 team and an under year 6 team. Each team had to play two matches and there were some good goals scored, some hard tackling especially on the girls, and a lot of enjoyment from all who took part on one of the sunniest days of the term. A number of the children were praised for their ball skills and general game knowledge and awareness. We were delighted that both our teams won their pool and will now face St.Catherine's in the final in the near future.

Alison Johnstone Headteacher.


A dinner held at the Manor Hotel, West Bexington on 22nd January to mark the 7th Anniversay of the Hospice's opening was an extremely relaxed and convivial occasion. Following a 'hot punch' aperitif in the Hotel lounge, 65 guests sat down to a most enjoyable a la carte meal served by a friendly and efficient staff.

The proprietor of the Hotel, Richard Childs, presented the organiser prior to the dinner, with a cheque for £646, representing half the total cost of the meal. To this was added a further £202, the sum raised by the magnificent raffle jointly run by Kate Wilkinson and Virginia McShane.

Lavinia Barbour and Reggie Edwards would like to thank Richard Childs for his generous donation to the Hospice, all those who donated such a plethora of prizes for the raffle and all who attended. Your generosity and continued support for this annual event is greatly appreciated.


The next meeting is on March 14th at 8.00pm when Mrs Karin Browning, the Head of Languages at Colfox School, will talk about "Growing up in East Germany". The meeting is in the home of Mrs Jenny Prentice, Steddings, Chalk Pit Lane, Litton Cheney. New members are always welcome.

Bride Valley Gardening Club

The final meeting of our winter season lecture programme will be on "Pots and Containers" by Mrs Williamson. The monthly competition will be for any item you have grown or made in the last year, and there will be a small prize for the winner. This will be held on Monday 12th March at 7.30 p.m. at Thorner's School.

The summer outing this year will be a trip to Exbury Gardens near Beaulieu renowned for their spectacular display of rhododendrons, camellias and azaleas on Thursday 10th May. Full details will be in the Newsletter. John Rowlands

Mothers' Union

The meeting will be held on Thursday, 22nd March at 2.30 p.m. at St. Catherine's Cross, Shipton Lane, Shipton Gorge. The Mayor of Bridport, Sandra Brown, will give a talk on 'A Day in the Life of a Mayor'.

The annual Deanery Festival to celebrate Lady Day will take place on Monday, 26th March at St. Mary's Church, Burton Bradstock. The celebrant will be The Rev'd. John Atkinson and an address will be given by The Rev'd. Joseph Ayok-Loewenberg. Following the Service there will be tea in the W.I. Hall. Pam Coventry

Gardens Exhibition at the Bridport Arts Centre

Bridport Arts Centre is presenting an exhibition from 16th February to 7th April about Gardens. This will be an exciting display, perhaps challenging you as you look at gardens, perhaps introducing you to artists' work that you do not readily associate with gardens, or that show a new approach to the subject. Of particular interest will be the involvement of local artists, and the attendant events: on 29th March when Hugh Fearnley-Whittinstall, Michael Michaud, Clive Groves and Dennis Bowman will be "in conversation" at 7.30 p.m., and on 6th April when Anna Pavord will present her talk on 'Tulips'.

This is a rare opportunity not to be missed.


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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125

Mid Week Worship - Holy Communion Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory

Choir Practices Fridays at 6.00 p.m.

Gift Sunday 18th March CMS/AYOK Project - Education under the trees in the Sudan.

The next Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held on Friday 2nd March at 11.00 am.

The next Healing Services at St Mary's will be held on Monday 12th March (not Wednesday 7th as previously announced) and Mondays 2nd and 30th April, each at 7 pm.


Funeral 14th March Hilda I. Tovey

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting takes place on Monday 19th March at 7.30 pm in church, for the election of Churchwardens and Parochial Church Councillors for the coming year, and to receive various annual reports. Every member on the Church Electoral Roll may attend and vote. I would like to see there as many as can possibly attend.

John Atkinson.

Lent Lunches are again being provided on the following Fridays from 12 noon to 2 pm:-

Address Charity

March 2nd 12 Howarth Close R.N.L.I.

9th (yet to be decided)

16th The Rectory Chideock Aid for Romania

23rd 'Hazelbrow', Shipton Lane Alzheimer's Disease Society

30th 7 Norburton Bride Valley Scout Group

(New Hut Fund)

April 6th 37 Grove Road The Joseph Weld Hospice

Do please support these lunches. Everyone is most welcome. Soup, rolls etc. and coffee will be on the menu.

Pam Atkinson.

The Mothers' Union Deanery Festival will take place at St Mary's Burton Bradstock on Monday 26th March (Lady Day being transferred from Sunday 25th March) at 3.00 pm. We shall welcome to this Eucharist Mothers' Union members from the Deanery and guest preacher, The Reverend Joseph Ayok-Loewenberg. During the service Yvette Smith is to be admitted a member of the Mothers' Union.

St Mary's Church Fête. We are in need of a Chairman and a Secretary. Please can you help? There are four meetings a year (April, June, July and August). If you think you can help in any way, please have a word with Pam Atkinson (897359). Thank you. The next meeting of the Fête Committee is on Monday 2nd April at The Rectory at 9.30 am.

Church Flowers for Easter. If you wish to give a donation for Easter lilies in memory of family or friends, please put your donation in the envelope provided, which you will find on the table in the south aisle of the church, and give to Pam Atkinson or deliver to the Rectory.

Decorating the Church for Easter. We shall be decorating the church with flowers on Saturday 14th April from 10 am. Everyone is most welcome to decorate the church for this festival, so do come along, and if possible bring a little greenery. Thank you. Pam Atkinson.


The Church Electoral Roll is revised each year (except when a new roll is prepared every sixth year ) in time for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. Church members whose names already appear on the roll need take no further action.

The revision period leading up to the annual meeting provides an ideal opportunity for those who wish to have their names added to the Church Electoral Roll to apply for enrolment, the requirements for which are very simple. You must be baptised ( christened ), a member of the Church of England or of a church in communion with it, be aged 16 or over and either resident in the parish or have regularly attended church there for at least six months.

Being on the electoral roll of the parish means you can attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (to be held this year on Monday 19 March in church at 7.30 pm ) and vote in the elections to the Parochial Church Council or stand for election yourself if you are a communicant member of the Church of England. It enables you to have your voice heard at Deanery and Diocesan level as well as in your own parish.

Application forms for enrolment on the Church Electoral Roll will be available in church in the weeks leading up to the annual meeting or if you wish to contact me direct on Tel. 897872 to discuss any aspect of enrolment I will be pleased to help.

Maurice Ackland Electoral Roll Officer.





Play Readings

On 27th February we started a series of play readings in the Reading Room in Burton Bradstock. This first group of readings will continue to be held on Tuesday evenings 13th and 27th March. They will commence at 7.30 p.m. and will finish by 10.00 p.m. at the very latest. There will also be a short break for refreshments. The idea for the readings came from Mrs. Daphne Eakins, who has recently moved to the village and who has been involved with amateur dramatics for a number of years. Mrs. Eakins is very keen to start such a group for the simple pleasures of getting together and the reading of plays, of which she plans to cover a variety of style. We do hope anyone interested in this exciting new venture will come and join us.

Andrea Wilkinson

Secretary: Burton Bradstock Players

Burton Bradstock Village Society

Friday 19th January 2001

Dr Alan Perry O.B.E treated Burton Bradstock Village Society members to a fascinating talk which included the close links established between Dorset and Newfoundland and his own personal experiences.

The first visit to Newfoundland was when John Cobbett sailed his boat 'The Matthew' in 1497.

Trade was soon established in Salt Cod and Seals for both the skin and oil for lamps.

Boats of approx. 70 tons and crews of 7 or 8 soon made the Bristol and Poole merchants extremely wealthy. Trade further increased in triangular trading with the Caribbean bringing back sugar and rum.

Alan expanded on his personal involvement with Newfoundland. After his first holiday there in 1987 when he decided to rebuild the first brick house which had originally been established in 1766 at a cost of $1,000,000. His fund raising has taken many forms including riding a penny farthing from St. Johns to Trinity, a total of 164 miles which alone raised £60,000. After 12 years and a further 37 visits Alan has achieved his ambition: however it was quite obvious from his talk that the end is not yet in sight as Alan now continues to develop one floor as a museum buying furniture, silver and memorabilia of the time.


********** We Need Your Help! **********

Please will YOU help maintain Burton Bradstock W.l. Hall by joining the W.l. 100 Club? Cost: £10 a year - 12 draws every year with 4 cash prizes each draw. For further information please ring Mary Burr, 897450.



At its recent AGM the local branch found itself in a strengthening position with new volunteers to take up the vital duties of Secretary and Treasurer, thus releasing the founder/secretary, Norman Foster, to concentrate on welfare work for Parkinsonians especially for the newly diagnosed who are often in shock and seeking a pattern of living for self and family.

The area is shortly to have a PD Specialist Nurse working under a Neurologist at Dorchester, combining helpline and visiting, so vital in the present day heavy committal of the GP.

The branch is well poised to give advice, literature on every aspect of PD, supply special equipment to simplify living from day to day, provide respite holidays for the weary, or just companionship. A monthly social meeting is held every 4th Tuesday at 2.30pm at St Swithun's, Bridport with transport help, but attendance is entirely optional. Indeed our new welfare network is aimed at maintaining regular contact with every sufferer we know and finding the remainder we don't know.

For more information contact Norman Foster, tel. 01308 897555.

Burton Bradstock W.I.

January Meeting There were 44 members and one guest at this meeting. We were given useful and informative advice by Tom Baldry on the care and repair of antique furniture and its history. It was a very chilly meeting as the boiler in the Hall was out of order.

February Meeting 32 members and two guests were amusingly entertained by Mrs Williamson on the subject of 'container gardening'. Mrs Williamson uses a variety of containers including plastic which she paints. Containers are very useful in a small garden as they can easily be moved and are useful for growing a variety of plants - i.e. tender plants, herbs, alpines and small fruit trees, all with plenty of drainage.

As from next month the newsletter and minutes will be distributed through the post or door. Future dates for your diaries, girls:- Thursday 1st March 2.30 p.m Tea, chat and craft in the W.I.Hall.

Tuesday 13th March 7.15 p.m. W.I. Meeting in the Hall.

Tuesday 20th March 10.00a.m.W.I.Walk. Meet in the Hall.

Tuesday 27th March Computer training - beginners/internet

Anyone interested in going to the W.I. Slimming Club should contact June Fox.

100 Club Winners D.Edwards R.Hicks M.Conway S.Spencer-Smith

Linda Leaf (Tel. 425001)

Georgie Northover and her Family will welcome any of her friends to a very informal get-together in the Community Room at Chesil Court on Thursday 22nd March between 10.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. Light Refreshments will be provided. There is ample parking for Battery Cars, Zimmers, Trolleys, Scooters and Skateboards. Helicopters could cause problems! Important: Pressies and kisses banned; hugs welcomed.

Ron & Jean Blackburn wish to say thank you for all the good wishes from friends and neighbours for their move to West Sussex. They are looking forward to watching their grand-daughters grow up. Best wishes to everyone.

The Royal British Legion Women's Section

Advance Notice: On Monday April 16th the Women's Section will be holding their Annual Easter Sale in the W.I.Hall at 2.00 p.m. Please make a note of this in your diaries. Full details of Stalls, etc. will be in the April edition of the Bride Valley News. D.Outon-Powell

The Red Cross Knit-in was again a great success, with over 20 knitters taking part and raising, to date, £605 in sponsorship money. The Grand "Sew-up" will take place at Cogden Farm on Monday March 12th from 10 o'clock, when it is hoped we will again make-up at least three blankets.

Thank you to all who made this event such a success, knitters, sponsors for the gifts of wool, and all who helped.

See you in March!

Mary Bailey.

Cogden Burton Bradstock Dorset DT6 4RN

Tel. 01308 897288

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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White


3 Gullivers Orchard Shipton Gorge



The Annual Parochial Church Meeting takes place on Wednesday 21st March at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall, for the election of Churchwardens and Parochial Church Councillors for the coming year, and to receive the annual reports. Every member on the Church Electoral Roll may attend and vote. I would like to see there as many as can possibly attend.

John Atkinson.

Frugal Lunch

The Frugal Lenten Lunch in Shipton will be held on Wednesday 14th March, 12 noon to 2 pm at 15 Rockway - in aid of The Pilsdon Community.


Have you ever wondered what those small envelopes are that some people place in the collection plate at church services? It is part of the GIFT AID scheme. Since 6th April 2000, if you are a tax payer of any kind (Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax) the church, being a charity, can claim back from the Government 28p for every £1 given. The donation doesn't have to be given regularly and can be for any amount, e.g 20p one day and £2 six weeks later - it all adds up. The only stipulation is that you must be a tax payer - you then put the money in one of the yellow envelopes by the church door and fill in your name and address and postcode, with your signature and the date. Existing covenants are already taken care of until they expire; but if you give more than your covenant please fill out the envelope. For further information please contact the P.C.C. Treasurer, Mrs Liz Langran 01308 897207. The P.C.C. are extremely grateful to anybody participating in the scheme, thank you.

Parish Council

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Thursday 1st March 2001 in the Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. Members of the public are most welcome. The Parish Council meets on the first Thursday of every other month. Additionally there is an Annual Parish Meeting in April each year. The Parish Clerk can be contacted on 01308 456100 most evenings and weekends.

Helen Farmer




Shipton Gorge Village Hall has a quantity of old (antique?) wooden kitchen style chairs which are being replaced. These chairs are therefore surplus to requirements and are to be sold at a SILENT AUCTION on Saturday 10th March from 2-4 p.m. Some will be sold in groups of 6, others in groups of 4, some in pairs and some individually. All items are to be paid for before removal, delivery can be arranged. Teas will be available, so why not come to the Hall and snap up a piece of Shipton Gorge heritage?


Shipton Gorge Village Hall Trust is holding a Spring Jumble Sale on Saturday 7th April at 2.00 p.m. There will be books, clothes, large items, bric-a-brac,toys,raffle and teas. Why not come and grab a bargain?

Village Society

All villagers are automatically members of the Society. There are no fees, and only five meetings are held during the year. The Annual General Meeting takes place in May. The purpose of the Society is to hold events during the year. All proceeds, once the expenses have been deducted, are donated to a Charity chosen by members. The Committee consists of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and 10 members - a total of 14 in all. The Society needs more members, more ideas, and lots of support if it is to survive. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 7th March in the Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. Meetings are open to everyone in the village.

Peter Bowditch Chairman -897364

Shipton Gorge Hall 100 Club:- £20 No. 3 Pam Bates

£10 No. 87 Phyllis Penney

The Whist Drive held at 15 Rockway on January 26th at 7.00 p.m. with the aid of very generous donations, despite the wet conditions, raised £134.60 for the benefit of the Joseph Weld Trust. Very many thanks to everybody who supported the occasion.

There will be a Lenten Frugal Lunch at 15 Rockway, Shipton Gorge on Wednesday 14th March from 12 noon to 2.00 p.m. This will be in aid of the Pilsdon Community, a very local deserving cause. Hope to see as many as possible for soup, cheese and a chat.

Phyllis Penney

Due to unfortunate circumstances I have been unable to welcome newcomers to Shipton Gorge, but will rectify matters now: A warm welcome to Douglas and Ann Richards of 7 Rockway. For publication of notices etc. please note that I have to rely on information being supplied to me by the 9th of each month! Joy White





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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Gilly Doar

Paddock Lodge Swyre

Annual Church Meeting

This most important event in the life of Holy Trinity Church will take place immediately after the shortened Evensong on 1st April, when the Sermon will be the Annual Report for 2000. Churchmembers : please do your best to get there.



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Village Correspondent: Mrs Dorothy Barlow

Collingbourne, Hoopers Lane, Puncknowle

Telephone: (01308) 897761


Christingle Service

We had a full church for this occasion on 4th February and over £75 was raised for The Children's Society. The Family Service Music Group was in good form and led enthusiastic singing, and the Christingles themselves, efficiently and ungreedily manufactured the previous Thursday, were just enough to ensure all the children present went away happy (and unsinged).

Thank you everybody who contributed in any way.

Mothering Sunday

This falls on 25th March this year, and we will be having a really short special 11.00am Family Service (no more than half an hour) to mark the occasion. We'll distribute posies in the customary fashion, and sing our mothers' praises to God. Immediately afterwards there will be a shortened traditional Holy Communion Service. Don't forget that the clocks go forward the previous night!

March's Family Service

This will be at our usual time of 9.30 am on 4th March, the first Sunday of Lent. It would be very helpful if you could bring along something which you consider gets between yourself and God. We might understand these as temptations, and in Lent we try our best to identify and deal with them.

Getting better

Eric Arnott continues to get ever stronger after his serious operation before Christmas, and by the time you read this, he and Betty will have celebrated their Diamond Wedding.

Richard Ikin too is pretty well recovered from his D.V.T., (not as a result of travelling on a plane).

Anna Ware is fully fit and happily sorting out those independent gardeners. Once her problem was diagnosed and treatment sorted, good things happened very quickly. She and Trevor became grandparents again, twice-over, at Christmas-time.

Lent Lunch

Our Frugal lunch will be in the Church Hall, on Friday 23rd March from 12 noon to 2.00 pm.

Anthony Ashwell

Puncknowle Art Group

At our AGM in January our Chairman, Maureen Diplock, stood down and Jennifer Bembridge was voted in as our new chairman. We do thank Maureen for all her hard work over the past years. It was felt that last year's programme of professional art and craft speakers, together with a mix of visits, demonstrations and members self help talks was so enjoyable that we would use the same format this year. New members are most welcome. Many thanks to Doreen Newton for a cup of hot coffee in February and a video on glasspainting.

Dates for March are 2nd, 16th, and 30th. On the 16th there will be a talk by Brian Cocks about his oil paintings; this will be at Acoustic Range,West Bexington. On the 30th the talk will be by Robin Clarke, from Art Papers Direct of Milton Abbas, on paper making. Christine Molony


The Mad Hatter's Tea Party surpassed our expectations of an enjoyable evening when a record number of people were privileged to share Sue Eden's fascinating knowledge of the elusive dormouse. THANK YOU, Sue, and also thanks to Roy for operating the machine.

The next evening will be held on Thursday March 5th at 7.30 p.m. in the Church Hall. Stephanie Sutton will give a talk on "Life on the Waves". Everyone is welcome and there will be a collection to cover expenses.


Come to the Church Hall on Friday March 23rd and enjoy home-made soup, home-made bread, cheese and pleasant company . There will be a collection in aid of the Bromley - by - Bow Community Centre.

WELCOME to Susan and Peter Postance and family who have come to live in West Bexington. We wish them happiness in the life of the community.

FETE 2001

If anyone is interested in making toys for the Toy Tombola., either sewing or knitting, help with materials is available from Ann Roberts (Tel. 897 716).


Will you serve? There is much satisfaction to be gained from 'returning something to the Community'. We all benefit from the countless hours that people give to help life run smoothly and to facilitate everyone's increased quality of life. One way of helping is to serve as a councillor within our villages. It is here perhaps that there is the greatest satisfaction, due to the scale. One can actually see both what actually needs doing and how it can be achieved. There is at present a need for councillors within the Puncknowle Parish Council, and I would urge you to consider whether it is your calling. It is not arduous but does require commitment; it is not time-consuming but does require interest. It is beholden on us all to support our communities, and I know that many people do so in a variety of ways. For that we are all thankful. Details of what is involved can be provided by Clerks or West Dorset District Council.

Buses The 210 Service between Weymouth and Bridport is due to be discontinued at the end of March. We are endeavouring to secure a Saturday Service to Bridport and a bus to Dorchester on one or more weekdays. The X53 Service to Exeter will continue, but we realize that it will not serve the villages lying inland from the coast road. We will keep you posted of progress.

Public Inquiry to determine the status of the Drives footpath

This is scheduled for 21st/22nd March at Puncknowle Village Hall. It is open to everyone and anyone to attend, to listen or request permission to speak. Written submissions can also be made. Anna Lovell




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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents:

Mrs. Gaynor Jones, 10 Manor Farm Close Tel.482517

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close Tel.482384


From the Registers

Funeral: 26th January 2001 Anne Ethel Gilby aged 86

Many of us will miss Anne who died at her home on 21st January. We extend to her sister Priscilla and to her children, Nick and Thomasin and their families, our deepest sympathy.

Mothering Sunday Family Service

Our normal 9.30 am Family Service on 25th March will be in praise of mothers and thanksgiving to God for all who have the responsibility of mothering. We haven't worked out the details yet, but look forward to a wonderful Service, with of course the distribution of posies.

Remember that the clocks go forward the previous night, so 9.30 am will feel like 8.30 am! Who's going to forget, I wonder?

Lent Lunch

Our Frugal Lunch will be from 12 noon to 2.00 pm on Friday 16th March at Steddings, Chalkpit Lane.

Annual Church Meeting

This will take place at 7.30 pm on Friday 23rd March in the Church Hall. Those of you on the Church Electoral Roll, do please come to this most important occasion in the life of the Church.

Ray and Doris Richards

This is a big year for them : Ray becomes a nonagenarian, they celebrate their 65th Wedding Anniversary, and the Church has just dedicated their wonderful gift of a new Lectern Bible. Our sincerest thanks and very best wishes, Doris and Ray.


Giles Glen is now our permanent postman (except on his days-off and holidays), and looks forward to getting to know us better. Previously he has been one of 3 regulars braving local mud. We wish him all happiness in his job.

Anthony Ashwell

Church Altar Kneelers - An appeal for Tapestry Workers

The altar kneelers in the Church are in urgent need of replacement and you will find that in the next two weeks the kneelers will have new covers over new foam. But this is only a holding job.

We aim to put tapestry covers in place, for the benefit of ourselves and those who follow after us. A project for the Millennium which will be in keeping with our village church and honouring to God.

Will all those who would like to help in any way with this project please contact Mary Slark (482280) and confirm whether they are able to meet in the Church on Friday 9th March at 2.30 pm to discuss the project in more detail. Mary Slark


Litton Cheney Social Committee

The carol singing organised by the Social Committee and enjoyed by many villagers raised £162 to benefit the children at Naomi Hospice. Thank you.

Events in March

A Quiz Night is taking place on Friday 2nd March at 7.30 pm at Thorner's School. All are welcome. Entrance is £1 a person, so make your teams of three or four people and come and enjoy the evening. Wear a hat as there is a prize for the 'Best Quiz Hat' and cash prizes for the quiz.

A Tour of Palmers Brewery followed by a buffet at The White Horse Inn has been organised for Thursday 22nd March. The evening commences at the brewery in Bridport at 6.30pm. Tickets for the evening cost £7 and are available from Eddy Fry, Freddie Spicer and from The White Horse Inn.

Future events...The Duck Race followed by an Easter Egg hunt (for primary school pupils) will take place on Easter Sunday, 11th April at 12 noon..

The Social Committee ( listed below ) welcome comments, ideas and suggestions about events in the village: Mary Anderson, Rev. Anthony Ashwell, Sheila Barnes, Gerald and Peggy Cousins, Eddy Fry (Chairperson), Elizabeth Kingston, Hugh Lindsay (Secretary), Dorothy Randall, Freddie Spicer, Margaret Thomas (Treasurer), Frank Willox.

Litton Web Group:

The Litton Web Group had a successful presentation of the website to the village and are very grateful to the Litton Social Committee for sponsoring the event and to Mrs Johnstone for the use of Thorner's School. There is now a considerable amount of local information on the website, but plenty of room for more! Contact myself or any other member of the group if you have a contribution.

Informal meetings of the group are now going to take place monthly on the first Monday of the month at The White Horse Inn from 8pm onwards. Anyone who is interested in the website or who would like advice or assistance about the Internet or computers is very welcome to attend. Gil Smith (482509)

Litton Cheney Playing Field

As last year the advisory committee met with some of the young people of the village in January. A questionnaire is being given to the young people aged 8 - 18 years old so that we can plan activities and events and clarify the views of the young people to plan ahead. If any young person has not received a questionnaire, please contact Elizabeth Kingston (482384).

This year's fundraising events start with a coffee morning on Saturday 17th March at 11 o'clock in the Church Hall. Please support this event.


to Caroline Smart who won the bronze medal in the 200m butterfly at the British Championships in December.

to Juliet and Jane Potter who were placed 5th and 7th respectively in the European junior cross country championships in Sweden and led the British squad to the team gold medal.



210 bus

To those affected by the cessation of the Bridport/Weymouth service: I would like to see if anything can be done to get some sort of service in the village. Please contact me, Gaynor Jones 482517.

Village Fete - Bank Holiday Monday 28th May

The Fete this year will return to its usual venue -Thorner's. If you have not already done so, put this date in your diary now. If you missed the planning meeting in February, there are plenty of opportunities left to help on one of the stalls or to run a side show or just lend a hand before, during or after - please contact Freddie Spicer (482617). Now is the time to put aside a jar of marmalade (you should have a good supply just now!) or other tasty preserve for the provisions stall, a goodly bottle for the tombola, a white elephant or two, some books you have finished with - have a box handy and aim to fill it in good time, leaving space for cakes, plants, toys etc! The proceeds this year will be divided as follows: two thirds for the upkeep of our beautiful Grade 1 building of St Mary's Church, and one third for Thorner's School funds.

Urgently wanted: JAM JARS

1lb,12oz, or 8oz jars with lids needed as I am making preserves to sell at the Fete. Please contact me, Mary Slark 482280, so that I can arrange a suitable time for collection. Thank you in anticipation!

Litton Cheney Village Society

March meeting: Tuesday March 20th. 2001.

The speaker will be Mr. Brian Edwards of the Environmental Department. His subject: 'Trees of time and place', a theme which raises mental question marks. Come and hear the answers as to why that clump of trees has been planted, which owner laid out all those avenues and why in that pattern?

Do come and have your questions answered. Any friends whose interests

lie in this direction are most welcome.

Annual General Meeting Tuesday May 8th. 2001.

Thorner's School 8.00 pm.



Annual General Meeting. Thursday March 22nd 2001 at Litton Cheney. Church Hall 7.30p.m.


Among matters discussed at the February meeting was a skittles evening, arrangements for the Coffee Morning on 2nd March at Long Bredy in aid of the Meningitis Trust, and the Spring Group Meeting which will be hosted by the Institute this year. Names were taken for the Spring Council Meeting at Weymouth.

Phyllis Collyer had organised a poetry reading, inviting members to read poems of their choice. Not surprisingly, Thomas Hardy proved to be a firm favourite and Barbara Willock was invited to read in Dorset dialect. Also heard was work by William Barnes, Christina Rossetti, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and John Betjeman, among others, covering a whole gamut of emotions. It proved to be a most successful and enjoyable evening and Phyllis was thanked by President Elinor Frost.

The next meeting will be at Litton Cheney on March 6th at 7.30 p.m.

B.M. Champkins


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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondents: Mrs Elinor Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269



It's very much the Vicar's job to bring light into dark or gloomy situations, which is what the Children's Society does by helping distressed children and their families. Christingle Services are perhaps the best-known way by which the Society raises funds, and St Peter's Church had high hopes that its Service on the 21st January would really lighten some children's darkness. Despite publicity in the Bride Valley News, at Church and on the village notice board, a dismal number of people turned up, and a despondent Vicar left gloomily for his next Service.

Long Bredy is capable of such good things, but not on this occasion!

Annual Church Meeting

This will take place on Tuesday 27th March in the hall at 7.30 pm, and is open to everybody who is on the Church Electoral Roll. At present this roll stands at just under 40, as it has done for several years now, but the attendance recently has not reached double figures, by far the lowest of any Bride Valley village Church. Can we do better this year, please...?

Lent Lunch

Our Hunger/Frugal lunch will be on St David's Day, 1st March, 12.30pm at Langebride.


See Litton Cheney's notice about Giles Glen.

Anthony Ashwell


We hope this has been delivered to you promptly - and of course that it has immediately been read, marked, learned and inwardly digested...! This is because there are two dates for your diary very early in the month:-

Thursday 1st March: 12.45 p.m. Lent Frugal Lunch at Langebride ( thank you, Juniper Greener ).

Friday 2nd March: 10.30 a.m. Please come and support a Coffee Morning in the Village Hall, which the W.I. is organizing to raise funds for the National Meningitis Trust. There will also be a Bring & Buy and a raffle. A warm welcome is assured, so please come and help this worthy cause in whatever way you can






Frugal Lunch

1st March Langebride House 12.45pm

Everyone will be most welcome







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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy

Annual Church Meeting

This will take place on Thursday 15th March at 7.30 pm in Bridehead by kind permission of Sir Philip and Lady Williams. If you are a Churchmember, do please support this most important occasion.


See Litton Cheney's notice about Giles Glen.

Anthony Ashwell



Congratulations, once again, to Annette Hallett, whose Dorchester Bowls Club Ladies Foursome team has won the right, against all other clubs in the Dorset, Hampshire and West Sussex Zone, to be the Zone's representative among the last 16 in the National Finals at Nottingham during the first weekend in March. The very best of luck to the team collectively, and to Annette in particular. For the results, see next month's edition - or the Dorset Evening Echo in the meanwhile.

We send all very best wishes this month to Rory Bate, who presents himself at Pirbright on the 12th March to join the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (REME), in which he will train as an Aircraft Technician. A military career has long been Rory's ambition, and we wish him well as he now embarks on it. Good luck to him.

Unfortunately, it proved premature to welcome the Simpson family to the village in last month's issue; a last minute change of mind on their part has left No. 1, Riverside Cottage vacant for a little longer than anticipated.

All of March is within Lent, and Tessa Jackson has kindly offered to host a Lent Charity Frugal Lunch at The Old Parsonage on Wednesday 28th March. All who are in the village, or who want to come, at 1.00 p.m. that day are invited along, in support of the Spinal Injuries Fund.


Another such lunch may be organized in the village for a date in April, but, if so, that will be publicised in next month's magazine.

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held at Bridehead at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday 15th March. This is not the same as a Parochial Church Council meeting (though the P.C.C. is elected at it), but an opportunity for everyone with an interest in the future of the Church here - the building as well as the worship - to come and discuss any relevant issues concerning it. All welcome.



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Thought for the Month


Mothering Sunday March 25th


And so because you love me, and because

I love you, Mother, I have woven a wreath

Of rhymes wherewith to crown your honoured name...

Christina Rossetti

Maternal love: a miraculous substance which God multiplies as he divides it.

Victor Hugo

All I am I owe to my mother... I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual, and physical education I received from her.

George Washington

The Parson Knows

Bishop Street Press: ISBN 0-9531802-1- 2: 258pp


This book is taken from the parish notes 1953-1968 by the Rev'd Oliver Willmott. It is the sequel to Yours Reverently, which covered the years 1948-1953. Oliver Willmott was for many years the vicar of Loders, Askerswell and Dottery.


This extract was written in July 1965 ... let's hope this month's Deanery festival will enjoy July weather!

Mothers' Union Fogbound

One does not take fog into one's calculations when arranging a midsummer deanery festival of the Mothers' Union. Those who know the capacity of Eggardon and the Dorchester Road for serving up fog should have, but did not. So when the first Deanery gathering of mothers at Toller in many years coincided with the best that Eggardon could do in the way of fog there were bound to be unplanned incidents. Mrs. P....., the new Enrolling Member for Loders, was taking a party to Toller but did not know the way. It had been arranged that Mrs. C....M....., who was bringing a party from Dottery, should be guide to the Enroling Member's party. But Mrs. M..... never got out of the fog at Dottery. Mrs. P..... gratefully accepted the offer of one of her own party, Mrs. T....., to guide, blissfully unaware of Mrs. T....'s infinite capacity for getting lost on M.U. outings. Strange to say, Mrs. P.....'s party got to Toller without incident, whereas parties from Bothenhampton and Burton landed first at Hooke. But the whole congregation managed to come together before the service was quite finished, only to find that parts of the church were wetter than outside, owing to the roof being under repair. Water was falling on the vicar as he preached, but that did not damp the sermon, which the veterans said was the best M.U. sermon they had ever heard. And the vicar is a bachelor. He pointed out that fathers have as much responsibility as mothers for the religious upbringing of their children. So conditioned are we to the contrary view that this simple fact came like a revelation from Sinai.

The festival ended festively in the village hall, where the Toller mothers obliterated memories of the fog with a truly memorable tea.


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