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St Mary's Burton Bradstock FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Litton Cheney

In the last few days before Christmas, the calls on clergy can be considerable, and one area which gives us both joy and pressure is carol-singing. Four of the five parishes at the east end of the valley had organised something, but in the event I was only able to join the Litton Cheney trail, as Long Bredy had decided to go out on the same evening, Pucknowle's initiative clashed with a Carol Service, and Littlebredy's with a Christmas Service.

The weather for Litton Cheney's event was fine, and perhaps about 20 individuals joined us (Litton Cheney Social Committee) as we trekked around the village on a pre-arranged route, repeating our repertoire of 6 carols. We were "punched and pied" twice (thank you, Virginia and Betty) and naturally ended up at the pub to rejoice that £150 had been raised for the Naomi House Children's Hospice. My voice survived, just, and there's my excuse only to join in one carol-sing next Christmas!

What is so wonderful about carol-singing is that it is the effort that reaps the reward, not so much the quality of the singing. People were prepared to give up an evening just before Christmas to raise support for a really worthwhile cause. They may not have sung harmoniously but they did so with love and commitment, and that was what our generous donors recognised. Here lies a parallel with the Christmas story.

In some ways however, the most moving response occurred on New Year's Day. Outside my front door was placed, by an anonymous donor, a large jar full to the brim with one and two-penny bits with a note referring to the carol-singing. I counted the contents: 380 2p bits, 416 pennies, £11.76 in all. This kind individual, by little acts of love perhaps every day for several months, had put his or her loose coppers aside for others. The response had been faithful, on-going and quiet, but how it will have helped to bring a little joy to a dying child.

This is where I want to end. Remembering the suffering, the poor, the needy, faithfully, day-in and day-out, in prayer and in action, is at the basis of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and at the root of community.

Anthony Ashwell



Between Friends

A Matter of Priorities

Five hundred million pounds - that was the amount spent on the G8 Summit Meeting held in Okinawa, Japan, in July. It was attended by the political leaders of Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Russia, Japan, Canada, France and Germany, and all I can say is, they ought to be ashamed of themselves. How they had the nerve to allow that sort of money to be spent, especially as they were meant to be discussing Third World Debt, I have no idea. It's utterly immoral.

The money could have freed some countries from debt altogether. Oxfam estimated that the money it cost to stage the summit could have paid for schooling for 12.5 million poor children. But the leaders lived in the lap of luxury, feeding their over-full faces with food the poor are never likely to see. There was the odd sign of embarrassment, but it soon passed.

Instead of relieving the Third World's debt, in their wisdom they decided to set up a 'Digital Opportunity Taskforce' to share computer technology with the developing world. Big deal! As a spokesman for Christian Aid said, "For people who can't even read or write and have no fuel and no electricity supply, it's a nonsense." Britain's owed £1.6 billion. Had we not spent quite so much on the highly criticised Millennium Dome, we would have been able to put a very big dent in that debt. It's a matter of priorities.

What worries me is that, in the past, we and countries like us have taken quite a lot in the way of natural resources from these countries. What's more, we've taken them cheaply. Now the time has come to repay our debt. But we won't, because we are just downright greedy.

We're told that we shall be judged by our actions. At the moment the way the rich governments are behaving it looks as though they shall be found guilty of greed, negligence and immorality. It could be a life sentence. It certainly is for the poor.



Church Calender


Church Calendar February 2001

1 Brigid, Religious

3 Anskar, Bishop & Missionary

4 The Fourth Sunday before Lent

6 Martyrs of Japan

10 Scholastica, Religious

11 The Third Sunday before Lent

14 Cyril and Methodius, Missionaries

Valentine, Martyr

15 Sigfrid, Bishop

Thomas Bray, Priest.

17 Janani Luwum, Bishop & Martyr

18 The Second Sunday before Lent

23 Polycarp, Bishop & Martyr

25 Sunday next before Lent

27 George Herbert, Priest

28 Ash Wednesday Matthew 6. 1 - 6, 16 - 21 Rosemary Earnshaw


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Valley Notes


28th February 2001 IMPOSITION OF ASHES

10.00 am Burton Bradstock (Traditional order)

10.00 am Puncknowle (Traditional order)

11.30 am Shipton Gorge (Traditional order)

7.00 pm Burton Bradstock (Holy Communion

for the Beginning of Lent, modern order) 7.00 pm Littlebredy (Traditional order)


Bible Study House Group


Having completed our look at Micah, we are showing in 2 parts the video of the highly acclaimed film 'The Miracle Maker'. During the first session of the latter, we shall also be looking into our Lent course, beginning on 7th March.

Dates Venues Topics

7th February The Old Rectory, Litton Cheney * The Miracle Maker, part 1

(* plus discussion on Lent course)

14th February Westfield, Shipton Lane, BB The Miracle Maker, part 2

21st February Hillside, West Bexington The Miracle Maker, part 2

28th February Ash Wednesday


Bredy Farm Rainfall Station Report 2000 A.D.

With T.V. telling us that it has been the wettest Autumn since records were kept in 1766 one tends to believe it. Our own records show that we have had half the normal year's rainfall in the last three months of year 2000.

But you may have forgotten that 5 months were drier than average: they were January 39%, March 79%, June 38%, July 63%, and Aug 64%, of the 10 year average. The other 7 months February, April, May, September, October, November, December were all well above the year average. April with 137 mm ( 54 inches) was up 238%, and October with 163.3 mm ( 64.29 inches ) was 216% up on the 10 year average.

The Bride Valley has had 5 or 6 Flood warnings largely affecting farms from Long Bredy to Burton Bradstock, and at last some 2 degree winter frosts after a long mild spell. The total rainfall for the year was 1010.8mm (39. 8 inches) as against the 10 year average of 789.8mm (31.1 inches). Next year I will be in a position to quote the 20 year average and then hopefully look for a successor, unless I can persuade the Environment Agency to rely on their telemetry equipment already installed. Full daily details will be on the Burton Bradstock Parish Council notice board by the Library. As promised it remained fine for the Burton Festival 2000, rainfall records pointed to the most reliable period - mid July.

Justin Mallinson

Bredy Farm Met Rainfall Station 351123


Burton Bradstock School

I have been approached by villagers congratulating the school on its 'League Table' performance again this year. While I do not wish to appear ungrateful I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the need to put this crude performance indicator into perspective.

The Government has decreed that all schools should strive to push as many children over the Level 4 threshold at age 11. Those that do are lauded as 'successful' schools by politicians and press alike and the pressure is on to achieve the magical 100% level 4 pass rate. Those that don't are branded as being less successful, even failing. Indeed any school that achieves less than an 80% pass rate next year will have let our good government down and, horror of horrors, may contribute to David Blunkett losing his job! Well, that's the last thing anyone wants, but let's put all of this into perspective. Most schools have children with learning difficulties. These children are graded according to need. If that grade is at stage 2 or above then these children have little or no chance of achieving a Level 4. In fact their learning needs demand small steps forward as they consolidate concepts at a slower rate than the average child does. To force feed them facts at the expense of secure concept building in an attempt to make the school look 'good' in the league tables is, frankly, criminal. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest this is happening with greater frequency by schools that feel the pressure of the tables.

I can tell you what my results over the next 3 years will be if you are interested. It is a bit of a switchback ride, I'm pleased to say, and we won't always be at the top end of the table. I genuinely thank those of you that congratulated the school this year. You do have a real interest in the school and celebrate its success academically and in all other activities that we get involved in. All I ask of you is not to avert your eyes and shuffle nervously across the road when next year's results are published. Our chief aim is to enable all children to achieve their potential while they are with us and to leave us hungry to continue to learn. We have many 'performance indicators' to measure the huge range of activities our children are engaged in. Please don't judge us on the crude, simplistic league tables.

Thanks to all who supported our Christmas Fair. We raised over £1000 for the school. We also raised £200 for our Christmas charity 'Save The Children' from our school musicians performing at Safeway and collections at our celebration in St Mary's Church.

Very best wishes

David Powell

Lucky 100 Club winners for December

£40 Mrs D. Cobb.

£20 Mrs C. Yeoman.

£10 Mr R. Condliffe.

£5 Mr J Surry.

Thorner's School, Litton Cheney

We are just coming to the best part of the year, all the colour of summer and warm weather to come. What a winter we have had, water, wind and freezing cold winds. We have come through smiling and looking forward to holidays in the sun. Well, some people do. Anyone who knows me realises I am not a sun worshipper and prefer it colder. So where can I go? Lots of you will be planning your summer holidays and thinking about friends or family to share it with, as well as where to go, somewhere new or an old favourite, lots of choices, lots of decisions. How do we make that decision? What do we base that judgement on? How or when do we find out if we have made the correct decision?

Just recently I have found it necessary to ask a lot of favours of people and also to apologise for my lack of patience and thoughtlessness. When you need to ask someone for help you certainly have to think carefully about who is your friend. Will they do as you ask because they are that sort of person, or to keep you happy, expect a favour in return, feel obliged to help or feel they cannot refuse? During the last few months I have asked this question a number of times about my family and friends and been quite surprised by the results. One of my brothers will try to help making a determined effort if it is within his capability, without asking for any reward, while others look for a benefit to themselves, possibly a free meal or babysitting . I would like to think that the pupils of Thorner's will grow into citizens who can help others when they have a need, but how do you teach that? There is no definite line to demarcate who is really in need and who is taking advantage of a situation. The government is in the process of introducing Citizenship into the curriculum (yet another new idea for teachers to get to grips with), and through this I hope we can have open and honest discussions to guide our pupils in making lots of difficult decisions as they grow up, making them responsible members of the future generation, caring for others and the environment.

Alison Johnstone Headteacher.

Bride Valley Gardening Club

Our meeting in February will be a lecture entitled "Kingston Maurward Gardens through the year" by Mr. Nigel Hewish. The monthly competition will be for any item you have grown or made in the last year, and there will be a small prize for the winner. The meeting will be held on Monday 12th February at 7.30 p.m. at Thorner's School.

John Rowlands

Mothers' Union

The World Wide Meeting will be held at the Rectory, Burton Bradstock on Thursday, 22nd February at 2.30 p.m. There will be a Bring & Buy Stall, proceeds for Overseas Funds. Slides will be shown of M.U. work overseas.

Pam Coventry


The next meeting will be at 8.00pm on Wednesday 14th February at Litton Hill, Chalk Pit Lane, Litton Cheney by kind invitation of Diana Spicer.


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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125


Mid Week Worship - Holy Communion Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory

Choir Practices Fridays at 6.00 p.m.

Gift Sunday 18th February Bible Lands Society

The next Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held on Friday 2nd February at 11 am.

The next Healing Services at St Mary's will be held on Wednesday 7th February, Monday 12th March (not Wednesday 7th as previously announced) and Mondays 2nd and 30th April, each at 7.00 pm.

The Parochial Church Council next meets on Monday 5th February, in church at 7.00 pm.

Carol Singing around the village on Wednesday 13th December raised £268 for The Children's Society. Thank you to all 'ye singers' and to everyone who gave so generously.

Thank you to everyone who decorated the church with flowers and greenery for Christmas. Your help was very much appreciated.

Also, thank you to Steve and Lesley, Jake and Gemma Dove for decorating the Christmas tree, and to those who brought a prayer to hang on the tree.

Thank you to everyone who donated toys at the Crib Service.

Pam Atkinson

Posada (A Spanish word meaning 'Inn') Travelling Crib.

The idea of Posada originates in Mexico where people dress up as Mary and Joseph, going from house to house telling people about Jesus and asking for a room. As part of St Mary's Advent preparation we invited all households in our congregation to make room for the figures of Mary and Joseph from our Christmas Crib. Each made room for one night and then took them on to another home, so that by Christmas Eve Mary and Joseph had travelled around the parish, eventually being brought to the Crib Service in the church by the final hosts. A small candle was lit, a few short prayers were said, and refreshments offered. In this way we prepared ourselves to make room for our Lord in our hearts and homes at Christmas, not just as individuals and families but also together as a Christian community.

We thank very much Sylvia Lipscomb for knitting the nativity figures for us, and Vic Lipscomb for making the Crib just before he died.

Pam Atkinson

Lent Lunches this year will be on Fridays 12 noon to 2 pm from the 2nd March to 6th April inclusive. Venues and the charities will be given in the March edition of the BVN. If you can offer your home for one of the dates, and with helpers provide soup etc., please add your name to the list on the table in the south aisle, stating to which different charity you would like the proceeds to go.

Pam Atkinson

St Mary's Church Fete. We are in need of a Chairman and a Secretary. Please can you help? There are four meetings a year (April, June, July and August). Also, we are looking for someone to be in charge of the teas in the WI Hall. If you think you can help in any way, please have a word with Pam Atkinson (897359). Thank you.

The Children's Society

Thank you once again to everyone who came carol singing on a very cold night. The children kept going very well. Also thanks to John and Pam, who not only came round with us ( Pam with the beginning of a cold ) but played host when we had finished. We collected £257.75 which included a very generous cheque from a person who remembers us most years. Other money sent to Headquarters during 2000 is as follows:

£ 755.54 in memory of Mrs.Fee Smith

£ 58.25 Proceeds from Poole Ware sold in a Sale

£ 97.75 Proceeds from The Christingle Service

£ 369.50 Proceeds from Boxes

Total £1538.79

A big thank you to you all for supporting a very worthy cause. There are always children who need our support.

Greta Heal


There is a vacancy on Burton Bradstock Parish Council for a Parish Councillor. Are you interested in filling this vacancy? Then please apply in writing to Peter Colbert, Clerk to Burton Bradstock Parish Council, Pound House, High Street, Burton Bradstock, DT6 4QA. There will be no election and the Parish Council will co-opt someone at their meeting on 7th February. Please apply by 5th February.


This position becomes available in Mid 2001. The part time Clerk to the Council will be responsible for the Council's Administrative, Financial and Secretarial duties including preparing the minutes of Council meetings. Residence in the village would be an advantage, as would past experience of Council or Business matters.

Applications to be addressed to Chairman of the Council, Norman Thompson, Shadrach House, Burton Bradstock, DT6 4QG before 15th February, when further details and requirements will be made available to applicants.


Are you interested in having an allotment? Then contact Peter Colbert, Clerk to the Council at Pound House or telephone 897922.

Peter Colbert

Burton Bradstock Players regret that they will be unable to put on a production in the Spring of 2001, but hope to resume activities in Spring 2002.

Mary Bailey Tel. 897288

Burton Bradstock Church 100 Years Ago (Part 1)

In 1895 the interior of Burton Bradstock Church was rather different looking from the way we see it now. There had been an expansion of the population in the early part of the 19th C. and it had become a matter of necessity to increase the seating arrangements.

The main part of the building, the nave, was already filled up with box pews, which were rented out to parishioners. These would have dated from the 18th and 19th centuries, and were a steady source of income, maintained, as they often were, by the "tenant". Before that time seating was not generally provided for the people, but after the Reformation when considerable emphasis was put upon the sermon (which could be of an hour or more's duration) comforts began to creep in. Not only seating, but enclosed seating, as spoken of above, to keep out the draughts. In some churches the sides of these pews were high enough to conceal the occupant should he chance to slumber! And some, on the outside walls, even had fireplaces, as at Minstead in Hampshire.

As well as the pews, galleries had been built across the west end of the church, and in the north transept, and in 1833 a south aisle had also been constructed, providing additional sittings, which were to be free. There was a three-decker pulpit which was where we see the modern pulpit today. Money was probably short, but the need great, so a local firm of builders was engaged and where we now have the south aisle stone arcade, support was provided by iron columns, such as can still be seen at Chickerell. This was an economic way of proceeding so that a pitched, slated roof could be constructed, saving the expense of grafting a sloping one to the existing lead covered roof. The windows too were timber framed, not stone. This new extension in no way connected to the transepts, and the tower door still opened to the exterior, through what is now the flower vase cupboard. There was of course no electricity, the 18C. brass chandeliers having candles in them.

Also, from what we read, the building was suffering from a considerable degree of neglect and decay, a lot of which was caused by damp, and the floor was, by all accounts, in a very poor way. At this time the chancel walls were still plastered, but much of the plaster throughout was perished and falling from the walls. A sad picture indeed.

Jane Stubbs, January 2001

Burton Bradstock W.I.

Forty-eight members and two guests were amusingly entertained on a very wet and blustery afternoon by Mrs. P.Beech from the 'Silver Ring Choir' of Bath which is this year celebrating its 50th anniversary. A chance meeting with a neighbour was her first introduction to the choir 37 years ago! The age group of the choir ranges from 17 - 78 and countries they have visited include Holland, U.S.A., France and Hungary.

Dates for your diary:

1st February Whist Drive 2.00 p.m.

8th February Art Course ( W.I. half price ) £10 15 places.

Additional dates:

23rd May or 11th July River Dart trip.

October Denman aromatherapy course.

Winners of 100 Club were: Shirley Parker, Wendy Green, Bunny Hazard, Yvette Smith.

Winners of Christmas 100 Club: Marjorie Banks, Jill Spinney, Margaret Acland.

Linda Leaf Tel. 425001

London Marathon

I have been accepted for the London Marathon on 22nd April and David Powell has kindly consented to allow me to run to raise funds for the school. Light training started in September but I am now working much harder and running about 30 miles a week. I am so far 9lbs lighter and beer is off limits - I suspect a connection between the two... My weekly mileage target will steadily increase as the weeks go by so that by early April I am up to about 55 miles. Most of my training is done during the week at the Staff College near Swindon where I am currently based, but at weekends -especially on my long Sunday runs - you will see me around the village. I am not looking for sponsorship, pledges or anything at the moment (that will come later!) but a friendly wave or word of encouragement as you see me jogging by would be appreciated (particularly if it is cold and wet!).

Colin Haley Shipton Lane




Once again, Burton Bradstock School P.T.A. are holding their popular Quiz Night on 9th February at 7.30 pm at the school. Tickets are £1.00 per head which includes food - feel free to bring your own drinks. You can either make up your own team (up to 6 people) or turn up on the night and we'll sort out a team for you. There will be a raffle during the evening for some great prizes. It's a fun night out and all the proceeds go to the school, so do come along.



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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White


3 Gullivers Orchard Shipton Gorge



The Parochial Church Council next meets on Wednesday 21st February at 7.30 pm at Cairn Hill.



Christmas at St.Martin's commenced with the Carol Service on December 19th. The church had been decorated beautifully, the congregation ran into three figures and it was warm!

Punch & mince pies in the Village Hall, jointly hosted by the Village Society, enhanced the festive feeling and many thanks are due to the ladies who brought along home made mince pies, to the'punch mixer' and to all who worked to make it so successful.

On Christmas Day, over sixty people attended Family Communion at 9.30 a.m. and on New Year's Eve, a smaller congregation came at 6.30 for a special evening service. The decorations still looked fresh, and the big, big tree quite a feature to have erected, ( and, more recently, to have dismantled so tidily ).

Fortunately we still have an Organist to thank for music at each of these services, and, of course, a Rector.

Wishing everyone a happy & peaceful 2001.

MR - Churchwarden

Carol Singing

A handful of singers gathered and, thanks to your generosity, they managed to raise £85 for Save the Children Fund. We were warmly recieved by Geoff and Betty Shepherd, who had prepared a wonderful feast with mulled wine to send us out on our final leg to the New Inn. Many thanks to all who contributed in any way.

Jo Warren




The Annual meeting of Bridport & Rural Homewatch groups took place on the 4th December at the Town Hall. Harold Jenks, John Bredemear and I attended.

Inspector Warren gave a summary of the crime figures for the area. This showed very little change overall. He felt the Homewatch scheme is useful in keeping the Police aware of local events, such as petty crime and suspicious vehicles.

It was stressed, again and again, if you see something unusual happening report it immediately to the local police station. Do not wait until tomorrow as it is too late then. P.C. Sandy Goldsmith, the area Watch Officer, reported on the Ringmaster and apologised for the lack of messages. A new hardware system has been installed, causing a few problems, but it should be working by the first week in January.

Thank you to all the village contacts in Shipton and keep up the good work.

Police Telephone Number is 862222. Frank Rogers 897821


It is some time since we reminded people that we collect used postage stamps and send them off to various charities. We send them to the following in turn throughout the year:-

Bransby Home of Rest for Horses

Joseph Weld Hospice

Royal Veterinary College Animal Care Trust

The Blue Cross

People's Dispensary for Sick Animals

All of these organisations sort the stamps and then sell them to gain funds for their charity. Yes - we know that they're nearly all animal charities, but that's our thing!! So if you have stamps that we can add to our pile, either send them to us or drop them into our offices. We will be pleased to add them to our collection - it's only a small thing but it does help!

Tony and Mary Boughton Dorwest Herbs, Shipton Gorge - Tel: 01308-897272


Congratulations to Jo Adams of Birdcombe Cottage for being awarded the M.B.E. in the New Year's Honours List for services to sexual health.


Plant Sale

Saturday April 28th in the Village Hall at 10.00 a.m. All contributions for the above sale will be gratefully received. So start planting your seeds now!

Vic & Jean Canterbury Tel. 898218


Shipton Gorge Hall 100 Club

Winners for the January 2001 draw: £20 No. 22 Jo Baughton

£10 No. 54 Mary Lester


An Evening of Classical Chamber Music

As indicated in the January edition of the BVN, we shall be presenting at Shipton Gorge Village Hall on Wednesday 28th February at 7.30 p.m., in conjunction with Dorset Artsreach, the Finzi Trio. They will play a programme of classical music which will include the following:

Schubert Trio in B major

Beethoven String Trio in C minor

Gerald Finzi Prelude and Fugue

Carl Reinecke String Trio (Op. 249)

The evening is part of the "Live Music Now" concert scheme organised by the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation for Young Musicians, and promises to be a memorable musical experience. The Trio consists of Anna Croad (violin), Nicola Busby (viola) and Tim Wells ('cello). All are experienced recitalists who have studied with the finest chamber musicians of the Maggini, Alberni and Amadeus quartets. They play with leading orchestras including the R.P.O. Anna studied at the Royal Academy of Music after Chetham's School of Music. Nicola also studied at the Royal Academy , whilst Tim studied at the R.C.M.. He then read music at Christ Church, Oxford, where he gained an Instrumental Exhibition before completing his studies at the Royal College, where he won most of the major prizes.

Tickets are available from John Huxtable (Tel. 01308 897547), The New Inn, Shipton Gorge, and members of the Hall Committee. Tickets are priced at £4 - marvellous value owing to subsidy and sponsorship!


Parish Council

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Thursday 1st March 2001 in the Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. Members of the public are most welcome. The Parish Council meets on the first Thursday of every other month. Additionally there is an Annual Parish Meeting in April each year. The Parish Clerk can be contacted on 01308 456100 most evenings and weekends.

Helen Farmer


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Chilcombe Church



The Carol Service, held on the Friday before Christmas, was extremely well attended. Over 50 people came, so it was standing room only at the back of the church! Many thanks to all the readers, both adults and children, who took part and especial thanks to Janet Lane on keyboard and Bobby Lee on flute. Bobby has kindly agreed to play for our regular Evensong services in the summer. It will be good not to have to sing unaccompanied any more.

After the service John and Caryl Hubbard invited everyone to a party, where we all enjoyed mulled wine and delicious nibbles. The next service at Chilcombe will be on Easter Sunday, and there will be a Carol Service in December 2001.

Sue Diment


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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Gilly Doar

Paddock Lodge Swyre


Christmas Services

In line with the other Bride Valley churches, Holy Trinity saw better attendance at both the Carol Service and the "early" (9.30pm) Midnight Christmas Communion. The church was beautifully decorated as usual, and writing before the post-Christmas Carols of Praise Service (on 7th January), I hope the decorations will remain in place for as long as possible for all to admire.

The Yeates Family have done so much for the community, indeed it is appropriate that "Swyre" and "Yeates" have 3 letters in common. Please pray for Joan as she fights a horrible illness, and for Peter and their gifted children.

Anthony Ashwell

Congratulations to Avril Yeates who has passed her driving test.


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Village Correspondent: Mrs Dorothy Barlow

Collingbourne, Hoopers Lane, Puncknowle

Telephone: (01308) 897761


Eric Arnott, Richard Ikin and Anna Ware are amongst those who have been unwell. As I write at the beginning of January, Eric is recovering fantastically quickly after a major operation, Richard's leg problem is also responding to treatment, but Anna's discomfort is proving difficult to identify. We send our love to them and their families.

Christmas Services

The church, as usual, was full for our Carol Service and the Crib was assembled lovingly and efficiently without accident to any of the figures, which can so easily be dropped in the excitement.

The Christmas Day Service saw a much better attendance than usual for the day, and our New Year's Eve Family Service again had a pretty full church. Christmas attendances down? Not in Puncknowle!


Our Christingle Service will be on Sunday 4th February at 9.30am. All are most welcome to join us and to support the work of the Children's Society.


The Puncknowle Manor Estate

What a joy and relief it is for so many locally, that the Estate has been sold and bought complete, with the farm being kept on and its employees retained.

The new owners are Jim and Sarah Wilde, and those of us who have had the privilege of meeting them, and spending time with them, will be aware of what a gifted, outgoing and outward-looking couple they are, and how sympathetic they are also to their employees and the needs of the wider community.

We wish them and their daughters, Victoria and Emma, every blessing.

Anthony Ashwell

The Crown Punknowle Fundraisers

Race Night will be held on Saturday 17th February 2001 at Portesham Village Hall. Tickets, horses and more information available from The Crown (Tel. 897711). Transport will be available between The Crown and Portesham at extra charge.


CAROL SINGING round the village

Many thanks to the noble group of adults and children who spent the evening singing carols and knocking on doors, and to those who gave so generously. £120.46p was raised for the Children's Society Waves Project in Weymouth. A big thank you to Mike Lawless for the welcome soup and mincepies afterwards.

SOCIAL EVENING Church Hall 7.30 pm. on February 8th.

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, what is the Dormouse up to?

Do come and hear Dr. Sue Eden sharing her expertise and knowledge of these elusive creatures. All are welcome. There will be a collection to cover expenses.

ROAD CLEARING in the centre of Puncknowle.

After the flooding over the New Year Alan Fry ONCE MORE came with his tractor and pick-up and cleared up the excessive amount of rubble from the roads, with help from Robin and Ken. We all appreciate their efforts.


The end of term party was great fun this year, after a fine rendition of some carols and songs by the children, helped along with Sally on the piano. Father Christmas arrived at 11.30 and gave out presents to the children. This was followed with food, lovingly prepared by the parents and staff; there were mince pies and mulled wine for the adults. A Christmas mug was also given to the children. I would like to say thank you to all those who took part on the day. As the New Year starts we are beginning to plan for the spring and summer, [so watch this space]. Also we have our Ofsted inspection in February, so all hands on board to get things ready.

Our Christmas Quiz was a success and the winner was Carol Podmore, of Puncknowle. Well done! The prize of £15.00 was donated by Ron Hansford [ thank you ]. Also thank you to all the people who supported us and helped us sell the Quiz sheet.

On 27th February we have our annual photo session; any people with young families who wish to have their photo taken, please telephone me on 01 308 482204 for more details.

Sue Talbot ( Chair)

Puncknowle Art Group

We had two most interesting talks before Christmas. Many thanks to Mary Boyd from Culmstock, Devon for her demonstration and talk on 'glasspainting' and to Jennifer Bembridge for her workshop on cartoons. Meetings for February are on the 2nd and 16th. C.Molony

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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents:

Mrs. Gaynor Jones, 10 Manor Farm Close Tel.482517

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close Tel.482384



Funeral and Burial 19th December 2000

Lottie Tuffin, aged 95, formally of Barges Farmhouse.

Christmas Carol Service

It is good to report that the Service, led and co-ordinated by Malcolm and Patricia Munro, and supported by the Briddy Choir, was most successful, and a full Church appreciated this exciting yet meaningful prologue to Christmas. Some comments from Malcolm appear separately.

Christmas Services

Apart from the Carol Service, our other Services were well supported. The Crib Service went off beautifully, there were 18 crib figures to position, and guess what (?), there were precisely 18 young volunteers to put them in place. The Midnight Communion had a full Church, and the first major airing of a new "Common Worship" Service. On New Year's Eve there was a short "watch-night" Service, before the bells, and we were privileged to have the Village Singers (from Long Bredy) with us.


Christingle Service

This will take place on Sunday 25th February at 9.30am in the church and the collection, of course, will be given to the Children's Society. Some may be wondering why this Service is so far from Christmas, but Christingles do not have to be at Christmas; indeed it makes sense to distance them a little from Christmas when there are so many demands on our time and our pockets! Please do come to this important fund-raising service for the Children's Society.


'Christmas Carols' - a few words of appreciation!

'By the time you read this Christmas will be over, and memories of the carol service fading as we look forward to Spring, Easter, better weather, all of these. We hope you enjoyed the service, and that the readings old and new echoed a little of what lies at the heart of Christmas: a promise of redemption in the story of a holy child.

So, many thanks to you all, children and grown-ups, readers, singers and musicians, and those behind the scenes who made it work on the day. Happy New Year, and more candlelight next time by popular request. (A bit more prior notice, vicar - see you there!)'

Malcolm & Patricia Munro.

Village Christmas Tree

Our thanks are extended to Freddie Spicer, Ian Slark and Bob Jones for putting up the tree, and especially to Mrs. Gilby for the electricity for the lights. It was a delightful tree again this year - a very good afternoon's work!


December Meeting

Members and guests were welcomed to the Christmas party in December and birthday posies were presented to Madeleine Izzard, Mary Anderson, Valerie Cameron and Carol Lindsay. Bouquets were presented to Patricia Munro, Jackie Baker and Betty Champkins as thanks for their work with the Carol Service.

The entertainment was provided by "George and Myrtle", a magician ably assisted by his young grand-daughter. Part of his act included a pair of white doves who found the party so enjoyable that they decided to follow the example of many other young things these days and "sleep over". They perched happily on the roof rafters, refusing to come down and had to be collected the following day.

An excellent buffet supper followed, with diners at times nervously glancing skywards when a few feathers fluttered down.

January Meeting

In January President Elinor Frost welcomed members to the first meeting of 2001 and presented birthday posies to Phyllis White and Hilary Green.

In conjunction with Kenco who are running a fund raising campaign for the National Meningitis Trust, the Institute will hold a coffee morning at 10.30 a. m. on Friday 2nd March at Long Bredy Village Hall.

A cheque for £84.05 has been sent to Naomi House Hospice, being the collection from the Carol Service.

Speaker Barbara Whillock brought maps and photographs to illustrate her talk entitled "Bridges and Buildings", mainly in the Portland area.

In 1996 Wessex Water was given permission to build a sewage works despite local objections but at an open day last October it was seen that landscaping almost hides it. Another nearby enterprise is Abbotsbury Oysters, who hold an annual Oyster Festival in Weymouth. Bluewater Horizons is a new powerboat and motor cruiser centre and Tod's Boat Builders, which opened in 1932, eventually expanded into civil aircraft. In March 1999 Breitling Orbiter 3 reached the record books with staff at Ferrybridge building the balloon's gondola. The new Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy has now opened and in 1997 Harbour Point was born.

Barbara was warmly thanked by Mary Anderson for her most interesting talk. The next meeting will be a poetry reading at 7.30 p.m. on February 6th at Long Bredy.




Village Society February Meeting - Tuesday 20th

Thorner's School 8.00 p.m.

The speaker will be Mr. Steven Wallis, County Archaeologist. He will tell us about recent research and 'finds' within his and our area. I believe the talk may include a Roman cowshed. Presumably the "cow shed" is the latest, not the original use. So: 'Digging up Dorset' both physically and researchwise!

Regrettably, due to changes at B.T.C.V., Mr. Tom Goss will be unable to talk to us in March. His place has been taken by Mr. Brian Edwards of the Environmental Department. Our grateful thanks for this. He will be speaking about 'Trees of Time & Place'. Curious? I hope so! Dates for your diaries. Come and enjoy it all.

Meg Turner


Congratulations on the two new arrivals in the village:

to James & Michelle Williams on the birth of Elizabeth Rose

(4th December)

to Paul & Elizabeth Kingston on the birth of Reuben George Edwin

(29th December)

Litton Cheney Website

The following message has been received:

From: Jack Smith

Sent: Friday, December 22, 2000 7.30 PM

To: walter

Subject: Litton Cheney Website

I was recently browsing the internet on my PC when I came across the Litton Cheney website. Being a resident of Litton Cheney in the 1980's, I stopped to read further.

My first reaction was 'how marvellous', so I eagerly began reading the pages and I was fascinated by the history pages; I suddenly felt a great pride in my old village. On reading further I discovered the 'health' pages and the Christmas events pages, which are all presented nicely, and load quickly on my ageing PC.

I wonder what plans you have to develop the pages. Will you be catering for all people in the village or do you have a specific audience? I look forward to future developments.

Litton Web Group and Litton Cheney Social Committee

On Saturday 10th February the village is invited to view the work of the web group at Thorner's School between 10.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. Everyone is very welcome; coffee, tea and biscuits will be free.

Concert in aid of Litton Cheney Playing Field

Local clarinettist Walter Brewster will be joined by a local string quartet in a programme of music including Mozart's Clarinet Quintet on Friday 23rd February. The concert will take place in the church at 7.30 p.m. and wine/soft drinks and light refreshments will be served. Tickets available in advance at £5 and £3 from Anne Brewster (482593) or Katharine Jones (482589) or Sarah Nobes (482716).


The village collection in October raised £100, which is our best ever. Very many thanks to those who donated and particularly to the collectors.

Carol Lindsay

Litton Cheney Useful Information

I am preparing the 2001/2002 edition of this leaflet. If anyone has any suggestions for additional information which could be included, please let me know (482383).

Hugh Lindsay


Ladies wristwatch found on 22 December 2000 near bottom of Whiteway Hill, Litton Cheney. Anyone who has lost such a watch should ring 482532.


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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondents: Mr & Mrs Patrick Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269


"Greater than Gold"

It is impossible to put into words the wonder and enjoyment those of us experienced who went to our Church's Christmas "Show". This replaced the usual Carol Service, with "Greater than Gold" telling the story in words and music of a little girl who was determined to have her own Holy Bible. To say there was a cast of thousands would be to exaggerate of course, but a good part of the Long Bredy community, and outsiders too, were involved and committed to a magnificent production which wholeheartedly deserves our gratitude. Our deepest thanks were offered on the evening of the performance, and I hope that all who helped in any way were recognised. However I do want to make the mistake of picking out 2 individuals whose efforts must be particularly remembered : Paul Barwick - quite simply, it was all down and up to him, and Holly Scott - here, perhaps, "a star is born".

Christmas Service

We had a really warming and well-attended Christmas Day Service. Excited children and many more adults than usual taking Communion. It was wonderful to be with you.

Anthony Ashwell


Frugal Lunch

1st March Langebride House 12.45pm

Everyone will be most welcome



The Christmas Bingo Evening was a great success, making a profit of £315 for the Village Hall Fund. Many thanks to all who attended and gave Bingo or Raffle prizes.

Welcome to Jane and David Dowling, who have moved into their new home in the village, next to the Surgery.

Best wishes to Ruth Pitcher, as she starts a year's course in Paediatrics at Southampton University, and to Hilary Green in her Teacher Training course.




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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy



Welcome to Elizabeth Simpson, with her children Sam (8) and Megan (6), who are moving into No.1, Riverside Cottage. This is the latest of a series of young school-age families in the village, and we hope that friendships will quickly develop, and that the Simpsons' time here will be long and happy for them.

Best wishes too to Geoff Longstaff, who has been waiting patiently while a planned operation has been postponed, but will now - assuming no further hitches - spend a few days in hospital during February. We wish him a quick recovery and convalescence on his return.

Many will already have heard of Fred Prideaux' accident at home on the ice at the end of December, and its serious consequences for his knees. This too required hospital treatment, but we hope he is now well on the mend.

Thanks at this stage to all those who have been contributing to the renovation of the Village Hall. It is hoped that one final meeting will agree the last few matters for decision, and the Hall should then be up and running again - though, as the Social Club's Registration Certificate has run out (and could not be renewed while the hall was out of action), there will be some formalities to be gone through before the Club (and the bar) can again operate as before.

Advance notice in case it is of interest: the forthcoming television dramatisation of Thomas Hardy's "The Mayor of Casterbridge" includes the Valley of Stones as its final location. Once Mayor Michael Henchard's degradation and fall from grace to ruin are complete at the very end of the story, he is shown living in Littlebredy... - in the derelict barn on Blackdown Farm. The latest information from the production team is that transmission will be "in the spring", but in case that includes late February, there will be a bit of local interest for viewers here.



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Thought for the Month


Bride Valley Scout Group

On behalf of the Group I would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their recent donations to our "New Hut Fund ".

Elaine Colbert - proceeds from her show 'Encore'.

David Kane - money from the sale of his computer.

The Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers - for a large cheque given us in November 2000.

Sylvia Lipscombe - donations in memory of her late husband Vic.

Shipton Village Society - a donation in memory of Bob Tucker who was their Treasurer.

All of you - for your support.

Fundraising continues, the next event being an evening of Victorian Old Time Music Hall Entertainment by the Chideock & Symondsbury Players in the W.I. Hall, Burton Bradstock. This will be on Saturday, 10th February, curtain up at 7.30 p.m. Please 'phone Steve Dove on 897695 or Koo Jones on 482589 for tickets at £3.50 each. Then on Saturday, 17th February in Portesham Village Hall there will be a 'Race Night', organised by the Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers, again in aid of our 'New Hut Fund'. Last year's Race Night was a great success, this one promises to be even better.

We are providing coaches so that people do not need to drive (£2 fee). Please contact Pat Tucker on 897197 for details and to book your coach seats.

We are looking for owners, trainers and jockeys for the horses; again 'phone for details. Please note that unfortunately no one under the age of 18 will be allowed into this event.

Regarding progress towards the submission of our lottery bid, tenders should have been received from seven local builders by mid-January; so as you read this, we should be on the point of sending off our application. Keep your fingers crossed!

Steve Dove, Chairman BVSG


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Editors: John & Susan Paul Windy Gap Shipton Lane Burton Bradstock DT6 4NQ