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St Mary's Burton Bradstock FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Litton Cheney


Pastoral Care

Once, people could expect to see their parish priest at the altar and in the pulpit on Sundays, and during the week in the streets and visiting the homes of his parishioners. He had time, too, to botanise, astronomise or keep bees, and would expect villagers to touch their forelocks on meeting him, unless they were of the gentry.

Times change. You don't see the parson as often now, and you can't even guarantee to see him in your church on Sundays. Having care of many parishes rather than a single one makes a difference, as does the large number of meetings and that modern affliction 'paperwork'.

Anthony and I visit parishioners, in their homes and in hospital, as much as we can. We do spend a great deal of our time with people - in preparing couples for their weddings and parents for the baptism of their children; in visiting the bereaved and planning funeral services; in visiting the sick and counselling those in trouble; in ministering to the children of our two schools.

Recently Burton Bradstock Church Council discussed the Church's pastoral care and how it might be improved. A great deal of neighbourly caring happens in our villages, by those who are not church members as well as by those who are, but we may be able to help each other even more. I make a few points in the light of that discussion.

The Rector and the Vicar are not 'the Church'. A visit from a lay church member is just as much a visit from 'the Church'.

The clergy are never 'too busy' to be 'troubled' by requests for visits. Do ask! Tell one of us when someone you know is ill. We can't know unless someone does! And please don't assume that someone else has already done so. We would rather be told more than once than not at all. Even if a visit is not needed, we can remember you in our prayers or add a name on our weekly pew sheet to the list of those who are ill, for everyone's prayers. But please tell us also when you have recovered. We can't keep track of people by telepathy!

Please ask someone to tell the clergy if you have a stay in hospital - and when you return. It's a long way to Dorchester to discover that the sole person one went to visit came home yesterday! We may not be able to visit immediately, but there are willing lay people who can, should people wish that.

Normally, Anthony is not on duty on Mondays, and I not on Tuesdays. If we are at home then, we do, of course, deal with emergencies on those days. Usually at least one of us is on duty every day of the week. If one is not available do speak to the other, or to one of your churchwardens who will gladly pass on messages.

Please help us to help you. We shall, whenever we can.

John Atkinson.

Church Calendar - September 2000

1 Giles of Provence, Hermit, c.710.

2 The Martyrs of Papua New Guinea, 1901 and 1942.

3 The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity.

Gregory the Great, Bishop of Rome, Teacher, 604.

4 Birinus, Bishop of Dorchester (Oxon), Apostle of Wessex, 650. He came from Rome with the intention of preaching the Word of God in the 'inner parts' of England; but he found the people of Wessex still heathen. So he decided to work among them instead. He built churches and 'called many to the Lord by his holy labours.' .

6 Allen Gardiner, Missionary, Founder of the South American Missionary Society, 1851.

8 The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Ps.37 v.3 - 8 9 Charles Fuge Lowder, Priest, 1880.

10 The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity.

13 John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople, Teacher, 407.

14 Holy Cross Day. John 3. 13 - 17

15 Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage, Martyr, 258.

16 Ninian, Bishop of Galloway, Apostle of the Picts, c.432.

17 The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity

Hildegard, Abbess of Bingen, Visionary, 1179.

19 Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury, 690.

20 John Coleridge Patteson, First Bishop of Melanesia, and his Companions, Martyrs, 1871.

21 Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist. Matthew 9, v.9-13.

24 The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity.

25 Lancelot Andrewes, Bishop of Winchester, Spiritual Writer, 1626.

Sergei of Radouezh, Russian Monastic Reformer, Teacher, 1392

26 Wilson Carlile, Founder of the Church Army, 1942.

27 Vincent de Paul, Founder of the Congregation of the Mission (Lazarists), 1660.

29 Michael and All Angels. Revelation 12, v.7-12.

30 Jerome, Translator of the Scriptures, Teacher, 420.

Rosemary Earnshaw


Parish Magazine Editors have been asked to include the following summary of THE CHURCH COMMISSIONERS' Annual Report for 1999, which has recently been published.

1999 results

We are pleased to be able to report a year of very good investment returns in 1999. With assets achieving a 22.7% total return, we outperformed our benchmark by 1. 5%. The market value of our assets stood at £4,400m total and in 1999 we contributed £156.1 m towards our support for the Church's ministry.

Financial context

But it is important to remember that our income does not and never could meet more than a relatively small share of the Church's overall running costs. In 1999 these were in the order of £760 million and the £156.1 million we provided represents little more than 20% of that total. To spend more would be to fund today's Church at the expense of tomorrow's.

The lion's share of the Church's running costs is provided by parishioners. This includes the major new commitment taken on by parishes in the shape of funding clergy pensions earned after 1998.

"Closing the gap"

Close followers of our fortunes will know that last year, despite good investment performance, our spending commitments slightly outstripped our assets. This is still broadly the case, the gap arising from the Government's withdrawal of tax credits on dividends. Until we have closed that final gap we cannot, in all prudence, increase our present overall financial support in real terms. This makes it all the more important that we try to get the best possible value out of the money we can spend.

What does our support for the Church mean to you?

We target the greater part of the funds we provide for parish ministry towards those dioceses where financial need is greatest. And our payments towards the pensions of retired clergy - who often continue to minister in parishes -and towards the costs of bishops and cathedral staff, benefit parishes in all dioceses.

In 1999 we provided:

* £20.6m parish ministry support, of which £ 15.1 was targeted to support parish ministry in areas of greatest need

* £3.5m for bishops' stipends

* £5.7m for cathedral clergy stipends and grants towards staff salaries

* £86.9m towards existing clergy pension liabilities (ie the bulk of this cost)

* £17.3m to ease the impact of the new (parish/diocesan) pensions contributions scheme

* £11.8m for bishops' stipends, housing, staff and other working costs

* £10.3m towards other costs including church buildings, other church bodies and administration - the last down 30% in the last decade.

Forward look

We nonetheless aim to look for ways of increasing our support for ministry in areas of need and opportunity in the years ahead. Such support has always been a vital part of our mission to serve the Church and in 1999 we re-affirmed our key objective as:

to increase the sustainable amount of our support for parish ministry in areas of need and opportunity, subject to the constraints upon us.

During the coming year we will work with the Archbishops' Council to explore the options that, with the wider Church's assent, might be available to us. Our hope is that this work will help us ensure that our future financial support is targeted as effectively as possible towards those parts of the Church where it is most needed.

Copies of full report and summary available from the Corporate Affairs Office, Church Commissioners, 1 Millbank, London SWIP 3JZ.

tel: 020-7898 1135/1619/1623 fax.. 020-7898 1131



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Valley Notes


The Bride Valley Team Council next meets on Thursday 16th November 2000 at 7.30 pm in Puncknowle Church Hall.


House Bible Study Group: Just a preliminary notice to inform everybody that the group reconvenes at the beginning of October to follow a course entitled "A Look at Micah". This will be in 8 parts, each one being presented the first week at the west end of the valley, the second week at the east end, thus allowing those who have to miss a session at their end of the valley, to attend if they want at the other end. The outline programme is:

October 4th to December 6th : Session 1 to 5

January 17th to February 21st : Session 6 to 8

February 28th : Ash Wednesday

As always we welcome everybody, from beginners to buffs, and full details of dates, times and locations will be given in October's B.V.N.

Anthony Ashwell

Bridport and District Bible Society Action Group

''Around the World in 80 Slides"

Mr. David Irish, the Area Development Manager for the Bible Society, will give an illustrated talk at St. Mary's Church House, Bridport, on Friday, 29th September (7.00 - 9.00 p.m.). The evening programme will commence with a buffet supper. Tickets are available from your church representative, or the Action Group Committee member in your congregation. There is no charge for the meal but donations for the small costs involved will be greatly appreciated, and any surplus will be given to the Millennium Bible Society project .. "Literacy for Life." Please support what promises to be a very interesting event.

Windows on the Old Testament"

The Bible Society Annual Series of Autumn Lectures will be given by the Rev. Stephen Thornton ( Training Officer of the United Reformed Church - Wessex Province) on Thursdays, 2nd, 9th and 16th November (7.30 - 9.0 p.m.) in the United Church, Bridport. The first session is entitled "Abraham to Israel", with emphasis on Amos and Hosea. The second lecture features "The Exile", with emphasis on Ezekiel and Isaiah. The last evening concludes with "The Return" with emphasis on Jonah. These evenings are sponsored by the Bridport and District Bible Society Action Group and Bridport Churches Together.

Canon John McDougal,

Chairman, Bridport and District Bible Society Action Group,

Silverbridge Cottage,

North Chideock,




Approximately 25 children turned up at Thorner's school each afternoon (26th-28th July) to encounter the Bride Valley's first holiday club 'Down the Drain'. Having arrived at Drain Central they met Wayne and Dwain the drain cleaners who were sometimes 'silly' and sometimes 'serious' and Fenella the Fish.

Games were played such as 'Bash the Bunny', 'Hunt the Fish' and the 'Drain game'. During the craft sessions stones, faces, sticks and jars were painted, biscuits were decorated and parachutes, kites, friendship bracelets and spiders were made.

The children sang the special 'Down the Drain' and 'Wah Wah' songs. The stories of Noah, Jonah and Peter were heard and memory verses were learnt.

The drinks and biscuits were popular too!!!

All this was followed by a family barbecue on the Friday evening (28th July). Despite being a damp day, the evening was beautiful. There was a lovely atmosphere, as well as lovely food ... sausages, chicken, burgers, ice cream, cakes, wine .... mmm! Thank you lan and Mary Slark for organising such a great evening.

The finale to the whole week took place at St. Mary's church on Sunday 30th. A number of families came to hear the songs and meet Wayne and Dwain. More was learnt about Noah, Jonah and Peter and even Fenelia the Fish was there.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the running of such a successful week, we know you enjoyed it too.

Sad you missed it all? Well, don't make the same mistake twice. Keep your ears and eyes peeled next year for Holiday Club 2001.

Paul and Joanna ...

Burton Bradstock School

We bade farewell to eighteen children at the end of last term and, more significantly to four families. You get to know families very well in a small school. You share a lot of journeys together, some good ones and some that are a little more challenging. The point is that you endeavour to 'share' the educational experiences that the children receive. Our school works hard to build a partnership with parents, a partnership that allows all parties to nurture and support children, that ensures the messages and guidance the children receive are the same. Children are well equipped to play one party off against another if they think there is something to be gained from it, and parents and school need to keep clear lines of communication to ensure that this does not happen.

These partnerships throw teachers and me closer to parents and I have to guard against friendships overwhelming my need to keep my 'objective' headteacher's hat on. Inevitably, however, friendships do develop and when I say goodbye to families whose children I have taught for the last ten years it is poignant to say the least.

I draw the short straw at the Leavers' Service as I have to make my little speech after the school has sung 'Look Towards Tomorrow'. I defy anyone not to have a lump in his or her throat after this song, as anyone who has heard, or joined in with it will testify, and it tests my objectivity to speak without a catch in my throat! As I drew to a close this year, however, Charlie Wheeler, one of my leavers and the youngest of four children, all of whom I've taught, whispered to me that his mum would like to say a few words.

Jayne Wheeler walked to the front of the church, and courageously read out a poem that she had written celebrating the family's sixteen-year involvement with the school. The family then presented the school with a beautiful inscribed clock.

Like many in the church, I was overwhelmed.

So thank you to the Wheelers, Hayters, Follets, Attrills, Matthews and Fearons. All of them giving much to the school in their time with us as families. We will remember you and your children with much fondness.

And welcome back to everyone else, including our brand new families, as a new term and a new school year starts.

Best wishes

David Powell



Thorner's School, Litton Cheney

In a few days' time we will be back working in a new year, some of us with new teachers, all looking forward to the coming academic year, new topics, new friends. A number of pupils will be joining us this term; welcome to the following pupils who are moving to us from different schools: Tim Lunn, Celia and Hester Underhill, Caroline Milree, Morgan Judd-English. We hope that you make the most of your time at Thorner's and do not miss your previous school too much; we are generally a friendly bunch and we hope that you settle down quickly and find new friends easily. The other group of pupils who are new to school are: Charlotte Derryman, Bethany Letherby, Matthew Fry, Elaine Brazier, Conal Judd-English, Jack Arak-Newman, Troy Smith, Megan Procter, Molly Kerslake. We wish them well at the start of their school life, hoping that they enjoy their time here and make the most of their talents and interests to achieve their full potential. It will be interesting to see them grow through the school, maturing and acquiring knowledge as they go. As a teacher I always look forward to meeting new pupils as each one brings his or her own personality and slant on life. We can all learn from one another and this is one of the reasons I entered the teaching profession, each new year bringing new challenges and new knowledge.

At long last we have found the time ( I know, I know .. about time too I hear you say! ) to put together our website, so if you want to keep up-to-date look us up on the internet at, let us know what you think of it! Thanks very much to James Prentice for the technical support and tuition, all of class 4 (past and present) who contributed articles. Sorry it has taken so long but we teachers are a heavily burdened group, with lots of administration and not much 'free time' to play and experiment. It is hoped to keep it current and use the pupils' own views and articles alongside the official side. Have we succeeded?

A number of parents have shown an interest in learning more about computers, to keep up with their children mainly, and I am looking into setting up some 'lessons'. If you want to hear more, let me know, or if you can offer the tuition, get in touch as I would like to run it with the community in mind and not just for school parents.

July 100 club winners: £30 Mrs Paulton and

£20 Mrs Foot

August 100 club winners: £20 Mrs Nobes and

£10 Mrs Lee

( The July prize has always been higher than other months )

Alison Johnstone Headteacher.


A Community Care Scheme for Bridport

Pathways to Care are seeking extra telephone volunteers to take calls from enquirers and to refer them on. This would suit people at home a lot. Training will be given. Please contact Trevor Stubbs (422138) for further details.

Sponsored by Churches Together in Bridport & District


ON SUNDAY 5TH NOVEMBER AT 12.30 PM SHELTER HOUSING AID MANAGER FOR SOMERSET AND DORSET, SUSAN CLOWES, will be coming to Litton Cheney Church Hall to tell us about SHELTER' S WORK, locally and nationally.

Do come and support this vital work. Afterwards, there will be a glass of wine and sandwiches ( £ l per person; soft drinks available). Please ring Anna Ashwell if you can come, or just turn up on the day. (Tel 01308 482302).

Mothers' Union

The next meeting will be held on Monday 25th September at Forge Cottage, Pucknowle at 2.30 p.m. Mrs Tina Stubbs, wife of the Reverend Trevor Stubbs, is coming to talk to us about their life and work in Australia. Pam Coventry

Bride Valley Scout Group

As mentioned in last month's BVN, the Scout Group was to benefit financially from the Burton Bradstock Millennium week. I can now report that the Group received £2850 altogether from that week towards the 'New Hut Appeal'. We are most thankful to the following people and organisations for their donations:- Chris Wilkinson, Billy Bragg, the Women's Institute, the Village Millennium Committee, and Mr. & Mrs Collis and their customers at the Three Horseshoes.

In the past month we have been fundraising at the Puncknowle Fete, Bucky Doo Square, John and Veda Bull's Garden Party, and a Car Boot Sale at Burton Bradstock. Many thanks to all who have supported us at these events.

Apart from all the continuous fundraising we must not forget that we have a group of very enthusiastic and dedicated leaders, led by Pat Tucker (GSL), who as well as supporting the parents and children at the many fundraising events, continue to provide a lively programme of activities for the children.

Usually during the School holidays the Group does not meet. However, this summer the leaders of cubs and scouts decided to continue meeting each week, and even took 18 children on a camp at North Poorton for three days, to make up for the Millennium Camp at the end of May which was abandoned early due to horrendous weather.

Steve Dove Chairman BVSG

Bride Valley Theatre Club

We start the new season on September 12th with a play at the Salisbury Playhouse - 'Rough Crossing' by Tom Stoppard. Our second booking is also at Salisbury and also a play - 'The Circle' by Somerset Maugham on October 12th. Our third, likely to prove very popular, is the acclaimed violinist, Tamsin Little, with accompanist John Lenehan, at the Octagon, Yeovil on October 29th. Members will already know of these events. If there is anyone else who would like to know more about the Club, please ring Nancy or Rachel on 01308 482404.

Nancy Vicars

1st Bride Valley Brownies

In response to the recent advert in the BVN, we are pleased to announce that a new leader has been found to run the Brownie pack. We are very grateful to Mrs Gay Pearce for volunteering. She will commence as Brownie Owl in September.


Mediation Dorset

Do Neighbours from Hell turn up in Dorset? It would be a happy thought that in our beautiful county aggressive behaviour cannot flourish. A nice idea that, but we know it does not square with the facts. And even if the vast majority of people don't get anywhere near the Neighbours from Hell excesses, it is sad but true that a great many of us get caught up in conflicts of one kind or another - and don't quite know how to handle them. Conflicts with neighbours, conflicts with relatives of our own generation or across generation gaps, conflicts with schools, with landlords or with tenants, - there seems no end to the list of people with whom we can fall out. We don't mean to start a quarrel and are quite ready to believe that they don't either. If only 'they' would behave with more consideration; if only we knew what was bothering them about our behaviour - wouldn't the world, or at least our corner of it in Dorset, be a happier place. "I wish!", as the youngsters say succinctly. Conflicts are an inescapable fact of community life. When things change in our work, in school, in the village, in the family, there is even more scope for conflicts. How we handle them determines whether they are points from which we grow in our understandmg of other people and ourselves, or they are allowed to spread into every part of our thinking and being - beginning to change us for the worse, eating us up. We can't avoid conflict but we can face up to it and gain from it. This sounds a bit like lifting ourselves by our own bootstraps. Given the way most of us have grown up, it is not quite so simple. But there are people around who have had both training and experience for helping those involved in conflicts find a positive way out. Mediation Dorset has a squad of over thirty trained volunteers prepared to come to any part of the county. They can help where those locked in conflicts are looking for skilled help in trying to resolve their differences. The mediators do not take over the problem - that remains with those who are party to it, and who will then 'own' the solution. Mediation Dorset, which is fully accredited by Mediation UK, runs training courses twice a year. Some of those taking part go on to become mediators-and there's a worthwhile job for volunteers! - gaining experience by working with seasoned colleagues. Others find that the training gives them an invaluable tool kit of life-skills, which will help them in very many of their everyday contacts. If you think Mediation Dorset could help you, or you are interested in joining a training course, please get in touch. Mediation Dorset, 5 Weymouth Avenue, Dorchester, DT1 IQR Tel and fax 01305 257717 e-mail



This review is being written in the last half of July. The cover of "SABBATH REST" by Wayne Muller matches that summer mood exactly with a sunny red-gold border and a serene seascape in the centre.

The subtitle of "Sabbath Rest" is "Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest" and its theme is not only clear from its title, but clear too in its relevance to our daily, and weekly, lives. All too often, even in the more holiday-time aura of the West Country, we are relentlessly bombarded by pressures to achieve success, productivity, profit. We constantly strive, and end up feeling exhausted and deprived in a culture of gross abundance.

The ancient Hebrew tradition of Sabbath, sacred time, in a life of continual labour, can be seen in this book to be possible for each one of us. It is a time when we allow the goodness of creation to refresh our bodies and minds, feed our souls, and renew inner peace.

The author, Wayne Muller, has been inspired by his teacher and friend, the well-loved spiritual writer Henri Nouwen. The book offers deep spiritual insights and includes stories, poems and practical suggestions as well.

It is available from GOOD BOOKS AT ST MARY'S OLD SCHOOL, GUNDRY LANE, BRIDPORT at £7.99. tel 01308 420 494; or contact us at home in the evenings at 01308 868 791.

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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125

Mid Week Worship - Holy Communion Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory

Choir Practices Fridays at 6.00 p.m.

Gift Sundays 10th September Jerusalem 2000

24th September The Church in the Sudan

( the preacher at Evensong will be The Reverend Joseph Ayok-Loewenberg, Team Vicar in The Golden Cap Team Ministry)

A guest preacher from The Mission to Seafarers, Mr Peter Woods, a Sarum Reader from Charminster, will speak at Matins at 11 am on Sunday 17th September.


The next Tiny Tots/Pram Service will be held on Friday 15th September at 11 am.


The next Healing Services at St Mary's will be held on Wednesdays 27th September, 18th October (St Luke's Day) and 8th November, each at 7.00 pm.

The Parochial Church Council next meets on Monday 18th September at 7.00 pm in church.



Holy Baptism 23rd July Edith M. Pearse

Funerals 31st July Daniel D. Ivall

11th August E. R. J. (Bob) Hawkins

16th August Cecil Knell


St Mary's Church Fete Thank you very much indeed to everyone who helped towards the great success of this year's fete. The magnificent sum of £4,558 was raised for church funds. Thank you all for working so hard during the year and on the day, and thank you for all the gifts that came in for the stalls. Also, many thanks to all the hardworking kitchen staff in the WI Hall and The Rectory, and to those who sent donations.

Again we were very fortunate with the weather. Thank you to everyone who came and supported the fete. A list of takings for each stall can be found in the church porch. Thank you very much to the Fete Committee for all their hard work during the year and on the day.

Pam Atkinson. Chairman


St Mary's Harvest Festival Again, this year the Harvest Thanksgiving will take the form of an All-age Harvest Service (not a Holy Communion), on Sunday 1st October at 9.30 am. Adults, children, families, EVERYONE, will be welcome.


The Harvest Supper this year will be a Harvest Lunch! Later in the morning of the Harvest Service, Sunday 1st October at 12 noon in the WI Hall. Details will be available nearer the time.

Harvest Festival - Church Decorating Everyone is most welcome to come along on Saturday 30th September from 10 am to help decorate the church for the festival. Gifts of flowers, fruit and vegetables will be very welcome.

Pam Atkinson.

We shall welcome the District Ringers for their quarterly meeting on Saturday 30th September - a service, tea and ringing.

A Message from John Tillman

" Your prayers, cards and kind thoughts have meant so much to me during my recent heart operation. Thank you all most sincerely and I hope to be amongst you again shortly." John


Burton Bradstock Village Society

Friday 22nd September

Subject: "Where Can I Wander"

Speaker: Mr. Tom Vaughan, County Footpaths Officer


Please DO NOT put your refuse sacks out overnight for collection by the refuse collectors the following morning. They are torn open by cats, seagulls and foxes, making an awful mess. There is NO NEED to put out overnight, because the earliest it is collected on Thursdays is 11.00 am.

Elaine's Show

YES, a Millennium Show will take place in the W.I. Hall. Please book these dates, Thursday to Saturday, 26th-28th October. Tickets will go on sale in Burton Bradstock Post Office - date in the October issue.

Peter Colbert


I should like to thank the mainly unseen volunteers who gave their time and helped me with the infrastructure of the Marquee. Night Security: Ian Allan, John & Veda Bull, Elaine Colbert, Gordon Cook, John Crawford, Charles Robertson, Pat Tucker and the Scouts, Ray & Pauline West. Day Security: John Bull, Tony Combe, Bob Dubrey, Rob Fox, Tom James and Carol Lumley. Daytime security was also arranged by members of St. Mary's Church, the Village Society and the Women's Institute on the days they used the Marquee. Thank you to everyone who helped keep it safe and secure. Also the First Aid Nurses, Celia Cummins and Coleen Ringrose. Finally the Heavy Brigade who lumped and humped, lifted and carried: Ian Allan, Gordon Cook, John Crawford, Rob Fox, Mike Sadd and Ray West. Things do not just happen and I was most grateful to each and every one of you.

Peter Colbert, Secretary Millennium Committee


Millennium Week 8th - 15th July 2000

The entry in the August Bride Valley News, Page M opposite p.30, prompts me to thank the Burton Bradstock Parish Council for allocating the last two years precept to allow the Burton Bradstock Millennium Committee to stage the Burton Bradstock Millennium Festival.

The Committee consisted of one representative of each organisation viz. St Mary's Church, the Parish Council, the Royal British Legion (both Sections) the W.l., Village Society, the School, Play Group and latterly the Scouts. It took them two and a half years to prepare, meeting quarterly, for the event which took place from the 8th to the 15th July 2000 inclusive on the Playing field & in the giant prestige marquee. Successfully uniting the Parish community, all the daily events were fully supported. The committee's thanks goes to all who staged their own events and exhibitions, all of the highest quality, and a special thank you to our Secretary, Peter Colbert, who deserves an Olympic pentathlon medal!

Apart from the lasting memories we are left with the Village tapestry in the Library, our 2000 logo, the unique Still Life photos of the Village and the research linked to the Roberts Trail, the designed celebration mugs, also the ongoing Web site and the hopes in the Time Capsule. The Bride Valley Scouts and their leaders will remember the generous funds from the Billy Bragg concert towards their Scout Hut. Let us hope the children look back with happy memories of their musical and Olympic fun sports participation and recall the significance of " Birthday 2000".

Justin Mallinson Chairman Millennium Committee.

Found in the marquee

Ladies "Dash" size 14 turquoise cardigan. Phone 897922

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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Gilly Doar

Paddock Lodge Swyre



Pets Service: Our annual Pets' Blessing Service will be on Sunday September 17th at 11 o'clock in the churchyard as usual. If the weather doesn't permit, we will be inside the church. This is a very relaxed and informal service with a few hymns being sung or barked to the accompaniment of George Hirst's squeeze-box, a reading and short address, prayers, and the Blessing of every animal present (dog, donkey, hamster, horse, slug, stick-insect, cat, chameleon, etc.). Anybody is truly most welcome whether accompanied by a pet or not.

The collection will be given to the R.S.P.C.A., and there will be a shortened Service of Holy Communion afterwards.

Wedding Day at Swyre for Clare Bidwell and Craig Turnbull is Saturday September 23rd. No Cause or just impediment so far.....! We hope the pets do not leave too much detritus in the churchyard.

Anthony Ashwell

Swyre Parish Meeting

On Sunday 16th July the village children were presented with millennium spoons. The silver plated spoons were in a smart blue presentation case and inscribed Swyre 2000. They were much appreciated by both children and parents.

The gardens to the rear of Green Barton were festooned with flags, bunting and balloons. The tables were decorated with millennium cloths and napkins. We were blessed with a beautiful day, the party area was bathed in sunshine and looked very festive. The villagers had made a variety of party food and drink and there was much chat and laughter, with villagers catching up with the news from neighbours and friends.

I should like to thank all those who provided food, transported tables and chairs and set the scene. Thank you to the organising committee who worked so hard, to Puncknowle and Swyre Church hall for lending us the chairs and tables and to Shipton Gorge Village Hall for the loan of the china.

Our thoughts go to the anonymous donor of the spoons, you and I know who you are, please take this as a grateful thank you from the village.

Madeline Marshall

Swyre Research

As some of you will know from the Parish Meeting I have started a research project on the development of the landscape and settlements in the Bride Valley. This is in association with Prof. Mick Aston of Bristol University and 'The Time Team". An early stage of this project is to use the distribution of potsherds to identify the extent of Swyre in medieval, Tudor and Stuart times. We are doing this through a "garden survey" where we look at the pottery you find in the course of gardening, digging foundations etc. We would like to identify and record anything that you find. If you want to take part please save the pottery, clay pipes, bones and any metalwork with a note of where it was found. I am in Swyre regularly and if you have something for me to look at please call me at 01865 436106 or let Madeline Marshall know. A first investigation in Green Barton has produced a lot of 16th/17th century material and also undisturbed layers of the 12th/13th centuries. Peter Northover


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Village Correspondent: Mrs Dorothy Barlow

Collingbourne, Hoopers Lane, Puncknowle

Telephone: (01308) 897761

From the Registers

Holy Baptism Daniel John Fournier 6th August 2000


September 3rd Family Service

Our Family Service will take the theme "from old to new", and if you are coming we would love you to bring along something which reminds you of a change from old to new. This could be, for example, a reconditioned radio, part of a new school uniform, or whatever you think of. Give it a go!

The Millennium Fete: As with Long Bredy, I write as observer, consumer, and on behalf of 3 recipients of the proceeds: St. Mary's Church Puncknowle; Holy Trinity Church Swyre; and Puncknowle Hall.

What hard work, what a weekend, and what fantastic results, well over £7000 was grossed for local charities. Enormous thanks to the Millennium Committee who organised the event, especially to Richard Ikin (Chairman), Mick Lawless (Events and The Crown Organiser) and Carol Tyrell (Manor Gardens Organiser), as well as Mary Lodge who again so generously let us use her beautiful garden. If I were to name everybody who helped and supported, you would still be reading this article tomorrow, but thank you, everyone.

The Fete this year was conceived as a way that Puncknowle and Swyre might celebrate the Millennium with Community and Church working closely together. It was intended to build on Ann Roberts' Church Fete of previous years, expanding the Manor Gardens Saturday afternoon activities to cover two days, going outside the Manor, and having a wider range of attractions. The gestation period was long, difficult and fraught, so much so that your correspondent became really anxious too. But it really was "alright on the night", and it is with joy that he eats a large helping of humble pie. Old dogs should be taught new tricks!

Harvest Thanksgiving and Lunch: The Harvest Thanksgiving Family Service will be on 1st October at 11o'clock in Church. This is a one-off change from the normal first Sunday 9.30am time. After the Service, there will be a Harvest Lunch in the Hall at which we hope people will bring along savoury or sweet "plates". John Moore will again be barbecuing, and a bowl for donations to cover his expenses will be available. All are welcome to our Harvest Lunch, and if you do intend to come, please can you sign the list in the shop or at Burwell Cottage (Ann Roberts), to help us with cooking calculations.

Anthony Ashwell

Parish Council.

We have had a number of requests that the Village Green be reinstated.

We should like to have the opinions of villagers, and to this end we invite anyone to contact us with photographs or references or anecdotes so that we might consider mounting an exhibition of how it was in the past. Please contact 897322.

The September 5th Parish Council will hear of the next stage in the incorporating of Swyre within the Puncknowle Parish Council remit and the implications thereof. I have not been inundated with comments and opinions as to the merger, so are we to assume that you are all in favour, or just indifferent.!!!!!!!

We anticipate that there will be a requirement for more councillors, so would ask that everyone consider whether they feel able to serve their community in this position.

Also at the September meeting we will be reviewing whether the present distribution of the Napper Charity monies is the best use of it. Councillors are there to reflect your wishes,but if you do not make your views known, it is difficult to know whether things are as you would wish ....... Talk to us, please.




Millennium Walk - 21st June

The poor weather broke and we were blessed with a lovely (if a little windy!) evening for the Millennium Walk to the Knoll (congratulations to Robin Pither for all his efforts in restoring and creating the footpath), followed by a barbecue. Well over seventy people of all ages and a number of dogs enjoyed the walk, the refreshments and the entertainment. Thank you to everyone who helped and contributed - especially to Mick Lawless at the Crown and his team who set everything up, Ross Wallace and Penny Pither at the barbecue, John Keys and his music, and Richard Ikin for the welcome, warm bonfire. A memorable mid-summer!.

Millennium Fete - 29th July.

'A lovely, happy day'; 'It could have been a scene from a Hardy novel'; 'The best village fete we have ever been to' - just some of the comments about the Millennium Fete held on 29th July. And what a wonderful and successful day it turned out to be! The sun shone (apart from a few drops of rain!), villagers and visitors flocked in and enjoyed a wealth of entertainment, stalls, refreshments, music and displays. Festivities continued well into the night with an enjoyable outdoor Jazz evening at the Crown, and again the following day at the Crown with music and stalls. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped, contributed and supported us. The list is too long to mention you all (what a great reflection on our community!) - however, special thanks to Mary Lodge for allowing us the use of the Manor Gardens and to Mick Lawless, Emma Foster and everyone at the Crown for all their tremendous work. All profits will go towards local charities. At the time of writing, we await confirmation of the final amount. We'll let you know how much - and who will benefit - in the next issue of the BVN.

Carol Tyrrell

Puncknowle Art Group

The meetings for September are Fridays:- 1st Painting at Sally's

15th Summer sketches

29th To be arranged

Christine Molony


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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents:

Mrs. Gaynor Jones, 10 Manor Farm Close Tel.482517

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close Tel.482384


From the Registers

Funeral and Burial John Anthony Theobald 4th August 2000

John Theobald died extremely suddenly whilst making, with Sue, a presentation at Symondsbury's "Colmer Festival" on 26th July. We extend to Sue, her family and John's family our deepest sympathy. John's Funeral was a most moving Service, there was so much to give thanks and remember him for, and it was a privilege for me to officiate. Anna and I will deeply miss our next-door neighbour.

Anthony Ashwell

Sue Theobald writes: 'I would like to thank all those who have shown such warm friendship and care after John died on Wednesday 26th July. I treasure all gifts of thought and kindness from so many in the days that led to his funeral on Friday. For those I have seen and thanked, I am aware that there were many involved to whom I have not given thanks. Please know that all you did for John, myself and our families and friends was deeply appreciated. If you are passing Old Orchard, please do feel free to call in for a chat - if you can cope with our dreadful drive! I know there are others in distress and anxiety amongst us. I send you my love and thoughts, as one of the family that is Litton.'

One-off Change of Service Time: The Parish Communion on October 1st will, for this month only, be at 11 o'clock, not the usual 9.30am.

Anthony Ashwell

James Barwick - We wish him a speedy recovery.

Thank you to all for your prayers and support. Anne Barwick

Litton Cheney Relief in Need Trust Each year the Trust pays grants to students living in Litton Cheney who are moving on to higher education, training or employment. It is possible that not everyone in the village knows about these awards. The Trustees invite anyone who thinks that he or she might qualify for a grant to apply before the end of September. If you are a resident and are leaving school this summer or you know someone who is going to do so, please contact Gordon Jenkins on 01308 482559.



Churches Together in Bridport and District

St Mary's Church is a member of Churches Together in Bridport and District. Most of the local Christian denominations belong to this organisation which arranges joint worship, community and social activities. St Mary's is currently seeking a lay representative to attend the quarterly forum meetings and take part in some of the events. If you would be interested in this position, or would like to know more about Churches Together in Bridport and District, please contact Jennifer Jenkins Hon. Secretary to the PCC on 01308 482559.



Litton Cheney Website

Following the excellent example set by Burton Bradstock (see, the parish council has decided to set up a website for Litton Cheney. The website will cater principally for villagers, with information ranging from historical information about Litton to the forthcoming events of various organisations. In addition there will he some advertising from local commercial undertakings which will pay for the running expenses.

If you would be able to assist with the setting up or running of the site, would like to have something put on it, or have any suggestions to make, please do get in contact with me. I am at Meadowbank, School House Lane; phone is 01308 482 509, and e-mail is .

Gil Smith


Litton Cheney Village Society - Winter programme 2000/2001

The Society meets on a Tuesday evening at 8.00 pm at Thorner's School, Litton Cheney.

Oct. 17th 2000 Mr W Putnam speaking on the region's Roman Roads.

Nov. 21st 2000 Insp. Mason. The Police. County and Community.

Feb. 20th 2001 Mr Stephen Wallis. The Dorset County Archaeologist.

Mar.20th 2001 Mr Tom Goss. The work of the British Trust for Countryside Volunteers

May 8th 2001 Expected date of the A G M

Apologies for the errors in the programme in last month's BVN.

Barbeque and Sports Day

Come to a barbeque and sports day at Litton Cheney Playing Field on Sunday 17th September from 10.00 am onwards to celebrate the completion of the football pitch. If you would like to take part in a six-a- side Football Tournament for under 12's, under 16's, senior teams and family/fun teams, please contact Paul Kingston 01308 482384 preferably before Friday 15th September. It might just be the biggest sporting event since Euro 2000 and rival the Sydney Olympic Games! Food, drink and fun for all the family.

Katharine Jones 01308 482589



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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondents: Mr & Mrs Patrick Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269


The Annual Fete: I comment on this event, as observer and consumer, and on behalf of the main beneficiary, the Church. First a huge thank you to Jackie Cain and Ruth Pitcher as the main organisers, and of course to all the many helpers, from stall-holders to gate attendants to furniture removers to general dogsbodies, who all contributed to a wonderful day. £1500 was raised and the Parochial Church Council at its next meeting will be deciding how to apportion the proceeds. Our most grateful thanks also to Jack Bailey for opening the fete, and of course to Harold Carter and his family for once again allowing us to use the increasingly exquisite grounds of Kingston Russell House.

Second, the event had a wonderfully relaxed feel about it, the stalls were of a high quality and their goods or games gently sold. And third, it was good to have this happy and "bonding" day soon after the series of sadnesses, which have hit our community.

Harvest Festival. This year our Thanksgiving Service will be on Sunday September 24th at 6.30pm (yes, 6.30 in the evening). Do come along to this traditional country event at which we will offer in word and song our continuing thanks to God for the fruits of His creation.

Anthony Ashwell


LONGBREDY FÊTE. Despite a lower attendance than usual this year, the Fête raised very nearly £1,500.00. Many, many thanks to all those who helped or contributed in any way.

Especial thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Carter, for the use of their beautiful grounds; Andrew Bailey, for his continuing support for our "sound system"; and the Maltby family and their helpers for the transport of chairs and tables, etc., to and from the event.

Rosemarie Pitcher would like to thank all those who gave warm support and sympathy on the recent death of her mother, who loved coming to Longbredy over the years. It was good that her health was good enough in June for her to attend Joanne's and Ian's wedding, which was such a wonderful day for her, among so many family and friends.

Extra activity at Little Newbold is usual at this time of year, when Frank and Jackie Skipwith enjoy their summer holiday here. Now, however, Frank has retired from schoolmastering near Reading, and they will be living in the village all the year round. We wish them both well in their new way of life - but probably not life of leisure for long! - among us.

Finally, a warm welcome home to Ted Jennings, following his heart operation at Southampton. We hope he makes a speedy recovery, and send best wishes to him and Gwen.



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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy



Holy Baptism 30th July Edmund H. Shackleton

The Scented Garden: Despite unconducive weather for many of the Tuesdays Chris and Judy Yates' superb walled garden was open for, they were still able to earn for the Church pretty well exactly the same amount as last year (£700). Without this wonderfully generous gift, St. Michael and All Angels Church would find survival "difficult". Judy and Chris.......many, many thanks.

Harvest Thanksgiving: This will be on Sunday September 10th at 9.30am in Church. I think it's the first in the Valley, and with our superb flower and vegetable arranger, one of the best. Do come along.

Anthony Ashwell


Many apologies to Jasper and Jo - and especially Edmund - Shackleton, for omitting news of Edmund's Christening from last month's magazine. On a gloriously sunny August Sunday, the Rev. John Atkinson performed the baptism ceremony, after which Jasper, Jo, Edmund and their guests repaired to Top Parts to continue the celebration. Altogether a lovely occasion for all concerned.

We bid farewell at the end of this month to Steve and Clare Merritt, with Katie, Rebecca, Harriet and Jemma, who move from 1, Yew Tree Cottage to a new home in Bridport. We hope and trust their memories of Littlebredy will be pleasant ones and we wish them all happiness and success in their new home.

Sunday September 10th's Family Service in Church at 9.30 a.m. is the Harvest Festival service for this year. All who value the life of the countryside, and the contribution of those who work there to our overall wellbeing, are especially welcome, and youngsters are asked to bring a basket of the "fruits of the earth" for presentation and a blessing at the altar. Judy's team will be busy decorating the Church on the preceding day, and she will welcome volunteer assistance of every sort.

That Saturday, 9th September, is also the day of the Dorset Historic Churches Trust annual sponsored cycle ride, when those who take part attempt to visit as many churches as possible in the county. Sponsorship monies are divided equally between the Trust and the parish church of the rider. Last year we benefitted by over £80.00 by these means. Jim Armstrong (482452) is this year's organizer, and it is not too late to contact him if anyone would like to take part and raise last-minute sponsorship for this excellent cause.

Later in the month, on Saturday 23rd September, Nicky Armstrong will be hosting a coffee morning to help the Bride Valley Cubs' fundraising effort towards the new premises they need. Support for this will be much appreciated.

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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White


3 Gullivers Orchard Shipton Gorge




Burial of Ashes 21st July Ernest G. Gale

The Parochial Church Council next meets at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 13th September at Bonscombe Farm.

St Martin's Harvest Festival will again take the form of an All-Age Harvest Service (not a Holy Communion) on Sunday 1st October at 11 am. Adults, children, families, EVERYONE, will be welcome.


The Shipton Gorge Village Society would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved in the Millennium party.

Special thanks must go to Daisy Kenyon and her keep fit class for providing the music, Mr and Mrs Conn for the provision of the Punch and Judy show and all those who kindly donated raffle prizes.

Andy and Maggie from the New Inn provided a wonderful bar service and the involvement of the villagers was greatly appreciated, especially the overwhelming contributions of food.

It was a wonderful day and enjoyed by all. Goblets for each household and tumblers for each child were given out and are still being delivered to those unable to join the festivities.

We hope to see you when we continue the celebrations next year!

Many thanks from Pete, Jill and Sally.





You will have read in last month's Bride Valley News that we have recently experienced a number of acts of vandalism in the Playing Field.

I am very sad to have to tell you that this situation has not improved and in the last few weeks more damage has been incurred to the field. This has included fires being started on the grass, more roof tiles broken and more stones knocked off the wall. We recently installed a new swing cradle seat for toddlers and this has been slashed with a knife and now needs to be either repaired or replaced by the Parish Council.

We are certain that these acts are being carried out by children who use the playing field and the fact that there is evidence of alcohol being consumed in the field will be of great concern to all parents.

Due to the increase in this problem the Police have now been informed and will be making regular checks on the field and talking to children in the village.

The reason I am writing to you is to ASK IF YOU COULD HELP US with this. Please talk to your children and explain to them the importance of looking after and respecting the field so that it is safe for all our children to use.

Of course, if they or anybody else sees any signs of problems, we would like to know about it as we now urgently need to deal with this problem before it gets to the stage where the field may have to be closed.

Please either contact me on 897958 or Richard Hewlett on 897278

Thank you very much for your help with this important matter

Mary Boughton Chairman. Playing Field Committee


Shipton Gorge Village Society Flower & Vegetable Show

Once again Flowers and Vegetables that had been lovingly nurtured over many weeks were beautifully displayed in the Village Hall for the annual Fun Show. This informal show was once again a great success with villagers and visitors alike finding it difficult to judge winners amongst such a selection of quality exhibits. Thanks must go to Geoff Shepherd and his team of helpers for once again making this important village event such a success and to the 37 exhibitors and 61 judges essential for the occasion. Thank you.

Church Fete

The bells rang out, the flag fluttered and the sun shone for our church fete on 22 July, helping a good attendance plus a profit of £817. As usual it would not have worked without the dedication of the usual nucleus of people who started working weeks in advance. Our grateful thanks to them and those who made it all work on the day. Our thanks also to Mr & Mrs Jones for the use of their garden.

JPE Church Warden

Harvest Supper

As usual, this will take place in the Village Hall and will be held on Wednesday 4th October starting at 7.30 p.m. Tickets will be on sale from mid September and will cost £3.50. Seating is limited, so buy your ticket early and join a very happy event. JPE Church Warden

Pre-Christmas Get-together

Advance notice that the above event is being planned for Sunday 26th November 2000. Further details to follow at a later date.

Robert & Christine Cornish

Shipton Gorge Hall 100 Club

Winners for the August draw:-

£20 No. 90 Ann Jones £10 No. 12 Linda Buck

Ernest Gale

'I would like to say thank you for all the sympathy and kind support that has been given to me since the death of my husband, and also to all who made the Church Service so memorable.'

Constance Gale

'My Kingdom for a Horse'

This is the new Artsreach show at Shipton Gorge Village Hall which will be performed by Richard Derrington on Wednesday 18th October at 7.30 p.m. Further details will be issued in October, but this early information is for regulars to these popular shows to make a diary note or pre-book on 01308 897547 (Tickets at £4.50).

Richard Derrington, late of the Archers cast and currently playing at Alan Ayckbourne's Theatre in Scarborough in Ayckbourne's play 'Virtual Reality', appeared at Shipton Gorge before a full house and acclaim in 'Taylor's Tickler' which has now made 500 appearances worldwide from Las Vegas to the Royal National Theatre. The new show is imaginative and full of comedy. It speculates on the place in history of Yorkshire's most famous son Richard 111 (Villain or hero?), seen through the eyes of one Dickon Broom (Kent's least known brick-layer!), who is authentic and died on 28 December 1550.

I am sure you will recognise that Dickon Broom is the anglicised form of Richard Plantagenet! Fanciful or fact? Certainly intriguing.


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Chilcombe Church



Harvest Thanksgiving Evensong, celebrating the Harvest, will take place at 6.30 pm on Sunday 1st October. We shall be delighted to welcome anyone from the Valley and beyond who would like to join us for our celebration. This will be the last service at Chilcombe before Christmas


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