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St Mary's Burton Bradstock FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Litton Cheney

Over recent months, there has been considerable media coverage of the problems in rural life, and although there is much about modern high-speed living we can shelter from in the Bride Valley, the rural crisis is right in our back-yard.

Let me give you a few symptoms, which are generally inter-related:

- farming is in recession, with farmers themselves being unable to sell their produce to give anything like a reasonable return;

- farming is less viable, and farms employ fewer people, with many young people especially having to look for employment in the towns;

- as the houses and cottages, once lived in by people dependent on farming for their livelihoods, become empty, so they are being purchased at high prices (well out of the reach of most local families) often as second or holiday homes;

- with the increase in pressure, rush and bustle in urban life, more are seeking rural (weekend) retreats;

- many local businesses are foundering because they lack a regular and faithful clientele;

- the increase of "occasional residents" in local villages especially, combined with the move to a more egocentric culture generally, means that traditional village organisations, institutions and events can suffer.

One of the ironies of all this is that so often the very people who come to live in our villages (permanently or part-time) in order to experience "traditional rural life", are unwittingly changing the way of living they have paid so much to experience. For me, as you may by now have picked up, the two most important aspects of village life are faithfulness and community, both of which acknowledge our dependence upon each other. So much has been written and said about community that there is sensibly no need to add more here, but the value of faithfulness is often forgotten.

How faithful are we to our local community? To local businesses (shops), to local life (church, clubs), to local people (neighbours)? And how faithful is our local community to those on its fringe? Are we wringing our hands in self-pity, as we see rural life fragmenting in front of our very eyes?

Anthony Ashwell


Thought for the Month

Love is the most misused word in the English language, and yet in a Christian sense the most demanding. 'Love the Lord with all your soul and strength and your neighbour as yourself.'

How in practice do we demonstrate our love for God? We find these words in 1.John 3, verse 18: 'Let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth.' A practical outpouring of genuine love is called for from God's children. The word 'love' is used to mean many things. Overuse has caused it to become something slushy and over-sentimentalised. The Bible talks of two kinds of love. The highest form of love the Greeks called 'Agape'. This agape is not mere sentiment or ordinary human affection. It is love involving a deliberate choice. Filia, which is the other word found in the Greek, is a love involving personal affection; it is a lower form of love. It is significant that when Jesus appeared to Simon Peter by the lakeside after His Resurrection, He asked Peter three times, 'Simon, do you truly love me more than all these others?' The word used was 'agapao'. Each time Peter replied, 'Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.' The word he used in return was 'phileo' - sentimental human affection. The dictionary describes an agape as a primitive Christian love-feast. There's nothing primitive in a simple virtue surviving from the past. Agape is an attitude of the heart, involving emotion; it is an attitude of the mind, involving the intellect; and of the will in that it is something we choose to do. It is when one of these three attitudes is missing or given undue emphasis that things go wrong. Someone has described agape like this: 'Love is not just feeling sentimental towards others. Nor is it primarily saying the right things. Nor is it to be found in giving, for, according to Paul, you can give your life and all that you possess to others, and still be bankrupt of true love. It is an attitude, which is never superior, and which is devoid of criticism, but which is deeply concerned about and committed to the good of the other person.'

We demonstrate our love for God a number of ways. in worship, in obedience to his will, in our love for others and finally in our total commitment to him.

Love gives all, but love also asks all! All our energy, all our gifts and all our time. Stuart Holden said, "Live a moment at a time, and that moment for God. Think not of a holy life, but of a holy moment as it flies. A succession of holy moments constitutes a holy life."


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Church Calendar - May 2000

1 Ascension Day Acts 1. v.1 - 11

Justin, Martyr at Rome, c.165.

When denounced as a Christian in Rome and finally ordered to sacrifice to the gods, St. Justin replied, "No right-minded man forsakes truth for falsehood."

3 The Martyrs of Uganda, 1886 and 1978

4 The Seventh Sunday of Easter.

5 Boniface (Wynfrith) of Crediton, Bishop,

Apostle of Germany, Martyr, 754.

6. Ina Kopuria, Founder of the Melanesian Brotherhood,1958

8 Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells,

Non-Juror, Hymn Writer, 1711.

9 Columba, Abbot of Iona, Missionary, 597.

11 Day of Pentecost ( Whit Sunday ) Acts 2, v. 1 - 21

12 Barnabas the Apostle. Acts 11, v.19-30.(trans. from 11th)

14 Fathers of the Eastern Church

Basil the Great, Bishop, Teacher, 379

15 Evelyn Underhill, Spiritual Writer, 1941.

16 Richard, Bishop of Chichester, 1253.

Joseph Butler, Bishop of Durham, Philosopher, 1752

18 Trinity Sunday Romans 8, v. 12 - 17

22 Day of Thanksgiving for Holy Communion

( Corpus Christi ) John 6, v. 51 - 58

Alban, first Martyr of Britain, c.250.

23 Etheldreda, Abbess of Ely, c.678.

24 The Birth of John the Baptist. Luke 1, v.57-66, 80.

25 The First Sunday after Trinity

27 Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria, Teacher, 444

28 Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, Teacher, c.200.

29 Peter and Paul, Apostles.

Acts 12, v.1-11; 2.Timothy v.4, 6-8, 17-18.

Rosemary Earnshaw

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Valley Notes


The Beauty of flowers will greet all who come from The Bride Valley and beyond to Burton Bradstock Church between the 8th and 15th July. Some of what the church does will be portrayed, there will be a display by Burton Bradstock School and an exhibition "The Stamp of Christianity on our Nation." (Christianity has shaped our country greatly over the past 2000 years. You may be in for a surprise - no more here but come and see!). Come and join us too on Sunday the 9th in The Marquee as St. Mary's celebrates Birthday 2000. The entertainer, Wilbur the Grate, will certainly make us all laugh in the afternoon (children, especially, though parents and grandparents will love it too!). Lance Pierson entertains with a serious twist when he gives his unique poetry performance which takes a humorous journey through life; this talented presentation, "The Time of Your Life," will take place in the evening. He will be accompanied by Paul Cheater. Details of the day's programme will be found on page 13 in the Burton Bradstock section of this edition.

Mothers' Union

The next meeting will be held at 5 West Court, West Allington on Thursday, 22nd June at 2.30 p.m. Our hostess, Mrs Wyn Smith, will give a talk on "Salt." Pam Coventry

Thorner's School, Litton Cheney

I wonder how many of you took the opportunity to call in and have a coffee at Bridport Arts Centre? If you did during the early part of May you were one of the privileged members of the public. Along with Burton Bradstock and Loders Schools we are working on a digital art project, that is using computers to create an image very personalised to us. Why go to London for the 'Tate Modern' when this is on your doorstep and all by local talented young artists. With the help of an artist from London together with digital cameras and scanners, pupils have merged two or three pictures into a final image which was then displayed. Everyone involved in the project learnt a lot about computers ... including how infuriating they can be, how slow printers work, and the transformation when printing on the correct glossy paper. It was a very steep learning curve for all involved, getting to grips with the software and being utterly amazed at what was possible. The hardest thing to accept was waiting and taking turns. One boy kept on asking, 'When is it my turn? I've just got a little more to fiddle with!' We are all at different stages but found the experience enjoyable and one which will be worth repeating in the future. Our pictures are now on display in the school hall, so if you did miss them come along and look. Or better still go to one or all of the school websites to view in your own homes. What marvellous things we have available! Does this mean the end of queues? No, I will not hold my breath . well not yet anyway.

Now is the time of year when pupils go off on their trips. Most think of them as a holiday away from the classroom or even parents. In actual fact a lot of thought and planning goes into each trip and links to the curriculum are found. Class 4 are off to Leeson House for a few days to explore the countryside and learn a little more about Saxon life. I am particularly looking forward to this as it is new territory for me. It will be a well deserved break from the SATS tests which the children have been taking this last month. They have all been working hard and deserve something different. I do query why the government places so much emphasis on these tests. It does seem hard that children are sitting formal type tests at 7 and 11. Who are they really checking up on? I will leave you to answer that question yourselves.

100 club winners: £15 Beryl Peach and £10 Sheila Barnes

Alison Johnstone Headteacher.

Burton Bradstock School

I clamp the binoculars to my eyes and sweep the cavernous depths below and around me. I'm aware of four thousand pairs of eyes straining like mine into the sudden darkness as faint, tiny blobs begin to filter into the low, luminous electric-blue glow. Great fingers of multicoloured light suddenly reach out from the corners, illuminating more clearly the scene below. My hands clench involuntarily tighter on the binoculars and I reach across to Barbara and whisper fiercely "She's there.I can see Josie!"

My youngest daughter, violin in hand, is picking her way carefully through hundreds of chairs searching for the one with her name on it. I want to shout out for someone to help her, but she displays a calmness beyond her years. She finally settles in her seat, along with hundreds of other children, tucks her violin under her chin and lifts her head up to gaze directly at the conductor. A staccato rap on the podium, hundreds of faces and bows rise up and the Albert Hall bursts into life with the opening tune of the Dorset Music Service 2000 Concert.

I make no apology, dear reader, for informing you of an event that took place back on Easter Saturday because if you live in West Dorset, unless you know someone who was involved in this concert, you probably are unaware of it. The local press failed to pick up on this major 'good news' story that involved over 200 West Dorset young people, and over 1000 from the whole county.

The concert was the brainchild of the Head of the Dorset Music Service, the organisation that provides opportunities for young people to gain quality music tuition in schools and bring them together in County groups and Orchestras to stretch their potential. Enthusiastically backed by Burton resident, Chief Executive David Jenkins, it took over a year to plan and prepare.

The resulting concert was a logistical nightmare, but an artistic triumph and a credit to all involved in it. Dozens of buses carrying sleepy but enthusiastic musicians and singers, some as young as seven, left from all four corners of Dorset on the morning of the concert, and after rehearsals, performed in front of a packed hall items as diverse as Samba percussion and.of course 'Land of Hope and Glory'.

There was a healthy representation from the Bride Valley, including both my daughters, my school singers and those two 7 year olds from Thorners School. As a professional teacher I was impressed by the whole event, as a Dad I cannot imagine a prouder moment than to see my daughters perform with such confidence in such an arena.

You are cordially invited to.

Burton Bradstock School's Summer Fair at 2.00pm on Saturday 1st July.

The Village Millennium Church Festival, to which the school will be contributing , on Sunday 9th July.

Our school Summer Music Concert in the village Marquee at 6.30pm on Thursday 13th July. No tickets, just a retiring collection for school funds.

Toodle Pip!

David Powell

Lucky 100 Club winners for April.

£20 V & D Hewlett

£10 P.D. Butcher £5 R.B. Dean


BRIDE VALLEY BROWNIES : S.O.S.! The Bride Valley Brownies are in need of your help. The present Brown Owl is standing down after 4 years' service and the Bridport District are currently seeking a replacement, to begin in September 2000. No qualifications or experience are necessary.

Perhaps you have happy memories of being a Brownie or Guide and would care to give something back to Guiding? The pack presently meets on Wednesday evenings, but the day and time could change to suit the new leader.

If you, or anyone else you know of, are interested and would like to know more, please contact the District Commissioner, Mrs. H. Purse, on 01308 423220 or the present Brown Owl, Mrs. H. Fox, on 01308 482501.


One in Three People will get Cancer at some time in their lives, a figure that is likely to increase as we live longer.

The new video made for CancerCare Dorset shows exactly how this local service cares for the people of Dorset. Both patients and carers explain how the service has made a difference to them at a difficult time in their lives.

Remember that CancerCareDorset not only cares for those suffering with cancer, but can also help those with other chronic conditions too.

Pauline Camm, Director of Fundraising, would very much like the opportunity to show the video to groups of people. If your speaker is unable to attend for any reason, we may even be able to fill in at short notice.

If you need to book a speaker for your meeting, or if you would just like to see the video, please ring the Fundraising Office on: (01305) 250015

Fundraising Office

PO Box 1, Dorchester, Dorset DT1 1FJ

Telephone/Fax: 01305 250015


Director of Fundraising: Mrs Pauline Camm


The Briddy Choir 2000

June 18 Trinity Sunday Swyre 11.a.m. Matins

July 9 Trinity 3 Burton Bradstock Marquee

July 30 Trinity 6 Swyre 7.30 p.m. Songs of Praise

Sept. 24 Harvest Shipton Gorge 11.a.m.

Oct. 29 Bible Sunday Long Bredy 11 a.m. Matins

Dec. 3 Advent Sunday Puncknowle 6.30 p.m. Carols

Dec. 17 Advent 4 Litton Cheney 6.30 p.m. Carols

Dec. 19 Tuesday Shipton Gorge 7.30 p.m. Carols

The Choir will have the privilege of singing at two local weddings.

Do come and join us. The Choir meets at Thorner's School in Litton Cheney at 7.00 p.m. on most Thursdays. There are about a dozen of us at the moment. We would be very happy to welcome new members, be you liquid tenor, sweet soprano, velvet bass or warm-toned alto! Singing with the Briddy Choir is a pleasant way to make new friends and to contribute to the musical life of the Valley's beautiful churches. For further information, please contact our conductor, Mrs Janet Lane, on 897241. Constance Coutts (898191).


'Good Books' has recently moved premises. Veronica Ziegler writes, 'Our new premises, in a large airy space at St. Mary's Old School in Gundry Lane, will be our last move for some considerable time, we hope and pray. At present we are being realistic and guaranteeing being open from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. This allows for all the other tasks, events, meetings and exhibitions which are necessary. However, do not hesitate to phone beforehand if you need to be here either in the afternoon, or on a Saturday morning, as if it is at all possible this can be arranged.'

There are two Book Reviews this month:

The first is "In the Beginning" by Stephen and Jacqui Hance. Stephen is a Vicar with three children. The decision to have a child is one of the most important decisions in life. Being a parent " is a lifetime on an emotional roller coaster - and one of the greatest privileges in the world". This book is a beautifully planned series of readings, comments and prayers. It would be a perfect gift for new parents, but be valued by thoughtful parents at any time. £6.99

As a complete contrast do come in to Good Books and browse through "Beyond Dying - the Mystery of Eternity" by Ted Harrison. It is a very western conception to hand over the process of dying to professionals. Cultures around the world have always grieved for their loved ones, but believed that there is a spiritual life beyond physical death. The author carefully considers the experience of those knowing they are dying, or those who have witnessed the death of dear ones. This book gives a reassuring, moving, thoughtful overview of this immense mystery. "Neither has eye seen, nor ear heard, nor heart conceived the welcome God has prepared for those who love Him". £16.99

* "Good Books" will be having a stand in the Burton Bradstock Marquee on Sunday 9th July.



In aid of Joseph Weld Hospice Trust

Registered Charity No. 1000414


West Dorset Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association

Registered No. 294353


Friday 23rd June 2000

Midsummer Supper at 7 p.m. with Peter Bowditch on the Accordion

Tickets £10.

Saturday 24th June 2000

Jazz Concert by the Granada Jazz Band at 3 p.m.

Tickets £6 including Cream Teas.

Sunday 25th June 2000

Organ Concert by Byron Jones the Welsh Wizard at 3 p.m.

Tickets £6 including Cream Teas.

All in a marquee at Manor Farm, Higher Eype, Bridport.

For Tickets please contact Liz Nelson 01308 427080




With the lighter evenings upon us, more charities and local organisations will be out fund-raising, either on the street or by calling on householders door to door. Such fund-raising could include a collection of money, sale of articles, or collection of articles for the benefit of charitable or other purposes.

West Dorset District Council are committed to ensuring that such fund-raising activities are properly conducted and that the public are protected from bogus fund-raisers. All fund-raising held on public accessible land must comply with the following requirements:

( i ) Collectors must be sixteen years of age or over;

( ii ) Collectors must wear an identity badge;

( iii ) If money is collected there must be a scaled and labelled collection container or receipt book with a counterfoil or duplicate copy that is consecutively numbered.

Anyone concerned about the authenticity of a collector should contact West Dorset District Council 58/60 High West Street, Dorchester, Dorset Tel: (01305) 252441, or your local Police Station.


Applications for a Permit/Licence are made by completing the appropriate form which is available from West Dorset District Council 58/60 High West Street Dorchester Dorset and presenting it for processing not later than one month prior to the date of the proposed collection. The Application Form must be completed by the person authorised to act as the promoter.

Any local groups/charities who are considering organising a Charity Fun Day, Street Fair, Carnival, Fete, or similar event which is proposed to be held on public accessible land please contact Chris Squires on the above number to discuss the legal requirements.



Bride Valley Gardening Club

At the time of going to press there are a few seats remaining for the trip to Hadspen Gardens near Castle Cary on Thursday 8th June. If anyone would like to join the summer outing, please contact Pam Jukes on 897267. As no volunteer has come forward to organise the Annual Show on 9th July, reluctantly it has been cancelled for this year.

John Rowlands


Ladybirds have a Barbecue at Chris Pacey's home - Kuusama, Chalk Pit Lane, Litton Cheney at 8.00 p.m. on June 14th. Our thanks to Long Bredy and Litton Cheney W.I. for their kind invitation on May 2nd last. There was an excellent speaker, a lovely buffet spread and a really memorable evening.

Margaret Elliott

A date for your diary! June 29th at 10.30 a.m.

Please come and join us, and bring your friends for coffee, stalls etc. at Glebe End, Litton Cheney in aid of the Joseph Weld Hospice.

Nancy Vicars and Rachel Gershfield



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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125

Mid Week Worship

- Holy Communion Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory

Choir Practices Fridays at 6.00 p.m.


Gift Sunday 25th June Chideock Aid for Romania Fund

The next Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held on Friday 2nd June.

The next Healing Services at St Mary's will be in church on Wednesdays 31st May (not 14th June), 5th July and 9th August.

The PCC next meets on Monday 19th June in church.



Holy Baptism 7th May Hannah Gail Linford

Confirmation 22nd April (at St Mary's, Dorchester by The Bishop of Salisbury): Laura Mayo and Ben Wheeler.

13th May (at Salisbury Cathedral by The Bishop of Salisbury): Hannah Linford.

Marriage Blessing 15th April Richard and Tracy L. Smith

Wedding 5th May Timothy J. Atkinson and Trudy A. Legate

Funeral 15th May Florence E. Tizzard



St Mary's Church Fète - Thursday 3rd August

This will be held in the Rectory garden from 2.00 to 4.30 p.m.

Plants - cakes - books - bottle tombola - crafts - cards - white elephant - soft toys - children's lucky dip - raffle - side shows - and much more!

Come along and have some fun in the Rectory garden!

If you would like to give anything to the above stalls, items can be collected and stored at the Rectory. Please 'phone Pam Atkinson (897359). Thank you.

Alzheimer's Society - Advance Notice The Bridport Branch of the Alzheimer's Society will be holding their annual Garden Party and Cream Tea on Thursday, July 6th in Burton Bradstock Rectory Garden and W.I. Hall.

On Saturday, July 1st there is to be a Flag Day in Bridport. Anyone willing to give an hour to help on the day, please ring 897125 or 897218 for details. Any help given will be greatly appreciated.

Basil Dent


Des Clifford - Edith and Margaret and Gordon wish to thank everyone in the village for their kindness and messages of sympathy on the death of dear Desmond.


Penn-Fold, Beach Road

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all our kind friends and neighbours for their wonderful support during our recent illnesses. The help given in the way of transport to and from hospital and medical centre was much appreciated by us both. The many kind thoughts conveyed by letter, card, phone and prayer sustained us during the worrying times. Thank you all so much. Bob and Brenda Dubrey.

R.B.L. (Women's Section)

Cakes and produce will be on sale in Burton Reading Room on Tuesdays between 10.00 a.m. and 12 noon each week, commencing June 6th.

Berdoe Memorial Trust

The Annual Coffee Morning will be on Thursday June 22nd 10.30 a.m. - 12 noon at The Rectory, Burton Bradstock. Please come and support our very own village charity and help provide a week's caravan holiday at Freshwater for some deprived children and their carers during the first week of August. There will be a Cake Stall, Bring-and-Buy and a Grand Raffle. We look forward very much to seeing you.

John Ivall (Secretary)

Thanks! I would like to thank everyone who shared in my day celebrating 30 years in business in Burton Bradstock. I appreciate the kind thoughts, gifts and cards, and also the long-standing loyalty of so many clients who have been with me for so many years. I thank you all.


Our thanks to everyone who supported and sponsored us, the Wheeler Family, in our 12-hour Skittle Marathon at The White Horse, Litton Cheney on Monday 1st May. The event was in aid of the Bride Valley Scout 'New Hut' Appeal and we raised £318 - 60p. Thank you again.

Jayne & Alan Wheeler and Family



Coach Trip to Salisbury & Braemore House on Thursday 29th June

There are some spare places on the W.I.Bride Valley Group coach outing on Thursday, 29th June. The morning will be spent in Salisbury (time to yourself), with an afternoon visit to Braemore House. The price is £10 per head to include admission to the House. Anyone interested, please contact Group Secretary, Pam Puley, on 01308 423314 for further information. The tickets will be allocated on a "first come - first served" basis. Sheila Pett



Burton Bradstock Village Society's April Meeting

Members were delighted to find John Tillman back "holding the fort" as Treasurer when they arrived for their April meeting. About 90 people attended to hear Eddie Fry talk about the Poundbury Estate from its inception to the present time when another large phase of house building is about to commence.

About 10 years ago West Dorset District Council were faced with the need to find space for around 5,000 homes in their structure plan. Planners felt that it was time to move away from extending villages and instead to concentrate on the development of towns. Hence the Poundbury Estate was conceived and a new era of development style began. A master planner was brought in from France for the overall design and tenders were sought from builders. However, it was a visit by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales to open the Abbotsbury development, that apparently clinched the deal for Eddie Fry.

The success of the Poundbury Estate design was clearly evident in the slides Eddie showed; it seemed that every house had been individually designed with amendments carried out as the development progressed. Tradesmen became bored with building the same chimneys so, after the first twelve, they were given a free hand to design their own. According to Eddie, gangs were competing against each other to construct the best chimney! Many energy conservation ideas were incorporated into the houses - not all were totally successful. One particular water saving device, (suggested by someone who shall remain anonymous in my report), was instantly discarded by the householder concerned!

Questions were then posed from the floor and included comments on the village's new development in Mill Street. Villagers were assured by Eddie that, with the help of copious amounts of cow dung, the new section of wall would eventually blend in with its environment. The vote of thanks was given by Justin Mallinson who thanked Eddie for such an interesting and informative talk, while congratulating him on his very notable achievements in his profession.

Members were reminded that plants, cakes and other home produce are needed for sale at the coffee morning on 15th June. Profits will fund the Flower and Produce Show on 8th July.

Sheila Pett.



Village Society Coffee Morning

The annual coffee morning will be held on Thursday 15th June, 10.30 a.m. to 12 noon in the W.I.Hall, Burton Bradstock. Donations of cakes, plants and other home produce would be very welcome. All profits go towards financing the Flower and Produce Show on 8th July. Come along and have a chat - we need your support.

Sheila Pett












Application has been made to the West Dorset District Council for a Music/Dancing/Singing Licence for the following dates and times :

Saturday, 8th July 2000 - 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm

Monday, 10th July 2000 - 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm

Tuesday, 11th July 2000 - 7.30 pm to 11.00 pm

Thursday, 13th July 2000 - 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm

Friday, 14th July 2000 - 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm

Saturday, 15th July 2000 - 7.30 pm to 11.00 pm

Letters of objection or support to this Application stating reasons must be made to:-

West Dorset District Council, Stratton House,

High West Street, Dorchester, DT1 1UZ within 7 days of this notice.


Burton Bradstock Women's Institute

The annual Resolutions Meeting does not usually attract a huge attendance, but 49 stalwart members did turn up and were rewarded by thought-provoking presentations of the Resolutions, a quiz and delicious high calorie gateaux in the coffee break. Jonathan Wyatt from the Post Office hardly needed an introduction. In his all too brief visit (he declined to stay for the cakes) he told us the facts and figures about the looming threat to rural post offices, if HM Government withdraws the right to collect pensions and benefits in cash from local offices after 2002. A postmaster's income is based on the amount of business he generates and, not surprisingly, payment of pensions and benefits represents 40% of his business. Jonathan acknowledged the strength of support from our village and thanked the 400 people who had signed his copy of the petition which went to Downing Street with a total of about 3 million signatures. The second Resolution, presented by Margaret Frost, urges HMG to start funding children's hospices at the same level as adults'. The 21 children's hospices receive only 4% subsidy compared with 35% paid to the 285 adult hospices, notwithstanding the tragic statistic that 20,000 children in the UK will not reach adulthood. Our votes in favour of both Resolutions were unanimous. Wendy Green gave us a clear explanation of exactly what happens with a stroke, a misnomer in her mind, as she feels a "brain attack" would be more appropriate. Every 5 minutes someone suffers a stroke in this country and it is the 3rd biggest killer. A victim may be permanently and severely disabled, but with the help of occupational, speech and physiotherapy, a good recovery can be achieved. Unfortunately, this depends entirely on the area in which the patient lives. Again we voted unanimously, this time to urge HMG "to greatly improve the treatment and therapies available" (split infinitives appear to be acceptable these days!).

Our next event will be the members' & guests' Millennium Picnic Lunch in the Marquee on 11th July, not forgetting the Dorset Evening with the Yetties at 7.30 pm and open to everyone. Tickets for the Yetties at £5.00 are available from Jonathan at the Post Office. Wendy Green gave the answers to the quiz and, with alacrity and some cunning, swiftly recruited the winner and runner-up, Marj Banks and Annette Turney, to join the President's Team at the Millennium Quiz on 12th July. The Spring Group Meeting had been extremely enjoyable, with a skilful professional magician, poems, playlets and Pam Ayres' ditties followed by a sumptuous supper. Wendy Green concluded the meeting by thanking Joan Gillett and her helpers for the extra effort involved in thwarting any weight-watching regimes and gave a special word of thanks for the beautiful flower arrangements by one of our new members, Enid Mann. Gillian Redford won Flower of the Month with a magnificent Elsa Spath clematis and 100 Club winners were Margaret Webby, Betty Starkey, Shirley Gilbert and Mike Conway.

Carol Lumley

W.I. Outings for 2000

We are delighted that local residents and friends in the area are participating in our programme of outings, and are pleased to offer a few remaining seats on the trip on the River Exe in the afternoon of Thursday, 20th July, departing by coach from The Three Horseshoes at 1.00 pm at a cost of £8.50. To book please ring Margaret Frost on 897801.


*****STOP PRESS Burton Bradstock Players

It was announced at the AGM of the Burton Bradstock Players on Thursday 11th May that several key members of the production team are retiring or will not be available for a production next year. The society is seeking replacements from the Bride Valley to undertake the jobs of Musical Director, Set Designer/Constructor, Costume Designer and Wardrobe Mistress as these posts will need to be filled before any consideration can be given to next year's production. Anyone interested in working in any of these vital roles for the Players next show , or joining in any capacity, is invited to contact the Chairman Mike Southgate on 897487 or any other member of the committee ( Andrea Wilkinson, John Tillman, Mike Read, Mary Bailey or Brenda Dubrey.)

Those who have decided finally to step down from an active part in the pantomine scene are musicians Anne Southgate, Marion and Richard Surry, costume designer Pam Robson, and experienced performers Brenda Dubrey, Len Green, Liz Derryman, John Burton, John Tillman and John Surry.


Note from the Editors: It will have been noted by our readers that a number of news items in this edition have suffered repetition. Would contributors please, where possible, submit articles to the official village correspondents and not directly to the editors. Thank you.



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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Gilly Doar

Paddock Lodge Swyre



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Village Correspondent: Mrs Dorothy Barlow

Collingbourne, Hoopers Lane, Puncknowle

Telephone: (01308) 897761



Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers........ Dates For Your Diary:

Sunday Brunches at The Crown from 10.30am & The Wessex Military Band from Noon on the 11th June, 9th July and the 13th August.

Saturday 29th July - We will be running stalls at the Millennium Fete in Puncknowle along with Music & BBQ at the Crown from 7.30pm

Sunday 30th July - Brunch from 10.30am & The Andy Dickens Jazz Band from Noon

Saturday 12th August - Music & BBQ from 7.30pm

Saturday 26th August - Bride Valley Fledglings Fun Night & BBQ from 7.30pm with music by All Shook Up.

Friday 1st September- Big Band Night & BBQ from 7.30pm

If you feel the Crown Puncknowle Fundraisers could be of any assistance to you or a local organisation you are involved with, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Mick or Emma at the Crown on 897711 for consideration.

Thank you once again for you support. Emma Foster ( Treasurer )


Millennium Fete

The villagers of Puncknowle, West Bexington and Swyre are joining together to hold the Millennium Fete on Saturday 29th July. We plan that this will be an expanded version of our already highly successful and popular fete. It is hoped to have more attractions and stalls than usual and whilst the main site will be in Puncknowle Manor Gardens (by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Lodge), there will also be stalls and entertainment in the main street and the Crown Gardens. We would welcome contributions to the following stalls: Books, Bottles, Bric- a-brac, Cakes and Produce, Clothing, Fancy Goods, Plants and Sweets. Can you assist on the day? Help us to make this a memorable and enjoyable day for everyone! Please contact Carol Tyrrell (897901) or Mick Lawless (The Crown Inn - 897711) All proceeds to Puncknowle and Swyre Churches, Puncknowle Hall and other local charities.

Cleaning up!

The response to work parties to assist our entry to the Best Kept Village Competition has been poor both in attendance figures and as a result of the weather. So we have arranged another - surprise...surprise!! The date is May 30th at 5 p.m. on the Playing Field. Also we are again suffering from an increase in dog fouling. It seems that there are those who are persistent culprits, in addition to dogs that are allowed to run loose. It is the price one has to pay if one wants the pleasure of dog-owning, that one must deal with the less pleasant aspects of clearing up. A little more consideration from dog owners is necessary. After all, there are fines for such offences and the Council feels strongly that, if necessary, further action should be taken. Please help to maintain good doggy manners.

Anna Lovell

Puncknowle Website

The Parish Council has been asked to ascertain the level of interest there might be in the provision of a dedicated website for Puncknowle, as is the modern fashion. Would anyone having opinions or comments, or who might wish to use, advertise or sponsor such a project please make contact with the clerk (using the well-worn medium of telephone or post). We need to know if this is a worthwhile idea. Thank you. (01308 897322).

Puncknowle Art Group

The meetings for June are Friday 9th: Painting at Slape Manor, and Friday 23rd: Outdoor painting, venue to be arranged.




Millennium Walk

Wednesday 21st June. Walk from Knackers Hole to the Knoll from 6p.m. onwards. There will be a barbecue and liquid refreshments to greet you on arrival and a bonfire later in the evening. Transport will run from Manor Farm farmyard at 6.30 p.m. for those who require it. There will be no charge for this event - just enjoy the evening and celebrate the Millennium!. Call 897901 or 897711 if you need any further information.

Millennium Fete Saturday 29th July from 1.30 p.m. onwards in the Manor Gardens and the Crown Inn Puncknowle. In addition to the many stalls there will be a Bouncy Castle, Punch and Judy, Morris Dancers, Brass Band, Irish Dancing, Pony Rides, Donkey Rides, Ferret Racing, children's dancing display, lots to eat and drink - and much more!

If you can help or want to contribute to the stalls (Books, Bottles, Bric-a-Brac, Cakes and produce, Clothing, Fancy Goods, Plants, Sweets, White Elephant) please phone 897901 or 897711.

The festivities do not finish when the main fete does. From 7.30 p.m. there will be stalls, music and a barbecue at the Crown Inn, and if that isn't enough for you, we continue on Sunday at the Crown with brunch from 10.30 a.m. and the Andy Dickens Jazz Band from noon.

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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents: Mr & Mrs. N.Gardener

1 Rose Cottages, Litton Cheney

Tel: ( 01308 ) 482323

The Millennium Party: 6.00pm on 29th April was the start of a superb celebration of 2000 years of Christendom. Our local committee, under Eddy Fry's first class chairmanship, had been planning and fund-raising for this day for almost a year. So it was that a most substantial marquee was erected in "The Cottage" garden (thank you again Sheila and Eddy Fry), tables and chairs set up, catering undertaken (and in many local kitchens), barbecuing commenced, and so much more.

At 6.00pm the bar was already open, and soon afterwards our children were presented with millennial mugs, (still available at £3.50 each). Then we sat down to eat famously, the music played, the bar served, and the dancing began. After a vigorous twirl with Margaret Thomas, this correspondent left (he was working the next day), but the partying continued all the stronger. Well done and thank you everybody who contributed to such a fantastic village evening.

The Village Fete: May Day this year was Church Fete day, and we jumped on the marquee bandwagon in Eddy and Sheila Fry's garden. This correspondent had been asked to "do his stuff", and yes the weather was perfect! But so did everybody else do their stuff, under the organisation of Freddie Spicer, and well over 500 people came along to support, buy, gamble, play, eat, drink, or just sit and watch. It was a great afternoon, and over £2600 was raised for Church funds.

In 1999, about 20% of Church income was given away, especially for the education and support of children, and this year, although facing substantial repair bills, we look forward again to supporting the needy as best we can.

To all who made the Fete such a success: thank you!

BVN Correspondents: We announced the retirement of Norman and Mollie Gardener as Litton Cheney correspondents some months back, and I am delighted to name and thank their replacements:

Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close, and Gaynor Jones, 10 Manor Farm Close (Tel 482517).

BVN Deliverers: Five ladies have volunteered to help, essentially to take over the round that Sheila Fry did so efficiently for so many years. As our other deliverer (Anne Barwick) may soon be leaving the village (she and Paul are selling up), please can I defer some of the volunteers to be Anne's replacements in due course?

I hope that for the west and south of the village we can run the following system:

Catherine Caudrey: Chalkpit Lane and Closes off

Janet Punter: Redway (west) and Main St (to C G Fry & Son)

Mariesha James: School Lane and Main St (below C G Fry & Son)

Thank you Catherine, Janet and especially Mariesha.

Anthony Ashwell

From your Correspondents

Norman and I would like to advise you all that we are resigning as Village Correspondents as from this month. We have enjoyed collecting all your news and 'tit-bits' for over four years now, and feel it is time to hand it all over to someone else, namely GAYNOR JONES (482517) and ELISABETH KINGSTON (482384). They will both welcome all your contributions from now on. We both would like to thank you all for your help during our time 'in office'.


The Village Fete

After the endless rain in April we were blessed with sunshine on May Day and a different venue for the earlier date than usual - very many thanks to Eddy and Sheila Fry for the loan of their lovely garden which we hope did not suffer too much from the tramp of many feet. Attendance was down by around a hundred but the proceeds, after expenses, increased by just over £100 to £2,538. The Parochial Church Council wish to record their sincere thanks to all who worked so hard on the day and before the event, to all those who supported the Fete by their attendance or in other ways and, particularly, to those who made, gave, bought or otherwise obtained items for the stalls to sell. As a change we enjoyed the facility of the marquee; St. Mary's Church has contributed £400 towards the Millennium Committee's marquee hire cost.

Litton Cheney Parish Council

Sadly the opportunity to retain a village shop under the care of the Parish Council has been rejected due to the inflexibility of West Dorset District planners to bend the rules in favour of the needs of the community. A truly 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to retain a shop has been lost. We now have to await the outcome on the sale of Beech House to determine the future of the shop. The council thanks the over-whelming majority of the villagers for their support and encouragement for the project. For those who expressed interest in the possibility of providing social housing in the village, the project automatically suffers the same fate as the shop, but the survey forms have been forwarded to West Dorset District Council's Director of Housing for further consideration.

Oh what a Party!

Many thanks to Eddy Fry and the Millennium Committee for all their hard work in organising the excellent Litton Cheney Millennium Dinner. About 250 villagers sat down to a wonderful meal enhanced with 39 gallons of beer and 60 bottles of wine. The 250 lbs. of beef cooked by John Randall and his willing family was absolutely delicious. You are all booked again for the next millennium ! The younger children were each presented with a commemorative mug, while the rest of us are left with memories of the food and good company, followed by a most enjoyable evening of entertainment.

Playing Fields

Improvements in the Playing Fields will be taking place in the next few months. Would parents of children please stop them digging holes and making jumps, also riding over the new benches. Katherine Jones

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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondents: Mr & Mrs Patrick Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269

Hilary Green. As all Long Bredy folk by now will know, Hilary had a most dreadful accident on Easter Saturday, tripping up in her garage, falling, fracturing her skull, and then having a life-threatening blood clot form on her brain. Trevor and the children went through a ghastly few days, but at the time of writing (two weeks after the accident) Hilary is making the most wonderful recovery, after a huge operation, with she and the family buoyed up by the prayers, love and sacrificial support of many in the village.

Patrick Frost. At last (again at the time of writing - 5th May) Patrick has started an intensive course of radiotherapy which should arrest the development and perhaps reduce the size of his brain tumour. These are really difficult times for his family, and again it is wonderful to hear how much support Elinor is receiving from the local community.

Churchyard Mowing. Thank you, Mike and Steve, who have volunteered to help with the above. But please, if at all possible, are there further volunteers?....

Anthony Ashwell

Everybody in the village, and many others locally, will have heard of Hilary Green's accident at the end of April. We send our very best wishes to her and to Trevor, Eleanor, Sarah and Duncan as her recovery continues.

The weekend of the 17th-18th June will be a spectacular one as far as the Church is concerned, based around the wedding of Joanne Pitcher on the Saturday and the Christening of Anna Schwinge at the Family Service the next morning. This gives the opportunity for a FESTIVAL OF COUNTRY WEDDING FLOWERS, which will start at 2.00 p.m. and end with a Vespers Service at 5.30 p.m. on the Sunday afternoon, 18th June. Gold, cream and white is the colour scheme, chosen by the bride, and the church will be being decorated from Friday to Saturday lunchtime.

As last year, there will be teas (served in the Tower), stalls and a raffle in connection with the Festival, and all offers of help will be gratefully received by Margaret Elliott (482338) and/or Juniper Greener (482257). Organ music will be played throughout the Sunday afternoon, and the Village Singers will accompany the Vespers at 5.30 p.m. All money raised will be shared between St. Peter's Church and the Joseph Weld Hospice.

Plans for the FÊTE on the 15th July are taking shape, and, if you can offer help with stalls, games, teas, etc., please telephone Ruth Pitcher on 482562, or contact one of the individual stall holders as below:-

Teas - Chris Smith

Raffle - Ruth Pitcher / Jackie Cain

Cake - Rosemary Pitcher / Margaret Elliott

Bottle Tombola - Peter Palm

Book Stall - Juniper Greener

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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy

Easter seemed late enough in coming this year, but it already seems a long time ago as well! However, it is not too late to extend the usual thanks to all those who decorated the church so beautifully as always. Primroses and daffodils alike lasted long enough to make their displays, and some of the earlier blossoms added to the colour. Many thanks to all concerned - not forgetting the primrose pickers and "bunchers", whose efforts created the lettering in the windows, and the young Armstrongs, for their splendid Easter Garden.

A few days earlier, Tessa and Alastair Jackson had hosted the second of the village's Lent Frugal Lunches, in aid of the Spinal Injuries Fund, which has now benefited over the years to the tune of over £150.00, thanks to the generosity of those who attended. Thank you to Alastair and Tessa for your hospitality.

A reminder that Chris & Judy Yates' Opening Days for "The Scented Garden" really get into their swing on Tuesdays this month.




Come and visit "THE SCENTED GARDEN"!

The Victorian Walled Gardens in Littlebredy

are Open to the Public

by kind Invitation of Chris & Judy Yates

from 2.30 - 8.00 p.m. on TUESDAYS

JUNE 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th

and JULY 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th.

(National Gardens Scheme)

As well as noting the progress of the restoration works in general,

visitors will see in particular some splendid roses and part of the National Lavender Collection.




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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White


3 Gullivers Orchard Shipton Gorge




Funeral 9th May Joyce I. Crutchley

Burial of Ashes 10th May Joyce I. Crutchley


The Parochial Church Council next meets on Wednesday 7th June at 7.30 pm at Virginia House.

St. Martin's Summer Fair (July) & Cream Tea (August)

The annual St. Martin's Summer Fair will be held this year on Saturday, 22nd July. Please make a note of this very important fund-raising event for the Church. It is proposed to hold a Village Cream Tea afternoon on Thursday, 17th August in celebration of the 100th Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen Mother. For further details or offers of help, please contact the Churchwardens on 897391 or 421654.

Congratulations to Stephen Bowditch of Peashill on winning 'Best Sea Cadet of the Year' Award and also the 'Best Seamanship' Award for the second year running. He has been granted a bursary to sail on the training ship 'Royalist' for a week and has won a place aboard H.M.S. Bridport in July. Well done, Stephen! We are all very proud of your achievements.

A big thank you to all who attended the Frugal Lunch in Rockway on a cold morning in April, also to those who gave or sent donations. To all the soup makers, bread butterers and washers-up - many thanks. A cheque for £127 has been sent to the Pilsdon Community to help swell their funds. Phyllis Penney

(Our apologies for the omission of your entry in the May issue)

Shipton Gorge Plant Sale

We would like to thank all who gave plants, cakes and preserves, as well as their valuable time, to help at the Plant Sale on Saturday 29th April. We had a lovely morning, the sun shone and we raised £336 for St. Martin's Church without too much effort and with a lot of laughs. Our thanks to everyone.

Jan & Brian Shaw

Shipton Gorge Hall 100 Club

Winners for the May draw:- £20 No. 55 Jan Shaw

£10 No. 99 Sue Trotman

Village Hall Trust

A Summer Jumble Sale is to be held on Saturday June 3rd at 2 p.m. in the Village Hall. The doors will be open to receive the jumble between 9.30 and 11.30 a.m. If any items are to be collected, please contact Doris & Gerald Benselin - 897562.

Shipton Gorge Village Society

The Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 10th May 2000. A large attendance was greatly appreciated by the Chairman and Committee. Many topics were discussed and noted for the next Committee Meeting on 7th June 2000 at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall. Can you spare six hours a year to help the Village Society keep village life alive? If so, please come along and join the committee. You will be most welcome. Alternatively please phone Peter Bowditch 897364

Doris Standley 897141.

Flower & Vegetable Summer Show

The schedule for this show was delivered to all residents with last month's Bride Valley News. So please do not mislay it between now and the show on 12th August. An entry form is not required. Just come along to the Village Hall before 11 a.m. on the Day with your exhibits and entry fees. After 11 a.m. you are invited to return and cast your vote for the winners of each class. Should you have any queries, please contact either Christine Cornish (897833) or George Shepherd (897490)

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Chilcombe Church


Evensong on Sunday 7th May at 6.30 pm, and each 1st Sunday of the month through the summer.

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