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St Mary's Burton Bradstock FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Litton Cheney

How late Easter is this year! I have to laugh at the old adage that new tatties shouldn't be put in until Good Friday. This year that's April 21st, and almost time for main-crop. In 1997 it was March 28th, almost a month earlier than this year. All a bit of harmless nonsense I guess, except for potato farmers.

One of the advantages of a late Easter is that the Sunday will dawn early. By the time people come to make their 8 o'clock Easter Communion together, the sun will be well up, the Son of God well risen. Another advantage, from my point of view, is that the second half of Lent and the whole of Eastertide both fall into the same month, and so can be written about in the same article! I think this is important because in many ways the Christian significance of Easter can only be properly appreciated in relation to the events which precede Jesus Christ's rising from the grave.

Before Jesus was given new life, he had to lie in the grave (Easter Saturday). Before that he had to be condemned and crucified (Good Friday). Before that he had to have a Last Supper with his followers and be arrested (Maundy Thursday). Before that he had to enter Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) and make the authorities aware of his challenging presence. Before that he needed to make his disciples aware of what was going to happen (Passion Sunday), and before that all who keep Lent as a time of penitence need to move their thoughts towards the Cross and the Resurrection (a proper use for Mothering Sunday).

April this year contains all those significant days, none of which is complete in isolation, and all of which combine to climax in the greatest celebration that the world will ever know. Death is defeated, and the Kingdom of Heaven is opened to all believers, Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ!

With love and Easter greetings to everybody from Anna and myself.

Anthony Ashwell

Christian Aid

We believe in life before death

Take advantage of the new

Millennium Gift Aid

where every £1 given by a

taxpayer is worth £1.28

to the charity

14 - 20 May 2000

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Church Calendar - April 2000


Frederick Denison Maurice, Priest, Teacher, 1872.


The Fourth Sunday of Lent. John 19, v.25-27.


(Mothering Sunday)


The Fifth Sunday of Lent. Passiontide begins.


Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lutheran Pastor Martyr, 1945.


William Law, Priest, Spiritual Writer 1761.


William of Ockham, Friar, Philosopher, Teacher,1347.


George Augustus Selwyn,1878.


Palm Sunday. John 12, v.12-16.


Isabella Gilmore, Deaconess,1923.


Monday of Holy Week. John 12, v.1-11.


Tuesday of Holy Week. John 12, v.20-26.


Wednesday of Holy Week. John 13, v.21-32.


Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr,1012


Maundy Thursday John 13, v.1-17, 31-35.


Good Friday. John 18, v.1-19, v.42


Anselm, Abbot of Le Bec, Archbishop of Canterbury, Teacher, 1109.


Easter Eve. Matthew 27, v.57-66


Easter Day. Acts 10, v.34-43.


Monday of Easter week. 1.Peter 1, v.1-12.


Mellitus, Bishop of London, First Bishop at St. Paul's, 624.


Tuesday of Easter week. 1.Peter 1, v.13-25.


Wednesday of Easter week. 1.Peter 2, v.1-10.


Thursday of Easter week. 1.Peter 2, v.11-25.


Christina Rossetti, Poet, 1894.


Friday of Easter week. John 21, v.15-17


Peter Chanel, Missionary in the South Pacific, Martyr, 1841.


Saturday of Easter week. John 21, v.20-25.


Catherine of Siena, Teacher, 1380.


The Second Sunday of Easter.


Pandita Mary Ramabai, Translator of the Scriptures, 1922.

Rosemary Earnshaw

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Valley Notes

Lent Course for the east end of the valley.

All are warmly invited to the Lent Group which this year will meet at 7.30pm on the Wednesdays in Lent (excluding Ash Wednesday and the Wednesday in Holy Week). The course entitled 'All Together Now' has been prepared by CTBI (Churches Together in Britain and Ireland), and explores the Journey of Faith in words and music.

Dates, themes and venues as follows:

5th April 'Believing' at 11 Barges Close, Litton Cheney
12th April 'Dying' at 8 Coombes Close, Litton Cheney

Anthony Ashwell

Burton Bradstock School.

Ten years ago this month I took up the post as Headteacher at Burton Bradstock School.

I was appointed to my first Headship at 33. It was a big Middle school in High Wycombe and with a mixture of youthful energy, limited experience, bravado and bluster I set about running it.

Four years later Barbara and I decided that we wanted to bring our young family up in a village and I cast out, looking for rural Headships. Colleagues in High Wycombe thought that I was mad. 'You don't move from a big to a small school Headship if you want to advance your career.' was the oft-repeated message. My motives were family and 'quality of life' driven and I have not regretted the decision once.

Moving job and area allows one the luxury of cutting away loose baggage that inexperience hangs around you, and I arrived in the Bride Valley confident that I had learned what it takes to be a Headteacher. I hadn't! I still haven't, but my time in the Bride Valley has taught me a very important lesson. The pace and quality of life here has allowed me to re-evaluate what is really important to me both personally and professionally. My ego has been somewhat tamed and I channel more and more of my energy into the most important things that make a good School, the people, and that includes you, dear reader!

I have been stimulated and supported by everyone that I have had dealings with in the valley, both socially and professionally and you have contributed to the success of my school and so I am taking this opportunity to thank you all. I hope that the partnership between Burton Bradstock School and the valley continues to grow. It is mutually beneficial and, while I remain the Head here I will always nurture it.

On the 30th March I took the Valley Band, the Burton Bradstock School choir and Mountjoy Handbell ringers to the Colston Hall in Bristol to perform our Millennium Song. Our entry was one of 11 chosen from all schools in the South West of England for the regional J.C.2000 concert. We all had a wonderful day and the children performed brilliantly. We may be selected to take part in the national final concert at the Albert Hall in June, but you will get a chance to hear us at the Millennium Church festival in the Burton Millennium tent on Sunday 9th July.

Thanks to all who have bought 100 club tickets. Lucky winners for February.

£40 I.L.Mitchell

£20 Mrs P. Blackmore

£10 Richard (Skins) Surry

£5 Mrs J. Bowles

David Powell Headteacher

Thorner's School, Litton Cheney

This is a very long term as Easter is so late and we are all looking forward to the break.

The first 7 a-side-team have been playing lots of football, some more successful than others. The game that really stands out is the match against Powerstock in the Pyramid tournament. Having played them before we knew that they were a strong team, we had not expected such determination from the opposition.. We went ahead during the first half and Powerstock seemed to gain extra strength, tackling strongly and pushing forward all the time. They did not miss the chances and soon the teams were equal. Both sides were fighting hard to dominate and the ball was travelling to both ends of the field regularly. Powerstock went into the lead which meant our team were dejected, instructions were being shouted from all directions. I am so glad they did not give up as their persistence paid off. The final score was 4 - 4 and the match should have been filmed and shown as "Match of the Day". It was that lively and interesting to watch. (One member of staff, who admits that football is not her thing, came out for a breath of fresh air and stayed the whole time it was so thrilling). Both teams showed great sportsmanship and no hint of a yellow card.

I think our down period came when we went to St. Mary's for the Brian Newberry Tournament. Here we played 6 men on the field with 2 reserves (can you imagine the task I faced having to leave someone behind and then 2 off the pitch, all of whom wanted to play all the games. I was not popular, I can tell you!) We were in a group of 4, so that meant we played 3 games, only 5 minutes in total per game and to cap it all SMALL goal posts! Unfortunately, even though we played as a team we were unable to score one goal, so we were knocked out at the end of the first round, having lost one game and drawn two. The boys were so disappointed and each felt that they had let the team down. I am so proud of the way they played and think that they are being very hard on themselves. In particular Tom Clent has done an excellent job all season as Captain, guiding me through the system and initiating me into the amended rules, as well as leading the boys, being a good role model and taking the role seriously. Well done, Tom. I would also like to say a big thank you to Mr. Armstrong who was able to referee some of the home matches for me, and without whom the matches would not have been played at all. Hope you are available next year??????

In class 4 we looked at Homophone poems in connection with our bodies….. not an easy link. They produced some excellent ideas: here are some from Jamie Barnes Year 6.

People say my sun is the best sun this side of the sun.

People say every bouy in our family floats, like a boy, but in our family there are no bouys.

And I have a bud who grows like a bud and he's a very small bud.

100 club winners:

£15 Ann Mentern and

£10 Alison Johnstone (beginners luck)

Alison Johnstone Headteacher.


We will be holding a BINGO EVENING at Thorner's school on Saturday April 8th, doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. There will be plenty of prizes and everyone is very welcome. School is collecting 'Books for Schools' tokens from crisp packets and newspapers and the 'Tesco computers for schools vouchers' . There are collection boxes at school.


Bride Valley Ladies Choir

The Bride Valley Ladies Choir is holding a Spring Coffee Morning at the Village Hall, Shipton Gorge on Friday 14th April, - 10.30 a.m. to 12 noon. There will be a bring-and-buy cake stall, home-made biscuits and fruit pies, and also lots of plants for sale. Please come along and help support our choir.

Janet Lane

Mothers' Union

The meeting will be held on Thursday, 27th April at 2.30 p.m. at The Rectory, Burton Bradstock. Mrs. Sylvia Bishop will give an illustrated talk on the life of Eglantine Jebb, founder of 'Save the Children.'

In the spirit of the B.B.C.'s "Music Live", from Thursday 25th - Monday 29th May, Carol Lee of Whatcombe Cottage, Longbredy, [Tel. 482368], would like to know if anyone in the Valley is interested in taking part in a musical event in Longbredy Church on Saturday 27th May, probably between 7.30 and 9.00 p.m. If you have any musical talent - singing or playing, solo or group - and would like to take part in such an event, please contact her. It must be clearly understood that any musical equipment involved must be fully portable (i.e. no grand pianos!) and participants must be responsible for their own transport arrangements.

If the response is favourable, there will be an announcement in next month's magazine, and there will be a rehearsal during the week before the event, to assess timings, etc. We hope to look forward to a very friendly get-together for the event, with refreshments for all players and members of the audience afterwards.

Enjoy a Country and Seaside Walk in the Bride Valley, taking a route not normally accessible to the public and at the same time, by finding sponsors or making a donation, support the Bible Society's "Literacy for Life" Millennium project. The Walk takes place on Saturday, 27th May, between 10.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m., starting and ending at St. Mary's Church, Burton Bradstock. For sponsorship forms, maps, etc. please contact Hilary Mousley (01308 897849).

Coffee Morning: Toddler Group Parents

All parents and carers of pre-school children are invited to a Bring and Buy coffee morning by First Steps Toddler Group on Wednesday, 12th April at 10.00 a.m. in Long Bredy Village Hall. It will be an opportunity to meet the leaders of the Bride Valley Fledglings Playgroup. All are welcome. Sally Jevons (897068)


Bride Valley Scout Group

Thanks to St. Mary's Burton Bradstock, the Freshwater Activities Committee, The Clover Trust and our successful Coffee Morning in Burton Bradstock in February we have raised £3,500 so far this year. Our next fund-raising event is a Car Boot Sale opposite the garage in Burton Bradstock on 20th April. All the Group and their families enjoyed a Splash Party at the Leisure Centre in March. The Cubs have visited the Fire Station and the Scouts spent a weekend at the hut and enjoyed adventure activities.

BRIDE VALLEY BROWNIES : S.O.S.! The Bride Valley Brownies are in need of your help. The present Brown Owl is standing down after 4 years' service and the Bridport District are currently seeking a replacement, to begin in September 2000. No qualifications or experience are necessary.

Perhaps you have happy memories of being a Brownie or Guide and would care to give something back to Guiding? The pack presently meets on Wednesday evenings, but the day and time could change to suit the new leader.

If you, or anyone else you know of, are interested and would like to know more, please contact the District Commissioner, Mrs. H. Purse, on 01308 423220 or the present Brown Owl, Mrs. H. Fox, on 01308 482501.

Bredy Rainfall Station Report.

The Fastest building developers in the Bride Valley are the rooks which started nest construction two weeks earlier than usual, and building high. This report is later than usual but with April showers upon us we look back at 1999 on the whole as a wet year. 837.5 mm (33 ins) versus 775.3 mm (30.5 ins) the 10 year average. There were five dry months, March 64% of the 5 year average, May 77%, July 18%, October 79% and November 47% of the 5 year average.

July was the driest for the 18 years we have been recording and the lowest in Wessex. January and February were fairly normal, the wet months were April 83 mm (3.3 ins), June 60mm (2.4 ins), August 106 mm (4.2 ins), September 120 mm (4.7 ins), and December 132 mm (5.2 ins).

Although not officially recording temperatures, August 1999 averaged the highest recorded. Frosts were recorded during the year on 32 occasions, unusually many in this coastal area.. 1999 rainfall figures are posted on the Burton Parish Council notice board outside the Library. Finally why the week 8th to 15th July 2000 was chosen for Burton Bradstock's Millennium Celebrations on the Playing field - it is because our 18 year average rainfall in July is only 30.7mm (1.2 ins) compared with June 48.7rnm (1.9 ins) & August's double at 61.2 (2.4 ins). Hope to see you on Burton Bradstock Playing field that week.

Justin Mallinson Bredy Farm Met. Rainfall Station 351123.


Our next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Diane Ffoukes, Threshing Barn, Kingston Russell, on Wednesday, April 12th at 8.00 pm. "A Taste Of Languages" is the theme of this month's meeting when Nikki Mundy who runs a language club at Thorners School, will demonstrate her skills of teaching 4 different languages ( French, German and Japanese ). Ladybirds are expected to be fluent in all four languages by the end of the evening!! Guests and well-wishers are welcome.

Ursula Bayer 482 252


Members are reminded that the closing date for 'She Stoops to Conquer' at Poole on Thursday May 18th is Tuesday April 18th. 'Carmen', on April 12th, is fully booked.

Nancy Vicars & Rachel Gershfield tel: 482404


The Annual General Meeting will be on Monday 10th April at Thorner's School, Litton Cheney at 7.30 p.m. This is your opportunity to elect a committee and make suggestions for the future of the Club. The meeting, which is usually quite short, will be followed by a wine and cheese social event. Members should by now have received the newsletter giving details of the summer programme.

National Gardens Scheme - Gardens Open to the Public

Langebride House, Long Bredy will be open on Sunday 2 April (2-5) with tea in aid of Joseph Weld Hospice.

On Easter Sunday, 23rd April The Old Rectory Litton Cheney is open for the National Gardens Scheme from 2.00 - 5.30 pm with teas in aid of Arthritis Care.

Five Litton Cheney gardens will also be open on Sunday 21st May and three on Tuesday 13th June.

Free leaflets of NGS openings in Dorset are available from me either in person or with a SAE to The Old Rectory, Litton Cheney, DT2 9AIL

The proceeds from the garden openings help the very deserving charities the Scheme supports, including Macmillan Cancer Relief and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Carol Lindsay

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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125

Mid Week Worship -

Holy Communion Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory

Choir Practices Fridays at 6.00 p.m.

Gift Sunday 30th April - Tear Fund

The next Tiny Tots / Pram Services will be held on Fridays 7th April & 12th May (NOT the 5th)

The next Healing Services at St Mary's. Monday 10th April, then Wednesdays 3rd May and 14th June.


Holy Baptism 27th February Liam R. Walker

Lent Lunches are again being provided on the following Fridays from 12 noon to 2 pm:-

Date Address Charity
31st March The Rectory British Diabetic Association
7th April Manor Cottage, Church Street MacMillan Nurses
14th April Westfield, Shipton Lane Church Mission Society

Do please support these lunches. Everyone is most welcome. Soup, rolls etc. and coffee will be on the menu.

Pam Atkinson

Church Flowers for Easter If you wish to give a donation for Easter lilies in memory of family or friends, please put your donation in the envelope provided, which you will find on the table in the south aisle of the church, and give to Pam Atkinson or deliver to the Rectory.

Decorating the Church for Easter We shall be decorating the church with flowers on Saturday 22nd April from 10 am. Everyone is most welcome to decorate the church for this festival, so do come along, and if possible please bring a little greenery. Thank you.

Pam Atkinson

The Church Fete Committee meets at The Rectory on Monday 10th April at 2.00 pm.

Organist / Choirmaster Our best hope has regrettably failed! We still search.

Holy Week at St Mary's

Mon 17th April
Tue 18th April
The Reading of the Passion at 7.30 pm
two evenings, followed each evening by Compline.
Wed 19th April 7.30 pm The last session of the Lent Course, followed by Compline.
GOOD FRIDAY 12 noon to 3 pm THREE HOUR SERVICE(Taken by The Bishop of Salisbury)
Easter Eve

No service. St Mary's candidates are to be confirmed at St Mary's, Dorchester by the Bishop of Salisbury at the

Easter Vigil at 8.30 pm.


8.00 am Holy Communion

11.00 am Family Communion, with the Blessing of the Paschal Candle

6.30 pm Festal Evensong




Home Watch - Meeting of Co-ordinators in Burton Bradstock

Reference is made to the entry in last month's Bride Valley News on the progress of our Home Watch scheme and the forthcoming meeting of all co-ordinators on Tuesday 11th April at my home, starting at 7.30 p.m. As mentioned, it would be appreciated if co-ordinators would ring on 897957 to inform me whether or not they can attend this important meeting at which several police officers will be present.

Freddy Tame

Report on Burton Bradstock Village Open Web Site Meeting held on 28th. February 2000.

The web site has been structured to provide factual information about the village e.g. history, geology, lists of local organisations/contacts and maps, with automatic links to a wide range of other useful web sites such as Met. Office, NHS Direct, Dorset County Council, FM Coastguard and utilities. It includes a "What's on" section which publicises most activities e.g. Church, W.l., British Legion, Parish Council, BB Players (panto), Village Society, Scouts and Millennium Activities.

The main aims of the project are to:

a) Provide a useful resource for villagers and their friends & family who live elsewhere around the country/world, people who have moved away but would like to stay in touch, and other people who might be interested in the village. In fact the site has already been visited by 2,780 people from places as far away as China, USA, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Holland and Canada!

b) The second aim is to help "skill-up" people in how to use Personal Computers, the Internet and to how to create/maintain their own web sites. With this in mind, it was agreed to set up a 'user group' who would meet regularly to exchange ideas and solve problems.

A number of people at the meeting expressed interest in attending an 8 hour course (made up of four two-hour sessions) on creating web pages at Weymouth College at a cost of approximately £35 per head. This will most likely be a special course put on for our group! Anyone who is interested in attending should contact Ken Pett on 897 550 by 10th. April.

It is essential to keep the web site running using local resources as long as possible so as to avoid costs associated with bringing in a paid 'system manager'. While funds are presently sufficient, it is recognised that in order to keep the site self-sustaining in the longer term, we will need to approach local firms to advertise and/or have their pages linked to our site, for a reasonable charge.

The site has now been operational for some months and contains an increasing number of pages with some very useful information. To see what has been done, visit:

Ken Pett - Secretary.


Jayne's Hair Salon 1970 - 2000

"Celebrating 30 years"

I would like to take this opportunity to say 'Thank you' to all clients who have supported me over the past 30 years.

There have been many changes in the village since I started my career in Burton Bradstock. Charles Road was just a field. Northover and Howard's Close were not even thought of. Cheneys were at the garage, Mr & Mrs Allen in Bridge Stores, Mr & Mrs Wyatt in the Post Office, Mark & Janet Bell at Shadrack, Joan & Alan Gillett in the Three Horseshoes - and I don't remember who was in the other two pubs - maybe a sign of age!

The salon itself had already been converted from the village shop into a salon, but somewhat run down and in desperate need of redecoration and refurbishment. This was left to my husband Alan (then fiance) and his brother. This transformation took six weeks and we opened on 22nd April 1970. It was not a busy day, but the local clientele soon started to drift in and some of those same people are still crossing the threshold thirty years on. Many clients and staff have come and gone over the years. At the moment, with the help of Sue, I work full-time (well - 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. due to still having children at school, and till 1.00 p.m. on Saturday).

The salon is open to non-hairdressing customers, as we carry a competitively priced range of certain household items - e.g. toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, black bags, towels, tea towels and some fresh vegetables.

We would like to welcome anyone to call in, and thank you again for your continued support.


Congratulations, Jayne, on your 30 years at The Salon!


All parishioners are welcome to attend Burton Bradstock Annual Parish meeting being held in the W.I. Hall on Wednesday 26th April at 7.30pm.


Please book these dates: Saturday 8th July through to Saturday 16th July inclusive. The Parish Council is providing a marquee on the playing field and throughout the week events have been arranged from The Yetties., Barn Dance, Jazz band etc. finalising in a grand firework display. FULL details of all events will soon be published.

Burton Bradstock Playgroup Easter Toddle

The Playgroup will be toddling around the village as usual on Easter Sunday (23rd April) after the Easter Service at about 12.15 pm. They will be wearing beautiful Easter Bonnets which they have made themselves. There will be a collection basket for donations, which will go towards the running costs of the Playgroup.

If you want to know more about the Playgroup, please ring Audrey Smith on 897227.

From John Tillman

"I should like to thank all of you who have been so kind during my recent illness. I have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement both Joyce and I have received, which once again underlines the caring community we have in Burton Bradstock. By the time you read this I hope to be well on the way to recovery and joining in the activities we have in this delightful and busy little Village. God bless you all."

From Bride Valley Scout Group

"Thank you to everyone who is supporting the Bride Valley Scout Group in our fund-raising efforts towards a new building. The coffee morning on February 26th raised the magnificent sum of £2,100.07, including many generous donations. Thank you also to Pam and our Rector John for kindly offering the use of their home for the coffee morning. Unfortunately, due to illness we had to move to the W.I. Hall and we are very grateful to the Rector for donating the cost of hiring the Hall. I am continually receiving donations and we in the Scout Group have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our local community. Thank you all!"

Steve Dove, Chairman B.V.S.G.

"Thank you to those who attended the Lent Lunch at my home on Friday, 10th March. Also to those who could not attend but gave a donation anyway. The lunch altogether raised £125 in donations for the Bride Valley Scout Group 'New Hut Fund.' "

Lesley Dove

British Red Cross "Knit-in"

Seventeen ladies knitted furiously for two hours on Monday, 28th February at Cogden Farm, raising the marvellous sum of about £470 in sponsorship money for the Red Cross. The knitted strips will now be made into blankets and presented to them later. A fantastic effort and one that is much appreciated by the Red Cross.

Also a very big thank you to all the ladies, too numerous to mention by name, who knitted and sewed "Buttons" for the Pantomime. A wonderful effort for which we are truly grateful.

Thank you to you all again.

Mary Bailey

Burton Bradstock Women's Institute

Our guest speaker for March was no shrinking violet. Mrs. Lisa Adams kept us laughing with her non-stop tales and amusing reflections of an Osteopath, a profession which is shortly to acquire respectability by statutory recognition on 1st May this year. The General Osteopathic Council is now responsible for regulating this complementary health care, setting standards of education and conduct, and in order to be entered on the register, all osteopaths must satisfy the Registrar that they are of good character and health and must provide evidence of having practised lawfully, safely and competently. Lisa appeared to possess all these qualities and a lot more besides. A fluffy, vivacious, happy hooligan (her words as well as mine), this large as life Dawn French-type lady boasted proudly that she had learnt her craft with 4 years' hands-on experience of an American football team, 20 of whom had come along to support her at her graduation ball after her then best friend had run off with her current boyfriend. Her life as a student involved hilarious escapades with corpses, pinprick tests during an exam, when she burst an artery in her own finger and ended up bandaged, and modest descriptions of having sailed through viva exams, simply because she remembered difficult medical words she had used at scrabble. She was extremely good value and kept us highly entertained, and I hasten to add that I did check with her that she also admires the talented Dawn French. As well as being a funny lady, Lisa is obviously a very dedicated and skilled professional and we are lucky to have her services available locally.

Vice President Chris Clarke chaired the meeting in place of our sick President and she was asked to convey our warmest good wishes to Wendy Green for a speedy recovery. After welcoming 54 members and 3 guests she called on Sheila Spencer-Smith to report on the recent in-house Denman tutored course on Confidence in Colour and Style. 8 elegantly dressed members paraded in front of the audience, each one passing a few comments on tips they had learnt on the use of colour to co-ordinate accessories, shapes, style, deportment and make-up. There was insufficient time to demonstrate the 100 different ways of tying a silk scarf, though June Fox showed one or two tricks. Sheila was thanked for having organised such an enjoyable and successful 2-day course.

Enid Mann won Flower of the Month with a pink hyacinth and 100 Club winners were Jean Cradduck, Sylvia Lipscomb, Betty Drewery and Tom Frost

Carol Lumley

The Yetties are Coming to Burton Bradstock - Advance Notice

As part of our W.I. contribution to the fun and activities during the week of Millennium Celebrations, we have booked The Yetties to come and perform in the marquee on Tuesday evening, 11th July. Tickets will be £5 each and will be available nearer the time from the village Post Office. Please make a note in your diary now.

Wendy Green, 898119

Burton Bradstock Village Society

About 50 members attended the February meeting of the Burton Bradstock Village Society and were saddened to hear from Graham Rees, Vice Chairman, the news of the death of Henry Coe. Henry was a much respected founder member of the Society and he will be very affectionately remembered.

Graham then introduced Mr. Gerald Sweetman, who gave an audio visual presentation of the Lake District and North Yorkshire. With photographic subjects ranging from the highest dramatic crags to the very peaceful landscapes of the valleys below, all accompanied by evocative English countryside music, the total effect created a very pleasant, relaxing evening.

The next meeting will be held on 28th April when Mr Eddy Fry will talk about "The Poundbury Estate".

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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Gilly Doar

Paddock Lodge Swyre

On Palm Sunday the 11 o'clock Parish Communion Service will be united with Puncknowle and held at our Church. Palm Crosses will be distributed and we look forward to a large congregation, and a fitting beginning to Holy Week.

Easter Day will be celebrated with a Parish Communion Service at 9.30am.

The Annual Church Meeting will take place immediately after the shortened Evensong on April 2nd. Please, church members, do your best to attend this important event in the life of the Church.

Anthony Ashwell

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Village Correspondent: Mrs Dorothy Barlow

Collingbourne, Hoopers Lane, Puncknowle

Telephone: (01308) 897761

Shrove Tuesday was celebrated early at Church when a good congregation for the March Family Service saw Ann Roberts cook, in front of many interested eyes, some superb pancakes. This demonstration, of course, was not the purpose of the Family Service, but merely the Vicar's "prop"!

Mothering Sunday `Service will be a Family Service at our usual first Sunday time of 9.30am. This Sunday has become very special for many now, and in addition to distributing posies, we will be making the point that showing love and appreciation for our mothers (and grandmothers) is only one of the functions of the day.

Palm Sunday (April 16th) has a United Service with Swyre, at Swyre. Puncknowle and Swyre are very close physically, and several Swyre church members especially, live in the Parish of Puncknowle (and one even lives in Litton!). This is an opportunity to bring us closer spiritually as well. Palm Crosses will of course be distributed, and there will be no Service in St. Mary's Church on that day.

Anthony Ashwell

Puncknowle Parish Council

The Parish meeting on the 4th April will commence with a presentation by Mr Nick Thornley, Tourism Officer for West Dorset District Council, who will speak to us about the economic value of tourism to our area. He will then address questions raised by the public. We are quick to realise the disadvantages to our enjoyment of our home patch and of the annual influx of visitors, so it will be interesting to hear the Council's view as to the advantages that they perceive it brings us. This should prove a valuable and informative addition to our usual monthly meeting.

Come and Join us ..........

On April 15th we propose a work party to update the facilities at the playing field and commence a program of general improvement to the village as a whole. This is in anticipation of our entry in the Best Kept Village competition. There will be a variety of tasks to choose from: weeding, painting, pruning, litter collecting, renovating the notice board and seats; so whatever your talents, expertise or choice, I am sure we can accommodate you .......... Do please come along at 9.30.a.m. to the muster point at the playing field. If the weather is bad, then same time the following day. Contact either 897726 or 897322 if you have any queries or if you would like to offer your services at some other time that is more convenient to you.

Anna Lovell

Village Social Evening

The last meeting of the season was a most interesting and amusing talk by Gus Gaskin reminiscing about his life in the Metropolitan Police Force. The evening was well attended and it was a very happy occasion.

Millennium Celebrations

Dates for your diary:

Wednesday 21st June - 6 p.m. Walk to the Knoll, followed by BBQ & Bonfire. Further details to follow.

Saturday 29th July - Millennium Fete

If you can help with the fete in any way, please contact either Carol Tyrrell (897901) or Mick Lawless at The Crown (897711). More information to follow.

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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents: Mr & Mrs. N.Gardener

1 Rose Cottages, Litton Cheney

Tel: ( 01308 ) 482323

The Mothering Sunday 11.00am Parish Communion Service is very definitely intended for mothers and grandmothers, whether by themselves or with their families. It will begin in (shortened) Family Service format, and then pick up the usual Parish Communion Service at "The Peace". Posies will be distributed and everybody is warmly invited to stay on for Holy Communion itself.

On Good Friday, The Litany will be said at 6.30pm, with readings and hymns suitable for the evening after The Crucifixion.

Easter will be celebrated with a Parish Communion at 9.30am and there will be a reflective Evensong at 6.30pm.

Mollie and Norman Gardener are very sadly giving up their most important jobs of Village Correspondents for the Bride Valley News. We do need to replace them, and I shall be pleased to hear of any volunteers, who should be able to type. Norman and Mollie did a "job-share" and the task involves receiving news items, typing them if necessary, collating them and sending them off to the BVN Editors. I understand that a couple of hours per month are involved. Thank you Mollie and Norman!

Sheila Fry is also retiring from her wonderfully long service as BVN Distributor for the south and west of the village. By the time you read this she should have been replaced! This job involves a considerable amount of work, and Sheila has done this magnificently. Sheila, a very big thank you from all.

Anthony Ashwell

"Litton Village Fete, Monday 1 May, 2pm at the Cottage"

With less than a month to go before the Fete Day - MONDAY lst MAY - if you have not already done so, please sort through your unwanted books, pot up a plant, make some sweets and bake a cake (or buy one if time is pressing or inclination is lacking!), show off your craft skills by making something to sell, spring clean your cupboards and attic to flush out any white elephants, down-size your stock of toys and 'nearly new', donate a raffle prize, bag up some screws and other bits for the DIY stall and generally join in the fun by offering to run a stall or side-show.

Bring the Family, Friends, Neighbours - children free.

"LITTON CHENEY - a walk around the village" has been re-issued, and copies are now available from the Village Shop, or from me, price 30p. Profits to the Village Millennium Fund.

Susan Nuttall (482315)

Long Bredy & Litton Cheney Women's Institute

March birthday posies were presented to Jackie Baker, Phyllis Collier, Peggy Cuzens and Elinor Frost, when members and two young guests were welcomed to try their hands at decoupage.

A farewell was said to Secretary Frances Young on her leaving Litton Cheney and she was warmly thanked for her work during the last two years by President Elinor Frost. Valerie Shepherd will take her place.

The June outing to Compton Acres was confirmed and a Group Meeting on 19th April was announced, together with other events. The Carol Concert this year will take place in Litton Cheney Church on 7th December.

Under the expert tuition of Mrs. Jackie Duffin, who was making a welcome return visit to the Institute, members got down to snipping and pasting to make most attractive decoupage greeting cards, some showing Easter themes plus animals, birds and flowers, to name but a few. Most went home enthusiastically armed with materials, to endeavour to further their skills at a later date. Elinor Frost thanked her for a most enjoyable and instructive evening.

The flower competition was won by Phyllis White.

The next meeting will be on April 4th at Litton Cheney.

Betty Champkins, Pins Knoll, Litton Cheney, Dorchester, DT 2 9AN


A silver ring has been found in the playing field, which may have been lost several years ago. Would anyone who thinks it may belong to them please contact the Parish Clerk (Tel.No. 482409). In the event that the ring is not claimed in the next three months it will be returned to the finder.

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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondents: Mr & Mrs Patrick Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269

Holy Baptism 20th February 2000 Alice Frances Palm

The Cremation of John Watts-Collis took place on Friday 3rd March at Weymouth. We send our deepest condolences to Tomira who will remain at Longbarn Farmhouse for the time being.

On Palm Sunday (16th April) there will be our usual 9.30am Family Service with the distribution of Palm Crosses. Although this day begins so joyfully with Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, it also marks the beginning of Holy Week, working towards the horror and sadness of Good Friday (the "first" day), and then to the "third" day, Easter itself.

Easter Day will be celebrated with a Family Communion Service at 11.00am.

The Annual Church Meeting will take place on Tuesday 4th April, 7.30pm in the Hall. Church members really should do their best to attend this meeting.

Anthony Ashwell

FAMILY SERVICE. It was such a glorious morning on Sunday 20th February that many villagers were able to walk up to St. Peter's Church for the 9.30 a.m. Family Service, the highlight of which was the Baptism of Alice Palm.

A full complement of ringers rang the bells beforehand, and during the service the Village Singers sang the 23rd Psalm to the tune which is the theme music for the television programme, "The Vicar of Dibley".

The Church was virtually full for this long-to-be-remembered occasion, which concluded with the much-appreciated serving of coffee, soft drinks and biscuits.

FRUGAL LUNCH. The frugal lunch at Langebride on the 9th March made £140.00 for the Millennium Centre in Bridport. Many thank-you's from Juniper Greener to everyone who made soup and contributions, both of which were gratefully received.

SPRING FLOWERS. The snowdrops on the banks of the approach road to the Church and at the east end of the churchyard flowered attractively at the end of January. They were followed early in february by primroses and rings of blue crocus. The first daffodils were in bloom on the 21st February. This is all relatively early, and proof of the mild winter we have had.

CHURCHYARD. A flat heavy tombstone on the north side of the church is going to be re-erected, and a few which are leaning at various angles are going to be straightened. This will make life easier for the old codger who enjoys mowing and strimming the churchyard.


The editors would like to express their thanks to Sir Philip Williams and Carol Lumley for their help with the preparation of copy for the B.V.N. over the last few months of John's illness. They would also like to thank , on a more personal level, all those who have given support and practical help in so many different ways. Thank you all very much from us both.

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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy

On Good Friday at 10 o'clock, there will be a short Service in Church when we will say The Litany, listen to the story of the Crucifixion of Our Lord, and sing two hymns.

Easter Day will be celebrated with a Family Communion Service at 9.30am.

Anthony Ashwell


A very warm welcome to Vincent Jones and Angela Lunn, who, with young Melissa and Timothy, have moved into 2, Riverside Cottages, where we hope their residence will be long and happy for them all.

In contrast, we have said a last sad farewell to Kay Hargreaves, whose long, painful and courageous fight against the illness which marred her final years among us, and ever since, has eventually been lost. During their years at Church Walk till 1992, Dick and Kay made immense contributions to the life of the village, as well as becoming friends of many, and it was touching that Dick chose to return here for the Holy Communion Service in Church at the end of February, supported by a number of local friends, who had heard that he would be here. He has provided a Gingko tree, which was planted near the lake on Ash Wednesday, in memory of Kay, and all those who recall their time here with affection send sympathy to him and all the family. May she rest in peace.

Thanks in advance to Tessa and Alastair Jackson for their invitation for April's Frugal Lunch, which will be held at The Old Parsonage from about 12.45 p.m. onwards on Thursday 20th April. All are welcome to come and, in return for a basic meal, to contribute to a charity to be nominated by our hosts.

The Easter arrangements in the village are much as has become traditional. The short but moving Litany Service will be said in Church at 10.00 a.m. on Good Friday (21st April), followed at 11.00 or so by the decoration of the Church for Easter, where the customary communal contributions of primroses (c. 200 - 300 bunches altogether with about 20 heads per bunch), plus volunteers for flower arrangements, etc., will be welcome, as always. As Easter Day is on a fourth Sunday (23rd April), our Easter Holy Communion Service will be at 9.30 a.m. that morning, as is now the monthly routine.

Is it chance, or is it providence for our nation, that, in this 2000th year A.D., the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen and the commemoration day of England's Patron Saint George (which is also Shakespeare's birthday) fall on the two solemn Festivals of Good Friday and Easter Day respectively? A source of reflection, perhaps....

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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White


3 Gullivers Orchard Shipton Gorge



Funeral 17th March Harry G. Darby

GOOD FRIDAY At 9.30 am: The Litany

EASTER DAY At 9.30 am: A celebration of the Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer) with hymns.

Frugal Lunch

The Frugal Lenten Lunch in Shipton will be held on Wednesday 5th April, 12 - 2 p.m. at 15, Rockway - in aid of the Pilsdon Community.

Phyllis Penney

The Village Plant Sale, together with Cakes and Preserves, will be held adjacent to the Hall on Saturday 29th April from 10 a.m. Refreshments will be available throughout the morning and all receipts will be donated to St. Martin's Church. Offers of plants and cakes to sell will now be greatly appreciated, and Jan or Brian Shaw will be pleased to hear from you on 897524.

Parish Council

The Parish Meeting will be held on 19th April in the Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. Refreshments will be available. The Parish Council will be giving a summary of its works over the past year and this will be followed by the Presentation of the Village Appraisal.

Helen Farmer Clerk to the Parish Council

Shipton Gorge Homewatch

Now that the days are lengthening, I feel a timely reminder to you all regarding lawn mowers and other garden machinery is relevant. There have already been incidents in the area, so please keep all equipment secured in sheds or garages.

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held in the Village Hall on April 19th at 7.30 pm. A representative of our Police team will be giving a report on local crime. I hope all Homewatch contacts will be able to attend.

Frank Rogers, 897821

"Noel & Gertie"

On Wednesday, April 26th at 7.30 pm Trisha Lewis and Graham Rogers will be presenting their latest show "Noel & Gertie" at Shipton Gorge Village Hall. The show is the last in this season's programme of Dorset Artsreach events. Tickets are £4.00 and are available by telephoning 01308 897547 (John Huxtable) or from the New Inn, Shipton Gorge or members of the Hall Committee.

This truly captivating show devised by Sheridan Morley has appeared not least in New York and London to excellent reviews. Now sophisticated cabaret comes to Shipton Gorge! It is an evocation of two giants of the theatre, a brilliant double act. "Noel & Gertie" is a tribute to Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence in sketches, songs and solo spots. Trisha Lewis has proved herself a gifted cabaret artiste in her beguiling depicture of Joyce Grenfell. Here she shows why Gertie was such a spellbinder in her day. An accomplished actress holding the stage equally with song and story. Graham Rogers is a perfect foil and a brilliant one-man portrayal of the Master. He is a talented solo pianist and equally assured as the deliverer of Coward's wry songs and witty lines. But there is much more than that - a magic chemistry between them in the stilted but true exchanges in excerpts from Still Lives (which became Brief Encounter), Private Lives, Blithe Spirit and others. The songs, together with the waspish crackle and biting wit of their banter, makes for a truly unforgettable evening.

Shipton Gorge Village Society

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 10th May at 7.0 pm in the Village Hall. All residents of Shipton Gorge are welcome to attend. This is your chance to let the Committee know what you would like for future events in the Village.

Peter Bowditch, Chairman (897364)

Shipton Gorge Village Society Outing

Enjoy a day out at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol! A large undercover shopping centre. The coach departs the New Inn, Shipton Gorge at 09.00 am on Wednesday, May 3rd, returning approx. 5.30 pm. Price £6.00 per person. Bookings Pat Tucker, 01308 897197.

Shipton Gorge Hall 100 Club

Winners for the March Draw :

£20 No. 36 Mr. & Mrs. Dearlove

£10 No. 54 Mary Lester

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