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St Mary's Burton Bradstock FROM THE CLERGYSt Mary's Litton Cheney

From 3rd December 2000 Common Worship is authorised for use in Church of England Churches. On 31st December 2000 the Alternative Service Book ceases to be authorised. The Book of Common Prayer remains permanently authorised for use.

The Church of England has been engaged since the 1960s in the process of revising its church services. Common Worship is the result.

How will Common Worship affect us? At present we use some Alternative Service Book services. We use no Book of Common Prayer services in the Valley at all, a statement that needs explanation. What we do use are our own versions of BCP services. We omit parts of them we find uncongenial, and add biddings, hymns, sermons and additional readings as we think appropriate for today's usage. The BCP allows none of these variations from its rigid texts and rubrics.

So, from 1st January 2001 we must change our ways! Fortunately Common Worship provides us with all we need. Worshippers will find but small changes in the content of our Sunday services. The main Common Worship book deliberately includes both modern and traditional language, and modern and traditional orders of service. It includes Morning and Evening Prayer from The Book of Common Prayer and The Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion 'as commonly used', as well as successors to the Alternative Service Book Rites A and B. It also has Compline and The Litany each in traditional and modern forms, and other authorised forms of service, creeds, affirmations of faith, confession and absolution. In addition, published separately from the main book, will be orders for the Marriage, Funeral and Wholeness and Healing services.

The Valley churches are not buying large numbers of the main book. At first we shall use locally produced orders of service to use for a trial period, before deciding on the more permanent needs of our congregations.

If anyone would like more information about Common Worship please ask Anthony or me. As we feel our way with Common Worship services the opinions of worshippers will be important. Do tell us what you think, that our PCCs may make informed decisions for the future.

John Atkinson.

Church Calendar - November 2000

1 All Saints' Day. Revelation 21,v.1 - 7

2 Commemoration of the Faithful Departed. (All Souls' Day) John 5, v. 19 - 25

3 Richard Hooker, Priest, Anglican Apologist, Teacher, 1600

Martin of Porres, Friar, 1639

5 The Fourth Sunday before Advent.

6 Leonard, c.559, Hermit.

William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, Teacher, 1944.

7 Willibrord of York, Bishop, Apostle of Frisia,793

8 Saints and Martyrs of England.

9 Margery Kempe, Mystic, c.1440

10 Leo the Great, Bishop of Rome, Teacher, 461

11 Martin, Bishop of Tours, 397.

12 The Third Sunday before Advent.

Remembrance Sunday.

13 Charles Simeon, Priest, Evangelical Divine, 1836.

14 Samuel Seabury, first Anglican Bishop in North America, 1796

16 Margaret, Queen of Scotland, Philanthropist, Reformer of the Church, 1093.

Edmund Rich of Abingdon, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1240

17 Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln, 1200.

18 Elizabeth of Hungary, Princess of Thuringia, Philanthropist, 1231

19 The Second Sunday before Advent.

Hilda, Abbess of Whitby, 680

20 Edmund, King of East Anglia, Martyr, 870.

22 Cecilia, Martyr at Rome, c.230.

23 Clement, Bishop of Rome, Martyr, c.100.

25 Catherine of Alexandria, Martyr, 4th Century.

Isaac Watts, Hymn Writer, 1748.

26 Christ the King John 18, v.33 - 37

30 Andrew the Apostle Matthew 4, v.18-22.

Rosemary Earnshaw


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Valley Notes


The Valley Remembrance Day Service, at which members of the Bride Valley Branch of the Royal British Legion will be present, takes place this year on Sunday 12th November at St Peter's Long Bredy at 10.45 am.

The Bride Valley Team Council next meets on Thursday 16th November 2000 at 7.30 pm in Puncknowle Church Hall.


Bible Study House Group

We began this new course in October, this time looking at the prophet Micah. It consists of 8 sessions, each one being held first at the west end, then at the east end of the Bride Valley, so that if your diary does not permit you attending at your end of the valley for a particular session, you can always go to the other end.

The course will last until Lent next year, and the 5 sessions up to Christmas, all beginning at 7.30pm and ending by 9.30pm are planned as follows:-

Session 3 1st November Cairn Hill, Shipton Gorge

8th November The Rectory, Litton Cheney

Session 4 15th November Casterbridge, Annings Lane, Burton Bradstock

22nd November 8 Coombes Close, Litton Cheney

Session 5 29th November Tinker's Cottage, Grove Road, Burton Bradstock

6th December 11 Barges Close, Litton Cheney

A Christmas Party may be arranged for 13th December.

If you already have next year's diary, the dates for the remaining 3 sessions are:-

West end January 17th and 31st, February 14th

East end January 24th, February 7th and 21st.

Don't forget that whatever your Biblical knowledge, you are most welcome to join us.

Anthony Ashwell

"Windows on the Old Testament"

The Bible Society Annual Series of Autumn Lectures will be given by the Rev. Stephen Thornton ( Training Officer of the United Reformed Church - Wessex Province) on Thursdays, 2nd, 9th and 16th November (7.30 - 9.0 p.m.) in the United Church, Bridport. The first session is entitled "Abraham to Israel", with emphasis on Amos and Hosea. The second lecture features "The Exile", with emphasis on Ezekiel and Isaiah. The last evening concludes with "The Return" with emphasis on Jonah. These evenings are sponsored by the Bridport and District Bible Society Action Group and Bridport Churches Together.

Canon John McDougal,

Chairman, Bridport and District Bible Society Action Group,

Silverbridge Cottage,

North Chideock,


Mothers' Union

The meeting will take place on Thursday, 23rd. November at 2:30 p.m. at 1, Lytton Close, Puncknowle, home of Mrs. Elisabeth Slater.

Geoff and Sylvia Gardner will give an illustrated talk on "The Gideons".


Bride Valley Scout Group

It was with great sadness and shock that we heard we had lost Bob Tucker, who died suddenly in hospital on 16th September 2000. Bob had been involved with the Scout movement for many years, and had just recently completed our application for lottery funding for new premises. Anyone who attended Bob's funeral service at Shipton Gorge, in a packed St Martin's Church, was left in no doubt as to the respect and affection in which Bob was held by so many people. Our thoughts and condolences go to Pat his wife and our Group Scout Leader.

Recently the scouts, cubs and beavers have been having some fun as well as continuing to raise money. They have been sailing at Sutton Bingham, came joint 1st in the District Swimming Gala, and as I write this several of the scouts are trekking across Dartmoor.

On the fundraising front we have held a coffee morning at Littlebredy, organised by the Armstrong family and raising £120. We are currently selling raffle tickets for our Grand Christmas Draw, for which we have some great prizes. Tickets are on sale at Burton Bradstock Post Office and through any of the BVSG parents and children. Mr David Powell, headteacher of Burton Primary School, has very kindly offered to hold a barn dance to raise funds for our new hut, on Saturday 11th November in Burton Bradstock W.I. Hall. Tickets are on sale at Burton Bradstock Post Office or from Lesley and Steve Dove (897695), but hurry, as numbers are limited to 100. Tickets cost £5 per person and include a ploughman's supper. We are having another coffee morning on 18th November, this time at Shipton Gorge Village Hall from 10.30 - 12 noon. Do come along to these events if you can.

Steve Dove Chairman BVSG



Burton Bradstock School

'Happy customers!'

Am I the only one who finds the concept of the telecommunications industry selling 'talk time' to impressionable teenagers deeply disturbing? I can't seem to take two steps in Bridport without being surrounded by youngsters clutching 'mobiles' to their ear, talking to a friend whom they've more often than not just walked past.

Oh, oh, you think. Powell's off, banging on about something that has nothing to do with education, but bear with me as I wrestle this beast of an article in the right direction.

Our busy little school gets bombed by communications every minute of every working day. Compared to our predecessors this is equivalent to a sustained barrage. It is relentless and if I don't protect myself and the school from it I will be surrounded by folk suffering communication fatigue!

Communication nowadays includes post, E-mail, telephone, child post, fax, Internet, and face to face talking. Much of the postal communication bears no relevance to the school. A group of older children recently conducted an audit of communications to and from the school. They concluded that 80% of post to school was irrelevant. It mostly ends up in the bin.

We all know that by far the most effective communication is face to face. It goes far beyond the spoken word. Face to face communication includes body language and facial and vocal expression. A wave of the hand or raised eyebrow can convey more than the often clumsy use of words. Much of our social and classroom work with children is involved in guiding them forward in the use of this most vital tool of communication and the ability to listen as well as speak effectively forms an important part of the modern curriculum.

My most effective communication with parents and children is done on the school gate in the morning. I make a point of always being on the gate for 20 minutes before school starts, welcoming children in and greeting parents. It provides an opportunity for concerns to be aired informally, and many an issue is nipped in the bud before it develops into a problem.

I've got a delightful Reception boy who has got into the habit of joining me in my morning ritual. He smiles at me as families appear and says excitedly 'Look, Mr Powell. More happy customers coming.'

On reflection I suppose that I can count myself fortunate to have found a job that is deeply satisfying and creates (hopefully) happy customers without financial reward being my motivation.

Roger and out.

David Powell

Lucky 100 Club winners. September.

£20 D. J. Cole

£10 Mrs B Nash

£5 Lesley Wilson

Thorner's School, Litton Cheney

While walking around the Farmer's Market last Saturday I was 'gently' persuaded to buy some flour and have a go at making my own bread. The idea of doing so appealed to me; in years gone by I had spent hours kneading and shaping dough. It was an activity that both my children enjoyed. I think it had something to do with 'bashing' the dough; you don't need to be gentle and quite often the bread that was made from those hard hitting sessions tasted the best. There have been times in life when I have needed that mindless task of doing something without thinking. I usually chose one of two activities, or gardening. As I have matured in age I have found that I do not need to use these activities quite so often. I have managed to accept that all people are different, I apologise and offer regret when I am in the wrong, and if it is not accepted, I feel that it is not my fault and carry on with life. Years ago I would have spent sleepless nights worrying about what went wrong, and how could I make up for the wrong I have done. Life is too short to spend time regretting what has gone. We can only make amends and try harder in the future.

So when I was kneading my dough yesterday, what did I think of? Well I was looking to the future, wondering where I would be in a few years time, how am I going to achieve it, where will all my family be and what will they be doing? During the summer the first of the youngest generation in the family was married. I cannot imagine them standing at their kitchen table kneading bread and getting rid of the stress in the same way. Their wedding list contained all the luxuries for their home together. A number of items were time saving devices and things to make life easier, but I wonder, is this always wise? By overcoming problems and gradually building up all the things that go to make a home, sharing your lives and acting as a team, I feel that they are missing out on those special moments. I know we really had to save hard to buy our first settee, and even years later when it was sagging and well worn, I did not really want to part with it because of what it meant and represented.

A lot of the younger generation expect things to come easy, and when they do meet a problem expect someone else to sort it out, whether in setting up home or solving that maths problem which was given as homework. If only they could realise the joy you can experience by trying hard, thinking it through and getting somewhere. The process of working through a difficult situation and ways you go forward, tell you so much about an individual.

Our November Fayre is on November 11th starting at 2.30pm at school. Come along and buy some of those Christmas gifts.

Alison Johnstone Headteacher.

Bridport and District Christmas Card Charities Fairs

These will be held at the Town Hall, Bridport from 9.30 am - 12.30 pm on the following dates:

Wednesday 8th November

Saturday 25th November

14 different charities will be represented. Cards, calenders and small gifts will be on sale.








Canon Pouncey & his family would like to thank all in the Bride Valley who have given such great support following the sudden death of Edith on September 25th. Special thanks are due to Rev Anthony Ashwell and Rev John Atkinson for conducting the Funeral and Thanksgiving services, to Paul Cheater who drove from Oxford to play the organ at the Funeral, to Sandra March for playing at the Thanksgiving Service, to Judy and Chris Yates for wonderful floral decorations, and to the very many friends who have written, telephoned, attended the services and given help in so many different ways. Your kindness is enormously appreciated. Catherine Williams.

Thank You

A big thank you to all the members of the Eastern end of the Bride Valley for all their prayers, cards and enquiries, both on my stay in hospital, and the death of my dear son Malcolm. Anthony came to Dorchester Hospital to sit and pray with me at the time of his cremation, and I appreciated that very much. Now, also to the Western end of the Bride Valley, thanks again for prayers, cards and visits from many friends. Now I am back in Bridport, hopefully, to be assessed towards coming home to Rockway.

Phyllis Penney


As many know, Susan Clowes from Shelter (the national charity for the homeless), is coming to Litton Cheney Church Hall on Sunday 5th November at 12.30pm to tell us about their work locally and their national 2001 campaign. This seeks not only to get the homeless off the streets and into housing, but to tackle the grass roots of the problem. In the damp and cold winter months, it would be wonderful if we could turn our sympathy into practical support.

Do ring me (487302) if you can come along - it will also help us with numbers for wine and sandwiches (£1 per person).

Anthony Ashwell


An international student is eagerly waiting... receive an invitation to spend a few days at Christmas, or a week-end at some other time, with a friendly volunteer host in this region. Students come to universities in the UK from all parts of the world, hoping not only to receive an academic education, but also to meet the people and experience the way of life in this country. A HOST invitation is very often the only way they can achieve this. It is also an enjoyable opportunity for local people to offer hospitality to students far from home (and often quite alone at Christmas) and keen to share their own culture. If you would like to know more, please call Brian Sutherland, Voluntary Regional Organiser for HOST, on 01297 553204 or e-mail: HOST can also be visited


First Steps Toddler Group - for pre-school children and their parents/carers

We meet every Wednesday during term-time in Long Bredy Village Hall from 10 to 12. All are welcome. Phone Jo on ... or Sally on 897068 for further details.


Bible Sunday in the Bride Valley is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in Advent (3rd December this year). As Advent is fast approaching, there are two matters to mention.

Warm thanks are given to those who support the Bible Society in various ways throughout the year. It was good to have the evening in Bridport at the end of September, entitled "Round the world in 80 slides". It provided an opportunity for those who contribute to the work of the Society in any way and others to know some of what the Society does. It was a happy evening which began with slides shown by Mr. David Irish, the Society's Development Manager. The evening ended with a meal together.

Anyone not already taking Bible notes for the daily reading of the Bible, and interested to do so, is invited to contact Mrs. Ann Read (Westfield, Shipton Lane, Burton Bradstock. Tel.897445) for Scripture Union notes, or Miss Hilary Mousley (The Red House, Middle Street, Burton Bradstock. Tel.897849) for Bible Reading Fellowship notes.


The next meeting is a Craft Evening on November 8th at Thorner's School at 8.00pm. Come and design your own Christmas Cards, new members are always very welcome.

Bride Valley Gardening Club

The lecture "Gardening with Wildlife, not against," given by Angela Whinfield of Snape Cottage, will be held at Thorner's School on Monday 13th November, starting at 7.30 p.m.

As an experiment at this meeting a competition will be held for members to bring along any item they have grown. This may be a flower, plant or vegetable, and the winner will be awarded a small prize. Good luck! John Rowlands

GREATER THAN GOLD - Long Bredy 18th December 2000

This religious musical is being presented by our junior choir and friends. The story is about a young girl who struggles to buy herself a bible. Her name is Mary Jones and the story is set in Wales. No more information - you will have to come!

It will be good fun; the junior choir are extremely enthusiastic! The narrator is chosen and music will be provided by James.

We will need just a few willing volunteers - nothing difficult, to help with small jobs - lights, stage, props, etc. The youngsters are really enjoying the experience and it looks at present set to be something to remember. Please contact me on 01308 482483. Let's not let our youngsters down. Paul Barwick


Computer sold! The Macintosh LC computer advertised for sale in the October BVN has raised £120 for the BVSG Hut Fund. Very many thanks indeed to all those who showed interest and submitted bids. David Kane


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BURTON BRADSTOCK St Mary's Burton Bradstock

Village Correspondent Mr Basil Dent

2, Norburton, Burton Bradstock. Tel:- (01308) 897125

Mid Week Worship - Holy Communion Wednesdays at 10.00 a.m. followed by coffee in the Rectory

Choir Practices Fridays at 6.00 p.m.

Gift Sundays 12th November The Royal British Legion

26th November The Children's Society

The next Tiny Tots / Pram Service will be held on Friday 3rd November at 11.00 am.

The next Healing Services at St Mary's will be held on Wednesdays 8th November, 6th December and 3rd January, each at 7.00 pm.

The Parochial Church Council next meets on Monday 13th November in church at 7.00 pm.


St. Mary's Church is holding a Christingle Service on Sunday 26th November on the Feast of Christ the King at 5.30pm. Everyone will be welcome.


Holy Baptism 24th September William G. Loudon

Funerals 16th August Cecil Knell

21st September Gladys A. Alner

Burial of Ashes 6th October Henry H. Coe

Organist/Choirmaster/mistress We still seek an organist for St Mary's on a 'permanent, full-time' basis. We have many people still on the lookout for a successor to Jim Wilmot, but no takers yet. If you know of someone we might approach, do please tell me. Meantime, our continued thanks to all the organists who continue so well to help us out temporarily.

John Atkinson.



Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday, 1st. November - 7:30 pm at the Reading Room


Burton Bradstock Players

I am very sorry to announce that the Burton Bradstock Players will not be presenting a pantomime this winter. The Society has taken this decision because of a combination of events; particularly the retirement of a number of members from active involvement in the annual show.

We know that this will be a disappointment to many of you, who have loyally supported and enjoyed our pantomimes in years past and we plan to resume such entertainment for you in 2002.

However we hope to be putting on a production, possibly a play, perhaps with some musical content, in the spring. Details and further news will be announced at a later date.

Mike Southgate, Chairman B.B.Players.

Burton Bradstock Playgroup

Thanks to very generous grants from the Burton Bradstock Parish Council and from Dorset County Council, the Playgroup has started this term in great financial shape, although there are still plenty of spaces for new children. We have a new playleader, Janis Bemadini, who is Montessori trained, and three other experienced members of staff and together they are providing a great service for pre-school children from the area.

However, fund raising is always with us and we are glad to announce that we are repeating last year's very successful Christmas Fair. Once again Burton Bradstock school are very kindly allowing us to hold this in the School Hall on Friday 17th November from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Stall holders will include Body Shop, Formative Fun, Dorling Kindersley Books as well as New-to-You toys and children's clothes and of course the now famous Playgroup Cake Stall. Come along and stock up for Christmas! Any queries contact Audrey Smith on 897227.

The Royal British Legion - Bride Valley Branch

The Remembrance Day Parade and Service will be held in St. Peter's Church, Long Bredy, on Sunday, 12th November, 2000 commencing at 10.50 am sharp. Will all members of the Legion be in their seats by 10.45 am at the latest. Because of the limited amount of parking would you please share transport.

Annual War Graves and War Memorial Pilgrimage.

The Legion will be meeting outside the library at 10.30 am on Saturday 11th November 2000 to progress around the Villages of the Bride Valley to pay homage and to lay wreaths and crosses on the war graves and war memorials.

Pause to Remember.

Following on from last year's successful appeal to the public, may we ask everyone in the Valley to pause for two minutes from whatever they are doing at 11 am on the 11th Day of the 11th Month and remember in their thoughts all those who have died in all wars since 1914.

Ray West. Chairman.


Owing to unforseen circumstances, the date of the concert by the St. Swithun's Silver Band has had to be changed to FRIDAY, November 3rd. at 7.30 p.m. at the W.I.Hall. Tickets £2 from the Post Office or at the door.

A POPPY COFFEE MORNING will be held at the W.I.HALL on Thursday 9th November. 10.00 a.m. to 12 noon. Stalls, raffle, refreshments.

Admission 40p. to include Coffee/tea and biscuits

The Burton Bradstock Millennium Book

You are invited to join us in Burton Bradstock School on Wednesday, 22nd. November from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. to view the Village's Millennium Book. You will have the opportunity to 'thumb through the pages' and discover past history and information on current local activities. There will be free wine and nibbles too! Everyone is welcome and entrance is free - after all, the book belongs to you!

This Millennium Project aims to record, in one place, everything there is to know about Burton Bradstock, its past, its present and its future. The book already has a number of articles covering history, prehistory and the geology of the village. But now we need your assistance in adding even more material, especially old photographs or maps, information and stories - can you help? We want anything about the village.

However, the Millennium Book doesn't just cover historical events - it also records what is happening now - in fact, there are over 100 photographs of villagers involved in such events as the New Year celebrations, the Tapestry, July's Millennium Week Celebrations, the Flower and Produce Show, and the Church Fete.

Many of you are in these photos! Would you like to see them?

The book also acts as a central point of reference covering many local organisations/facilities which you might want to contact or look up (e.g. the utilities or the local weather forecast or the bus timetable), and it covers a wealth of other topics such as sport & leisure, genealogy, wildlife, environment etc..

You will by now have realised that this 'book' is, in fact, the Burton Bradstock Village Web Site; but really it is just a book - albeit a living book that is being continually updated. Don't be put off by its modern 'binding', as we have plans to make it easily accessible to everyone. And, we do need YOUR contribution to help its further development, so please come along.

If you can't make the meeting but would like to take a sneak preview, you can find the site at:

or you can contact Ken Pett (Secretary to the Burton Bradstock Village Web Site Committee) on Tel: 897 550 for more information or to offer help, advice or material.

Ken Pett.

C of E Childrens' Society

Would all those who so very kindly had donation boxes for the Society please note that these boxes are now due for emptying and contents forwarded to the Society. Boxes can be handed to, or collected by, if asked Greta Heal 897 539 or Basil Dent 897 125. Boxes may also be left at the Post Office.

Greta Heal

Barn Dance

There will be a Barn Dance in the W.I. Hall on Saturday 11th November 2000 from 7.00pm - 10.30pm. Village musicians led by David Powell. All ages welcome. Tickets cost £5 per person and include a ploughman's supper. Please bring your own drinks and glasses. Tickets on sale at the Post Office or from Lesley and Steve Dove (897695). All profits will go to the Bride Valley Scout Group 'New Hut Fund'.

Steve Dove

Chairman BVSG


WEST DORSET RSPCA CHRISTMAS FAIR will be on Saturday 4th November from 10.30 am - 12.30 pm in the WI. Hall, Burton Bradstock. There will be lots of ideas for Christmas presents, Christmas cards, cruelty-free cosmetics, home-made cakes etc., and refreshments will be available. This year saw the launch of the West Dorset RSPCA Westdoor Animal Welfare Appeal. It is hoped to have our own West Dorset animal rescue centre and every penny raised at the Christmas Fair will bring us a little bit closer to realising our dream.

Please bring some friends, come along, enjoy a coffee and support your local animal charity.

Doreen Newton & Valerie Lovesy



Thank You Children

Well, children, we seem to have gone full circle once again, to Harvest Festival time, and once again I have been remembered and received a lovely Harvest Gift from the children of Burton Bradstock School, and church. I am now overwhelmed with goodies and wish to thank all of you for your kindness and generosity.

Mr. Arthur Ankrett,

14 Norburton, Burton Bradstock 897 339



Report on The September Meeting of The Burton Bradstock Village Society

There was an excellent turnout for the September meeting of the Burton Bradstock Village Society. The president Mrs Nancy Bushell welcomed everybody to the first meeting after the summer recess.

The original talk was to be on 'Where Can I Wander' by Mr Tom Vaughan, but after a last minute hitch Mr David Chubbs came to the rescue. David's talk and slides were in three parts, The Heaths and Purbeck Coast, The gardens of Stourhead and David's answer to Monet's Gardens. Each section was put to carefully selected music.

The quality of the slides was excellent, covering all seasons and showing the true beauty of the heather to the awesome splendour of our coastline. Spiders, lizards and even a rare smooth snake were captured by the magic of David's lens.

The Gardens of Stourhead were enhanced by the accompaniment of Chopin.

The final presentation was entitled 'Monet Plus' where the splendour of water lilies, reflections and sunlight with carp basking in the shadows were captured.

There was surprise amongst the audience when at question time David confirmed that he never used artificial light.

David's presentation was one of love for his subject and a pleasure for all to see.

The next meeting will be on 17th November.

Graham Hallewell

A Message from the Tytlers

Robin and Val Tytler would like to say goodbye to all our friends and anyone who knows us. We have had eleven good years in Burton Bradstock and although the time has now come to move on, we shall take with us many happy memories.

We wish you all health and happiness.

Robin & Val.

Burton Bradstock W.I.

How would you like to have to test the required heat of your oven by inserting your arm and holding it there to a count of forty? This was the method used for the baking of pies, cakes and white bread when the new-fangled closed-top cooking ranges were introduced in the Victorian age. These, at first known as black and evil monsters, replaced the open ranges in use since Tudor and Stuart days on which the unfortunate cooks and kitchen maids were in danger of incinerating themselves or choking on smoke. These and other interesting facts of Victorian kitchen life were brought home to us by Miss Valerie Houghton, both verbally and by her excellent slides. We saw the mechanical smoke jacks on the wall and the bottle jacks with clockwork keys on which meat hung and rotated. Later there was the Dutch Oven lined with metal with the bottle jack suspended inside and a trap door for basting. When, at the end of the century, gas was introduced, the first gas cookers were viewed with superstitious alarm for fear that meat would be tainted with noxious fumes. The Victorians loved their gadgets and invented a device for every job in the kitchen. Their charming and sentimental adverts for these desirable objects often featured animals and young children.

Barbara Pursey gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the twenty nine members and one guest who earlier had been welcomed by the President, Wendy Green. Val Parson's arrangements of autumn flowers brightened the hall on this stormy night. Gillian Redford was the popular winner of the Dorothy Seward Craft Trophy, and Barbara Pursey's crimson dahlia was the flower of the month. The 100 Club winners were Denis Lumley, Sheila Spencer-Smith, Sheila Bryant and Dorothy Percy.

Two matters have been deferred until next month.... the decision about insurance for WI members and the formation of the Drama Group. The next "Tea and Chat" is on 2nd. November and a WI Walk is planned for the 21st November. Please notify Margaret Holmes on 897046 if you wish to come.

Arrangements are well in hand for the Christmas Coffee Morning on 5th. December with various stalls, among them a cake stall. Since baking is so easy for us these days we should feel inspired to help provide a bumper one. Names will be taken next month for the Christmas lunch at Highland End on 7th. December.

Wendy Green then underlined the importance of the November meeting to be held in the afternoon of the 14th. at 2.15 pm. This is the Annual Meeting at which vital decisions will be made. Wendy reminded us that we are all President or Secretary material. It is critical that nominees come forward for these positions. Please volunteer, possibly for one year only, and earn the undying gratitude of us all. Hopefully the job descriptions for both will be simplified, and much help and support will be given by the committee and retiring president. Without either positions being filled, the Burton Bradstock WI will close in December. A sad ending to the Millennium year!

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SHIPTON GORGE St Martin's Shipton Gorge

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Joy White


3 Gullivers Orchard Shipton Gorge



Funerals 11th September Rosamond B. Hamilton

29th September Robert (Bob) G. Tucker

Memorial Service and Burial of Ashes

25th September Rosamond B. Hamilton

Harvest Supper held on 4th. October.

Many thanks to all those who helped to make it such a successful evening.

JPE Churchwarden

The Parochial Church Council next meets on Wednesday 22nd November at 7.30 pm at St Catherine's Cross.



Wednesday December 6th 2000

Coach leaves New Inn, Shipton Gorge at 9.30 a.m.

Leaves Exeter to return at 3.30 p.m.

Cost: £5 return available from Mrs.Sue Bowditch 897364 or The New Inn 897302


Pre-Christmas Get Together

Sunday 26th. November in the Village Hall 12:00 noon. Please bring a bottle and something to eat. We look forward to seeing you all and especially newcomers to the village.

If you require any more information, please phone Robert & Christine Cornish - 897 833

Shipton Gorge Hall 100 Club

Winners for the October draw:

£20 No. 98 Brian Crabtree

£10 No.82 Betty Shepherd

Christmas Bingo

Shipton Gorge Village Hall Trust is holding their popular Christmas Bingo evening at Shipton Gorge Village Hall on Monday, 4th. December. Doors open 7:00 pm, EYES DOWN 7:30 pm. As well as Bingo, there will be the Prize Raffle and the HOME MADE CHRISTMAS CAKE RAFFLE. This is a fun evening for all ages, so please come and join us!

Shipton Gorge Millennium calenders "Bygone Years" - £3:50 each. An ideal Christmas gift. Still available from:

New Inn Shipton Gorge - 897 302,

Burton Bradstock Post Office.

Pat Tucker Shipton Gorge - 897 197

Pete Bowditch Shipton Gorge - 897 364

Coffee Morning

A Coffee Morning will be held in the Village Hall on Saturday 18th November 2000 from 10.30 am - 12 noon. Cakes, bric-a-brac, refresh-ments and Christmas Raffle tickets will be on sale. All profits for the Bride Valley Scout Group 'New Hut Fund'.

Steve Dove Chairman BVSG

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Chilcombe Church


Christmas Service. A Christmas carol service will be held at Chilcombe on Friday, 22nd December at 6.30pm. It is hoped that as many of the village families as possible will take part in the service. An open meeting will be held at Rudge Farm in November to get together ideas for each family's part in the service. In the meantime, if anyone has any hitherto hidden talents, please let Sue Diment know (Tel:482630). How about some other musicians to join the flautist we already have?


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SWYRE Holy Trinity Swyre

Village Correspondent: Mrs.Gilly Doar

Paddock Lodge Swyre


From the Registers

Wedding: Clare Bidwell to Craig Turnbull 23rd September 2000

Craig and Clare were joyfully married at Holy Trinity Church on a warm and sunny autumn day. We wish them all happiness in their new life together.

Pets Service

A sunny Sunday morning greeted pets and their owners who came to church to give thanks for their pets who received God's blessing.

The vicar emerged unscathed, apart from a copiously licked face. What a pity only a few pets were brought along.

Harvest Thanksgiving

We had a joyful Harvest Evensong on 1st October as usual in a generously, lovingly and skilfully decorated church. The gifts have been donated to the Pilsdon Community.

Anthony Ashwell


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Village Correspondent: Mrs Dorothy Barlow

Collingbourne, Hoopers Lane, Puncknowle

Telephone: (01308) 897761


From the Registers

Funeral: Michael Andrew Pither 29th September 2000

The church was full for Michael's "send off", and we gave God thanks for a gentle man. We send our deepest sympathy to Tony, and to Joan and her family.


November's Family Service is on November 5th : "remember, remember the fifth of November". We shall naturally be taking the theme of remembering, and would like those children coming to bring along a glove or gloves to wear......


Harvest Thanksgiving

I have to say that this Service was my harvest high-point. A really full church on 1st October, lots of children too, joyful hymns and a brilliant new harvest song, all helping to give thanks to God for the harvest almost all safely gathered in. Afterwards, Harvest Lunch in the Hall, and another brilliant occasion. Thank you everyone.

The gifts from their celebrations have been taken to the Pilsdon Community.

Church W.I.P.

As I write the heavy dark metal screen between nave and vestry is being taken down, to create more space and light, especially for the Family Service Music Group. It will be replaced by curtains in due course.

Anthony Ashwell


Many thanks to all the people who contributed in any way to make this lunch such a happy occasion. As we were blessed with a beautiful day we were able to have a B.B.Q. outside and particular thanks go to Robin and Alan Fry for running it so efficiently.


This will be held on November 9th at 7.30 p.m. in the Church Hall when Richard Edmonds will give a talk, with slides, on "Life below the waves in Lyme Bay". There will be a collection to cover expenses. All are welcome.


We welcome into the village John and Carol Podmore who have moved into Homeleigh, Swyre Road. We wish them happiness in the village community.

Puncknowle Art Group

We have started an enjoyable new set of meetings with many thanks to Sally for allowing us to paint in her lovely garden and Allanna for her session on life drawings in 60 seconds! Our meetings are a variety of workshops, demonstrations and outings. We are a happy bunch and are always pleased to welcome new members. You do not have to be an artist to join.

The meetings for November are Fridays 10th and 24th at the Crown. The meeting on the 10th will be a demonstration using hand made felt by Eileen Sarup, an artist from Upwey.



At the end of summer term, our outing for all the children and families to visit Kingston Maurward went well and the weather was hot and sunny. We saw all the animals, walked round the lake, and finished with a picnic. This term we have welcomed several new children to playgroup - Rachel Talbot from Long Bredy, Lucie Fry and William Bowen-Ashwin from Puncknowle, also Aaron Sinclair and very soon, Jason Larcombe - both from West Bexington There is still room for more - feel free to come and visit our playgroup.

We have a new Parents' Committee to run our playgroup and a new play assistant, Maria - many thanks again to all those who have worked for it (voluntarily!) in the past. Thanks also to everyone who supported our stall at the Millennium Fete and the Fledglings Fun Night at the Crown at the end of August.

Our sponsored trike ride was a big success as a fund-raiser - now the next one is in the planning stages - the Fledglings BINGO NIGHT on Friday, 17th November in Puncknowle Hall. Any donations for prizes would be gratefully received- contact Sue Talbot on 01308 482204. Watch out for Posters with more details - we look forward to your support and seeing you there.

Fledglings has joined the Bridport area Story Sack scheme which is already proving very popular with the children - we collect a sack containing a story book, the story on tape, and all the characters and prop for the story, plus possibly a game and real life book. The children use the props and characters to help tell the story and they love storytime this way.

Playgroup is open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings during term time - ring me on 01308 897771 for information.

Carol Bennett, Playleader.

What's in a Name???

The process of Swyre joining with Puncknowle is meandering through the official niceties. However, it has now been brought to our notice that we might wish to change the name to record the fact. Do we wish to? ...... do you wish Is there a need for a change? .... If you have views on the subject, please let us know, 897322.

Clarence System ......... Is it working for you???..

A freephone system 0800232323 has been set up by Dorset County Council, as a clearing house for the reporting of road problems, potholes, obstructions street lighting defects, blocked drains etc. It has been in operation some time. Are you using it? Are you getting feedback? Is it efficient? Please let us know as we are attempting to monitor it. Do use this initiative to report problems that you see.

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St Mary's Litton Cheney LITTON CHENEY

Village Correspondents:

Mrs. Gaynor Jones, 10 Manor Farm Close Tel.482517

Mrs. Elizabeth Kingston, 5 Manor Farm Close Tel.482384


From the Registers

Burial of Cremated Remains

Susie Bailey 7th October 2000

We buried Susie's Ashes on a damp autumn morning and in reading the last verses of the Book of Proverbs remembered her "iconic" nature. Her family's grave in the churchyard looks towards Thorner's School which, with Jack, she served so faithfully for so many years.

Harvest Thanksgiving

It wasn't the largest congregation which came together to thank God for the year's harvest on 8th October; perhaps this was something to do with the party the night before! Nevertheless a beautifully decorated church proclaimed God's glory, and the gifts were distributed to a few local households.

Our thanks to all who helped in any way.

Anthony Ashwell


There is a longer article on the Shelter lunch to be held in the hall on 5th November, under Valley Notes. Do please refer to this.

Anna Ashwell




Litton Cheney Relief in Need Trust

Are you retired?

Do you live in Litton Cheney?

Is your state pension your only or main source of income?

If you answer 'yes' to all of these questions you may be eligible for a grant from the Trust. For more information please contact Gordon Jenkins on 01308 482559 by 10th November.

If you normally receive an annual grant from the Trust you do not need to reapply.


The Ross family would like to thank all who gave so generously to the Joseph Weld Hospice in memory of our mother Jane Ross. A marvellous total of £458.35 has been sent to the Hospice. She would have been thrilled. Many thanks.


Litton Cheney Playing Field Advisory Committee thank everyone who participated in, supported and helped at the Family Fun day in September. Everyone's support resulted in over £500 being raised for the playing field. Kayleigh Roots, Amy Smith and friends raised £29 by washing cars for family and friends earlier this year. We thank everyone for their support.

Thanks once again for your contributions to the Oxfam collection around the village in September. The collection raised £77.72. Brenda Smith

More than 80 people sat down for the Harvest Supper, organised and prepared by Litton Cheney's Social Committee. The enjoyable evening concluded with country dancing to John Keyes.

We wish Richard Punter a successful recovery following his recent operation.




Village Society

November Meeting - Thorner's School - 8.00 p.m. - Tuesday 21st 2000

The Speaker will be Inspector A. Mason of the Dorset Police. The general background to his talk may be summed up as:

'The Police in County and Community'

This should give us an overall review plus how they act/react on our lives locally. This should be an occasion when there will be a number of questions! DO COME. At least this will be one time when we shall all be on the right side of the law.

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St Peter's Long Bredy LONG BREDY

Village Correspondents: Mr & Mrs Patrick Frost


Tel ( 01308 ) 482269


From the Registers

Holy Baptism: Mark Patterson 24th September 2000

Funeral: Susan Cordelia Bailey 26th September 2000

Long Bredy, and the Bride Valley generally, has lost another of its great characters. Susie died peacefully aged 98, and we send to Jack and his family our love and condolences. It was good to see our previous vicar, Andrew Salmon, back amongst us, and we enjoyed his words at Susie's funeral.

Cleaner Bells

Two hours of coughing, scrabbling, scooping, crawling, head-banging and generally finding muscles we never knew existed, as well as discovering that jackdaws use some extremely prickly material in their nests, enabled the two of us to clear most of the detritus from the bell-loft. Patrick Frost asked before he died, that he might finance new louvers in the south window of the loft and this plus really strong mesh screens for each window, is now in hand. All this should mean that next spring the jackdaws will be looking for new resting-places; beware.....!

Thank you, John ffoulkes, for your help.

Remembrance Sunday

It is Long Bredy's turn this year to host the Royal British legion's Annual Service of Remembrance. All are invited to this Service which begins at 10.45am on 12th November 2000.

Harvest Thanksgiving

As usual the church was superbly decorated for our evening Service on 24th September. Younger and older Village Singers contributed with lovely vocal decorations, and the harvest gifts have been given to the Pilsdon Community.

Anthony Ashwell


Our earlier editions failed to mention a worrying - but fortunately brief - stay in hospital a couple of months ago for Anthony Sykes, so it is good to see him restored to health and activity once again.

A Christmas Bingo Evening will take place in the Village Hall on Saturday 25th November: "Eyes Down" at 7.30 p.m. The organizers would welcome gifts of prizes for the bingo and a raffle, and Rosemarie Pitcher or Margaret Elliott would like these if possible by the 18th November. All funds raised are in aid of the Village Hall. Please do come (and bring some friends) to this fun evening.

Rosemarie Pitcher and family would like to thank all who helped and supported the coffee evening last month in aid of the Santana Project. It raised £181.00, plus lots of donations.




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LITTLEBREDY St Michael & All Angels Littlebredy

From the Registers

Funeral: Edith Pouncey 4th October 2000

Edith died suddenly and peacefully early on Monday evening, 25th September, and with Our Heavenly Father now rests "a good and faithful servant". We send our deepest sympathy to Cosmo and to their 6 children and their families.

October's Family Service became informally a Memorial Service to Edith, and there was a more formal Service on 20th October at Tewkesbury where she and Cosmo, with their family, spent 18 most happy years.

Anthony Ashwell


News of an October departure from the village arrived too late for inclusion in advance in last month's magazine, so we must say a retrospective goodbye to Andy and Sue Jackson, who have moved from 1, Riverside Cottage. We wish them well in their new home. This goes for Jem as well, whose friendly bark of greeting, whether inside the house or restrained in the garden by a tiny fence, has been a feature of the Jacksons' time here. If every Rottweiler displayed his discipline and self-control, the breed would not have the reputation it has, and it is a real tribute to Sue's and Andy's training. Best wishes to them all.

Best wishes, too, for a full recovery, to Jo Shackleton, who has spent some time in hospital during October. Get well soon.

Congratulations and thanks to the Armstrong and Tweed families (all ages), both of whom took part in the Dorset Historic Churches Trust sponsored cycle ride at the beginning of September. Sponsorship money is still being "counted", but the Trust and our own Church will benefit equally in the end. Well done, and thank you to them all..

The Armstrongs were busy again at the end of September, raising funds for the new Bride Valley Scout Hut with a coffee morning in the Village Hall. The total raised was £115.00, which owed much to the generosity of those who attended, and Jim and Nicky also say thank you to those who helped in any way.

Among the helpers was Edith Pouncey, who manned the cake stall throughout the event, which was typical of the life of service to others which ended so unexpectedly with her sudden passing two days later. She was a pillar of support of every kind in her several years among us, and the two services in Church in her memory in October gave relations, friends and neighbours a chance to commemorate an exceptional person. To Canon Cosmo and Lady Catherine especially, among all her family, we send sympathy, mixed with pride in having known her. Her ashes are now buried in the beautiful grounds of Tewkesbury Abbey, which she and Cosmo loved so much during their seventeen year ministry there - hers in General Practice and the town's Cottage Hospital - before retirement. May she rest in peace.

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Thought for the Month


'The Lord your God is with you,

He is mighty to save

He will take great delight in you,

He will quiet you with His love,*

He will rejoice over you with singing'

Zephaniah 3, v.17

*One translation reads: 'He is silently planning for you in love'.

Zephaniah ('he whom Jehovah has hidden and protected') is one of the 'Minor Prophets' of the Old Testament. He was a contemporary of Jeremiah, prophesying in the 7th century BC. Much of the book is a stern judgment on the nation as a whole, whose morals had sunk to an all-time low under the kings Manasseh & Amon. Josiah was their successor and in 621 BC he began a great programme of much needed reform. Jerusalem is condemned by the prophet, but he predicts a time when the faithful few will be saved, and the book closes on a happier note as he points to a God who will be in the midst of His people, One who will pour out His love on them and see them restored to favour. At this very sad time in the Middle East let us join with the Psalmist in "praying for the peace of Jerusalem, for prosperity...... for peace within the walls and security within the towers." ( Psalm 122 )

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The Editors would like to thank all those who help in the production of this magazine, and especially this month to Ken Pett without whose processing skills this issue would have been very late indeed!

Advance Notice for January 2001 BVN

In order to meet the Printer's Christmas deadline ALL copy for the January Edition needs to be in the hands of the Editors by Tuesday 5th December. Contributors are asked to get all copy to their village correspondents in good time. Thank you!

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