Notes from May 2004

 "Snow White", directed by Mike Read, in February 2004 turned out to be another sparkling panto for the Players.   The young people in our community took many of the parts and performed so well that we all felt proud to have so much talent in our village.   Snow White's 'Friends' were played by children from the top primary class from our village school and captured everyone's hearts!    The whole show was colourful with delightful music and songs, and the epitome of family entertainment at its best.


The Spring production was Alan Bennett's "Talking Heads", directed by Daphne Ekins.   Three of his famous monologues were performed:  "A Lady of Letters", "A Cream Cracker under the Settee" and "Soldiering On".       





The following are some photos from 2004's productions:


Snow White

Mike Read as The Dame


Josie Powell as Snow White


Libbie Powell as The Fairy

Liz Slater as Queen Maligna

Members of the Chorus

Hannah Linford on Percussion


Talking Heads

Andrea Wilkinson as "A Lady of Letters"

Joan Armstrong as Doris in "A Cream Cracker under the Settee"


Liz Slater "Soldiering On"



We were surprised and delighted to receive a NODA Southern Area award for our 2004 play production of Alan Bennett's "Talking Heads"

Gillian Knight (Chairman), Daphne Ekins, Andrea Wilkinson and Liz Slater with the Award