Notes from August 2003

Our Pantomime Hickory Dickory Dock, in February 2003 and our June play production of "Breath of Spring" were both successful.

The following are some photos from these productions:


Hickory Dickory Dock

David as Willie Winkie, Steph as David the Gypsy Boy
Christina as Mary, Libby & Josie as Slap & Tickle
- taking a break in the dressing room during the run.

Gary as King Neptune


Christina, Steph and Gillian (as Fairy Queen Snowdrift) dressed in their best for the finale


Breath of Spring

Gill Knight as Nanette Parry, Joan Armstrong as Lady Alice Miller, Liz Slater as Dame Beatrice, Sue Linford as Lily, Mike Read as the Brigadier and Liz Mackay as Hattie
- Lily gives the 'low-down' on the ermine coat.


Joan Armstrong, Gill Knight, Liz Mackay, Liz Slater and Mike Read
- and the horde of fur coats!


Joan Armstrong, Gill Knight, Liz Slater, Leon Sea (as the Inspector), Len Green (as Kemp), Liz Mackay and Mike Read
- Talking their way out of that one!


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