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Historical documents from the school can provide enlightening glimpses of the history of the area, as well as specific family history.

Claire Proctor's Retirement - Much respected teacher with over three decades of service to the children of Burthon Bradstock School - July 2022

David Powell's Blog - School Head 1990-2002

Old school photos - You may know someone

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Brief notes on the school history writen by Mr Len Starkey - Head 1950s 60s- can be found here.

The following pages are copied from old registers and school log book which was effectively a diary kept by the headteacher.

The next two pages are from from the register and show pupils entering and leaving the school in the mid 1840's. It can be seen that a great deal of movement of families into and out of the village went on at this time. Some children previously attended schools in villages relatively nearby, others come from Wales, Gloucester and Sussex. The destinations of children leaving also demonstrate a deal of migration as workers changed employment and had to move.

John Morris was Welsh speaking and could not read or write English.

School Register showing children entering in 1843/4

School Register showing children leaving in 1840's


The following extract from the School Log Book records the Heads concern about lateness and poor attendance in bad weather. Punishment seems to have brought about some improvements.

Extract from School Log Book 1871


Then, as now the 'National Curriculum' was taught.

National Curriculum of the 1870's


School Inspections are not new, as this extract shows..

Notes on School Inspectors report 1870's


'Scarlet fever' and other illnesses are recorded, sometimes children died of these diseases.

School Log noting illnesses like scarlet fever


Poor weather could cause the school to close as this extract covering the bad winter of 1947 shows.

School log showing closure due to bad weather 1947


The range of parents jobs, nearly always fathers, includes flax dresser, carter, coast guard, fisherman, sailor, mechanic, washer-woman, innkeeper.

Extract from register showing fathers occupation 1870's