A Summer in Burton Bradstock 2018


Burton Bradstock - The last 100 years
Presentation by Sue Moores in November 2023 in the Village Hall. Fascinating collection of photos and facts about the village.


Floods in the village 7 July 2012 (Ken Pett)


The Olympic torch passing through the village 12 July 2012


Derek Parsons 90th Birthday celebrations 2014 - Compared by Mike Southgate


Derek Parsons 90th Birthday Song by John Surry and Mike Southgate


The start of the Peal of Bells from St Marys Church Burton Bradstock on 3rd June 2012 as part of the Queens Jubilee Celebrations with Basil Dent as Tower Captain.


A short film by Peter Colbert shown to the Village Society at the AGM 16 May 2003- including:
VE day Children's Street Party 1995
VE VJ Exhibition in the WI Hall 1995
VE Day Church Service 1995
Adults Tea Party 1995
"BBC Inside Out" 2003 - with Billy Bragg, Canon John Atkinson and rehearsals for the Village Pantomime "Bendall at Bedtime" 2003
The saving of the Village Post Office by the Village Society and the Parish Council
"Jubilation 2002" - Celebration of the Queens Jubilee - a performance in the WI Hall


Celebrating Basil Dents 90th Birthday 2015


The fantastic "Big Lunch" street party at Burton Bradstock to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee on 3 June 2012


Diamond Jubilee Tea Dance 5 June 2012


The unveiling ceremony of the plaque commemorating the Queens Jubilee. This is located on the wall of the village hall - 2 June 2013


Burton Bradstock at War - by kind permision of the BBC - an extract from the BBC2 Coast Series 8 " The Secret Life of the Sea Cliffs"


Red Arrows fly past over Burton Bradstock December 2013



Burton Bradstock in the 1950s from the Windrose Rural Media Trust


David Powell playing a tune by William Laurie - a Scottish Piper in WW1 at the World War exhibition in the village Hall


100 Years of WI in Burton Bradstock by Sue Moores 2017


Burton Bradstock - Trail and Tale 2016 - Sue Moores and David Edwards



A visit to Burton Bradstock as seen through pictures 2020