Views on and around Cogden Farm supplied by Frank and Mary Bailey

Mary Baileys mother milking at Cogden Farm

Mary’s Mum milking the cows

Burton long has had a boast,

And right well deserving;

For pretty maids a standing toast,

Of nature’s sweet preserving

(extract from the Song of the Burton Volunteers)

Cows being driven past The White House in the village.

Cows being driven past The White House in the village.

The next four pictures show a sheep drive of some 300 sheep through the village from Cogen Farm

to the sheep dip above Freshwater on Bunny Lenythall's (Manor) Farm above Freshwater in the early 1960's

Traffic obviously wasn't so heavy in those days!

Sheep being driven up the High Street

Peter & Theresa Bailey (twins) driving the sheep up the High Street towards to sheep dip on the other side of the village

Sheep being dipped on Manor Farm above Freshwater

The sheep in the field above Freshwater where they were being dipped

Dipped sheep returning past Cheney's Garage

Here Peter & Theresa are taking the sheep home past a digger which was cutting out the cliff at

Cheney's Garage on the coast road to enlarge the forecourt

Sheep in Litton Lane

And finally, the sheep finding it a tight squeeze in Litton Lane before turning right back into Cogden Farm..

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