Tribute to Betty Starkey 1913 - 2015


Short sound clips from an interview with Betty Starkey on the sale of

Burton Bradstock in the 1950's to 1970's

Interview by Rob & June Fox - Sound editing by Humphrey Walwyn


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RealAudio which is much faster to download, but with a slight, but unnoticable reduction in quality.

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(Timing of each clip in brackets)

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Burton Bradstock in the 1950's - the shops, the bakery and the coming of mains drainage (3'.30")
Steve Northover loading bread into the oven at Rendell's bread mill at 'The Grove'    
The Pitt-Rivers' sale of the village in the 1950's (3'.46")

Front cover of village sale catalogue 1958


See Village Sale    
Burton Bradstock in the 1960's and 1970's including the school (2'.26")

(Note: The Burton Bradstock Web Site Committee holds the original/full masters of the interview)

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