Friends of Burton Bradstock Library (FBBL)

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About the FBBL
The Friends were formed in 2008 with two aims. One was to prevent the closure of the Burton Bradstock library, and the other was to preserve the library building (in the centre of the village) for community use.
Five years later in 2013, under the guidance of Prof. R.J. Hynds we achieved our aims with the creation of the Burton Bradstock Community Library and the building sub-leased to the Friends, allowing community use outside of library hours.
These achievements came at a price. To support the Community Library we agreed to raise the (annual) costs of operating and heating the building (£2500), to provide 40 volunteers for the six 2 hour library sessions a week, and to clean and maintain the building.
To minimise these costs FBBL became a charity in 2009 to obtain Gift Aid and exemption from Council Tax on the building.
Since taking over the responsibility of the building we have made many improvements including; installation of a new heating system, insulation of the roof space and updating the lighting.  The corridor has been modified to provide a sink and some additional storage and the building is generally a more usable space.
In 2017 the annual costs remain broadly the same.  We raise these funds by having annual membership subscriptions (£5 for members, £25 plus for Patrons) and two fund raising events a year.  Currently we have 210 Friends.  Obviously this degree of support is essential for the ongoing success of the Community Library.
If you are not already a Friend of Burton Bradstock Library please give serious consideration to joining, whether you live inside or outside the village, or are a regular visitor to the area.
Membership forms are available in the library or on-line from this website, and can be returned to the Library c/o our Treasurer.
To those of us who live in the village the strong sense of community is a very positive factor and we like to think that being a member of FBBL contributes to this feeling.

R.J. Daniels - Chair of the FBBL Trustees
September 2017

The FBBL has 7 Trustees, a Chairman, Treasurer, 4 other Trustees and 1 vacancy.

  Rosemary Daniels Chairman
  Pat Grafton Treasurer
  Sandy Adderley  Trustee - Fund Raising
  Maureen Miller Trustee
  Bryan Brown  Trustee
  David Edwards  Trustee
  Andrea Wilkinson   Minute Secretary
  John Lewis Building Manager
  Gillian Perkins Volunteer Co-ordinator
  Telephone:     01308 897563