Burton Bradstock Village Society
News Page 2015

Up and coming:

On the 13th of November we look forward to hearing Squadron Leader (rtd) Kevin Lowery’s lecture on the history of British bombers from the Lancaster to the Vulcan.

Friday 4th December, “Xmas...Pagan or what?” Speaker, Susan Moores.

Friday, 15th January, Author & Travel writer Jason Goodwin will give a lecture entitled “Three Roads to Istanbul.”

Past recent events:

The new season of lectures began in September with a fascinating talk by Campbell Hughes entitled “My life with Auntie; 30 years in the BBC”. Campbell’s degree was in music which gave him the opening to apply to the BBC as a sound recorder. In those days the BBC trained all their sound recorders and following intensive training should you not come up to the mark you were out. Without the aid of PowerPoint, but with the help of numerous auditory examples we heard of the ups, downs, humorous and scary experiences of his career. We were also pleased to have confirmed that the current occasional poor quality in sound that we receive now isn’t in fact due to our hearing but is in fact down to the Broadcaster!

October’s meeting, entitled “Charles Darwin, his life, achievements and lasting influence” was given by David Croman. It was a fascinating and wonderful presentation giving many insights into the man and his lasting legacy. It was also very humbling to know that 40% of Homo sapiens genes are the same as those of a cabbage.

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