Burton Bradstock Flower & Produce Show 2015

For the last 3 years, Colin Clark has organised the Burton Bradstock Flower and Produce Show. During that time he has more than maintained the high standard that the village has always had and deserves. When asked his thought processes through the year to the presentation of cups and trophies at the end of the show he said:
“Apprehension, trepidation, satisfaction, exhilaration followed by elation!”
Well Colin it was all worth it. The Village really enjoys the build up, taking part and friendly competition.
This year we had a tremendously high standard of entries in all groups as you will see from a sample of the pictures taken by Mike Southgate on the day. The Rose classes were particularly spectacular.
Nothing beats taking part and the anticipation of seeing how your own efforts are judged. So if you haven’t entered before join us next year on July 16th. Best start planning now.

CUP WINNERS for 2015                                            

LOUIS/MAY BROWN CUP                                              COOKERY & HOME PRODUCE
Fruit & Veg      Colin Clark                                                  Joan Sexton

BUGLER CUP                                                                    GROVE HOUSE CUP
Roses      Anne Southgate                                                    Allotment      Ian Bark

GORDON KNIGHT CUP                                                  KNIGHTSMITH TROPHY
Pot Plants  Annie Grantham                                               Preserves    Joan Allan

CRACROFT CHALLENGE CUP                                     MALLINSON CUP
Flowers      Pat Broomhead                                                Handicrafts   Gillian Redford

Sandy Adderley                                                                  Pat Neale

Painting  Allanna Tongue

Pictures taken at the show by Mike Southgate

Our Show secretary Colin Clark is retiring this year and we are in the process of looking for someone to take over the role to keep this lovely village show going. Anyone wishing to put their name forward please contact 898358