Thursday 5th August 2004


Thank you everyone, and thank you again for Burton Bradstock Church fete. We well know of all the work that goes on throughout the year to make this event the huge success it has become. It is a wonderful day for the village and the local community, among whom I include occasional visitors, and those visitors to the area who come year after year. They, and we all enjoy a splendid afternoon of colour and fun. And nor can we forget that the money raised on this day makes an invaluable contribution to the life and work of the Church throughout the year. This year saw the sum of £4,909.13 brought in by the fete.

And so thank you again to the members of our fete committee, who meet and plan, imagine and invent to such great effect. What a splendid afternoon it was. The sun shone down upon a huge crowd of people visiting the stalls, playing games, watching the craft exhibitions and pausing for the demonstrations of dancing and handbell ringing. Thank you to those who organised stalls, and to their helpers; and to those who ran the many sideshows and exhibitions which made the whole fete such a happy afternoon; and to those who provided refreshments for us when we were hot an weary. Over 1000 visited our fete this year, and the best advertisement for next year's in 2005 is that all these people had such a good time this year. The work of keeping our fete improving year by year begins soon. The fete committee will be meeting to review and plan. If you would like to join this happy and hard working group, which makes such an important contribution to the life of our village, please get in touch with:

Peter Colbert - Chairman 897922
Margaret Holmes - Secretary 897046

They will be delighted to hear from you. One last note is a date for your diary for next year. The 2005 Burton Bradstock fete will be held on Thursday 4th August. An afternoon not to be missed.

Bob Thorn

Pictures taken at this years fete - 2004

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Howard Bongers on behalf of the Fete Committee