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Computing Absolute Beginners - unit 1




FF £57.30

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West Dorset Research Centre, Manor Garden,

High Street, Burton Bradstock, DT6 4QA 


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Roger Willis


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Who is the course for?

If you are new to ICT or if you are not confident about the basic ICT skills you have then this course is for you. You will start at the beginning and no previous knowledge or experience will be presumed.


What is the course about?

The course will help you develop ICT skills and the confidence to use them.

You will complete one of the four units listed to achieve the Entry Level 3 Certificate:

Unit 1 - use IT safely; start up and shutdown the computer, create a document, edit the document, save and print the document.

Unit 2 - find and display information using the Internet and other ICT based information sources, eg. floppy disk and CD.

Unit 3 - send, receive and format emails; use attachments.

Unit 4 - basic introduction to Excel spreadsheet and the creation of bar, pie and line charts.

Teaching will be aimed and paced towards individual needs so you will feel comfortable with your learning. Practice between sessions will be encouraged.

During the first session the tutor will provide information and advice about what the course will cover and how it will be taught.

Early in the course the tutor will talk to you about what you would like to achieve and record this information.


What can be achieved?

Most importantly you will become more assured and confident at using ICT. Each unit of work completed can be certificated. You may wish to continue your learning until you have achieved 3 units when a Entry 3 certificate will be awarded. All units will be assessed by your tutor as you work on them, then moderated by OCR, so there are no tests.

From time to time the tutor will talk to you about your learning and ask you to comment on your progress.

You are required to work towards achieving a unit of the Certificate.


What extra materials and costs are required?

Learning materials will be provided at no extra cost. Practice between sessions will allow skills to develop faster but is not essential.

The tutor may recommend text books for those who would like to explore other areas of computing. It is recommended that you do not buy books or equipment until advised by the centre or course.

An assessment fee for one unit is included in the course fee.

Please note the refund of fees policy in the Course Directory.


What could the course lead on to?

You will be encouraged to return in order to complete 2 more units and achieve the Entry 3 certificate.

Having achieved the Entry 3 certificate you may wish to progress onto an Options course where you will be able to work towards the OCR Level 1 certificate in using ICT. This will introduce other uses for computers and develop skills to a higher level.


Proposed session dates are:Summer: 19/04/07 - 24/05/07; 07/06/07 - 28/06/07